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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 20, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. right now emergency officials are switching from wildfire mode to store mode as a bay area prepares for a wave of storms. good afternoon. >> we have live team coverage on the next round of rain. let's start with darron peck who is tracking the storm for us. >> it'll pick up in the afternoon. into the evening then again. there is more rain coming today though we are in a bit of a break. before we look ahead, half an inch of rain in the north bay. san jose hasn't gotten anything since midnight. if you look at high def dor its cast we will see a series of showers move across. first the north bank that gets us into the five, 6:00 hour and then an organized line of rain going through the heart of the
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bay. everybody should notice this. it won't be rain or heavy but plan on more light rain for the second half of today and then of course the next storm gets here. on friday, we are just going to leave that here for right now. that is friday morning. ly be back with the complete forecast in just a few minutes. we will go into a light more detail on that and the significant storm for sunday night into monday for now. back to you. >> all right. we will see you soon. justina andrews continues the team coverage. he is live where he has been talking to fire crews about the quick change from dry to wet. justin. >> yeah. many of us left the house or stepped outside and say whoa we see the rainfalling. that's something we haven't seen in so long. you probably saw it on your windshield or maybe on the streets here like it is in santa rosa. you can see the puddles of water here. the rain acting as a suppressant to wildfire season. too much rain could add even more problems. >> hope it stays all week
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long. we need a lot of it. >> when you think about it it's something that the bay area hasn't seen much of in months. we have gone from extremely dry to downpours of rain. >> we like -- the beneficial storms where they promote regrowth especially in the burn scars. >> bringing growth and a grip on the wildfire season. a wet wednesday morning certainly a welcome sight for many many santa rosa. she saw is it before coming in to work at old town furniture. >> we heard it all night last night it. was very nice. we woke up. the yard was nice and wet. very nice to have the rain back. >> the rain brings worry for others. >> for us that means all eyes on our burn scar. >> paul with santa rosa fire says fire crew has to switch gears from fire mode to potentially flood mode with rains revving up expected to move across the bay. >> just a week and a half ago we were getting ready to clear the rain gutters for potential
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wind driven embers for fire season. now we want them cleared if they haven't done so. not only on roofs but down in yards. >> he said it's all about balance. >> we want enough to end fire season but not too much where we start dealing flooding and the potential for mudslides. >> the firefighters say they will watch that sunday night into monday storm that we have been talking about. it's expected to dump quite a bit of rain across the behave area. we know the weather team will be watching that one too. we are live in santa rosa this afternoon. i'm justin andrews. >> thank you. we have advice. information for you on how you can stay prepared for the storm yes weather. it's on the website we have been keeping a close eye on some protests against netflix going on. a lot of employees have walked out of work today and check out there video from la. our sister station's chopper was above a big demonstration.
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they are upset about statements made by dave chapperl, elle in his special. his stand up specials closer debuted two weeks ago on netflix and those inside and outside of the company ve criticized it as transphobic. many say they aren't asking for the special to be pulled but for netflix executives to take coretection like attaching a warning to it. netflix said we understand the deep hurt that's been caused we
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respect the decision of any employee thdecides to walk out. so, that is something that we will have our eye on throughout the rest of the day. at this point no word on how many are skipping work at the netflix facility in los gatos. >> thank you. muni could be running a lot showerer in the coming weeks. >> the agency said nearly 300 employees have not yet complied with the covid vaccine mandate. we are live from the westportal station in san francisco. now this includes operators and parking control officers. right? >> yeah. that's right. the agency said that right now operators have been unavailable so transit has already been affected and now riders we spoke to today are worried about more of an impact that could be felt should employees not comply by that deadline. >> we take muni to go to school. it's a great way for him to get
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a little exercise and as well as get to school not put another car on the road. >> andy rushed to make her train this morning. like annie others depend on this form of transportation to get to places like school and work. >> how much do you use muni? >> every day. >> they could soon expect more disruptions though the improvement from a month ago the transportation agency said nearly 300 employees are unvaccinated or haven't reported their status. >> unfortunately the largest job classes impacted are the most important positions for delivering service to the public. that includes transit operators and parking control officers. >> the agency said employees are still not in compliance by november 1st they expect that disruptions and unexpected gaps could increase. some are now worried about what this could mean for their commutes to their day to day stopless. s those that live here.
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this is super important. it's pretty much my only way of getting downtown . >> at the same time riders making safety their priority. >> it would affect us more if children got sick. -- we understand there's a balance. we understand there's a balance there. at the same point in time safety is first. >> now as far as parking the agency also warns that losing parking control, officers could also mean that they suspend enforcement at least partially suspend them as far as abandoned vehicles. for now live in san francisco. >> thank you. all nine bay area counties have moved out of the worst category for transmission. the move to the orange or yellow categories allows for lifting some local mandates. >> the fda is set to meet next week to possibly authorize the pfizer vaccine for children ages five to 11. natalie has details on the roll
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out plan from the white house. >> the white house rolled out its plan to vaccinate children ages five to 11 as soon as it's authorized which could happen in early november. >> the vaccine doses will be shipped all the supplies needed to vaccinate kids, including smaller needles. >> the ambulance is to give the vaccines in kid friendly spaces including more than 25,000 providesites and hospitals, pharmacies and schools. the administration is planning an educational campaign to help any concerns parents may have. >> we are -- work with schools to send letters home to parents. we will convene doctors and health clinics and support them in delivering vaccinations as soon as they have conversations with families. >> for adults the fda could authorize the mix and match of different covid, vaccines as booster shots as soon as today. the white house coronavirus response team said more than two out of three eligible americans are now fully vaccinated but there are still hold outs and some of the
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unvaccinated are willing to loose their jobs. >> the new york mayor announced all city workers have until the end of the month to get vaccinated or think will go on unpaid leave. >> i'm saying to every mayor, every governor, every ceo. it's time for the mandate. finish this war or we will have coronavirus with us way too long. >> vaccine mandates impacting first responderns in several cities. los angeles fire reports that there have been 241 separations from the department. baltimore's police department is down 279 officers and in seattle a group of firefighters marched up the step of city hall to turn in their boots rather than comply with the washington state vaccine mandate. cbs news the white house. the white house said that it expects today is the day that the country will reach the milestone of having 190 million americans who are fully vaccinated leaving about 65
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million left. the los gatos mom accused of throwing sex parties for teens will be arraigned in just over an hour. she hosted them for about a year. sometimes using social media to lure them. she is also accused of providing alcohol and encouraging sex acts, someones nonconsensual. major new developments say that suspected human remains have been found at the site of the brian landrie manhunt. his parents said they would be at the park wednesday morning to search. after a brief search they found some articles that belong to him. petito's remains were found on september 19th. she was strangled. the gunman behind the deadliest high school shooting in united states history spoke in a florida courtroom changing his plea to guilty to all 34
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charge from the mass shooting. nicholas cruz killed 17 students and staff in 2018. he apologized to the victims families in court and pled guilty to 17 counts of first degree murder and 17 counts of attempted first degree murder. the trial now moves to the penalty phase. the news at noon is just getting started. when we come back a miracle in texas. and social media getting a new name
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welcome back to the news at noon. the big board now. the dow is up in the green about 158 points. an amazing story of survival and new questions about a dramatic plane crash in texas. the md87 passenger jet had 21 people on board when it caught fire outside houston. somehow every one of them survived, most without even a scratch. janet reports. >> at this time. >> a large commuter jet engulfed in flames. thick black smoke pouring into the sky. >> they were taking off when they crashed. >> first responderns race to the scene expecting the very worst. that's not what they found. >> they were very stunned but they did all self extricate. >> they were already off the plane and safe. a person on board who asks us
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to alter their voice described how it unfolded. >> going down the runway and all the sudden they hit the brakes. fly around and when it finally stopped they just told us to get out and we unbuckled ourselves and ran. we thought it would explode. >> these are the passengers after leaving the plane. baseball fans. headed to last night's astros, red sox playoff game in boston. when authorities say it rolled off the rubway through a fence and across a road. a number of factors could have led to the crash says the former ntsb chairman. >> it could be there was a warning light that came on in the cockpit while the crew was preparing to take off and they decided or elected to reject the take off. could be a mechanical -- this from lifting off. >> plane was large enough to have exit slides that were deployed. >> we absolutely, positively got the best outcome from this incident. >> the ntsb will look for the
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flights data recording and have an opportunity they don't often have in accidents like this they can interview the surviving passengers and crew. time for a check of e'twmorewe have rain today. look at high definition doppler and you will see the showers sitting off the coast. what-have-you to do is put it in to the future cast and watch two separate waves of rain that will come across the bay area. first one working through the north bank, through the early, late afternoon but another organized line which holds together right through the heart of the bay and works its way to the south and clears out. it's real difficult to see clearings with the exception of maybe a good part of thursday. as you will see in a second even thursday has a small chance of rain on it. the take away is friday, and sunday night. those are the next two big rain makeerns, friday. he will come back and look
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there. here is the rain for today. we may pick up another 1,500ths, two tenths of an inch of rain through the afternoon and the evening. don't put the umbrella an oslic roads for any kind of commute h 4:00 to 7:00 window. here is why friday looks more impressive rain wise. maybe a few showers on thursday. it's that organized line right there that brings us the next wave of rain. that stays with us friday morning. that would be the time frame for that one. friday morning's commute start thinking about wet roads. if we look in the pacific, with that next one coming our way it's the series of storms that will be driven by at sheer river that start to take the headlines. if we look out in the pacific that's sunday night. this long stream of higher concentrations of moisture starting out around hawaii and getting pulled right toward us is the classic signature.
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both storms friday and sunday are going to have that part to them. just to drive home the point of how sunday is more impressive. if we put this on the scale looking across from thursday into monday, how do we rate it in strength? from weak to extreme. the one on friday will be moderate. you can see that making the scale here. the one monday will be strong. that just tells us it'll have a good amount of moisture to work with in the rain. this is what they look like as kind of like the train of systems just continues to mara cross the bay area. what we care about here is timing and the timing on these is friday morning. then again going into sunday night. that is going to be the timing for when to expect the better organized rain to start moving across the bay area. let me get new to the seven day forecast. you can pick up what is going to look like a mess. there is a chance of rain on all of these days. we have to do it this way because of a chance of rain on each one of these. the time frame to be thinking
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about, friday morning, sunday night into monday. that is when he will get the best of what these next two rivers have to offer us in terms of heavy amounts of rain bay area wide. >> all right. we will watch it all. >> and track when they need to bring the rain jacket. and all of the above. >> all the things. thank you. coming up facebook is looking to change its name. why it's thinking of a rebrand. >> and streaming today on cbsn bay area, 12:30 san francisco city official celebrates the completion of the geary rapid project. we will talk to an expert about the law requiring retailers to have gender neutral toy sections. we are also on the news app. you can download it for
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welcome back. facebook could be getting a new name. according to one report, the company wants to be known for more than social media. according to tech news site the verge they are planning to make at nounment next week. the rebranding comes as they face criticism from regulator around the world over its businesspractices. >> wonder what it could be. we are taking a quick break. when we come back. >> the parade of storms has
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touched down in the bay area. one last look at your weather forecast. the and today on the drew barrymore show, watch today at two
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like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ a bay area woman stuck in the snow for two days. the search in fresno and where crews found her unhurt. that story and more at three.
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darron has a final look at the forecast. >> we will watch for light rain that will continue to move attered showers today. maybe on thursday. really all of our attention then turns to friday right there. that's when the next system gets here with widespread bay area rain and that is just number one of two. think of friday night and then again sunday night. those would be the two time frames for rain. that would be the most impressive but it'll be such an active period. we have a chance of rain across every one of these days in the seven day forecast. the focus is that friday system in the sunday one. back to you. colorful skulls are decorating the streets of mexico city. it's all to get ready for the day of the dead. >> it's among the most famous artists the day of the dead celebration was considered a cultural heritage event by the educational, and cultural organization. they look beautiful too. wow. >> reminds me of that does any
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movie coco. >> it's a great one. the music is fantastic. >> love that movie. >> i just love all the colors. >> that's it for the news at noon. with reon 24-7 on cbsn bay area. the next newscast is at three. have a great afternoon. stay dry.
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