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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 30, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, developing news out of washington, dc. congress took a big step toward preventing a government shutdown. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am gianna franco. a short time ago senators approved stop gap funding bill ahead of the midnight deadline and it heads to the house for approval and to president biden's desk for his signature. >> as debra alfarone explains, the bill is less than what democrats wanted and future of the president's agenda is now ui >> on this vote s bill is passed. >> stop gap government funding measure passed in the senate with bipartisan support. >> with so many things to take
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care of in washington, the last thing the american people need is for the government to grind to a halt. >> reporter: measure would fund the government until december 3. this concludes a bitter battle back and forth between democrats and republicansment democrats agree to drop provision to raise the debt limit. the next battle between republicans and democrats is the debt ceiling. house voted to keep government spending at current levels until december 2022. republicans say they'll sink the measure in the senate. >> if their unified democratic government is fully capable of fast tracking debt limit increase on their own. >> reporter: republicans accuse democrats of only wanting to raise debt limit so they can pay for president biden's domestic agenda. that includes a trillion dollar infrastructure bill plus a $3.5 trillion bill that would fund social, health, environmental programs. >> if you go on a huge spending binge, you will have to borrow more money. they want republicans to
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facilitate by enabling borrowing that will be necessary to fund the spending. >> reporter: democrats argue raising debt ceiling is about paying for spending that occurred during trump administration. >> make no mistake where the blame lies, squarely at the feet of the senate republicans. >> reporter: if republicans refuse to participate in raising debt ceiling and democrats don't raise it on their own, u.s. will default on financial obligations by october 18. that can trigger a recession. debra alfarone, cbs news, the white house. >> the measure that passed in the senate also provides money for disaster relief and afghan refugees. governor newsom signed several sweeping police reforms into law. eight measures include raising minimum age for police officers from 18 to 21, allowing badges to be permanently taken for excessive force, dishonesty, racial bias, setting standards
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for rubber bullets, tear gas for crowd control. you see traffic is moving smoothly on the golden gate bridge. that wasn't the case this morning. protesters stopped traffic to protest what they call democrats' actions on capitol hill. ey want senate democrats to override senate parliamentarian and enact economic justice and climate justice. the group wants easier paths to citizenship. healthcare workers in the state must be fully vaccinated by today. >> a statewide mandate governor newsom announced more than a month ago. justin andrews is live in walnut creek seeing where healthcare workers stand with this. >> reporter: good afternoon. we have been checking with bay area hospitals to see where they stand with vaccinating workers. today is deadline day for kaiser and other hospitals across the state. we know state health leaders say they've been watching things closely and expecting
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full compliance. in the last hour a spokesperson says as of today, 92% of workers there are vaccinated. that number could jump to 95%, they say, when final data comes in. as for unvaccinated workers, they're on leave of absences until they get the shot. >> the reason it's so important is we are responsible for ourselves and we are responsible for others. we protect others by getting the vaccine. we are around vulnerable patients, immunocompromised patients. really these have to be mandated for healthcare workers. >> we'll check back with justin. all city workers in san jose must be vaccinated starting today. exemptions are available for anyone with religious or medical reasons but have to
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show proof of negative covid-19 test. the city said a majority of workers have shown proof. contra costa unified will hold a special meeting to vote on a vaccine mandate that would require students 12 and older and school staff to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. if approved the district would join several others. the state's requirement for employers to provide extra sick leave for covid-19 is ending. it covered anything from taking care of yourself or a family member of of covid to vaccine appointments. statewide eviction moratorium expires at midnight. cities and counties are still offering protections. that includes alameda where tenants can apply for the housing secure program. the county has approved more than $1.5 million for tenants. coalition of san francisco advocates to end homelessness is calling on mayor london breed to implement a different approach to police interactions
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with unhoused. group of community advocates want the mayor to include what's called the cart program into the model. it is an alternative approach to policing that would comply community response and interactions with the homeless. it is funded by city board of supervisors but remains in appropriated reserves. they say it should be in the public sector of the public health department. >> the mayor's office has set aside money to get this program going. we need staffing, need money, need support, need to change the dialogue on how we deal with our homeless community. >> cart program aims to utilize trained behavioral health professionals to address the homeless crisis. it would lead to a more empathetic approach and reduce responses. residents may have had a
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rough wake up call. a 3.4 quake struck around 6:00 this morning. more than 950 people reported to usgs they felt it. so far there are no reports of injuries or damage. still leaders met virtually to discuss the state's drought conditions as 2021 water year closes today. the package includes billions in funding to support drought response including reliability of drinking water supply. money would go to the restoration of natural areas and ecosystems. a good chunk would start getting used in the upcoming water year. >> it's about the investments we can make to ensure we are helping stretch through these dry times. importantly it is not just about drought investments and drought. it is about flood investments and why the $5 billion being invested into water systems are so critical. >> billions of dollars would go to the department of water resources for flood management. the past year has been one
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of the dryest on record for parts of california and nevada. according to u.s. drought monitor many areas saw 50% or less of normal levels of rain during the water year. the water year is from october to the end of september. drought conditions e south specifically oklahoma and water shortage emergency. to reduce the water use, all watering of landscaping is limited to certain days and times. odd numbered addresses can only water on monday, wednesdays, fridays. even numbered addresses get their turn on tuesday, thursday, saturdays. you cannot use sprinklers between 9:00 am and 6:00. google is releasing tools to help californians with wildfire information. some kids in san francisco got the chance to play on a special ball field and got a pretty special message from a
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giants player. >> very cool. offshore winds, plenty sunshine and with that dry air in place, temperatures are really soaring. in fact much warmer
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a live look at wall street, dow is down a bit there, 273 points right now. google rolling out new tools to help you find information on wildfires. the tech giant is adding a wildfire layer to the google maps app. the company says they'll have most major fires that caused significant evacuations with a number of smaller fires. there are links to things like emergency websites and in he was about evacuations. the feature will be ready on android next week and iphone next month. ballpark workers working on a new contract proposal from their employer. we'll have more on this tonight at 5:00. giants are on cloud nine as we move to the playoffs and it looks like they'll stay there as alaska airlines unveils the
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giants themed airline. take a look at who showed up. all time home run leader barry bonds and giants mascot lucille. there will be a giants themed lounge at sfo. >> we are inviting special guests. we have barry bonds who will be signing the plane and actually making it official that we are also in the post season. this is a buzz, a celebration that alaska and giants are coming together. you will see this in our network through 2022. >> during the event the airline presented a $100,000 check to the willie mays scholarship fund which supports college aspirations for san francisco black youth. a big moment for some kids in safrancisco as they goce tpl newly upgraded baseball field. >> partnered with boys and girls club of san francisco to renovate the field in hunters
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point. kids made a thank you sign on the chain link fence on the back stop. they even got a cool video message. >> a great project by united healthcare. thank you to them. i hope you enjoy your new field. get out and have fun, run the bases, meet new friends, and enjoy it. >> they hope access to the field will help kids lead healthier lives while having fun with friends. let's get a check of our forecast with meteorologist mary lee. we are looking at plenty sunshine once again. temperatures are warmer compared to yesterday at this time. taking you live outside with sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay, we are in the 70s and even low 80s. concord you are 80. oakland 75, 79 liver more and santa rosa, 77 in san francisco and for san jose, 78 degrees. the 24 hour temperature change,
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anywhere from one to semissen, even eight degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time. we will continue to heat up as we look ahead to friday and into the weekend with sunshine and warm temperatures coming our way over the next days. we are looking at eventually a cool down by the middle part of next week. tracking offshore winds and dry conditions, we have been watching winds ease especially across north bay mountains, no longer under a red flag warning. that was canceled earlier this morning. as we head to friday and in r wewith he uswell see temperatures soaring by the end of the week. very dry air in place, that's why we are heating up for sure looking at relative humidity values dropping as we head through the afternoon down to the teens for locations inland. daytime highs, mid 60s along the coast. we are talking highs in the
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upper 70s around the bay, low 80s for peninsula, highs inland mid 80s to mid 90s. seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see temperatures will be warming up as we look to the next several days. 70s friday and into the weekend around the bay and even next monday and into the mid 80s for san jose over the next days through the weekend and early next week. then the cool down by the middle of next week. inland east bay 90s through the weekend, next monday upper 80s for the north bay for the weekend and mid 60s for the next seven days along the coast. we will see the stronger ocean breeze kick in for us with cooler temperatures next week. >> thank you. we are going to take a quick break. words are powerful and students in the east bay are
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i trust 'em. i think you can too. call now! young people are discovering the power of the written word. >> sharon chin introduces us to the man behind the tenure process, this week's bay area
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jefferson award winner. >> reporter: people stop malcolm marshall on the street with ideas for the richmond pulse. he founded youth led community project with new america media ten years ago to give richmond's under served residents a voice. >> i call it inside out journalism, you know. it's not folks from l.a. times parachuting in. >> reporter: his journalists are students ages 16 to 24. they know richmond well because many live there. >> they tell stories in a unique way and give insight into their lives that is often missing from the media landscape. >> reporter: young reporters get a stipend and project is funded through californiaen dowments building healthy communities initiative. there are 5,000 copies in english and spanish each month
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and more than 70 students have seen lines in the newspaper and online over the years. mendoza considered a career in construction until malcolm fueled his passion for writing. >> they allowed me to see a different future. >> reporter: he is building new skills, has interviewed a local mural painter and profiled homeless. he even followed up on the idea to publish a love letter to his girlfriend. >> he is a guiding light. he is more than a mentor, more than a teacher. >> reporter: malcolm says he is giving back the support he received as a student starting in ethnic media. >> my greatest joy is seeing that come full circle and knowing what an impact it had on me and now i am able to do that to other people. >> reporter: his mentor, the ethnic media services director, applauds those for illuminating lives of those who felt invisible.
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>> he is somebody who really represents a sign of hope for all of us in the media field. >> reporter: for empowering a new generation of richmond pulse writers who gives voice to the city unserved, the jerseys son award in the bay area goes to malcolm marshall. >> some of the reporters have continued in journalism. >> outside of the paper malcolm has produced street soldiers radio with his father dr. joseph marshall. we are in for a warm up. when we come back, a final look at the weather forecast. on the drew barrymore
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today's tip of the day is with avocados. right now they're still coming from mexico and california. they're year round and the prices are pretty good. in the market you have to buy them ripe. if you buy them green and take them home, there is a good chance it is not going to ripen properly. on the avocados with the high oil content, it makes that wonderful dip. it has a nice give to the touch. store them on the counter, not the refrigerator. shelf life is not long.
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when you buy them ripe like this, four to five days at the most. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look north. you see plenty sunshine. we are in the mid to upper 70s to 80 with that superior, warmer compared to yesterday and light conditions with winds at this lunchtime hour. here is what you can expect as we head through the work week and into our weekend. we will warm things up as we look to the next several days as high pressure builds in. san francisco, oakland, san jose, 70s around the bay for our weekend and mid 80s for weekend for the south bay. inland east bay, heating up more, hot conditions monday and then cooler as we look to the middle part of next week. mid 60s at the coast.
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back to you. this will make a lot of you very happy. mcrib is making a come back in november and it is only for a limited time unfortunately. >> this is the 40th anniversary of the sandwich. when it debuted it wasn't received well but bounced back and has a loyal fan following. are you fans? >> yeah. >> i never had one. >> i love it. look forward to it. >> meat
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>> brooke: this is unbelievable! the two of you continuing to betray eric! >> quinn: we're not betraying eric. i'm sorry, didn't justin tell you? >> ridge: tell us what? it's pretty obvious what's going on here. >> brooke: i would expect this from you, quinn, but you, carter? >> carter: let's just hold on. let's calm down and actually start listening to each other. >> brooke: listen to what? more excuses, more lies? >> ridge: justin caught you, right? which proves once again that you cannot be trusted ever. >> brooke: i was right. >> quinn: which is more important to you than the actual truth. >> brooke: truth? from you? >> carter: will you accept it coming from me? >> ridge: from you? yeah, couple of months ago for sure. i trusted you with my life. >> carter: i realize-- >> ridge: how do you-- how do you that to my dad? how do you do that? the man who opened his heart to you, his business, his fa.


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