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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  September 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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no a bay area university investigating a threat on campus. what we know right now. sleeping overnight pfizer said it submitted datao units coronavirus vaccine for kids. this is -- we kind of want to figure out everything on our own and we don't want to ask for help. >> putting her mental health first. simone's message to other struggling athletes. later as the first rainfalls, we are live with the chp for advice for driving on a
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slick road. good morning to you. it's tuesday, september 28th. let's get a first check on weather and traffic and we start off with mary lee. we had a wet weather. we picked to about a quarter inch much of rain with the cold front of the fall season. now we are looking at sunshine this afternoon. daytime highs warmer but still below average. low 60's along the coast. upper 60's to low 70's and highs inland into the 70's and low 80's this afternoon. you can see that sunshine as we go through the day on future cast. i will talk about a warm up as we look to the rest of the week. for now let's check in [inaudible]. and we are tracking brake light as long highway 4. look at that map. all the red. it's a slow ride as you work westbound out of pittsburgh into bay point this is all to a broken down vehicle stuck in
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lanes there. also over on the right shoulder. it's near port chicago highway causing a lot of brake lights. looks like that area gets busy during that 6:00 hour for folks going to work or school. travel time now 49 minutes to go westbound highway 4. everything is clear from highway 4 until you get to the maze. it's 6:02. police in san francisco state are investigating what they call an anonymous nonspecific threat. >> its prompted them to keep everybody away from classes for the next few hours. justice inandrew is live from the sf state campus. what are you finding out right now? >> right now there is some type of investigation going on but we haven't found exactly where. i want to give you a look at the alert that was sent just a couple hours ago it. was sent out around 3:11. it let students and staff know
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that's in person classes delayed until tenement at alert said because of ongoing investigation by university pd of a nonspecific threat. you just mentioned that very vague details right now this morning. that's all we are able to get at this point. at alert also said students on campus should stay in their dorms. the campus is shut down until at least 10:00. we expect to get more updates after sub. then alert said around eight we should. before eight is when we should get more details. we will let you know online and on air. we are live. back to you. coronavirus now. major developments overnight. pfizer said it's sent in coronavirus vaccine data on children ages five to 11 to the fda for initial review. a request for emergency use authorization is expected to follow in the coming weeks. this as the new cdc data shows 258 children were sent to the hospital with coronavirus every
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day last week. this surge is hitting them harder. nearly 27% of recent cases were children. >> i think that we are going to submit this data pretty soon. it's a question of days, not weeks. >> i would hope that by the end of october we will be there. >> moderna confirmed it intends to expand its trial with the aim of enrolling more than 6700 younger than 12. the kids were to be split equally into three age brackets including a 6 to 11-year-old group. today oakland is holding a zoom meeting to answer any questions parents and students about coronavirus vaccine concerns. the virtual event starts at 5:30. a judge said all california prison staff must be vaccinated unless they have a religious or medical exemption. monday's order after a series ever coronavirus outbreaks including one that led to multiple deaths at san quentin. since the start of the pandemic
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more than 50,000 inmates have been infected. at least 240 have died. 28 and a correction am officer died at the prison last year. there are cu218 inmate infections across california. once the virus enters a facility it's difficult to contain. the dominant route is through infected staff. the prison guards union said it may appeal themandate. sfo is a hub for united airlines. the company said nearly 99% of its employees have been vaccinated. after it imposed a mandate last month. united said today it may start a process of dismissing worker who have not up loaded the record of at least one coronavirus vaccine shot. people seeking exceptions can stay on the job until at least october 8th when there is a court hearing on the lawsuit. a live look. state leader also talk at
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giving incentives to those struggling with meth addiction if they enter a substance treatment program. according to the san francisco department of public health since 2008 meth overdose deaths in the city have increased by 500%. san francisco had a record number of overdose deaths in 2020 and data collected in 2019 shows roughly 60% of all overdose deaths were meth related. senator weiner wrote in a state the recovery incentives act makes it possible for so many more people to access life saving meth addiction treatment. the bill also authorizes medical to cover substance recovery programs. san francisco police have made two arrests in a violent attempted robbery in the mission district. authorities say the suspects demanded a woman's camera at gun point and then shot her in the leg. two men are now being held without bail. three teenagers have been
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arrested after a scary scene yesterday at a mall in alameda county. police say this is the gun the suspects used to try to rob a woman in the parking lot at stone ridge shopping center. one of them grabbed her by the arm while other pointed a gun at her face. the victim was able to escape and call for help. developing news in the gabby petito case. new audio believes utah police were told brian landria hit her before they questioned the couple in mid-august. >> if you have a phone number or location where the victim is it? >> i'm not sure. the female who got hit. they both got into the van and headed north. >> during a hourlong traffic stop petito said she slapped landrie. he said he pushed her. officers said the situation was result of a mental health crisis and suggested that the
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two separate for the night. the search for the fiance is entering a new phase after teams spent days scouring the 25,000 acres carlton nature reserve near the family home. florida police say they expect the now fbi led search to be scaled back and targeted based on new intelligence. new, in a show of force, north korea has fired a suspected missile into the sea. military officials in south korea say that what they call an unidentified item was fired early this morning. the short range missile reportedly landed in the sea of japan off the east cove of the peninsula. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> simone opening up. new revelations about their journey and why she is saying she should have get before tokyo. the i'm having these mental
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blocks in the gym recently. separated by coronavirus. brought together by love. how a couple got creative to make sure when they said i do it was in front of everybody they loved. and coming up at 60:00 time is ticking more a budget deal. what needs to happen in the next three days to avoid a government shut down. good tuesday morning to you. our 4 hour temperature change, we are looking at temperatures just a bitl capacitier compared to yesterday at this time. i will have that full forecast and what you can expect where you live coming up. now here is a live look outside. this is the treasure island cam a. it's 6:09. we
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we will see plenty of sun as we head through the day. here we go as we go through the day in san francisco. topping out in san francisco with 67 as we head through the afternoon and in oakland. topping out at 7o with that sun with the breezy west northwesterly winds. we will have more on the big
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warm newspaper store for us coming up. new video this morning as a volcana continues erupt sending lava and ash. spurts lighting up the nights sky after a period of several hours. people are watching all that activity. the volcano started erupting a month ago. a live look at the chase center where simon biles will take the stage as part of a gold over america tour. she is opening up and prosecute he is other you on athletes. biles pulled out to if he cuss on her mental health. she said she struggle from the twisties a state of disassociation which can lead to serious injury. in a interview with new york magazine, she said being a surveyor of sexual abuse took its toll. she said that i should have quit way before tokyo when
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larry nassar was in the media for two yearless. i was not going to let him take something i worked for since i was six years ago. >> i would say speak up for what you believe in, take care of your mind and body, your soul and health. i feel like we struggled along the road of doing that because we kind of want to figure out everything out on our own and we don't want to ask for help. >> she is sharing her struggles in the final part of her facebook watch series streaming today. the 11th open wrapped up last night. four days of play over 200 though dollars in prizes were up for grabs. >> glenn has a recap of the frenzy. >> squash community across from the ferry building for inside that glass cube young lady, that's amanda swobe. the number one ranked american.
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three games to none. that building confidence and momentum going into next week's united states open. ally was the men's champion. he is the world's number one ranked player. time now is 6:15. let's get a look at weather and photograph speck start off with a look at that forecast and today no rain. >> hey. we are looking at that sun this afternoon. it was so nice to have that rain yesterday we picked anywhere -- picked up from a few hundredths to a quarter inch much with the first cold front of the fall season. now we are looking at clear skies as we head through the afternoon. you can see the clouds out there as we look to the santa clara valley. now let's show you a live look with the sales force tower camera looking at the beautiful golden gate. we are in the 50's and 06's.
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concord 58, mid50's livermore, san francisco, 58 san jose and 51 for santa rosa. current wind speeds out there. ten mile abhijit hour winds. ten at half moon bay. ten in san jose this morning. still below average. breezy off shore winds sleeping for us today. especially watching up no the elevations and the hills, east bay hills and the north bay mountains. it was good to have that rain yesterday so we are looking at that moisture and the ground. not looking at a high fire danger though we will see the off shore winds at least -- the ground kind of saturated from the source yesterday. we will heat it up as we look ahead to later on this week. now we have the beach hazard statement with the first large northwest swell of the season.
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that beach hazard statement in effect until 11 tonight. watching the northwest facing beaches. northwest swells, you can see about eight to ten feet. 13 to 15 seconds, watch out for sneaker waves, sudden breakers thugh the day we are going to catch that sun this afternoon and then for tomorrow we are looking at plenty of sun and temperatures on the rise as we look ahead to the rest of the week. so future cast winds and we are looking at the northly winds, napa, fairfield and livermore this afternoon and along the coast with those strong westerly winds for you. we are looking at that sunrise and the sunset at 6:56. daytime highs along the coast in the low 60's. the peninsula upper 60's to low 70's. for the south bay, san jose, mid-70s for you in campbell and for los gatos. up land east bay, mid to upper 70's for the tri valley.
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looking at 70 in oakland and mid to upper 70's to low 80's for the north bay. mid-70s for ukia. seven day forecast, there we go with the rising temperatures through the workweek and in to the weekend. inland east bay and for the north bay temperatures into the 80's and 90's by the end of the week and mid-60s's at the coast. we have the brake lights in to the pass this morning. no crashes through this area which is good news. a lot of red popping up on the sensors and now are you looking at a 51 minute travel time westbound 580 to go from 205 where that tracy area connects. all the way toward the dublin. you will see most the brake lights at least to about north flynn. once are you past that traffic looks better heading toward the dublin. right now not hearing any trouble on 680 both directions. live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving facely on the bay idgefoe most part. n mateo bring all clear. looking at a 13 minute commute.
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if are you taking 880, we are tracking a few brake lights through that heyward area. no crashes through there. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing brake lights. it's backed up there. this is right around the area near the foot of the maze. bay bridge toll plaza. so sluggish conditions now. pretty normal this time of the morning. you will see brake lights as you head into san francisco right now your travel time at 12 minute from the maze over into the city. once you come off that skyway area heading in to san francisco, things a little slow there as well. golden gate bridge looking good. no brake lights or issues. just extra volume on that southbound side heading in to san francisco. a new escalator is up and running at the powell street bart station in san francisco. it's the first of five that will connect to the platform part of a broader renovation project. the new version has lighter
6:20 am
sustainable materials, and enhanced safety and automatic system that's friendly to the environment. it's in the process of replacing 40 old and failure prone escalators along market street. new video out of the uk shows empty gnat stations britain has put its army on stand by to deliver fuel this after a shortage of truckers tryingerned panicked buying that left fuel pumps dry. and a little street in upstate new york becoming the perfect venue for one pandemic wedding. why the bride and groom picked this spot to say i do. and it's not even october yet but you may need to start that holiday shopping now. details in the next half hour. and be sure to check out the new 3:00 p.m. newscast weekdays after the drew barrymore show followed by the cbs evening news. and here is a quick like look before we head to break. it's 6:20. are you looking at the dublin camera. you can see 580 in the background and westbound 580 getting busy. we will be right back.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a couple got creative and tied the knot at the united states, canadian border. >> it happened on a quiet street in upstate new york with family and friends looking on. >> three months we would watch and it would say, border is extended, border section tended our fingers, toes, everything was crossed in august, august 21th then they announced that it was closed. we knew we had to do something to have mom and dad here. >> to have them here, to be part of it, meant everything to her and to me as well. >> and because of those travel restrictions the bride's parents and grandmother will not be able to go to a more formal wedding in the united
6:25 am
states next week. why not have them all together? >> brought the wednesdaying to them. >> look at that. >> made a big difference. >> such a special time. time now is 6:24. the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. the a rare warning about counterfeit pills flooding the bay area when you need to know. and it could be a milestone in the fight against coronavirus. what pfizer is testing that could prevent coronavirus infections. the and ahead in the live money watch report going green and giving out thousands of new jobs. the massive 11 billion dollars
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if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines a live look at san francisco state university. breaking news. school officials telling students and staff not to arrive on campus until 10:00 a.m. university police are investigating a anonymous nonspecific threat. today in san francisco, city and state leader also discuss a new bill to give incentives to those struggling meth addiction if they enter treatment. according to the department of public health since 2008 meth overdose deaths in the city have increased by 500%. this afternoon san jose city council will vote on whether to thsale flavored to backo. it would force hundreds of g th
6:30 am
backers of the measure say they are especially concerned about the way th and mintyflavors being marketed to teens leading to potential addiction. it's 6:30. good morning. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day but you may want to stay away from the beach. let's get to mary lee with where we may see the dangerous waves. >> the storm system that brought the shower is bringing the first large northwest swell of the season. watching the northwest facing beaches. we have a beach hazard statement in effect until 11 tonight with northwest swells about eight to ten feet. at 13 to 15 seconds. watch out for sneaker waves and breakers. use contract caution. now in the afternoon, plenty of sun. highs warmer compared to yesterday but still below after rage for this time of year. low 60's for the confident, mid to upper 60's to mid to upper
6:31 am
70's. and highs inland with that sunshine in to the 70's and 80's this afternoon. we will talk about a big warm up in store for us coming up. let's come in with gianna. busy if you are headed in to the pass. there is a high wind advisory in effect for that ride along 580. are you looking at the dublin interchange and the headlights heading toward 680. starting to see more volume on the roadway. you will see a lot of brake lights east of here with the travel time at 50 minutes as you head from 205 toward 680. our bay area bridges for the most part are doing okay. san mat eric o bridge typical. the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the usual back up here to the foot of the mazew. he are seeing brake lights and crowded as you head in to the city. 15 minutes for your travel time. we are following breaking news. ana alert at san francisco state. >> a campus police investigation is underway right
6:32 am
now. justice inandrew is live. justin what's the latest? >> yeah. the details with this campus shut down are still very vague right now. we know there's an investigation on campus but where ask what they are investigating are still unknown right now. take a look at this alert that was sent out a coupleminutes after # to students and satisfy. they were told there's an anonymous and nonspecific threat on campus so there's no in person classes. it said remote work should continue. the alert said that students on campus should stay inside their dorms until later on. on the way to campus i reached out to the communications director to see if we could get more information about this and i just heard back from him he told me that he just repeated by 8:00 we should learn more so, when we do we will pass that information to you. we are live on the campus this
6:33 am
morning. federal drug agents are putting out a warn for the bay area and the rest of the country. they seized an unprecedented number of counter feet pill was a potentially deadly substance. the dea said that the number of fentanyl or meth laced counterfeit drugs on the street is sky be aresting. they look like your prescription oxy or other opioids but they are laced fentanyl or meth because it's cheaper to make. a professor said that any drug you take should be prescribed by a doctor and bought from a pharmacy. >> don't trust a pill just because it looks like something you get from the doctor. it could -- there is a possibility that it's a counterfeit pill. it could kill you. >> the dea seized more than 9.5 million pills which is more than the last two years combined. the pills are responsible for
6:34 am
killing 93,000 people last year. now to the coronavirus. new this morning pfizer said it's submitted initial trial date to the fda for its vaccine in certain ages five to 11. the drug makeern said it'll make a formal request for emergency use authorization in the coming weeks. this as the company is testing a pill aimed at preventing coronavirus infections in people who have been exposed. now the pill is being tested in combination with an hiv drug in people who live in the same household as someone infected with coronavirus. cases and hospitalizations have declined sharply in the state. health officials say the positive rate has now dropped to less than 3%. to happening today in the south bay a big day for the san jose sharks, not only are they playing against their biggest rival in the shark tank they are playing for the first time without capacity restrictions
6:35 am
since the pandemic started. tonight's home game against the la kings starts at 7:00. it's not clear how many fans will attend but asharks spokesman said as of yesterday about 10,000 ticket was issued. now, an nba legend said he thinks the league should insist all players be vaccinated. he said that unvaccinated players shouldn't be allowed to risk the health of others. he spoke on the same day that a current warriors player doubled down on his refusal. >> i don't think that they are behaving like good teammates or good citizens. this is a war that we are involved in. masks and vaccines, they are the weapons that we use to fight this war. >> looking live chase center now. warriors forward andrew wiggins won't be allowed to play games unless he gets the vaccine. yesterday, wiggins said vaccination is a private matter and he doesn't owe anyone any
6:36 am
explanation. >> what's the reason for not just explaining what you believe? >> it's none of your business. who are you that i should have to explain what i believe or what's right or wrong? >> more than 90% of players have at least one dose but only players in and of new york are faced a requirement. wiggins could be fined game check itself he does not get the shot. happening today in the east bay, the governor is visiting ana fordable housing development in alameda. he is expected to sign legislation to boost low income housing production and hold local officials responsible in tackling the housing crisis. california's pandemic test with statewide mail in voting permanent. the governor signed a bill to require every voter to be mailed a ballot for every election. today they will hold a national voter registration event. it includes resources, entertainment and educational booths it. starts at four at the county
6:37 am
government center on burger drive in san jose. turning to capitol hill and last night republiclonding and the motion is not agreed to. >> congress has until friday to prevent a shut down. republicans object to democrats tieing to an increase in the debt crying which lets the united states continue to pay its bills this despite the fact that republicans raised the dent limit throughout the trump administration. >> we will not provide republican votes for raising the debt limit. >> social security checks, medicare benefits. veteran's benefits, small business, all this and more are now on the chopping block. >> the senate could bring the funding measure back up for a vote this week without a debt ceiling extension which is not needed until mid-october. friday is the deadline to
6:38 am
avert a partial shut down. otherwise about 800,000 government workers cannot be paid. the time is now 6:37. coming up. >> from car seat safety to driving on slick roads, we are live with the chp for your tuesday travel types after the break. and holiday shopping won't be business as usual this year. the problem that could limit your option. the and the market just opened up about ten minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the big board and the dow is down 83 points. diane king hall break itself all down right after the break. good morning. ahead on cbs mornings r kelly is guilty of sex trafficking racketeering. we will about talk about the verdict and what it means for the surveyors. the and an interview with members of the proctor and gamble family who say the company is putting profits
6:39 am
before the environment. and never before heard details of time with bruce springsteen and the east street band. only on cbs mornings on ralph reveals the latest pick for a book club. we will see you 7:00 sharp.
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good tuesday morning. if are you usual to get ready. check it out. a fantastic sunrise with the golden colors in. we will see plenty of sun but it'll turn breezy. i will show you future cast and what you can expect coming up in just a few minutes. back to you.
6:43 am
>> that does look beautiful. time to connect check in on wall street. one car maker is about to connect off a hiring spree. >> trading on underway and you have stocks under pressure in the early action. all tree major indexes down right now. the dow is down around triple digits. over in the tech sector you are seeing heavier losses there. the nasdaq down more than 200 points at the moment. ford is creating 11,000 new jobs over the next four years as it exstands electric vehicle production. they will invest $11 billion to build three battery factories and an electric truck plant. they predict it'll help build more than a million electric vehicles a year. >> thank you. a live look at the golden gate and bay bridge.
6:44 am
traffic safety turning in to a big concern as we approach the holidays and a rainy season ahead. joiningus live with the all the tips to stay safe on the roads, brandon, good morning. >> hello and good morning. thank you for having a good tuesday morning. >> good tuesday morning. glad to have you with us. the day in weather will create slick conditions. what are some reminders for them this morning as we approach a dangerous season on the roadways. >> good morning. the most important thing to remember is when the roadways are wet, slippery, oily, he after the first rain. it'll increase your stopping distance. just because you drive right on top of that person in front of you. bumper to bumper like you normally do. you may not want to do that in the rain. it'll cause you to have a longer stopping period so give yourself more space, more time before you leave the house and we want to make sure to get to your destination safe. >> you know speeding was a big
6:45 am
issue during the pandemic with not a lot of cars on the road. are we seeing that problem on the roads here in the bay yeah as it was during height of the pandemic? probably not like the height of the pandemic. there was very little cars on the roadway. people are still going to do what they are going to do. it's hard to control that. we want to beat out there in a maximum presence where we are out and seeing and maybing those inforcement stops and getting people to mind their p's and q's. you can see the photographings. people are still feeding but that's our job to slow them down and let them get to their destination safe. >> that's the key. let's talk car seats now that were on this safety theme of course. where can they go to get more help? >> car seats are easy to put in. even myself a trained car seat tech before i was i did it incorrectly. if you have any questions, the
6:46 am
chp are considered experts and we are many be many certified techs. call any chp office in your local area and you can schedule a free, free car seat appointment at any chp office and he we will do it for you. when you drive a what you will have the confidence to do it yourself. you will always know your child is safe in your car. >> that's good information. as a parent you go from baby car seats to toddler car seats. it all changes in sizes. swapping them and out is all different. >> it is. and it's not that difficult but there are some very simple rules. you know you always want to make sure they are rear facing until two years old. that's the new law. about three, four years ago. then a weight limit. height, age, and then all that comes in to play once are you over two if you want to be in a booster it depending on that. if you book the appointment any one of us will be happy to help you out. kind of instruct you how to do
6:47 am
it. give you -- the do as and don'ts and make sure you go away confident you that can do it yourself. >> good to know. c hp officer. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> you do the same. got to protect that proceed suggestion cargo. retailer around the world are out with a warning. >> some products may not make it to the store shelfs in time for christmas. rebounding consumer demand has meant a surge in cargo shipping did you border restrictions and ongoing worker shortages slowing down. in southern california, more than 740 container ships sitting off the coast. waiting to be unloaded. then the issue becomes where do you put it all. >> they aren't the people in place to move the condition takenners where they need to go. are you having a lot of stuff piling up. the more that happens, the harder it is to get this stuff that's ready to move. >> the port of oakland has 30 container ships stuck in the
6:48 am
bay this summer but the long shore men and maritime association cut a deal to hire more people and clear the backlog. the best advice start your holiday shopping right now. >> if you don't you will be like me and wait until the last minute. you will have to blame cargo congestion for why it's late. >> right. right. >> need to get on it. i'm always that last minute shopper doing that rush. okay. we are going to do it. right? >> that's right. you can do it. >> gianna is always way ahead of the game. we have to keep each other responsible. >> i got you. i want to show you a beautiful start to the day. such a pretty view with our sunrise this morning as we look to our sales force tower camera looking east across the bay with mount diablo. just a fantastic start to the day. we always have a lot going on but we see views like this. so grateful to be living in a beautiful part of the country. looking at temperatures in the
6:49 am
50's this morning. upper 50's for concord, oakland, san jose, mid50's livermore and san francisco. current wind speeds ten mile an hour winds, 12 half moon bay. 12 for san jose. as we look to the 24 hour temperature change, cooler compared to yesterday. as you are getting ready for work or school here is what you need to know. high is a little warmer compared to yesterday. still below yesterday for this time of year. watching breezy conditions. westerly win was that on shore flow wind. the east bay hills. watching those dry off shore winds as we head through the rest of the afternoon and i will show you this. we will heat it up as we look to the end of the week. we have our first large northwest swell of the season. a beach hazard statement.
6:50 am
the northwest swells about eight to 10feet. snwave reats. e extra caution at our beaches today. as we head through the day you can see the sun this afternoon and then for tomorrow passing clouds at least tonight into at least the overnight hours and then looking at clear skies to start off the day and plenty of sun for wednesday. temperatures will be on the rise as we look to the rest of the week. talking about future cast wins you can see napa, fairfield, livermore, watching the northerly winds as we head through the day but you can see along the coast actually windy conditions along the coast today with those westerly winds, along the coast low 60's. peninsula, upper 60's too low 07's. for the south bay low 70's. inland east bay topping out at 80 degrees for concord and for pleasant hill. mid to upper 70's for the tri valley a. round the bay 67 in san francisco, 63daley city. low 70's oakland and san
6:51 am
leandro. the mid-70s for clvoerdale. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose the temperatures climbing as we look ahead to the rest of the workweek. up land is east bay and the north bay in to the 80's and 90's later this week and mid- 60s's at the coast. let's check in with gian na. it's getting busy. we have a lot of cars on the roadway. more folks heading to work and schooling. a few more accidents westbound 80 at powell street if are you working in to that emoryville area. we have reports of a crash on the right shoulder. we are tracking slow speeds on that on shore freeway ride. metering lights on and it's sluggish across the upper deck. live look at the toll plaza. traffic bumper to bumper parking lot. give yourself a few extra minutes out of the east bay and coming off the east shore with that crash near powell street.
6:52 am
san mateo bridge. not bad. between 880 and 101, those tail lights heading westbound which is a commute direction. only about 14 minutes to make that ride into foster city. you will need 52 minutes to make that ride in to the pass out of tracy from the 205 correcter. it's slow and go. at least from 205 itself. extending onto 580 to just about north flynn. the dublin interchange. a slow and go ride. checking the travel times before closely. westbound highway 4. over to antioch over to the east shore. we have a broken down vehicle. that cleared out of lanes. you have a busy ride. then a slow ride as you work along 80. it's 6:52. still a bay area university asking students and staff. we are live with the investigation into a many campus threat. this may make you say, how
6:53 am
dave dave is helping a privilege base player after risking us had own life to stop a gunman. in our weather extra segment, how the rain in september has impacted wildfire season plus the full interview with warriors andrew wiggins at media day. you can watch at or on the app. it's 6:53. looking over the pay. we will be right back.
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investigation on campus but exactly what they are investigating and where and possibly why hasn't yet been revealed. there was ana alert sent out around 3:00 this morning, it was around 3:11 it. was sent out to students and anonymous and nonspec ld of an
6:57 am
threat on campus. university pd is investigating. there are no in person classes until 10:00 this morning. remote work. students on campus. more information in the next hour or so will keep you posted both online and on air. with relieve in san francisco this morning. here is a look at our sunrise. the floor director calls the sunrise views beautiful. as we head through the afternoon we will see plenty of sun. daytime highs warmer compared to yesterday but still below average for this time of year. low 60's at the coast. mid to upper 60's. upper 60's to upper 70's and low 70's, low 80's this afternoon. plenty of sun for today. with regoing to see breezy
6:58 am
conditions, especially along the coast with the westerly winds and up in the higher elevations and breezy off shore winds will be watching in the hills, the east bay hills and north bay mountains for the dry off shore nds ase thwe go through the afternoon. let's check in with gianna. >> good morning. taking a look at the roadways, we have a lot of brake light as long the east shore. we have brake lights through san pablo. berkeley into emoryville. the early trouble spot. over to the right shoulder. bay bridge toll plaza. a 16 minute ride into san francisco, and checking a travel times for that highway 4 ride over an hour, 66 minutes now from antioch to 80 and 52 minutes to the pass commute.
6:59 am
westbound 580 over toward 680. helped the rock band put on the show since their bass player was shot. >> he was hit in the leg while stopping a gunman at a bar in idaho. the bass player took the stage for the first time this weekend since he was shot. after sharing his story and making a comment about hoping to use the throne on media he got the attention of foo fighters management. >> he called me and basically said i will ship that throne up to you at my expense. it let him rest his leg while playing and only two other people have used it. axle rose of guns and roses. >> were you at a show where dave had to put his leg up. >> i did. i saw that when he came to shoreline. of of course i saw it. it was relevanty cool. >> side know feet we are
7:00 am
talking about how to mix up bass and base and it happened. it happened. >> it does. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. cbs ♪ welcome. welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to our viewers in the west on this tuesday, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> we are all here. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. today's guilty verdict forever brands r. kelly as a predator. >> r. kelly is guilty on all counts including sex trafficking. we have reaction from survivors. senate republicans blocked a bill to suspend the debt limit and avoid a government shutdown.
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>> you know me, i'm


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