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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  September 20, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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suspect tailgated his way onto the airport tarmac. right now in the news at 7:00 and streaming on the bay area with red flag fire conditions winding down, temperatures are about to wrap up. >> fall starts this week, but it certainly won't feel like it in parts of the bay area. a spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow, due to rising temperatures and swirling wildfire smoke. right now we are entering the final hour of that red flag warning. darren peck is tracking us it all for us this evening. >> things aren't that bad right now. we have calmed those down but we still have an hour to go because the landscape is really dry. that has been the driving factor behind this red flag warning. humidity levels are still down in the teens out there looking at the east bay hills, that is actually over in the diablo
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valley. red flag warning, technically got to get through one more hour, northbay mountains, east bay hills. the other aspect of those offshore wind from early this morning did a number on temperatures. one of the classics all scenarios. it was 83 degrees in the city today. warm everywhere, 15 degrees jump, anywhere near the coast felt it today. tomorrow we go up more. i will talk about your part of the bay area and how long this will last coming up and a bit. back to you. >> thank you. pg&e has already restored power to customers cut off from public safety, including about 200 in napa and solano counties. repairs are wrapping up in western contra costa county and oakland, where those fleeting weekend showers muddied the lines, causing them to fail. at one point nearly 29,000 customers were impacted. at last check, crews were restoring power to the final couple hundred. also denies, the state is banning insurance companies from dropping hundreds of thousands of property owners who lives in high fire danger
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areas. a one-year moratorium will cover about 325,000 people in 22 counties. effected by the dixie, the caldor fire, and other major fires this year. >> it is absolutely critical to give people breathing room from a disaster. the last thing wildfire survivors needed to worry if they will keep their insurance. >> andria is in lake county this evening speaking with some of the people this is meant to protect. you can look for her report tonight at 11:00. security in san jose is under the microscope tonight after a man managed to slip into a secured area over the weekend, claiming to have explosives. how did that happen? police say 22-year-old alex portillo tailgated an employee through a security gate on the south end of the airport yesterday morning. the employee noticed and called police who surrounded the
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suspect before he could reach the runways. >> he made spontaneous statements about swallowing an explosive device, as well as there being another in the vehicle, both of those statements later proved to be unfounded. >> as they took him into custody for trespassing, police to term and portillo was having a mental health emergency and may have overdosed on medication. he is now being treated for both. now at 7:00, a milestone we never wanted to hit. police in oakland investigating their 100th homicide of the year. that is a lot by any measure, for sure. but, especially when you consider there were just 70 this time last year. chopper five was ever the scene outside the coliseum b.a.r.t. station this afternoon. it happened minutes after the chief called a press conference to address a deadly seven days. there were nine other homicides in just the past week. a total of 44 instances of gunfire, and police officers recovered nearly 2 dozen
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firearms. >> this is not about finger- pointing, this is not about political issues, this is not about, should we have more officers or how we address gun violence, this is about a crisis in our community taking lives. >> the police department is reassigning some additional officers to homicide to help keep up. new bay area vaccine mandates are ineffective this evening. you will need one to attend events with 50 or more people in san mateo or san jose. san jose is also not requiring vaccine proof to enter many city buildings, and a new indoor vaccine mandates takes effect this week in contra costa county. starting wednesday, you will need to show proof if you have had your shots or a recent negative test to eat, drink, or exercise inside. county supervisors could also vote tomorrow to extend contra costa's eviction moratorium. right now, the temporary ordinance is set to expire on the 30th, the same day as the
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states. happening tomorrow, one of the biggest in-person tech conferences since the pandemic back in san francisco this week. dream force as we look live from our salesforce tower cam, actually looking at the salesforce building, it kicks off tomorrow at the moscow knee center which means there could be some delays and changes to muni services near fourth and howard streets. this event typically draws about 170,000 people and their dollars. but, because of covid-19, this year, only about 1000 people were invited to attend in person . the three-day convention will also be live streamed for free. still to come, halloween it may bring a treat for parents of younger kids. a vaccine option. plus, a bay area physicians message to rapper nikki mc watch your step. the bay area neighborhood where the sidewalks are sinking at an alarming rate.
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our investigation reveals it is only getting worse. how the problem is tripping up local businesses. >> our customers have to use the back entrance. >> the cost to repair is exorbitant. a popular beauty supply store hit with a hefty fine. the viral tiktok video which led to the bust.
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just a few blocks away from san francisco's tilting millennium tower, something else is sinking. >> kpix 5 was the first to report on the problem, a year ago. as max darrow shows us in this original report, it has only
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gotten worse. >> reporter: you may remember that video of a marble rolling down a millennium tower condo floor when the syncing issue first came to light, there. herein sentences goes mission bay neighborhood, pick a sidewalk and the marble basically does the same thing. there is a major tilt here, but it is not the buildings that are sinking, it is the sidewalks. >> it is a gap of approximately that much. >> reporter: ask most locals in san francisco's mission day mission bay neighborhood. >> there is some degradation here along the lips. >> you can follow the crack all the way down the block. >> reporter: they will tell you. the sidewalks all over the neighborhood here are sinking. >> wow, these are really enormous cracks. >> reporter: the neighborhood is brand-new, barely 15 years old, built on top of an old
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railyard on landfill by the edge of the day. original residents say the syncing started gradually, but it is getting worse, faster than anyone expected. >> we have lost, on the north side, i would say probably anywhere between 3 to 4 inches. >> we have a situation where the whole perimeter of this building, the sidewalk has lifted away. >> reporter: sidewalks in some parts of the neighborhood have sunk 4 to 6 inches, even as much as a foot in other spots. some spots are also buckling. >> definitely a safety concern. they are unsafe. we see so many people coming and going from games, tripping. we run out of our units with bags of ice. >> this is an apron. >> reporter: geotechnical engineer lawrence karp explains what is going on. >> these buildings, they cannot sit on the ground. it is week. so, they are on piles. sidewalks and curbs are not on piles. neither is the street. so, the street keeps going down, the sidewalk keeps going down. >> reporter: he says the drought is making it worse. >> when you look at the old paths of the east bay you can
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see the drainage comes down from twin peaks. if it hasn't rained there is no drainage, or, less drainage. when there is a loss of groundwater, the soil will condense, it will consolidate, and, a couple of years can make things really died. >> reporter: for now, property owners don't have many options. >> we can't put more concrete on top of it because it will sink further. >> reporter: so, they are resorting to band-aid approaches like ramps and raised sidewalks like this one at fourth street and mission rock. all the repair work is taking a toll on local businesses like robinson's personal training studio, power play sf. >> our customers have to use the back entrance. outside facing if you did not know about us you would think this business was shutdown. >> reporter: even worse for property owners, they have to foot the bill. >> the cost to repair this is exorbitant. we would need special assessments. quite serious special assessments. it will cause our property
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values to decline. i think the onus is on the city to help us out. >> reporter: rachel gordon with the department of public works says that is not the city's problem. sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner. >> we don't want to point the finger at anyone saying, you should have known this or you could have known this, but that is the situation. the city is not going to be fixing sidewalks for private property. >> reporter: changing that, she says, would set a dangerous precedent. >> we fixed a sidewalk and mission bay, are we going to be asked to fix a sidewalk in the mission? the richmond district? north beach? >> reporter: she says dpw's job is just to make sure the fixes get done in order to keep the streets safe. the dpw shared data with kpix 5 that shows there have been 342 calls for service for sidewalk repair in mission bay over the last 12 years. 306 of the cases, or 89%, have been closed, but the backlog is growing, with 36 calls for services still pending.
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one from way back in 2016 which just got fixed. >> sometimes it has taken a long time because it is not as simple as replacing a sidewalk square. >> reporter: longtime mission bay locals say that is no excuse. >> they provided sidewalks, but they did not provide sidewalks that are sustainable. why is that? they are sustainable everywhere else in the city? why is mission bay sinking? >> to me, there is joint responsibility. will we do this over and over? or, are we going to try to find a longer-term solution so that we don't just come every 10 years have to redo all the sidewalks? >> reporter: obviously, the concern here is the tripping hazard which is very easy to do if you're not paying attention while walking in the neighborhood but this is also a well-traveled footpath for people coming and going from the ballpark. so, a good warning for them, as well. in mission bay, kpix 5. taking a look at your top headlines, kids as young as 5 could be getting there covid-19 shots by halloween after pfizer reported trials of a scaled- down dose in kids up to 11
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years old produce antibody levels just as strong as in teens and young adults. >> it would take a significant stress off our chest, knowing that at least he has some sort of protection, and he most likely would not be hospitalized. >> the next steps the fda and cdc approval. in the bay area an infectious disease expert has a message tonight for nikki mc the rocker made headlines last week when she tweeted to her followers that she would not get vaccinated until she, quote, did enough research. she also shared an unverified story about a cousin's friend in trinidad becoming impotent after the shot. >> it is very exciting, when people who have huge audiences are on social media casting doubt on topics that there is better information to be found. >> when it comes to fertility
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claims, dr. lou says the silent science simply does not support them. if you would like to see our entire interview, we are streaming it on cbsn bay area. in a mystery that has gripped the country, today fbi agents swarmed the home of gabby potatoes fiancc researched every inch of brian laundries property and towed his mustang. investigators believe they have revealed they found the body in wyoming. the 22-year-old went missing while on a cross-country road trip with her fiancc laundry took off after he was named a person of interest. the fbi says an autopsy is set for tomorrow and it could confirm whether the remains are in fact hers, shedding light on the cause of death. >> thank you. now to some good news. on fire watch right now, the general sherman is still standing tall in sequoia national park as it has for hundreds if not over 1000 years. after the kmp complex fire
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reached the edge, reynolds wrap to the based of the world's biggest tree and ran some sprinklers out there to keep it safe. a live look outside, casting a golden glow over the golden gate. >> that is beautiful. meteorologist darren peck is tracking summerlike temperatures into fall. >> i spotlighted how san francisco and areas of the coast felt the most, 15 degrees warmer today, but east bay shoreline communities also warmed up. oakland, i will use you as my example, you didn't warm up 15 degrees today like sentences go did, but in oakland, we warmed up 14 degrees. over where we were yesterday. that middle column shows you the change from yesterday to today, you can see the pattern on here. the closer you were to the water or the heart of the bay is where you felt at the most. as you get into some inland communities, we warmed up
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everywhere. it is most dramatic near the water. classic fall, that is your offshore wind and it ties in with the red flag warning. the wind coming over the mountains, downslope, moving through the bay and the warmer air gets pushed all the way out to the beaches. tomorrow will be the same, but there are subtle differences tomorrow. let's change this, let's take today's daytime highs and put them over here. now, show you how things changed tomorrow. we will reverse this. by that, i mean, it will be the inland locations that feel a more dramatic change tomorrow. knew the coast or the bay you need to warm up today. you are not budging, tomorrow you might warm-up a degree or two but you will not change a whole lot. livermore will be 9 degrees warmer tomorrow. you were already near 90 today with 88. so, you will climb well into the 90s for daytime highs tomorrow. the fire can was just talking about, that is the kmp complex, burning right on the perimeter of the giant forest, that is putting a lot of smoke into the sky?
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over the next 24 hours the flow in the atmosphere brings it back our way. there has been such good news for the northernmost part of the state over the last 48 hours with rain. we are not talking about the monument fire smoke, none of those are throwing smoke our way anymore. just as we get a break from those, the wind reverses and there is just another fire on the other side of the state. so, we will be hard-pressed really to avoid it. you probably haven't been taking about air quality for the last couple of days. tomorrow, start thinking about it. bay area air quality management district has issued a spare the air for tomorrow. not just that smoke coming our way from that fire in sequoia, the hotter temperatures, especially for those inland valleys, it will be hot enough we start creating our own issues for ground-level ozone smoke mixed with ground level lows. tomorrow, the air quality is going to be an issue. tomorrow's lowe's back into the mid-60s, not bad, daytime highs. 91, napa goes to 90, we will go to 89 in fremont and seven day forecast for fremont
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oakland and san jose, look at the cooldown by next weekend period if we do this for the minor climates, inland the east bay, same story. tomorrow is the hottest day but it will be so much better. by next weekend we will bring but his numbers back down pretty much to average. back over to you. >> sounds good, thank you darren. the caldor fire turned a lot of residence into refugees, that includes three black bear cubs.
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this evening, a blockbuster abortion case headed to the u.s. supreme court. the justices will hear arguments in december. they could overturn roe v wade. >> our constitutional protections as we have enjoyed them are a real threat, like never before. >> the landmark 1973 ruling declared a woman can terminate her pregnancy in the first six months before a fetus is viable outside the womb. the high court will consider a mississippi law which bans abortions after 15 weeks. >> 15 weeks is very significant, because they are saying we want to protect life before viability and history historically the supreme court has not allowed the state to do
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this. >> abortion providers are arguing upholding that law could pave the way for other states to enact even more restrictive laws, or ban abortion entirely. >> a major settlement this evening involving a popular beauty store chain accused of hiding an ugly secret behind its doors. ulta beauty has agreed to pay a settlement for the way it improperly disposed of some of products. that this tiktok video went viral when an employee demonstrated how they get rid of return or used items. apparently come in standard trash cans instead of legally required waistbands. dozens of district attorneys, including 10 in the bay area ended up filing a suit against ulta for its disposal and training practices. ulta has not responded to the
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finally tonight, some wildfire refugees have found a
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new temporary home in the bay area. three little bear cubs evacuated from the caldor fire. >> they were found wandering without mothers in the fire zone and sent to the sonoma county wildlife rescue. the center is asking for donations to help build a bigger enclosures for these cubs until they are big enough to be released back into the wild. if you would like to help, we posted a link on our website, >> i think people will come through to help them out. >> they are so cute. especially since the goal is to get them back in the is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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my name is on the front. for help creating an emergency plan, but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt. a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start
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