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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area foe tower camera. le a live look over the g. it'sdne good morning. letoyou bo. fire dang s lk about thre weather watch that will be in effect as we head through the day today into your thursday. tracking gusty off shore winds and especially watching the north bay. the areas highlighted in yellow here under that fire weather watch. that is from 11:00 a.m. today until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. the north bay mountains above a thousand feet. i will track gusty off shore winds, that very dry air and low relative humidity values, especially through this evening into tomorrow morning. we will watch that time frame especially. as we go through the day today we will see that sun once again. upper 60's san francisco, 70
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oakland. mid-70s in san jose. in some spots warmer compared to yesterday but still below average. let's check in with gianna. >> let's start off with a look at the pass. 28 minutes is the travel time from 205 toward 680. starting to see a pinch of slowing, not bad as you work from thatta 80, 205 connector. there's a crash eastbound 580 in the dublin area. it's over to the shoulder, all lanes are open. traffic seems so be moving at the limit. no delays right now on any of the bay area bridges. san mateo bridge looking good. a quick live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. light conditions into san francisco. a live look at san jose where the sharks welcomed thousands of fans to the sap center for the first full capacity game in more than 18 months. security was not met with much surprise or push back at the
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door. >> see your card. >> have your pass ready. >> a new season means new rules. under santa clara guidelines fans need to show proof of vaccination. the san jose sharks partnered with clear to create a health pass account for quicker entry. >> this makes it so easy to get in. apps easy to downlo a safe goin >> i'm a nurse. we all have to do our part. >> they also do not need to show a negative test result. jimmy torres said this will likely be his last game at sap. >> this here is just ridiculous. i don't believe we should be showing vaccine reports even though i am vaccinated. >> do you feel like it's invasive to show -- to ask for
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proof? >> yes. yes. it's really -- not unless they want to show me their vaccinations, not covid but chicken pox and measles. >> they must wear face masks and no bandanas. many were already wearing masks outside. >> i'm glad we moved toward this direction and scanning for vaccinations so we can enjoy ourselves and making sure that everybody is still safe and the virus isn't mutating. with a lot of attention on andrew wiggins who is refusing to get vaccinated two nba greats are weighing in. kareem abdul ja bbar wants the vaccine to be a requirement and lebron james is vaccinated. >> after doing my research and things of that nature i felt like it was best suited for me and my family and friends. >> this is a where we are
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involved in and masks and vaccines are the weapons that we use to fight this war. >> the nba said 90% of its players are vaccinated. if wiggins doesn't get his shots he will miss games due to san francisco's indoor vaccine mandate. as if shipping delays aren't bad enough there's a new problem with packages in contra costa. a serial package thief in one neighborhood, getting a jump start on holiday stealing. we have been digging in to the story and have the latest from concord. >> this video footage is from one of the homes hit by the porch pirate. >> she came up to the front porch, walked up and took the package and she looked right at the cam a. >> the thief left behind a clear picture including a look at her tattoos on her chest. giving police some good leads. >> it's a pretty brazen act. based on how smooth and how easy she did it i don't believe
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this is the first time she has done something like this. ryimil suect king current rise in package thefts is not surprising. >> what just got released? the new i-phone. now you have these people going around looking for these items that these phones that may cost from a thousand to $1,500. >> people say the thief didn't get a phone but the suspects drove away in this audi suv with $10 worth of essential oils. the theft though has left this family on edge. >> everything has to be secured now or it'll run off. it's upsetting. we all work hard for what we have. who thinks they have the right to just come and take it? >> start doing the right thing. quit stealing. it's not worth it in the end. >> that was andrea reporting.
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police said ring camera footage has been helpful but advises communities to work together to avoid packages from being stolen. from the president's infrastructure and social programs to the debt ceiling congress has a lot on its plate. more on the president's agenda. >> the president canceled a trip to chicago today as he tries to shepherd his legislative agenda through congress. > >> the president is playing his role on getting pieces across the finish line. >> leaders will try to pass a infrastructure package but also in the balance is a 3.5trillion dollar bill for social programs like child care and paid family leave. mr. biden met with senators at the white house yesterday. two moderates with concerns over the price tag. >> the president felt it was constructive, felt they moved the ball forward. >> progressives worried the social programs will be left
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behind. washington congress member tweeted it's not the infrastructure bill and then maybe the build back better package down the road. we will deliver the entir agenda. republicans blocked an attempt to raise the debt ceiling for the second day. the treasury secretary warned of dire consequences if it's not raised by october 18th. >> our country would likely face a financial crisis and economic recession. >> and $800,000 federal worker also workers will be furloughed. >> it's frustrating. you think what's -- what's the most secure job than when the federal government? >> democrats plan to vote on a funding bill today. the last congressional
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stalemate lasted 35 days between 2018 and 2019. it was the longest shut down in history. looking live to san francisco now this morning the district attorney said that he plans to hold a sheriff's deputy responsible for his actions. he was off duty when he allegedly threatened to shoot people at a party last week. police say that he showed signs of being drunk. the deputy faces charges of making criminal threats, battery, vandalism and misdemeanor sexual battery for allegedly grabbing an 18-year- old woman at the party. the sheriff's department said that it's respecting the criminal process and awaiting the results of the trial. it also said that it holds its staff to the highest law enforcement professional standards and off duty. i search of the home turned up three hand guns and a hand grenade. the deputy is on paid leave. san jose will become the largest city in california to ban the sale of flavored
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tobacco. the city council voted to ban the sale of flavored tobaccos. the ordinance also bans new retailers setting up shop with in 500 feet of an existing one d witha thousand a school, park, community center or library. the ordinance goes for a final vote next month. coming up on kp ib 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area a stand today in the elizabeth holmes trial. what the former lab head told a jury. and the amazon newest bot may give alexa a run for its money. and the debate over a new bill for bicyclists. and a live look outside. are you looking at the city of san francisco from our treasure island camera. we will be right back.
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a former lab director will be back on the stand for a day of cross in the elizabeth holmes trial.
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yesterday the former lab director testified that lm g heboyfriend and business partner pressured him to keep defendtech larom doctors stock piled. he said that while this was happening holmes bragged about reeling in hundreds of millions of dollars. >> she did not disclose what she knew or what she was advised that she was having reliability buildings with the machines and yet took in $250 million. >> lynm who has been at court every day said that the jury could also hear from a surprise witness. it's a huge day in another huge profile trial. the brittany spears conservative ship trial. >> i wouldn't be shocked it's
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terminated but i think it's more likely the court wi schedule another aring. >>rs ey pl to shut down the streets for a rally. they hope the largest of it's kind. time for the money watch report. the dollar tree stores expanding it's product section and a look at amazon's new robot. diane king hall. stocks fell sharply on tuesday. the dow fell 569 points. the nasdaq dropped 423 and the s&p500 slid 90. the tech sector was hit hard as bond yields rose. shares of facebook, microsoft, and google east lost more than 3%. more things will cost more than a dollar at the dollar tree. they said they will start selling product that cost more
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than a dollar after customers said they wanted broader product assortment. over the next three years they are adding throws of additional dollar tree plus stores which already offers items for 1, 3, and $5. you won't find astro there. amazon introduced this $1,000 in home robot yesterday. it roll around the house and can play video and music, bring stuff from room to room and function like a ring camera. it won't be available to the general public just yet. customers need to request an invite to buy it. it'll go on sale later this year though amazon hasn't given a specific date. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange. i'm diane king hall. i was talking to a cnet reporter about astro. she said the price tag is about a thousand dollars. >> wow. >> yeah. >> looks cool. >> i may look at it on video.
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>> can i have a cup of coffee, bring it over. if are you just waking up i off shore winds developing as we look to tonight and into early tomorrow. that will bring a high fire danger and we will show you this in just a moment. here is a live look as you look southeast across the bay. we are in the 40's and 50's as we kick off wednesday. let's talk about the fire weather watch and watching the north bay mountains under that fire weather watch. from 11:00 a.m. today to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's above a thousand feet. tracking those gusty off shore winds and they will get going for us as we head through this evening and into tomorrow morning. that's a time frame we will see the strongest winds and also the lowest humidity. watching a very dry air and the relative humidity values plummet as we go through the next couple of days.
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the high fire danger and especially again the north bay mountains as we head through the next couple of days we will have that sunshine for all of us though temperatures a little warmer compared to yesterday. still below average for this time of year. we will continue with this dry and warm weather as we look to the rest of the week with high pressure building in. here we go, satellite and radar. we have had low pressure system to the east and this ridge of high pressure to the west. this is what is drawing in the northerly winds for us. looking at the north bay mountains. you can start to see the northerly winds, especially for places like saint helena, yontville, napa as we go through tonight. that's when we will watch the strongest winds tonight into tomorrow morning for the north bay mountains. specifically the higher elevations. as we go through future cast taking you hour by hour with the skies all of us will see that sun for today as we look to tomorrow morning. clear start to our day and then
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that sunshine in the afternoon for your thursday afternoon. our sunrise at 7:03 and the sunset at 6:55 p.m. checking daytime highs, looking at low to mid-70s for the peninsula. around the south bay, looking at mid-70s. santa clara, upper 70's in morgan hill. as we look to the inland east bay from 82, concord, pleasant hill, upper 70's to the low 80's. 68 san francisco, 70 oakland and the north bay upper 70's to low 80's. here is the extended forecast for san francisco, oakland and san jose. there we go with the temperatures warming up as we look to the end of the workweek and into the weekend. inland east bay and for the north bay 80's and 90's and mid- 60s's at the coast. we start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. things moving nicely as you move into san francisco. travel time under ten minutes from the maze over toward 101 in the ci. a ty commute onhe
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bay bridge. no delays on the upper deck. lower deck looking good. most of our bay area bridges pretqulive look at the san mate bridge. you can see traffic moving nicely. travel time 12 minutes between 880 and 101. if you are up early this morning, commuting out of marin, good morning to you and right now if you are getting ready to hit the freeways taking 101 all clear. only about 20 minutes from highway 37, southbound 101 into san francisco and you can see the golden gate bridge lightly traveled. live look at oura 80, 680 dublin interchange. the headlights working westbound. traffic getting busy for that ride in to the pass. are you looking at a 31 minute travel time right now. plus a high wind advisory in effect for the pass. keep that in mind. let's get a look at the rest of your travel times on some of our main freeways. east shore freeway westbound, 13 minutes, highway 4 to the maze. highway 4 to the east shore 25 minutes and 101 out of the south bay looking good with no
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delays. that's a at your mog >>ing. you said the hottest team in the bay were the giants you would be wrong. g men are closing in. closing in hard on the nl west crown. 103 wins now including four in a row. and a like look outside on
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i'm tracking a fire weather watch for the north bay mountains. that's in effect from 11:00 a.m. today until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's boof a thousand feet for
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the north bay mountains. i'm tracking gusty off shore winds and low relative humidity values. especially watching this evening into tomorrow morning for the strongest winds and the lowest, driest air. as we go through the day looking at upper 70's. low 80's for concord. anywhere from one to four degrees below average for this time of year. now here is vern with sports. morning. baseball up top. of course. and the giants with brandon belt and his broken thumb shelved for a month they soldiered on. >> disappointing to not have belt in the line up. not have his presence for us right now. that sucks. we definitely need to call that out and then we should probably quickly turn the page. >> belt the captain was remembered today. nice cap. fans tonight at oracle park had
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the cap on too many shei say last night as the diamondbacks were in the way. a braces loaded inning ending double play that preserved a one all tie. the flores a based loaded rbi for a go ahead run. arizona allowed four runs on walks or wild pitches this one went to the back stop. buster posey came on down and scored. arizona got the tying run to the plate but duvall, and picked up his first save, giants won it again, 103 wins. 6-4 the final. arizona, they got 107 losses. >> makes you proud, really proud of our guys. you know, starting the season we knew we had the ability to do it. going out there and everybody executing. you know, it makes you
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here is trey turner who opened the scoring. the dodgers won it 2-1. they did not loose any ground in the west. still two games behind san francisco with five games to play. in st. louis, watch the birdie. st. louis cardinals, last night against the brewers. fader squeezed in the final out in his glove. guess what? that sealed a 17 game win streak. clenched a spot in the nl wild card game. the dodgers or the giants are going to host this team in a one game, winner take all a week from today. if the a's fall short of the playoffs, they can point a finger to the mariners who have had own age on them all season. ten straight wins over the a's for chris basset and the a's teeing it up. backto s face. t since e co
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had the lead but watched the bullpen leak oil. jake drove home two and that 4th inning number erased the deficit. seattle took the lead. here is mitch, couple of big flies two nights ago. smashed a solo job. seattle won it's 11th straight over oakland. 4-2 final the a's could be eliminate from playoff contention as early as today and coming back to the giants, who can clench the division by tomorrow. guess who was on the mound for the diamondbacks on thursday where the giants could clench, madison. just let that marinate. coming up. >> i just got caught with my coffee. going to keep it real. marin roll out boosters but not everybody is ready to roll up their sleeves. why some are still hesitating to get shots. and tough questions for military leaders this morning over the withdrawal in
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afghanistan. the recommendation some say the president ignored. and hear how a man got out of afghanistan
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i'm proud to be a part of aag. i trust 'em. i think you can too. call now! right now, the booster roll out kicking off today in marin. the shark tank finally full again but not without restrictions. the rules and regulations now in place. and packages going missing in contra costa. why legislationfirefighter later tires and the smell of burned rubber could soon be more common. the push to create safe and legal side shows. good morning to you.
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we start this morning with the high fire danger. a fire weather watch for the north bay mountains due to the off shore winds. >> very dry air moving in with those gusty off shore winds, especially watching this evening into tomorrow. so, that fire weather watch for the fire highlighted in yellow. because of those off sore winds and relative humidity values dropping down to the teens. we will watch that closely for you. temperatures in the low 60's along the coast. for the peninsula in the low to mid-70s.


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