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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 27, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, things are cooling down across the bay area and it looks like fall showers could be in our future. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. we are taking you straight to weather. we have seen a bit of drizzle in some places. that's right. as we started our day we had drizzle along the coast and around the bay. through our afternoon i am tracking a weak cold front that will bring light scattered showers back to the bay area, our first front of the fall season. you see on high def doppler the activity lighting our radar screen from the california oregon border, far northern california. if you look close, even some lightning strikes just offshore. as we look a little bit closer view for you for northern
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california from crescent city through eureka, you see the showers pushing in. as we go through our day taking you hour by in the afternooat p.m. you see ghshowers strn cafornia and also the north bay. here we are at 5:00 p.m. with that light scattered activity. we'll have more on what you can expect as we go through the rest of today coming up. >> thank you. statewide eviction moratorium will expire later this week making housing advocates fearful for renters. justin andrews is live in concord. some members of the governor's administration were there to highlight another path to avoid eviction. >> reporter: absolutely. they were here today to let renters know you can still protect yourself from evictions in the months and weeks to come. they say all you have to do is apply, apply for rent relief programs and those relief funds are still available they say even after september 30. they were here talking about
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the transition in the protection, something housing advocates say is still needed because the pandemic is not over and many people are still struggling. that september 30 expiration date is key to landlords. it is when they can start taking action against tenants who haven't paid at least 25% of their back rent. if you get an eviction notice on your door contact immediately and make sure you let your landlord know you are applying for the assistance. landlords you too can apply for assistance through this program. leaders anticipate an influx of applications so they've hired hundreds of workers. >> several hundred staff in the last weeks, so we have just shy of 1300 staff working on processing applications. we know we are not at peak application. we are know that will probably happen sometime in the next month and then will stay there a while before it begins to reduce down. we completely anticipate that. >> reporter: housing advocates
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call it criminal to evict someone during these times. that is why they say clearly there is assistance out there. all you have to do is apply. so take advantage of it if you need it, they say. justin andrews, kpix5. sale of flavored tobacco could soon be banned in san jose. the mayor and city council members took part in a rally promoting the proposal. according to a poll a majority of san jose voters are in favor of the ban. there has been alarming increase in the number of young people using the products. >> it is so important that we see the country step forward with efforts like this to protect our young people. we know that big tobacco will continue to be creative in their new marketing approaches. they'll continue to innovate. >> the city is set to vote on the ordinance tomorrow. this afternoon investigators are calling a deadly house fire in cupertino suspicious. flames broke out at the home on
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tuscany place along highway 85 before 4:30 this morning. one person was found dead and investigators are calling it a suspicious death. two others managed to get out safe. san francisco d.a. and police chief came together in a rare display of unity in the number of homicides in the city in 2021 is on pace to surpass last year's total. dozens gathered a the a vigil to remember the lives lost to violence. law enforcement community leaders and others say pandemic- related stress may be contributing factor in the homicide up tick, but there is no concrete answer as to why. >> we will do whatever we can together in our departments. >> we always are trying to work together to make things better. these families deserve that and that's what we are committed to doing. >> this is the third year san francisco has lit up the dome in honor of murder victims. congress designated national day of remembrance in 2007. oakland is grappling with its
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own violence crisis. the city recorded 102 homicides in less than nine months. that was the total for all of last year. the city reached the grim milestone after a double homicide early sunday. two brothers were shot and killed in front of their home at the intersection of high street and pompous avenue. >> we have to separate each other. we can't separate like oh that's not my problem because it's in the flat land. it is our problem. as oakland citizens, it is our problem and we have to help each other through it. >> on the other side of town, community members held a vigil to remember lives lost and call for unity. in fire watch today, crews getting a better handle on the fawn fire burning now in shasta. thousands remain displaced. other than 140 structures have been destroyed but there is some improvement. containment has gone up to 50%. the fire has torched more than 8500 acres. the devastating wildfire season is adding fuel to
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property insurance crisis. the state is stepping in as homeowners lose coverage by the thousands. >> this gives us really a reprieve to homeowners and gives insurance companies an opportunity to reevaluate the entire portfolio. >> pros and cons of moratorium, project home tonight at 11:00 on kpix5. taking a look at washington, dc, it could be a decisive week for president biden's legislative agenda. the $1 trillion infrastructure goes for approval. skyler henry has the latest. >> reporter: house begins debate on a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure package. >> i never bring a bill that doesn't have the votes. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi has pushed back the vote from this afternoon until thursday as she attempts to shore up support for the plan. a congress woman, head of the congressional progressive caucus says she has at least 60 votes to block the
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infrastructure bill. progressive democrats are demanding house and senate first pass a $3.5 trillion spending bill that includes new funding for child tax credit, universal pre-k, home healthcare, and much more. >> if somebody wants less than 3.5 trillion, tell us what you want to cut. childcare? paid leave? what is it you want to cut and figure it out from there. >> reporter: two moderate democrats announced they would support the bill to get infrastructure passed. with democrats holding a slim majority in the house and even 50/50 split in the senate, president biden needs more support if he hopes to pass the bill. >> i am optimistic about this week. >> reporter: republicans are unanimous. >> they are in the midst of an absolutely unprecedented very damaging spending spree on a scale we have never seen. >> reporter: some agree they'll have to cut the price tag down from $3.5 trillion in order to
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get it passed. >> republicans say they won't support a spending limit increase which would lead to a government shutdown. new, president biden got his covid-19 booster shot today. it was his third dose of the pfizer vaccine. at 78 years old the president falls within the group the cdc recommends to receive a booster shot. here is the head coach talking to the media today as the team prepares for camp tomorrow and start of the preseason next month. >> we were very pleased to finish with the 5th ranked defense in the league last year. it was a major accomplishment for us. a lot of guys deserve a lot of credit for that starting with dremond. i think he is the leader. wiggins was way better give him credit for. ody is we can go down the list. >> warriors return to the court at chase center next week.
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> rsnation showed out in full force yesterday. you see the faithful decked out in finest gold and red. this was the first regular season home opener. the crowd went wild when the niners took the lead in the second half but ultimately the packers won 30-28. the team encouraged guests and staff to be vaccinated but it was not required for entry. fans did not need to show a negative covid test either. fees could be increasing for your favorite local national park as officials weigh benefits. google with a massive
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taking a live look at the big board on this monday afternoon, dow is up about 124 points. facebook is putting a pause on developing an instagram app for kids. the company has been facing criticism since studies revealed the social media giant knew the platform could negatively impact teens. instagram says it is taking time to discuss concerns with parents, experts, poly makers, regulators. senate subcommittee is set to hold a hearing on how social media impacts mental health of children. google fighting against a massive fine in europe.
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they were fined over $5 billion in 2018 by european union for violating antitrust laws. google is working to annull the ruling saying android system has been a contributor to competition. a live look at the golden gate bridge where national parks in the area might increase fees. new fees are being considered in san francisco and marin county. public comment wrapped up yesterday under the proposal. parking fees would go up to $3 per hour or $10 per day. they would affect baker, china, stenson, rodeo plus lands in, sutro heights, navy memorial and fort cronkite. it needs this for basic necessities like trash collection and janitor service. speaking of recreation changes san francisco is considering closing a main road in golden gate park to cars
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permanently. >> city leaders shut down jfk drive early in the pandemic and it was a place to give people place to exercise and maintain social distance. it's been popular with walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. they're trying to determine if it should be permanent or perhaps when the road was open only on weekends. >> there are tons of folks who are walking or biking, children, families roller skating. it's in the middle of a park. it should be used by people. >> during quarantine and also during covid i have been running on this street every day. so many pedestrians get hit by cars. i feel much more safe and comfortable running on this street. >> the city is surveying residents about what they would like to see happen. a final decision is expected next year. time for a check of your forecast. you might need a light jacket because we are dealing with a little rain. tracking it all for you.
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here is high def doppler lit up. you see the showers pushing across california oregon border. if you look close, you see lightning strikes as well just offshore. it's because of a cold front that's going to bring wet weather for us as we head through our afternoon and evening. you see on high def doppler, a closer look of the rain over eureka as well as down through fort bragg. right now, a live look with our san francisco cam with mostly cloudy skies, some patches of blue. we are in the 60s and 70s. there is the satellite and radar view, upper level low swinging that cold front our way. we will be on the tail end of this, a weak weather system that will bring light scattered showers for us. not everyone will see it and if you do see the wet weather, if you are lucky enough to catch it, a few hundredths of an inch. i will show you that in a moment. you see as we go through our day, the afternoon, here we are at 3:00 p.m., showers pushing across the north bay. as we look to this evening,
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some spotty showers and also tonight. we are looking at the clouds for tomorrow morning and clearing with sunshine in the afternoon. here is what you can expect with that rainfall. not a lot, just a few hundredths of an inch. that's why this is a weak weather system pushing through but bringing us some showers. really we will take what we can get for sure. as we look to afternoon, we will see westerly winds pick up as the cold front passes through, gusty conditions, breezy. as we look to sun set at 6:58 and sunrise at 7:02 tomorrow morning. low 60s along the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay, upper 60s to low to mid 70s for the peninsula and 70s later for those daytime highs. san francisco and oakland, a little bit below average. a chance to see a few showers. south bay, not so much. through the week we will warm things up. inland east bay you will heat
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to the low 90s into our weekend, north bay and coast, a better chance of seeing wet weather with this cold front pushing through this afternoon and this evening. then temperatures on the rise as we look to the end of our weekend and -- end of the work week into the weekend. >> we got it. thank you.
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world's most successful television series continues on the shores of the aloha state with ncis hawaii. for the first time, there woman in the lead role. >> to be on oahu where there is extremely large presence, navy as well it is the perfect setting. we get to shoot on apparel harbor, have active military in our scenes and i get to thank
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them personally. >> catch the latest episode tonight at 10:00. >> join us for the launch of our new 3:00 p.m. newscast. join allen martin starting today and every weekday after the drew barrymore show. it will be followed by cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. we will take a quick break. when we come back, a final check of the forecast. on
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sold for a reason. of course there are so much to choose from. but when you want to make those french fries, this is the one. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. let's check your forecast with mary. i am tracking that rain, cold front pushing across far northern california, california oregon border on high def doppler and even lightning strikes just offshore. a closer view, you see the wet weather from crescent city, eureka as well as fort bragg. there we go as you can see the activity lighting up our radar screen here on high def doppler. as we go through our afternoon, we will see this cold front pushing across the bay area. here we are at 3:00 p.m. you see scattered activity for north bay, stopping the clock at 6:00 p.m., still looking at showers pushing through. i guess the best chance would be north of the golden gate but as you see even by 9:00 p.m. we are looking at showers possible as we go through even
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this evening. here we are with isolated showers at 10:00 p.m. we are going to see that sunshine though as we look to tomorrow and the rest of the week. we are going to warm things by the end of our work week into our weekend. if you do see and are lucky enough to see wet weather with the cold front, it's a weak weather system likely just picking up a few hundredths of an inch of rain. again the best chance and shot of seeing this wet weather with the weather system really north of the golden gate. around the bay, you have that chance but the south bay, not so much. just slim rain chances today. we will warm things up as we look to the rest of our work week into our weekend. inland east bay, looking at temperatures on the rise as we look to the end of our work week into our weekend, low 90s for north bay and the coast, better chance of seeing wet weather today, temperatures into the upper 80s by end of our work week for the north bay and about 70 along the coast on friday. back to you. a northern california woman
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knows what it is like to lose everything in a fire. that's why she spent yesterday passing out nearly 20,000 toys to children impacted by the caldor fire. her home burned down twice since she was a kid. >> since, she's founded ashley's toy closet. they travel to natural disasters to put smiles on faces. >> that is beautiful. >> incredible. >> makes a big difference. look how excited they are. >> remember we are on 24/7 on cbsn bay area and streaming on >> our next newscast
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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>> quinn: justin? >> carter: what the hell, man? how'd you get in here?! >> justin: oh, that's what you're worried about? >> quinn: no, i'm worried about what you're doing here! >> justin: i know exactly what this is. just save it, the both of you. you're caught. ♪♪ >> ridge: quinn is up to something. >> katie: well, when is she not? >> ridge: i know. but this is different. i don't know what it is, but i just... getting a bad feeling. >> katie: well, what do you think she's up to? >> ridge: no good. what that means, i don't know. but um... we'll find out. we'll find out what she's doing. >> steffy: i said get out! >> sheila: steffy, please, just give me a chance. >> steffy: get out! you are not supposed
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to be here. >> sheila: i just want to see my grandson and my son. >> steffy: you are never gonna see them. never!


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