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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  September 27, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs the area studios, this is kp . streaming on cbsn bay area,
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singer r kelly faces charges includes six charges of sex trafficking and exporting girls. jurors had six weeks of testimony from four dozen witnesses. other top story at 3:00, rain showers hitting parts of the bay area right now. where it is making for a wet afternoon drive. good afternoon to you. i'm alan martin. let's take you outside of the gloomy skies over the bay area and cooler temperatures as we start off this workweek. chopper 5 got a view of the clouds over downtown san francisco and parts of the east bay as well. you can see some blue sky, depending on where you are of course. that was not the case at the engage for the golden gate bridge. let's check in with chief meteorologist paul heggen for more. >> heading north of the golden gate, what has been out there is flying underneath the radar but we are seeing returns to the
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coast with the cold front driving all of this getting closer and closer. the best chance of showers is going to develop later on this evening. the better chance for the peak, an hour after the sun goes down and the lower than a 50-50 chance of rain in any one spot. that means a couple 1/100 of an inch. lower rain chances and slightly lighter for semper cisco across the bay into oakland. everything tapers off quickly after the net with gusty winds keeping in behind the system. we will take a look and it hour- by-our later in the forecast. >> thank you, paul. a san jose police officer tried a driver out of a burning car to safety. the police headquarters, kpix 5 is the live for us, kiet do. kiet? >> reporter: yeah, east san jose, trooper decides to drive on one-to-one after changing
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his mind about getting lunch. then he sees a car on fire and a firefighter with san jose biederman captured what happened next on video. the flames can be seen shooting out of the toyota avalon yesterday as officer garcia runs back towards the car. he looks inside and sees a man unconscious sitting in the drivers seat. officer garcia, who is 6'2", 195 pounds, picked up the man by his armpits, she drowned him right out of there. it was not that simple though. the manager woke up in the middle of the rescue. there was a bit of a struggle and the man grabbed the steering wheel and the doorjamb and fought little bit. that's when officer garcia reassured him, told him he was going to be fine and then he fell unconscious again when he was dragged to safety. and he was taken to the hospital with some minor cuts and scratches and smoke inhalation. the chp says, this began as a two-car crash. the man rescued from the car actually rammed a pickup truck.
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it's unclear if he will be cited. garcia now has the option to take a couple of days off for an illness and recovery in the process of what happened. he did get to meet the chief today who, as you can imagine, was very. live in downtown, kiet do , kpix 5. homicide investigators, looking into a suspicious deadly house fire that happened just after 4:00 this morning. it was in a home on tuscany place and elder wood court. fire crews found the victim in a hallway on the first floor. sheriff's deputies on the scene this afternoon gathered evidence. no word yet on how that fire started or the identity of the victim. three days and counting until california's ban on evictions times out. how are the governor's office is reaching out to renters? >> reporter: housing advocates say, now is not the time to end the eviction moratorium. they say, people are still struggling. there is assistance out there and that's why state leaders from governor gavin newsom eye
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office say, apply for rent relief. funds are still available. they say, this is the case even after september 30th. they were talking about the protection and something housing advocates say, it's needed because the pandemic isn't over and many people are still struggling. the september 30th expiration date is key to landlords though. it's when they can start taking action against tenants who haven't paid at least 25% of their back rent. if you get an eviction notice on your door, contact housing is key and make sure you let you know that there is an influx in applications so they hired hundreds of workers. >> 700 staff the last couple of weeks. we have just shy of 1300 staff working on processing applications. so we definitely anticipate and know that we are not at the peak application. that will probably happen sometime in the next month. we will see it for a while as
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the work begins to reduce down. we completely anticipate that. >> reporter: the eviction moratorium deadline is looming. the state leaders say, apply now. they say, now is the time. obviously a lot of people are still struggling. they say, use this rental relief though. it helps you in the future. in commodore, just managers, kpix 5 . and we have help for you on you can find a link to the rent relief program and the rules for renters and landlords. just look at the top of our page. another year of devastating wildfires is fueling a property insurance crisis. homeowners, losing covered by the thousands. now the state is stepping in. >> this gives us a reprieve to homeowners. it also gives the insurance companies an opportunity to reevaluate their entire portfolio. >> the pros and cons of moratoriums on project home. that's tonight at 11:00 here on kpix 5. a traffic alert to talk about in contra costa county. it is expected to, get this,
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last into next year. here's kpix 5's gianna franco. >> ebt believe take the harbor pass road, expect the lease with the road construction project beginning today and lasting several months. it's 3.1 miles of khyber pass between concord and pittsburgh. it starts today and extends all the way through january 25th. it's a monday through friday project from 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night. that's when you'll have people out there on the roadway working on this. it's the khyber pass road safety. it's the improvement project and heads up, you will see some delays in and around the area along kerber pass road all the delay is underway. >> a long traffic delay. thanks, gianna. city leaders say, more and more young people are using these products and it needs to stop. >> it is so important that cities throughout the country step forward with efforts like this to protect our young
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people. we know that big tobacco will cotheyl co to innovate. >> the city, set the vote on the ordinance tomorrow. by the way, a recent poll shows a majority of san jose voters are in favor of that ban. we first part of the news conference on cbsn bay area. you can keep up-to-date streaming 24/7 on or the kpix news app . as parents or grandparents, we worry about the kids' free time. now facebook is pressing balls on a new instagram app for tween's and kids. the company has been on the microscope after studies revealed the photo-based platform could be taking a toll on the mental health of young people. instagram says, it will take some time to discuss the concerns with parents, experts and policymakers as well as regulators. on thursday, a senate subcommittee is set to hold a hearing on how social media impacts the mental health of our children. looking live at chase
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center now. one week until the start of the warriors' preseason. today, media day. vern glenn is joining us now. big question now, vern, the vaccination status of andrew wiggins. >> 24 questions is how many andrew wiggins took today at media day. how many did he face about his vaccination status? 20. for or against, it's a hot-but an issue everywhere, even at chase center today. it was about his decision not to get the covid vaccine, which would keep him from playing games in this building. wiggans, one of the warriors' best players said, this is a private matter. he doesn't know anybody in explanations. >> what you say? >> it's never businesses when it comes down to. i ask you guys what your believes are, i don't ask you guys what you think is right or
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wrong. we're different people. all i will say is something when i'm ready. the only thing the media has done has made it bigger than it has to be. >> bigger than it has to be? you stand to lose a lot of money. >> that's my problem, not yours. >> okay. >> yeah, touching on that soundbite, alan, he makes about $350,000 a game. that's this season. this could be pretty costly for him, as there is a leak-white campaign to get every player the case of wiggans though, not enough. >> an expensive decision. all right. thanks, vern. present but pushing for more americans to get vaccinated, biden got his booster shot. last week, the cdc endorsed boosters for seniors, medically
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vulnerable adults and people with high-risk jobs such as healthcare workers. looking live at capitol hill, the house started a debate today on a nearly 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure package. house speaker nancy pelosi pushed the boat back from today to thursday. she wants more support for the plan. progressive democrats, demanding the house and the senate first pass a $3.5 trillion spending bill for an opposition from the opposition, republicans. democrats hold just a slim majority of the house and it's a 50-50 split in the senate. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, a blood drive at the racetracks. how organizers will get your blood going. plus tesla is giving drivers the option to go fully automated. not for everyone. what they will have to do to get that feature.
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and one more way whole foods is trying to take more of your whole paycheck. a new charge shoppers can expect. a reminder now, check out the kpix 5 news app for more access to cbsn bay area. for kpix
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mx today on wall street. the dow closed up 71 points. the nasdaq lost 77. the s&p 500, downed 12 points. the economic winds up in china as well, of course, more $'s dad here budget. kpix morning anchor len kiese has here report. len? >> millions of dollars for drugmakers? an analyst is protecting more than $26 billion in sales for pfizer and proximally $40 million for moderna. with covid top of mind, people are still ready to pack up and hit the road. but with more protections in place, a recent aaa survey shows 55% of american adults are planning a vacation with at least one overnight stay before the end of 2022. about 1/3 say, they're more likely to buy travel insurance between now and the end of next
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year. even a prime membership doesn't get you out of this one. starting october 25th, all foods will charge $10 for deliveries. before amazon prime members got that work for free if they spent more than $35. amazon said, the charge will cover operating costs for those orders. len kiese, kpix 5 . tesla owners can now request that the cars go fully automated. drivers have to press a button on the dashboard screen and then tesla will monitor the person's driving ability. testing things out latebreaking, turning, unsafe following. that'll happen over the next week before being granted access. a lot of drivers, some tesla, some not, weighing in on social media. we want to hear what you think. use the hashtag. of course, it's us, kpix. the american red cross hopes to increase the diversity of blood donors. they just launched a single- cell initiative to help patients with sickle cell
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disease. >> part of it is what i know nicole touched on a little bit, in terms of sickle-cell and its impacts on african-americans in particular and what will happen as a result of your donations when you come in. we will, for free, make sure that we look fock cell trait. >> the red cross also recently opened a new center in downtown san francisco. a blood drive is also taking place this friday at sonoma raceway. the track is teaming up with by talent to give blood donors a heart-pumping experience. joining us of now, kellen adler. kevin, donors will get a hot lap before they donate around those 12 turns? that will get the blood flowing. >> reporter: you would think so going around sonoma raceway and break-next speeds, that's enough to get anyone right blood pumping, just in time for them to donate later in the day. >> what are we seeing here in terms of the need for blood
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donations especially in the pandemic of course? >> reporter: there is an urgent need for people to donate one right now. not only to donate blood. that's why it's so important that sonoma raceway is involved. we need blood for court interest open up their facilities and host a blood drive. it's a two-fold thing. we need blood donors and partners like sonoma raceway to host blood drives. the need is constant, even in the pandemic, no matter what happens. blood is a valuable, viable resource. it's used every single day. >> tell me about how this happens. you can only take so many people. how do people sign-up? are there age requirements? >> reporter: yeah, advanced payments are recommended, highly recommended, especially for this drive at sonoma raceway. as a matter of fact, there are polmans right now that are extremely limited, if not already gone by the time people see this. we don't know. we encourage you to find another community blood drive if you cannot make it to the sonoma raceway drive, where a lot of people have already hooked up her to find another blood drive near you, because donating will save someone's
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life. extremely important if you are eligible to do so. >> and for this drive for any other, if you're vaccinated, that's okay. you can still donate and should, right? >> yeah, vaccinations, if you're fully vaccinated, you're okay to donate. vaccination status doesn't matter. we ask about that when you donate, everybody has to wear a mask. >> all right, kevin. thank you so much. the vitalent high-speed blood drive is 9:15 to 1, 15 at sonoma look at our forecast now. we have got chief meteorologist paul heggen joining us once again. >> some intense drivel is plaguing us but the problem with the drizzle making its way to the north-bay hills, it ducks underneath the radar beam. that's the alien, flying under the radar, that's why it's literally a thing in case you weren't familiar with that. trying to duck under the radar beam. rain showers are usually good at it. so we're seeing in the northbay as well. these are popping up high enough for the radar to see it.
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let's pull it up to get a better sense of where things are going. bulk of the shower activity is john north. it's lies to the northbay, even the middle of the gate towards this evening and early tonight. switch over to future cast, let's get a good handle on where things are. wind the clock forward to 6:00 this evening, book of the activities north of the golden gate. this will be scattered. this isn't going to be measurable rain events for everybody, even north of the golden gate. the best chance is going to develop there for the northbay, between about 7:00 and 9:00 this evening. the best chance drops towards separate cisco and oakland as we fall towards 9:00 and 10:00 but falls apart as a mixes way farther across the bay area. east bay, santa clara valley, you're not likely to see more than a few passing spangles. the golden gate, don't cancel any outdoor plans. just be taxable this evening. the showers are going to be quick. they're not going to amount to a whole lot but the clouds will be gone by early tomorrow morning. again, futurecast indicates a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. not a drought buster but will take every drop we can get.
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the storm system is also helping to improve our air quality. good air quality across the board for the next couple of days. barely getting into the moderate category for inland parts of the east bay and the santa clara valley by thursday and friday. winds are going to be kind of dusty once we get through the storm system. the cold front passes through tonight. the winds are going to be gusting to 15 to 20 miles per hour by midday tomorrow and up to 20 to 30 miles per hour during the afternoon. keep your hands on the wheels as you're making a way out and about this time tomorrow. temperatures, below average in the short term. 65 downtown to 74 degrees in san jose, livermore and concorde. overnight no longer high, lower than normal, 50s. high interest tomorrow in the northbay, upper 60s to low 70s around the bay with 70s and a few low 80s further inland. there is a warm up later this week. we will check out the seven-day forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. time now for a lookahead the cbs > i'oliv your thoce, montana. victimllin this deadly
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cbs 5 element, including a young husband traveling with his wife. that's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news with nora donald
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the goodyear blimp over goodyear in honor of our 3:00 news launch. that was nice of them. i'm kidding. check out this new time-lapse video. a dust cloud over brazil covered cities in sao paulo state yesterday. here's the people on the ground saw. the sky, going to the local authorities say, it has been so dry there, nearly 60 mile an hour wind gusts kept up the dust, caused it to rise, forming the huge cloud to envelop the cities, just like
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the dust bowl days in the midwest back in '30s. we want to take you to spend our flights on the island of la > look at that. ed as boiling eruptions have been happening for more than a week. a video shows a wall of hot rock in a church destroy the belltower. one tiny home was saved. they're calling that the miracle house. hundreds of others, not so lucky. almost 7000 people have been evacuated. many of the islands' 85,000 people, using the umbrellas to protect themselves from the falling ash. coming up, the favorite fast food item just got a makeover
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there's that seven-day forecast. insight to 27 seven-day forecast's. below average temperatures tuesday and wednesday and then we warm up before the end of the
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workweek, especially in then. cisco, to the mid-80s. as for thursday, friday and saturday, a similar pattern for the northbay. those temperatures, well into the 80s and parts of the east bay reached the upper 80s and low 90s through the weekend. thanks. a look now at our afternoon lineup here on kpix 5. brenda for you, cbs evening news with norah o'donnell does coming up next. then back to back episodes of "judge judy," starting at 4:00. of course, the kpix 5 news at 5:00. all new at 5:00, consumers are seen big delays in their deliveries. was behind that lag and why couldn't last all the way into the holidays? that story and more for you at 5:00. finally here at 3:00, you probably had your lunch, right? what about dinner? what about some chicken-less nuggets? the company beyond meat is filling the craving for non- meat eaters. they tested out the plant-based its products this month xt weekt at walmart and albertsons and others. chicken or not, it's all about
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how delicious it is. that's all for kpix 5 news at 3:00. thank you for joining us. cbs evening news is next. captioning sponsored by cbs s. >> o'donnell: breaking news, a landmark verdict as r&b singer r. kelly is found guilty on all counts facing decades behind bars for sex trafficking and racketeering. tonight, after years of denying abuse of young women, one of the biggest convictions of the #metoo area. >> today this verdict forever brands r kelly as a predator. >> reporter: biden booster, the president gets his shot as new york's governor threatens to fire tens of thousandseor causee passengers including a c


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