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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  October 12, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pg&e restoring power to customers across the region. what we are learning about the next round of shut offs. and this fire could have been o polinow may have started it all. >> looking live at sfo. southwest travelers in for another day of unknowns. while they are canceling flights for a 5th day. and last night the giants shut down the dodgers taking a series lead. vern breaks down all of the highlights. it's tuesday, october 12th. >> that red flag warning still hanging around the bay area. let's get to mary lee with more on the forecast and the day ahead. the winds not letting up. >> they are still strong. watching that -- the northerly winds, just really pick up this morning. that's why that high fire danger, that red flag warning still in effect for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys and the santa cruz mountains. let's get to it here.
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you can see the camera here really shaking in the wind this morning. just to show you how strong the winds are as we start off the day and we have the tower lit up in orange as we cheer on the giants that. flag warning for the areas highlighted in reand that's in effect until 5:00 p.m. the off shore winds, low relative humidity values. it'll be a sunny and cool day. below average. 67 in san francisco, 69 oakland. 74 for concord. let's get right to ann with the bridge check this morning. filling in for gianna on traffic and things are looking good. starting off at the golden gate bridge. smooth state route 37 to the bridge. the maze to 101 seven minutes, no meters lights. the san mateo bridge. 880 to highway 101. the san rafael
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castro street to 1401. super commuters, 33 minutes 205 to 680 going from tracy into the city and east bay travel times, still green. walnut creek to oakland. castro valley to the maze. the maze to san leandro, 12 minute drive. late last night pg&e started giving the all clear in some locations. here is the look at the current averages right now and despite bringing the power back on it may not last long. pg&e is warning that another round of shut offs may becoming tomorrow due to more dangerous weather conditions expected thursday. >> on a fire watch there has been an arrest in connection with a vegetation fire in napa that went from zero to almost 200 acres in no time. the fire broke out in american canyon. this was around six. it burned 150 acres in a grassy area near a high school and a ighborhonow.
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according to the napa county sheriff a 26-year-old is in custody. he was found in the hills with burns on his body, next to a burning car which the sheriff said was stolen out of vallejo. >> when officers responded to the fire and got on scene. they did find a car that was -- looked like it was on fire in an area that a core doesn't belong. >> progress has been stopped at around 150 acres but firefighters kept a close eye on wind shifts overnight. cal fire said that it was great work by ground crews since air support couldn't lift off due to the windy conditions. strong winds fueled a vegetation fire that burned close to homes in san jose. firefighters moved quickly as the fire approached a cluster of bilings yesterday afternoon. a resident said he was working outside when he noticed the sky's color change. >> i saw the fire. i saw fire you know on the top of that hill. i know there a lot of trees
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here. >> i heard my husband calling. he took it out. >> the couple and their kids tried to leave by car but were fortunately firefighters arrived minutes later put out the flames. the only damage was to a deck at that home. the board of supervisors will likely declare misinformation about coronavirus a public health crisis. the resolution points out that vaccine misinformation has caused confusion and vaccine hesitation. today in san mateo health firms will start offering boosters to eligible people at the event center on saratoga drive. there's another vaccine booster event tomorrow. and this morning california just hit a grim milestone. the covid death toll just passed 70,000. the highest in the country. there are new efforts to get ahead of variants here in the bay area. sfo is among three airports
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participating in a new cdc surveillance program targeting variants. here is how it works. passengers from select international flights can volunteer for two kind of tests. one done right a self test of. the hope is to identity new variants as soon as possible and limit their spread. >> if there is a variant strain we will do some test and trace and then the cdc will step in. >> he said there's the possibility of expanding the program and looking at flights other countries. travelers on southwest are still experiencing delays and cancellations this morning. >> hundreds more flights were grounded monday including a total of 30 at bay area airports. justin andrew is live at sfo for us this morning. the big question a lot of people have is why is this happening?
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>> southwest said that weather and air traffic control issues. the airline put out an apology to workers andpassengers. there has been a lot of finger pointing, its left thousands of flyers stuck with no choice but to wait and some have been waiting for days. passengers frustrated. they say the lack of a clear reason from the airline. nearly two thousand flights were grounded over the weekend. hundreds more on yesterday. the pilot's union president blamed southwest's management for the travel trouble its saying its been too slow bringing pilots back from leaves of absence. that's left the airline shorthanded and it's flyers on the shortened of the stick. >> the flight for today. the one we rebooked has been delayed again. just hoping it doesn't get canceled again. >> i can't imagine how many
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funerals are missed, how many weddings were missed. >> southwest said its working to have things back to normal but flyers you can expect to still be waiting for at least most of today. it is still a waiting game for the passengers and a game that they choose not to really play. we are live at sfo. i'm justin andrews. >> nobody like that game. thank you so much. the giants can clench their playoff series against the dodgers tonight. >> that is after they won game three of the nlds at windy dodger stadium. 1-0. vern glenn has all the high lots. >> good morning. yes. about last night. here at dodger stadium where la came in riding a 16 game home win streak. you know giants brought in candlestick park weather and snapped it. take lookuswindy itinerthe place.
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kept balls inside dodger stadium. la hasn't lost a game. look at this. three time cy young winner, struck out ten. opposed by alex wood who spent five years at dodger blue. pitched in to the 5th inning against his former teammates, struck out four. nothing but sisteros until the 5th when longoria grew up in la county. crushed this one to left field. his 10th postseason 1-0 giants. chris taylor belted one to the warning track. steven got to him and tracked it down and ended the since jake -- fire out of the 7th. crawford went up and got it. took the hit away. dodgers stranded two thanks to crawford. duvall was asked to get a six out save and the last one. the scariest, luck. thought he hit it out. the win held it in and duggar made the catch.
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giants made it 1-0. they can close the dodgers out today in game four. i grew up so i don't remember a lot of nights at dodger stadium where the wind was blowing like that. super strange. you get the postseason. you can always loose by one pitch. you can -- that comes in to play. tonight i lost on one pitch. >> i was thinking if that ball didn't go out tonight i was -- i might have just cashed in. >> how long does it take to come down from a -- epic game like that? >> it takes a little bit. everybody is used to it this year. having big moments and big games like this. they keep winning games and there's the reason why we have the most wins in big leagues. >> giants plan to send out anthony later on today in game four. >> yeah. let's go. the giants playoff run is proving to be a hit for san
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francisco businesses. from bars in north beach to mission bay. fans raised a glass to the giants. a restaurant on third street said it had its busiest days ever. including the recent home playoff games. last night's away game drew a larger than normal crowd. >> next to oracle park. they are in la right now. we are doing the best we can. they don't normally come around so it's really cool. >> inside oracle park the members of the club hosted a watch party. the time is now 5:10. also streaming on cbsn bay area. >> ia plea from a father. the warning that came to late for his daughter. and a difference a month make from the smoky skies to a preview of ski season in the tahoe basin. a look from the sierra next. >> nice to have that snow up in the sierra. that low pressure system. that weather system bringing gusty off shore winds for us.
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we have the fire danger. the red flag warning in effect and it's a windy start to the day. 40 to 50 miles an hour. these are the sustained winds. we will have a look
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time is 5:13.
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fake pills laced fentanyl are killing people here in the bay area. >> the problem is so bad that the dea issued it's first public safety alert in six years. >> the warning came to late to save one teen. max on her father's plea to other parents. >> every time i see the wind and the leaves moving, i feel like she is around me. >> walter finds himself in this window a lot these days. in his daughter's bedroom looking, listening, and remembering. >> she was always smiling happy. yeah. very happy person. >> his 14-year-old daughter cade of an accidental overdose in august it. was a regular friday. she was a week into her freshman year. they walked home together and said good night.
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but his daughter never woke up. walter found her the next morning. >> she was gone and there was -- the end of her life. >> walter later found out she took half of a pill. she got from someone at school. the kids called sweet dream. she thought it was something to relax but likely took a counterfeit pill laced fentanyl. to his knowledge she had never taken one above or used any kind of drugs before. >> i didn't realize that it can kill and you how bad it can be. the fentanyl. >> just the amount of the size of a tip of a pencil can kill you. >> or about two milligrams to be precise. said the special agent in charge of the dea san francisco division which stretches bakersfield to the oregon border. this issue with counterfeit pills, drug overdose is affecting every community big or small in the united states including the small america the bay area. our seizures have skyrocketed in this division just in this year alone we seized 74kilos of fentanyl. >> four out of ten pills they
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sees and test contain enough fentanyl to kill. he showed us a big of a thousand pills. >> 400 of these pills could contain a deadly dose. >> that would be what the labs have been testing. >> these are real prescription pills. these are fake ones. unless are you an expert it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between the real ones and counterfeit potentially fentanyl laced pills. the bulk of them are coming mexican cartels and being distributed to communities from coast to coast. sometimes people get them on social media, the dark web or e commerce sites. when you take these pills are you playing russian roulette. >> they can try to stem the flow coming in to the states but that alone won't stop the problem. >> it's not the only thing it. has to be education and treatment. if you can reduce demand then
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>>healing can take a lifetime as they start the process walter pleads other families talk to their kids about the dangers. >> don't take the pill. they can kill you. we were naive family. we didn't know this is really happening. this is my favorite one. >> aside from spreading awareness walter is focused on holding his two other children close whilremembering his daughter's smile. >> >> he knows she is with him. >> i miss her so much. >> the dea said people should not be concerned about getting counterfeit pill if they are getting their prescriptions from a licensed pharmacy and they should be confident when their pills taken as directed. >> it's refreshing. it's symbolic and this is going
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to help put it out at the very end. after such a long, dry summer, how nice is it to see this in the sierra this morning. about two to five inches of snow fell last night and it's hard to believe this was the scene just a month ago. the caldor fire threatening tahoe resort and turning that sky red. right now the fire is 98% contained though there is a light snowstorm in the area. firefighters say it's not enough to put outl caldor fire. >> not enough just yet. let's get a check of traffic and weather. >> we will start with mary lee. we have that windy weather. >> tracking the gusty off shore winds, as we look to that low pressure system and just really bringing in the strong northerly winds for us. you can see the camera shaking in the wind this morning. the sales force tower camera as we look north at the transamerica pyramid. just rocking rolling once again. the temperatures are in the mid- 40s's to mid50's.
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it's a chilly start to our day. grab that jacket as you head out the door. we are looking at wind gusts this morning. right now at 20 to 30 miles an hour sustained winds at 13. out of the north sfo. 13 in concord and 17 miles out of the north in fairfield. clear and windy start as we third base through the afternoon. we will see plenty of sun. the cool temperatures again below average for this time of year in the 60's antillave that danger with the red flag warning that remains in effect for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys and the santa cruz mountains. that's in effect until 5:00 p.m. relative humidity values. it's because that have low pressure system in the sierra and for us here in the bay area the strong winds, another sunny and school day. as we head through the hour by hour future cast. as we go through with the winds and it'll still be windy.
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this is at noon and then watch as we head through the afternoon. especially by tonight. the winds will let up. you can see relative humidity values plummeting down to the single digits through the day today. very dry air. plenty of sun for today. for tomorrow, tracking a weak little was system. temperatures will be cooler there's a slight chance to maybe see a sprinkle or two as we third base through tomorrow. in the meantime looking at low 60's at the coast. in parka. 67, for around the bay. upper 60's. mid to upper 6o's and issue land we are talking upper 60's in the south bay. san jose. inland east bay. concord, 72 in the north bay for santa rose a. here we go. that seven day forecast. as we look to san jose. temperatures will be cooler. more clouds and temperatures on the rise as we look to friday and into the weekend. inland east bay. cooler for tomorrow. also for the coast and there we go with that warm up as we look ahead to the end of the
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workweek. let's check in with ann. that wind you have been talking about will ct supeuters facing the chp is facing a wind advisory for the pass. traffic getting heavier. 36 minutes 2045 to 680 into the city and a live look at the san mateo bridge. high wind advisory in effect. it's a 12 minute drive from 880 into the east bay on highway 101 to the peninsula. the ride across the bay bridge still looking good. metering lights are off. it's a seven minute drive in to the maze into san francisco. the golden gate bridge camp right now showing barely any traffic right now and easy 20 minute drive going down from state route 37 into san francisco. all our south bay travel times are looking good. highways in and around san jose
5:22 am
running smoothly. 85 to 101. 20 minutes, 680 to state route 85 is ten minutes. 81 to 101 is an eight minute drive. >> thank you. still ahead silicon valley dionll on the quality i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪
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it's 5:24 looking live at san francisco and san jose. >> more than 18 months after the start of the pandemic a new poll suggests silicon valley discontent is on the rise. 71% of responders felt the quality of life has gotten worse over the past five years. 56% agree they are likely to november out of the bay area. the poll was commissioned by joint venture silicon valley and the bay area news group. we are seeing lots of reaction on social media to this. betty wrote on facebook i left during bust. diego said the way people drive and traffic are now enough to never go there. it is now 525 deliberate. in the next half hour, also streaming on cbsn. what happened to gabby petito. we are just hours away from finally getting answers. and the massive drop.
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live from the cbs bay area studio. this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, here we go again. southwest airlines seeing another day of canceled flights so what is going on? we are live at sfo. >> the former police officer involved in a deadly shooting inside a wal-mart heads back to court. what is he asking the judge. and we are just hours away from finding out what led to the death of gabby petito. the question, where is brian landrie. >> and the redding in warning stick around the bay area for another day.
5:30 am
mary tells us when the dangerous conditions will start to let up. it's tuesday, october 12th. >> let's get right to mary with a check of the forecast before you head out the door. seeing the winds still kicking in. >> that dangerous fire, the fire conditions still in effect for the red flag warning. we are looking at those northerly winds, still bring that very dry air for the bay area. that red flag warning that remains in effect for us for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys and santa cruz mountains. you can see how windy it is. you look north shaking in the wind and the tower lit up in orange as we cheer on the air. the areas highlighted in red for 5:00 p.m. we are going to see relative humidity levels down to the single digits. you will see the dry air, cool temperatures, 67.
5:31 am
upper 60's. san jose, upper 60's. 74. upper 60's for the napa valley. the winds will let up. let's check in with ann for a look at photograph speck how commute for the super commuters this morning. things starting to slow down. nothing tragic but taking a live look at the camera on the dublin interchange. pass, you can see going from tracy westbound 205, traffic is slowing from the 11th street merge onto westbound 580 to north flynn. that high wind advisory still in effect for people. travel time 41 minutes. bay bridge is looking good at this hour. more cars on the road but no metering lights just yet. time from the maze into san francisco, still seven minutes. taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. also in the green it. will take you 12 minutes 880
5:32 am
into highway 1 in foster city. developing news, southwest said more delays and cancellations likely today. >> and the airline is trying to get back to normal after disruptions to a schedule in the past three days. justin andrew is live at sfo for us this morning. people are frustrated. >> yeah. absolutely. we check this morning and it looks like 87 flights canceled in about nearly 180 are delayed. passengers say they are just sick and tired of waiting and they really just want to get home for to their destination. we know southwest issued the apology claiming air traffic control issues and weather are responsible for the cancellation chaos. the pilot's union president blamed southwest management for the travel troubles sailing its been too slow bringing pilots back from leaves of absence. the airline urged them to take during the pandemic. passengers probably don't care what the issues.
5:33 am
they are frustrated and left stranded. nearly 2,000 flights were grounded over the weekend. hundreds more on yesterday. >> air craft and crews were just out of place it. just led to this cascade of delay that just got worse. >> right now passengers are just waiting, keeping their if anyerns crossed that they can hop on a plane at some point today. we are live at sfo this morning. >> that waiting game. thank you. happening today a police officer charged in the deadly shooting of a man inside a wal- mart will appear in court seeking to have the charges against him dropped. the former police officer, jason, fletcher shot and killed steven taylor in april. he had been accused of shoplifting. fletcher is one of the first bay area officers to be charged with manslaughter in more than a deck a aid. prosecutors argued taylor didn't pose a threat meaning he didn't need to be shot. the fraud trial of
5:34 am
elizabeth holmes resumes in san jose. she is accused of misleading doctors and investors. former chief executive of say i what took the stand as a witness. he described how holmes gave a demonstration of a desktop device for the board of directors but the machine didn't give results. even so, safeway went onto invest $85 million in the company. the testimony may help the government establish that holmes was a convincing individual who created a lot of damage. autopsy results are due out today on the remains of gabby pe tito. she was found dead last month. the fbi has already said the manner of death is homicide. now the coroner may explain how but other answers may not come until police and the fiance -- he returned home without her edin than a week before she was family believes that heknows
5:35 am
what happened. >> he is the key. he is the key. >> what happened out there? until they find him. >> we believe he knows everything. >> he is currently the subject of a federal arrest warrant. so far, authorities have not been able to find him. a live look in san jose where the city's police chief is expected to hold a news conference today regarding a june 4th homicide. the victim's family is set to attend including the man's mother who flew in from mexico. san jose police say they cracked a murder case that's been cold for two decades. the 22-year-old died on halloween night 2001. the victim of a random stabbing outside his apartment. investigators teamed up to give interview witnesses who they say were more forthcoming than 20 years ago. >> when you are holding something in for so long, human
5:36 am
nature, you can only carry a dark secret like this for so long. all three suspects were still in san jose when police arrested them last week. this morning john gruden is out as the head coach of the raiders. the owner said he has accepted his resignation. gruden was criticized after the wall street journal found a racist e-mail he sent back in 2011 when he was working for espn. yesterday the new york times reported on several more e- mails sent to a former member of the washington football team front office. he said in a statement last night i love the rayers and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players, coaches, staff and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. the special teams coordinator takes over as the interim head coach. new according to san francisco, the superintendent, schools have lost 35,000 students in the past two years
5:37 am
due to the pandemic. that's a drop in enrollment that could mean a 35 million hit in state funding. the district will now need too adopt to lower number of students. time for your money watch report. we are learning more about the expected meeting between facebook and a former employee turned whistle blower. and rich movie streaming services on track to pass netflix. diane king hall joining us now from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. amazon said it now plans to let workers continue working remote indefinitely but they must be available to go when needed. most of the employees work in order fulfillment and can't work remotely. for those with the flexibility it'll be up to each team director to decide. the whistle blower who said that facebook is putting profit over user safety will meet with the oversight board in the coming weeks.
5:38 am
she will brief the panel about what she learned while working at the company. facebook has denied her allegations. disney plus is expected to reach more subscribers than netflix in just five years. disney plus expected to reach about 284 million subscribers in 2026. that will be more than netflix which is projected to have 270 million users. and it look like you can add a pile of cash to the list of reasons to get off social media. fill us in on this. >> yes. delite your account. they are looking for potential participants in its social media detox challenge. a clean, sweep delete for 25 days. the pay, $2,500 plus a care package to help curb your digital withdraws. the winner will log their experience of logging out not on the app. you can apply online until october 25th. i got some practice. so i have deleted all the social media.
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>> did you? >> wow. >> just deleted them last night. just last night. i mean in may be just 24 hours. >> how is it going? >> i added calm. i added calm. we will see. we will see. i have been twitching. i will asked my producer what is going on on twitter. what am i missing? >> you about to log into someone else's account. i would give it up for $2,452,500. you have a -- [inaudible]. >> exactly. that's nice. i like that. we will see you coming up at 6:30. talk the stock market numbers but don't look on the app for that either. >> we will see about that back online by then. >> good. i won't check on you. 5:39 is the time now. >> coming up, and streaming on cbsn bay area a warning for retail expert as head of the holiday season. >> we are starting to see the
5:40 am
effects of this and pretty soon the consumers will as well. >> the supply chain problems. >> and active volcanoes becoming a magnet for tourists but for others it takes on a different meaning. and giants lead la. our sister station is one loss away from paying up. we will show you how in the next half hour. . beat la. all right. we have red flag warn that is in effect for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys. the areas highlighted in red. that high fire danger. when the winds will ease coming up. and here is a live look outside before we head to break looking at a windy camera there. you can see the tower there in the distance. you can see the difference with that orange light. go giants. we will be right back.
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all right. i'm tracking inside slider. still bring the northerly winds. it's a windy start to the day. we have red flag warnings in effect for that high fire danger. we will talk about that. ly show you future cast when the winds will let upcoming up in just a few minutes. the socal business owner said getting items for her store, most fun toys now requires a lot of waiting
5:44 am
that's because of the ongoing supply chain problems. retail experts warn as container ships continue to sit outside the ports of los angeles and long beach, and with the shortage of truck drivers and warehouse workers small and midsized retailer also be hit the hardest. >> question are seeing small businesses unfortunately not being able to get their items in time for the holiday season. we are really starting to see the effects of this. pretty soon the consumers will as well. >> and some small business owners say that items they used to get in 25 to 30 days now taking over two months. new video a volcano that keeps erupting this morning. this is near northwest africa. its been flowing down a mountain side for three weeks, consuming home is farms in its path. more than a thousand buildings have been destroyed. the active volcano is drawing a lot of tourists. >> take a look at these
5:45 am
scenes. like a boulder the size of a three story building floating toward the sea. the eruptions have grounded many flights. most visitors are making their way to la palma by ferry. a man calls experience incredible with the noise and beauty of the volcano. is he one of many from around the world. >> once in a lifetime oppurtunity. we just thought it was worth making the journey. >> of course this volcano is creating hardship for locals. about 6,000 have been evacuated many have lost property to the rock. >> fascinating to look at. you feel for the people. >> you do. it's incredible to look at from afar. when you see just -- they have to evacuate and the devastation has well. it's something to look at. boy. feeling for them. those who live in that area. we are looking at windy conditions that continue for the bay area. we have those off shore winds,
5:46 am
that low pressure system bringing in the northerly winds for us this morning. we will be watching the winds let up through the afternoon and for tonight. here question go, a live look with the sales force tower camera. you can see the cameras shaking in the wind. of course the tower lit up in orange. beat la. the cheering on the giants into our next game later on today. here we go. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. it's a chilly start. check out the winds. now right now looking at gusts up to 20 to 30 miles an hour early this morning. gusting up to 40 to 50. you can see sustained northwesterly winds, ten in oakland. 18 in livermore and 17 miles out of the north in fairfield this morning. clear and windy conditions to start off the day. we will see sun and cool below average daytime highs this after and of course that high fire danger with that red flag warning in effect for the areas highlighted in red. the north bay mountains, east
5:47 am
bay hills and valleys and the santa cruz mountains under the red flag warning until 5:00 p.m. still tracking those northerly winds and low relative humidity values. everything is just so dry. we are under the extreme to exceptional drought across the entire bay area. there's that inside slider bringing the off shore winds for us and with the northerly winds we are looking at that high fire danger. as we go hour by hour on future cast with the winds, eventually as we go through the afternoon and by tonight, we will be watching the winds let up and calm down for us. relative humidity plummeting down to the single digits. plenty of sun. watch as we head through tomorrow. a weak cold front pushes through. we will see more clouds. it mr. be a cooler day for wednesday and a slight chance of a sprinkle or two, maybe a little bit of drizzle with that weather system. that's about it. sunset at 6:35. daytime highs looking at low
5:48 am
60's along the coast. mid to upper 60's. 67 in san francisco, 69 oakland. the peninsula mid to upper 60's to low 70's and inland low to mid-70s. 68 for new the south bay. concord, 74. tri valley. 70 and 72. serve day forecast, more clouds, cooler for wednesday and then temperatures slowly rising as we head you will the end of the workweek and into the weekend. inland east bay and for the north bay, cooler as well and into the 80's into friday and the weekend. along the coast by friday and by the weekend looking at temperatures in the upper 60's. let's check in with ann for a look at traffic. hour are things shaping up? >> we have a crash to report right now. this is in walnut creek. involving five vehicles. four cars and a big rig. that is now blocking two lanes on 680 southbound near the north main street off ramble.
5:49 am
we will watch that. hearing no injuries. taking a look at the east bay travel times. walnut creek to oakland looks to be about 11 minutes. 16 minutes in the maze to san leandro. taking a look at the pass map, traffic getting highwayyer. 2 205. slowing onto -- north flynn. high wind advisory in effect for super commuters. san mateo bring. also in the green. 12 minute drive -- across the bridge. the chp has issued a high wind advisory as well. bay bridge looking good. no metering lights but it's getting a little more busy, time from the maze into san francisco now. ten minutes. a smooth drive, a 20 minute drive going southbound from state route 37 into san francisco. the half moon bay has the
5:50 am
impressive winner. >> jeff of washington state took top honor was his goliath gourd. a 2,001 -- weekend, a check for more than $19,000. his secret is good soil, good seed, and a lot of love. grabbing second place. his pumpkin tippeds scales as 1,677 pointer pounds. still big there. >> i guess they just came in sort of beating that world record and put that extra $30,000. >> liting more love. time is 5:50. streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a wine factory the size of a modern day football field unearthed. how this ancient piece of history stayed so well preserved. >> and chicago party -- ike
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
good tuesday morning. it's 5:53. check out the tower. lit up in orange. cheering on the giants. loved that big win. we will do it again. as we look to the afternoon sun and the cool below average.
5:54 am
69 oakland. 68 san jose and 74 for concord. it's a windy start. we will talk about when the winds will let upcoming back. to entertainment. narco's mexico is returning for it's final season and covid puts a dampper on some of the dates. >> anthony has your eye on entertainment report. >> members of the rock band genes is are devastated about having to cancel the last four dates on the uk leg of their last tour. the move after some members of the band recently tested positive for coronavirus. it said its working to reschedule those dates, the united states leg kicks off november 15th in chicago. bing crosby's family wants to make sure he is never forgotten. they said they sold the late singer's estate to primary wave music in a more than $50
5:55 am
million deal. academy award win who are died in 1977 may be best known for his rendition of white christmas, his road movies and his tv christ driller's specials. the final one he hosted included a collaboration on little drummer boy. there. are forces moving us. shaping our lives that we are not aware of. netflix dropped a new trailer for the third season of narcos mention do. the final season to the spin off from the original franchise features ten episodes with a new generation of cartel leaders fighting for power. season 3 hits netflix november 5th. that's your eye on entertainment. cbs news. los angeles. new a 1500-year-old wine factory. the size of a modern day football field has been unearthed. >> the stone structures in
5:56 am
israel are so well preserved you can make out the wine jugs. experts say that this site was so successful that it produced 230liters of wine a year. as for the kind that say mystery. >> maybe its identity ethan existing or still existing grape variety which was used for the wine or maybe we are talking about an extinct variety which we don't foe what it was. experts guess the wine was sweet. they say they were a real hit during that time period. >> how incredible to see. the time is 5:56. the next half hour, also streaming on cbsn bay area. no southwest canceling flights for a #th straight day. we are live at sfo with the ongoing headache for passengers. and pg&e restoring power for thousands of customers but don't get used to it. when the next round of shut off is expected to hit. and a plea from one mourning bay area father. the warning that came to late
5:57 am
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i'm really excited to recommend new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. in is kpix5 news. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, pg&e restoring power to customer across the region. do not expect the lights to stay on for long. what we are learning about the next round of shut offs. the and this fire could have been a disaster in napa county. who police say may have sparked it. >> looking live at sfo this morning. southwest flyers in for another day of unknowns. while the airline is canceling flights for a 5th day. and about last night. th


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