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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 10, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now at 5:00, the giants looking to rebound on the road, we are live in los angeles as the team gears up for game three against the dodgers. there is a wind advisory where you live, i will explain the difference, coming up. an area in vacaville facing the latest round of power shutoffs. how people have learned to adapt, coming up. a lot of the businesses there are lines out the door. >> the event giving downtown
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oakland the business boost it needs. a live look now to an empty oracle park because the giants are on the road today, giving up for game three tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> we go live at dodger stadium to tell you what is going to happen tomorrow night. >> reporter: it's been a busy day so far today, some of the pictures were out on the field earlier getting there work in and their stretch in and the giants will be out tonight at 7:30. at 6:30 they will speak to members of the media. tomorrow as you had mentioned, it is go time. st n wag of the giants, about ballenger, 2 for 53 all season
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against the giants with a knockout blow in the 6th inning. la went on to win 9-2 to even the series up at 1-1 so now the giants need to get it done here on the road if they want to win this series. >> i feel like with every loss at every when the season, the mentality has always been the same. you move on to the next day and you get ready to play. this one might bite a little bit. obviously it's a bigger stage but i don't think anyone has lost any confidence by any means. we will be ready to come out and play. >> reporter: from the time we touched down at lax today, there has been an undercurrent of confidence on the side of dodger blue. understandable given the damage they did to the giants last night, but all season the giants, 107 victories and they have always seem to find a way to bounce back after a tough
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loss, and that is the expectation for monday night. that will do it from dodger stadium. back to you. now to concerns over fire danger this week, looking at the dry conditions in petaluma from cal fire's tower camera. our meteorologist joins us now with the weather event causing a lot of concern. >> the view in petaluma, it's also going to get windy there. this is a wind event that gives us concern for fire weather in the mountains and we will talk about that first but we won't leave out the fact that this will be kind of wind effect that makes it windy everywhere which is unique because a lot of times it's just the red flag warning in the mountains. so that starts tonight at 11:00 and goes through tuesday 5:00 testing near 60 miles per hour. northbay mountains, east bay hills and down into the santa cruz mountains. we will look at that in more detail in the complete forecast, but the wind advisory is everybody.
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the fine print says gusts to 50 miles per hour at their worst. in the communities of the bay area it starts in the northbay valley's first tomorrow morning and by the afternoon we could see gusts to about 45 to the east bay valleys over here and maybe even along the east bay shoreline meaning broken branches of trees and some flying debris and localized power outages. we will look at this in more detail in the complete forecast in a few minutes. onto the fire watch, a preview what could be to come this week. fire crews made quick work of a brush fire that got dangerously close to the san jose flea market today. it sparked around noon. crews say no structures were threatened and there were no injuries. firefighters say they will remain on the scene through the day. fire and wind on our minds in the bay area meaning another round of potential power shutoffs. pg&e says up to 25,000 customers might lose power as early as tomorrow morning. most of the local customers
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that could be impacted are in the northbay and that's where our reporter spoke with several residents who say they are just getting used to it. >> reporter: most of the bay area will escape the brunt of these leaders power shutoffs but there are places like here in vacaville that are so used to power outages that they have learned to adapt to them. vacaville and solano county is accustomed to windy afternoons. cal fire spokesman says it's all because of the mountains that frame it on both sides. >> as the wind hits the mountains it can go around or up and over which then could cause erratic winds or higher wind speeds than the valleys. >> reporter: that's what will happen tonight on my belleplain. pg&e has alerted this neighborhood that the power will likely go off tonight. this afternoon, neighbors were enjoying a block party, but later they will be filling their tubs and sinks with water and checking the batteries in their flashlights. >> we've had so many fires in the last two or three years that it scares us to just and we have to adapt to that and if
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turning the power off is going to help prevent a fire, then we have to deal with that. >> reporter: getting power shut off alerts has become a regular thing for people living along the rural roads farther north. >> i got up earlier this morning probably around 10 am and we've just had more notices lately. >> reporter: bridget has placed windmills around her home to monitor those speed and direction and she worried about the outages having an extra refrigerator and freezer full of meat in the garage. she decided to use her head and adapt to the situation. >> grab one of your solar lights from outdoors and pop it into a container like a vase. >> reporter: she also bought a
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portable generator but that became a nightmare in itself. >> having to plug in all of the refrigerators and running courts through the house. >> reporter: she pulled the trigger and bought a whole house generator wired directly into her home's electrical system. it wasn't cheap, but now she and the neighbors who followed her lead don't have to panic about the power going off. >> is their satisfaction in knowing you can be resilient in a time like this? >> absolutely. it's just fantastic to be able to sit and be watching tv and you hear the power go out and you look around but you are okay and your food in the freezer will be okay. >> reporter: that's what being resilient is all about, not avoiding difficulty, but knowing when it happens, you will be okay. >> solano county will likely be the hardest hit in the bay area by tonight's public safety power shutoffs, but 4500 customers are expected to lose power. on the road to recovery now, a national volleyball tournament is serving up
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economic benefits in oakland this weekend, about 1000 athletes from around the country are competing on several courts set up on the streets of chinatown. our reporter is there live with a look at how the events is helping small businesses get back on their feet. >> reporter: about 50 teams are competing in this tournament. in 76 years of this tournament, this is the first time oakland chinatown is hosting it. after recent attacks on asian americans here, they want to show their solidarity. the aggression, the energy, and the high level of competition are on this plate in and around lincoln square center. organizers turned several streets in the volleyball courts.
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>> a lot of us are wearing knee braces and padded shoes. >> reporter: teams from as far away as new york, boston, chicago, and vancouver, compete in the north american chinese invitational volleyball tournament, about 1000 athletes and their families spending time and money in oakland chinatown. >> i've personally never been here before. i love the support we are giving our own community. even our lunch orders, the restaurant had to shut down because i had to make all the food for our orders and it's great to be giving money back to our asian community. >> reporter: the chinatown chamber of commerce says this is the type of jumpstart they need. the pandemic and recent impact attacks scared a lot of shoppers away. restaurants have long lines. nearby hotels like the marriott are filled up. >> it's good for chinatown. it helps people with more
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people coming through the area. >> people are feeling more comfortable to coming out here. and chinatown. >> reporter: the playoff games start tomorrow, monday at 9:00, the championship game later in the day and this is all free and these guys are really good. folks should definitely come check it out. >> it's fun to watch and we did catch your volleyball innuendos. very clever. people across the bay area could soon be mask free inside certain businesses. the two bay area counties that are easing mandates this week. the celebration of italian heritage bringing thousands to san francisco's north beach bay something we haven't seen in more than a year
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a live look at san francisco and marin where later this week, both counties will be easing up indoor masking mandates. starting friday you will be able to ditch the masks at indoor gyms and offices, but san francisco is still requiring masks at indoor restaurants and bars if you are not actively eating or drinking. across the country, new numbers are painting a brighter picture. the national rate of new covid- 19 infections and hospitalizations are declining and while some experts are making bold predictions about this delta wave ending by thanksgiving, others like doctor fauci are more cautiously optimistic. w
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infectroinand hospitations declin tive that has some experts predicting the worst of covid stelter fueled some research may be behind us. >> if i was trying to put an end point on when this delta wave has moved to the country it's probably thanksgiving. we will have hopefully a vaccine available for children and at some point before the end of the year we will probably have the orally available drug if things go well. >> reporter: but the latest data from johns hopkins university showing the u.s. average nearly 96,000 new cases a day over a week ending friday, a 44 percent drop from a delta driven peak average in mid-september. some experts point out the numbers are still high. >> we have to be careful that we don't prematurely declare victory . we still have around
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60 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated that have not yet gotten vaccinated. >> reporter: meanwhile, the national number of people battling the virus in the hospital is more than 67,000 as of friday according to the u.s. department of health and human services. that's a 35 percent drop from last month, but some parts of the country are still struggling. one doctor in michigan says his hospital is overwhelmed with covid-19 patients. >> i have six or seven people sitting in the emergency department waiting for beds at other hospitals that didn't exist, waiting for ambulances that were six or seven hours away from being able to bring them to those places. hundreds of volunteers gathered at a danville church to give back to the community. community presbyterian church hosted its sixth annual serve day this weekend. the church teemed with 30 other organizations across the bay area. volunteers packed and distribute meals and they do it because they love it.
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lots of music, marching bands and colorful floats lining the streets of san francisco today along with thousands of spectators including pets and they all showed up for the annual italian heritage day parade that started at fisherman's wharf and ended up in north beach and for many locals it was a time to celebrate and appreciate italian culture. >> just to see family and friends, eat pizza, the colors, the whole bit and seeing everybody smiling. the city is alive right here. happening tomorrow, a live look at the port of san francisco where for the first time in more than a year, a cruise ship will dock along the embarcadero. princess cruises majestic princess will bring more than 2200 passengers into san francisco. the port says at least 21 cruises are scheduled to dock between now and the end of the year and now, darren will be doing weather other than he's ever done it because his mom is in town. >> hi, mom, and your brother.
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>> the pressure is really on but thank you very much for the shout out. i do have serious things to discuss even though they are watching. there is going to be an offshore wind event tonight and i don't want too many of us to get caught offguard. a lot quieter now than it was a few hours ago. here's how we are getting this wind event. the storm that will cause this would like to brought us rain but it's a classic situation where it had to go over that big lock right there and then it overshoots and comes down inside the state and over toward nevada and that's what we mean when we say and inside slider. what we get is the wind. we feel the wind as that passes
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and watch the colors brighten as we go into the overnight hours tonight and into tomorrow. that's your strong surge of northerly winds pouring down the valley with the streamlines driving into the bay area. we will look at it the spotlight not only the mountains, all the other communities will also light up. by the early predawn hours we've already started to feel gusts to the 30 mile-per-hour range in santa rosa so it gets windy in the predawn hours for the north bay valleys but as we get into the afternoon the winds start to pick up for the east bay valleys and that's when the winds will be felt more widespread for the majority of people right through the heart of the bay and through the afternoon tomorrow. 30 mile-per-hour gusts is enough to notice. you might get a broken tree branch. to go along with the public safety power shutoffs, this is different in terms of power outages because you can get local power outages at random if you get a twig or branch
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that happens to hit a power line the wrong way. totally unrelated but the end result is the same. the air will dry out, too, look at the humidity levels going down into the teens by the time we get into monday evening and that's part of the issue. light snow in the sierra out of this but nothing of any consequence. morning lows tomorrow going into the low 50s for most places, daytime highs will warm up only to the low 70s. this system will kulas back down. today was the warmest and the nicest day and tomorrow with the wind it will get cooler, by about 10 degrees and then we stay cool for the first part of the 7-day forecast before we warm back up again. look at san jose on the bottom line we will go back into the low 80s by the time we get to friday and saturday and if we look at the inland valleys for the east bay, a similar story, cool for the first part of the week but we warm right back up, mid 80s and sunny by next weekend. coming up in sports, the
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raiders got off to such a good start this season but they have fallen flat, two straight weeks, the bears were in control and the 49ers stopped by the cardinals in trey lance is
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maybe not a must win game five games in but it felt like
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one that san francisco needed desperately. the 49ers had the last unbeaten team and the highest scoring offense in the nfl. trey lance made his first career start and mom and dad made the trip to arizona. opening drive of the game, he gets the 49ers across midfield and it looks like he has plenty of running room. 15 yards easily and instead's he overthrows benjamin and his intercepted and the cardinals capitalize off the turnover. connor from one yard out, 7-0 arizona and the 49ers had a 93 yard drive bridging the first mac and second quarters and they go forward on 4th and goal from the 1 and lance looks like he hasn't the entire way until he doesn't. two defenders to stuff him. now 10-0, late in the 3rd, it's samuel on the sweep. he weaved his way through some traffic and in for a 13 yard touchdown run and the niners deficit is 10-7. 4th quarter, 4th and 1 for san francisco.
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arizona wasn't fooled. stopped short on a 1st down, cardinals ball and five plays later, kyler murray didn't do much with his legs at all today, to hopkins, a great one- handed catch over josh norman, the 9 yard touchdown pass makes it a 10 point game, arizona win 17-10 now 5-0 and lance's stat line 192 yards passing in his starting debut. >> i thought he did some really good things, wasn't perfect which no one ever has been and that first pick just sailed on him, he was going to the right spot but it got away from him. overall i think if we could've done a little bit better around him i thought he did good enough to win. now to las vegas, after 3-0 start, the raiders came out flat against the chargers monday night, maybe seeming a
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little distracted today against the chicago bears. jon gruden spent the week addressing report that he sent a racist email back in 2011 when he was working for espn. that's a second-year tight end out of princeton, 7-3 bears. then fields to williams putting the spin on robertson, 14-3 bears and look at that spin. two-minute drill to end the 1st half. with the sack and raiders had the break with 126 yards, 6 1st downs and only 3 points. drilled on the head by smith and then the raiders would get to the goal line and josh jacobs barely gets it over the plane on the leap.
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that was almost a fumble. raiders and get the 2 point conversion and is 14-9 bears. chicago added a field goal to make it a nature point game and then and overthrow on 4th down. he was wide open. the bears take over on the raiders 30 yard line and that is all she wrote. that is your final score of 20- 9. the raiders dropped their second straight and after the game, gruden's racially charged email from 2011 was brought up. >> i stand here in front of everybody apologizing. i don't have an ounce of racism in me. i'm a guy that takes pride in leading people together and i will continue to do that for the rest of my life and again i apologize to smith and anybody out there that i've offended. tom brady and the buccaneers welcome the dolphins to town. let's go to the 4th, tampa and
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control 31-17. brady to one of his many weapons, that's mike evans in stride for 411 yards and five touchdown passes for brady. two touchdowns for evans and two for antonio brown, the
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that's it at 5:00 and we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, southwest airlines passengers scramble. nearly 2,000 flights canceled this weekend and counting. the disruptions at airports nationwide. >> reporter: i'm lilia luciano at los angeles international airport where widespread outages are crushing one of the largest airports coast to coast. >> duncan: also tonight america's recovery falters, the virus retreats and most states as battle lines over vaccines intensify. >> we will not comply. >> duncan: plus, new cbs polling on president biden's popularity and his agenda, with a former president teasing a 2024 run. >> we will take back america.


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