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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 30, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our roof top camera at home, good morning it is thursday september 30. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. we start with mary lee and that red flag warning. high fire danger, watching closely for you. especially for north bay mountains, red flag warning until 11:00 as we are looking at gusty winds and row relative humidity values. it is something we are watching closely and for north bay mountains above 1,000 feet. with the dry air we will see temperatures climb, daytime highs warmer compared to yesterday. we are looking at mid 80s in san jose, low 90s in concord, antioch. around the bay, mid 70s. peninsula, low 80s and mid 60s at the coast. let's check with gianna.
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good morning. a good start to your morning drive on this thursday. traffic is moving really good, no delays or issues as you work west bound into san francisco. the metering lights are off. san mateo bridge, looking good in both directions. things are quiet between hayward and foster city. so far things are okay through altamont pass, busy from 205 to 580. 27 minutes 205 towards dublin interchange. it's official, if you get covid you won't be able to take supplemental sick time. bill that required employers to provide extra 80 hours of pay leave expired starting today. lawmakers are not planning to extend it. today also marks deadline for california healthcare workers to provide proof of vaccination to employers. those with religious or medical
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exemption will have to get tested twice a week. positivity rate is down to 2.5% statewide. exactly one month ago, it was over 4%. as transmission rates decline, counties are rolling back restrictions. santa cruz, you don't have to wear a mask indoors anymore. but you have to follow state mask rules like wearing face covering on public transit, schools, at healthcare facilities. two elementary schools in east oakland shut down because of fleas. andrea nakano got some answers. >> reporter: flea infestation may be covid related without students or staff on campus last year, animals may have taken over the school. a simple garden project in the quad area turned into one massive itchy discovery. >> as soon as they get back up on the concrete and they're
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getting in line, they are covered in fleas. >> the 5th grade teacher catherine wilson said she didn't know what to do. >> they're hopping all over them from their shoulders to their ankles. >> it isn't just fleas. teachers united telling district they wouldn't return to the classroom until it took steps to eliminate the problem. oakland unified responded by hiring a team of experts to find the source of the problem. >> raccoons we have been seeing may have been bringing the fleas with them. >> the theory is they came from this wooded area. to show you how close this is to the school, the wooded area is here, this is the parking lot and that is the school. they're closed for the next two days so they can ex terminate and remove carpet where fleas
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like to nest. >> they hitch hike. when you walk through an area they jump on your shoes, your pants. as you walk they'll take a ride with you to wherever you are going. >> oakland unified school district realizes this flea problem will not go away in two days but school will resume on monday. andrea nakano, kpix5. >> we asked the district spokesperson are more schools at risk and he says other schools are dealing with similar issues because they were vacant for so long but not to the same level as the two schools that closed. on the road to recovery as we look live in san jose, retailers across bay area are gearing up for a busy holiday season. number one item on their wish list, more workers. one south bay mall had more than a dozen stores with tables set up ready to hire e spow
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ble nars from stores and restaurants sat ready to interview interested applicants but few showed up. >> our schedules are really flexible depending on your availability. >> reporter: one of a few dozen people who came to the job fair. >> flexible hours for sports and extracurriculars. >> reporter: she's a junior in high school and looking for her first job, something part time. >> maybe not too chaotic, a more chill place to work. >> reporter: representatives from the mall shops and restaurants said it's been slow. >> we have seen a lot of foot traffic but nobody really stopping by. >> reporter: economic experts say that's surprising considering california's unemployment rate is staying steady around 7.5%. >> i think we will see a greater return to work over the next couple months. state'omartmt hform
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ys whilemajo on unemployment saw benefits run that is not the only factor at play. workers face added challenges during transportation, health concerns, and childcare. >> this is a very different situation again as we have seen in previous recessions and recoveries. >> many stores are offering hiring bonuses or referral bonuses to try and attract new workers. others are offering huge retail discounts for employees in an effort to entice them to work through the holidays. an exclusive interview you will only see on cbs. lived with r kelly for five years she tells gayle king that the disgraced singer knows he is guilty. >> surprised he was found guilty? >> i feel like, you know, i know that he knows that he is guilty. people told him. people tried to warn him. people tried to help him.
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he didn't care. he was selfish. he was greedy. he was a pedophile and he never not once wanted to get help. >> you said people tried to warn him. what do you mean? how ? meanine pele are min i don't what you arinhis onthat our show. a blow in the defense in the elizabeth holmes trial. a witness offered testimony that some say is damaging to the theranos founder. wanted to use the device to see how it could treat anemia if it was working but the doctor says the device gave erratic results. prosecutors showed e-mails sent to homes detailing the problems. earlier in the day a former lab
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director even conceded under cross examination that it was his responsibility to make sure devices were working properly. he is set to come back for a third day tomorrow. progress on capitol hill. lawmakers announced they will be able to keep the government from shutting down at midnight tonight. as for president biden's legislative priorities, laura podesta reports there is still a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: congress has a deal to keep the government open. >> we are ready to move forward. we have an agreement on the cr, continuing resolution, to prevent government shutdown. >> reporter: house and senate will vote today to fund government through december 3. >> democrats don't want to shut down the government. republicans don't want to shut down the government. >> reporter: 800,000 federal employees will not be furloughed and critical agencies dealing with coronavirus pandemic can continue to work. last night members of both parties took a break from the
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weekfor a charity fund raiser event. president biden made an appearance speaking with both teams. republicans won 13-12. >> their second win in a decade. >> reporter: back at work, mr. biden's two legislative priorities hang in the balance as democrats try to hash out a deal amongst themselves. >> i am looking forward to good negotiations in a good faith manner. joe manchin called the president's $3.5 trillion package fiscal insanity but progressives are promising to sink the $1 trillion infrastructure bill without it. >> i want the infrastructure bill to pass. i voted for it. i want it to pass. we've got to pass both of them. >> reporter: nancy pelosi said she'll bring infrastructure bill to a vote on the floor today but did acknowledge she
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can delay it. >> the infrastructure bill passed senate. large social spending bill has yet to come up for a vote in either chamber. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new rule in vallejo makes side show spectators as guilty as participants. punishment of being too close to the stunts. >> what youtube is doing to crackdown on content. big step to get oracle park workers back behind the concession stand. a live look outside, you are looking at the skyline of san francisco. this is from our treasure island camera. it's 4:41. we'll see you after this break.
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after too many wild side shows vallejo is down with a new crackdown on not only promoters but also spectators. people caught within 200 feet can get the same fine as those participating, up to $1,000. lafayette city council
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trying to find ways to make streets safer. city council held a special meeting last night weeks after a 45-year-old crossing guard ashley diez was fatally struck by an suv. it happened on september 8. lafayette city council took public comments some of which suggested proposals such as speed bumps and extra lighting to make streets safer. a student was also injured in the accident but has recovered from injuries. money watch report, due to crackdown on antivaccine misinformation, youtube on a roll. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. stocks were mixed on wednesday. dow gained 90. nasdaq 34.
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s&de sterday investors rgcertnty washington. se rcansblocked efforts btil weeks before that deadline comes to pass. youtube is doing more to block antivaccination content. the google owned platform has been removing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines. the new policy spreads to any vaccine that's been declared safety health authorities. other sites including facebook and twitter have made similar moves in the past year. wal-mart wants to hire 150,000 workers for the upcoming holiday season. the big box chain says most positions will be longterm jobs, not just seasonal. wal-mart is already the nation's largest private employer with more than 1.5 million employees. amazon and target are both looking to hire more than 100,000 workers this winter. that's your cbs money watch
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report. head to i am diane king hall. 4:45. let's get a check of your weather and traffic. good morning, mary. good morning. as we head through our day, we will warm things up, plenty sunshine. as we start our day we are talking clear skies and gusty conditions up in the hills. north bay mountains, gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour. that's why a red flag warning is in effect for the north bay mountains because of gusty offshore winds and low relative humidity. that is a big concern, high fire danger as we head through the morning. i will talk more about this coming up. sunny, warm conditions as we head through our afternoon. today is warmer compared to yesterday. red flag warning until 11:00. elevations above 1,000 feet. again, watching winds gusting
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30 to 50 miles per hour on our highest mountain peaks. we are dealing with gusty, dry northerly and low humidity. with those offshore winds, drier conditions, that's what we are tracking for today. as we look to the end of the week, we will see temperatures continuing to climb, even warmer friday and into the weekend. as we head through the day on futurecast, the winds will be easing especially by this afternoon and evening and relative humidity as we go through today will be dropping. so very dry air for the bay area especially inland this afternoon. that's why temperatures will climb. checking daytime highs, looking at the upper 70s to low 80s for peninsula. south bay, mid 80s.
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santa clara, san jose. inland east bay, topping out at 90 for concord, pleasant hill. mid to upper 80s for the tri valley. antioch, brentwood, low to mid 90s. 73 in san francisco, 77 oakland. north bay, highs in mid to upper 80s this afternoon and 90 for ukiah. the seven-day forecast and what you can expect san francisco and oakland, 70s friday and through the weekend and even into early next week. for south bay, san jose, highs into 80s as we look to friday, the weekend and for monday inland east bay, low 90s not just today but friday and through the weekend. north bay, upper 80s over several days and mid 60s at the coast. let's check in with gianna. how are roadways shaping up? >> busy along highway 24, two separate trouble spots. around broadway we have a crash where cars are on the right
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shoulder but there is debris in the road. fafr ha poa cr le vehies are faciat lea lane a blocked. we can see brake lights as you head through. we'll keep a close eye on that, no word if injuries are involved. chp is headed to the scene. other than that, usual stuff for the ride into the altamont pass. slow and go out of tracy onto 580. 27 minutes is your travel time. san mateo bridge, traffic is moving nicely if you are getting ready to make that drive along the nimitz freeway. no delays through oakland, everything clear through hayward and it's an easy ride across the bay towards the peninsula if you are taking 92. traffic is moving at the limit across the upper deck into san francisco. no delays on lower deck and right now your drive, golden gate bridge looking good, quiet
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out of marin. south bound 101, 20 minutes from highway 37 into san francisco. good morning. straight ahead, a new look for corner back richard sherman and giants. we can't say it enough. what this team has done is unheard of and unexpected in san francisco baseball history. a live look outside before we head to break, you are looking at downtown san jose. good morning san jose
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good thursday morning to you. we are going to see plenty sunshine today and temperatures on the rise. warmer compared to yesterday
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across the bay area, mid 60s along the coast, talking upper 70s to low 80s for peninsula, 79 in san mateo. santa clara, san jose, mid 80s. inland east bay, topping out at 90. brentwood is one of the hottest spot at 94, mid to upper 80s for tri valley. san francisco, a high of 73 with sunshine, 77 oakland. north bay, mid to upper 80s this afternoon, 90 in ukiah. good morning. what's on my mind? there it is. the giants. a good night, could have been really good but giants' performance, gold. spotlight alex wood, against diamondbacks, look at the reflex on this pitch, a web gem in the fourth. six shut ingame
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scoreless in the seventh, runner at 3rd. the game's first and only run, 1-0 top nine. second night he got the save, got smith to end the game. win number 104 folks, most in san francisco giants' history. >> a huge accomplishment. this team has done so many good things. to say that this club has won more games than any other san francisco giants team is quite fulfilling. >> dodgers did not comply. looked like we would fall three games back, trail 9-6 in the bottom of the eighth but connected on four home runs in the inning. a two run shot gives the dodgers the lead. l.a. won 11-9 to stay two games behind giants in the nl west.
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the magic number to clinch division is three with four games left. a's, it's over for 2021. they couldn't just stop mariners for much of the season and it cost them last night. even in seat s club hoe managa in seattle, retiring after 54 years. mariners retired a's. a lead and shut out until it wasn't. over the head in the sixth, brought home two runs. mariners 2, a's 1. a's responded. seth brown tied it with his 18th home run for the year but seattle, very wild card relevant, retook the lead in the seventh and in the eighth, mariners won 4-2, their 12th win over a's who are officially eliminated from playoff
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contention. it's the first time they'll miss playoffs since 2017. did you hear? richard sherman is back. he signed with the buccaneers. he played last three seasons with 49ers and had been talking about a possible return but tom brady reportedly coaxed him to come to the other bay area. that's the way the ball bounces this morning as nfl week four starts tonight. we'll see you later. 4:56. coming up. >> today is deadline for california healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated. we are live with consequences of skipping the shot. keeping the lights on. new approach to stopping rolling black outs next. a live look outside from our exclusive mark
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, waking to a red flag warning for parts of the bay area. mary is tracking high fire danger to his healthcare workers must show proof of vaccination to get to work. what happens if you aren't inoculated? schools shut down and it has nothing to do with the pandemic. infestation forcing them to close their doors. >> they're hopping all over them from their shoulders to their ankles. good morning. it is thursday september 30. i am gianna franco. >> i am len kiese. good morning. live to the north bay where many people are on high alert. a red flag warning is in effect and will be for most of the day. let's get right now to mary lee with the latest on the fire danger. especialnorth bay
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mountains, higher elevations. i am tracking gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour. the warning in the north bay mountains until 11:00 am because of gusty offshore winds and low relative humidity values. a high fire danger for areas highlighted in red. because of those dry conditions we will see temperatures soar. it will be a warm day with plenty sunshine. mid 80s in san jose, low 90s concord, antioch. low 80s for the peninsula, mid 60s with sunshine even along the coast. back to you. >> thank you. this morning an interesting approach in the fight to stop northern california's rolling black outs. new power plants. threat of rolling black outs, flex alerts, emergencies to reduce electrical load over the last years prompted the governor to


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