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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 28, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn looking live, giving you a wide look over the bay bridge. weather and traffic. temlook off with mary lee. little warmer today. >> temperatures a little warmer compared to yesterday. we will continue on that warming trend as we head through the rest of the week. now for today still looking at below average daytime highs. here is a live look with our san francisco camera and you can see mainly clear skies. it was so nice to have showers yesterday and now we are looking at sunshine as we head through the afternoon. let's check the daytime highs. 67 in san francisco, 72 san jose and 80 for concord. still about three to seven degrees below average for this
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time of year. 68 mountain view. we will talk about off shore winds that are kicking in for us.. what a difference a day makes. questioned we were dealing with slick services. not quite the case. it's more typical for a tuesday morning drive if you are going along the pass. we are tracking brake lights westbound 580. off that # 05 connector. 28 minutes is your travel time as you head from 205. plan for that this morning. other than that it's fairly quiet. main travel times in the green which is good news if you are out early this morning. no delays on 80 or 101 out of san jose looking good as well as the bay bridge toll plaza. federal drug agents are putting out a warning for the bay area and the rest of the country. this after a number of pills
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with a deadly substance. this is not a warning about drug from the pharmacy. these fake drugs are the ones bought on the street. >> don't trust a pill just because it looks like something you get from the doctor. there's a possibility that it's a counterfeit drug. it could kill you. >> a professor is talking about these pills. they look like prescription opioids but the dea said they are laced with fentanyl or meth because it's cheaper to make. >> fentanyl has gotten in to the heroin market and the counterfeit pill market. more are dying. >> a nonprofit is trying to help educate parents about the dangers of drug abuse. >> the worst times were three in the morning when we didn't know where he was. he was young. it was really scary. >> leslie is a director of
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risk sonoma. she had nowhere to turn approximate when her teen son was dealing with addiction. >> we told our son we will do anything to save you. >> she was able to save her son and said the best thing is to keep a clear line of communication with your child and educate yourself about the dangers of illicit drugs. >> we want parents to know they aren't alone and there are people are support them. >> to give you an idea of how big a problem this is the dea seized more than $9.5 million worth of pills which is more than the last two years combined. it's responsible for 93,000 deaths last year. are produced in mexico. it'll be clear that booster shots or the third shot, when you get the mrna first and second dose, the third shot may
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turn out to be the standard that we will use. >> dr. fauci weighing in on the importance of getting a vaccine booster. this as pressure to get the vaccine is ramping up. laura reports layoffs have started for those who refuse to get the shot. >> the president got his booster shot yesterday on cam a. at age 78 he falls under the part of the recommendation that everybody 65 and older get a third shot to protect themselves from others. he insists that the bigger issue at this point is not enough americans are getting their first shot. >> quarter of the country is unvaccinated. >> nationwide state that are forcing hospital and other workers to receive their first dose are getting push back. in massachusetts dozens of state troopers have resigned as a result of the mandate.
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>> i think it's really important for public officials who deal directly with the public on a regular basis, who have no idea whether the people they are dealing with are vaccinated or not and those people who are dealing with them should be able to believe that they are vaccinated. >> here in the state of new york hospitals have started firing or suspending health care workers who refuse to get vaccinated. the governor said she is preparing to declare a state of emergency and potentially bring in the national guard or out of state health care workers to help with the staffing shortage. >> really ready to give that up and give up your paycheck? a lot of people say, okay, wait. i will go get vaccinated. >> new york is one of thea least six states, plus the district of columbia that have vaccine mandates in place for health care workers. as bay area counties start to roll out booster shots they are trying to cure some third
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dose confusion. santa clara is up and running but health leaders reminding people that only pfizer receivers at least six months out from the last dose are eligible right now. only if they are at high risk because of age, health, history, occupation or living situation. >> we felt that we wanted to get that and be covered for everything that the variants and what not that were coming out. >> we have kids and grandkids and all that. we want to still see them. >> other counties like alameda aren't giving out boosters but if you qualify pharmacies are still an option. this morning going live to capitol hill wheredemocrats are rushing to complete work on the president's multitrillion dollars spending plans. on top of that a government shut down is looming. nicole is at the capitol. >> a high stakes showdown. >> voting no says let's risk it. over a potential shut down. >> we will not provide for
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public imposed raising the debt limit. >> congress at odds over how to avoid defaulting on the nation's debt and keeping the government open before funding expires friday. without a resolution agency services could be halted and roughly 800,000 federal workers would be furloughed with suspended pay. at the white house the president had confidence as the main pillars of his legislative agenda hang in the balance. >> born an optimist. i think things will go well. i think we will get it done. >> democrats huddled behind closed doors ahead of a possible vote this week on the president's $3.5 trillion special spending package. it includes universal prek and lowering the cost of child care, affordable housing and paid family and medical leave. if someone wants less than 3.5
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trillon tell us what you want to cut? the child care, paid leave. >> some progressives have threatened to vote against the infrastructure bill without a bill. moderates say there can't be any more delays. >> do you think progressives have gotten the upper hand? >> when we vote thursday i don't really look this as anyone getting any upper hand. i think it's about country. >> as for that glove funding bill, senate republicans blocked it. lawmakers on both sides say they don't want a shut down and could attempt another vote ws, capitol hill. three teens have been arrested after a scary scene yesterday at a mall in alameda. police say this is the gun that the suspects used to try to rob a woman in the parking lot at stone ridge shopping center. one of them grabbed her by the arm while another pointed a gun at her face. the victim was able to escape
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and called for help. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> simone biles opening up. why she is saying she should have quit before tokyo. >> i'm having these mental blocks in the gym recently. >> and later raging wildfire fueling an insurance crisis. is the state law to protect homeowners working? what an investigation revealed. and a live look outside at the city of san francisco from the treasure island camera on this tuesday. it's 4:40. we will be right back.
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time for the money watch report. ford will add thousands of jobs to make batteries and electric vehicles. stocks were mixed to start the week. on monday the dow gained 71 points, the nasdaq slid 77 and
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the s&p500 fell 12. federal reserve chair jerome powell said inflation may last longer than expected. the fed chair will speak to the banking committee later today. powell will tell lawmakers economic growth has continued but it's being hurt by supply chain issues. ford is creating 11,000 new jobs over the next four years as it expands it's electric vehicle production. the automaker and battery supplier will invest $11 billion to build three battery plants and an electric truck plant. they expect it to help them build more than a million electric vehicles a year. tiktok has hit one billion users. the popularity has surged since the pandemic started with people creating viral dances and other videos made for social media. youtube, facebook and instagram all have a billion users while
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snap chat and twitter lag. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange. i'm diane king hall. simone biles will take the stage at chase center as part of the gold over america tour. just a few hours before she lands she is opening up about her journey in tokyo. >> she is also opening up about her journey in tokyo and the pressure on athletes. >> i'm having these mental blocks in the gym recently. it's not been fun. it's very. >> she is also openly talking about the highs and lows at the olympics. in the two part finale of her docu series. she pulled out competition to focus on her mental health.
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she said she struggled from a state of disassociation which can lead to serious injury. in an interview with new york magazine she said being a survivor of sexual abuse took its toll. i should have quit way before tokyo when larry nassar was in the media for two years. it was too much but i was not going to let him take something that i worked for since i was six years old. sitting alongside a teammate she shared advice for other athletes with vern glenn. >> i would say speak up for what you believe in, take care of your mind, body, soul and health. i feel like we struggle along the road of doing that because we kind of want to figure out everything out on our own and we don't want to ask for help. >> i think it's great for women's sports across the board, especially those that are afraid to step up and say something on their behalf. every day women are more
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empowered by what they have. >> i'm a big runner and i think there's a lot of mental health that goes into everything around it. seeing someone, especially a woman stand up in that way is, i think, very cool to see and respectful. >> in san francisco, betty yu. kpix5. time now is 4:46. let's get a check of weather and traffic. we say hello are mary lee. >> we are looking at temperatures that are warmer compared to yesterday. still below average. we are going to catch that sun in the afternoon and also tracking off shore winding developing for us. you can see the flag whipping in the breeze. we are looking at some clouds. 59 concord. 60 oakland. 57 san francisco. 58 san jose and now 51 for
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santa rosa right now. looking at morning clouds but that afternoon sun. below average daytime highs and tracking dry off shore winds and especially for up in the higher elevations. up in the hills will watch that and heating up to the rest of the week. we have a beach hazard statement for today. that's in effect until 11:00 p.m. that's because this is the first large northwest swell of the season. northwest swell, at 13 to 15 seconds. watch out for sneaker waves, sudden rip currents and sudden breakers. so use extra caution. here we go on future cast and you can see we are going to be clearing out as we head through the day today. plenty of sun across the region as we look to tomorrow morning, just some passing clouds then looking at clear skies for your wednesday with temperatures on the rise, wednesday through the rest of the week. show you on future cast as we take you through the day. here we are.
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you can see the westerly winds at least along the coast. we will be tracking the off shore winds as we look to the higher elevations for later on today into wednesday. our sunrise at 7:02 and the sunset at 6:56. daytime highs for today. looking at upper 60's to low 70's for the peninsula. for the south bay low 70's for you in santa clara, san jose, mid-70s in los gatos. inland east bay from 80 in concord, pleasant hill. the tri valley the mid to upper 70's. around the bay 67 in san francisco. 63 for daley city. low 70's oakland and for san leandro. the north bay the daytime highs mid to upper 70's. mid-70s for ukia. through there you can see the temperatures on the rise into the rest of the weekend for the inland east day and for the
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north bay you can see the highs. looking at saturday and for sunday. temperatures for the coast in the mid-60s's. let's check in with gianna. not bad. we have a high wind advisory in effect for the pass. if you are traveling in a high profile vehicle it may be a little gusty. also plan for brake lights. 32 minutes now for your travel time. 205 toward 680. here is a live look at conditions toward that 680 connector. westbound, headlights there. headed toward 680 and you can see extra volume but at least moving at the limit in that area. bay bridge toll plaza off to a good start into san francisco. under ten minutes to head to the city. no delays at the san mateo bridge. a 12 minute commute. right now we are looking pretty
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good on the golden gate bridge. you there is a road project that is underway for the next several months. this is 3.1-mile stretch between concord and pittsburgh. there will be road work in effect starting this week and extending all the way through next year. january 25th of 2022 is when they hope to wrap things up. they will have road work in effect between 7 and 5. the rolling stones are back on tour but without their back beat. for the first time since 1963 the group is touring without their drummer, charlie watts who passed away in august. the band took to stage for tens of thousands of fans in st. louis over the weekend. the show opened with photographs of watts on the big screen. the band thanked fans for the
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private show. support. morning. straight ahead what have i got? does an takea shot? when the a's had it all figured out and then bell,
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baseball up it. the giants were off last night. they got the diamondbacks. the a's after taking three steps forward over the weekend fell back. now there were three teams that they needed to leap past to be playoff relevant including the mariners. mark ellis with a clean dome.
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nine years with the a's. downtown brown. seth brown. yard for a first inning three run homer. mitch said you got a three run home never i had two last night. this one gave seattle the lead and then another one in the 6th. mariners won the game 13-4. the a's on the outside looking in. three and a half games looking back of the sweepstakes with five games to play. did you know that the a's have lost ten straight games to the mariners? brandon bell on this bunt attempt on sunday has been diagnosed with a broken left thumb. there is no timetable for his return. a blow to the power and line up. he has a career high 29 home runs this season as the giants face arizona today are two up on la with six games to play. nba was media day.
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they sent a lot of us to chase center. the very building forward andrew wiggins won't be allowed to play in unless he gets the v consistent. >> i will keep that private. ly keep that private. i will keep that private. i will keep that private. >> more than 90% of the league has one dose. only players in san francisco and new york are faced with the strict rules, wiggins could loose game check itself he doesn't get the shot. >> what's the reason for not just explaining what you believe? >> it's none of your business. who are you that i have to explain what i believe? > emotional dak prescott. the first home game since the serious leg injury. he had the play book to make
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the connection. a 4th quarter push. crazy move into the end zone. pass for three scores 41-21. huge squash community. for inside that glascube, young lady in the harvard crimson. that's amanda sobe the number one ranked america. three games to one. did it in a half hour to win the net sweep open for the second time in her career. that builds confidence and momentum going into next week's united states open. when you tuned in last thing you expect to see was asquash. got a bit of it all. coming up a south bay city
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taking a flavored tobacco sales. the ban on the table today. and prison staffers now required to get the vaccine. why a judge said it's the only solution to stop another outbreak. also the appeal this morning. and here is a live look outside from our mark hopkins camera before we head to break. it's little warmer today. we will have your weather in just a minute. we will
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right now. coronavirus cases surge among children but help is on the way when pfizer plans to file for approval for its shot for kids five to 11. flavored tobacco could soon be sold out in the south bay. we are live ahead of the big vote. another year of devastating wildfires fueling an insurance crisis. how the state is stepping in to help struggling homeowners.
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>> like the hunger games. you know are you just waiting for your number to be called. and later as the first rain of the season fall across the bay area we are live for tips for driving on slick roadways. good morning. it's tuesday, september 28th. good morning to you. let's get a first check of weather and traffic with this young lady here. first we will tub it over to mary lee. >> all right. does look good. we have that sun this afternoon. it was so nice to have the showers yesterday and now we are looking at temperatures in the 60's, 70's. >> and 80 a. warmer compared to yesterday but still below average for this time of year. low 60's. mid to upper 60's to low 70's. upper 60's to low 70's around the peninsula and 70's into the peninsula later this afternoon. 80 for a high in concord. you can see the skies clearing with that sun as we go through the day today. we are tracking off shore
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winds. let's check


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