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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 25, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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right now, hours and hours of rain finally clearing out but not before causing troubles all over the bay area. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we have team coverage on the aftermath and clean up from the storm. we will start with meteorologist darren peck who has been tracking all this rain. i think a good place to start is just to take a quick look back at how we are done. since we started this storm on saturday evening we picked up over 16 inches of rain on mount tam. san francisco got over five inches. san jose got almost two inches. here is live high def doppler. that system is moved into southern sierra. we are in the clear flow. there might be a stray shower
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or two which works through perhaps the east bay in a pop up shower kind of variety over the next hours. but it will be short lived and wouldn't be much. there is a chance for more light rain tomorrow. we'll look at that. it is nothing like yesterday. still, rain is rain. we will track it in the forecast. i will see you with that in a few minutes. a live look at the pge outage map. bay area wide nearly 60,000 customers are still without power. that is an improvement. at its height 380,000 were in the dark sunday and now the north bay and peninsula are seeing most outages. new, all evacuation orders lifted for san mateo. >> neighborhoods along the peninsula were hit hard by the storm. joycelyn moran is live where a flooded street proved pretty impassable for some drivers. >> reporter: that's right. right now the flooding has gotten a little bit better compared to early this morning.
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the cars are still stuck here. we did speak to the owner of the white chrysler behind me as well as residents in the area who had no power for hours. heavy flooding keeping several cars stranded in the middle of mill brae. her husband was driving this white chrysler when he got a flat tire. he tried to drive to the chevron station. >> he was riding through thinking he would make it. he didn't make it. >> reporter: on her way to check on the car, she got a flat tire. >> i was coming off one of the exits and hit something. now it's flat. >> reporter: the area remained closed with some drivers deciding to be safe and others drove through. residents in the peninsula saw several streets flooded including near businesses on west side of 101 in millbrae. others saw downed power lines and went hours without power. >> it went out like 1:40
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yesterday. we had to rush this morning to get ice to try to salvage as much as we can from the fridge contents. >> we woke up this morning with no power. we are hoping when we get back after this walk, we'll have power. >> reporter: the storm over the weekend created conditions many residents can't remember experiencing in the bay area. >> it's kind of scary. you would think we are living in florida or texas somewhere with the weather conditions like this. >> reporter: pge says many of the outages were caused by downed trees. we did see power restored in areas like foster city. again, still many people are being impacted. >> joycelyn, thank you. justin andrews continues our live team coverage this afternoon. he is live in pleasanton with a look at the storm damage in the east bay. justin. >> reporter: absolutely. we have been all over alameda county for pretty much all day.
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now we are at the fair grounds the alameda county fair grounds. you see this branch, they have they d damage in the area. crews have been busy all morning and crews across alameda county, they've been busy too. monday morning, mother nature caused mayhem across east bay. cars stranded as flood waters filled the freeway leaving a line of cars stuck along 880 in both directions. >> at thornton the entire road way is flooded. >> reporter: drone footage giving aerial views in fremont of just how much water was resting on the entire freeway leaving chp troopers extremely busy tending to the stranded cars and crashes. >> you only have so many units on the road per area and our call volume, it changes. the problem that we have is we are trying to respond to all the different calls. when something like this
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happens where the entire road way shuts down, it takes our hands away. >> reporter: the freeway was shut down for nearly ten hours. the rainfall left roads flooded in alameda like this one on harbor bay parkway. alameda county fair took a hit as well with the overnight storms. these are damage pictures of the aftermath, vendors' items scattered all over and some tents were knocked off by winds. crews have been working pretty much all morning to make sure that the fair is able to open at 3:00. they're still doing work at the fair grounds. they do intend to open doors at 3:00 even with some of the storm damages they're currently cleaning up. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thanks. take a look at this, pleasant hill police showing car on fire overnight while stuck in a flood. police are reminding you to not
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drive through flooded areas. they say doing so can cause serious mechanical issues resulting in electrical fire like this one. the storm triggerea major landslide in plumas. you see huge boulders, trees, mud covering highway 70. mud flow and debris came from areas burned by recent wildfires. chp says it will be a while until the stretch of highway reopens. there are school cancellations to tell you about today. bennet valley has canceled k through 6th but preschools are open. guern ville and montgomery elementary school district have canceled classes. heads up if you are planning to hit the road. chain controls are in place on highway 80 from donner lake road to king vail in both
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directions. yesterday's rainfall total placed the city fourth on wettest days ever. the highest total in san francisco was 5.5 inches back in 1994. two san francisco prosecutors quit their jobs and are joining effort to recall the city's district attorney. the city prosecutors say they're stepping down due to what they consider lack of commitment to prosecuting crimes in the da's office. he was elected in 2019 and ran on progressive policies including police reform and alternatives to incarceration. those in favor of recalling him say he's been too soft on crime. i am anne makovec at the live news desk continuing to follow the fall out from the facebook documents that were leaked and show that facebook newest platforms can cause hate, conspiracy theories, and spread misinformation but sometimes the company decided
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to choose user engagement over truth. redacted copies have been shared with journalists around the world by a congressional source. they include allegations facebook knew vaccine hesitancy was rampant in comments, that facebook missed most of the hate speech on the platform in afghanistan and this one charts how a dummy account can be served up conspiracy theories in just two days. then there was the january 6th attack on the capitol. according to the document safety measures in place ahead of the election were rolled back on facebook and only reintroduced after the riot broke out. we heard from a whistleblower who spent 11 years helping build facebook and he is sounding the alarm as facebook plans to develop its own virtual world. he says you can't trust it. >> no, you shouldn't. you should be terrified. if the company is going to build a new meta verse but is
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going to have safety, security, protecting against misinformation and hate speech as a relatively low priority, what world is that going to be? >> in a statement a facebook spokesperson told cbs news that the leaked pages lack could be text and leave incomplete distorted picture of our company. i spoke about all of this with c net's editor in large and he says it may lead to federal regulation. >> a lot until this point has been very partisan, very focused on stuff like censorship and issues that were very hard to debate and didn't really go anywhere. what we are now focused on is the harm that we can actually point to that facebook does to society. >> the facebook papers are now part of a large compiled of
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complaints from another whistleblower earlier this year. we'll stay on top of it. >> thank you. just released affidavit releasing details about the deadly shooting at a movie set in new mexico. >> alec baldwin loaded the prop gun killing the photographer and wounding the director. >> reporter: at a vigil in los angeles sunday, film and television workers gathered to honor hutchins. her death is now under investigation by santa fe county sheriff. according to an affidavit, david halls grabbed one of three prop guns set aside by gutierrez who took first lead armor job earlier this year. when halls handed it to alec baldwin halls shouted cold gun indicating there was no live round in the chamber. baldwin later fired killing
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hutchins and wounding the director who was behind her. in a new affidavit released last night, told investigators baldwin was rehearsing a scene that involved drawing his weapon and pointing it towards the camera lens. a 911 call raises questions about how it was handled on set. >> he is supposed to check the gun. he is responsible. >> reporter: a pyro technician on a shoot with halls in 2019, she says halls' behavior on the set compelled her to file a complaint with her executive producers. >> they're not just steering a ship. they're also there to maintain a safe working environment. >> were there safety concerns that you had? >> yes, no fire lanes, hard to access, doors were blocked. there were no safety meetings. >> reporter: while the investigation into the shooting continues, it's not clear if criminal charges will be filed says the new mexico defense attorney.
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>> they have to demonstrate criminal negligence, that the person acted recklessly with wanton disregard for safety of others. >> we have repeatedly reached our to halls and gutierrez but have not heard back and are expecting to hear more at a wednesday press conference. >> the movie's director is a bay area resident and lives in fremont. he is recovering and is expected to be okay. moderna reporting encouraging trial results of its vaccine for school aged children. the trial showed smaller doses generated a response in children ages 6 to 11. nearly 5,000 children participated. they were given half of the dose taken by adults. in a matter of days 28 million children in u.s. could be eligible for covid-19 vaccine. an fda advisory committee will vote tomorrow on whether to
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recommend emergency authorization of the pfizer vaccine. >> entirely possible if not likely that vaccines will be available for children from 5 to 11 within the first week or two of november. the data looked good. as to efficacy and safety. >> if fda committee votes to recommend pfizer vaccine for children, the cdc will hold its own vote next week. news at noon is just getting started. when we come back. >> mickey and minny about to get more of your money. ticket prices are going up at disneyland. >> hertz is going
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welcome back. a live look at wall street on this monday, dow is up in the green about 54 points. tesla joined an exclusive club. its market cap hit $1 trillion after hertz announced it is buying 100,000 teslas. that is teslas largest order ever by a single buyer. the purchase also represents the biggest move to electric vehicles by a rental car company. hertz says the move is to address customer command. the amusement park is raising ticket prices six months after it reopened. starting today ticket prices for disneyland and disney's california adventure park are increasing by average of 6%. disney has pricing tiers based
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on demand. on the busiest days a single day ticket costs $164, nearly quadruple the price of admission in 2000. time for a check of weather. days like today you want to take a moment and enjoy the cloud show. we get cumulus clouds here but we don't get them often. that is a gorgeous view from the top of sales force tower looking to the east. we are on the clearing edge of a significant storm and few days can look prettier than that. it's still going in the sierra. that is leftovers of atmospheric river dropping rain and snow at higher elevations. at home we are effectively done. there might be a stray shower. futurecast wants to depict pop up shower or two in the instability that might be left. you saw how clouds were building vertically. maybe one builds big enough and we get a shower. it wouldn't last long, wouldn't be significant, one more chance for rain from an entirely
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separate system tomorrow. that gets us into tomorrow evening, call it afternoon and evening with light showers. at best this will graze north bay. sonoma, marin, mendocino. it wouldn't be a lot. since it is another chance for rain we'll focus on it and let you know. it is minor and completely unrelated to the system from yesterday and nothing like it when it gets here, much lighter rain. what it does do is keep temperatures in a holding pattern. we are going to the mid 60s today. we are only going to the mid 60s tomorrow. then we are going to start a warm up after that. one other housekeeping item, it's starting to look pretty. be careful near the beach. it's a high surf warning, a very dangerous situation. pretty good story on the rainfall totals. four inches of rain yesterday as we mentioned earlier. that is the rainiest day for october we have had and fourth rainiest day of any day in history in san francisco.
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the seven-day forecast shows you we get warmer by the time we get to the end of the coming week. >> inching up, thank you. coming up, united nations sounding alarm on the climate crisis. what a new report reveals. streaming today, are there risks with mixing and matching covid vaccine in his we'll ask local doctor at 12:50. before break, a special for ken bastida who is retiring. >> he was in the chopper the day of the big oakland hills fire. that's when i got to know
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like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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new united nations report shows greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached record high. according to the study the concentration of carbon dioxide was 149% higher in 2020 than before widespread industrialization. the last time co2 levels were this high was 3 to 5 million years ago. this puts us on track to push past the limit set by the paris agreement. a bay area port is on notice for alleged repeat
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violations of clean water act. >> video shot by nonprofit san francisco bay keeper appears to catch the alleged polluter spilling petroleum byproduct into the bay. >> not only are we getting air borne contamination but we are getting contamination in the water. >> caught in the act tonight at 7:00 on kpix5. we are going to take a quick break. we are checking in one more time with meteorologist darren peck about what you can expect in the forecast. today on the drew ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. now the medicare advantage plans from scan health plan give you more ways to save money. scan plans can include low maximum out-of-pocket costs, comprehensive dental coverage, and so much more. for the benefits that matter most to you, call scan at 1-877-212-7226.
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or ask your agent about scan.
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trees down, streets a mess, we check out storm damage and clean up in san francisco on kpix5 news at 3:00. let's get a last check of weather. happy to show you the storm has moved to the east. it is still dropping beneficial rain and snow. let's not forget the kmp complex, the fires there. excellent news statewide now that we can look on the storm, it had more beneficial aspects which far out weighed the negative side effects to the flooding we have had. there was minor flooding but the benefits are undeniable. good news. and we get a break for the next days. >> thank you. barcelona hosted first human tower since the beginning
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of the pandemic. this event can be traced back as far as the 18th century. >> each team is competing to build the tallest most complex tower. the tallest recorded at the event was in 1981 and had over 600 part time stretching 39 feet high. do you think we could try? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. how many people from the newsroom? >> i don't think we would have many willing participants for that one. >> i lift you up. >>
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