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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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santa clara county. the search for the so-called sling shot shooter. i am gianna franco. now let's go over to mary lee with the forecast. i'm going to deliver that to you guys just for year. we are looking at a beautiful weekend ahead. get ready for that and for today, looking at cool to conditions on the coast. you can see a little bit of fog rolling in on the salesforce tower camera as we look across the bay. the daytime highs around 85 in san jose. 92 in livermore. 83 for the napa valley. low to mid 70s this afternoon.
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low to mid 80e peninsula and along the coast with the onshore flow. the air quality advisory with good to moderate air quality. you could see some haziness and it does look better for the weekend. let's check in with gianna with the latest on the traffic alert. it is a busy friday. monitoring this alert issued about an hour ago. it is on the upper deck. the right lanes are blocked until further notice. this is because of a crash involving four cars and a bus. emergency crews on scene. look at this backup. they turn on the metering lights early. it is backed up well to the maze. over travel time at 42 minutes from the maze into san francisco, so if you are out early, try to use an alternate. and this morning, the cdc director overworld a recommendation by her own advisory panel. she decided to approve a booster shot for people ages 18
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to 64 who are front-line workers. kpix 5's justin andrews is live sorting through this. >> reporter: good morning. it is an unusual move by the director but this decision of allowing cdc policy with the endorsement. want to give you a timeline to lay out how we got to this point. the fda gave emergency use authorization to the pfizer booster shot two people 65 and up. those at high risk of disease and people with a higher risk because of the jobs. on thursday, the cdc vaccine advisers met to talk about how to implement the authorization and overwhelmingly recommended boosters for people 65 and up. certain people with underlying conditions as well. as for people at risk because of the jobs, after a long debate, they voted against it. now it is friday and hours ago, the cdc director sided with the fda on all points, including
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recommending boosters for people at risk of getting covered because of the jobs. a former fda commissioner says that the back and forth could have been prevented. >> perhaps we should have brought the two agencies together and reimagine a different kind of process with they worked together to come together with unified recommendations. going forward, we might think differently about how we deploy the vaccine in the setting of a public health emergency like this. >> clearly it has been a bumpy road to get to this point but today, millions of americans are eligible to get the third dose. thank you. looking live now at the state capitol this morning, could've covid vaccine be required for students 12 and older to attend in person classes? that is something that state leaders are starting to discuss. >> our health director said today that this is on the table
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and being debated. for the next few days, we will come out with recommendations. on wednesday night, three local school boards voted in favor of implementing vaccine mandates. the concern now is how the mandates will impact those that have chosen not to get the vaccine. it is unclear when the mandates would go into effect. starting this morning, weekly covid-19 testing is required for all unvaccinated first responders in sonoma county. enforcing the order will rely on each agency and the county public health department will help track testing the numbers. some agency started weekly testing before today's deadline. i am anne makovec. the world health organization made a recommendation for antibody treatments for people who have mild to moderate cases of covid-19. who just updated the guidelines this morning. it is based off of experimental trials encouraging two
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antibodies to be used in covid patients at higher risk for hospitalization. but not quite at that point yet. here in the u.s., the antibody treatment is recommended for use on patients with mild to moderate coronavirus cases to prevent a need for hospitalization. it is expensive so the world health organization, excuse me, is going to be working with the manufacturer to get the price down and make it accessible for people around the world. thank you. leo police investigating a deadly shooting that happened last night shortly before 11:00 on corcoran avenue. when they arrived at the scene, they found a man with a fatal gunshot wound. no word on a suspect description or a motive. this morning, the fawn fire is exploding in shasta county. this is north of reading.
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you can see the fire lining the highway there. the wind and smoke as well. tripled in size and now a palo alto woman is under arrest, accused of starting it. the flames sparked on wednesday, scorching 5500 acres. cal fire says low humidity and high temperatures and powerful winds helped the spot fires jump containment lines and get close to hundreds of structures. the crews remain on scene this morning. >> so, the wind are lining up this evening. we are not expecting any strong winds overnight, so, hopefully this should lead to more favorable conditions for our firefighters. take a look at this video showing what is left of this home and across the street, two more properties burned down. at this hour, the fires 5% contained. the governor says a grant
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has been secured to help provide any resources needed right now to fight the flames. it is 6:06. entoday, elizabeth holmes trial gets underway after a pause yesterday. the truck kicked off two weeks ago when prosecutors called the first star witness to the stand on wednesday. the former u.s. defense secretary, james mattis. the trial is expected to run until december. the time is 6:07. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming cbsn bay area -- >> it is getting worse. is getting more frequent. unusual manhunt underway this morning for a slingshot shooter in the south bay. and a warning for parents. a recall for a popular baby lounger linked to several deaths. it's the first regular season home game. the measures needed to protect and we're looking at a stronger onshore flow for cooler temperatures as we look ahead to the weekend.
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we will have the forecast where you live, coming up. now let's go live outside this friday morning. you can see the fog rolling in.
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it is 6:11. we are looking live to the south bay. manhunt underway for a suspect that investigators are calling the san jose highway slingshot shooter. they have been using a slingshot or high powered device to shoot metal ball bearings. they have targeted homes, businesses, and now even people. >> it is getting worse. it is getting more frequent. this could be escalating and we wanted this behavior to stop because the next event could be catastrophic. the santa clara county district attorney's office is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an
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arrest. a major recall. the government is telling parents to immediately stop using a popular baby lounger after it was linked to infants dying. the boppy company sold these pillows. a separate incident reported on safer products this year said that a two-month-old infant was found suffocated in the pillow. in the statement, boppy said we are devastated to learn of these tragedies. the pillow was not marketed as a sleep product. developing now, families could be compensated. the changes made to a law from the 19th century. the bill introduced this week in california, the owners of small vessels could be held legally responsible for maritime
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accidents and compensate families. for more than two years since a fire broke out killing 34 passengers and crew. the pain is still fresh for the family who lost their son and the tragic boat fire. this year to honor them, he carried his ashes with him as he hiked the last 500 miles of the pacific coast trail. >> every night when i set up camp, it would keep the ashes in the bottom of my pack and that i would pull them out and review what we did that day. >> we made it. you push me all the way. >> alongside the finish line, he scattered his son's ashes as they shared stories about charlie to fellow hikers. and here is a live look outside. we are cooling down as we kickoff the weekend. let's get over to mary lee with a check of the friday forecast. it will feel like fall as we look to the weekend ahead
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with the cooler temperatures. it is a nice weekend for us. here is a live look as we look east along the bay. temperatures in the in the 50s and 60s as we start off the day. let's check the visibility because we are dealing with dense fog along the coast and the bay. down to about a quarter mile at half moon bay. it has an ocean reason the mid to upper 60s with the onshore flow the low to mid 70s. mid-80s to mid-90s this afternoon. cool at the coast. we have an air quality advisory in effect for today. we are looking at a little bit of haze, but it is okay with the air quality. we looking at a great fall weekend ahead with the cooler temperatures. the offshore wind that brought the heat for s inland, we are now looking at the onshore flow kicking in for all of us.
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the future cast with the hour by hour wind gusts, we can see the ocean breeze kicking in as we head through the day today. the air quality forecast with the air quality advisory in effect looking at good to moderate air quality for today. it does look at her as we head through later on today and especially by the weekend. the near surface smoke forecast, you can see the westerly winds helping to push some of the haze out of your for later on today and as we look ahead saturday and sunday . there is the stronger ocean breeze. early next week, we're tracking the low pressure system which will track the cold front our way which could bring showers as we look to next tuesday. i'm watching parts of the northbay that could see the wet weather i next tuesday. sunrise at 6:59. the daytime highs look at mid 80s to low 90s inland. 85 in san jose. 93 and concord. 83 for the napa valley.
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we are looking at 67 for pacifica. in the 7-day forecast, there we are with the cooldown for the weekend. look at temperatures down to the upper 70s by next wednesday. showers as we look to next tuesday. low 60s by next week at the coast. let's check in with gianna for the latest on the friday forecast. we have the traffic alert. the two light rains are packed. there are four cars and a bus injury crash. it is taking a while to clear it out of lane. it leaves a few lanes open for them to squeeze out of there. look at the backup, this is the toll plaza. the metering lights returned on earlier than usual this morning
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because of the crash right around 5:18. your back to you well into the maze. it is 36 minutes now to go from the maze to 101. going into the upper deck, we have the brake lights westbound 80 as you work your way toward the maze. i do get word from the traffic center of a stalled vehicle which is adding to an already busy ride this morning. plan for that if you're commuting into san francisco today. here is a live look here at the dublin interchange. the headline to work its way toward 680. we are seeing a bulk of the brick lights there as we go into the altamont pass. the traffic is slow coming off of 205 to northglenn. we are looking at highway 4. checking with no problems there. on sunday, do you forget that
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the niners are taking on the packers. extra busy near levi's stadium. happening today and had san jose, you will be able to immerse yourself in some of the most famous paintings on the planet. a hugely popular beyond van gogh exhibit is opening. you've probably seen it on instagram from other cities like san francisco. more than 300 of the iconic works are featured, including starry night, some flowers, and cafc it looks cool. i am ready to try it out. the first of its kind restaurant opens here in the bay area. a broadway heads to the big spring. and coming up later, if you love scary movies, how would you like to live in a home that inspired one? the haunted house now up for sale. starting monday, join us for the brand-new kpix 5 news at 3:00 p.m. we think it is a great time to check in on what is happening around the bay area. we will follow that with the
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cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. now let's have a look
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it is 6:22. new this morning meds about the sights and sounds and something tcc. we are joined with liam and his fancy shirt on this friday. offer you. it is a jolly good friday a for you. it is a broadway hit making its way to the big screen. >> today is going to be an amazing day and here's why. the breath taking phenomenon dear evan hansen becomes a
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cinematic event as he reprises his role as an anxious isolated highschooler. fans may be slightly disappointed with the movie, because they omit a few critical songs but the cast is still there. the film is a fun romp but did not disappoint me. it is no playing in a area theaters. next, it is mexican heritage month and who better to celebrate than diego rivera. the fresco from 1940 depicting in colorful detail, shared across north america, calling for cultural solidarity.
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complete with support from local arches with scenes from the bay area. it is ace stunning feast put together by artisans and architects. you can see more online. and foodie friday. take a vacation to the philippines by way of a new restaurant. abaca, near fisherman's wharf. it is from chef francis ang, between the pinoy heritage. it is as tasty as anything your auntie ever made. friendly staff and a fun whimsy environment that transports you to another place. it is the order of the day. so i say, take your tummy on a pleasure cruise to abaca, you will not be disappointed. reservations are required be can settle up to the bar. the full list is at
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hope you made your mouth water. >> you did. >> take your tummy on a pleasure cruise. >> that is all you need. thank you. we appreciate it. the time is 6:25. on the next half hour and streaming on cbsn bay area, front-line workers on the list. the late nine decision to allow boosters. tripling in size in just one day. the bay area woman arrested and the fear for residents. the niners returning home for the first regular-season game with the faithful. with the need to know before heading to the stadium. here is a live look outside, we are at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is
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if you're waking up with us, here are the morning headlines. the cdc director reversed a move up by her own advisory panel. she endorsed additional doses of the pfizer vaccine for healthcare workers, teachers, and other at risk workers. shots could go in arms as soon as today. one man dead after a shooting in vallejo. we will have more about the
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shooting. elizabeth holmes will be back in court today. holmes is facing fraud and conspiracy charges. good morning. it is 6:30 on friday, september 24. i am gianna franco. >> and i am len kiese. people are planning out the day and the weekend. it is going to be a beautiful weekend ahead . cooler temperatures and a nice tall weekend for us. as we start off friday, the fog is rolling in as we look to san francisco. as we go throughout the day, it is about the bay area microclimate. mid to upper 60s. mild day for you the low to mid 70s. heating up inland into the mid- 80s to mid 90s later on today. we have an air quality advisory in effect for today. a little bit of haze and good to moderate air quality.
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we have stronger ocean breeze coming in with the cooler temperatures. more on that weekend forecast coming up. were getting up date from the chp. were mentioned to open a right lane. this was westbound 80 your treasure island. this is for more than an hour. this is a multivehicle crash. it is taking a long time. we're getting word of a crash which is westbound five any right before 80. right in the macarthur maze. we have the left lane blocked. a busy ride going in. brake lights beyond westbound 580 and onto 880. live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza. give yourself extra time looking at a 31 minute travel time from the maze over to 101. you will tack on a few extra
6:32 am
minutes of the coming of the east shore freeway. hours ago, the cdc director overruled her agency's own advice by over to the booster shot. it's been a bumpy road with a booster shot. justin andrews is live in walnut creek with more on the surprising move. >> reporter: it is a pretty unusual move from the director but her decision aligned cdc policy with the fda endorsement. want to give you a timeline to help you see where we got to this point. the pfizer booster shot for people 65 and up. those at high risk of severe disease and people with a higher risk because of the jobs. thursday, the cdc vaccine advisers meant to talk about how that implementation, how the fda authorization overwhelmingly recommended boosters for people 65 and up
6:33 am
voted on boosters for those in long-term care facilities and certain people with underlying conditions. as for people at risk as of their jobs, after a long debate, voted against it. now does friday and hours ago, the fpa, excuse me, the cdc director sided with the fda on all points including recommending boosters for all people at risk of eating covid due to their jobs. is there enough evidence at the third booster shot from pfizer is safe? >> most of the information we have from the third boosters from israel where the practice has been underway for a number of weeks and so far during that timeframe, it seems to be. >> reporter: even through the third dose, with the two shots you already have if you have them, you are still considered fully vaccinated. i am anne makovec at the live news desk , president
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biden won the vote in the state of arizona back in 2020. where we talking that now? cbs news got hold of a draft report from the arizona secretary of state about a big recount that the senate had asked for in this case, specifically in maricopa county . that is arizona's most populous county. that includes reviews of ballots and election agreement. that backs up the results were certified at that president joe biden won arizona and the recount showed that the victory expanded by a few hundred votes. the arizona sun is controlled by the gop and it is that body the asked for the recount. if not heard their reaction yet, but we will keep you posted. take a live look at the u.s. capitol. the panel to investigate the insurrection january 6 has subpoenaed former top trumpet officials. is for a former
6:35 am
white house chief of staff and steve bannon. their demand that they turn over critical documents by october 7 and then make themselves available for depositions the following week. on the fire watch, the fast- growing fawn fire has destroyed multiple homes in shasta county. burned about 4000 acres as of last night, the fire had scorched a total of 5500 acres and was 5% contained. a 30-year-old palo alto woman is accused of setting the fire. she was a cues yesterday in suspicion of arson. let's go look at the conditions this morning. we are joined from radcliffe road. what a view you're getting this morning. just for perspective, the
6:36 am
car fire of 2018 ravage the area. this is burning at about 12 miles north of where that fire was burning, see mentioned radcliffe road right here, i can tell you that the winds are calm. that was not the case yesterday. you can see right here it is burning alongside the road. yesterday, the winds were really picking up and if fueled the fire that grew from 1100 acres to 5500 acres just a few hours. 25 structures have been lost at this point. i saw a couple of ladies last night when i arrived, walking alongside the road. they went around the roadblocks and they said, where you going? lisa we have to see if our home is still standing. they walked up and i followed them and then the tears started to flow. the house was in rubbles. you can take a listen. >> i have seen my life gone. mementos of everything are gone.
6:37 am
my mother is gone. i don't have that. i don't have her ashes anymore. they were in the house. my brother is gone. his ashes were in the house. >> shasta college was evacuated yesterday. during the car fire of 2018, shasta college was in evacuation. really unfortunate to see some of the devastation up in this area and the 25 homes that were lost. just driving around radcliffe road right here and you can see that the fire continues to burn. but it is not super windy where you see it gets up into the trees. 30 to 50 feet high, it is suppressed to the ground at this point. >> and do that interview you had, that is heartbreaking to hear this morning.
6:38 am
thank you for bring us the up close look. thank you so much for that report. we appreciate the. the governor announced that california has secured a fire management grant from fema to ensure that enough resources will be available to stop the spread of the fawn fire. it is the 49ers first home game. for the faithful attending the game, there are some things to know. vaccinations and testing are not required to attend the game, but it is encouraged. masks are not required for fully vaccinated fans outdoors but everyone must wear a face covering indoors. they go head-to-head on sunday, kickoff is at 5:20. what will the weather look like for the game? here is a peek at the forecast. it's great for the football forecast, the 49ers are taking on the packers. the kickoff is at 5:20, looking at med talks mid-20s. we are looking for a big win
6:39 am
with the niners. their undefeated. we are crossing our feet nurse. upn kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , inspiring young minds. how the golden state warriors are inspiring future stars in stem. let's get a big check on the big board. the dow is down 20 points. and elise preston breaks down the numbers, right after the break. good morning, head on cbs morning, breaking overnight, the cdc opens the way for millions of americans to get booster shots. who is eligible and can high risk people mix-and-match shots? and reese witherspoon talks about the new series of her hit series, the morning show. we will see you
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it is 6:42. let's get a check on the friday stocks. and if the government's shuts down, what more. trading has been underway
6:43 am
for 10 minutes. it is mix. we have a live look at the board. the dow is up 25 points. nasdaq is down 66 points. the s&p 500 is down one reviewing contingency plans for those who could happen on october 1st. this comes as congress is working on a spending bill. the democrat controlled house could suspend the debt limit through next year. republicans in the senate are expected to block the measure. an earth quake shakes overnight. take a look at the map. this is a not let up in blue. there ma
6:44 am
orustrie >then ste rr vited stem students. >> i am a big stem education advocate. when they contacted me about the event i was excited to share it with you. the warriors invited about 60 high school students from oakland and east palo alto. they tina for basque multicoated. they see how the warriors use technology to improve their game. these opportunities on and off the basketball court. >> follow your dreams but think about your options, because it is always good to have options in life.
6:45 am
you do not want to be bound to one thing, so, whenever i am done play, i want to be a coach i think about being a video guy, i don't know. there are options to stay around your love. >> the surprise reaction that students have when they realize they could work in sports and work in an organization like the golden state warriors while tying in technological knowledge and as i mentioned, one of the programs that got a lots of positive reaction is the sports code-athon. we looked at the player footage like we do all the time here at the warriors, but using technology to analyze what things, what the players were doing correctly or incorrectly and how you could use analytics to help improve player behavior . >> you just heard them talking about the sport coat-athon. the
6:46 am
project took part in basketball decoded. of hearing the organizations working to empower and support our young people. something else that i am excited about is the segment called bay area stem stars. we are highlighting and featuring amazing students who have a passion for stem and school programs and teams with stem education. we have the kings academy and sunnyvale, they have two robotics teams. we have 15 students in each robotics team in this program. we have one incredible awards with the robotics technology it is cool to feature them.
6:47 am
we would love to see your school's stem program and if you have a student who loves stem, i would love to see it and feature it. tag me in social media and also email me. let's get to some science and some weather. here is what you can expect as we look at the salesforce tower camera with the fog on the transamerica pyramid. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. now let's show you the current visibility down to about zero point 25 miles along the coast at half moon bay. we are dealing with fog along the coast and around the bay and a little bit of the mist as well. into upper 60s along the coast. low to mid 70s around the bay. heating up inland into the mid- 80s to mid-90s this afternoon. mild around the bay and heating up inland. an air quality advisory in effect for today. a little bit of haze out there. we have a nice fall weekend
6:48 am
ahead with cooler temperatures. the offshore wind that brought it in turning into onshore flow as we look later on today into the weekend. in the future cast, you can see with the wind gusts's, you can see the onshore flow picking up as we head through the day today. it is turning breeze along the coast and around the bay this afternoon. good to moderate air quality. we have an air quality advisory in effect today. gets better as we look ahead to later on today into the weekend. you can see the westerly winds pushing some of the haze out of their later on today and especially by the weekend with the cooler temperatures as well. tracking the low pressure system for early next week and the low will drop a cool front that will bring a few showers as we look into parts of the north bay by next tuesday. hour by hour with the temperatures, heating up inland. mild around the bay then as we
6:49 am
look to tomorrow, cooler temperatures expected saturday, especially on sunday. the 7-day forecast, we are looking at temperatures cooling down for the weekend and into next week. inland east bay, into the upper 70s by tuesday. the north bay with a chance of showers by next tuesday and at low 60s at the coast. we are going to see the cooldown as we head through the weekend and especially into early next week. the weather model is different on next tuesday. hopefully we could get a little bit a precipitation there as we get to next tuesday with a cold front and warming backup wednesday and thursday. let's check in with gianna with the latest under friday morning, and the traffic alert still in effect. we have a lot of brake lights. it is a tough ride into san francisco for taking the bay bridge. a traffic alert was issued at 5:00 this morning. the right lane shut down until further notice, leaving at least the left lane's open. a big backup in the area. you can see the red there on
6:50 am
the sensors. the speed stepping down to 9 miles per hour or 6 miles per hour in some spots. it is a slow ride coming out of the maze. as you go into the east shore freeway, you can see a crash in the backup at the connector. the left lane is blocked and it is making it extra slow work its way into san francisco. the bay bridge toll plaza, you could see traffic crawling along. it is bumper-to-bumper into the city. the travel time is 32 minutes from the maze over to 101. it is staying busier than usual. likely as the people use that as an alternate to the delays in the bay bridge, 18 minutes on the san mateo bridge to go between 880 and 101. the rest of the travel time's, if you're coming off of 80, about a 46 minute commute. highway 4 starting to get busy as well. 42 minutes westbound from antioch towards 80.
6:51 am
you have the break lots into the altamont pass. the packers are taking on the niners coming up this weekend. you can always use public transit getting into the game. it is 6:51. coming up next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , we continue to track the fawn fire. we will take you to the scene of the fire exploding overnight. and the cdc director overwriting her own panel. we will break down exactly who can get the third dose. looking for a new home? how about a haunted one? we will have more on a spooky spot that just hit the market. and accusations that the california medical board is not doing its job. and news from the 49ers.
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good friday morning. i am justin andrews. the cdc director went against her own agency's advice. the white house who could be potentially rolling a plan for the booster shots soon. they have the green light for millions of americans. include people 65 and older, adults with underlying medical conditions, and people at high risk jobs. even with the third booster shot, you are still considered fully vaccinated with your first two doses. that is according to the cdc. the most common side effects from the third dose is essentially the same side effects you had possibly from the first two doses. we live in walnut creek this morning. i am anne makovec . the house is expected to take a vote
6:56 am
on a bill that would be a response to the texas abortion law. we are taking a live look at capitol hill where they're set to vote later on this morning. the texas law bans abortions after six weeks and allows anyone to file a lawsuit against anyone who helps anyone get an abortion. she had to say. >> let's go in there and win this vote. the debate has already begun. we should have a vote in an hour and that should be a very positive message to the women of our country. to everyone who values freedom and honors our constitution and respects women. this bill is expected to pass pretty easily in the house, which is controlled by
6:57 am
democrats, but it could face some roadblocks in the senate. we will keep an eye on it. it is 6:56. it is time for the top stories. the fawn fire exploding in shasta county. the fire tripling in size. and a palo alto woman under arrest accused of starting a. 30-year-old alexandra souverneva. 5500 acres have been scorched so far. investigators are searching for a motive after a gunman opened fire at a kroger super market. they say could have been a disgruntled employee. one man dead after an overnight shooting in vallejo. it happened in a home on coker and avenue. we have to have more information. we will be back in the south bay. prosecutors called the first star witness to the stand on wednesday.
6:58 am
holmes is facing fraud and conspiracy charges. here is a beautiful view with the santa clara valley. we are kicking off friday. here's another lovely view with the salesforce tower camera. you could see flog rolling in. here is the bay area microclimates at a here. mid to upper 60s with the ocean breeze. the peninsula in the low to mid 80s. mid 80s mid-90s this afternoon. evan air quality advisory in effect for today with a little bit of haziness out there. good to moderate air quality for today and as we head through the rest of the day into the rest of the day, we will have cooler temperatures and for the first weekend of fall. let's check in with gianna for the latest on the traffic alerts. that traffic alert is in effect in the upper deck of the
6:59 am
bay bridge. the right lane is blocked. that is how the traffic is squeezing along. it is a big mess. we have a crash in the backup. this is near the 80 connector. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic on all approaches. the brake lights are here. use an alternate. we have little carrot the san mateo bridge. 90 minutes between 880 over to 101. and we are a little more than a month away from halloween, so to speak things up, the rhode island housemaid favorite famous in the conjuring movies is up for sale. >> it was built in 1736. they embellished the hauntings the people said happened in the home. a paranormal enthusiast and his wife bought the house for $440,000. they are now listing it for about three times as much, will $.2 million.
7:00 am
i am not really sure if they have done anything to the home. >> it needs some work. >> just a little bit. >> and on top of that, haunted thing. >> i like the movies, they are scary. >> i do not want to live there. ♪ welcome to "cbs morning zone" this friday. hello to our viewers on the rice. i'm gayle king. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. numerous employees that were working, we found people hiding in freezers and in locked offices. >> more than a dozen people are shot by a gunman at a tennessee supermarket. we're on the scene tracking the investigation. >> one of my coworkers got shot in the head and a customer got shot in the stomach.
7:01 am
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