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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 25, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PDT

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trying to keep it as simple as possible. it is still challenging. now at 11:00. the first weekend for contra costa county vaccine mandate. how businesses are adjusting and why some are not following the rules. got a nice cool down for the weekend. it is next week when we start coloring parts of california again with some rain. we will look at where it will fall and how much, coming up. coming up, covid-19 cases are dramatically declining in california but why health experts say another surge could be coming. and, the new exhibit showcasing technology in a way you likely never seen. how it is opening the world of
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art to a new audience. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsnbay area. good evening. we begin this evening with the first weekend since a strict vaccine mandate took effect in contra costa county. mixed reaction from businesses and customers tonight. those dining indoors are having to show vaccination. not everyone is following the new rules. we go live to concord to find out more, andrea? >> reporter: liz many businesses fear this mandate concern asking customers to provide proof of vaccine or a negative covid-19 test would drive down businesses but here at lema restaurant it says enough is enough and it is not going to comply with the health order. >> reporter: it was not a typical friday night. the indoor dining room has not been this empty since the pandemic began. >> it is friday between 7:00 and 7:30
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normally we are packed. people are coming out less. >> reporter: john marquez, the chef made a choice. >> we accept everybody. >> reporter: all of his staff has been vaccinated and following protocols but checking on vaccines. >> it is a business choice. we need to stay alive. >> reporter: across the way, the director of operators has not seen the mandate impact his busines yet. customers are getting card to see if they are legal age to drink. >> we are treating it that way. any time someone sits down, id and proof of vaccine. one more layer. trying to keep it as simple as possible. it is still challenging. >> reporter: and diners out and about on a friday night are just as divided about having their vaccine status checked. >> i don't agree with that. like people saying they don't trust us if we are vaccinated. >> i feel a lot safer. i am totally okay with it and i
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really welcome it. >> what are the penalties for not complying? >> reporter: well, liz the county says that their goal is to educate not punish but it will investigate every complaint of businesses not following the health order. >> all right, thank you. on the fire watch, bay area crews are headed north to shasta county fire. a woman is accused of starting. they used helicopter, drawing water from a drought-completed shasta lake. it has destroyed 25 structures including homes. over 9,000 structures remain threatened. the fire has grown to over 6,000 acres and 10% contained. taking a live look at the bay bridge. a lot of fog moving into the bay area tonight. we are also expecting to see more wildfire smoke. our meteorologist is tracking the air
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quality for our weekend. >> as it stands now there is one more day with an air quality advisory. sunday can be better. next week will definitely be better. we still have an issue. when you look at the big picture view you don't see a lot of smoke created in northern california at this point. even though we got that fire up north of redding. not a whole lot of smoke coming from that. if you look to the south, you can not miss it. look at the huge stream of brown going all of the way out to the pacific. it does not look like it is coming our way but it is. when we look at the atmosphere, i will show you that in the complete forecast, all of the smoke gets wrapped back around our way. not terrible but staying in the moderate category. this is tomorrow, one more day of an air quality advisory. good news next week. a cool down, i will show you where it will rain. >> can't wait to hear that, thank you. tonight, pg&e is responding to new criminal charges stemming from another shasta county fire. the fire killed four people and
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destroyed hundreds of homes near redding last september. manslaughter is among the 31 charges prosecutors announced for the utilities quote aging equipment and for not removing a tree that sparked the fire. in a statement pg&e's ceo went on to say it is a tragedy, four people died, but as for her team's efforts to reduce fire danger she added criminalizing their judgment is not right. failing to prevent this fire is not a crime. turning now to the latest on the pandemic. tonight, the head of the cdc overruled her panel of scientific advisories and gave frontline workers access to the pfizer booster shot. one of the advisories is dr. grace lee. dr. lee said the experts were split on if boosters can benefit this group. giving health care workers, teachers and frontline staff an option to
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get a booster. >> we recognize those ├║individu and those individual risks are very different not only based on age and gender but also your personal circumstances. how important is it for you not to miss work. we are running into workforce capacity in the health care system. i would say the same for teachers, we need to keep teachers healthy and make sure they are able to come in the classroom to teach the student ons. >> the panel agreed that the way to make the largest impact on the pandemic and stop transmission is to vaccinate the unvaccinated. with the most recent peak in covid-19 cases behind us, health experts warn we should not get too comfortable. they worry another surge could be up ahead. kpix5 is in san jose with what could cause the next spike. >> reporter: just as quickly as the delta variant swept our country causing surges, covid-19 cases are now dropping dramatically. we saw the same pattern in the
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u.k. and india. but now health experts are warning a new wave could come this winter. >> it is mysterious. >> reporter: for nearly two years covid-19 proven to behave. >> the virus it is difficult to wrap our heads around. >> it drove up cases once again. now, many areas are seeing a sharp decline. in california the positivity rate was 7.2% august 1st. as of this past monday it now stands at 2.9%. here in santa clara county the 7 day rolling average peaked at 364 new cases on september 2nd. >> are you surprised by that sharp decline? >> not for here in the bay area. >> reporter: berkeley professor believes that our high vaccination rate, those with natural immunity after infection and many
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following health mandates could all play a role in the dramatic decrease. however. >> i do think the winter will be a problem for us. >> now when winter comes and people go back indoors. >> reporter: now they believe they will see yet another spike in cases. >> the weather will get colder, people will be inside more, and then we ha hoys. >>t i think much of the bay area we may have enough immunity and enough adherence for those that we have undertaken to keep things to slow things down so you don't see a big spike. >> it just feels like it is never going to end. >> it is going to end. >> reporter: health experts predict the pandemic will improve by next spring as more people get vaccinated, have natural immunity and people are inclined to gather outdoors as the weather warms up. in san jose, back to you. still ahead tonight. a one of a kind san
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francisco exhibit is bringing art to life through artificial intelligence, we bring you inside renaissance 2.0. the warriors, less than two weeks away from the preseason, why one starting player may not be allowed inside chase center. statue targeted now set to be replaced who the governor wants honored there instead. and kpix5 is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new 3:00 p.m. newscast. join us every weekday starting monday after the drew barrymore show. the 3:00 p.m. news
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a new art exhibit in san francisco is paying tribute to technology in a way you probably never seen. betty yu shows us how renaissance 2.0 is painting the future of art. the secret life of machines can be uncovered at renaissance, 2.0. now open in san francisco's mission district. and there is more than meets
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the eye once you hold up your cellphone to the canvas. >> paintings are quiet and still. they do not move but machines are all about movement and make sounds. i felt, okay, i will give reality the way to bring life out of them. >> reporter: the bay area artist, who is originally from poland, is widely known as the first classically trained artist to use this kind of technology to enhance portraits. she connected instantly with spot the robot as a resident of boston dynamics. she studied her every move and taught her how to paint. one of the paintings done by the famed spot from boston dynamics is headed for auction in new york city. >> my dream is to have a day when people are not scared of technology. you know, we use it for betterment of humanity. >> reporter: she also hopes
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to introduce the younger silicone valley crowd to the typically older art world. >> i thought it was really interesting and the applications for the technology and art going forward are probably unlimited. >> just in the same way the renaissance happened the changes will make the world a different place. there is no going back. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> half of the renaissance 2.0 collection has already sold. you can see all of the pieces through the end of october at modernism west. well, the warriors first preseason game season is less than 2 weeks away. the second leading scorer from last year can not even enter the building. wiggins has yet to receive his covid-19 vaccine. until he does he is not able to play. they are not requiring players to get vaccinated but said that those that play on teams in san francisco and in new york
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will be subject to local mandates. today, the san francisco department of public health will not accept a religious exception and players are subject to the same rules as fans. in a statement they said quote under the current order if unvaccinated they can not enter indoor areas regardless of the reason they are unvaccinated and can not test out of this requirement, even if they have a medical or religious exception. a protest in san francisco this evening criticized how the biden administration is handling the haitian crisis at the border. community activists gathered in front of the building. the deportation of more than 2,000 haitians is cruel and racist. many are calling for more humane treatment of refugees. the encampment in del rio is gone, thousands of refugees have
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packed into a tent city under a bridge. many are being deported or seeking asylum here in the u.s. >> people are running away from a really dire situation in haiti. there has been a earthquake, there has been countless disasters and not to mention that the country itself has been really an object of exploitation from other powers in the world. >> the haiti action committee that sponsored the protest is urging people to contact congressional leaders to demand justice for the haitian people. it has been more than a year since protesters toppled a statue of a missionary at the state capitol. we have more on the new memorial set to be installed at the site and who it will honor instead. outrage over racial injustice swept the country. the statue of spanish missionary was roughly one year later, on
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goornew in honor of local tribes. >> enslaved many of our people. there are documents that people were shackled and chained during that era if they were not compliant. >> reporter: an assemblyman and member of a local tribe sponsored it. he says the native american voice was prominent when the statues were going up in the '60s and now local tribes will be part of the dialogue. >> now, people from the sacramento area that will be giving options to the legislature on what should replace it. >> reporter: the legacy is controversial, historians say many of the native americans working at his missions were beaten and abused however the diocese of
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sacramento describe the toppling of the statue as vandalism. we talked to some people at the capitol who were familiar with the former statue and said they were glad to see it go. >> i hope they will have some kind of ceremony where they will invite some of the local, you know, tribes to come and join in. new video of what many are calling the miracle house. drone footage shows a single home being spared from the volcanic lava flowing through la palma. rivers of lava destroyed nearly everything in their path including 200 homes since first erupting last weekend. darren peck has good news on our horizon. >> first up, cooler tomorrow, liz than today. we started a little cool down. tomorrow, we pretty much get everybody back to average. i will show you what it looks like. and then we just sit there for the next seven-days.
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you might like the way the seven-day looks. there is a little bit of smoke and a small chance of rain to talk about. current numbers, first, 63 in concord, 62 for san jose. mornin bringg us bae mile and u line with what we did today. day time highs, middle 80s here for the inland valleys of the east bay. you were middle 90s yesterday and you have been middle 90s for awhile. it will be nice to get a cool down there. 79 in san jose. 77 in santa rosa. there is the smoke. the plume coming primarily from the windy fire. down, that is the big one down and south. that is getting the headlines because it is so close to the national park. south of that, the windy fire also burning in the sierra and that is the one that really took a run. thankfully most of those are getting pushed downhill and southwest. the smoke we want to see and that is all getting redirected our way over the next few days. thankfully high in the atmosphere by the time it gets here, there is enough of it we get into the moderate category.
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we did it today and will do it tomorrow. early next week things are differen lo stamp here. ndmiight. as soon go overto the weekend to the workweek it will start raining in far northern california. monday then into early tuesday morning. not rain enough to get down here. the closest, 1/100th of an inch of rain. so, good news for the fires burning here. it reorganizes the atmosphere in a big way. it will start pushing the smoke out of here. we will get clearer air. humidity levels going up and it will keep us cool. look at the seven-day forecast. especially for the tuesday time frame. day time highs go down to the lower 70s for san jose. as we take a look at the inland valleys of the east bay, the top line, middle 80s all of the way through. tuesday, going down to 79 for the day time high. that will be nice. and the northbound valley, the middle line, santa rosa, napa, that
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would be you guys, raina close ey nyone gets light >> speaking of the 70s, barry bonds had 70 homers himself and now the installment of the giants with no one over age 27 will break the team's record. more long balls tonight in a feat the giants accomplished for the
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100 wins, a team that was suppose to the win 75 just hit triple digits for the 4th time since the giants moved from new york. the most wins in franchise history is a possibility and if they were to set that record it would just about guarantee them the national league west title. here is how it went down at coors field. cotton candy, worth every cavity. clear for take off. >> 27th home run of the year.
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next inning, mike, he is going to blow the game wide open with a three run homer. the century mark in wins since 2003. >> accomplishing something i never gotten to on a giant's team. so, it is very cool. i mean, obviously i think going into this season nobody expected that. i think with how we played all year it is really not that surprising. dave roberts and the dodgers in arizona looking to stay one back of the giants. top of the 2nd, aj connects for a 2-run homer. l.a. gets win number 99. 4-2 the final. dodgers remain 1 game back of san francisco. the a's hosting rival astros trying to keep their slim playoffs alive.
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bottom of the 7th. a 2-run double. he was 4-5 with 4 rbis in the game. later in the inning, get out thst and the rye bread grandma. a's combined to score a run in the 7 and 8 innings they win it 14-2. remaining 4 back in the al wild card race. bradley, 2-time selection to the nba's all defensive team playing for houston in miami last year. won a title with the lakers in the 2020 nba bubble. >> bradley's new teammate, steph curry. watch that, he is going down the hill, does not need to put on the life jacket. lands it perfectly on the greens, they lost their match, the u.s.
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leads 6-2 after day 1. they need 14.5 to win. congrats to the san jose giants. they are low champions. the sweep, the present and future looking good right now for san francisco, back to you. >> love that heading into the weekend. thank you, charlie. a woman losing her eyesight
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a dream come true tonight for a woman on the verge of losing her eyesight. she had a chance to fly like a bird alongside a flock of geese over the french alps. a pilot took her up in his microlight this week. by the way the geese stuck around because they are trained to follow the aircraft through the sky. when the woman landed she said
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it was magical to see in formation. look at that. we'll be right back.
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late show with stephen colbert is up next. have a fantastic weekend.
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