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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 14, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm tom hanson, cbs news, new york. it's thursday, october 14th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." mix and match. a panel of experts meet today to talk about covid booster shots. what new data reveals about giving someone different vaccine doses. broken supply chain. cargo ships are stuck at sea, driving up consumer prices and threatening the holiday season. the possible solution to clear up the backlog. voyage to space. william shatner boldly goes where few have gone before. how his emotional reaction could bring in more paying customers for blue origin. ♪ good morning. good to be with you.
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i'm anne-marie green. we begin with a crucial meeting today on coronavirus booster shots. an fda advisory panel will help decide whether an extra dose is needed for people who got the moderna or johnson & johnson vaccines. laura podesta is in new york with the latest developments on this. laura, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. big questions people may have -- can i mix and match covid vaccine brands when it comes to the first shot and the booster, and when will kids under the age of 12 be able to get the jab? we should have those answers very soon. over the next two days, an fda advisory panel will vote on whether to recommend booster shots for the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. >> so we anticipate hearing decisions from both the fda and cdc very soon afterward. >> reporter: the white house says seven million people have already received a pfizer booster which was approved for certain americans last month. >> in less than three weeks, more than one in three eligible seniors have already gotten
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their third shot. >> reporter: preliminary data released yesterday showed people who got the one-dose j&j shot mr fromne >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: the biden administration is also preparing for children, ages 5 to 11, to receive the shots. that approval could come as soon as next month. >> we'll bring that vaccine as we've talked about to pediatricians' offices, also directly to schools where appropriate and to community sites. >> reporter: health experts say local doctors will be the key to inoculating hard-hit communities. >> by going through primary care you'll be able to also reach populations that up to this point have been less vaccinated in terms of communities that are dying at higher rates than others. >> reporter: some health centers are giving out covid vaccines along with the flu shot. >> that was quick. >> if we have a serious influenza outbreak on top of covid-19, we potentially are going to overwhelm the health care system.
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>> reporter: the cdc says people can safely receive both shots at the same time. anne-marie, we'll be hearing a lot more of the term twin-demic in coming weeks as the flu plus covid may overwhelm hospitals because so many people avoided catching the flu last season due to masks and social distancing, we might be more susceptible to it this year. >> yes, indeed. just a reminder, get that flu shot. laura podesta in new york. thank you so much. the white house is brokering new deals to tackle the supply chain backlog as we inch closer and closer to the holiday season. president biden said operations at the port of los angeles, the nation's largest, will now operate around the clock. so will the nearby port of long beach. the ports combined handle about 40% of the container traffic carrying laptops, televisions, toys, and holiday gifts. >> this is a big first step in speeding up the movement of materials and goods through our supply chain.
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the commitments being made today are a sign of major progress in moving goods from manufacturers to a store or to your front door. >> mr. biden also warned the federal government will take bigger steps to address the logjam of supplies if companies don't step up. retailers are also urging consumers to place orders this month in order to guarantee they arrive by december. in norway, a man is in custody this morning following a deadly rampage involving a bow and arrow. police say the suspect walked around shooting arrows in a town about 40 miles from oslo. the alleged attacker is a 37-year-old danish citizen. at least five people were killed. two others were injured. the attacks took place over a large area, and authorities are investigating whether other weapons were used. the motive is not known. the house committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot is targeting another ally of former president trump.
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the panel issued a subpoena for jeffrey clark who worked as a lawyer for the justice department. a senate report found he used government resources and efforts to delay the certification of the 2020 election results. a lawyer for clark declined to comment. film and television crews across the nation could walk off the job monday at midnight. the international alliance of theatrical stage employees said its 60,000 members will strike unless a new deal is reached. the union is demanding fair and safe working conditions. the strike would halt filming on a wide range of productions and extend well beyond hollywood. >> i mean, you would notice a lot of stuff. you know, your regular talk shows, tv shows, game shows, would just stop. and you'd get a lot of reruns. you know, on the film side, it would take a lot longer to notice. >> the union says negotiations will continue this week.
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science fiction became fact for actor william shatner. at 90 years old, "star trek's" captain kirk became the oldest person to travel to space yesterday, and he was clearly moved by the experience. mark strassmann was there to witness it all.towe she is on her way with the second human spaceflight crew -- >> reporter: this was the voyage of the blue origin spaceship first step. its ten-minute mission, space. >> oh, jesus. >> reporter: william shatner's latest frontier. up almost 66 miles to the edge of space. >> and here come the mains -- >> reporter: right back down again like same-day shipping. >> and capsule touchdown -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: a gift from amazon and blue origin founder jeff bezos. >> it was so moving to me. this experience did something unbelievable.
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♪ >> reporter: 55 years ago, shatner's captain kirk led a starship of galactic hop scotchers. he became kirk. at 90 overcome by the moment. >> everybody in the world needs to see the -- it was unbelievable. unbelievable. i mean, you know, the little things, the weightlessness. but to see the blue color go right by, and now you're staring into blackness. what you have given me is the most profound experience i can imagine. i'm so filled with emotion about what just happened. i -- i just -- it's extraordinary. extraordinary. >> reporter: all the crew cried after landing. >> i hope i never recover from this. captain kirk's a fictional figure, i'm flesh and blood. >> reporter: you're flesh and blood.
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you came back clearly moved. >> tremendously, enormously. >> reporter: his reaction was so memorable, blue origin could turn it into a commercial hoping to reel in more paying customers. shatner's ticket was comped. another shrewd investment by jeff bezos. mark ssm culberson county, texas. >> his reaction was really moving. i thought i was going to cry. ahead on "cbs mornings," though, we will talk with william shatner about his experience in space and whether he was nervous at all during the journey. should be a great conversation. coming up, unsportsmanlike conduct. why one state is demanding nearly $1 million from nfl legend brett favre. and later, shaking up your diet. how the government is trying to reduce the salt in the foods you eat. this is the "cbs morning news." news." your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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the "associated press" says during arguments yesterday, the court's six conservative justices seemed likely to back the biden administration's call for reinstatement. the justices are considering a decision last year by a federal appeals court that overturned the death sentence. the appeals court said the trial judge improperly excluded evidence and did not sufficiently question jurors about their exposure to extensive news coverage of the bombing. football legend brett favre owes big bucks to the state of mississippi, and chicago police are in a standoff over the covid vaccine. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "chicago tribune" reports the head of the city's police union told officers to defy a deadline to report their covid vaccination status by tomorrow. the union's president is vowing to take mayor lori lightfoot's administration to court if it tries to enforce the mandate. it requires city workers to report whether they have received the vaccine by the end of the workweek. after that, unvaccinated workers
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who do not submit to semi weekly testing will be placed on unpaid leave. >> the belief is we're going to have a large percentage of officers that are going to be willing to go into a no pace status because they're not going to enter the information into the portal. >> he's threatening litigation. i say bring it because we are going to create a safe workplace for all of our employees. >> the union says the city could have a police force of less than 50% this weekend if it tries to enforce the mandate. and "usa today" reports the mississippi state auditor's office is demanding that former nfl quarterback brett favre and others repay misspent welfare money. officials want favre to fork over $828,000 that it says he received for speaking engagements he did not show up for. favre originally was paid more than $1 million. an auditor says he's paid back $500,000.
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on cbs "money watch" now, social security recipients will be getting their biggest raise in nearly four decades, and how you can get paid to watch "the simpsons." diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, well, this morning the labor department is set to release its weekly jobless claims report. also in focus, another batch of bank earnings from companies like morgan stanley, bank of america, and citigroup. this as wall street went through another choppy session. the dow shed nearly a point. the nasdaq gained 105, while the s&p 500 added 13. 70 million people will receive social security are set to get a big raise in the cost of living adjustment. the payment will increase 5.9% in january, the biggest hike since 1982. that translates to about $92 more per month. the move comes as many seniors have struggled after a year of surging inflation which has
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pushed up the cost of everything from food to rent. so far this . in the first nine months of the year, nearly 4,500 passengers were stopped trying to carry guns through security. that's a 20-year high. hartsfiled-jackson international airport ranked the highest for seized firearms among u.s. airports. want to get paid to watch homer and the rest of "the simpsons" gang? a uk site is hiring someone to watch every episode of the animated series, offering nearly $7,000 and a weekly box of doughnuts. analysts will look into the well-known phenomenon that it predicted events like president trump's presidency and the coronavirus and help predict more future events. they're taking applications all must be 18 or older.candidates excellent smithers.
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it is all going as planned. anne-marie? >> perfect. i feel like someone needs to apply. the own problem with it -- and i'm a huge fan so i could apply -- you have to do it in a set number of weeks. it works out to be like 35.5 hours per week. it's basically a full-time job. and "newsweek" did the calculations, the exchange rate. it's $9 -- $9.25 per episode. not terrible especially if you're going to watch "the simpsons" for free like me. >> if you like "the simpsons." it's all good. >> i do like "the simpsons" that much. >> so do i. >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. diane, thank you. >> thank you. up next, a big announcement from adele. you don't have to wait long for her new album. we will tell you when it will drop. will drop. i'm not getting through the pandemic just to end up with the flu. i asked for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. it's the #1-used flu vaccine for people 65 and older. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ we now know when adele's new album is being released. the grammy winner announced on social media yesterday that her fourth album titled "30" will come out on november 19th. adele wrote that she's never felt more peaceful. she says that she is ready to put the album out after getting over the grief of the most turbulent period of her life.
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it's the first album since 2015. her new single "easy on me" is being released tomorrow. it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas for new york's radio city rockettes. ♪ the legendary dance troupe is busy rehearsing for its christmas spectacular. the high-stepping show is back after being canceled last year due to the pandemic. the rockettes will perform nine dance routines, the most in the show's 88-year history. >> this year we just want to bring the joy of christmas, the joy of family, the joy of coming back together. like the whole world can come back together and enjoy these amazing things that we've had for so long. >> the rockettes' christmas spectacular runs from november 5th to january 2nd. and coming up on "cbs mornings," nate burleson sits down with his 11-year-old daughter mia for an honest discussion about the impact of social media on young people.
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our top stories this morning -- booster shots are back under the microscope. today the fda could soon recommend extra doses of moderna and johnson & johnson's vaccine. the agency's advisory panel will issue recommendations on whether an extra dose is needed when it meets today and tomorrow. and president biden said operations at the port of los angeles, the nation's largest, will now operate around the clock to alleviate the supply chain backlog. so will the nearby port of long beach. each port combined handles about 40% of the country's container traffic carrying goods such as
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laptops, tvs, toys, and holiday gifts. there's a water crisis in a small city in michigan. residents have been told not to use the tap water because of high levels of lead. omar villafranca reports. >> reporter: the city of benton harbor gets water from lake michigan. residents like frances davis say what comes out of the faucet is not safe to use. what water do you use to cook? >> the bottled water. >> reporter: to brush your teeth? >> bottled water. >> reporter: bathe? >> bottled water. >> reporter: in 2018, lead was detected in the drinking water in some homes due to older lead pipes. state officials say the city's water system has failed six lead tests over the last three years. last month, concerned activists petitioned the epa for help. in response the state started distributing free bottled water to the nearly 10,000 residents. >> there's no urgency with the federal government, there's no urgency with the state government, and there's no urgency with the city government. they just don't get it.
4:27 am
>> reporter: reverend edward pinkney started distributing water through his church two years ago and says many residents in this predominantly african-american community still don't know about the crisis. >> we don't have time. my children's life is at stake. your children's life is at stake. >> reporter: time isn't the only issue. benton harbor mayor marcus muhammad says it's money. the city can't afford to fix the lines, and state and federal money can't come fast enough. he points out that the just received a $5 million check to work on the problem that was approved during the obama administration. >> if i had a magic wand i would solve it right now. but in government doesn't work that way. >> reporter: as for frances davis, she's thought about selling her home. do you think somebody would buy it? >> no, not with this situation. i would have to board it up and move out. >> reporter: so far less than 5% of the city's nearly 6,000 lines have been replaced, and mayor
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muhammad wants the work finished in two years. he's also hoping the president's infrastructure bill passes because that would mean billions of dollars to replace lead pipes across the country. omar villafranca, cbs news, benton harbor, michigan. > ng up on we will hear more from actor william shatner about his trip to space and how the experience moved him. plus, nate burleson sits down with his 11-year-old daughter mia for an honest discussion about the impacts of social media on young people. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. announcement morning. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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