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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 22, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. right now looking live from the sutro camera this morning. a live look east. good morning to you. it's wednesday, september 22ndnd. >> and good morning, let's get a first check of the forecast for this wednesday morning. it's already wednesday. >> yeah. it is. almost there. halfway through the workweek. we are looking at cooler temperatures. yesterday, the warmest day of the year so far. now we are looking at temperatures about ten to 20 degrees compared to yesterday. here is the reason why. you can see that fog rolling back in. that indicates that marine influence for us and that on shore flow that's back with us today. back to where we should be for this time of year on the first official day of fall coming in at 12:21 p.m. today. all right. 83 in san jose. 89 in concord. 81 for the napa valley. around the bay in the low to mid-70s. along the coast in the 60's this afternoon. we will talk about a warm up as we look ahead to the rest of
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the week coming up in festminut let's check in with bianna. let's take a look at the roadways. you can see traffic is just cruising along with no delays or issues. under ten minutes for the travel time into san francisco. it's pretty quiet so far if are you going toward the san mateo bridge. things moving nicely with no delays. if are you going on the pass, so far your travel time just about 29 minutes. are you still in the green. westbound 580. 205 to 680. highway 4 and 101 out of the south bay. good morning to san jose. only 36 minutes right now. the live news desk. a live look at the white house this wednesday morning. the president will host a virtual covid summit. he will push to boost global vaccinations and this is after his big address to the un
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general assembly about the virus. also the united states now doubling its order for vaccines to a billion doses. that's expected to be one of the biggest announcements but also pushing for a lot of the more affluent countries to help note struggling with a pandemic. we will keep you posted on that. happening today a new health order takes effect. you will need proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test if you want to have a drink, eat a meal or exercise inside. meantime good news on the coronavirus front. the positive rate in california is dropping and continues to be the lowest in the country. in eight out of the nine bay area county its it even lower this as johnson and johnson says it's effectiveness is improved with a booster shot.
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>> the single shot johnson and johnson announced that booster shots given two months after the first dose increase protection against the virus to 94%. right now the one shot j and j dose is 72% effective. >> the j and j vaccine has two doses, actually preforms very well. even in the era of variants like del it. doctors said any shot was the correct shot to protect against the virus. that's the situation one found himself in this april. if was get johnson and johnson or get nothing. >> same for another man. if was what they had available to stick in my arm when i showed up for the appointment. >> both are interested in the
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boosters. >> the city of san francisco started offering a defense pfizer or moderna in j and j receivers in august to offer more protection. a doctor of ucsf said he sees the writing on the wall for johnson and johnson boosters for some people. >> i think if you are in a risky group, mainly those who are older or immune compromised. i think i may think about justin creasing that protection more. >> that was andrea reporting. shocking revelations abhijit the medical board. a six month investigation found that since 2015, the board has received more than 50,000 complaints against doctors yet they revoked only 201 licenses. today on cbs morning we hear from an insider who sits on the board. >> do you think that's way the medical board functions
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actually ends up costing patient lives? >> there's no question that it costs patient lives. >> no question? >> no question. >> tune into catch that full report. it airs right after our show starting at 7:00 a.m. looking live to oakland this morning where last night the city council did a 180 and voted to fund a police academy. the goal is to bring in more officers to a city that just hit 100 homicides. they voted to pay for it to keep staffing at minimum levels for next year. the move comes after the department reported it's lowest numbers of officers in nearly seven years. this morning the first report card is out showing how much water we are all saving. 1.8% statewide. short of the governor's goal. the bay area is doing better on average with nearly 8.5%. betty shows us what the bay area is doing right. >> earlier this summer the
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governor asked california to cut their water use by 15% compared with last year. so far the south bay hasn't met that goal just yet but it's trending in the right direction. santa clara residential son sickler decided to let her grass go brown. >> we do have some hedges along the front that we don't have to water and they stay relatively green so that kind of makes it look not so dead. >> in july of this year the city of san jose cut its use by 10% compared with july 2020. palo alto did by 7%, san francisco, 10%. the water district saw a 7% drop. in los angeles, use increased by 1%. >> how conscious are you that we are in a drought? >> very conscious. i try to do my part. we try to keep the grass green but i have cut back. >> the santa clara valley water district which is the provide america the uty haseen
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a drop of 6% by its metrics. >> the average household uses about 50% of their water outdoors so that's where we can see the greatest savings. if people just cut their water use in half, some of the water retailers having people just water their lawns twice a week. >> then valley water believes the county will meet the 15% reduction. currently the county's reservoirs are barely 12% full. >> people need to start saving now. we need to hit that 15% mandatory water use reduction here in santa clara county. it's important because we have another dry winter there could be further water restrictions down the line. >> and the santa clara valley water district offers a number of rebate programs and free water efficient devices. in san jose, kpix5. the city of hillsburg cut
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use by 54%. the city of santa clara used 5% more water in lyat's becaus co main breaks. water use there is trending down. this morning on fire watch sonoma county officials investigating what sparked a fire that destroyed a home and horse boarding facility. it happened yesterday afternoon, towering flames engulfed this large house and it damaged nearby structures. firefighters were in the area and responded quickly, still the fire grew to about 15 acres. the mother of the property owner lives just a few houses away. she said that she could see the black smoke going newspaper to the air from her daughter's home. >> i called her and she was -- she knew that there was something going on. she rushed home. she had just gone to the store. >> i kept hearing noise and i'm like what in the world? i guess maybthe horses knew
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that something was going on. >> neighbors were given orderso evacuate but are now back home. roughly 200 firefighters responded including air resources cal fire. that dropped fire retardant. happening today scott peterson will make a virtual appearance in a courtroom. in his bid for a new trial. the judge is expected to set a date for late their year or early next year to hear from a juror. peterson's team argues she snuck on the juror by failing to disclose her experience with domestic abuse while pregnan. lay say peterson was eight months pregnant when she was killed. scott peterson is serving a life sentence. if the judge determine there's was juror misconduct it could trigger a new trial. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a school board battle comes to a head. at nounment made after hours of public comment and what is at stake today. the efforts one tech giant
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to legalize marijuana. >> and later an economic boom turned baby boom. why some employees say they are reaching the american dream because of a generous pay raise. and and let's get a live look outside. you can see the barge just traveling there and the san francisco skyline. good morning. it's wednesday, thank you for joining us. we will be right back.
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welcome back this morning. the manhunt is getting stronger for the fiance of 22-year-old gabby petito. police are searching a swampy reserve and they say is he a person of interest in petito's death yesterday. a coroner confirmed the human remains found in a remote northern wyoming area are in fact hers. her death was also ruled a homicide. authorities say that the two were on a cross country road trip and there were signs of trouble. > >> i was apologizing to him and saying, i'm sorry that i'm so mean. >> you have a scratch on the left side of your neck. i. i'm fine. i hope she is [inaudible] making complaints about me. tots caurenlibody camaugust. investigators say he to florida without petito and took off when he was named a person of interest.
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today a school word is set to come together again to discuss the possible removal of its board president. that's after the same board came to a head in contra costa county last night at a special emergency session regarding ousting its superintendent. after hours of public comment the board president announced no vote was taken. the president called the meeting, siting declining student performance. she is also upset about this video showing a student being pinned down by security guards after a fight at antioch high school. >> time for the morning watch report. two major airlines under fire over a new partnership. and why amazon is backing the legal use of marijuana. we report from the new york stock exchange. stocks were mixed yesterday after wall street started the week with a brutal sell off.
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the nasdaq gained 32. the s&p500 dipped three. the justice department is suing american airlines in jetblue over the recent alliance which allows them to sell seatson each other's flights it. was approved by the transportation department after the waning days of the trump administration. they said the arrangement will lead to fewer choices and higher prices for passengers. american and jetblue denied that and said they intend to continue to work together while the case is litigated. amazon is throwing its weight behind the effort to legalize marijuana. the company said that congress needs to act to catch up with the growing number of states that have decriminalized cannabis. they said it can create unfair hurd manies for some people, particularly people of color. head to cbs money watch. at the new york stock exchange.
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it's 4:45. let's get you caught up on your forecast. cooler temperatures. >> refreshing cooldown. about 10 to 20 degrees cooler compared to yesterday it. was a warm to hot day yesterday. cooling it down today. it's not going to last long. as we look to thursday and for friday. here is a beautiful view with our sutro cam a. you can see the fog rolling in across the golden gate bridge. just a pretty view. that's why we are going to cooldown with that on shore flow kicking in for us. we are going to see the cooler temperatures. check it out as we start off the day. 64 in concord, a mild start for you. 61 in oakland. upper 50's in san francisco, mid-60s's in san jose. mid50a for santa rosa. we were in the 80's and 900's yesterday. san francisco, one of the warmest days of the year. today we are going to cool it down anywhere from eight to 14
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degrees cooler compared to erda it's beca that sea breeze returning for us, bringing the cooler temperatures. light off shore winds will redevelop as we look to thursday and friday. that means we are going to warm right back up as we look to the end of the workweek. that stronger ocean breeze kicks in for the weekend. temperatures will be much cooler as we look to saturday and sunday. that strong ridge of high pressure nudging just a bit and pushing off a little bit to the east. because of that on shore flow will kick in for us and that's the reason why that we are looking at those cooler temperatures. now we are also looking at better air quality with that westerly wind flow, that on shore flow, we have an air quality advisory but not dealing the spare the area alert like we did yesterday. as we go to the day today we are looking at that on shore flow, and then for your thursday, looking at temperatures warming right back up thursday and friday. sunrise at 6:56 and the sunset
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at 7:07. let's check the daytime highs. more comfortable. upper 70's. low 80's for the peninsula. low 80's for the south bay from 82 in santa clara this afternoon. 83 san jose. looking at 88 for morgan okat 8 for concord and pleasant hill. mid to upper 80's for the tri valley this afternoon. around the bay from 70 in san francisco, 75 in oakland this afternoon. daytime highs for the north bay in the upper 70's to low to mid- 80s's this afternoon. the low 90's for ukia. san francisco, oakland and san jose. warming up more. thursday and friday and then back down to the weekend and especially into early next week with that stronger ocean breeze. inland east bay. for the north bay. thursday and friday. cooler weather, still on the warm side. we look to the weekend weekend and early next week. temperatures down to the low 60's as we look to the coast by the end of the week.
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let's check in with gianna. right now it's just the usual stuff for your early morning ride as you head in to the pass. that's good news. no crashes, accidents or incidents. that's good news. your travel time 31 minutes from 205 toward 680. once you approach that 680, dublin, no delays. the live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog over the span. we are seeing at i lot of cars. making their way southbound into san francisco. a little foggy. you will see a few slower speeds. keep in mind there may be limited visibility issues as well. traffic busy there as you head into the city. san mateo bridge. all clear. traffic quiet. a 12 minute ride if you are going heyward, westbound 92. getting onto the peninsula and the freeway off to a great start.
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live look. this is near the coliseum and photograph sick moving pretty good in both directions. south of here we aren't ei any brake lights in to heyward. should be pretty easy going toward the san mateo bridge. no metering lights. its been a pretty easy ride so far as you head out of the east bay into san francisco. the state fair determines the best of the best in california. >> when it returns next year there is going to be a new category, top pot. the state's nearly 7,000 licensed cultivators are eligible to enter unlike the other categories there won't be a panel of judges sampling smoking marijuana. each entry is central to the laboratory and judged on it's chemical composition. morning. straight ahead. it's not enough that's 49ers signed fresh legs to carry the football. not this morning. we have a division race to talk abouhavi a hand
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it. just ask the d let's give you a look outside. the clock just hit 4:51.
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morning. baseball up top and the west leading giants, may want to call it wild wild west. man, that one game lead was put to the test on a san diego night last night. the giants sent kevin to the ground and the padres went right after him. game tied at one, third inning.
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manny went crazy for with the man strength this was a second home run of the night. nearly hit another touch with four runs in four innings. the padres came in aggression. >> . giant was down a run and crawford found a hole. that was enough to bring home a tying run and crawford and the g men enjoyed a mattering of giants fan that were loving at petco park. 9th inning game tied at five. wade jr., another clutch 9th inning hit. bell not stopping. slid, collided. ball popped free. safe, giants held it and won it 6-5 for win number 98 with 11 games left. meantime future hall of famer with the dodgers needed him most, he delivered. down inn denv 10th inning, pihirbi, won it for la.
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5-4 over the rockies to stay close. they won nine of ten and three in a row. american league not much more matt olson could have done. they hosted the mareness. blasted his career best 37 home run. he opened the scoring in first inning here. it'll be tied at one in the 4th where mariners moore drove one with runners at the corner. couldn't make a play at the wall. two run -- mariners won it 5- 2. it sent the a's back to three games out of an al wild card playoff spot with 11 games to play. now help is on the way with chris basset. the team's ace starts thursday against seattle. huge deal coring he was hit in the face, late august by a line drive boy shattered his cheek bone he has not pitched since. nfl and the 49ers won a 5-2-0
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teams in the nfc. it's packers week. kickoff late sunday. see the guy toting the football. that's patrick. is he the newest 49ers running back. they signed him off the cincinnati practice squad. prior to that patrick played in the xfl after he went undrafted out of florida state in 2018. here is the updated depth chart at running back. if mitchell or -- can't go. patrick could be thrown right in there along with cannon who was signed last week. it is wednesday, it's the day that teams put in their game plans for the upcoming sunday. we will see what the 49ers have when i show up with my little camera. the story, this morning, giants, 98 wins, dodgers 97 wins, 11 games left. how many more games do the giants have to win to seal the
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west up? see you later. time is 4:46. streaming on cbsn bay area. bring your gym bag and your vaccine card. we have a newman date in the east bay. and the oakland police department announcing a solution to try to end a violent year. the vote taken ahead in the next half hour. and a live look outside from the sales force tower camera this morning. it is 4:57 on a wednesday. we are halfway through the week.
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. your early morning work out may come with a mandate. the latest county requiring to see that vaccine card if you want to get indoors.
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and the late night vote for the oakland police department could end a violent year for on crime. >> i like what in the world? i guess maybe the horses knew that something was going on. >> yeah. imagine coming home to this. the bay area home up in flames. how this could have been much worse. and another air quality advisory taking over the bay area. when we will finally be able to breathe easier. it's wednesday. good morning to you. we start with a live look outside across the bay area. enjoy summer for the next seven hours. fall is finally here almost. >> almost. >> let's get a first check of weather. we start off with mary lee. good morning. >> with relooking at cooler temperatures for the first official day of fall coming in at 12:21 p.m. today. so, felt like summer yesterday. we had the warm to hot te


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