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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 28, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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for your number to be called. and later as the first rain of the season fall across the bay area we are live for tips for driving on slick roadways. good morning. it's tuesday, september 28th. good morning to you. let's get a first check of weather and traffic with this young lady here. first we will tub it over to mary lee. >> all right. does look good. we have that sun this afternoon. it was so nice to have the showers yesterday and now we are looking at temperatures in the 60's, 70's. >> and 80 a. warmer compared to yesterday but still below average for this time of year. low 60's. mid to upper 60's to low 70's. upper 60's to low 70's around the peninsula and 70's into the peninsula later this afternoon. 80 for a high in concord. you can see the skies clearing with that sun as we go through the day today. we are tracking off shore winds. let's check in with off shore
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winds. roadways. the only shot howe the spot is that ride in to the pass. we are dealing a high wind advisory and some brake lights westbound 580 starting to slow as you can um out of that tracy area off 205 ontoa 80 itself. travel times at 35 minutes to go from 205 toward 680. the bay area bridges, live look at the san mateo bridge with no delays there. only a 12 minute commute between 880 and 101 and a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. in to the city. give yourself about seven minute from the maze over into san francisco. and developing right now san francisco state is telling students and staff not to arrive on campus until 10:00 a.m. university police are investigating a anonymous nonspecific threat. remote work will continue as planned. we are expecting another update in about three hours and will
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bring you the latest. new cdc data shows 258 children were sent to the hospital with coronavirus every day last week. the surge is hitting them harder. nearly 27% of recent cases were children. experts say protection means marking up. in the meantime, pfizer said it's nearly ready to press for authorization of its coronavirus vaccine for kids 5 to 11. >> i think we are going to submit this data pretty soon. it's a question of days, not weeks. >> i would hope that by the end of october we will be there. >> moderna intends to expand its vaccine trial which started recruiting patients in march with the aim of enrolling more than 67 participants younger than 12. the kids to be split equally into three age brackets including a six to 11-year-old group. today oakland is holing a zoom meeting to answer parent
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and student vaccine concerns. the virtual event starts at 5:30. ia federal judge said all california prison staff must be vaccinate unless they have a religious or medical exemption. monday a order after a series of coronavirusoutbreaks including one that led to multiple deaths. more than 50,000 inhales have been inpeculiared and 240 have died. 28 inmates and a correctional officer died at san quentin last year and there are currently 218 inmate infections across california. a judge wrote once the virus enters a facility it's very difficult to contain and the dominant route by which it enter is through infected staff. the prison guards union said it may appeal the newman date. taking a live look at sfo which is a hub for united airlines, 99% of its employees
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have been vaccinated after it imposed a man indicate last month. united said today it may begin the process of dismissing worker who have not up loaded a record of at least one coronavirus vaccine shot. people seeking exemptions can stay on the job at least until october 8th when there is a court hearing. san jose could be the latest to ban flavored tobacco products. >> justice inan troop is live outside san jose city hall where the mayor is weighing in on the issue. >> and the mayor said this is a way to make sure the children are protected so they can make good healthy choices as adults. made that comment here outside of city hall on yesterday with other city councilmembers. these laws they say are past due. san jose would ban the more than 650 tobacco retailers
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selling flavored tobacco including menthol. it would also prohibit new retailers opening a store with in 500 feet of another tobacco retailer and with in a thousand feet of a school, park, community center or library. retailers will give -- will be given six months to empty the newly prohibited products from their shelves. this morning i want to mention a separate ordinance. it would outlaw smoking, including e cigarettes, vapes and cannabis inside most multifamily housing in the city. >> this isn't an stent and we have heard this already. the tobacco industry has a strong hold in our kids and enticing them with flavors and leading them to a life of addition. kool-aid, hawaii punch, gummy bears, flavor that may taste
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like candy but is poison to hour children. >> more than a hundred cities have a ban including san francisco and oakland. we will see if san jose follows suit. we are live in san jose. >> thank you. in a live look from san francisco where city and state leader also tuck talk about incentives to those struggling with meth addiction if they enter a substance treatment program. according to the san francisco department of public health since 2008 meth overdose deaths in the city have increased by 500%. san francisco had a record number of overdose deaths in 2020 and data collected in 2019 shows roughly 60% of all overdose deaths were meth related. senator weiner wrote the recovery incentives act makes it possible for so many more people to access life meth addiction treatment. the bill also authorizes medical to cover substance recovery programs. san francisco police have
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made two arrests in in a violent attempted robbery in the mission district. the suspects demanded a woman's camera and shot her in the leg as she ran away. go men are being held without bail. three teens have been arrested after a scary scene at a mall in alameda county. this is the gun the suspects used to try to rob a woman in the parking lot at stone ridge shopping center. one of them grabbed her by the arm while another point a gun at her face. the victim was able to escape and call for help. developing news in the gabby petito case. utah police were told that brian landria hit his fiance before she questioned the couple in mid-august. >> if you have a phone number -- maybe a land line. location where the victim is at? >> phone -- i'm not sure. the female who got hit. they both -- male and female both got into the van and
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headed north. >> during a more than hourlong traffic stop petito said she slapped landrie. he said he pushed her to try to keep her from hitting him. officers said the situation was the result of a mental health crisis and suggested that the two separate for the night. the search for the fiance is entering a new phase after a team spent days searching the 25,000 acres carlton nature reserve near the family home. florida police say they expect the now fbi led search to be scaled back and targeted based on intelligence. new, in a show of force north korea has fired a suspected missile into the sea. military officials in south korea say that what they call an unidentified projectile was fired early this morning. the short range missile landed in the sea of japan off the east coast of the korean peninsula.
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intelligent officials analyzing the lawn. next a project home investigation, california wildfires have started a growing i have sessions. >> we have a year. we are not under false pretensions. this is going to go on for longer than a year. >> is the state law protecting homeowners? >> what we uncover next. separated by coronavirus brought together by love. how one couple got creative to make sure when they said i do it was in front of everybody they loved. >> i love that. i'm tracking the first large northwest swell of the season. we have a beach hazard statement in effect for today. use extra caution at the beaches. ly have more on your full forecast and what you can expect coming up. first let's go live outside with the sales force to
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drought conditions and high temperatures are turbo charging the question is a state law to protect homeowners really working? let's break it down by the numbers. almost 8,000 wildfires this year alone and fire season isn't over yet. nearly 2.5 million acres have burned along with nearly 3500 homes. businesses, and other buildings. for three years california
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has ordered temporary moratoriums to stop insurance companies dropping clients. >> as kenny discovered the breaks are just a band-aid for the ever grouping insurance crisis. >> like the hunger games. >> she is a long time el dorado resident who asked us not to show her face for fear of retail vacation. back in june she got the letter so many thousands of home ownerns getting. warning her policy would expire come september due to wildfire risk assessment of dealing location. then came the massive caldor fire she said almost felt like a relief. >> if the house burns down then we don't have to go through all of what everybody is going through where we live. >> her home survived and the fire was a blessing in disguise. that's because the state just imposed a one year moratorium on home insurance nonrenewals in and near each of the major
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fires. since the zip code was found and the policy was in effect nationwide agreed to reinstate her for a year. the morium. family a time to sort out what we want to do. >> it's becoming more of a problem. >> insurance commissioner introduced a bill to create the insurance moratorium law when he was state senator. it kicks in every time the governor declares a state of emergency. >> what this gives is a break to homeowners and it gives the insurance companies an opportunity to look at their entire portfolio. this realready getting looked at. more than 235,000 homeowners got dropped by their carriers in 2019 according to the latest available data. a 25% increase from the year before and not just in the sierra foothills. >> ob we are all losers in this.
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>> meloney lives in or ind a. >> that's what it's called. >> the bay area has dozens of them that are in the cross hairs of property insurance companies because of high fire risk. 284 policies were not renewed in 2019. up 30% from the year before. she has talked to many who have within dropped since then. that is despite a one year moratorium imposed that area after the sky fire burned nearby. that moratorium expired last september. >> it's like manna from heaven. to know that one year you are okay but i don't think it solved the problem and it may even make insurance more risk avers. >> we asked industry spokesperson about that. >> starting in 2017 insurance industry has been paying out billions of dollars in losses so, the rates need to be enough with the risk we are seeing today. >> what's the long term
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solution here? can the moratorium's just continue year after year? >> i think we have to go down to what the basic issue is. insurance is not the issue, it's the symptom. the basic problem is we have an environment that's changing. environment that's more risk re. one thing we need to do is address that risk. >> that's what she is doing. she formed the or ind a fire wise council to get tips on home insurance and fire prevention. it's not a guarantee that we will be protected or save from a fire but we are safer. >> she still has her insurance but her neighbors lost theirs. >> i'm just -- you mow praying every night we don't get canceled. >> back in el dorado this homeowner knows it's just a matter of time. >> we have a year. we aren't under a false pretense that this will go on longer than a year. i don't think the community will be able to accordliving there more much longer. >> that was kenny reporting.
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for a list of zip codes covered by moratorium's and other insurance option across the state head to time now is 5:17. let's get a check of the forecast and what a difference a day makes. we had wet weather today. a much different story. a welcome sight to have the showers yesterday and we are looking at sun this afternoon. here is a live look with our san francisco camera. our mark hopkins hotel cam and that flag at least whipping in the breeze this morning. let's show you the temperatures as we start off tuesday. 59 concord, looking at 59 for new san jose. 60 oakland. midother's, liver admonition, san francisco and down to 50 degrees for santa rose a. current wind speeds at 1 miles an hour at sfo. 13 at half moon bay and san jose right now. let's go through the day in san francisco. topping out at 67 degrees. it'll get breezy as we look ahead to the afternoon. looking at west northwesterly
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winds increasing to about 20 miles an hour. the east bay and 70 degrees for a high temperature with that sunshine. also breezy for you as well and for the south bay. san jose topping out at 72 this afternoon with the northwesterly winds. we have afternoon sunshine, even though a little warmer today compared to yesterday. still below average for this time of year. tracking the breezy off shore winds and watching up in the hills and the north bay mountains and east bay hills for the stronger off shore winds today. we look to the rest of the week we will heat it up by friday and into the weekend. as we go hour by hour in future cast you can see that sun as we head through the day today, for tomorrow maybe some passing clouds in the morning. then we are looking at plenty of sun as we go through wednesday and temperatures will be on the rise as we look ahead to the rest of the week. future cast winds and i want to show you through the afternoon. those northerly winds, from napa, fairfield, as well as for
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livermore. watching those off shore winds for you along the coast, westerly winds and that strong ocean breeze kicking in along the coast. we have the beach hazard statement in effect due to the first large northwest swell of the season for our bay area beaches. as we look to the daytime highs, upper 6o's to low 70's for the peninsula. along the coast in the low 60's for the south bay looking at low 70's santa clara and san jose. inland east bay 80, concord, pleasant hill. midtownshiper 70's. around the bay 67. 63daley city. upper 60's alameda. and for the north bay mid to upper 70's to low 80's this afternoon. mid-70s in ukia. here is that seven day forecast. there we go with that warm up as we look ahead to the rest of the workweek. temperatures in to the 80's and 90's by the end of the week and mid-60s's by the end of
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with a look at the bay bridge. looks okay arplaza. no brake lights or issues but there's a broken down vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. blocking at least the left lane. we will watch that to see if things get a little slow as you head through there. just depends on how long it takes to clear off that car from the roadway there. overall it's still a pretty easy ride out of the east bay heading in to the city right now. are you looking at about an eight minute travel time from the maze into san francisco. san mateo bridge off to a great start. live look both directions. in are you going between 880 and 101, still about 12 minutes for your travel time there. right now we are not seeing any brake lights or issues along the golden gate bridge. no delays out of marin county. if are you going southbound 101 from highway 37 into san francisco, you should see -- they are doing the lane changes on the northbound side. not seeing any brake lights or
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problems as you work through there. checking the travel times right now, pass, wind advisory in effect. keep that in mind. right now your travel time here. 42 minutes 205 toward 680. east shore freeway. highway 4 and 10 # out of the san jose area. no major delays there and just a heads up. starting week the improvement project is underway so you will see road work on 3.1 miles of the pass road between concord and pittsburgh. this is a daily project and will be in effect until january 25th of 2020. time is 5:21. a little street in upstate new york becoming the perfect venue for one pandemic wedding. why the bride and groom picked this random street to say i do. coming up at seven, r kelly guilty of sex trafficking and federal racketeering. what the verdict means for survivors. stereo and on the edge of a partial government shut down the budget battle unfolding.
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and oprah reveals the latest foot club selection. >> and be sure to check out the new 3:00 p.m. newscast weekdays after the drew barrymore show with. we will be r
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a couple with relatives on both sides of the canadian border decided to get creative so that everybody could see
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them get married. >> it happened on a quiet street iit would say border is extended and our fingers, toes, everything was crossed. >> to have them here meant everything to here and to me as well. >> the bride's parents and grandmother will not be able to go to a more formal wedding next weekend. >> it's nice. this is nice. >> made love happen. >> beautiful moment. they got to share with everybody. it's 5:25. our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn. >> a rare warning from the feds about counterfeit pills flooding the bay area when you need to know. and it could be a milestone in the fight against coronavirus. what pfizer is testing that
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. right now, a warning from the feds about fake prescription pills flooding the bay area market. >> don't trust a pill because it looks like something you get from your doctor. >> and a bay area city hour away from a vote that could make california history where you may no longer be able to buy flavored take bako. and live to capitol hill. time is ticking in congress for a budget deal. what needs to happen in the next three days to avoid a government shut down. and it's not even october but you may need to start that
5:30 am
holiday shopping right now. good morning. >> especially the northwest facing beaches we will be watching that. the first northwest swell of the season that. storm system that brought the showers yesterday, king kicking up the waves for us today. that northwest swell -- watch out for sneaker waves, sudden breakers and strong rip currents. cross extra caution for today. that beach hazard station in effect until 11 tonight. the daytime highs warmer compared to yesterday we will watch that sun this afternoon. looking at 70's and 80's inland.
5:31 am
low 60's at the coast. let's look. we start off the live look, starting to get just a little busy. we are seeing more cars on the ro forive. the's a broken vehicle. it's near trea yo through there. things look nicely the rest of the way across the span. also tracking the brake lights in to the pass. the busy spot 43 minutes, westbound 580 to go from 201 toward 680. there's a high wind advisory in effect for the pass so be careful if you are traveling in a high profile vehicle. all in the clear. breaking news, san francisco state is telling students and san francisco not to arrive on campus until 10:00 a.m. university police are investigating a anonymous nonspecific threat remote work will continue as planned. we have a live crew on the way and will bring you the latest
5:32 am
as soon as we get it. federal drug agents putting out a warning for the bay area and the rest of the country this morning. they seized an numbf counterfeit er fentanyl or meth laced counterfeit drugs th prescription opioid medication. the dea said the fake pills laced fentanyl or meth because it's cheaper to make. a professor said any drug you take should be prescribed by the doctor and bought from a pharmacy. >> don't trust a pill, just because it looks like something you get from the doctor. it could -- because there's a -- possibility that it's a counterfeit pill it could kill you. >> the dea seized more than 9.5 million pills which is more than the last two years
5:33 am
combined. toros. this morning, pfizer said it's submitted trial data to the fda for its vaccine in children ages five to 11. they said it'll make a formal request in the coming weeks. it comes as the company is testing a pill aimed to prevent coronavirus infects. its being tested in combination with an hiv drug. california continues to have the lowest levels of virus transsignificance. cases and hospitalizations have declined sharp live. the rate has dropped to less than 3%. happening today in the south bay a big day for the san jose sharks. they are playing against their biggest rival in the shark tank and without capacity restrictions since the pandemic started. tonight's home game begin its at seven and it's not clear how
5:34 am
many fans willa fend but as of yesterday about 10,000 ticket was issued. new, an nba legend thinks the league should insist that all players get vaccinated. he said that unvaccinated players should not be allowed to risk the health of others. he spoken on the day that a current warriors playerdoubled down on his refusal. >> i don't think they are behaving like good teammates or good citizens. this is a war we are involved in. masks and vaccines, they are the weapons that we use to fight this war. >> looking live now at chase center. andrew wiggins won't be allowed inside to play unit he gets the vaccine. yesterday at the media day he said vaccination is a private matter and he doesn't owe anyone any explanation. >> what's the reason for not just explaining what you
5:35 am
believe? >> it's none of your business. who are you guys that i have to explain what i believe or what's right and wrong in my mind? >> more than 90% of players in the league have had at least one dose. only players in san francisco and new york are faced with a requirement. wiggins could be fined, game checks if he does not get the shot. happening today the san jose city council will vote on whether to ban the sale of flavored take bob a. the proposed ordinance would force hundreds to stop selling the products, backers of the measure say they are especially concerned about the weigh that the flavors are being marketed to teenagers leading to potential addiction. >> big tobacco knows this which is why they are continuely looking to hook new users through flavors and aggressive advertising. these are aimed at our youth and i'm particularly concerned that it's aimed the our latino
5:36 am
community and our black community. >> if the ordinance passes, tobacco retailer also have six months to sell off the prohibited products before facing any enforcement. happening today in the east bay the governor is visiting ana fordable housing development inial immediate a. he is expected to sign legislation to boost low income housing production and hold local officials responsible in tackling the housing credit i sessions. california's pandemic test would statewide mail in voting permanent. the governor required every vote tore be mailed a ballot for every election. today santa clara registrar will hold an event that starts at 4:00 at the county government center on burger drive in san jose. turning now to capitol hill and the standoff over spending and raising the debt ceiling. last night southbound ate republicans blocked a bill to keep the government open and prevent a federal debt default.
5:37 am
>> the motion is not agreed to. >> congress has until friday to prevent a shut down. republicans object to democrats tying it to an an increase in the debt ceiling. this is despite the fact that republicans raised the debt limit throughout the trump administration. >> we will not provide republican votes to raising the debt limit. >> social security checks, medicare benefits, veteran's benefits, small business, all this and more are now on the chopping block. >> the senate could bring the funding measure back up for a vote this week without a debt ceiling extension which is not needed until mid-october. friday is the deadline to avert a partial shut down otherwise about 800,000 government workers cannot be paid. a live look at san francisco. the city is set to receive more than $12 billion in grants to support in person parades and festivals. the funding part of a city wide
5:38 am
initiative that helps some 250 local arts organizations every year. city officials are he leased a statement saying supporting our arts organizations during its challenging time is key to our city's recovery. time now for money watch report. delta is slashing some deals aimed to save you money. and one auto make certify about to kick off a big hiring spree. let's go live to the new york stock exchange. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. it's good to be with you. let's start with the global landscape. a warning the world bank about the global economy. they the financial institution said that the pandemic will do lasting damage to economies across the world if the disease persists. the world bank said the divide between east asia and the western world will grow large we are the exception of chain a. the world bank is calling for policy action to avert future disparities. ford is creating 11,000 new job over the next four years as
5:39 am
it expands peculiaral vex production. the automaker, will invest $11 billion to build three battery factories and an electric truck plant. no more fare matching at delta airlines. they cut their best fare guarantee program. consumer was promised they would receive the best farf they found a lower price. travelers could get a full refund or receive the distance. and understand you have something for people to chew on before their next first date. fill me in. >> dating while dining deal breakers. that's what this is. more than half of americans said slurping food was the most unacceptable dining offense. some said eating food that was dropped on the floor would bring a check please and
5:40 am
chewing with your mouth open would eliminate the chance of a second date. while would eat food off the floor just in a regular setting but on a first date if who does that? >> not like at a restaurant. no. no. not on any date. i mean i know at home it's like the five second rule and why your floors are clean. the restaurant, no. don't do that. >> yeah. save all the bad habits until they fall in love with you. that's the rule. >> the marketing pr department first. >> yes. exactly. all right. we will see new the next hour to talk about the stock market numbers. see you then. all right. it's 5:40. >> coming up on kpix ha and streaming on cb sn bay area a strange twist. what a bay area woman claims led her to accidentally start a wildfire. and holiday shopping won't be business as wonderful. the problem that could limit your options. the and from car seat
5:41 am
safety to driving on slick roads. we are live for your tuesday travel tips. . and was great to have the showers yesterday. we picked up a hue hundreds to a 10th to a quarter inch much. now we are be log at sun. a beautiful view looking at santa clara valley with clouds out there this morning. we will talk about what you can expect as we head through the day.
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5:43 am
5:44 am
this morning two children remain in the hospital after an electric bike crash in o county. their mother lost her life in the accident. the sheriff's department said the 36-year-old was biking with her sons who were in seats attached to the bike. she hit a curb on her e bike and was thrown onto the rocks. >> one child suffered major trauma and was transported at the trauma patient. the other child also suffered injuries and was transported. both are expected to survive. >> saturday's crash is the first death in the orange county sheriff's jurisdiction. a strange twist in the arson investigation into a big wildfire that's displayed thousands north of the bay area. the 30-year-old accidentally started the fire in shasta when she was boiling bear urine to
5:45 am
drink. the 8500 acres fire has burned dozens of home but it's now 60% contained and move away from populated area. she has plead not guilty but the story doesn't entity there. the officer who arrested her believes there's a possibility she also started a separate vegetation fire that night before in the city of shasta lake. rain and higher humidity are providing ana ssitt. it's a welcdelo firefighters aim to keep boosting containment. the fire has burned more than 220,000 acres and it's now 76% contained. the added moisture will make a difference. >> it'll help moderate the fire behavior. can't rule out a few snowflakes. especially this time of year. you see big swings in weather.
5:46 am
retailers and manufactureerns out with a warning. >> some products may not make it to the store shelfs in time for christmas. more than 70 container ships are sitting off the coast. then the issue is where do you put it all. >> stuff stuff is piling up at the ports and warehouses. the moore that happens the hard eve it is to move stuff. >> the port of oakland had 30 container ships stuck in the bay by a deal was automatic to the best advice, start your holiday shopping now. >> like right now.
5:47 am
>> i saturdayed in september. >> i'm always prepared. i want to make sure i got all that stuff. >> always knows. >> need to be like you for sure. all right. >> let's talk about the weatherw. he are looking at changes. it was so nice to have the showers yesterday. we had anywhere from a few hundred diagnostics to some lucky places with a quarter inch much of rain. now we are talking about sun this afternoon. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look north. you can see the temperatures in the 50's to about 60 degrees. 59 concord, 55 livermore. 59 in san jose and down to 50 in santa rosa. 12-mile an hour winds. looking at 13 at half moon bay and for san jose. let's go through the day in the city and san francisco and we are looking at that sunshine this afternoon. turning breezy with west
5:48 am
northwesterly winds, 20 milessa unhour. 67 for a high. four the east bay, east bayshore line and oakland looking at 70 degrees this afternoon with the west northwesterly winds. it'll be a breezy afternoon for you with that sunshine. for the south bay in san jose looking at 72 for a high temperature. still below average. we are looking at breezy off shore winds developing today and will be watching up in the hills. the higher elevations and the north bay mountains for the gusty off shore winds developing. we will be heating up as we look ahead take later this week. showing you future cast wind dusts and can see as we head through the afternoon the
5:49 am
northerly winds, especially napa, fire field and for livermore. westerly winds, right along the coast. the sunrise at 7:02. daytime highs for the peninsula upper 60's to low 70's. low 70's santa clara. 75 for loss gatos. mid to upper 70's for the tri valley. around the bay from 63 in daley city. upper 60's in alameda. the north bay, mid to upper 70's. about 80 degrees. 80 in sonoma. 76 santa rose a. the mid-70s in ukia. here is the seven day forecast. there we go. we warm up friday and into the weekend with the temperatures climbing inland east bay in to the 80's and 90's. mid-60s's at the coast. let's check in with gianna. nd more cars hit the road for that morning drive.
5:50 am
we are seeing extra volume on the westbound 580 ride as you work toward the dublin. live look here. headlights going westbound. travel time now at about 47 minutes to go from the 205 connector. there is also a four car crash blocking the left lane, southbound on vasco road. just a mile before the road. it's in the clearing stages. still a lot of congestion in and around the area. jump into the bridge. both directions moving nicely. we haven't had any troubles or delays along the freeway. things clear if you are going on 880 onto 92 heading toward the peninsula. 12 minutes between heyward into foster city. they just turned the lights unott at bay bridge. ten minutes from the maze in to the city. that stalled vehicle now cleared off the span and we will start seeing brake lights build building here. it's getting slow into san
5:51 am
francisco. live look at the golden gate bridge. extra volume but it's still a 20 minute ride. as you head into san francisco. just a heads up if you normally stake the pass road the ongoing project starts this week. 3.1 miles of the road between concord and pittsburgh. there will be road work in week. that's monday through friday and it won't wrap up until january 25th, 2022. expect delays for a few months there. time now is 5:51. still to come a story that may make you say there goes my hero. a rockledge end helping a privilege base player get back on stage after risking his life to stop a gunman. the a recap of the four day squash tournament in san francisco. on drew barrymore show my little pony. a new generation star stops by. and then five ways to update
5:52 am
your outdoor space for under $50. that's all today at two. and don't forget to check out the all new cbs morning airing after our show. gayle king, and nate bring you the news of the day all from their new studio in the heart of time square. cbs morning starts at seven. . and a live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. kind of quiet this morning. we will be
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
here is a look at san francisco. taking you through the day. we are looking at 67 degrees for a high temperature with that sunshine and breezy as we head through our afternoon. breezy for you and for the south bay, san jose, a high of 72 with that sun, northwesterly winds at 15 miles an hour later on this afternoon. daytime highs warmer compared to yesterday but still below average for this time of year. >> thank you. a unique piece of rock and roll history helped a rock band put on their first show since their bass player was shot. >> he was hit in the leg while stopping a gunman at a bar in idaho. he took the stage for the first time this weekend since he was shot and after sharing his story and making a comment about hoping to use the throne on social immediate yeah got at
5:56 am
tension of the foo fighters management. >> they showed it to him and he called me and basically said i will ship that throne up to you at my expense. >> it allowed him to rest his leg while playing. he said there are only two people who have used it. dave who used when he broke his leg during a show in 2015 and axle rose in guns and roses. >> very nice of them. >> yeah. >> that's your guy. >> yeah. i think we need that. thank you for that. >> i thank you are you putting these stories in about dave. >> i'm [inaudible]. >> you got me. time now is 45:56. in the next half hour,. >> we are following breaking news out of san francisco. a threat investigation happening right now at sf state. we have a live crew on the way. and prison affer acro e state now required to get the vaccine. why a judge said it's the only
5:57 am
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no a bay area university investigating a threat on campus. what we know right now. sleeping overnight pfizer said it submitted datao units coronavirus vaccine for kids. this is -- we kind of want to figure out everything on our own and we don't want to ask for help. >> putting her mental health first. simone's message to other struggling athletes. later as the first rainfalls, we are live with the chp for advice for driving on a slick road. good


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