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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and then later state and local leaders lay out their plan to stop the up tick in hate crimes. it's tuesday, september 21th. this morning we start with a spare the area alert now in effect this is a live look at san ramone. a combination of high temperatures, wildfire smoke, and car exhaust could bring hazy sky across the bay area. let's get more information on that and get your forecast. here is mary. >> good morning. tracking the strong ridge of high pressure it's why we will heat up for today and that ridge of high pressure hacking like a lid, trapping the pollution at the surface. we haveo zone pollution, smog and a southerly wind that changed the wind direction pushing some wildfire smoke in to the area. the spare the area alert. right now good air quality across the area. as we head through the afternoon, unhealthy air for sensitive groups for the east bay and the south bay. moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area and with
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that strong ridge, temperatures will be on the rise. heating up for sure. 94 san jose, 97 concord, day tim high around the bay. mid to upper 80's to 90. low 90's for the peninsula and warming up along the coast. let's check in with gianna. it's busy, especially in the south bay this morningw. very had a handful of crashes and a new one just reported northbound 101. lanes are blocked in this crash. speeds dipping down to about six miles an hour. if are you going out of san jose on 101 expect a lot of brake lights. also if you are trying to take northbound 880. heads up a for car crash there. overturned vehicle involved in this accident. unfortunately major injuries reported a. i lot of activity happening on scene there. three left lanes are locked until further notice. try to stick with possibly 680 or 280 as the alternate. we will check the bay bridge in my next report. some good news for people who got the johnson and johnson vaccine. the company just came out with
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a new study saying that a booster shot, a second dose is 94% effective in preventing an infection. that would put it on par with modern or pfizer. of course we are talking a two dose shot here. it depends on when you get that second shot. people giving a booster j and j shot. protection could be stronger. of course the fta has not yetta proved those boosters for most people. we will watch it. back to you. >> thank you. cam allege has the lowest coronavirus case rate in the country right now. the test positive rate here is down to 3% now. in more than 82% of those eligible to me vaccinated have gotten at least one dose.
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locally marin is reporting that 90.7% of its elible residents fully vaccinated and nearly 100% of people 12 and up have received at least one dose. that number could go up with the pfizer news about getting vaccines to children as young as five. this is pending emergency use authorization by the fda which could be as early as halloween. as for kids under 5. pfizer has put them in a trial. >> they say that data will come out in this calendar year meaning before the end of 2021 and it's six months to five years. >> pfizer said the dosing will be even smaller. just three micrograms. to the south bay where a veteran cop has now announced his resignation this as the september 30th deadline nears for all city employees to be vaccinated. sergeant david guiterrez spent
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more than a quarter century rising through the ranges at sjpd. he retired in december of 2019 but returned as reserve officer for the department. he said that the city's get tough vaccine policy doesn't respect people's individual rights and health care choices. >> i'm not anti vaccine. i don't tell people you úshould when it comes to my body, it's what my choice is about what i want to put in my body. >> the police officer's association estimates there are roughly 150 officers who are either currently unvaccinated or have not disclosed their vaccine status to the city. happening today one of the biggest tech conferences in the world is back in the bay area. >> dream force which normally brings in close to 200,000 people. this year it's scaled back down because of coronavirus. justin andrew is live this morning and it kicks off today and could boost business in san francisco. >> yeah. for many people they are hoping
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conference brings hope to businesses and also to workers because for many of them this will be their first conference since coronavirus hit. we know there are wars, restaurants, it's a busy area here and that means tabletop tap house and joyride pizza. they are ready for more foot traffic because that means more funds will flow in. some workers coming out of unemployment and working for the first time. dream force has only a thousand invite only attendees this year who must show proof of vaccination. this year the conference will be entirely outdoors and this is the second convention at the center since the pandemic started. foo fighter also preform live this evening and some speakers include will smith and ja ne fonda. >> we are so excited to bring people into san francisco and to see confuse san francisco come to life. it's a beautiful summer day and we have everybody coming down to go to local businesses.
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we are employing local workers. >> and for the first time this conference will be accessible to everybody. it's free online. on the streaming service sales force plus. we are live in san francisco this morning. i'm justin andrews. >> can i speak into see foo fighters? >> i say that you can. >> all right. i got you. >> we will see how that goes. thank you. >> justin says yes. the president is set to address the u, in with in the hour. he is expected to continue to push for a reset with world leaders after four years of the america first policy. >> the un general assembly. the president arrived at the city last night and headed to a
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meeting with the secretary general during which he affirmed his support for the un. >> vision of the un has never been short of ambition any more than our constitution. the ambition matters. > aids say his pope will focus on the idea that the world is turning a page after two decades of war. >> he will reaffirm that the united states is not turning inward, is including as we look to the decision, the united states made, the president made to bring our troops home from afghanistan. >> white house press secretary acknowledged yesterday that relation was alli, s like france have been strained. >> reestablishinga lie we are committed to alliances and that always requires work. >> this will be the first in person meeting in two years. because of the pandemic last year was mostly virtual.
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this year two thirds of the 193 member states aresending delegates here. coronavirus concerns are why thpresident will spend hothe u tomorrow he will convene a virtual summit. >> the president is expected between 6:45 and seven or maybe later. when it happens we will bring that to you with a special report with those remarks. it's 6:08. a live look at oakland where today state attorney general will lead a round table with local leaders to discuss hate crimes in california. last year california saw a 31% spike in reported hate crimes. criminal acts motivated by racial bias drove much of that rise increasing by 67%. the attorney general is holding a series of discussions aimed to develop strategies to tackle
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bias and hate. still ahead,. helping more kids learn to read. next the twofold plan to increase reading. and finding homes for the homeless. the new promise from three bay area cities to curb homelessness. tracking strong ridge of high pressure over us. i will let you know what you can expect where you live in just a few minutes. here is a live look outside and it is 6:09. live look at san jose this morning. we will be right back. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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if you are getting ready for work o school it's a t- shirts and shorts kind of day. it'll be a hot one as we head through the afternoon. here is a live look with the
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treasure island camera. it's a mild start. we are in the 50's and 60's this morning. warmer compared to yesterday at this time. looking at upper 50's in concord and livermore. mid-60s's foreoakland and san francisco and san jose. low 50's in santa rosa. on the fire watch california is now banning insurance companies from dropping hundreds of thousands of property owners and wildfire zone. the state insurance commissioner said roughly 325,000 policy holders will now be protected. it'll force insurance companies to continue to cover not only wildfire victims but also those living in declared disaster areas. >> this is not the time it have wildfire survivors have to search for insurance coverage. >> frustrating buzz now up to this point here pretty much the premiums have over -- over tripled. >> some people in disaster areas say they have been
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battling insurance companies for years and believe the companies will keep finding loopholes to deny coverage. on the heels of pg&e's latest planned power shut off because of high fire danger representatives from palo tallo are demanding answers. >> i don't think that's new normal should be sacrificing reliability. as a public utility we pay pg&e -- pg&e has an obligation to protect the safety of their payers and provide reliable electricity. >> pg&e said we have adjusted the equipment to turn off power faster if is detects a problem. the utility also said that ignitions that could spark fires have dropped 50%.
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california's superintendent of public instruction set to announce a new push to improve student reading. the statewide campaign promises to help third grade students be able to read by the year 2026. going live to the state capitol the proposed campaign plan is also expected to center on legislation that will fund professional learning for educators and get more books in the hands of kids and their families. the state data collect from 2018 to 2019 found that 51% of california students met or exceeded frayed level standards. we are looking at student groups. the number dropped to 39% for low income students. ahead of the campaign launch the superintendent wrote we must take bold action to put students on a path for lifelong learning instead of a path that increases the likelihood that they will drop out of school. local and state educational leader also join the event. it kicks off at 11:30. we are heading in to fall
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but with some pretty warm temperatures. >> of let's check the forecast. >> we are going to heat up as we head through the afternoon. if you are maybe getting the kids ready for school or getting ready to head out the door for work its time to dress for the t-shirts and shorts. we are looking at hot temperatures. we have a spare the area alert in effect for today because of more smog ando zone pollution. because of wildfire smoke pushing in to the area. we have southerly winds and that's bringing in some smoke from the fires burning in the national forest. also looking at cooler temperatures in to tomorrow with that on shore flow it. won't last long. that could mean a higher fire danger. we have that strong ring of high pressure in place just parked right over us and that is the reason why we are going to heat it up. that ridge acting like a lid
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trapping the pollution at the surface. we have off shore winds, very dry arias well. that's the reason why we are going to see the temperatures soar. upper 70's to low 80's at the coast with the sun. mid to upper 80's. we have good air quality this morning. as we head through, little bit of haze in the skies, moderate air quality for the north bay, the coast and the peninsula. unhealthy area. as well as for the santa clara valley later on today. future cast, you can see that haze pushing in with the southerly winds. you can see how it is. relative -- our sunrise at
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6:56. daytime highs for the peninsula, check it out. looking at low 90's for you in san mateo, redwood city, for the south bay, santa clara, san jose, 96 morgan hill. some of the hottest temperatures of course looking at the 7 concord, upper 90's for the tri valley. around the bay, heating up to 86 in san francisco, 90 in oakland. 92 for san leandro. highs into the low to mid-90s. topping out at 98 for ukia. san francisco and for oakland as well as for san jose. cooler for wednesday. thursday, friday, and then that cooldown as we look to the weekend and next week. that ocean breeze, inland east bay cooler for the north bay tomorrow. heating up thursday, friday and there we go with temperatures cooler for the weekend. let's check this with gianna. and quite a few of them especially out of the south bay. a couple crashes first off northbound 101 near allen rock avenue. there's a crash with a
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motorcycle involved. injuries reported in this trouble spot. have you at least two center lanes blocked. we are seeing speeds down 16 miles an hour as you head northbound 101. you may consider alternates. using 87 or 280 to avoid those brake lights. we have been monitoring for an hour. three left lanes blocked and you have a slow ride as you work northbound. maybe use 680 as the alternate. it's getting busy for that tuesday morning commute. look at the bay bridge. metering light was turned on at about 5:35. a bit along that east shore freeway commute. that northbound 880 ride.
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once are you on 840, if you are going to 580. it's busy here. one of our bright spot is the san mateo bridge if you are going from heyward to foster city. live look here. the tail lights in the commute direction. things are still moving at the limit. cbs news investigation is raising new questions about how effectively state medical boards hold bad doctors responsible. jim spoke to an insider who sits on california's medical board which is responsible for licensing and disciplining more than 150,000 doctors. >> do you the think the way medical board functions costs patient lives? >> there's no question that it costs patient lives. >> no question? >> no question. >> you can see that investigation at cbs
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mornings. an iconic store front closing up shop. why this western wear store is being forced to shut down forever. and stocks tanking monday. how is wall street looking this
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a retail shop that's been in business for nearly a century is about to close. >> its been selling horse riding supplies, and other items for 92 years. it's also familiar to people because of its horse statue out front. for months the store has been holding a final clearance sale. we talked to the owner back in may who said the pandemic, competition from online shopping and the demand for more restaurants forced him to close. >> pretty much said i got my
6:25 am
first pair of boots here when i was six or i bought my children their boots here when they were kids. sorry. >> a lot of memorandumies there. the store will close this coming sunday. a sister store in livermore will remain open. now 6:25. the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> one of the first conferences to return to san francisco since the pandemic getting started in just a few hours. how team force could help kick start the economy. and the united states is finally hoping its borders to some vaccinated travelers. what it could mean for the hurting travel industry. the white house lays out its plan to fight homelessness and three bay area cities are jumping on board. how many they plan to
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here are your morning headlines. johnson and johnson said a two dose version of its vaccine helps provide 94% protection against coronavirus. they are still in phase2 trials for it. as for people who got the single shot a booster would provide immunity. marin could reach 100% of people over the age of 12 to be pulley vaccinated. the county is reporting a rate of 9o ow ef.
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is ilive look from san ramone. it's due to ia combination of smog and wildfire smoke. good morning it's 6:30. good morning to you. glad to have you with us. let's get to mary lee with more on that bad air. that spare area alert in effect. wildfire smoke pushing in to the bay area. looking at unhealthy air for sensitive groups for the east bay, moderate for the rest of the area. it's because of that strong hinger ridge of high pressure. it is acting like a lid trapping the pollution at the surface and with those southerly winds bring that wildfire smoke from the fires burning in the national forest. looking at the highs, we are going to heat up. hot day today. in fact hottest day of the week. 94 with that sunshine in san jose. 97 concord, 90 for, napa valley. mid to upper 80's to the low 90's. low 9o's for the peninsula and
6:31 am
along the coast upper 70's to low 8o's. let's check in with gianna. >> especially out of the south bay. there is a couple of crashes. northbound 1o 1. you have lanes blocked. this is due to injury crash involving a motorcycle. at least two center lanes shut down until further notice. also still tracking a few brake lights. looks like things clearing this is northbound 880. at least the left lanes were shut down for a four car crash with injuries. definitely improving just a bit. use alternate. maybe 87, 680 or 280 out of the south bay. live look at the bay bridge. meters right lights on. 13 minutes from the maze over to the city. it's 6:31. today a big tech conference known worldwide returns. >> dream force is back in san francisco for the first time since correspond examined. on a much smaller scale.
6:32 am
justin andrew is live to tell us all the details and much different numbers. >> yeah. normally we see what, 200,000 people that come to this dream force conference. this year it's only going to be about a thousand and it's invite obvious. we know that a lot of people normally come to this but coronavirus has changed all of that. obviously a lot smaller this year but some say that the momentum should still be there. this year the conference will be entirely outdoors, dream force is the second contention at the center since the pandemic started. the foo fighters will preform live at the opening this evening. speakers include will smith and jane fonda. for people going to the conference you must show proof of vaccination or test daily. >> they are very strict but i think that it's great because then we get to really enjoy and make the connections that we need to make. >> it's nice to have the
6:33 am
ability to come back and like mingl with people. i'm looking forward to being smaller so more interaction with oplest erwdlarge crowds isyear. people are hoping foot traffic will mean more people inside businesses to help their bottom line. we are live in san francisco this morning. looking live now at sfo which could get busier come november. the united states is ending its travel ban on visitor from the ud and the eu. the white house said that all international visitor also be welcome in the united states starting in earl november. they must be vaccinated and must have a negative coronavirus test with in three days of their flight. the industry is celebrating the news. airlines, and travel agencies all helping this will help them recover from huge economic losses. this will super charge the travel industry, recovery this is absolutely one of the key ry
6:34 am
the inteioel syst. biden adsttighng terequirements for unvaccinated americans returning to the united states. let's go live to wall street. stocks recovering after yesterday's nose dive and a live look at the big board. you can see the dow up about 1230 points. c bit coin, ether and doge coin all saw steady declines on monday. invest 'appear to be moving to less volatile assets. we are watching the first general assembly meeting of the un in over two years. let's go live inside the building this is in new york city and we have already heard from the un secretary general speaking without mincing words i saying with very to change course and unite. about two thirds of the member states have sent delegates,
6:35 am
others are keeping virtual. the president said to be a big headliner. he will speak in about a half hour. we will carry that live and he is expected to focus on the idea that's world is turning a page after two deck as of war in afghanistan. is he expected to continue to push for a reset with other world leaders. again we are going to have a close eye on that this morning. back to you. >> thank you. happening today a former scientist is back on the witness stand for more cross. the scientist said they wanted to launch a blood a eyeser but they weren't reliable. she said she brought the concerns to elizabeth holmes directly but holmes decided to go ahead with the launch knowing was faulty. she recounted how she then resigned from the company after eight years. in developing news, preliminary autopsy results could come today on remains found in wyoming that may
6:36 am
belong to gabby petito. she was on a cross country trip with her fiance when she vanished. a search continues for the fiance, the two lived in northport florida at his parent's home. police say that he returned on september 1st alone, on a 9 # 1 call released yesterday a witness in utah said he saw the couple fighting. >> we drove by them and the man was slapping the girl. >> he was slapping her? >> yes. then we stopped shall, they ran up and down the sidewalk. he hit her, hopped in the car and they drove off. >> police responded to the call but nobody wanted to file charges so no arrests were made. some bay area mayors embracing a new push to tackle homelessness. house america aims to provide shelter for 100,000 people by the end of next year. much of the funding would come from the federal stimulus package. mayors in the bay area a three
6:37 am
biggest cities say they are on board. the oak hand mayor wants to house sea hundred people, the mayor of san francisco making the same commitment and in san jose the mayor has set a goal of housing more than 1100. the governor said that california will pitch in with more money. he said we are demanding greater responsibility and more urge in, cy to create huesing. we are grateful to very apart america working toward the same goal. the governor say the state has committed $22 billion. a record number of cargo ship are just waiting to get in the ports of los angeles and long beach. here is a look at that traffic jam. that's been going on now for days. la's port director said shipping traffic is up 50% from prepandemic levels, amid the sea trouble. many major retail res now
6:38 am
paying for planes to fly in good from overseas. some are even chartering entire container ships. >> that's something that we have just never seen before. we expect there will be more bare shelves for the holiday season this year than people may be used to. >> even next year's holiday supply may be in danger. the economic log jam could continue until the end of to 222. time now is 6:38. coming up,. >> it was closed due to the caldor fire. highway 50 is reopening to traffic but not for everybody. who it's still off limits too. and rescue from the fire zone. the orphan cubs finding a new home in the bay area. and the market just opened a few minutes ago. let's check on the big board looking better than it did. the dow up in the green. we have a closer look coming up after the break.
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the president addresses the un. later this morning. white house press secretary joins us to discuss his message while he faces intense scrut ind from critical allies. the and if state medical boards are protecting patients. how a doctor with a history of alleged misconduct did not loose his license. how did that happen? and we will take you on a tour of a new exhibit exploring the rich tradition of puppetry. who doesn't love a good puppet. will see you 7:00 straight up.
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we are starting off the y
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anies mi50's d 60's. here say live look at san francisco across the bay and that strong ridge of high pressure will be the reason why we are going to heat up. that ridge right over us and in fact today we are talking temperatures soaring. well above average for this time of year. with very a spare the area alert in effect. that ridge of high pressure acting like a lid much trapping the pollution at the surface. with very more smog and with southerly winds wildfire smoke. time now is 6:43. how are the markets shaping up. this after a bad start to the week. and why you may be paying more to ship your packages. live from the new york stock exchange. >> may. good morning to you. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. let's take a look. it's green. across the board. right now the dow is up 197 points. nasdaq up 77 points.
6:44 am
and the s&p500 up 21 points. using fedex is send packages is about to get more expensive. on monday the company announced that it's increasing shipping rates about i nearly 6% for home delivery customers. even a bit more for freight. the higher fee also take effect next wear. ups is also expected raise prices in 2022. i guess the good news is that we still have one more holiday shipping season before that price hike. >> that is a good point. i will do some in person shopping next year to save a little money. all right. thank you. a stretch of highway other in the sierra is back open on a temporary basis. it'll shut down completely for a month. in the first time in a movement
6:45 am
passes are required. in another spot devastated by the caldor fire a painstaking process of clearing out hazardous material has started. crew from the department of toxic substance are working to find dangerous material and remove it before resident dear sir get access. some wildfire refugees have also found a new temporary home in the bay area. >> we are talking three bear cubs who evacuate from the caldor fire. they were found without their mothers in the fire zone. -- in sonoma county wildlife rescue. the center is asking for donations to help build big enclosures until they are big enough to be released back in to the wild. if will be a rewarding experience for everybody if we can rehab them and get them back to their home in the wild where they belong. >> if you would like to help out we have posted a link for with you the story on did you see the close up of the.
6:46 am
>> the little paws. >> they are so cute. >> goodness. >> that's your dose of cute on this tuesday. >> i love it. >> want to hug them even though they are bears. we are looking at hot temperatures this afternoon. get ready for it. here is a live look with brian kiley going out to san ramone. we have a spare the area alert that is in effect for today and also in san ramone. temperatures will soar in to the upper 90's this afternoon. today, hottest day of the week. all right. let's show you a live look at the sales force tower camera. you can see mount diablo as we start off the day. bit of haze as well as we look east and the temperature on the mild side for sure. warmer compared to yesterday at this time. if you have stepped outside you know what i'm talking about. concord looking at 59, also for livermore, 63 for you in oakland. san jose at 63.
6:47 am
low 50's for santa rosa with mainly clear sky across the area. what to expect. the hottest day of the week on the last day of summer. fall officially arrives tomorrow at 12:21. we have the spare the air alert. we have more smog and wildfire smoke. national forest. on shore flow kicks backn. cooler day tomorrow. it's not going to last long because off shore winds will return thursday and friday. the potential for a high fire danger by the end of the workweek. that strong ridge of high pressure right over us. that's why we are going to heat up as we third base you will the day. here is what to expect. not justin land but around the bay and along the coast we are going to warm up. along the coast upper 70's to low 85's. mid to upper 80's to low 90's and inland in to the mid to upper 90's with plenty of sun across the area. that spare the area alert in effect for the east bay and
6:48 am
santa clara valley at unhealthy air for sensitive groups. right now as we start off the day we are looking at good air quality. that haze start off the day and future cast, you can see the southerly winds pushing wildfire smoke into the region as we look to tomorrow with that on shore flow and that ocean breeze kicking in. looks better for the air quality and cooler temperatures. also very dry air still. light off shore winds and we are down to the teens for relative humidity. let's check the daytime highs and they are going to climb as we go through the day. low 09's for the peninsula. san mateo, the south bay. 94, 96 for morgan hill. the hottest temperatures across the area. 97 concord, pleasant hill. the tri valley. around the bay. warming up to 86 in san francisco, 90 in oakland. 92 for at least for daytime
6:49 am
highs in san leandro. low to mid-90s. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose, little cooler for your wednesday. slightly warmer thursday, friday and then a big cooldown as we look ahead to the weekend. inland east bay the north bay. cooler tense, heating up thursday, friday and then back down for the weekend into early next week and along the coast in the low 60's by the end of the weekend. and our busiest spots continue out of the south way. chp just clearing a crash northbound 880. it's over to the shoulder. we had another trouble spot not far from there. that has been a busy ride as you work northbound out of san jose. northbound 101. this trouble spot in the center divide. have you the brake lights. northbound 101 come away from the 280, 680 connector. maybe sticking to 87, guadalupe parkway. 680 depending on where your drive takes you may be a better
6:50 am
bet. bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on around 5:35. we saw that back up building quickly. no accidents or incidents at the bay bridge just a lot of people make that ride over into san francisco. it's slow, well to beyond that 880 overpass to about the foot of the maze. we are starting to see a slow ride coming off on the approaches to the bay bridge. things getting crowded at the san mateo bridge. more cars on the roadway. travel times still doing okay. under 15 minutes between 880 úw you commute in that foster city area. if are you hopping on 101 both directions look good along the peninsula. 880, not bad here. here is a live look. traffic seems to be moving facely. south of here you will see the brake lights. you can see lava from a volcano as the sunrises. it started erupting sunday shooting lava hundreds of meetness to the air taking over
6:51 am
forests and sending molten rock toward the ocean. authorities have been forced to evacuate hundreds of residents. the first eruption in 50 years. >> wow. >> intense. it's 6:51. next,. >> we are just a few hour away from the kickoff of dream forcew. he will run down the changes though this year's event and how it could restart the bay area's tourist industry. we are live. and it's a pint with a purpose. how this new ben and jerry's flavor is helping fight racial injustice. and streaming today on cbsn bay area, a tour celebrating powerful gymnast is coming to the bay area we will hear from two stars as they take the tour. it'll make stops here. next weekend, and the tv series supergirl is in its 6th and final season. the star actress joined us to talk about the show and you can watch it at
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fooling some breaking vaccine news this morning. a new study from johnson and johnson said that if you get two doses of its vaccine it is 94% effective in preventing a case of coronavirus with symptoms that. would put it on par with pfizer and moderna it. depends on when you get the second shot. people given a booster shot six months or longer after their first dose had a 12 fold increase inn 't bodies compared to four fold for those who waited just two months. protection should be stronger if people get boosters later. the fda has not approved that shot for a booster. we will watch that. back to you. time for a look at this morning's other top stories. one bay area county is well on its way to having a 100%
6:56 am
vaccination rate. marin is reporting 97.7 people overage of 12 are vaccinated. looking live now at sfo. the united states is ending its travel ban on visitor from the uk and the eu. all international visitor also be welcome in the united states starting in early november but they must be vaccinated and provide a negative coronavirus test. in just a few minutes the president is set to address the un. this as his administration works to strengthen relation was alliex ria is the washington's role in global affairs. cbs news will take that speech live here on kpix45. an up autopsy is scheduled to confirm the remains of gabby petit, o. her fiance has not been seen in about a week. and let's get one final look at stocks.
6:57 am
looking live at the big board. the dow sup about 290 points. yesterday stocks tanked. the dow fell. the cell off as broad affecting most sectors of the economy. live outside the center in downtown san francisco. this three day conference dream force is back this year and everybody is ready for this. normally it'll be about 200,000 people would be here but coronavirus is hanging over us. only about a thousand people invite only will be in attendance this conference is bringing hope to businesses and also workers for some they are working their first conference since coronavirus hit. tabletop tap house and joyride pizza, they are ready for more foot traffic in this area because that means more funds flowing in for their business. you must show proof of vaccination this year if you are attending. also it'll be entirely outdoors. this is the second convention at the center since the pandemic. foo fighter also preform live
6:58 am
at the opening celebration this evening and speakers include will smith and jane fonda. this conference is able to be streamed free online on sales force plus. we are live in san francisco this morning. i'm justin andrews. all right. here say live look. taking you to the santa clara valley. mainly clear skies, bit of haze. we have a spare the area alert. unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups for the east bay and the santa claire why valley. it's because that have ridge of high pressure acting like a lid. we haveo zen pollution, bit of haze and wildfire smoke pushing in. temperatures will be on the rise. heating up for sure. 94 in san jose with that sun. 97 in concord, 90 for the napa valley. mid to upper 80's to 9o and for the peninsula, low 90's and upper 70's. let's check in with gianna. it's a busy morning commute. >> if you are commuting
6:59 am
through san jose. that's where a new crash reported blocking at least the two right lanes. have you delays, this isn't far from an earlier trouble spot. busy there. also bay bridge metering lights on and photograph sick backed up almost to the maze. 17 minutes now is your travel time from the maze over into san francisco. justin as out there live. howard street, closed between third and 4th. this due to dream force. and new this morning it's a pint of ice cream with a bigger purpose than just curbing your sweet tooth. >> ben and jerry's said it reflects company's east to support racial justice. change is brewing. it's made of cold brew coffee ice cream. marshmallow swirls and browni, s. >> i love the idea and it sounds really good. if does. never been afraid to stand up for causes. >> very cool. >> don't forget the news
7:00 am
continues all day. >> cbs morning is up next. have a great tuesday. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you, our viewers in the west. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. let's go to today's eye opener, it's your world in 90 seconds. >> president biden sent to address the u.n. general assembly for the first time as president. >> the president trying to repair a strained relations with allies at the united nations, his press secretary will join us. >> we will make absolutely clear that he is not looking to pursue a new cold war with any country in the world. the departmen


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