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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 24, 2021 5:30pm-5:50pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight weather whip lash, the draught-stricken west is getting drenched by an extreme storm. a so called bomb cyclone blasting northern california to the pacific northwest. rainfall in the double digits, deep snow, fierce winds. we'll have the forecast. also tonight new details in the deadly movie set shooting. a community reacts and remembers. >> i'm lilia luciano in hollywood where the focus is turning on how alec baldwin was handed a loaded gun. >> duncan: plus deal or no deal. key senators huddle with president biden as his spending bill nears the finish line. afghanistan in crisis, a million children at risk as the country
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runs out of food. cbs news is there. >> what sort of help does your family need right now. >> duncan: the battle to inoculate. >> we will not comply! >> duncan: the unvaccinated tase deadlines to get shots or lose their jobs. and later, it's a snap shot into the past modeled by the future. >> to me it is so empowering to see the next this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york, here's jericka duncan. >> duncan: good evening, thanks for joining us. california is bearing the brunt of what is being called a bomb cyclone. the intense storm is pounding the west coast with drenching rain and fierce winds. >> tonight the national weather service warns mud slides are a threat especially in areas scorched by wildfires. there is already flooding. this is san mateo near san francisco, thousands across the state are without electricity right now.
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cbs news meteorologist jeff berardelli joins us with what we can expect, jeff, good evening. >> jericka, this is an extremely powerful storm, in fact the most powerful storm on record in the northeast pacific ocean. and accompanying it taye really strong atmospheric river slamming too the west coast, let's show you the satellite. this is a classic setup. you can see that spin and south of it it that tropical moisture slamming into the coast producing rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches an hour, mud slides and flash floods, that moisture firehose as atmospheric river is a five out of five, slamming into central california and watch what happens. all that wind gets uplifted by the mountainous terrain, the sierra nevada and produces some really heavy rainfall and heavy snow fall as well. the band of rain is in central california, will move southward overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. producing a lot of heavy rain and more flash flooding in its wake. how much more rain will we see, about 2 to 4 inches on top of up to 8 inches already. and in the mountains 3 to 5 feet
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of snow. the good news is this will affectively end fire season across central and northern california, jericka. >> duncan: always good to look at the bright side of thing, jeff berardelli, thank you. tonight there are mounting demands for answers following the fattal and accidental movie set shooting involving actor alec balance win. cbs-- wald bin, lilia luciano has the latest where gun protocols are coming unt scrutiny. >> that's right, the focus is now turning it to why was alec baldwin handed a loaded gun. this as the hollywood film community holds another candle lit vigil tonight from hall enna hutchins. >> tonight is about helena. >> in albuquerque the film and tv industry and public remember the 42 year old cinematographer. >> from background to crew to sag actors, everybody is devastated. hutchins and wounded directorguo
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souza. >> the director and a camera woman has been shot. >> baldwin is cooperating with investigators in what is intg considered an accidental shooting. assistant director david hauls yelled "cold gun" according to police before handing it to tbald win with a live round in it. but a 911 call raises questions about how the weapon was handled. >> [bleep] he is responsible. >> kevin williams supervised prop guns on movie sets for decades. >> they should always be carefully monitered and made sure to be secured at all times. meaking sure that no live ammunition is ever brought to set. >> hanna gutierrez was responsible for handling the guns on set. it was her second movies ahead armour. >> this moment has shaken all of us to the very core. >> according to the search records from the sheriff's department that armour had three weapons as she had prepared and the assistant director grabbed one of them and handed it to
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alec baldwin, jericka. >> duncan: you know lilia, a lot of people want to know how is it possible that a gun with the ability to kill was even on set. >> that is a big question, i mean any gun could kill even a prop gun but the key is to understand why was there live ammunition on set, that is something that experts have told us should never, ever be the case. >> duncan: lilia luciano, thank you. president biden brought two pivotal senators to his delaware home today for talks over his wide ranging a genda and spending priorities. cbs's christina ruffini is at the white house tonight and joins us, christina, is a deal actually near? >> well, democrats seem to think or say that it is. but specter pelosi also said today the text on the bill still hasn't been written and democrats aren't on the same page about how to pay for all that ink. >> 90 percent of bill agreed to and written, we just have some of the last decisions to be made. >> democrats sounded optimistic
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today. they will be able to finalize the scaled down $2 trillion build back better plan. >> we have a chance to vote on it as early as later this week. and finally get the deal done. >> the deal has been months in the making. and has also delayed the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill the senate passed in august. >> combined with the rescue plan and the infrastructure bill, we will be the most significant investment i think in the country and the american people since the new deal. >> the final 10 percent including how to fay for the bill is proving difficult. >> today president biden hosted west virginia senator joe manchin and majority leader chuck schumer at his home in wilmington delaware. manchin and kyrsten sinema opposed bill's 3.5 trillion price tag and sen emma does not agree on increasing taxes on corporations and wealthy americans to pay for the current plan. >> she voted against the trump tax cuts and i just don't understand why she's not willing then to raise some of the rate
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back to twha they were. >> president biden will stuch for his build back better plan in new jersey next week. then for virginia governor candidate before heading to europe. unclear if he will have a bill to sign on his desk before he leaves. >> duncan: we'll keep following the story, thank you, christina. today colombia said the country's most wanted drug lord will be extradited to the united states. dairo antonio usuga was seized at his hideout in an operation involving hundreds of soldiers. the u.s. has placed a $5 million bowntee on his head. switching gears now, dr. anthony fauci said covid vaccines for kids wean 5 and 11 will likely be available in the first half of november. fda approval of pfizer's dose application could come as early as this week. still the shots remain a contentious issue for some adults. here's cbs's mark strassmann in
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atlanta with that story. >> we will not comply. >> while anti-vacs diehards shake their fists. >> we will not comply. >> most vaccinated americans shake their heads. >> you do not want to be lead over a cli sheut. >> in chicago covid america's latest flash point vaccine mandates fans the flame. noncompliant firefighters had sued the city. >> you do not want to have in your personnel history the fact that you refused an order from your chain of command. >> tell that to 46,000 new york city employees. they get their first shot by this friday or it is their last day. >> and an alarm bell for 3500 unvaccinated firefighters and 15,000 cops. >> i'm worried about their jobs but i'm also worried for the new york city residents. >> and news for 120 million vaccinated americans worried about waning protection against
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the virus. they suddenly have booster options galore. tips from all three approved vaccines. >> fda's authorizations and cdc's recommendations now allow for this type of mix and match. >> here who is eligible for a beers. for moderna and pfizer recipients after six months, adults over 65. and adults 18 and older without underlying medical issues who are living and working in high risk situations. >> with j & j, it is simpler. anyone 18 and older at least two months after the first shot. >> for all three vaccines this is perfectly fine. >> for now these mandates do not include getting a booster. if you want one, the cdc says bring your vaccination card and you can go to any vac location. can: mk strassmann, thank you. while covid may be easing here, new infections are surging in eastern europe as cb saryks elizabeth palmer reports, it is
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the region's worst outbreak of the pandemic. >> romania has one of the highest death rates on earth. in october the virus has been killing an average of one person every five minutes. latvia has gone back into complete lockdown with a curfew that has police patrolling the streets to make sure only essential workers are out at night. >> russia, the giant of the region has buried a record number of covid victims, mre than a thousand day after day. >> from october 309 people across the country will be expected to stay home for a week. president putin announced these nonworking days, and urged russians to get vaccinated. >> but there is a deep rooted mistrust in authority across eastern europe, a legacy of the
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soviet past and years of poor corrupt government. but the upshot is very few people trust the vaccines they're being offered. bulgaria has only fully vaccinated a quarter of its people. russia less than a third. even though there is plenty of the locally developed sputnik v vaccine available. but it doesn't help that this vaccine is still not approved for use by the who. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> duncan: straight ahead on the cbs weekend anies, afghanistan faces a food crisis with the return of the taliban. and later, a photographer's vision to inspire young girls.
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>> duncan: almost two months after the last american soldier left afghanistan questions about our chaotic departure linger, today in an exclusive interyou
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cellthtion" e u. chialib strongly defended the brokered. ambassador zalmay-- he had the military, intelligence, everyone with me. >> today afghanistan's economy is on the brink of collapse. and what the u.n. calls a looming humanitarian crisis. cbs's imtiaz tyab is in kabul. >> there are few greater agonies for a mother than a sick child, six month old sophia suffers from severe a neem ya from acute malnutrition, her father baba shreen tells us he is desperate. >> what sort of help does your family need right now. >> he says i need food, i have five kids. they're all so hungry.
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according to the united nations, it is urgent humanitarian assistance doesn't come soon for than a million children will die fraltr signs of desperation can be seen in every corner of av dwan stand. this u.s.a. world food program distribution center is packed. but all that is on offer are sacks of flour and a bit of salt. >> people come here because they're hungry, they need food. but all you are able to give them is flour and salt. >> right now not enough but this can save their life. >> while we were talking the taliban arrived. >> what are they saying? >> they say stop. >> filming. >> yeah. we should continue later. >> we overheard one taliban fighter ask his commander if should kill us. it was time for our crew to
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leave. as the group tightens its grip on power afghanistan is barely holding on. the biden administration has already frozen $9 billion in assets and along with other nations said any future financial support is conditional on the taliban proving it is moderated since it was last in power. the zabihullah mujahid is the spokesman. >> can the taliban solve this without the help of the world and the united states? >> he says on the one hand, they say a million children will die. but on the other, the u.s. are holding our money. the u.s. should release our money so we can save our children. >> this month world leaders promise $1.2 billion in aid to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe across afghanistan. but it won't do much to bring the economy back from the brink. and won't be enough to help the country's smallest and most
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vulnerable. imtiaz tyab, cbs news, kabul. >> duncan: still ahead on the cbs weekend news, the artisans in minnesota restoring the masters.
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>> duncan: a priceless master piece is dazzling again after being fully restored. the 17th century sculpture installed it in a rome chapel is by john lorenzo bernini trk is considered one of his greatest works of art. well, there is also a hidden gem much closer to home in minneapolis, helping preserve precious art and tonight's weekend journal erin hassanzadeh of wcco tv explains. >> inside the underbelly of the minneapolis institute of art, history is being restored, stroke by stroke. >> to be able to stand back, reassess.
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>> here we are in the lab at the midwest arts center. we work for museums, universities, churches, artists, private collectors. you can bring a painting to us if you would like. >> giants like picasso and mat ease have-- matisse have passed through this studio for a touchup. >> my first work was on jackson pollock when i started about five years ago. >> no pressure. >> no pressure there, yes. welcome to the jackson pollock. >> we are looking at cristoforo roncalli.


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