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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00. burning power poles and outages across the bay area as rain moves its way out. pg&e just told kpix5. >> we will look at tonight's storm on hi-def doplar, only for a second. we have to look ahead to its next series of storms. [singing] >> it is nice. we need it. it is california. >> a look at how people really felt with rainy days and sundays. >> almost got. [beep] shot. >> almost died. it has happened time and time again in san francisco. tonight, what happened to one man after he confronted thieves breaking into his car. >> we will begin with a live look across the bay area on this rainy sunday night. most of the showers moved out
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but clouds do remain. good evening. we are seeing power outages across the bay area. we will have the latest on the rain. >> let's check in on where that line of showers is now. it pretty much left the bay area. that is it. we are done with this event. just to slow you how we did. it was not a lot. just the first one. all we have to do is look off of the coast and you can see the line of clouds out there. high-resolution forecast model, picking up on the rain. the next one gets here on tuesday night going into wednesday morning. that said, wednesday morning at 2:00 a.m. showers heading our way. there is two more after that. we will break it down over seven-days how much rain to expect and the forecast coming up in a bit. now to thousands without power right
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now. new video showing pg&e power transformers are on fire. here is a look at their current outage map. the areas in red in south san francisco and livermore are all seeing more than 5,000 customers without power. pg&e says they are sending out crews all over the bay area to get the lights back on. less than an hour ago the utility company's website has thousands without power in richmond but that has since changed. and take a look at this citizen app video. shows another power pole fire in san francisco. so far we are not get anything reports of those fires spreading beyond the wooden poles. and within the last 10 minutes pg&e said it is about the fires, quote, after a long time without rain, dust, dirt, salt and other substances accumulate on power lines when the first mist or rain arrives after a long dry
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spell it turns this mixture into mud that conducts electricity. no one is a fan of that happening, it turns out people are not a fan of the rain at all. we met up with some folks in the east bay and they had mixed feelings about the rain. >> reporter: the forecast has been calling for rain. a lot of people surprised to see it early this evening. it is not going to end the drought by any greens. it is a sign of hope for many. >> it has been dry, you know. the plants, the people, we need something a little bit different. the world is getting crazy you need a little switch. >> reporter: as the sunset in the east bay and the cold front with the clouds rolled in, the showers started. prompts some to sing. >> [singing] ♪ i can't stand the rain. >> nothing but fires after fires after fires, our tax money must be down to nothing and all of the reservoirs are drying up, we got nothing. >> there is hope. >> there is praise god we got hope. >> reporter: according to the palmer drought severity
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index, june, july, august were three out of the state's driest months on record since 1895. >> can you believe it is raining today? >> i know, it was so beautiful yesterday and now it is raining. we cannot believe it. >> reporter: there is lope for much-needed rain and a minor set back for andrea simmons. >> now you got to get another car wash. >> how did you know i just got it detailed. >> reporter: it has not been too long that kids can't remember. >> what is it like for you to see rain. have you ever seen rain before? >> yes. we almost did not go out today and do our activities but we need today. >> can you remember the last time it rained? >> no, it was awhile. >> we spotted a shopper prepared with an umbrella. >> i guess. this is the crap i had in the back. >> i can not remember the last time i saw the rain. >> neither can i. no, it is nice it is what we need. it is california. >> i hope it sticks around for awhile. according to my phone we got
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the week. >> reporter: in concord, back to you. >> according to your phone? come on, up for the minute information and breaking news story you can listen to darren but download the kpix news app and stream it any time. new at 11:00. new video shows the aftermath of a car break in after a singer confronted an armed robber in san francisco. tonight an australian singer shares his terrifying experience. kpix5 reporter has more on this story. >> reporter: this was singer clinton cane's first trip to san francisco. he says he only had been here for about an hour when he witnessed his car getting broken into. he was eating outside here at rooster and rice about five feet away from it when it happened. >> almost got. [beep] shot. >> almost died. >> reporter: this was taken after moments after the 22-year- old australian singer saw his car getting broken into on friday afternoon on fibert street.
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>> we heard glass shatter. we basically, the three of us, two of my mates we went off and ran to the car and as soon as we tried stopping them, they pulled out guns on us, all three of them. then we ended up on the floor with our hands raised. >> did they say anything to you? >> they were like don't try anything, get out of the way and they had the gun on my face. >> reporter: the robbers made off with more than $30,000 work of camera equipment, everything his team shopped for their up coming documentary was also lost. sfpd said the get away car is a black four door audi. >> every weekend and stuff like that. to hear something like that it is unsettling. >> i feel like it is a safe area. we move inside late last year. this is one of the craziest things that we heard about so far. >> cane said he is scheduled to return to san francisco on tour in december. >> i think of the city i think of never going back there ever again. [ laughter ]
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>> i mean i am definitely more paranoid now. the next morning we were there until 7:00 p.m. and then leaving the car anywhere, like i think about it, i don't -- we need to get it in a garage. is a garage even safe? >> reporter: in san francisco, back to you. >> cane still stuck around san francisco over the weekend to perform. he has since traveled to the tahoe area. chp officer is recovering after being attacked and bitten by a suspect on the side of a freeway. this happened on highway 4 in concord about 1:00 in the afternoon. a pedestrian was allegedly throwing stuff at cars on the freeway when the officer tried to stop the person a struggle broke out and that is when the officer says he was bitten. chp was able to take the suspect into custody and then to a hospital. the officer is expected to be okay. happening tomorrow, california teachers and parents are planning a massive school walk out to protest vaccine mandates and organizers want parents to pull their kids
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from classrooms. it is is approved for 12 and older. those 11 or younger are not yet eligible. one parent pledged to take part in the walk out saying he is concerned about the long-term effects the vaccine might have on his 12-year-old daughter. >> if there is enough reason for pause and further study before we subject our children to an experiment. which this is. >> it is not my opinion t is not a safe working environment for anyone on that site to be unvaccinated. if it is teacher or staff member or student. >> fda would not grant full approval of the vaccine for children unless evidence slowed it is safe and effective. health problems not a hoarding issue. that is what an east bay man
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says 80 cats and dogs had to be rescue friday his home. he is president of a nonprofit rescue group out of his home. he and his wife have health problems and can not take care of the animals but they are upset the animal service said officers responded to a hoarding situation there. he said that is not true. and that he is dealing with a lot right now. >> on wednesday night my wife had a stroke. i am not physically fit enough to take care of all of these animals, yes we had a lot of animals, did we have too many? perhaps, it is subjective, you know, they were well taken care of. arus st of the bay area shelters. the pandemic forced him to hope other pet lovers will adopt the animals. still ahead on kpix5 news at 11:00. thousands walking off the job
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thousands of employees pushing for better waging and working conditions causing some to walk off the job. >> pandemic pressure is spurring strikes including there one. in a suburb of minneapolis. >> don't mess with the nurses. >> a walk out by the nurses prompted a hospital in plymouth to close its emergency room. >> this is like my 5th picket, i find it deplorable. >> staffing shortages and the battle over the benefits impacting every industry. they are on strike. the illinois based company is expected to post record profits this year. >> 60,000 hollywood production workers averted a strike at the 11th hour this weekend. union members must still approve a new 3-year deal with the studios. >> they are steaming mad. >> another 300 wine bottles. >> he is a prop master in the
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union. what were some of the feeling that you will lose your job and you are never going to sleep. i was never hoping for a strike. i was hoping for a real reasonable contract. >> they call today a hollywood ending. is it? >> i make michael bay movies, things blow up, i guess it depends on the movie. >> a strike by hollywood crews have been averted now. nationwide many workers are walking off of the job and right on to picket line. president clinton is back home in new york after a six day stay at the hospital down in irvine he walked out of the hospital with the former first lady on his arm. gave a thumb's up and posed with his doctors before driving away. hillary clinton hugged his icu nurses. mr. clinton was hospitalized with a untreated uti and it was a pretty close call. >> i think we are lucky he was near an
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excellent hospital that his team pushed him to go to the hospital right away. and get the care he needed. it is very dangerous. you know, literally hours, a day later could of died from the infection. >> the doctors released a statement saying his fever and white blood cell count are back to normal and all that is left for him to do is finish a course of antibiotics. check this new video out. it is coming into the news room, eerie sight in the sky. a waterspout swirling off of the coast of cuba today. video slows the funnel-shaped cloud from different parts of town. waterspouts occur over a body of water but never reach land. no damage was reported from the waterspout. well, on the subject of weather. tonight the sierra is seeing a big first snowfall of the season. the weather service says it could get up to 8 inches of snow. it will continue tonight through tomorrow morning. >> we had terrific weather last week. we checked today. there was no snow.
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we came here. >> the chp said roads are slick on 80. drive carefully if you happen to be watching this broadcast while driving on i-80. snow in the sierra, rain here, it is beginning and we need it. >> have a little bit of fun with the snow in the sierra. i just want you to see how it is is aaccumulating from the system that came through today. we will pick up half a foot. this is the prime time now for the snow up there. the winter weather advisory in place for the sierra stays in effect well into tomorrow into the afternoon. snow level will get down to 5,000 feet. that is good to see. and it is half a foot of snow up in at the passes. that is what it looks like. as far as we are concerned the rain is done. you can see the rain from the bay area has now left. the focus is in the sierra. and back behind it out here, it is clear skis. tomorrow, we are done. you don't have to worry about rain on the morning commute for monday. the streets should actually have relatively dried out by then. we will not get any more rain. we are waiting for that.
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that is the next system that will get here. very late on tuesday into wednesday. we are going to look at that in one second. first here are tomorrow morning's lows, feeling cool tomorrow. that is the other thing. you notice that when you go outside. we will go down to 38 in santa rosa. the first time i have seen a temperature dip down into the 30s this season for the bay area. so, day time highs tomorrow will stay on the cool side. middle 60s for inland east bay locations. it will be 61 in the city. 56. that is your day time high in santa rosa. you are not getting out of the middle 50s all day. welcome to fall. so, a series of systems coming our way. you can see the first one out here. that is the one that gets here tuesday night into wednesday morning. we will look at this in more detail in a second. i want to give you a big picture view of how active and almost at times chaotic. here is the scene. here is the next one.
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that one gets here on friday. here is the next one. that one gets here potentially on saturday. that is too far out to look at that and say that is how it is going to go. as you look towards saturday it is too far. you lose resolution and this forecast model in particular, what it has done over the last week and a half makes the systems look really good, seven to eight days away. as we get closer to them they start to weaken and lighten up. however, a possibility as we approach next weekend and then, look how far out we are. that is now looking at tuesday, october 26th. we are getting too far out. another way, no rain on monday. tuesday, if we get rain, late in the day. really it is like midnight on tuesday into wednesday morning. that is the next best chance of rain. this is the one we got the most confidence on. it will not be a soaker. it will be rain similar or a little more than what we just got. then, thursday and thursday we are in
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between systems, we can not take out the chance of rain. there is disagreement in the models that some of the system from wednesday will just kind of loiter. it will continue with showers on thursday. the main event will be early on wednesday. we can't rule out the possibility for a shower on thursday at this point and then the next system gets here going into friday. watch the bars go back up again friday, first half of the day. higher confidence, that is when a separate system gets here and look at saturday. later on saturday, the next one, could potentially get here. it will be busy around here if you look at the rainfall totals if you believe the long-range forecast. could be good. not going to the bank on that. only got 1/10th of an inch of rain on this one. this is why we broke it down with the bars. if you look at it, you will lose the nuance. obviously not. plenty of breaks. microclimate as l. the story
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will be the same. not a lot of a difference here in the temperatures or chance of rain. stay on top of the details with us. mary will be in the morning tracking asz the things come onshore. back to you. >> all right, darren, thank you. it was an honor flight without a flight. coming up, how one group still managed to celebrate bay area veterans. and, another big bay area event back and bigger than ever. a look at today's sunday streets. coming up tomorrow, bay area businesses are getting hit hard with lawsuits or violation of the american with disability act and now some of the businesses are fighting back. turning the tables on a man who filed hundreds of complaints. >> if somebody does not stand up and say enough is enough it just keeps going on and on and on. tune in for our special report. fighting the ada filer. that is tomorrow on kpix5 news at 7:00
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po g at the end of the hour. >> always crazy things going on especially with the raiders. >> the raiders who somehow stiff-armed off field drama to win a game. >> we are going to build on the season. >> and dissecting how that season ended on a strike three call was not enough. >> you are making us nervous now. [ laughter ] two titans of women sports attacking issues on game day after this newscast
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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one bay area organization is celebrating war veterans in a new way. >> local heroes are honored with a flightless trip. >> flying them out to washington, d.c. to visit memorials built in their honor. the pandemic put their trip on hold so the foundation is doing something different this year, they are honoring local heroes with a flightless trip and a virtual tour of the memorials. >> this is a step until we can get on the planes again. this does not disqualify them from a trip. this is just, you know, a
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recognition of their service and to be able to give them something until we can actually fly. >> the foundation hopes to travel to d.c. in the spring of next year. and a live look at san francisco tonight where the city is celebrating the return of sunday streets. that is a program that allowed pedestrians to enjoy car-free spaces. the theme of the program this year is the phoenix. a symbol of rebirth. so, what have we learned? >> one thing that we have learned and we learned again is that when times are tough san francisco looks out for each other and get together and rebuild, refresh and renew. coming up, october brings scary debuts to the box office, we have a look at how the latest sequel to a horror classic
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♪ ♪ bong! ♪ bong! it was a duel at the box office this weekend. two new films taking on 007. only one could come out on top and the winner just might scare you. david daniel has more. >> the last duel had a rough first weekend. the historic epic debuted in 5th place with just 4.8 million. the adams family 2 made 7.2
11:29 pm
million, to finish 4th in the third weekend out. then "venom" took $16.5, for third place in total of $168 million. >> you are not dead. >> i missed you. >> "no time to die" fell to 2nd in the sophomore weekend earn 24.3 million for just under $100 million in 10 days. >> killer debut opened up with $50.4 ticket sales as it debuted on a streaming service. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> is that jamie lee curtis? >> okay. >> coming to a theater near you this week. the latest
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thank you for watching. gameday is next. news and weather updates always on have a great week ahead. >> see you later
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we are not messing around tonight. it is game day, back in studio.
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the transition as sports never stops. it is nfl sunday week and will six. the 49ers were off but -- relock in. the first game as head coach after 38 years as an assistant. the opening drive on third and short. the 48 yard touchdown to open the scoring. denver responded. connected with tim patrick. outrace the coverage, 23 yards score. in the second quarter, 10-7, vaguest. bridgewater is under pressure. crushed by crosby. mad max had three of the raters move five sacks in the game. been in the final minute, olson and carr, perfectly placed to drake. tiptoed in


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