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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 23, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look outside from our exclusive sales force tower camera looking east over the bay bridge. good morning. it is september 23. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco on this thursday. >> almost there. >> let's get a check of your forecast with mary lee. almost to the end of the work week and we are looking at warmer temperatures today. offshore winds kick in as well as ridge of high pressure building back in. that's why our temperatures will soar this afternoon. hopefully you enjoyed that cool down. 88 san jose, 96 concord, 95 livermore, 97 fairfield, low 90s for the north bay, mid to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid 80s for the
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peninsula. with the offshore wind flow we are looking at more haze pushing in, moderate air quality today for our region. we'll talk about our weekend coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. we are off to a great start. a live look at the bay bridge, you see traffic moving nicely, light conditions into san francisco under a ten minute commute from the maze into the city. a great start for the 580, 680 connector. headed into altamont pass, livermore valley, traffic is moving at the limit. crowded east of here, tracy, 205, right now doing okay, 27 minutes from 205 towards 680. the rest of major freeways look really good. if you are up early, easy ride out of san jose. no delays out of antioch and things are clear across east shore freeway. after a six hour meeting, oakland school board voted to require vaccinations for
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eligible students. this makes it first in northern california to impose a mandate. it mandates all students 12 and up be fully vaccinated with exemptions for medical and personal belief reasons. it does not allow negative covid tests in place of getting the vaccine. just teachers and staff have that option. no time line for enforcement has been set. this morning we are hearing how businesses in contra costa are implementing the new vaccine mandate. managers at the orinda theater didn't get much push back from customers. >> i feel like we are the covid police. >> reporter: the orinda theater manager is tasked with enforcing the mandate checking for proof of vaccination. >> they asked for proof of my vaccine and i showed my license. easy breezy. >> reporter: on a slow day she
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can handle it. this coming weekend the theater needs more people to help but unfortunately can't afford more staff. they put out a call asking for volunteers. >> our budget isn't calling for us to be able to hire someone else at this time. >> checking your vaccine card. >> reporter: the hostess is asking for proof of vaccination as soon as people walk in. >> a lot of our guests who sat inside were able to show their card. no issues. most people have been wanting to sit outside. >> reporter: proof of vaccination is not required for outdoor dining, only indoor. one guest said she hopes it encourages more people to get the shot. >> you need to be responsible and get vaccinated and you can enjoy all these things. >> some people said they did not support the mandate for various reasons. none wanted to speak about it on camera. fda granted emergency use
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authorization for a third dose of the pfizer vaccine. this is for certain people, those 65 and older or at high risk of severe disease. we asked an epidemiologist whether he believes this latest news will keep cases low into the fall. >> predicting the future with this will be difficult. last year we thought we were in good shape and everybody came back in late october and early november and we had the worst spike we had seen. i think we have to assume there is something worse in the works and work to keep that from happening. >> the cdc will reconvene and discuss possible need for a booster dose based on the fda decision. a vegetation fire in north bay is serving as an important reminder. summer may be over but fire season is showing no signs of cooling down. more than 100 acres burned in sonoma and napa yesterday. the fire came dangerously close
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to some wineries. >> we are scared. we are scared of any grass we see. >> reporter: the wine maker has lived in the napa valley for the last 50 years. >> all the other years i have been here, we never saw this. >> reporter: he saw the fire jump over his vineyard in 2017, watched firefighters throw every available resource to get the upper hand on the fremont fire. >> good god. we saw everything. helicopters. we saw 727s. spoke clouds went up to around 10,000 feet. >> reporter: the blaze started just after 2:00 in the afternoon. it started here just off highway 12 and flames raced up the hill through rugged terrain. investigators were seen talking to workers that may have been prepping for a new vineyard. francis says with dry vegetation any spark could mean
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disaster. >> we can see if the right conditions go with the wind and it gets dry and hot. it can all go. >> reporter: as much as residents are fatigued by threat of fires, it has already been a long fire season for crews in the bay area. >> we have been busy all year. we have had multiple fires throughout the state. we have been responding with our units but we are well trained. >> this is getting old. we have seen what happened in lake county. it is just getting old. >> crews will remain on scene and continue to work on containment watching for hot spots throughout the morning. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. i have an update from major drama at a school board meeting in the east bay. there was a meeting that lasted until well after midnight and really did not go well for several of the board members in antioch, efforts to remove the
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school board president from her position, ellie householder, no vote on her removal was taken but tension was very high, had been growing for weeks amongst board members and district superintendent tuesday night. the president called emergency board session to discuss ousting superintendent over declining student performance. last night's meeting got off to a fiery start, one board member upset about a motion not on the agenda. >> i can't believe you are letting this go. i have a right to have the motion on the table. >> in the end the president didn't really even acknowledge what had gone on nor set any time line for another vote. we will keep our eye on that. >> thank you. an honor for america's oldest national park ranger. students said they wanted to honor someone local and inspiring. >> it means that i am cast into
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the next generation, and that is something. i don't think it is possible to over estimate what that means to someone. >> a social justice activist, she leads tours and public programs at rosie the riveter national historic park in richmond. coming up. >> new fall out for a sharks player, disturbing allegations from his estranged wife forcing him off the ice. prosecutors in elizabeth holmes trial call first star witness to the stand. why a former secretary of defense says he lost confidence in the blood testing start up. an unexpected visitor on a ring camera in a contra costa neighborhood. new video in our next half hour. you are looking at the skyline of san francisco from our treasure island camera on this thursday. we'll be right back. it's 4:39.
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a sharks player in troubled waters after his estranged wife accused him of physical and sexual abuse. it's not the first time she's lodged serious allegations against him. maria medina with the announcement in light of the accusations. >> reporter: san jose sharks announced that the sharks forward would not be
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participating in training camp until further notice. this is the same day the nhl cleared him in a gambling investigation. >> it's a treacherous area for this san jose shark to be swimming. >> reporter: the san jose sharks forward is facing a new set of allegations that he physically abused and even raped his estranged wife while the couple was together. >> without a question, the most salacious and dangerous allegation, claims of forced sexual assault. that could involve. >> reporter: steven clark says it is now up to a judge to decide whether to grant anna kane's restraining order. this is after he applied for one of his own last month alleging his wife was also abusive. >> i think it is problematic but at the same time the claims have not been proven. >> reporter: the couple's divorce has made headlines
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after his wife claimed he gambled on his gains and intentionally threw them to make money. the nhl announced they found no evidence of that. >> it was unhealthy, toxic. both are challenged with some abuse. >> reporter: the founder of women rising above abuse, almost a domestic violence survivor, says if both are telling the truth it's not unusual for victims to wait to come forward. >> it takes courage to tell anyone that they're dealing with abuse. it takes courage to speak about it, period. >> reporter: kane's attorney released a statement calling allegations false, explosive, retaliatory to his restraining order against his wife. >> his attorney also accused anna kane of making up gambling allegations. steven clark says her credibility could be called into question in future court proceedings including her restraining order application.
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the central bank signals it will begin to wind down its purchases of government bonds. plus why a former secretary of defense was called to testify in the elizabeth holmes trial. elise preston reports from the new york stock exchange. stocks roared back wednesday after a choppy start to the week on wall street. dow was up 338 points at the close. nasdaq added 150 and s&p 500 gained 41. yesterday's rally coincided with conclusion of the federal reserve's two day september meeting. a statement from the fed indicated it could start raising interest rates early next year. chairman jerome powell said the central bank is aiming to end monthly bond purchase program by middle of 2022. former defense secretary james mattis took to the stand at the criminal trial of the
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former ceo elizabeth holmes. he told the jury he was invited to join blood testing start up's board after he invested nearly $85,000 in the company. he also testified he and other board members were stunned to learn that they used other companies' machines to conduct most of its tests. according to the "wall street journal" mattis said "there just came a point where i didn't know what to believe anymore." for more, head to i'm elise preston. this morning there is word that climate change and sea level rise could literally put bart under water. bart executives say stations in low lying areas including airports are vulnerable to rising groundwater. others like embarcadero could be inundated by rising seas. >> one of the predictions is we could see high tides a foot higher than now by mid century.
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that's 2050. >> with ridership and revenue down significantly due to the pandemic, bart could have a tough time coming up with cash to put a climate change plan in place. 4:45. let's get a check of your thursday morning forecast. it was cooler yesterday but today is a little warmer. good morning. we will warm right back up as we look to your thursday with the ridge of high pressure building in, offshore winds as well. we will see those temperatures soar this afternoon especially inland. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east, you see fog rolling in across the bay. our temperatures are in the 50s this morning. concord you are 57, oakland 56, livermore 59, 54 san francisco, 58 san jose and santa rosa at 52. we are dealing with areas of fog as we start our day. the current visibility is down to a half mile for santa rosa, petaluma, three miles for napa and seven at half moon bay.
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warmer temperatures today and tomorrow as we end our work week and then cooler looking ahead to our weekend and that cooling trend continues into next week. so we have this high pressure system building in and this low pressure system to our east. so that's bringing in and drawing in offshore winds for today and that's the reason why we are going to heat things up. we will see that sunshine as we go through today. futurecast wind gusts, you see especially inland those northerly winds. that is that dry offshore wind flow. along the coast, still seeing a bit of that marine influence with that onshore flow for us. we are looking at temperatures really soaring inland but milder along the coast and around the bay. our air quality forecast. with that offshore wind flow we are looking at a little bit haze back to the bay area but moderate air quality for our region. our sunrise is 6:58 and sun set
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at 7:04. checking daytime highs for peninsula, mid 80s for peninsula, upper 80s for south bay, santa clara, san jose. heating up to upper 90s for concord and pleasant hill, mid to upper 90s across the tri valley. around the bay, milder. 74 in san francisco, 78 in oakland later today, and daytime highs for north bay in mid to upper 80s to low 90s as we heat things up this afternoon. the seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see that drop in temperatures as we look to our weekend and also early next week. inland east bay as well as for the north bay, still hot tomorrow and then into the 80s and 70s as we look to our weekend and into next week, low 60s by the end of our weekend into next week along the coast. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. let's start with a look at one of our maps for the ride
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into the altamont pass. if you are up early you've got brake lights to deal with out of tracy, 205 onto 580. there are no accidents or incidents in the area so traffic is at the limit for the most part, 29 minutes from 205 towards 680. most of the brake lights once you are past north flynn dissipate so things look better towards the 680 connector. traffic elsewhere, a live look at the san mateo bridge, a great start on this thursday, no delays. 12 minute commute between 880 and 101. if you are taking 880, a live look near the colosseum and traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. north and south bound no delays through oakland along 880. south, traffic moving well through hayward to the fremont area. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off and traffic is quiet out of the east bay as you head into san francisco. things are moving nicely.
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most travel times are in the green so if you are up early on the roads, at least you don't have a ton of brake lights to deal with. 101 out of south bay through san jose, clear. highway 4 out of antioch, not seeing brake lights yet, 25 minutes from antioch towards 80 on west 4 and east shore freeway is quiet. if you are driving out of marin, give yourself 20 minutes south bound 101 novato to the golden gate bridge. good news for anyone looking to recharge in the great outdoors. >> yosemite has announced it's ending day use reservation system at the end of the month. reservations will not be required starting october 1. they were put in place last year to reduce crowds. masks will be required inside all buildings in the park. good morning. on sports, 49ers, a smudge of the apartment's, just hanging in. and the giants, one step closer
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to century mark for wins. they're already the first of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 wins. a live look outside before we head to break. you are looking at downtown san jose. the clock just hit 4:51. we'll see you right after this break.
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stand up to cancer and rally wants you to reduce your risk for cancer. go to welcome back on this thursday morning. we are going to heat things up as we head through our day today, looking at low to mid 80s for peninsula, upper 80s for the south bay from santa
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clara, san joselow 90s in morgan hill, mid to upper 90s for tri valley. around the bay, milder, 74 san francisco, 70 daly city, 78 oakland. we are looking at highs in the north bay in the low to mid 90s this afternoon. here is vern with sports. baseball up top, giants, pretty pitching, guts, clutch hitting, proved to be just enough of a stiff cocktail last night in san diego. i wonder what their wives think. giants loaded them up in the first and kris bryant cleared them all when he placed the ball into right center. the giants have control of the game. top of the seven, 5-1. posey got through, four for five for the night. giants led by 8-1 late and then they had to sweat out an 8-6
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lead, two out two on fly ball that looked like it might have left the ballpark when it jumped off the bat. giants won it, their 99th win, 8-6 final. magic number to clinch is nine. no win last night, pitcher broke a fourth inning tie. rockies put a ten spot on the board, won 10-5. giants lead over dodgers in the west is now two games with ten games left in regular season. a's bob melvin said the magic words and got tossed. visiting mariners held the a's down again. one run in his homecoming. oakland had four hits and while a's bats were silent, mariners found holes.
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a's lost again 4-1. that's three straight. they have fallen three and a half behind in the wild card playoff race with ten gaming remains. nfl and 49ers, game plan day was set in yesterday in santa clara. what wrinkles is aaron rodgers not seeing in his career? remember when packer quarterback requested trade, 49ers were one of the teams that called about the cal bear's availability. shanahan said yesterday it was brief. >> i thought it would be a quick no which it was what i thought it would be. it didn't seem worth the call but i know how we would have felt if it was going to happen and we hadn't called. so you call and move on. >> what was your initial offer going to be for aaron rodgers? >> [ laughter ] you. >> aaron rodgers is from chico, played at cal, thought he might
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be drafted by 49ers in 2005 but packers got him and you know the rest. that's enough. we'll see you later. 4:57 is the time. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> one of the bay area's largest school districts making it official, where students will have to show their vaccine card if they want to go to class on campus. >> teachers in the east bay say they don't feel safe. covid complaint just filed with state regulators. a live look outside this morning from our exclusive mark hopkins camera at the city of san francisco. we'll be right back.
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, biggest school district in the east bay out with a new man date for
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students. get vaccinated or stay home. the big question this morning, when does it take effect? we are live. a sinking ship that you need to abandon. >> a vote to remove a local school board president turns into a late night rant. the fiery meeting stretching into the morning. a bay area mayor teaming up with a police department. the new plan to crackdown on organized retail crime. why some neighbors in contra costa might want to keep an extra close eye on their pets this morning. good morning. it is thursday september 23. i am gianna franco. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we are warming up before we head into the weekend. >> that heat will not be sticking around long. >> we will cool it down. it's been up and down and all over the place with our temperatures. we will warm back up as we head into today. especially inland,


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