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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  September 29, 2021 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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secure job than with the federal governm government. >> they are hoping for another vote on this tomorrow, they are struggling to keep their party in line on the president's top priorities, including infrastructure. which progressives are threatening to oppose this week, norah? >> nikole killion, thank you very much. well, tonight the family of gabby petito is calling on their daughter's fiance, brian laundrie to turn himself in and face questioning in her death. the family insists they don't know where he is, and they deny helping him run from investigators. but petito's family doesn't believe that. >> the laundrie's did not help us find gabby and they are not going to help us find brian. for brian, we are asking that you turn yourself in to the fbi or the nearest law enforcement agency. >> the family showed off tattoo,
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and are vowing to help other families with missing children find loved ones. a man who opened fire in 2018 after storming en ii iing office, was found criminally responsible for murdering five people at the capitol gazette in annapo annapolis. we want to turn to the heavy toll that covid is taking on america's schools. across the u.s., more than a quarter of new covid infections are among kids. and since the start of the school year, more than 2000 schools have had to pause in person learning because of outbreaks. well in hard hit georgia at least 45 teachers and staff members r members have died from covid in recent weeks. mark straussman is there. >> reporter: parents of all fifth graders got two hours notice. come get your kids. a covid outbreak last month at
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eastside elementary in cobb county. >> what we are trying to prevent is in school transmission. that is what failed this year. >> reporter: covid has exploded week by week. from hundreds of infected students and staff to nearly 5,000. >> mask in class! >> school masking policy divides the county. the superintendent is dug in, masks are recommended and not mandatory. >> the data indicates that a mask mandate does not provide a significant change in the cases. >> reporter: a cdc study published last week showed that schools without mask mandates are 3.5 more likely to have outbreaks. >> my worst fear is reality. >> reporter: her two sons go to eastside elementary, three weeks after its major outbreak --
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>> it was a third grader who showed symptoms and then, both of them tested positive in the same, on the same day. >> reporter: then, she tested positive. many teachers and staff also worry, especially with nearly all georgia's students learning in person this year. >> cobb is a situation where we have a school board and a superintendent who are listening to those people who want what is not in line with the science. >> reporter: in your view, irresponsible? >> unfathomable. >> statewide, new cases have tracked down in the last couple of weeks. still high, but trending in the right direction. there's a worsening problem here, norah, and that is a shortage of bus drivers and substitute teachers and sometimes the only solution is to put more kids in a class or on a bus and that of course increases the risk.
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bounty, the quicker picker upper. some news about north korea, they say the latest missile test involved a hyper sonic missile, advance for the north and it violates u.n. resolutions. it comes after the u.s. tested a hyper sonic missile that flies five times faster than the speed of sound. we want to look in a worldwide problem. 160 million kids are estimated to be working in wild labor. many in horrible conditins. we report from africa. >> reporter: the sunset masks the depths below. driven by poverty, thousands of children are fishing here, some
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work inss but many have been sold in to modern day slavery. his mother died, his father took out a loan to pay for her funeral. $500 in exchange for his this is 8-year-old son. 15 years of servitude to repay the debt. >> translator: it breaks my heart, he told us. i was unable to go to school. >> reporter: he escaped after three years fishing on the lake. they have saved over 150 children like noah for an international charity, we went along as he did his undercover work. vessels filled with young boys. trapped like the fish they catch. forced to dive deep, to free entangled nets. all in plain sight, except when this boat spotted us, it sped away. that was a child dropped off and making a run for it.
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how bad are the condition cans f -- conditions for the children? >> it's very bad. it's how deep a child can go. when it comes to that, the child can lose his life. >> reporter: over several days we did not meet a single law enforcement official. but we met a trafficker turned inform ant, how did you pay for a child? >> about $80 over 25 years, he bought thousands of children. what's the worst thing you ever did as a slave owner? forcing a kid who does not know how to swim, to dive. they can go down and never come up again. so many children have died in these murky waters. if you could say anything to the men who took you, what would it be? god punish him. he replies. a cry for justice that has gone
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in a new interview tonight, the most decorated gymnast in history, simone biles she aid s
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should have quit before the olympics. she buck wieled under the press. all right, today in chicago, former barack obama and wife michelle grabbed shovels to break ground for the presidential library. he spoke about crisis, saying that americans want to help others, but the idea that we can have open borders is unsustainable. it's time that congress got serious about dealing with the immigration professional. beginning this friday, the post office is raising prices and slowing down some deliveries. about 30% of first class mail and packages could take up to five days to arrive instead of 2 or 3 days. and starting sunday through christmas, postage rates are going up to $5 per package.
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it's being made to cut the service's massive debt. looks like i'm delivering my packages in person. a quarterbac
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it looked like a teenager would never get to realize his dream of playing football. he saw things a different way. here is cbs's carter evans. >> 15-year-old starting quarterback jason bracy has a clear vision of what it takes to win on the field. even though he will never see it with his own eyes. can you see anyone on the field at all? >> no. >> he developed retinol cancer as a toddler and by the time he was 7, his sight was gone. bracy liked other sports but he really wanted to play football. his parents response? no way. how is this possible for him to get out and play? >> eventually he became his own agent. >> once he got his own phone, he figured out how to call the teams around the area and started to ask the coaches.
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>> bracy got his chance with the modesto raiders. he memorizes every play and where every player is supposed to be. take a look at this 20 yard pass. how do you know where to throw the ball? >> it's all memory. it's all about having trust in the player and the receiver and in the team. >> reporter: his dad guides him from the sidelines with a walkie-talkie. bracy he hears him through the helmet. >> i don't want the other team to know i cannot see. so they may ease up on me. >> reporter: his ultimate goal, to make it all the way to the nfl. carter evanss, cbs news, los angeles. and that is the "cbs overnight news" for this wednesday, for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for cbs mornings and follow us online any time at cbs reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm norah o'donnell. ♪ ♪
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this is cbs news flash. i'm tom hanson in new york. president biden will no longer travel to chicago today, he will stay at the white house to drum up support for his legislative agenda and funding the government. if no agenda is reached the government could shut down as soon as friday. britney spears is back in court today, where a judge will rule on whether her father is removed from her conservatorship, if that happens a replacement will be appointed and the latest james bond film, no time to die is finally here. the film was shaken by the on set of the pandemic that pushed the debut to 2021. but the premier stirred up hype. it hits u.s. theaters october
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8th. i'm hanson, tom hanson, cbs news the "cbs overnight news". good evening and thank you for joining us, we are going to begin with today's extraordinary hearing on capitol hill. it's rare to have the president's top military advisers disagree publical well the commander and chief. but that's exactly what we saw today. top pentagon leaders admitted the you sudden fall of kabul in august caught them off guard. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admitted that u.s. kreblgity is questioned by our allies and as to whether the u.s. can prevent al qaeda and isis to use afghanistan for a launching pad on new terror
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attacks and they said it's yet to be seen. it's the first time milley has spoken since it was revealed that he called his counterpart in chie that during the end of the trump administration. something he was grilled about. we will lead off with the answers from the pentagon. >> 5-1/2 hours before the committee, the message was clear that trump and biden were warned to leave troops in afghanistan. when asked last month, whether his military advisers recommended keeping 2500 troops there. president biden said this, no, no one said that to me that i can recall. >> general milley, that was a false statement by the president of the united states, was it not? >> i'm not going to categorize a statement by the president of the united states. >> general milley, i can only conclude that your advice about staying in afghanistan was rejected, why haven't you resign
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inside. >> it would be an act of political defiance for a commissioned officer to resign because my advice is not taken. this country does not want generals to figure out what orders we will accept and do or not. >> but books about the final days of the trump administration portray milley doing that just that, working behind the commander and chief's back because he was afraid trump may provoke a international crisis. >> you are quoted as telling the top military commander in china, quote, if we are going to attack, i'm going to call you ahead of time. is that true, general milley? >> i said, i will probably call you. everyone will be calling you. we are not going to attack you. settle down, it's not going happen. >> milley insisted that he was not working in secret. other officials were on the calls with the chinese and ot others knew about them. >> i personally informed secretary of state pompeo and
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white house chief of staff meadows about the call and other topics. >> he was portrayed that he agreed with nancy pelosi that trump was crazy. he ducked that question, saying i'm not qualified to determine the mental health of the president of the united states. >> thank you david. well, tonight, a new poll finds that more than half of parents with kids under 12 say they would get their young children vaccinated against covid if the shots were available. and we learned today that shots for kids 5-11 years old, could be a month or so away. here is errol barnett. >> reporter: important news for parents, pfizer saying that the submitted data to the fda is proving that it's safe in children 5-11. the company said that it will make a formal request in weeks to begin administering doses if the fda approves, kids go get
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the vaccine by late october or november. meanwhile, in the nation's largest school district, a federal judge said that new york city can mandate all school employees be vaccinated or lose their job. the deadline is 5:00 p.m. friday. what do you say to teachers who will not get vaccinated? >> we are here to protect your rights at the same time, we follow the law. >> reporter: michael heads the union representing 200,000 current and former new york city teachers and staff. >> it's the only way we can go back to doing what we wanted to do which is to teach children who are not full of fear and anxiety. >> reporter: how many teachers drop out remains to be seen, there's signs that a similar mandate among hospital employees worked. just a week before the deadline to get at least one dose or a face termination, there were reportedly still more than 8,000 new york city hospital workers unvaccinated. by last night, that number dropped to almost half as. alo, tonight, a change of heart for a former vaccine skeptic,
3:35 am
nba star lebron james saying he is now received hisirst vaccine dose >> after doing my research and things of that nature, i felt like i was best suited for me and my family and friends. >> reporter: also a new nationwide study shows a surge in vaccine acceptance among racial and ethnic groups that lagged behind. back in may, a far higher percentage of white americans were vaccinated with at leastity one dose when compared to black or hispanic americans. but now, not only has the gap narrowed considerably but hispanics have the highest vaccination rate. >> there were many reasons for this gap. including barriers to vaccine access. and some still had concern cans and those concerns were often rooted in misinformation. >> reporter: now, look, there remains some resistance among some new york teachers when it comes to vaccines, but at least 90% of them have been vaccinated and new tonight, united airlines releasing an update on its vaccine mandate, 99% of staff chose to comply, minus those
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with religious or medical exemptions. those 600 people will be subject to dismissal. >> wow, those mandates working. errol barnett, thank you. well, 800,000 federal workers and more than a million contractors are waiting to see if they will be furloughed in congress can't reach a deal to fund the government past thursday night. cbs's nikole killion reports that a bigger fiasco could be weeks away. >> reporter: a warning that the u.s. could default on its bills for the first time in history. >> it would be a disaster for the american economy and global financial markets and for millions names. >> the government on could run you out of money by october 18th, if it does not raise the debt limit with dire consequences, ranging from spiking unemployment, to missed social security checks and troop
3:37 am
payments. >> i object. >> senators deadlocked again as republicans objected to democrats latest fix. >> do republicans take any responsibility if the u.s. defaults? >> did you ask the majority leader that question. >> i'm asking you, sir? >> yeah, that's the point, because hes that responsibility and trust me, he will do it. >> but as the debt crisis looms, so does the threat of a government shut down. funding runs out midnight thursday. >> can we get it done by thursday? >> i assume we will put down a bill to deal with the shutdown. >> waiting in limbo, federal workers like keith and robin waterson. who were furloughed in the last shut down and had to rely on food banks to get by. >> it's extremely nerve wracking. >> it is frustrating. you think, i mean, what, what's the most secure job than with the federal government? >> democratic leaders hope for another vote on government funding and the et debt limit as soon as tomorrow, but they are
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." i'm ben tracy in washington, thanks for staying with us. the on going pandemic continues to impact supply chains all over the world. as we approach the holidays, retailers are bracing for shortages of everything from toys to turkeys to christmas trees. overseas the british army has been put on alert to respond to a severe shortage of fuel. gas stations across the uk are running dry because there are not enough truck drivers to deliver supplies. that is also affecting local pubs, some can't even get deliveries of beer. holly williams has the story
3:41 am
from london. >> reporter: the british government insists there's enough fuel in this country and that if everyone just took what they needed there would be no shortage. but across this nation, there are now lines for gas. it's an extraordinary sight in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. >> well, i knew it would be like this and i don't think it's going to get better. because all of the pumps have run dry now. >> reporter: panic buying has set in. the famous british stiff upper lip is quivering. tempers are flaring. the problem is truck drivers. a shortage of around 100,000 of them. and it's affecting everything from supermarket shelves to health care workers who may struggle to get to work. experts say it's a perfect storm. since the uk left the european union, known as brexit, it's
3:42 am
been harder for foreign workers to come here. some came home and left a backlog of trucking license applications. mark corker runs a traditional english pub where the unthinkable has happened the beer supply has become unstable. so there's some days when the beer just doesn't arrive. that you order inside. >> yeah, yeah from the supplier, yeah. >> reporter: he has a chronic staff shortage, he said that the workers used to come to london from across europe and they were not anymore? >> i have not had a single applicant would an english. >> reporter: as the holidays draw near, christmas this year may be bleak. what is the worst case scenario? >> well, it's disruption for cher customers in shops. turkeys or toys may not be available when they want it. >> reporter: the uk government is issuing 5,000 temporary visas for attorney truck drivers,
3:43 am
business leaders here say that simply won't be enough. >> that was hell williams on the streets of london, where a construction boom is under way. and some of those buildings are being built the old fashioned way. out of wood. roxana siberi. has the story. >> reporter: at the construction site in london, you may notice something missing. >> we have a lot less concrete and steel here. >> reporter: that's because these days they rely almost entirely on what is called mass timber. planks of wood glued together and stacked to hold greater weight at higher heights. when you finish this other 10 story complex four years ago, it was the world's tallest building made of mass timber. >> the timber holds everything up. the brick is just to look nice. >> reporter: but now it's getting dwarfed by other projects from norway to canada and the u.s. why use timber? >> it's about climate change for
3:44 am
us. it's about reducing the amount of carbon that we build with. we need to find viable alternatives to create and steel. >> reporter: for the past century and a half, steel, iron and cement haveshaped our buildings and trees absorb greenhouse gases as they grow and store them, even like this. >> it's glued together in small pieces and this is incredibly strong interest and stiff. >> but some environmentalists warn this timber trend could lead to deforestation. that is why he said, that mass timber should come only from trees grown for the purpose. >> we can grow them sustainably, as long as we manage our forests well. >> reporter: our buildings used to be made mainly of wood. that helped fuel the great fires of london, chicago, and san francisco. but the u.s. department of agricultural said that tests show that today, thick layers of mass timber can resist flames
3:45 am
for two hours. >> these are six inch solid pieces of timber. >> so they are less come bustable? >> a lot less. >> it's easy to use and durable. >> it is the future. >> you are confident of that. >> absolutely. we have no choice. i mean climate change is here. right? this is the most serious issue of our age. >> reporter: this vision may be lofty, but wooden buildings are already reaching for the do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief.
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♪ is ste v bruce springsteen on stage. van zant has been his right hand man, and he gained fame as an actor on the sopranos and now he has written a book. he gives fans a insider's look at one of the greatest bands in history. anthony mason sat down with the rocker in rechis recording stud. >> the new book takes readers from his beginnings in new jersey to stages around the world and offers up incredible details about serving two of the best known bosses in popular
3:49 am
culture. ♪ ♪ he has kept good company throughout his career. ♪ ♪ as bruce springsteen's right hand man in the e-street band. ♪ ♪ >> went by the soprano's confidente. >> when i think i'm out, they pull me back in. >> what do you think of this guy? he has written a memoir. dillon wrote you a quote. that was not on my copy. he has written a color blurb, calling him the man to know. he does not give a lot of quotes. >> they said one other one 40 years ago. >> in this memoire, he reflect on life as a rock and roll co
3:50 am
consigliary. >> what was it like, rock and roll in new jersey? >> it was everything. i joke account and say, i would have been a real soprano. you know, it was kind of suburban, i was too suburban for that. >> for a kid from new jersey in the late 60s, new york city seemed a world away. but on weekends he took the bus in to greenwich village. >> this is where you used to come. >> right there. >> what did you see here? >> i saw gjimmy hendrix, and i ran in to bruce, it was an odd thing to do, coming here. >> when were you looking to do? >> get better. >> little stevie and bruce each had successful bands back in jersey. >> most people were not taking
3:51 am
us as seriously as what me and bruce were. we were the only ones that i knew of for rock and roll was everything. >> he joined up with springsteen, first in the group steel mill. ♪ ♪ and later, in the e-street band. >> once we started to work together, i felt that he had something special that i could compliment. you know -- >> he co-produced springsteen's album, the river are, and his first big hit, hungry heart. ♪ ♪ >> but by 1984, van zant sensed a change in springsteen. >> at a certain point, it felt like he was not paying attention anymore. >> paying attention to you? >> yeah, the advice was not as readily taken as it once was and i thought, to preserve the friendship it may be best to leave, you know. >> it cannot have been an easy moment for you? >> no, it was, you know, the
3:52 am
most difficult moment of probably my life. >> you describe almost immediately a very negative, kind of a backlash to out for leaving? >> oh, yeah. if people find you and define you, you are one of the lucky ones. and they defined me and loved me standing next to do bruce springsteen. >> i was seen as a traitor by virtually everybody. i did not think i had much in common by trotsky, but we were both temporarily written out of history. he would miss out on the monster success of springsteen's next album. ♪ ♪ born in the usa which sold 30 million records. ♪ ♪ >> if you look at all that, money. i left on the table. ♪ ♪ he launched a solo career.
3:53 am
♪ ♪ >> his best known song, "sun city," helped spark a movement against apartheid in south africa. he was punished for his politics. >> i was blackballed after sun sit. he had four record deals being negotiated, with four different companies. once sun city came out and was a huge success, you know, and they disappeared. the negotiations stopped. >> but in 1997 -- >> you know what it is? >> out of nowhere, he was reached out to about a tv series that they were developing. it's nice to get an acting job and it happens to be the sopranos. >> yeah, success is fun. >> i like that. >> he played a strip club owner. >> were you convinced you could
3:54 am
be an actor? >> no, i had no interest in being an actor. zero, none. >> you went along with it. >> yeah, i had nothing better to do. you know? honest to god, i mean that's the truth. ♪ ♪ >> then, just as the sopranos began filming springsteen called. ♪ ♪ he was putting the e-street band back together. van zandt has been touring with bruce ever since. ♪ ♪ >> i just look at having been a couple of the last concerts bruce played for four hours. i was like, how the hell do you do this? >> yeah, that was too long. let me just, let me just straighten that out right now. >> how much longer can you guys do this? >> i don't know. you know? as long as the rolling stones are out there, we are the new guy on the block. that's all i can say.
3:55 am
you know? and may they go forever. >> anthony mason with stevie van
3:56 am
3:57 am
there's an 8-year-old boy in france who really loves his legos legos, especialing since he has a prosthetic arm made from the bricks. >> the 8-year-old was born missing several limbs and getting a prosthetic that fits is not easy. >> prosthetics are standard, they are big and heavy . so for his spine it was not a good idea. >> reporter: so his mom reached out to youtube sensation, hand solo, he made his own prosthetic using legos, and was willing to
3:58 am
lend a hand. >> i have one more question for you, do you want to see the prosthetic? >> yes. >> i can't hear you. >> yes. >> reporter: the act of kindness changed the young boys life. >> i can grab things with my hand, before i couldn't. >> reporter: the new arm built his confidence. >> his self-esteem is high now. comparing to what was before. >> this project got aguilar thinking. if he can do it with beckner, why not another child. he said that maybe a girl or a boy missing a leg or foot. >> yeah. >> beckner's new lego arm allows him to do more stuff. whether it's playing catch or fwo goofing around. >> really delicious. >> that is the overnight news. follow us online any time at cbs reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm ben tracy.
3:59 am
present biden will no longer travel to chicago today, he will stay at the white house to drum up support for his legislative agenda and funding the government. if no agreement is reach today government could shut down as soon as friday. britney spears is back in court today, where a judge will you rule on whether her father is removed from her conse conservetorship. and if should, another will be appointed, the new james bond movie is coming out. the london premier tuesday stirred up plenty of hype. it hits u.s. theaters october
4:00 am
8th. for more news, download the cbs news app on your cell phone, or connected tv, i'm hanson, tom hanson, cbs news, new york. it's wednesday, september 29th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." capitol scramble. lawmakers face a friday deadline to avoid a government shutdown. the other urgent deadline that could plunge the u.s. into a recession. afghanistan testimony. military leaders explain the messy u.s. troop withdrawal to a senate committee. the warning they say they gave both president trump and biden. covid vaccines for children. pfizer takes a major step to start vaccinating kids as young as 5. how soon it could begin. good morning. good to be with you.
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i'm anne-marie green.


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