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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 18, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news. we have confirmed multiple people fell from upper levels during a fish concert at chase center and one died. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's go to anne makovec at the live news desk with details on this. >> reporter: just getting confirmation from san francisco police that one man died, two were injured in separate falls at the chase center last night during this concert. before 9:00 p.m. a man fell to his death. medics tried to save his life but it was too late. it is an open investigation. there is no evidence of foul play. the second man fell less than
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an hour later before 10:00 p.m. he survived and was taken to the hospital as was another man who was injured when the n fell onto him. officers did not find evidence of criminal violation. at this point we are not sure how far the men fell. we have reached to officials with chase center for comment and haven't yet heard back. to developing news in the north bay, a mountain lion forcing schools to lock down has been captured in sonoma county. >> justin andrews is live with the latest out there. >> reporter: good afternoon. the lock downs have been lifted and we have learned in the last hour that the mountain lion has been tranquilized. take a look. this is considered an adult female and this is before she was captured, the pictures from the department of public safety. wildlife experts tell us she did not leave on her own and had to be tranquilized so they could move her back to her
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habitat. this caused two schools to be on lock down as officers were monitoring the mountain lion which fish and game knows since the mountain lion had a tracking device. everything is back to normal. things are moving just as smoothly in rohnert park. >> thank you. > north bay, groups of parents, students, teachers protesting against vaccine mandates. in santa rosa, crowds are gathered outside the district. some say they have concerned about possible longterm effect of the covid vaccines in children. they say they do not want to be part of the experiment. >> this is not about the vaccine. this is about taking away my choice. usa, we have a freedom of choice and we didn't get a choice. my choice is okay, right now, i choose to put my kid in school unvaccinated. i choose that.
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>> the mandate would make california the first state in the nation to require school children to be vaccinated against coronavirus. students k through 12 would be required to get the shots once fda gives the approval for children. mayor breed meeting with various local officials to announce vaccination incentives. colin powell has died from complications of of covid-19. he was fully vaccinated but battled underlying conditions. >> reporter: when president bush appointed colin powell as secretary of state he became highest ranking african- american official in the history of the united states. his was a true american success story. his parents were jamaican immigrants who raised him in the south bronx. he took an army commission and served in vietnam. he rose in ranks becoming a
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general and was appointed head of the national security council by president ronald reagan. more honors were to follow. during next administration president george herbert walker bush made him chairman of joint chiefs of staff, highest military position in the defense department. again powell was first african- american to hold the post. operation desert storm in 1991 made powell an even more familiar face. >> our strategy to go after this army is very simple. first we will cut it off. >> reporter: when he retired from the army powell wrote his autobiography and shared america's promise, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building character in young people. there was speculation he might run for president but his wife alma was against it. powell was called upon by george w bush. >> i am honored to be given the opportunity to return to public service as a 65th secretary of state. >> reporter: initially opposed
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to the idea, powell agreed to go along with the bush administration's plan to forcibly overthrow saddam hussein. using his greatest asset, his popularity with the public, he went before united nations and the world to build a ca inding >> sadm sseiand his regime are concealing efforts to produce more weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: later after united states was firmly entrenched in the war inaccuracies were found in powell's speech and bush administration said it acted on faulty intelligence. powell admitted un speech was a painful blot on his record and pushed for reform in the intelligence community. >> i am so proud that i have had this chance to serve my nation. >> reporter: in 2008 the long time republican made news when he endorsed barack obama for president. powell spent final years in the private sector but remained vocal on political issues that were important to him.
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meg oliver, cbs news, new york. dozens of politicians have responded to the passing of the former secretary of state including president joe biden. >> white house issued a proclamation on the passing of general powell and ordered flags lowered until october 22, the president saying colin empowered highest ideals of warrior and diplomat. >> former president obama released a statement saying general understood what was best in his country and tried to bring his life, public statements in line with that ideal. >> former president george w bush said he was highly respected at home and abroad and most important colin was a family man and a friend. taking a live look across the bay where we saw rain overnight. with that we will hand it to meteorologist mary lee for what you can expect the rest of the week. here is a live look at the
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oakland hills. you see a mix of sun and clouds out there, a pretty afternoon after all that rain that we had yesterday. in fact widespread rain. we picked up from a few hundredths, tenths, to as much as a half inch of rain. we have a few spotty lingering showers across parts of the peninsula and the south bay. we are actually catching clearing in many locations. as we go through the week, i am tracking a parade of storm systems. i will show you futurecast taking you through the rest of the week, coming up. pge says it is continuing to restore power in places that lost electricity during last night's rain. about 14,000 customers are in the dark across the bay area. that includes more than 4,000 in the east bay and 5,000 on the peninsula as well as 3500 in the north bay. if you are in sonoma and see haze don't panic, cal fire is performing prescribed burns. it is west of magic mountain
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road and south of kit creek. crews plan to burn up to 40 acres. smoke is expected to be visible from much of the county. controlled burn is set to wrap up by 9:00 tomorrow night. jury selection underway in a murder trial with racial overturns. three white men are accused of chasing and killing ahmad arbery, a 25-year-old black man. >> reporter: demonstrators gathered in brunswick georgia for justice for ahmad march, a day before the trial for the men accused of killing arbery. the state says the 25-year-old was jogging in a brunswick neighborhood when he was chased by three men, shot, killed. >> i do think ahmad was murdered because he was black. he was jogging through a predominantly wait neighborhood and was targeted. >> reporter: it wasn't until cell phone video was leaked and nationwide protests that the three men were arrested.
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travis mcmichael, the shooter, his father gregory mcmichael and the man who recorded william roddie brian were charged with murder, false imprisonment, aggravated assault. body camera foot acknowledge obtained by jacksonville station wjax shows after arbery was shot. >> i was going to try to block it. he was going all around. i made a few moves. he didn't stop. >> reporter: gregory and travis mcmichael told investigators they thought the 25-year-old was a burglary suspect. the three defendants claim they were justified in chasing arbery because they suspected him of committing a crime. we spoke to attorney lee merritt who is representing arbery's mother in a separate civil case. >> what do you think the jury should look like? >> should reflect the diversity
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of the brunswick community. >> i have my concerns. hopefully we get the right people in the right place to make the right decision. >> reporter: this process will take time, as long as two weeks, because 1,000 people were summoned. >> the case has already led to changes to georgia law including creation of a hate crime statute and repeal of a citizens arrest law. bay area businesses hit hard with lawsuits for violating americans with disabilities act. some of the businesses are fighting back turning tables on one man who has filed hundreds of complaint. >> at some point if somebody doesn't stand up and say enough is enough, this keeps going on and on and on. >> tune in for fighting ada filer. that's tonight at kpix5 news at 7:00. a public hearing geared to upgrading safety for cyclists and pedestrians on the golden gate bridge. the board is listening to
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suggestions from the general public. this is aimed at refining possible safety steps in a review that's been going on for a year and a half now. live to san francisco where some of the city's restaurants are facing product shortages to. the examiner spoke to restaurant owners who say it's become nearly impossible to restock because of the supply chain crisis. things that used to take no more than eight weeks to arrive now can take as long as five months. when we come back, pandemic putting major pressure on employers. it looks like one major industry in california has managed to avoid a strike. apple unveiling newest mac computers today. wh
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welcome back. the dow is down about 63 points. hollywood appears to have averted a strike. a union reached a three year tentative deal with the studios saturday. the new contract would include better working hours and increased health and pension funding. pandemic pressure spurring strikes including this one in a suburb of minneapolis. the walk out by nurses prompted a hospital to close its emergency room. >> community members are steaming mad. >> what were some complaints? >> the constant endless feeling that, a, you will lose your job and, b, you will never sleep. i was never hoping for a strike. i was hoping for a reasonable contract. >> in all there have been strikes against 178 employers this year according to a tracker by cornell university school of industrial and labor relations. u.s. power companies ramping up coal consumption for
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the first time in seven years. u.s. energy information administration says coal is expected to increase by 22% this year. the agency does not believe the rise of coal generation will continue into 2022. report forecasts a drop by 5% next year. ford motor company has a plan to build electric car components in northern england. it will invest more than 300 million in a project at its hail wood factory near liver pool. this is a first following several moves by other car makers. ford wants line up of new cars in europe to be all electric by 2030. apple unveiled two mac book pro laptops, latest powered by silicone chips called m1 pro an ops available in 14 and
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16-inch versions. apple says the computers have a sharper displaymore ports, improved audio. prices start about $2,000. apple unveiled air pods which it says can offer unrivaled sound and a magical wireless head phone experience. >> magical, okay. >> whatever that's about. time for a check of weather with mary. hey, we are looking at sunshine right now. here is a live look with treasure island camera looking at the bay bridge and san francisco. you see temperatures in mid to upper 50s to low 60s at this lunchtime hour. here is what you can expect, mix of sun and clouds today, catching a break from the rain today and most of tomorrow. it gets warmer for your tuesday and then a series of storm systems, first to arrive tuesday night into wednesday and then several behind that. we are looking at unsettled weather for the middle to end part of the week. low pressure system moves out that brought widespread rain.
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it was so great to see yesterday. a few lingering showers now across parts of the peninsula and south bay. high pressure builds in briefly as we look to the rest of today and most of tomorrow. you see catching a bit of sunshine today. as we look to tomorrow, slightly warmer for your tuesday. watch as we look to tuesday night into wednesday, tracking showers pushing in. we are looking at subtropical moisture tapping into that as we look to tuesday into wednesday, tuesday night into wednesday and actually through the work week. we are looking at series, a parade of storm systems for us tuesday night through friday and especially into our weekend, strongest storm system. daytime highs, mid 50s along the coast, low 60s around the bay, low to mid 60s for peninsula. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, a
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little bit warmer for your tuesday. we have rain chances thursday, friday, into our weekend. inland east bay, north bay, the coast, a little bit warmer for your tuesday. there we are as we look at tuesday night through the work week and into our weekend tracking those rain chances. we definitely need that rain. it was so great to see yesterday and we have more coming our way as we look to the rest of the week. >> thank you. when we come back, nearly a month later, a volcano started erupting and spain scientists share the magnitude of the explosions. streaming today, a local company making it easy to make your vaccine card digital. we talked to proxy sf at 1:30. at 1:30 we talk to a doctor from stanford healthcare about
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welcome back. former president bill clinton back home in new york after a six day stay in the hospital in
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iv e 75-yr-old walked out of the medical center with the former first lady, gave a thumbs up, posed for a photo with his doctors. he had been hospitalized with untreated urinary tract infection that was a close call. >> we are lucky he was near an excellent hospital, that his team pushed him to go right away and get the care he needed. it's very dangerous, literally hours, a day later he could have died from the infection. >> his doctors released a statement saying mr. clinton's fever and white blood cell count are back to normal. scientists comparing volcano in spain to a tsunami as it continues to spew lava nearly a month after first erupting. scorching rivers have swallowed up nearly 2,000 buildings including dozens of homes. there are minor tremors every day shooting plumes of ash the area. les high blanketing around 7,000 people are evacuated. there could be more rain in store for the bay area.
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when we come back, we are taking a final look at
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a summer of record wildfires can mean a rough winter ahead. how caldor fire may be putting the ski season at jeopardy. that story and more is coming
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up at 3:00. mary has a last look at weather. >> we have spotty showers, lingering showers across parts of the peninsula. things are starting to wrap up for us and we are catching clearing in spots. we catch a break for the rest of today and most of your tuesday. then a series, a parade of storm systems arrives tuesday night through the work week and into our weekend. this is tuesday night through thursday night and rainfall estimated totals from a tenth, quarter, to as much as an inch to inch and a half and more on the way as we look to friday and into our weekend. at this point our weekend storm looks to be the strongest. back to you. >> thank you. a 99-year-old golfer pulled a hole in one in queensland australia. that comes 61 years after his first ace. >> brown is two months shy of his 100th birthday and is the oldest australian golfer to ever achieve this feat. >> age ain't nothing but a number. >> celebrating with some beers
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after. >> a nice celebration. that's it for kpix5 news at noon. we are on 24/7 streaming at >> our next newscast is at 3:00. have a ternoo i can tell it's monday.
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