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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  October 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. breaking news. another drug maker ready to get your booster shot? and facebook may be back online but it's problems are just beginning. we are live with what a facebook whistle blower is about to tell congress in just four hours. >> the aftermath of a late night crash in san francisco caught on camera. what we are just learning about the victim. we need to step in where we can and make a difference so we can see tomorrow. >> asking a city to come together to end violence. the plea from the police chief. good morning to you.
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it is tuesday, october 5th. >> you may need a light jacket before you head out the door today. let's get to mary lee with that big cooldown where that's just getting underway. >> we will see the temperatures fall as we head through today through the rest of the week. if its been a little too warm for you we will cool it down starting today. let's go through the day in san francisco. we are looking at those clouds that are back. the ocean breeze and we are looking at highs in san francisco in the mid-60s's this afternoon. the east bayshore line oakland topping out in the upper 60's. you will see the clouds for the inland east bay, concord, you will see a mix of sun and clouds, little more sun for you. in the upper 70's in concord and for the south bay. san jose, a little more sun as well for you. talking 78 degrees. it'll get even cooler as we head through the week and also shower chances. we will talk about that. and let's look at the roadways. we are still monitoring this traffic alert. it's northbound 880 right after
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thornton. you can see that map there. we were seeing some pretty significant delays just about 15 minutes ago. it is a trash truck that caught fire. they are mopping up the mess from earlier. the left lanes are open. you can still travel through those. if you are going toward the dunbarton. keep that in mind for your morning commute. bay bridge toll plaza lights were just turned on. with restarting to see that back up building at the toll plaza. breaking news, johnson and johnson is asking the fda to approve its coronavirus booster shot. the drug makeern said another second shot of its vaccine given about two months after the first increased it's effectiveness to 94%. that's compared to 70% with the single dose. the fda said it'll consider whether to improve them from j
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and j and moderna. in the united states for itself coronavirus trip antibody therapy. the company said it prevents coronavirus especially among those who don't get the immune response from vaccination the drug reduced the risk of symptoms by 77%. taking a live look at capitol hill where today a data scientist and former facebook employee will testify before a senate subcommittee. >> she has revealed herself to be the whistle plower behind a major exposure of the company's inner workings. she said the social media giant deceived the public. >> yeah. she will testify on capitol hill but it was hours ago when billions of us couldn't get on facebook. head curters right behind me here and this morning we are learning that some people who work for facebook couldn't again get inside their offices yesterday. they were locked out we are hearing this physical out has a
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lot of people talking and watching one. she will tell a senate subcommittee that executives consistently put profits over user safety. she worked on the civic misinformation team and is the whistle blower who provided documents in a wall street journal investigation. her planned testimony indicates the company deceived the public and it's investor its about its ability to deal with hate speech and misinformation on its policeman form. she said facebook has no oversight, even from its own oversight board which she said is just as blind as the public making it impossible for regulators to serve as a check. >> facebook has realized that if they change the formula to be safer people will spend less time on the site. they will click on fewer ada and make less money. >> the ceo's wealth has dropped $7 billion after all of
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this. coming up at 6:30. time now is 6:05. happening today sentencing resumes for a former youth swim team photographer accused of 20 incidents of sexual assault. this after a request for additional time to complete the presentence report. he was rearrested august 2019 at his home in menlo park. since his initial arrest in july six more people have come forward to say that he abuse them. the alleged crimes date back to the 80's. some of the assaults happened a rec center. others happened at his home. new the motorcycle sift has serious injuries from a crash in san francisco. video from the scene shows the suv at a strange angle in that intersection. debris scat everied on the
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pavement as paramedics helped the injured motorcyclist. this happened just before midnight at richardson avenue and san francisco street. the other driver is cooperating with investigators. a pedestrian was hurt after a hit and run in san jose. this happened at about eight last night. a vehicle hit someone and then sped away. that person is in the hospital but is expected to survive. the oakland police department is calling september the most violent month of this year. >> 17 people were killed just last month and the violence continues to surge. >> the chief said that the 106 homicides so far this year, it's the highest since 2013. the same time officers are leaving the force at alarming rates. in the last five months the department has lost 50 officers and ten more have resigned in october. the chief said preventing and solving homicides is a top priority but he admits his officers need help. >> we will continue to push
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our staff to do a better job out there in the community. to be more present. to engage with communities but also understanding we can't arrest our way out. >> it's a community that needs to come together to make a difference. the police and parents can't do it alone. we need to make a difference. >> the chief said because it's a personnel matter he can't speak about why the officers are leaving. tesla has been ordered to pay a former worker $137 million for enduring racism on the job. a former contract worker at the fremont plant claims he was subjected to a racially hostile work environment including taunts and racist grafitti and that tesla turned a blind eye to it. we reached out to tesla for a comment. the time is now 6:07. still to come in studio surprise. get to know our new morning show anchor.
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and ahead on kpix5, san francisco's school district teaming up with the city, the brand new testing site for students and staff. and no shortage of celebrations for fleet week. where you can jump in on all the action today coming up. the and remember to join us for our new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin every weekday before the evening news. you can tune in to the people's court on kbcw. if you hadn't had a chance to check out the new newscast definitely tune in. all right, we are looking at cooler temperatures across the bay area. temperatures now on that downward trend. we will talk about how cool it'll get this week and our shower chances coming up. first, let's go live outside with our roof camera and it's a great start to the day along the coast and around the bay with that ocean breeze. it is
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welcome back. happening today san francisco and the city's health department are launching a new coronavirus testing site. the free testing for students and staff will be available starting at 8 this morning. its being offered at the crocker amazon sports complex parking lot. this morning supply chain disruptions and labor shortages now impacting school lunchlesses across country. in one survey 97% of nutrition programs worry aboutcontinued supply chain issues to help america's school systems struggling to serve meals. the u.s.d.a. will pump in a billion and a half dollars. >> you look at a kid eating think you have no idea how hard that was to pull off. >> that's just like with my own kids. if you knew how hard that was. you would clean it up for me. >> a shortage is making canned
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products like soda, soup and canned meats hard to find. a live look at san francisco where fleet week is underway. there are a number of events including an exhibit of images from the history of fleet week and several neighborhood concerts. you may have heard them yesterday. the stars of the show, the blue angels, they are back. chopper 5 caught the squadron landing at oakland's airport. the big ships also arriving. the rush more sailed under the bay bridge just yesterday on its way to pier3032. it's one of four vessel that will be open for tours starting tomorrow. we posted a complete list of fleet week events for you on it's such a fun and exciting week. >> yeah. i'm so excited that it's back to the blue angels again. i will check it out an saturday to head out and bring the whole family. hopefully you can check it out as well. we are looking at temperatures cooling down. maybe a few more clouds as we
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head through the rest of the workweek. it looks like a little more sun for saturday and for sunday if you are going out for fleet week in san francisco. here we go. a live look. you can see the clouds and also some areas of fog as well. it's a gray start to the day along the coast and around the bay. that indicates those changes for us with that ocean breeze kicking in. big cooldown starting today through the rest of the week. we are in the 50's this morning. grab that jacket as you head out the door and here is what to expect. it is going to be cooler today. we are talking about ten degrees cooler than yesterday and that manior cooldown through the rest of the week dropping down to below average. not just today but through the workweek. let's go through the day along the coast. upper 50's to low 60's with most countryly. we will keep the clouds around the sea breeze.
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a mild day inland. not as hot as yesterday. some spots did hit the 90's. we are talking upper 70's inland with the mix of sun and clouds. a little more sun inland. here we go. the satellite and radar view. you can see the low pressure system not north that's bringing in the ocean breeze. that's back for sure. that's why we are talking about the cooler temperatures. you can see the clouds as we go hour by hour. something i want to show you for wednesday. we could see a few sprinkles. maybe some drizzle as we head through wednesday with that stronger ocean breeze and a cold front pushing through. so there is a chance to see a little bit of wet weather that we look to wednesday. if you are lucky enough to catch that, and as we look to friday with that upper level low dropping down. showers possible for your friday as well. especially better chance for the east bay and the south bay. if anyerns crossed watch that closely for you. the sunrise at 7:09. daytime highs you will noticed
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that cooldown in the mid-70s. we are talking upper 70's santa clara, low 80's in lo s gatos. concord, upper 70's for the tri valley. a under are the bay from the mid-60s's. 67 alameda. 67 oakland and low to mid-70s for new the north bay this afternoon. about 80 in ukia. san francisco and san jose. there we go with that cooldown. more clouds through the workweek and then warming back up for saturday and sunday. little more sun for you inland east bay in the north bay. mid450's on friday. along the coast. here is that traffic look? it's still in effect. it's taking time. if was a trash truck. after thornton. this is in the fremont area. you can see, speeds dipping down to about 23 miles an hour.
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just a highways up freey. have you brake lights to deal with as you head toward 84 and keep this many mind if you are taking the dunbarton. you will have the brake lights. 42 minutes. that's your travel time if you are going into the pass. here is a live look at conditions out of tracy on the map here. you can see the sensors showing slow speeds as you connect from 205-ton to 580. looks like sluggish conditions to just about north flynn. once are you past that things look better the rest of the way toward the dublin. no delays on 680. san mateo bridge. all quiet. everything looks good. if are you going westbound which is the commute direction. have you a lot of company but only a 14 minute e between 808 and 101. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backing up here just beyond that 880 overpass. not quite to the maze just yet which mean itself are you going on 80, 580 or northbound 880 toward the maze you will have
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brake lights. 880 live look here. extra volume on the northbound side which is the commute direction. you will see brake lights as you work near heyward. a new pilot program to improve public transition. this is what the on the demand mini van may look like. is promises to make it more convenient and easy tore connect between bart. rides will cost 250 for a standard adult fare. it's now 6:18. >> and still to come. meet our new morning anchor. you can get to know her this morning live in studio after the brake before she joins our team tomorrow
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it's a big week for us here anda'srsday is wa to you meet her today. she is live now in the studio. so good to have you with us. >> yeah. >> welcome to the team. >> i'm so happy to be here. i'm happy to be back home in california. its been a hot minute since i have been back in my home state. really thrilled to be feeling blessed. i'm from southern california it. will be adjustment to san francisco. >> so cal girl. from los angeles. if you have any recommendations reach out on instagram or facebook. let me know what we need to check out. my dogs and i would love to visit. >> we have recommendations. you have kind of like a nice little road trip to get to this point. >> we did. we decided to take a drive to
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come from indiana to california. my boyfriend and dog. we hopped in the crv, all packed up and -- stella the pit. she is a puppy so should was an adjustment. we visited utah that. was incredible. we got to see a lot of great spot across the country that i have every seen. doing that road trip was a lot of fun. that was in moab. a lot of neat spots to explore. we made the most of it. she is struggling. we had a great time. that was in colorado at the national monument there. we saw a lot of beautiful places. its been a quick turn around. that was actually a pen pal i haven't seen since i was 12. that was the final stop. made sure to take the puppies to the beach to explore that. very happy to be home and really excited to join this team. >> have you had any time to explore a little bit? you have only been here for a
6:24 am
few days. >> we got her wednesday. we are getting used to everything. with very been exploring north beach. its been fantastic. i need to start running. a lot of good food in that area. its been great. we did fort funsto,n. the dogs loved that. >> okay. >> love the fur babies. we work different hours. you haven't worked mornings for a few years now. >> its been about five years. bear with me as i adjust and the caffeine kicks in. it'll take a little bit of time. just the excitement of being here will help and so far i think i have joined a really great team. happy to be here and part of your community as well. >> glad to have you. we are happy to have you. >> and a lot of calfe and we will have a lot of fun. >> ly need tips. >> got your back. >> thank you. we will see you bright and
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early tomorrow morning at4:30. thank you. a facebook whistle blower just hours away from testifying on capitol hill. with relieve with the possible fall out for the tech giant. >> and pfizer and kaiser on the vaccine. what we with are learning about its effectiveness. and rent the runway wants to stop wall street's runway. why it's deciding to go public. and here is a live look outside. time right now is 6:25 before we head to break there is the bay bridge toll plazast traffic starting to stack up for all those folks making their way into san francisco. more photograph speck weather and news when we come back.
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if you are just waving up with us here are your morning headlines. in less than four hours a data scientist and former facebook employee will testify before senate subcommittee. she is the whistle blower behind a major exposure of the company's inner workers. >> johnson and johnson is asking the fda to authorize booster shots for its vaccine. it said a second shot boosts immunity when given two months after the first dose. j and j adds protection remains stable overtime. the oakland police chief said the city is experiencing
6:30 am
it's most violent year since 2013. this as the department has lost 50 officers in just the last five months. the chief said he can't speak about why they are leaving but admits his officers need help. good morning. it's tuesday on october 5th. >> here comes its big cooldown and better air. let's get to mary lee with the tuesday forecast. i left the window open last night. i felt the chill this morning when i woke up. >> that ocean breeze is back. helping cool us down. we will-continue to watch for temperatures fall as we head through week. the start of our major cooldown. san francisco as we back you through the day. mostly cloudy skies for the east bayshore line. oakland topping out at 69 with the clouds as well. inland east bay, concord you see a high of 79. more sunshine. for the south bay, san jose, in the upper 70's this afternoon. topping out at 78 with a mix of
6:31 am
sun and clouds there. we will talk about our next weather system and the chance to see a few showers. let's check in with gianna. it's stilla out there. this is northbound 880 at thornton. a trash truck caught fire it. stuck in the right lane. have you the left lanes open. that's how photograph sick squeezing by as you travel through the fremont area. keep that in mind if are you going toward the dunbarton. just before five is when the trouble spot was first reported. it's taking time for them to mop up the mess. that right lane still shut down until further notice. westbound 580. checking the travel time. 54 minutes from 205 over toward the dublin. things getting busy. facebook has shown it chooses profit over safety. >> happening today former facebook product manager will testify on capitol hill. >> she is expected to tell a
6:32 am
senate subcommittee that facebook executives have made safety a low priority. justin alive at facebook head quarter quarters this morning and we talked to some experts. what are they saying about all of this? >> then we talked to two of them both of them say that facebook which is headquartered behind me here has got a poor job regulating itself and said the government should be stepping in soon. >> the social media company cannot police themselves. we tried that before. >> this is not an event that's so contained that only one person knows about it. now that's whistle blower has come forward, government investigators will be looking for others. >> regulation experts say the thousands of pages of documents and research taken from facebook when she left could be the tipping point for congress to finally act and create some sort of government oversight. this all comes as facebook and
6:33 am
it's other platforms suffered massive outages for most of monday. they will urge congress. they will take a close eye. here is a live look at the big board. the dow is up 135 points. the tech sector led a selloff yesterday. facebook was hit especially hard. new, all spring class also be in person regardless of size. the university will be looking at offering alternative options for international students who aren't able to be on campus.
6:34 am
explaining the decision, the chancellor said we have seen little evidence of transmission of coronavirus on campus. all signs point to off campus social gathers where face coverings were not worn inside as the cause of the vast majority of the cases were seen with in the campus. in other coronavirus news, most states now reporting improved numbers. cases over the last week have decreased or are steady in 44 states. it is the same for deaths in 36 states. >> we certainly are turning the corner on this particular surge. the way to keep it down to make that turn around continue to go down is to do what we said. get people vaccinated. >> a new report said vaccinations are saving the lives of thousands of seniors. according to the department of health and human services, about 38 seniors avoided death. 22,000 were shielded from being infected in the first place. california leads the nation in
6:35 am
those categories. a new research on the pfizer vaccine said go dosses were 93% effective at preventing hospitalization conversation but effectiveness dropped to 47% six months after a second dose. the warriors returned to the court in their pre-season opener and andrew wiggins got playing time. up until last weekend he was among 40 player who refused to get the coronavirus vaccine. after the game he spoke about his decision to get the shot. >> only option was to get vaccinated or not play in the nba. the tough decision hopefully you know works out in the long run and ten years i'm so healthy. >> wiggins reveald that he had suffered a bout with the virus in the past. a live look at the state capitol in sacramento a. i
6:36 am
third round of stimulus payments could reach you today. according to the california tax board this batch will reach about two million people. payment also be sent as both direct peposits and paper checks. the president heads to michigan today to talk to union workers. is he trying to rally support for his legislative agenda which he calls build back better. the president spoke yesterday with progressive democrats about potentially lowering the price tag of a social spending bill. moderate lawmakers want the current figure of $3.5 billion to come down. the president is also facing a separate crisis. >> meteor is headed to wash into the economy. democrats are willing to do all the work, stopping it. republicans just have to let us do our job, just get out of the way. >> failure to raise the limit would prevent the government from borrowing more money to pay its bills.
6:37 am
that could sink the stock market, cause extra rates to spike and hold up social security checks. this morning the fda is out with two new rules for reviewing requests to sell and market new tobacco products. one rule applies to electronic nicotine systems including e cigarettes. the other applies to new tobacco product its like cigarette or roll your own. manufacturers must show the fda it's products would be appropriate for the protection of public health. san jose city council voted to ban the sale of flavored e cigarettes and prohibits new retailers setting up shop with in 500 feet of an existing one and with in a thousand feet of a school or community center. a final vote will happen later this month. in developing news the oil spill in huntington beach is a criminal investigation. the ceo of the pipeline operator said a ship may have dropped its anchor triggering a leak. a 13-mile slick is moving south
6:38 am
and is posing a threat to fish, wildlife and sensitive marinehabitats. even in places where damage is minimal so far. a restaurant in laguna beach is feeling the impact. >> i had the table today that said they noticed people checking out of hotels. they made reservations and are checking out because they can't go to the beach. most of our business is people from the hotel. there. are no people compared to how it normallys. the commercial aspect is really terrifying for the restaurant community. >> this all happening just as business is starting to recover from the effects of the pandemic. it's now 6:38. coming up, also streaming on cbsn bay area. >> giants fever sweeps the bay. a former manager getting recognized in a big way and how he feels watching the games. and i can take accounta a film set like no other. low the international space station is about to make movie history. and legalities take a quick
6:39 am
check on the big board. the dow up about 78 points. diane king hall breaks down the up numbers after the break. good morning. good to see you two. facebook under fire. one day after the social network was hit by a major service outage. it identities congressional scrutinq over potentially harmful effects. what to expect from today's whistle blower testimony. and the pandora papers reveal hidden assets of the wealthy. how off shore banking havens are being used in this country. and imagine dragons. their new album. hear about the real life experiences behind the music.
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a major online clothing rental site and a check on the big board. diane king hall joining us live from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. for the win. trading underway for a little more than ten minutes here on wall street. you have investors doing some modest buying in the early action. right now the dow is better by more than 100 points over in the tech sector you are seeing gains here. nasdaq better by 75. rent the runway wants to stop wall street's runway. the digital clothing rental platform filed plans to go public. the company said it's subscriber numbers have started to rebound after being significantly down earlier the pandemic. that's because people are outside again. rent the runway raised funds to it a 7,450,000,000 dollars evaluation. is it plans to list on the
6:44 am
nasdaq under the ticker rent. >> they want to sashay. >> yes indeed. >> had to go with e stope runway theme there. thank you so much. cbs money we will see you later. >> she started that with lynn for the win. >> definitely. ? with the giants gearing up for the post say son one of the most successful former managers is getting new recognition. he has just been put into the bay area sports hall of fame. he was in charge when the giants won in the world series. he said he has been watching the giants closely this sea responsible the nerves from his days as manager are still there. >> i will be honest. it's times when you get those -- i guess adrenaline going. are you having a flash back. there's been good memory that have come back to me. >> others include ricky henderson of the a's and bryant
6:45 am
young of the 49ers. amazon has purchased property a few block from the great mall. according to the sf gate that 395,000 square foot property will be on g ib ralter drive. no word on what the company plans to do. on a fire watch finally major progress in the battle to contain the biggest wildfire this year. the last remaining evacuation orders and warnings for the caldor have been lifted. the fire is 93% contained, full containment is expected by october 16th. the fire sparked in august south of the grizdly flats area it. burned more than 221,000 acres. it's 6:45. from wildfires to the california drought pleasanton is expected to declare a stage two water shortage. the move would require customers to cut their water use by 15%. new this morning a russian film crew on its way to space to make the world's first movie in
6:46 am
the stars. russian actress and her director are traveling to the international space station. >> they will shoot scr a feature length movie. the challenge about the medical emergency in orbit. both had to learn their screen parts and work for months under going weightlessness training a back up crew as well as tests in parachute drills. >> during this time they interest toured us. they didn't beat us us up but made us memorize a lot and squeezed us completely. >> i'm not afraid of anything. i just want us to make a good movie. >> the two will spend 12 days film be on the space station. it's the voice saying they tortured us. >> goodness. i guess it was that nice balance. >> i love it. >> all those things will make for such a cool movie. >> i have to ask what do you think about a newscast from space? >> up in space. >> what do you think?
6:47 am
>> we could be the first. >> ly be on the ground. >> okay. okay. i can imagine traffic will be crazy up in space. >> i i had so. >> you have to dodge the asteroids. let's talk about the weather. we are looking at a cool town in store for us. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera. as we look east and you can see the clouds out there. that indicates some changes for us. love seeing the golden colors in the sky as we look to the east bay. we are in the 50's this morning. if you are heading out the door maybe getting ready fork work or school grab that jacket first thing. here is what to expect. a mor cooldown this week. today the start of our cooling trend. so we are about ten degrees cooler compared to yesterday afternoon. we are going to continue to watch the temperatures fall as we head through the rest of the workweek and we are talking about shower chances on friday. let's take you through the day with our micro climate. upper 50's to low 60's with
6:48 am
that ocean breeze along the coast. also breezy conditions around the bay in the mid to upper 60's with the clouds and a mild day inland. a mix of sun and clouds in the 70's and low 8o's. satellite and radar view, the upper level low and that's bringing in that ocean breeze for us. that's why today we are we are cooling down through the rest of the workweek. you can see the clouds going hour by hour. could see a few sprinkles, few showers as we look to wednesday. then a chance of drizzle or sprinkle action. you will be lucky if you get it. dropping down. showers are possible for your friday, especially looking at the east bay and the south bay. not expecting a lot of rain with that system.
6:49 am
concord, pleasant hill, upper 70's for the tri valley. around the bay from 65 in san francisco, 60 in daley city. 67 alameda and san leandro. 69 oakland and the north bay mid to the upper 70's. topping out at 75 in santa rosa and 80 for ukia. seven day forecast, there we go with those temperatures cooling down, especially thursday and friday. a little more sun temperatures on the rise as we look to saturday and for sunday. inland east bay and for the north bay down to the 60's by the end of the workweek and then temperatures climbing as we head through saturday and sunday with more sun for the coast. temperatures down to the mid50's to end the workweek. let's check in with gianna. it was first reported before five this is in fremont northbound 880 near thornton. a trash truck caught fire.
6:50 am
you still have fire crews. you need to get tow crews out to get this truck out of the way. they let it burn down to the ground. they didn't but it out. that's why it's taking so long. seeing more slow and go conditions now. northbound 808 starting to back up quite a bit. keep that in mind. south 808 getting busy out of heyward. 880 definitely sluggish this morning. want to take you over to 80 eastbound near highway 37. getting word of a small brush fire on the right hand side of the roadway. it's causing a distraction to drivers u head through there. i'm tracking brake lights on westbound 37 as well. bay bridge metering lights on and you are backed township the foot of the maid. things definitely getting crowded for the westbound 80 ride. westbound 580 as you head through oakland. things are pretty quite here. tail lights, we are seeing more cars on the roadway. the tail lights working over
6:51 am
toward 101. about a 13 minute travel time over toward that foster city side of 101. checking the east bay travel times. everything looks good. westbound out of walnut creek to oakland. only a 12 minute ride. it's 6:51. someone in california is waking up a lot richer this morning and it's not us. >> it's not us. the winning 700 million-dollar powerball ticket was sold just south of big sur that. was sold at the albertsons in morrow bay. the cash oposition is just shy of $500 million. just double checking. you didn't happen to go to big sur to buy a powerball yesterday in. >> no but you wish i did. >> just double checking. >> sorry. >> okay. >> next time. next on kpix5 and streaming on cwsn bay area. >> tech experts say it could
6:52 am
be the tipping point. we are live with what to expect this morning on capitol hill as the facebook whistle blower takes the stand. and the call one animal rescue group won't forget. why this spider that got stuck on top of a home is not what it seems. streaming today on cbsn bay area the cbs comedy series young sheldon is back for season 5. we talk to one of the main characters ahead of this week's premiere. it is set to sir this thursday.
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following the fall out that's been unfolding here over the last 24 hours. a whistle blower will be testifying in just a matter of minutes on capitol hill. her name is francis and she is expected to tell a senate subcommittee that exive itself put profits over user safety.
6:56 am
she worked as a product manageern at facebook and gave documents in an investigation. she said the company deceived the public and it's investors about its ability to deal with hate speech and misinformation on its platform it. was hours ago, billioning of us couldn't get on facebook and we are hearing employees may have been locked out their offices yesterday following all of this. facebook ceo's wealth dropped $7 billion. tech experts say that the government may be stepping in soon. we will watch that testimony in a matter of minutes and will let you know how it develops. we are live at facebook headquarters. time for a look at the other top stories. johnson and johnson is asking the fda to approve its booster shot. >> the drug maker side another second shot of its vaccine given about two months after the first increased it's effectiveness to 94%. that's compared to many 0%
6:57 am
protection with the single dose. all spring 2022 class also be in person regardless of size at uc berkeley. officials say they are looking options for those with compromised immune systems. today satisfy is launching a new testing site. this is for students and staff. oakland police say that september was the most violent month this year with 17 homicides, that amounts to 106 homicide this year. the highest since 2013. at the same time dozens of officers have been leaving the force. a crash late last night left a motorcyclist with a serious injuries. paramedics worked on the crash victim near the wreckage at richardson avenue. all right. check out this beautiful start to the day. san francisco and you can see some clouds out there. we are looking at a cooler day
6:58 am
across the area. about ten degrees cooler compared to yesterday and fewer clouds as well. that ocean breeze cooling us down. we are talking 70's to low 80's. 79 concord, 81 antioch, 73 santa rosa. around the bay 65 in san francisco, 69 oakland and the peninsula. mid-70s and a breezy day along the coast in the upper 50's. with that sea breeze we are looking at method to moderate air quality. it is helping to clear out the skies. let's look at gianna. >> its been tough driving out of fremont. northbound 880. we are starting to see the brake lights building as or and more cars hit the roadway. traffic alert in effect. that right lane blocked this is around thornton. you can see photograph sick slow now. southbound 880 slow as well. look at this. we have some brake lights here as well. two lanes blocked due to a crash this is west 80, traffic backing up.
6:59 am
give yourself a few extra minutes. bay bridge toll plaza and it's a slow ride in to the city. new, a bay area animal group's latest rescue is one they won't forget. >> concerned neighbor called about a spider trapped on top of a his. turns out it was a halloween decoration. check it out. the peninsula humane society said someone called thinking was stuck on the roof. animal climbed up and realized it wasn't real. the homeowners didn't know it was there and the humane society asked to make take it back to fprank their co workers. >> nope. >> don't get any ideas. >> you don't get any ideas. >> i know halloween is coming up. >> i don't do spiders. no, thank you. don't forget the news continues on cbsn. >> cbs mornings can uming up next and remember to check out the new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin
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every weekday before the evening news at 3:30. >> you tune in to the people's court on the cw at 5:00 p.m. have a great day and welcome, welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to our viewers in the west. i'm gayle king. >> and i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm anthony mason. >> facebook is under pressure after a massive outage and ststunning allegations from a whistle-blower. >> this is the latest a series of revelations. they made clear that self regulation is not working. >> you don't want to help save the country? get out of the way. >> president biden as congress fails to rai


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