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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 28, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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every space we are in. we know that personal security is really important for the writers muscle be designed these stations from the get-go. >> the stations are amazing, the elevators, the technology. everything came together. yes, it has been very challenging, and many folks have lost patience with us, but you know what, when you get on those trains, it was well worth the wait. >> reporter: almost $1 million every 2 feet, that's right. all in all, there will be four new train stations. the central subway project has been under construction since 2011, and is expected to be ready for service sometime next spring. governor gavin newsom is trying to address the states homeless crisis. the governor was joined by state lawmakers in alameda, where he signed over two dozen housing bills into law. they include over $22 billion in funding, and opened the door
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for thousands of affordable housing units. >> we recognize that we've got to make up for decades and decades of that gap, and that neglect. that is what we are endeavoring to do. i am proud today, when i not only sign these bills, but when i sign the budget, to advance the cause that we believe will provide upwards of 84,000 units of housing. >> we first brought you the governor's news conference live on cbsn bay area . wanted 24/7 streaming on, or through the kpix 5 news app. a former police officer has been charged with recording a sexual encounter with a minor. the contra costa county district attorney's office says that the officer had a camera in his room, and recorded the victim without her consent. the ex-officer is facing one felony charge and one misdemeanor charge. the das office said this happened while the officer was
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employed. he has since resigned from the pinole police department. the san jose city council is voting on a law that would impact hundreds of stores here in the city. under the ordinance, the city's more than 650 tobacco retailers would have to stop selling flavored tobacco products, including mental. it would also prohibit new tobacco retailers from opening r tobacco retailer, and within 1000 feet of a school, park, community center, or library. the council meeting started at 5:00. a look at the nations capital were senate republicans have again blocked a procedural step to get to a vote on raising the federal debt limit. president biden reaching out to lawmakers this week, as congress faces a possible government shutdown on friday. there is also an october 18 deadline to raise the debt limit. >> it's imperative that congress address the debt limit. if not, america would default for the first time in history.
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>> treasury secretary janet yellin is saying they are calling on a vote to not raise the debt ceiling. stocks took a big tumble today, as janet yellin morning the looming default next month. all of the major indices ending in red. the dow is down nearly 570 points. the nasdaq taking a hit down more than 423, and the s&p 500 down more than 90. the u.s. postal service wants to make 1000 new hires here in the bay area. the merrill delivery service is hosting a hiring event in richmond this saturday to help applicants submit online applications. it will run from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the hilltop carrier annex , and registration is required. several roles are currently open including delivery, transportation, and maintenance.
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>> we see a high uptake of packages coming in. ct that to slow down. we need to make sure that our plants and post offices are well staffed, as well as carriers. that is in city and rural locations. >> candidates can also apply on their own and cyber criminals targeting schools and parents may never know. the bay area neighborhood on alert after this mountain lion sighting. all new at 6:00, the parts of the bay area that could soon see a shortage of first responders. i'm in berkeley, and if it always bothers you when by six go through stop signs without stopping, you may be out of luck. the state is about to make it legal. continues at 6:00 with ken and elizabeth is coming up next. coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- it has been quite a busy day in washington. we will have a full wrap up as top u.s. generals testify about the fallout from afghanistan, calling the withdrawal in america's longest war a
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strategic failure. >> have you heard about the new changes from the postal service
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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some residents on the peninsula got a surprise wake up call. a mountain lion is sleeping in someone's backyard. the department of fish and wildlife did clear the area to try to look for the big cat, but it managed to slip away into the night. his video of the area where the mountain lion was spotted, daly city police are asking everyone to keep an eye out, and be careful. it has been a busy year for
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wildlife rescues. sanctuaries are stretched thin as they take care of injured animals. rachel wolf is in el dorado county, where officials say the problem is especially concerning. >> reporter: and arrow piercing through a font found in a field. >> that's a violation of mission game code for sure. >> reporter: dave cook responded to the call. >> this fellow on his own property had been monitoring and watching a doe with a set of twins out there every day since june playing, and then a couple of days ago, he said one of them show up with an arrow through it. baca medical team treats the funds, many of which are orphaned after a car hits their mother. >> almost all healthy orphans make it through to really stay. >> reporter: the deer are released into the wild far away from civilization and roadways. zero wildlife rescue, one of several agencies devoted to saving them. >> we have five home rehab or's that have acreage at their
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place, and in the funds are raised in a way to keep them from becoming tame. >> reporter: he says they have taken in more than 150 injured or orphaned fo working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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new video into the newsroom showing a shocking crash involving a school bus in southern california. you can see the two cars smashed in the middle of the street. the black car is destroyed from the front. the yellow school bus toppled over on its side. cruise take a person on a stretcher away. no word yet on how the crash happened in the first place. cyber criminals are targeting schools and an alarming rate, putting kids at risk of identity theft, and their parents may never know. >> we share alarming statistics. when i'm online, i'm really cautious with what i share. >> reporter: from high schoolers fresh off of distance learning, to the coding class.
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>> if they have all your information, they can do a lot of bad stuff in your name. >> reporter: most kids realize the repercussions of a cyber attack, but it turns out there schools may not. according to a recent ibm survey, roughly half of educators and administrators said they were unconcerned about cyber attacks. >> is concerning to me. mac and cbs13 asked local school district about their policies for tracking and recording the breaches, only one out of 50 confirmed they actually had a policy. meanwhile, cbs13 has reviewed more than 100 publicly reported cyber security incidents, including nearly a dozen recently reported ransomware attacks. that's the type of malicious software that locks up computers and files with messages like this, until a ransom is paid. and we confirmed at least one ransomware attack in a placer county school district was never reported publicly or to parents. >> fallout from the massive toledo public school data breach -- >> reporter: but there are reports that student information from these attacks is now being found on the dark web, where kids information sells for a premium. >> accounts being opened in their kids names --
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>> reporter: there clean credit history makes them ideal targets for credit thieves. >> they found cyber attacks are more common at k-12 schools and many realize. let's take a look at sfo where tsa agents are just seeing more passengers this year than last. they are also finding more weapons. tsa says it has recovered about 7900 weapons so far this year alone. of those, about 4500 or the agency calls live weapons, including things like loaded guns. of the 3200 guns recorded by the tsa last year, 83% were loaded. tsa regulations allow passengers to travel with guns that are unloaded, packed in hard containers, and checked into the cargo hold. with cases climbing again in some areas, a lot of americans are reconsidering their travel plans. adobe analytics says flight bookings in august 24% compared to july. the study found out things giving flights are down
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by 18% compared to 2019. >> are you surprised that it shifted that much? >> travel and flight bookings are the sectors that are very prone to changes in the pandemic. >> experts say the people who are still traveling can look forward to cheaper tickets. there is no more fair matching at delta airlines. over the weekend, the carrier cut its best fair guarantee program. that is where customers got refunds for the difference, plus a travel voucher, if they found a lower price. in a flash, a texas couple's wedding photos were stolen in san francisco. the couple, alexandria headley and tyler hamel, senior here, hired photographer ashton wilhite to take their wedding photos. while the photographer was in the bay area, her car was broken into all equipment stolen. the couple is offering $7000 for the safe return of the hard drive. new york couple got creative
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when the u.s. canada border close back in august. they didn't want any immediate family to miss out, so the two got creative, and decided to tie the knot on the u.s.-canada border. when the couple got engaged 6 months ago, they knew everyone needed to be there. >> will knew it watch, it was a the border is extended, border is extended, everything was crossed in august, august 21, and then they announced that it was closed. we had to do something to have dad and them here. >> there is the actual borderline. karen's dad said while he couldn't walk his daughter down the aisle, the celebration was the next best thing. >> i hope there doesn't have to be a line down the middle of the house.
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michelin has released its second all california guide for the best fine dining experiences in the golden state. 50 bay area restaurants are in the stars. six retained their coveted three-star designation. those restaurants in san francisco include all tier cranbury new, and the remaining three-star restaurant in the bay area, the french laundrie , and i will sano more. single thread in healdsburg. president barack obama and first lady michelle obama making ground on the obama presidential center. today the former president and first lady attended an event to celebrate the start of construction a which officially began last month in chicago's southside along lake michigan. esther obama told good morning america that he hopes the center will bring economic growth to the area, and inspire young people. >> through the center, we intend to give these young people, and those who are coming up behind them, whatever training, support, resources, and platforms they need to fully realize their potential, to collaborate and share ideas, and to bring their dreams to scale. michelle and i cannot imagine a
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better legacy than that. we cannot imagine a better investment than that. >> the site sits near the obama family home, and where the former president started his political career. the center cost roughly $830 million, and will feature a museum, public library branch, and a children's play area. check it out. notes on the lamb in atlanta. i heard that clears weeds at a local grocery store decided to explore the neighborhood. after they escaped through some fencing, 40 animals grazing outside the buildings along a busy road, and eventually the goats were rounded up and taken back to their rightful owner. >> is on the loose. >> i was waiting for a pun. >> i wasn't going to do it. >> you missed a dad joke
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opportunity. let's look at what is happening out there. the giants are playing the rockies, and they are playing the diamondbacks, so either way, go giants. a few clouds passing through. the wind will come down later tonight. your average high temperatures wednesday, slightly closer to normal than today. pleasant conditions for midweek for temperatures heat up later on this week. let's talk about the air quality , which is good. it is good everywhere across the bay area today. that will remain the case over the next couple of days. fires are still burning, and some will try to sneak towards us. it won't happen yet on thursday, but we will see elevated smoke over the santa clara valley and in the and parts of the east bay by friday, and more of that creeping across the rest saturday. i think the worst air quality we will see a ground- level will be in the moderate category. you will notice more haze above ground level, as opposed to smoke moving in to cause breathing difficulties.
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we will keep an eye as long as the fires are still burning. beautiful clear skies, high temperatures today not bad for late september. napa was the warm spot. we got up to 81 in santa rosa. 81 in concord. san jose reached the upper 70s. 70 degrees in hayward. just short of 70 degrees in san francisco. the temperatures are cooling off a bit more. 64 in pacifica. temperatures at the moment, 70 around the bay. 69 at sfo. mostly 70s further inland with napa and fairfield still at or above 80 degrees. those numbers will drop off. the wind will come down. for the moment, still breezy. keep both hands at the wheel if running errands this evening. 15 to 20 mile-per-hour wind gusts. that will relax after the sun goes down. at 11:00, later wind. that's where we start on wednesday, and even when the
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wind picks up in the afternoon, the strongest gusts will be 20 to 30 miles per hour, and inland, 10 to 15. that's quite a bit lighter than today. temperatures tonight, down to the 40s and the north bay. upper 40s and napa. the rest of us and up in the lower half of the 50s. temperatures near average on wednesday, slightly below where we should be this time of year for one more day. we flip that at the end of the work week. temperatures along the coast, low to mid 60s wednesday afternoon. low to mid 70s down the peninsula and south end of the bay. santa clara valley mid to upper 70s mobile below 80 degrees, until we had into the east bay. the warmest spots, east of mt. diablo in the mid-80s. we can handle that in late september. san francisco, upper 60s once again, right around 70 for oakland in the east bay, and high temperatures in the north bay a bit warmer around 80 degrees. farther north, mendocino
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county, you'll warm back up to around 80 degrees. the warm-up will be more noticeable on thursday. temperatures reach up to the low 70s in san francisco, and stay through the weekend. it will be upper 70s for oakland in the east bay, while san jose reaches the low to mid 80s. above average but not record- setting. mid to upper 80s for the north bay mama with temperatures in late in the east bay up to around 90 degrees on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, before we return to what is normal for early october by next week. we will have this evening's dog walking forecast coming up. also at 6:00, just how much money some major companies gave to elizabeth holmes and theranos. plus -- with vaccine mandate deadlines approaching, we take a closer look at the choice not to vna, and the conseqes andtenh lies whers d so have another reason to pay
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closer attention on the roadways. still ahead at 5:00, parking is so bad in this south bay neighborhood, homeowners are fighting to get a spot. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a plan is brewing in san jose to try to rein in the parking chaos on the city's east side. >> it has gotten so bad, neighbors have taken matters into their own hands. kpix 5's kiet do is live with that story. >> reporter: i grew up in east san jose, and we have been watching the popularity of this grow over the years, were people set out these orange cones in front of their homes. they do this so that nobody comes out and plops down a broken junker here, and takes up the spot in front of their home. though the push is on for a parking permit system. practically every street you turned down in east san jose, you will see them. orange cones everywhere. >> the orange cones are here them as you see, for the homeowner purpose, because they want to keep their own parking spaces. >> reporter: majesty mayfield they multiple families crammed under one roof, means more cards, more demand for parking, and sometimes it gets ugly. >> people actually get into fights over parking. not physical fights, but definitely yelling, or you
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ke needs tobe resolved. le th it's a problem. >> the car is destroyed. look. >> reporter: on magellan avenue, neighbor maria gomez says this car has been in front of her home for months. it has four flat tires, covered in dirt and cobwebs and parking tickets. maria says the owner stashes them inside. >> tickets here. >> reporter: she is called the city multiple times with no luck. the guy who owes his car doesn't live here. >> doesn't live in the neighborhood. the city is no help. >> reporter: people are absolutely using a san jose storage for their vehicles. the commissioner is working on a parking permit plan. details are still being worked out, but each house would get 2 to 3, maybe even four permits for street parking. it's already being done in downtown san jose, near the state university campus, where thousands of students come and go every day. >> this works everywhere, from
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new york city to san francisco, to other parts of the city. this type of structure and program that allows for residents to know they will always be able to park in front of their own home, works to essentially allow for these communities to push out cars that aren't from the immediate community, and give families the opportunity to park in front of their own home. >> reporter: this proposal needs the support of a couple of councilmembers before it goes onto the rules committee. and after that, the commissioner is estimating that this could be voted on the full counsel as early as a month from now. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. now at 6:00, the pushback on vaccine mandates. the parts of the bay area that could see a shortage of first responders. the theranos trial , as the technology was failing, the company's former lab director says big-name investors were still pumping money into the
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company. a story of politics and strange bedfellows. new questions about how california's state treasurer handled business trips. that evening. ever top story at 6:00, he might be the most famous vaccine holdout in the bay area, but andrew wiggins is not alone in his decision to skip the shot. bay area police departments, hospitals, school districts are all dealing with how to deal with employees who, for whatever reason, are saying no to the vaccine. kpix 5's andria borba on the workplace tensions coming to a head . >> reporter: call it vaccine hesitancy or resistance, but whatever it comes down to, some folks are refusing to get vaccinated. that could have serious consequences for workforces, for cities and counties, and serious financial consequences for some people's wallets. with vaccine mandate deadlines looming mother are victories,
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like united airlines announcing 98.5% of their workforce is vaccinated against covid-19. on the flipside, there is tension as the remaining unvaccinated stand their ground, and in some cases, are risking termination. today, a federal judge ruled that prison staff and guards at all 36 california prisons must be vaccinated against covid-19. >> there are pockets in which there is hesitancy and opposition to vaccination, and unfortunately, among prison guards, that opposition is pretty high. >> reporter: meanwhile in san francisco, the october 13 deadline vaccination is looming, and around 10%, or 3500 people, remain shot free. >> we want them to stay on the force and get vaccinated. we value their service to the city, but that doesn't excuse the decision that they are making not to be vaccinated. >> reporter: the 10% threshold of unvaccinated seems to hold water. it san jose pd, the number of unvaccinated employees, or those who chose not to


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