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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  October 7, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new chance to protect yourself against covid- 19. booster shots being offered today on the peninsula. a ship anchored in the bay area, its potential connection to the massive oil spill in southern california. warriors make their return in front of the home crowd. the covid protocols in place for preseason home opener. bring on the dodgers. the historic match upset between l.a. and giants in the playoffs. good morning. it is thursday october 7. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. let's get things started with a check of weather and traffic. before that, i think this is the perfect day for pumpkin spiced latte. >> are you into psl? >> i am. i can admit that. there is no shame in my game.
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>> i love it. yes, that sounds perfect, that fall weather for sure, that ocean breeze, let's do that after the show. a morning team outing. >> i like it. >> we are looking at avere dayt again ten degrees below average as we are tracking strong onshore flow for bay area. we are looking at more clouds streaming in with that ocean breeze kicking in for us. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 60s in san jose, low 70s concord, antioch, livermore, mid 60s napa. around the bay, low to mid 60s this afternoon. likely along the coast and around the bay, you will need that light jacket all day long. 61 in san francisco, 63 oakland, peninsula, mid to upper 60s and along the coast, cool, cloudy and breezy with 50s.
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how is it looking out there? it is an easy ride right now. if you are taking 580 or 101. the only hiccough i am getting first reports of is a new crash in west bound 80 through richmond area. we are not seeing brake lights or delays even with it just being reported. we are seeing red and yellow which is slower speeds popping up for the ride into the altamont pass. it's from mount house to almost north flynn at this point. once you are past that you make up for it towards the dublin interchange. at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are quiet. no metering lights and things are quiet in the city. we have an ida on the process that local health officials are trying to work through to figure out when we will ditch these masks. mask mandates still in effect
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indoors throughout much of the bay area. we could be hearing about the framework for dropping them as soon as today. we are expecting a major announcement. taking a live look at san jose where the santa clara health department is one of several that have been talking not if to loosen mask restrictions but when and how. decisions would be based on case numbers, vaccination rates, hospitalizations. the bay area has been doing a good job as a whole on all those figures. santa cruz has lifted its mask mandate. it is up to each county health department to decide how to proceed. bay area does have a tendency to move more as a whole. we are expecting an announcement that will encompass much of if not all of the bay area today. we're going to keep you posted. today, san mateo county kicking off covid booster roll out. >> they're holding several
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vaccine clinics for anyone 18 and up. justin andrews is live where the shots will be administered. organizers have a hefty goal here. >> reporter: they do. the point is to get the booster shot in the arms of as many people as possible. that includes teachers who are ning. sly pe though 94% of eligible people in san mateo are vaccinated, the president of the board of supervisors said residents should still continue masking indoors for several more weeks. today is one of four total vaccination events. if you are 18 and older and it's at least six months after second dose of your pfizer vaccine, you can come between 9:00 and 4:00 today. there are other opportunities to get your booster shot tomorrow and then again next week on tuesday and wednesday. i know that's a lot of times and dates you see on your screen but be sure you write some down so you can get your booster shot if you are
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eligible. there has been concern though with the side effects of the third booster shot. we'll dive into that at 5:30. you will hear from an fda official. he addresses some of the side effects. that's coming up in the next 30 minutes. >> thank you. for the first time ever, giants will take on the los angeles dodgers in the playoffs. >> the teams have been battling all year and now it will continin the post season. last night in wild card game l.a. and st. louis were tied at one in the bottom of the ninth but taylor sends cardinals home with a two run walk off home run. final, 3-1. giants and dodgers have been rivals since late 1800s when they played in new york. both will work out at oracle park. game one is tomorrow with first pitch at 6:37. the warriors hit the court for their preseason home opener against denver nuggets last night. a full capacity crowd of 18,000
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gave the dubs a full throated welcome back. everyone who attended the game was subject to covid protocols. that included vaccination checks and mask wearing. >> this is a really big moment for san francisco. we are going to be the biggest indoor event to be hosted in san francisco since the shut down which is a huge deal. this i think is a signal of not only warriors basketball and nba season starting but san francisco really coming back to life. >> it was a good night for the warriors taking win over the nuggets 118-116. breaking news, we learned the coastguard has boarded a container ship docked in oakland. it is in connection with the massive oil spill off the coast of orange county. chopper 5 examined the rotter dam express docked yesterday. they posted this video of the ruptured pipeline. according to marine traffic the rotter dam express, a german flagged ship, made three
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unusual movements over two days that appeared to put it over the pipeline. >> did he have the right charts? did this vessel traffic service advise him? you know, was this an old pipeline and maybe wasn't properly charted? these are questions we have to ask. >> a nonprofit that uses satellite technology to track ships says the rotter dam express never came closer than 1500 feet from thd it is unlikely the anchor is to blame. salvage operations will begin today on a sunken ship in san francisco bay. it started taking on water around 3:00 yesterday morning. the one person on board scrambled to safety. oil boom and absorbent pads have been placed around the boat for leaks. we are told it can carry about 260 gallons of fuel. it is unclear how full the tank was when it sachs.
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officials hope a new well in sonoma may offer some drought release. the unveiling is part of the city's planned drought resiliency project in response to the statewide historic drought. officials hope the well will provide emergency relief to people whose water sources have gone dry. a crucial tool to fight wildfires got a boost. governor newsom signed a law that reduces financial risk for responders over seeing prescribed fires when flames escape control lines an iremery spse. >>latest report from the national interagency fire center shows fall may be bringing cooler temperatures to the north bay. but the threat of wildfires still looming and could be worse than normal. the agency's forecast is mostly attributed to the ongoing drought that's left dry vegetation across the state including sonoma county. 5:08. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area.
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>> why work on a big tower in san francisco continued on despite warnings and damage. a major data breach for one game streaming service. what twitch is saying about the extent of the problem. we are proud to launch our new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin every weekday before the evening news with norah o'donnell at 3:30. mary. happy thursday to you. we will keep cool temperatures going as we look to our afternoon with clouds streaming in. upper 60s san jose, low 70s concord so we are about ten degrees below average. we'll talk about our weekend forecast coming up. g at bay bridge is looking good. i am getting word
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welcome back. construction on a mix for san francisco's leaning millennium tower is partially back on track. >> despite warnings some test drilling is underway this week. >> millennium partners wanted to get the thing we'll be right backed up. >> reporter: a gio technical
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engineer and early critic, he says the $100 million plan to shore up sinking millennium tower should have been stopped months before it was. >> certainly the end of june, it was obvious that there was enhanced settlement as a result of installing casings and piles. >> we asked him to review engineer logs and internal e- mails obtained by kpix5. the chart show accelerated sinking started in mid may. the work on the project continued through june and july. in this e-mail july 29, engineering design review team hired by the city to over see the project warns officials the design team has suggested to 301 mission homeowners association that the installation of 36-inch diameter casings along mission street be paused but the suggestion has not been acted on and the project is continuing to move forward. august 4th, the lead engineer
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ron hamburger confirms it's placed a voluntary moratorium on 36-inch casings but drilling continued to install smaller 24- inch piles until august 23 when millennium tower's general manager announced a pause in all construction for two to four weeks. >> i credit with applying necessary pressure to cause the work to be halted. but they shouldn't have had to do that. any responsible engineer would have called a halt as i say by the end of june. >> reporter: he says the fact that construction continued for two months caused more damage. >> another half to three quarters of an inch of settlement. >> reporter: and drilling may have exacerbated a sewage problem at the luxury high rise. >> even a small change in gradient might upset the
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plumbing, waste water and sewage. >> reporter: in a statement to kpix5, ron hamburger admits some of the sinking could have been and admits new test drilling more sinking however assures that none of this should affect the building's safety. one thing is for sure all the problems of 301 mission street seem to be having an impact on property values. we found ten condos on sale at discount prices. this listed for $1.75 million was worth about $1 million more just five years ago. some have been on the market for months. has en for sale for nearly a year. he believes concern over real estate values might be one reason why millennium tower association pushed to continue the job. >> that would suit existing
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asbeuse once it was wners completed and sidewalks are restored on fremont street and mission street, there is no question that the property values will go back up. >> the millennium tower association that represents homeowners is still not commenting. it is now 6:16 or 5:16. >> we are not there yet. >> not yet. >> we are getting there. we will begin with mary lee with a look at our weather. hey. good morning. we are looking at cooler temperatures as we look to our afternoon. that's a refreshing ocean breeze kicking in for us. we are looking at a beautiful start to our day with our matt hamilton camera from the lake observatory. you seer the clouds in the sky as we start our lily need that day especially along the coast
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and around the bay with the sea breeze kicking in. it's a breezy start in san francisco, sfo14-mile per hour winds out of the west, 14 in concord and 13 for fairfield. so cool and breezy today and for tomorrow though maybe a little bit more sunshine for your friday, milder with the sun as we look to our weekend. then tracking a system that could bring gusty offshore winds as we look to next week, could mean high fire danger. this is great to see. our air quality is good today, continues friday, the weekend, and monday. it's been a long time since we have seen great air quality over the next several days. it's so nice to see that. we are looking at teurcool side we look to your thursday today and friday and as we look to our weekend a modest warming trend for saturday and for sunday. not a big one but we will take what we can get. it's going to be pretty with
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the sunshine and mild conditions as we take you hour by hour. you see those clouds streaming in. as we look to tomorrow, maybe a little bit more sunshine in the bay area and for the sierra, a little bit snow above 8,000 feet. daytime highs, upper 50s along the coast, mid to upper 60s for peninsula. south bay upper 60s santa clara and san jose, low 70s for morgan hill and los gatos. upper 60s to low 70s for the try valley. around the bay, cool day for you 61 san francisco, 60 daly city, 63 oakland, 64 san leandro and north bay mid to upper 60s. topping out at 72 for ukh. francisco, oaand, sajose, are talking about another cool one tomorrow, maybe a little bit more sunshine and mp
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again watching gusty winds as we look to next week. inland east bay and north bay, 60s for tomorrow. so it is even cooler tomorrow. as we head into our weekend 70s to low 80s and 70s for early next week. along the coast, low 60s for our weekend. we are super excited about fleet week for saturday. if you are heading out in san francisco for fleet week, mid 60s saturday and we are talking a little bit warmer on sunday. great weather to view the blue angels taking to our skies this weekend. in fact even the preshows for today and tomorrow, super excited about that. g. it's loud when those blue angels fly over. you will notice it in san francisco. a might be a distraction if you are out and about. plus with everything going on, fleet week happening, it is going to be busy in the city. a plan ahead if you are headed into san francisco over the weekend, expect delays on bay
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bridge, embarcadero, a lot of foot traffic as well. it's not just fleet week. we've got san francisco dodgers chashroughout the weekend, north beach italian festival. a lot going on in san francisco. it should be a lot of fun. conditions look pretty good for the most part. across upper deck of the bay bridge, seeing some nice travel times. a live look at the bay bridge, getting a few more cars on the road way but over all an easy ride out of the east bay. we are seeing a lot of green on the west bound east shore freeway commute, are the not causing brake lights or issues. you are clear from there towards the bay bridge. a couple other crashes south 680 at 238 mission boulevard on the right hand side of the road way. king nz freeway, getting
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busy south bound. if you are taking 880 near 92, things are quiet. west bound 580, 205 towards 680, 37 minutes. that's an easy ride as you work into the altamont pass. i am getting word from chp, there is a wind advisory along 580 through altamont to keep that in mind. game streaming service twitch says it experienced a major data breach. the company is still working to figure out the extent of the problem. it pays streamers to are their games and twitter users say the leaked information accurately shows how much they received. launching the clean cars for all program. it will give those who qualify $9,500 to retire old cars and replace with more eco friendly options. those include hybrid or all electric cars, e bike. there is $2,0pmt.
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5:21. ahead, an unusual site for drivers in illinois. >> zebras on i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's whi tae -flex to keep me moving
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the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens for immune support.
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drivers in illinois caught hit the road. ir of bras >> the exotic animals were spotted wandering through farm
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fields. this shows the animals getting a taste of freedom crossing a busy highway. the young male and female escaped from an indoor zoo at a pumpkin patch over the weekend. after two hours workers tracked got state troopers can last great horned owl to their list of saves. officers kept the owl safe from traffic until animal experts arrived and got a selfie as well. >> of course. >> always have to get the selfie. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. booster shots are being offered in san mateo county. what you need to know about getting a third dose. study highlighting the need for many to get the booster. waning immunity for pfizer's
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right now on kpix5 and stbay area, more protection against covid- 19. new chance to get your booster shot in san mateo county. american airlines with a warning. their message to employees who won't get vaccinated. short term compromise in the works on capitol hill. negotiations to raise the borrowing limit. what a federal ruling means for texas' controversial abortion law. good morning. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. so glad to have you with us on
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this friday eve. >> we are so close. >> we are going to start with traffic and mary. pacific ocean breeze welcome you to the bay area, 40s and 50s as we start our day. kingsome clouds as well as you head to the afternoon. if you are loving the cool down, you will love today. you will see more clouds stream in and looking at temperatures about ten degrees below average. upper 60s for the south bay in san jose, mid 60s napa. around the bay, only in the low 60s, 61 san francisco, 63 oakland. likely you will need that light jacket all day long. we are only talking upper 50s with the cool ocean breeze along the coast. let's check with gianna. i was just tracking at least through the altamont and winds are gusting to about 28 miles per hour there. a little windy. chp issued a wind advisory a few hours ago. if you are ready to take the altamont pass and are in a high
5:31 am
profile vehicle, be extra careful. things might feel a little gusty as you work your way through that area. brake lights building west bound 580, a bit of a struggle. we are seeing busy travel times out of tracy onto 580. brake lights are extending well beyond north flynn. travel times reflect, 41 minutes 205 towards 680. we've had a couple accidents, one on west bound 80 near richmond parkway. that's cleared out of lanes. keep in mind if you are out and about today and through the weekend fleet week sf is underway, more cars heading into san francisco. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have our eye on breaking news at the port of oakland hearing that investigators with u.s. coastguard have boarded a massive german cargo ship because there are questions over whether or not it may have played a rt in rupturing the big pipeline down in orange
5:32 am
county, whether or not its anchor might have ruptured the pipeline. the associated press tracked data that looks at marine traffic and found that the ship made three unusual movements over two days that appeared to put it over the pipeline right before it ruptured and spilled up to 150,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean. a lot of questions this morning not only with that ship but also about the pipeline, was that properly mapped? did the people who were in charge of the ship have access to that map? the spokesperson for the company right now saying it is fully cooperating with the investigation which is going on at the port of oakland. back to you. >> thanks. 5:32. today booster shots available to san mateo residents. >> the third dose resides at m vaccination clinic at the event center. justin andrews is live. a big push there today.
5:33 am
>> reporter: absolutely. if you are 18 and older and it's been at least six months since you have gotten your second doses of the pfizer vaccine you can samao. knpresident of the san mateo county board of supervisors, he says the point of the mass vaccination clinic is to get booster shot in the arms of as many people as possible. 94% of eligible people in san mateo are vaccinated. today is one of four total vaccination events and you can come today between 9:00 and 4:00. there are also opportunities to get your booster shot friday and then again tuesday and wednesday next week. there are concerns of lymph nodes with this third booster shot though. fda's top vaccine official addressed that. >> that happens with vaccines. they go away within just a couple days usually to a week.
5:34 am
nothing to panic over. >> reporter: now he says that's a common side effect and it should go away pretty quickly. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you. good to know. this just in, pfizer says it is asking fda for emergency use authorization of the covid vaccine for use in kids five to 11. this is as studies suggest immunity wayans after about two months but the shots continue to reduce risk of hospitalization or death. the first followed 4800 israeli healthcare workers and showed lowered immunity is worse in men, those are immunity issues. the country was high in vaccination rates and most people there got the pfizer shots. the white house is aiming to increase supply of at home
5:35 am
covid-19 testing kits. a plan to buy a billion dollars worth was announced. the goal, to have 200 million kits available every month. meantime president biden is set to travel to the chicago area to speak about importance of requiring covid vaccinations. this comes as more people in the u.s. are getting booster shots compared to the number of people getting their first dose. american airlines set a deadline employees must be fully vaccinated against covid- 19 by november 24 or they'll be fired. the airline told workers last week it would comply with the biden administration's vaccine mandate for federal workers. southwest is doing the same. united issued its own mandate that went into effect last. canadians have extra time to get their covid shots if they plan to travel by plane or on trains. canada's prime minister says the deadline to get fully vaccinated is october 30.
5:36 am
according to canadian health officials, 88% of eligible people have had at least a singletsis set to impose cyber security mandates on railroad and aviation industries. the idea is to force compliance in the wake of high profile cyber attacks on critical industries. mandates will make more companies in key transportation industries meter a cyber security baseline reducing voluntary incident reporting. upcoming security directive will apply to higher risk rail and transit entities. taking a live look at urination's capitol where senate is set to be working on a short term extension of the nation's debt ceiling. it would allow the government to continue to borrow money while lawmakers negotiate a more longterm fix. treasury department estimates it will run out of cash by october 18 unless the ceiling is raised. a federal judge blocked a texas law that effectively banned most abortions in the
5:37 am
state. it bars enforcement of the statute that went into effect in september. the order described it as a scheme to deprive of a constitutional right. texas is expected to appeal. there is vaccine news unrelated to covid-19. world health organization has approved the first malaria vaccine. it has efficacy rate of 50%. malaria kills estimated 500,000 people a year, almost all of them in africa. the newest batch of jobless claims just in plus how you can buy now and pay later at target. diane king hall joins us live from the new york stock anor od moing. this y we ha the fresh snapshot of the labor market. first time filings for weekly jobless claims fell by
5:38 am
38,326,000 last week, that was better than expected. home depot hiring wal-mart to deliver paint, tools, supplies to other customers. home depot is first retail client to sign up for the recently launched delivery system called go local. it is limited to items that can easily fit into a car. another company jumping on the buy now pay later trend. target will start offering installment loan plans on over $100. buy now pay later loans have become increasingly popular because they often come without interest charges. it appears times have changed when it comes to time spent on the clock. what's the latest on this? >> it has. according to a one poll survey employees say it is okay to rk from in anyt on youramas, th
5:39 am
60% efficient when out of the office and once the camera is on having a pretend background and being zoom bombed by a child or pet is okay too. >> we'll see you when the stock market opens at 6:30. >> i don't know about that working in the bathroom thing. should be some limits. >> that is not for me. things change when the camera is on. >> so true. there is a new competitor in the cruise line industry. which british billionaire just launched the venture in the u.s. a bid to jump start bookings after the holiday. sweet deal from southwest airlines and flights to hawaii. blue angels getting ready for the weekend. the practice today and when you can see the flight squadron in the air. we are looking at more clouds streaming in, temperatures nine to ten
5:40 am
degrees below average. 63 in oakland, upper 60s in the south bay, san jose, 71 in concord. we'll talk about our weekend forecast, coming up.
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a live look outside, you are looking east over the bay bridge from sales force tower camera. a cruise line launched in the u.s. and billionaire beit. >> for sure. scarlet ladies set sail wednesday for the inaugural cruise from miami to the bahamas. launch was delayed a year and a half because of the pandemic. hammocks on all balconies and champagne by app. all passengers must be fully vaccinated and were required to get on site rapid covid test before boarding. >> sounds strange but i have never fancied going on a cruise. i asked myself why did i not fancy going on a cruise? i thought maybe with the wonderful people at virgin we can create the go on.
5:44 am
>> you can leave with new tattoos to. >> exactly. >> it is capped a the half capacity and masks must be worn indoors. looks like they're having a lot of fun. >> i fancy his dancing. kicking off 2022 with some aloha. >> offering 40% off fares to highway highway. this is between january 6 and march 9 but you have to look by today. hawaii requires any unvaccinated travelers to present a negative covid test before boarding a flight. blue angels are taking to the skies of san francisco again. for the first time in nearly two years. today's performance is just practice for this weekend's airshow. expect to see the flight squadron between 1:00 and 5:00 today. san francisco's fleet week is the only one the navy is participating in this year.
5:45 am
5:44 is the time. i do wonder if one of those pilots can maybe scoop us to hawaii. >> i like the thinking. >> a special trip. love the way you think. that is awesome. we are looking at beautiful weather today. it's going to be a cool one today and tomorrow, maybe a little bit more sunshine friday and into our weekend. i think th those clouds today it should be good for our blue angels to fly for our preschool today and your friday. a live look as we look east across the bay at the east bay. you see the clouds. we are in the 40s and 50s, a cool start for sure. it is 52 livermore, mid 50s in san francisco, san jose, upper 40s, chilly in santa rosa. definitely grab that light jacket. you will likely need it for the day, another cool one for the bay area. 14-mile per hour winds in concord, 13-mile per hour winds
5:46 am
in fairfield. here is what you can expect if you are getting ready for the day, a cool, breezy day today and for tomorrow, maybe a little bit more sunshine for your friday. more sun continues into the weekend with milder temperatures, a little bit warmer as we look to saturday and for sunday and then gusty offshore winds could redevelop as we look to early next week. it's a concern that we could have high fire danger next week and we'll be watching that closely for you. in the meantime with the onshore flow and ocean breeze cooling us down, check itout. thisis gr good r quality not ju today, tomorrow, but through the weekend and early next week. so nice to have that great air quality for the bay area. we are looking at this low pressure system ushering in the marine influence, remaining on the cool side today and for tomorrow. a big deal but a ay and d, little bit warmer by a few degrees. hour by hour on futurecast, you
5:47 am
see the clouds streaming in and tomorrow maybe a little bit more sunshine but again still on the cool side for your friday. sunrise at 7:11 and sun set at 6:43. daytime highs for the coast, upper 50s this afternoon. around the peninsula, mid to upper 60s later today. south bay, upper 60s close to 70 for santa clara, san jose. inland east bay 71 concord, pleasant hill, upper 60s to low 70s for the tri valley. 60 daly city, 61 alameda, 63 oakland, 64 san leandro and for the north bay, mid to upper 60s this afternoon. 68 in santa rosa and daytime highs topping out around 72 for ukiah. fleet week as we look to saturday and sunday, it looks fantastic as blue angels take to the skies, more sunshine for
5:48 am
saturday and sunday, mid 60s saturday and we are talking upper 60s sunday. seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, a little bit cooler, maybe a little bit more sunshine friday and you can see sunshine and temperatures a bit warmer saturday and sunday and again watching gusty winds redevelop as we look to early next week. inland east bay and north bay, 60s. even cooler for your friday. 70s and low 80s for our weekend and 70s early next week and temperatures along the coast in the low 60s by saturday and for sunday. let's check with gianna. i know you are tracking some trouble spots in the south bay. it is getting busy out of san jose. a new crash reported along 280 and it is blocking lanes, three cars involved and injuries as well. look at our maps, all the red popping up. two right lanes are shut down until further notice. traffic is very slow as you approach, backed up at least to
5:49 am
101. if getting on north 101, no crashes but there is road work in effect just approaching 280, 680 connector. a lot of red and slow and go conditions this morning. if you are waking up early out of san jose, good morning. give yourself extra time on the roads. 87 might be a good option if you want to avoid brake lights along 101. 280 is pretty slow due to the crash. good news along 680 south bound near 238, the crash is cleared out of the road way and everything is moving nicely through sunol grade. as you work not far from milpitas, we have a crash to the right shoulder, three cars involved. tow crews are on the scene. everything is out of lanes. for the most part things are moving okay along 880. altamont building be nn at
5:50 am
is point, plusa high wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass. gusty conditions, be careful if in a high profile vehicle. a live look at the 580, 680 connector, all the head lights working their way in the commute direction towards 680 and things are a little bit more crowded in that area. travel times, 46 minutes 205 towards 680. that is our slow spot, 580 as well as the ride 101 out of san jose. bay bridge toll plaza is okay, starting to back up just a little bit. no metering lights yet but that will change in a couple minutes. keep that in mind as you work out of the east bay into san francisco. usgs officials lowered alert level for a hawaii volcano. >> they do not expect the latest eruption to endanger neighborhoods. a closer look, the eruption began last week. officials had raised alert level to warning as they assessed intensity of the lava
5:51 am
flow and volcanic gas. it is now at watch to reflect the less hazardous nature of the eruption. take a look at this video out of birmingham, alabama, roads looking more like rivers after major flash floods hit the area. you see the cars submerged in all the water. there have been numerous water rescues in the area, people even pulled from submerged cars. no reports of deaths or injuries so far. 5:51. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> return of young sheldon. what you can expect tonight for season 5 with the big bang theory spin off. today, dakota johnson stops for a chat and drew talks to danny seo. that's today at 2:00. >> check out the cbs mornings after our show. gayle king, tony dokoupil, nate
5:52 am
burleson bring you the news of the day all from their studio. a live look
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good thursday morning to you. hopefully you are having a great start to your day, maybe some hot tea, coffee getting you ready. i will get you ready as we head out the with o weatr. we are the onshore flow kicking in, that ocean breeze. that means cooler temperatures.
5:55 am
we are looking at low 60s around the bay, 61 in san francisco with some clouds, oakland 63, 70 for concord. highs are 10 to 11 degrees below average for this time of year. it is similar tomorrow, maybe a bit more sunshine, temperatur you head out. dre arthrough our mark hopkins camera. you see the trans america pyramid. young sheldon is back on the screen. >> season 5 airs tonight. sheldon and twin sister missey run away from home. gianna got a chance to chat with the star about the process of bringing young sheldon to life and how he relates to playing the character. >> i think just because he is so, like, i think everyone has been kind of a fish out of water atsopoin their life ev can fyth that. it'slle ofdealwi
5:56 am
lengesn his every day life and, you know, it makes for great comedy. but it also is really similar to a lot of people, what they've gone through. >> he is such a little man. watch the season 5 premiere of young sheldon at 8:00 on kpix5 and streaming on paramount plus. >> a grown man in a little body. >> absolutely. 5:56. those mass vaccination sites are making a come back. >> in our next half on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, first mass booster site in san mateo. what you need to know. today is the day the area is expected to make an announcement. you will be nervous or excited about the big plan to ditch masks and what counties must do to make that happen. mlb history about to be made. giants squaring off against their biggest rival in the playoffs. what's making this heated match extra tense. here is a live look outside
5:57 am
before we head back to break. we are looking at sales force looking west. we'll be right back after this break. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, mass vaccination sites making a bay area come back. the push to get the third dose in san mateo county. giants are about to face at from l.a. for the first playoff game tomorrow. how this major rival game is making history this morning. facebook whistleblower still speaking out on capitol hill. sonoma county offering solution to help the historic drought, the emergency relief coming to the north bay. good morning. it is thursday october 7. i am amanda starrantino. >> i


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