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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 27, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, love from our exclusive sales force tower camera over a foggy san francisco. good morning. it is monday september 27. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. let's get a first check on weather and traffic. i had my windshield wipers going my whole drive in. >> i am tracking that drizzle this morning for that wet start to our day. you see those drops on our live cam this morning. as we head through the day we are looking at cooler temperatures, below average. low 60s along the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay. we are talking into 70s inland this afternoon. tracking a weak cold front, we'll be on the tail end. that could bring a few showers. at noon you see showers across
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lake and mendocino and here we go as we head through the day. we'll talk more about what you can, coming up. let's start with a look at the altamont pass. 31 minutes for 205. debris in the road way, a stalled vehicle in the same area. things might be a little slower than usual past that north flynn area. it looks like that on the map anyway. connecting to 680, things are moving pretty good, not seeing major brake lights approaching 680 interchange. metering lights are off and it's an easy ride out of the east bay into the city. downtown san francisco, a rare display of unity between d.a. and san francisco's police chief. a spike in homicides is prompting a plea to end the
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violence. kenny choi attended a vigil to remember some of the lives lost. >> reporter: this brought together leaders including district attorney, police chief, even convicted felons pleading to end the up tick in violent up ticks in the bay area. >> ♪ this little light of mine. >> the scream i heard on the phone from my 6-year-old grandson is a scream i hear in my ear every day. >> they can't call him and ask questions about life. all they have is a grave to go to. >> reporter: the number of homicides in 2021 is on pace to surpass last year's total. tonight both leaders are shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. >> it is something that we
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agree on. we will do whatever we can. together in our department. >> we are trying to work together to make things better. that's what we are committed to doing. >> reporter: law enforcement community leaders and others say pandemic induced stress may be a contributing factor in the homicide up tick but there is no concrete answer as to why. this gang member served decades for attempted murder and took a break from work to deliver his message tonight. >> it's not worth it. i am trying to show these kids, trying to show these parents i am here. if you need my help, i will help. this is how i will show i am sorry for everything i got away with. >> reporter: last month the san francisco district attorney's office announced lawsuits against three ghost gun manufacturers to keep deadly weapons off city streets. oakland's police chief called the up tick in homicides a
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crisis. >> this is the third year san francisco has lit up the dome in honor of murder victims. reignatenational day of remembrance in 2007. oakland grappling with a violence crisis, recorded 102 homicides in less than nine months. it matched the total for all of last year. two brothers were shot and killed in front of their home sunday morning at the intersection of high street and pampus avenue. >> we have to help each other. we can't say oh that's the flat land. it's not my problem. it is our problem. we have to help each other through it. >> on the other side of town community members held a vigil to remember lives lost and to call for unity. niners fans packed levi for first regular season home game
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in nearly two years. the stadium was at full capacity. betty yu spoke to the fans. >> reporter: the night was filled with the kind of highs fans haven't felt in nearly two years. >> last time in the stadium was when we played green bay in the playoffs. it felt good, the atmosphere. everybody is out here. >> niners game, baby! >> reporter: faithful came decked out their finest gold and red outfits to the first regular season home opener. >> it's great to be back. i love coming here. i am a season ticket holder. >> reporter: the crowd went wild when the niners took the lead but ultimately the packers won 30-28. >> if they win, it's a plus. >> we are 49er faithful. >> we are faithful. just look at this, all the fans for opening day. >> reporter: 49ers encouraged all guests and staff to be
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vaccinated but it was not required for entry. fans did not need to show negative covid tests. masks were required indoors and there were no capacity restrictions. >> it's always a good experience to come to levi. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix5. >> vern will have the full recap of the game in morning sports. today was the deadline set by house democrats to pass bipartisan infrastructure bill. its future is still up in the air. a government shutdown could be looming. laura podesta has more on the push to salvage president biden's agenda. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi announced a vote will be held thursday on the $1 trillion bipartisan crafted infrastructure bill. debate on legislation begins today. speaker pelosi seems confident the measure will pass. >> never bring a bill to the
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floor that doesn't have the votes. >> reporter: it was supposed to be voted on today but was postponed as some are still holding out. want to link the vote to a more expensive 3.5 spending package related to climate change and healthcare. >> the concern, this process is being rushed which is not allowing for the debate and discussion this deserves. >> reporter: nevertheless they feel they need toar failure is not an option. >> reporter: it's a delicate negotiation, one the white house is following. >> i am optimistic. it's going to take the better part of the week. >> reporter: further complicating matters, a fight over raising debt ceiling looms around the corner. if lawmakers don't vote to increase the debt limit by
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friday, united states will defat finaial obligations and risk sending global markets into turmoil. looking live out of the state capitol, we are days from the state eviction moratorium expiring at the end of the month. housing advocates worry about what happens next on renters. they held a rally, turn out was modest but message was clear. now is not the time to end the moratorium. they say the pandemic isn't over, economy has not fully recovered and eviction protections are still needed. >> people are still suffering from the pandemic, from the money they lost. >> in the midst of a pandemic it is criminal to evict people from their homes. >> it was extended multiple times but there is little indication another extension is coming. to avoid being evicted renters must pay portion of back rent
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or can apply for rent relief through state or local programs. coming up. >> tony awards like never before. broadway shows that won big after the longest closing in its history. >> why a's fans are saying good- bye to the colosseum and choosing to watch from home next year.
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time for this morning's money watch report. a big week in congress with important debates on infrastructure and more. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. as we enter the final week of what's been an extremely volatile september, investors will be looking to capitol hill at an infrastructure bill and september 30 deadline that could force partial government shutdown. stocks ended last week mixed on wall street. dow gained 33. nasdaq slipped four. s&p 500 rose six. in washington, nancy pelosi set a vote for thursday on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. debate begins today on the legislation which would help fund projects like roads,
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bridges, airports. as for the larger $3.5 trillion social welfare and climate bill being pushed and squabled over by democrats, speaker pelosi says it is self evident that measure will shrink in size. meantime, senate is scheduled to hold a procedural vote today on legislation that's already passed the house to fund the government through december 3. don't call this solar powered vehicle a camper. developers insist it is a self sustaining house on wheels. created by dutch students, it's getting ready to begin a road trip from paris to southern spain, designed to showcase sustainable travel. it has a bed and full cooking facilities inside. students say on a bright sunny day the vehicle can travel about 450 miles. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i am diane king hall. the 74th tony awards
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returns sunday night more than 15 months after they were originally scheduled. >> the highlights from new york. >> reporter: the big winner, show with ten tony awards, winning best musical on broadway's biggest night. it was moulon rouge, the musical's biggest night at a tony awards. beating actress in a musical winner adrienne warren for the legend she plays as tina turner. >> the more the art will be transformative, more the art will change lives, more the art will change this world because the world has been screaming for us to change. >> reporter: it boasts leading actor and featured actor in a
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musical. >> we are so privileged to get to do this, to be on broadway. let us continue to strive to tell stories that represent the many and not the few. >> reporter: his 7th tony nomination resulted in win. he spoke of a tremendously tough year for him personally. >> i want to thank all of you. whether you know it or not, my wife passed in december of als. and you all showed up. >> reporter: it was first nomination, and she won for best featured actress in a musical. best play revival, winner is a soldier's play. david allen greer won tony for best featured actor in a play. those previously announced included david burn. a concert welcoming broadway
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back. that and the awards part of the evening featured some of broadway's legendary performers. >> very cool. 4:45. let's get a check of your forecast with mary lee. it was a little damp this morning. tracking that drizzle along the coast and around the bay, a wet start to our day in spots. as we head through the afternoon, tracking a weather system that could bring a few showers for us. a live look with our mark hopkins hotel cam looking at san francisco, you see the drops on our live cam as we are looking at temperatures on the mild side from concord, oakland, low 60s, mid 50s in livermore, san francisco, san jose, upper 50s though a bit chillier in santa rosa down to 47. checking current visibility, it is a foggy start along the coast down to a quarter mile at half moon bay. you will notice that humidity as you step outside. you can feel that as e looking at high relative
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humidity this morning. here is what you can expect, a few showers today. we will be on the tail end of a cold front that sweeps across the bay area. the best chance to see this wet weather through the afternoon for the coast and north bay, and i will show futurecast in a moment. cooler temperatures for us as we go through today with the stronger ocean breeze and that cold front. we are looking at air quality advisory. you might see a little bit haze aloft but good air quality at the surface with the ocean breeze. let's check about our rain chances. again the best chance for seeing this wet weather through our afternoon will be the north bay. you see the rain chances today in santa rosa. san francisco, we have at least a good chance of seeing wet weather as we head through the afternoon. inland east bay, concord, south bay, san jose, not so much. this is really a weak weather system that we are tracking. there is the upper level low dragging a trailing cold front our way. we will be on the tail end of the front and that's the reason
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why we are not expecting widespread rain by any means but still wet weather is possible. here we are at noon, you see showers across lake and mendocino and about to approach the rest of the north bay as we head through the afternoon, stopping the clock at 5:00, scattered showers for the north bay and even along the coast and the san francisco area. as we stop the clock at 8:00 p.m., a few isolated lingering showers through tonight and then we are going to see sunshine as we look to your tuesday. rainfall amounts, not expecting a lot, just a few hundredths of an inch today. we are going to see at least that sea breeze kick in for us. let's show our sunrise, sun set and temperatures on the cool side. here we go with what you can expect with that seven-day forecast. we are looking at again some wet weather, a few showers for around the bay. there we go as we look to tomorrow. we are going to start to warm things, more sunshine through the rest of the week and
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warming up as well. you have a better chance of showers for the north bay and the coast. let's look at the roadways. if you are ready to take altamont pass we had debris and a broken down vehicle in lanes on west 580. that's cleared. everything is moving a little bit better towards the livermore valley area. east of there, we are starting to track brake lights. it's getting busy out of tracy getting on 580 and stays until at least about north flynn. 35 minutes from 205 towards 680. once you pass the brake lights, this is what's in store for you. extra volume west bound. head lights are working in the commute direction towards 680. overall traffic is better through the livermore valley towards the dublin interchange. bay bridge toll plaza, no brake lights or issues. traffic is quiet out of east bay into san francisco under a ten minute ride from the maze into the city. most bay area bridges are pretty quiet, live look at the
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san mateo bridge, traffic is moving nicely in both directions. we might be seeing light rain, a few showers. slick surfaces are a possibility. golden gate bridge is clear, no delays out of marin heading into san francisco. 20 minutes from highway 37 into san francisco. 4:50. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> niners taking on packers for first home game of the regular season. next, the game winning moment for green bay. let's take a live look outside before break. you are looking at
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it is 4:52. hopefully you had a d,t enrscif like it. a weak cold front will bring a few showers our way as we head through the afternoon. you see showers across lake and mendocino. as we head through at 4:00 p.m., scattered showers for the north bay. here we are at 7:00 p.m. with some spotty showers. here is vern with sports. good morning everybody. you saw it. i saw it. now we get to talk about it for the balance of the week until seattle comes in here next sunday. 49ers and packers, we have circled this one. boy, did it live up to the billing all the way down to the finish. a very slim joe staley getting the crowd fired up, full for first time since january 2020. reports of aaron rodgers
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demise, premature. touchdown, 10-nothing packers. 17-0. lake second, signed a week and a half ago, found a big hole and he goes 68 yards where he is bumped out by the kicker. 49ers had a hard time punching it in. shanahan through, lance, there he goes. first career touchdown. garoppolo back out, eight yard touchdown pass, niners down three. rodgers struck from everywhere, hit marques, valdez. what a throw, 24-14 packers. 49ers benefited from calls on the next possession. stokes is called for pass interference. next play, the pass, is this a catch? really?
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didn't the ball hit the tch upheld after review. first career touchdown, cut green bay's lead to 24-21. rodgers threw to adams 18 times, didn't complete this but probably should have been a penalty after helmet to helmet. look at the impact. packers had to punt. 49ers could tie or take the lead. tried to spike it, packers recovered and got a field goal, 27-21. this time they needed a touchdown. the tight end quiet until this, 39 yards across mid field and here they go. less than a minute to go, just would not be denied, bowls his way in and 49ers took 28-27 lead, left 37 seconds for
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rodgers. mid field, another 17 yards to adams. rodgers able to spike it with three seconds left. a 51-yarder and the win. as time ran out packers won 30- 28. 49ers fell to 2-1. next, seattle at home. a banner sunday. whoa, how do we kick off the week? we'll come up with something. giants are off today, they play tomorrow. a's going to work together today in seattle. try to figure that out. seattle comes in here in a week and the raiders, can they stay unbeaten when they take it to the chargers in about six days? we'll see you later. the final push from advocates to keep thousands of californians housed. quick thinking.
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a police officer jumps into action after this car but into fs. it wca oncame >>quk outs
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how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, two bay area cities reeling. homicide rates ticking up. the push to stop the violence. >> as oakland citizens it is our problem. >> we will do whatever we can together. only four days left until the eviction moratorium expires. hail mary from housing advocates as the clock ticks down. t eased with tactics by fire crews. why some of the most loyal a's fans are upset and it has nothing to do with how the team is playing on the field.
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good morning. it's monday september 27. i am gianna franco. >> i am len kiese. we begin with your monday forecast. some spots can see hazy skies and others can see rain. let's go to mary lee with everything you need to know as you head out the door. we need this rain. we are getting scattered showers as we head through our afternoon. we'll take what we can get. it's a wet start, tracking a bit of drizzle along the coast and around the bay. you see the drops on our live san francisco cam. here is what you can expect. we have drizzle at the coast and around the bay, a cloudy, foggy, even a muggy start to our day. we are looking at scattered showers. i am tracking a weak cold front to push through, best chance to see wet weather at the coast and north bay. cooler temperatures for us with the stronger ocean breeze. here we are on futurecast, here we are stopping at noon for lake and mendocino and here we go as we head through the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. as well as 7:00 p.m.
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