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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 20, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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looking lives at san jose through the haze, there, where some individual managed to slip into a secured area over the weekend, and claimed to have explosives. len ramirez on how the man got through, and the big effort to keep anyone else from doing the same. >> the man was able to just drive behind an employee's vehicle through the security gate and into a restricted area with access to the runways. fortunately, the employee noticed and called police. >> reporter: vehicles entering this busy security gate on the south end of the airport today waited until the automated gate completely closed before moving on. yesterday, an intruder was able to slip behind an employee's vehicle and drive onto a secure area at minetta, san jose international. >> reporter: an employee noticed before it was going through the gate another vehicle entered as well. the protocol is to immediately notify authorities which we were notified. >> reporter: airport police surrounded the vehicle before it could reach anyone runways in order the driveway, 32-year-
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old alex a frenchman to get out. police say he first refused but then compliant and said he had bombs. >> he made some spontaneous statements about swallowing an explosive device as well as there being another in the vehicle. both of those statements proved to be unfounded. >> reporter: police determined the suspect was having a mental health emergency that may have overdosed on a medication. they took him into custody for trespassing on airport property, >> anytime and airport sterile area is breached by someone wanting to do harm, it is always very serious. >> reporter: former fbi special agent just hearts preventing particles in this case. >> when you come to that gate you need to wait until the gate closes before you leave. >> reporter: police say there was no damage to airport operative incoming flights were diverted to a runway for the from the incident and departing
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flights were delayed 45 minutes. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the suspect is being treated at a local hospital for the overdosed. he will also be provided mental health services. a live look at dublin right now, high fire danger top of mind in parts of the east bay and northbay especially. red flag warning continues for a little while. >> meteorologist sarah peck is in for the next two hours. >> the real issue is not the wind anymore, it is the fact that the landscape is so dry we went into it really dry and the wind which was bad last night religious drive the landscape out. the reason why there is still a red flag warning is because humidity is down into the teens in those hills. this stays until 8:00 tonight. you can see it includes the northbay mountains and the east bay hills. part of the consequence of for the offshore wind was a significant warm-up for parts of the bay area. we made it up to 83 degrees in the city and that was a 15
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degree warm-up from yesterday. everybody warmed up today but the closer you were to the water the more you felt it. that is classic for these offshore wind events. coming up in the forecast we will take a look at daytime highs and why air quality is now an issue again for tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. those weather conditions forced pg&e to cut powers to thousands of people across the bay area. mainly in the north and east bay. here is a look at the current outage map. most of those power shape safety shutoffs have been restored but the utility says they are still working on restoring power to about 900 bay area customers. one more weather related note, a spare the air alert is in effect for tomorrow is high temperatures and wildfire smoke could increase smog around the area. new at 6:00, one last worry for people living in the nearly 2 dozen counties affected by recent wildfires. the state now says insurance companies cannot drop policies for one year. this applies to 22 counties affected by the dixie, the cal door, and other major fires in
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2021. the ban covers about 325,000 homeowners. >> the last thing wildfire survivors need is to worry if they are going to keep their insurance as they are working to rebuild, and working to make sense of what just occurred not only in their homes and communities. it is absolutely critical to give people breathing room from a disaster. >> the move by the insurance commissioner comes just one month after a similar ban affecting homeowners near the lala and beckwith complex fires. we first brought you today's news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24 seven streaming on or the kpix 5 news app. and update, now come on the windy fire in tulare county.
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hard to keep track of all of them, right? crews have been able to protect homes in all of the communities threatened, the fire has burned over 25,000 acres, and is only 4% contained. to the coronavirus, now, a lot of buzz amongst pfizer's news saying it's vaccine is safe for kids as young as five years old. kiet do spoke with bay area health experts about this news. kit? >> reporter: pfizer gave the kids a much smaller dose. 10 micrograms, compared with the adult dose of 30 micrograms. they still got some promising results. the company released a statement, today, saying the vaccine is safe, well tolerated and saw a robust neutralizing antibody responses. pfizer tested more than 2200 kids, gave them two doses 21 days apart. in comparison, the young kids had side effects and an antibody response on par with those in the 16 to 25 age group. pfizer is now expected to push results to the fda as soon as possible for emergency use authorization. after that it goes onto the cdc and then the western state scientific safety review
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workgroup all told it is on track to be approved for 5 to 11-year-olds in 3 to 4 weeks which means just in time for the first shot to come before halloween. dr. george rutherford at ucsf has a message for parents concerned about long-term effects. >> these vaccines are not incorporated into dna. they do not reproduce by getting into dna. they reproduce in the cytoplasm of the cell, the outer part of the cell. so, they have very short lifespans. get your children vaccinated as soon as you can. this is highly protected. this is not a benign disease in children. >> as for the results and trials of infants ages six months to just under five years old, we are expecting those results in quarter four of this year. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. developing now in oakland, police are investigating the cities 100 homicide of the year. chopper five was over the scene when officers were collecting evidence near the b.a.r.t.
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coliseum station. it happened earlier this morning, the oakland police chief spoke out this afternoon on the troubling spike in violence across the city. >> four homicides since saturday, 10 in a seven-day period. so much violence. so many guns, so many senseless lives lost. >> chief says today's 100 homicide as compared to just 70 at this time last year. bay area legal experts are weighing in after the u.s. supreme court announced it will hear arguments over a law that could overturn the landmark roe v wade decision establishing a woman's right to an abortion. kenny choi is live at the ninth circuit court of appeals in sentences go, this evening. kenny? >> reporter: the arguments in december would center around a law that would ban abortions
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after 15 weeks. this could be an early six signal that the u.s. supreme court is considering overturning the 1973 ruling roe v wade. either way, it is triggering a reaction from both sides. >> our constitutional protections as we have enjoyed them are a real threat, like never before. >> reporter: the 1973 roe versus wade ruling determined a woman could terminate the pregnancy in the first six months when the fetus is incapable of surviving outside the womb. mississippi's law will test whether states that ban pre- viability abortions are unconstitutional. >> 15 weeks is very significant, because they are saying we want to protect life before viability and historically the supreme court has not allowed states to do that. >> reporter: if upheld, abortion providers argue this could pave the way for other states to
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provide more restrictive abortion laws or banded entirely. >> other states have seen a pathway to what texas did and we are bracing for what that impact is. >> reporter: previous court rulings have established states cannot ban abortions before viability, between 22 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. >> concerns for abortion rights activists is that at 15 weeks it's okay, what about eight weeks? if eight weeks is okay, what about six weeks? it is the nose inside the camel, problem. >> theresa collett is the professor of law at the university of st. thomas in california. >> the premise of the argument before the supreme court by the state of mississippi is that abortion itself is not a constitutional right that can be found in either the text or history or tradition of this country. >> kenny, is there anyway the pending ruling in the supreme court could affect abortion rights in california? >> reporter: even if the supreme court were to overturn that ruling, the state laws in terms of abortion would be
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determined by state lawmakers, here. in california, those laws have been firmly established through the state constitution and given the level of support by state lawmakers for abortion laws, these laws in california are unlikely to change. by the way, there are more than 100,000 abortions in the state of california every year. >> kenny, thank you. more bay area news for you now. after multiple delays, they warms brings b.a.r.t. station pedestrian bridge could open this fall . $41 million project is meant to make the station more directly accessible to tesla's main factory, and other large businesses in the area. the latest delay in that bridge was related to electronic systems, similar issues delay the opening of the warm springs station itself. a well-traveled area for giants fans around oracle parks, but you better watch where you walk. sidewalks in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood are sinking. city officials say it is
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happening at an alarming rate. >> it is a gap of approximately that much. >> like wow, these are really enormous cracks. >> the story on tonight's project home, tonight at 11:00 right here on kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5, cbsn bay area, >> get vaccinated, or leave a long career in law enforcement, that was the choice facing one san jose police officer. i'm devin fehely. coming up i will tell you what he chose to do. plus, the u.s. changes its rules for international travelers. what they will need besides their passports. sharing health info with loved ones, through your iphone. the near future just ruled out, and how apple says your data is being kept safe. it was the first day fall classes at stanford people sharing pictures online.
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new at 6:00, a veteran southbay cop is hanging up his badge over san jose's requirement that city employees be vaccinated against covid-19. kevin fehely on why he says the rule goes too far and as needed. >> reporter: when the city of san jose first adopted a get tough vaccination policy, they knew there would be people who were hesitant, but the goal was to persuade those holdouts.
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this is the first officer to resign over the issue. >> ebbon a police officer for almost 29 years. >> reporter: dave gutierrez decided to end a successful one for career with the san jose police department over the city's new vaccine mandate. >> it's my religious beliefs. i also believe that i've been given a choice on what to do with my body. >> reporter: sergeant gutierrez spent a quarter century rising through the ranks at san jose pd, working as a homicide detective, and internal affairs and to get her and patrol supervisor, before retiring in 2019 and returning as a reserve officer. >> i am not anti-vaccine. i don't tell people you shouldn't get it. but, when it comes to my body, it is what my choice is about what i want to put in my body. >> reporter: gutierrez submitted a letter of resignation ahead of the city's september 30th deadline for employees to be fully vaccinated. here sam accardo says there is evidence of policy is already working. the police department vaccination rate has increased from 82% to 85%. >> certainly for the protection of individual members of our
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city team, but it is also critically for the safety of our entire community because we know of is with first responders are out there directing everyday. >> reporter: the police officers association says there are roughly 150 officers who are currently unvaccinated. or, has not disclosed their vaccination status to the city. losing even a fraction of them, they say, would be a blow to a department which is chronically understaffed. >> if they let go of police officers who have been here five years, 10 years, 15 years, you can hire somebody else but you will not hire that experience. >> reporter: the police officers association says it is unclear, ultimately, how many officers may choose to leave the department over this issue. they say that even one is one too many. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. looking live at sfo right now, which could get a busier
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come november, of course. the u.s. is ending its travel ban on visitors from the uk and eu. the white house is saying that all international visitors will be welcome in the united states, beginning in early november. but, they must be fully vaccinated. and, they must have a negative covid-19 test within three days of their flight. a new apple software update out today lets users share health data with loved ones and doctors. but, like with any technology, there are questions over how they will keep the data secure and confidential. >> what assurances can you give us that the information transmitted or shared will remain private? >> the user on the sharing tab has granular control around what day what it data they choose to share. if you choose to share certain pieces of information and then the next day you want to not share with that person the user can deselect that user and all of that data is removed. >> reporter: is the data not stored in the cloud? >> it's not. it's stored on device.
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>> through the apple watch or iphone, users can collect data about heart rhythm and rate, oxygen saturation, anxiety and even sleep. they can then choose who to share their health information with, from family and friends, to doctors. those selected people will get updates on certain irregularities, as well as subtle changes over time which may increase health risks. checking in with darren right now, a beautiful day today but we have something coming in the air. >> yes we do. the smoke is coming back tomorrow. that will be a big part of tomorrow's story took for a jump into that, no doubt it was warmer for your part of the bay area, today. 15 degrees warmer, i pointed out it was 83 in the city, today. 68 yesterday, 83 today. that was not the only place that warmed up. take a look at the numbers here. you can see the difference. sentences go saw the biggest jump but oakland was not far behind. 14 degrees warmer, there. you go inland, it was warmer today for concorde and livermore. it just was not as dramatic a
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change. still had higher numbers. 91 in concorde, 88 in livermore. here's the thing about tomorrow. everybody gets warmer tomorrow. but, it is the inland locations, tomorrow, concord, livermore, you guys experience the biggest jump from one day to the next tomorrow, most of the places will stay similar to today. here is what i mean. if we put today's numbers over here, we do the same comparison, i will fill in the column on the right with how much warmer your part of the bay area will be tomorrow and now you notice the pattern. san jose may not notice much, santa rosa may not notice much but livermore will. it will be almost 9 degrees warmer in livermore than it was today. this was another reason why for those inland valleys, livermore, tri-valley, concord, that is the focus for this spare the air tomorrow. we are pulling and smoke, and i shoot this to you in the 5:00 hour. we will do it again here. the smoke is coming our way from the campy complex. not only does the air quality
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go downhill tomorrow, but this is where the temperatures are highest inland valleys. concord and livermore, tomorrow everyone goes back down into the low 60s. tomorrow's daytime highs to get everyone in here, redwood city n91. san rafael and 93. this is the top, the hottest day of the next several. oakland and san jose, we will get you back down into the mid- 70s, san jose by the weekend. freely inland valleys, 82 by next weekend, northbay valley, we will get your numbers back down into the mid-70s by then as well. guys come over to you. >> thank you. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with the preview. good evening, good to see you put a lot of news to cover tonight. the first latest on the pfizer
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shots they say are safe for kids and then this, could christmas be in jeopardy, dozens of fully loaded cargo ships sitting off the coast of the port of los angeles. what is causing the delay? questions as to whether it could ruin the holidays. cbs evening news is minutes away. straightahead in sports, if you or i work today, then why do the giants and dodgers have it better than us? getting ready for monday early evening, or the back where we bring up the 49ers
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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nfl up top, 49ers football is the only thing i can say to get any attention in my house. maybe to my sons, how much do you need? 49ers need running back depth. analyzer did not finish the eagles game, he is day today. remember this fourt -quarter play? the pits to hasty suffering a high ankle sprain on this play. he is out for a while. the very next play was trey sherman's first nfl carry taking two blows to the head, here. the rookie is in the lease concussion protocol program which leaves trent cannon as the only running back on the roster right now. it is a good thing the run game had a jimmy garoppolo quarterback sneak in the playbook, he made four attempts and gained three first downs and a touchdown. george kittle is a fan of that
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call. >> it's awesome for two reasons. i can't really messed up layup which is awesome for me. i also like it to because he gets sore and understand what it's like to be sure, exiting through the ball come he got hit and tackled. sir, he gets to feel what it feels like to be a football file. >> how do you follow george kittle? baseball, the a's winners of five straight host the mariners tonight to begin their final homestand. the a's very much alive for postseason moving pictures on the late show. oakland is two games behind toronto for the second wild- card playoff spot. they have 13 regular-season games left, seven with seattle, and six with houston. while many of us work today, the giants and dodgers were off. seven cisco has a one-game lead on l.a. with 12 to play. the giants in september record is 13-5, but they cannot shake the dodgers. 12-5 this month.
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chris bryant's thoughts. >> we have been playing great baseball. going on a whim win streak with a have been matching us. that is annoying. it is annoying that both of us are playing good at the same time. >> the dodgers took 2-3 in cincinnati this weekend. reds rookie tj frito went for his run. dodgers betz made a deal with the man who caught it and gave a fan one of his new bats. i wonder if he signed it. >> our to go over there and say thank you in person, and just, you know, thank you results i said because it means so much. >> friedel has a heck of a story to tell about what happened on his first major league home run. >> that's cool. he got the ball back. >> pretty special. >> thank you.
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oakland zoo thanking people for helping to end the tray. >> folks were encouraged to turn in exotic animal products over the weekend and got 225 items were turned in. among them products made from animal furs and ivory. state fish and wildlife will use the items to train others on how to combat the illegal wildlife trade.
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thank you for watching at 6:00, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on >> o'donnell: tonight, vaccines for elementary school children. pfizer says its covid shot is safe and effective for kids ages 5 to 11. the new information tonight for parents. 28 million children could be eligible for vaccine by halloween. why health experts say it couldn't come fast enough as kids count for one in four new cases. plus, covid is america's deadliest pandemic as it surpasses the 1918 spanish flu. the gabby petito mystery: the f.b.i. searches the home of her 1918 spanish flu. gabby pe fiancé after police find remains they believe is the 22-year-old. but where is brian laundrie? immigration crisis: federal agents on horse back, the white house calls these images from


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