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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  October 26, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the push back this morning with the key vote, hours away in alameda. the council of chaos in los gatos. why we return to virtual meetings. and why some are blaming santa rosa after damage from the weekend storm. >> and the fda panel set to meet today could give a green light on the vaccine for kids. good morning to you. it's tuesday, october 26th. >> we are going to start with a look at our traffic with mary. >> calmer conditions. thankfully so. that was a historic storm where we saw so much rain and snow up in the sierra and of course that strong wind damage as well. now we are looking at calmer conditions and temperatures below average. we have clouds streaming in. we have a weak weather system that could bring a few showers for the north bay and i will show you this in just a minute.
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check out the cool below average daytime highs. we have a high surf warning in effect until 11:00 a.m. for the coast. low 60's for around the bay. 62 in san francisco, for the peninsula, 63 for mountain view. we are looking at the south bay. 66 for and you 65 in the inland east bay for concord. 61 santa rosa. hour by hour -- clouds streaming in for today. because of that weak little disturbance and a few spotty showers for the north bay that's a possibility as we head through the day. nothing like what we just saw. let's check in with gianna. it's already. we have a lot of brake lights. lot of folks make that trek westbound as you go toward 680. as you work on that westbound side of 580. a lot of headlights for those super commuters out of the pass. the wind advisory, doesn't look like that's in effect. things quieter there and much dryer which is definitely good news if you are hitting the
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roadway. over onto 580 we have the brake lights at least to north flynn. bay bridge toll plaza. no delays here. easy ride on most of the bay area bridges. we have a trouble spot on 84. ly have details on that in my next report. >> thank you. today advisers are ankled meet and could pave the way for children as young as five to get the coronavirus vaccine. >> this would be under the emergency use authorization for kids. justin is live with details. >> good morning. that fda panel will be looking at evidence and give recommendations on whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine. this could mean about 28 million children would be eligible to get the vaccine. if cdc endorses the two lot shower dose vaccine the shot could get started to go into
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the arms of children of this age group as soon as next week. extending vaccine eligibility younger than 12 has been a major goal of public health officials. the fda has been under pressure to move quickly to overcome the historic vaccine campaign. pfizer said vaccinating children could prevent education interruptions, severe illnesses and even death. here is one kid vaccinated as a clinical trial. >> go outside and play all the sports that i play and have fun with my friends and family. >> now a new order signed by the biden straight says that most foreigners entering the country must be fully vaccinated and show proof before boarding a plane. all travelers will also have to test negative for the virus before their flight and there have a few exceptions to that order including children under the age of 18 and people from areas where from there is a vaccine shortage.
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anyone who is vaccinated including americans will need to show a negative test taken with in three days of travel for unvaccinated travelers and negative test must be taken in a day of their flight. >> all right. thank you. looking live at the oakland coliseum will the a's stay or will they go? >> the club's future in the bay area could be decided today at the supervisorrer's meeting. we are live in oakland with more on what we can expect at today's vote. >> today we could be finding out more as to where the alameda county board stands when it comes to keeping the athletics in oakland. they could have a vote today. supervisors are expected to show support one way or the other for the a's at the howard terminal site along the waterfront. on agenda for the noon meeting is a resolution and possible vote on whether the county will contribute future tax revenue
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to help the a's -- and other infrastructure. the resolution is not binding. we know the mayor has expressed support for this proposal. take a listen on what the mayor said ahead of the meeting. >> i feel very confident there will be a vote on tuesday and that vote will be yes. i commend the county for due diligence they have preformed over the last several weeks to dig into the numbers and the economic benefits for them and their mission. >> and as we know the golden state warriors moved across the bay and the raiders now the las vegas raiders. the a's could get more serious about exploring other cities. now we know that a lot of oakland fans don't want to see their last professional sports franchise leave the city. we will be paying attention for this meeting. >> in santa rosa some neighbors are furious about
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damage they blame the city for. severe flooding forced evacuations with the amount of rain santa rosa experienced water started spilling out of this creek and onto the roadway creeping up to people's homes. this was the scene sunday as a nearby creek running over flowed. the santa rosa fire department responded to evacuate residents. >> never seen lying happen like this. just surprised to see that and see like the rushing rapids. >> everybody got out safely and four homes have been red tagged subpoena some are saying this could have been prevented. a homeowner claims the city did not do enough to clean the debris in the creek. the city released a -- to prevent flooding the city preforms routine maintenance on 100 miles of city owned creeks to keep waterways clear. in san francisco, public works crews are working to remove downed trees debris from the streets. they haven't seen this many
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fallen trees in years. some had to remove up to 20 trees spot. the storm also washed up quite the mess on beaches. look at that debris in the sand. this morning pg&e said that it's made significant progress in restoring power to customers across the bay area. here is a current look at the outage map. 16,000 customers were without power. that's down more than 68,000 early in the day. >> the storm is doing wonders for lake tahoe. water levels hit a low threshold dropping below the rim of the basin. the lake looses it's only outlet. the river. this is how the lake looked yesterday. the storm surge raised its water levels back up above the natural rim. the like lake is still low. it's considered full when six feet above the wind. we need a healthy snow fall to make that happen.
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today the city council is set to meet to address the city's homelessness crisis. on the agenda strategies for managing camps across the city and discussions of it's safe relocation policy. that meeting set for 1:30. we are waiting for a verdict in the manslaughter trial of a sheriff's deputy. yesterday the marked the first full day of deliberations. three years ago. attorneys say that he -- who was mentally ill was trying to escape police after a have you speed chase. hall ear lawyers say he opened fire because he feared for his safety. showed the car was faced edly directly at hall at the time of the shooting. los gatos city councilmembers forced to return to virtual meetings. >> this after four in person meetings full of interruptions, outbursts and chaos. small group of residents called
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the mayor a terrorist and accusing her of having ties to hate groups and not being inclusiv. >>announcer. it came to a head when those residents made offensive remarks about her son. >> you are not god. >> can you remind the public that we are the elected officials and there is no need to harass minors in our community. >> the mayor has issued a warn that anyone who comments about nonpublic officials could be cited. it's 5:09. still ahead,. >> an investigation activists say they have proof of damaging pollution in the bay. and how the volcano in spain is affecting wine growers. and check out the new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin every weekday before the evening news. i'm tracking a weak disturbance that could brick a few showers for the north bay. ly time it out for you on
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future cast and what you can expect. nothing like what we just saw. we will talk about the potential shower chances coming up. the roadway is much dryer which is making for an easier commute. you aren't out of the woods. we have
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now to a kpix investigation local activists claim they caught a polluter in the act on camera discharging a toxic substance into the bay illegally. >> andrea has been digging in to and has more on this original report. >> [inaudible] know herian activist. for years highway has been fighting to get something done about toxic dust from a refinery byproduct. it comes by rail from nearby vall, are, o to the port where it's stored in silos and transferred to ships. >> we find what looks like black grit. very fine powder. if that's on our window what's in the air. >> when she saw drone video of what appeared to be a cloud of dust in the air during loading operation at the terminal she felt vindicated. >> there is evidence and i immediately sent out a letter to everybody that i knew
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including the mayor that i heard this announcement and here is my view and everybody heard me talk about this before. >> we get out as offer as obvious. we see some sort of exposure event every time we are out here. >> coal is an investigator with san francisco bay keeper, a watch dog group that patrols the bay on the look out for polluters. using the nonprofit newist investigative tool a drone he has been gathering evidence of what appears to be repeating discharges at the port. >> one of the biggest issue is over spray which is when the loading crane from the facility as it's going into the vessels will spray the pet coke out over the ship and produce this plume that is then there to the water next to the ship and throughout the strait. >> the dust contains fine matter that in the air can cause serious health impacts
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like asthma and heart disease. the heavy metals can also be harmful in the water to fish and birds. bay keepers filed a notice of intent to file a citizen's suit against the port for violations of the clean water act. >> what we are seeing is miss handling of pet coke in the loading operation of these vessels and as a result not only are we getting airborne contamination but contamination in the water. >> we reached out to the owner of the port to you comment but got no response and an unfriendly welcome. >> not allowed to film down here. >> vallero also never returned the calls. the air district allows the refinery to handle two million tons through the year through the terminal. >> it's the residual. what strained out of the tank. >> ted researchers crude oil and says refineries have been upgraded to handle heavier crude that produces more pet coke. >> the census data shows that
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it's one of four ports. for the san francisco -- from $73 million in 2020 to almost 101 million just through august of this year. the consequence more pollution, pet coke is dirtier than coal with five to 10% more carbon dioxide when burned. >> you see the worst parts in pet coke. you see it from the worst types of production and see it many the [inaudible]. >> back in the bay they hope bay keeper drone video and threat of legal action will mobilize them to take action. >> i'm grateful because it opens up a question even to the air district but what are we doing about pet coke? >> she is turned from painting pollution to painting nature, an escape to the environment she fights so hard to protect.
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>> that was andrea reporting. vall, ro has been sited in the past for emissions of pet coke dust. they are investigating the findings. we are still waiting to hear back. new video out of spain. this is what the vineyards look like in the canary islands. some may think that's snow but in reality they are postcards that came out of the eruption of a volcano. the ash has engulfed the plantation, indications are that more than 100 wine growers were affected. and new this morning, a small quake struck the south bay late last flight. it hit just five miles east of san jose just before midnight. no word on damage or injuries. it's 5:17. let's get a check of weather and traffic now. >> we will start with mary lee. >> good morning to youw.
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relooking at calmer conditions. thankfully so compared to the historic storm. we are looking at temperatures starting off the day. low to mid50's. ed sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay, at the bay bridge and we are looking at patchy fog along the coast. check out the winds. 12-mile an hour winds, six in san francisco as well as for concord. half moon bay and five mile an hour. we have a high surf warping for the coast until 11:00 a.m. due to that large northwest slow. large backers 20 to 30 feet. watch out for rib currents and sneaker waves. use extra caution at the beaches this morning. well talking about this major river that we had over the weekend. at least for downtown san francisco the 4th wettest day of all times since record
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keeping since 1850 and a lot of snow in the sierra. about three feet of snow for tahoe, mount rose, north star and looking at nine inches of snow dodge ridge, eight and -- mammoth mountain three inches of snow. we are tracking a weather system. nothing like what we just saw but a weak disturbance could bring a few showers to parts of the north bay as we head through the day. timing out for you. hour by hour, here we go. noon, and you can see a few spotty showers. here we are at 4:00 p.m. the best chance to see a little bit of wet weather will be the north bay today. i think many location also be dry but you will have the clouds streaming in today. as we look to tomorrow morning you can see the clouds as well. we are going to catch that clearing more sun looking ahead to wednesday and temperatures will be warmer for tomorrow and the start of a warming trend for us. today cool below average daytime highs, upper 60's to low 60's for the coast. mid-60s's in the south bay.
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65 in santa clara. 66 for san jose. as we look to the inland east bay, mid-60s's for the tri valley. around the bay a cool 60 and for daley city. 62 for san francisco, 64 alameda. and low 60's for the north bay. 61 for a high and topping out at 59 for ukia. seven day forecast, for san jose. there is a chance to possibly see a shower for san francisco but again i think the best chance will be the north bayw. relooking at more sun. wednesday through the workweek. there's a chance to see a few showers. inland east bay for the north bay and the coast. we have a better chance of a few showers. little more sun. temperatures warming up through the workweek and again looking at that chance to see a few showers for saturday and possibly on monday. the weather models not in great agreement. we will have a better idea. we are still cleaning up after
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this historic storm. i know you are tracking a large tree that fell down in the peninsula. >> it is blocking the roadway. its been out for quite some time this is in the wood side area. 84 is shut down near williams. skyline boulevard. you have a lot of activity there in effect. it'll be out there for quite some time. you have this large tree blocking lanes as well as fallen power cables in the area as well. avoid it if you can. it'll take some time to clear this one out. we will watch that. elsewhere we are getting word of a trouble spot. a new crash. northbound 101. everything is over to the right hand side of the roadway. just look at the mapping system. things seem to be in the green which is good news. a lot of green on 101. no major delays 280 looking good. a close eye on 84 as they clear that large tree out of the roadway. that closure between 35 and la
5:22 am
honda. no crashes in pass but have you a lot of people out of tracy. getting onto 580. at least to north flynn. that's where we are seeing a few busy conditions. it's a little better as you approach the dublin. live look here. headlights heading toward 680. there's quite a bit of volume. as far as traffic the speeds are doing great through that portion. travel time 38 to 680. no delays on 80. highway 4 and 101. that's good news. the bay area bridges looking good. there's extra volume. now more cars are on the roadway as you work out of the east bay into san francisco. rest of the bay area bridges are pretty quiet. it's 5:22 on this tuesday morning. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn. >> blue origin and how long it could take to accomplish but before we head to break a tribute to ken bautista who is retiring at the end of this
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jeff bezos wants to build a commercial space station that's nearly as big as the international space station. >> blue origin is proposing a massive new space station called orbital reef that could be used to have vacations. it hope itself could be operational and the late 20 to's. the projects are expensive and risky. they will likely cost in the tens of billions of dollars. we are planning our vacation in late 2020. >> i'm ready. let's put it on the calendar. >> let's do it. show will cost a bit of change though. a little bit. the next half hour. also streaming on cbsn. >> how coronavirus was likely spread around the country before we knew it. the future of the oakland a's. the supervisors meeting today could tell us more on where the county stands in keeping team
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the vote coming today that could give the green light to the coronavirus vaccine for young children. >> and the growing calls to ban prop guns on the sets of hollywood films after that tragedy in new mexico. and the first formal step toward establishing a union for amazon warehouse workers. >> and what could be a better finish for the new year. >> it's tuesday, october 26th. >> we are going to start with a look at the weather and traffic. we it's a much calmer morning. >> big difference for today. we are going to see more
5:31 am
clouds. temperatures cool below average. let's walk you through san francisco and what you can expect for your tuesday. we are looking at temperatures in the low 60's in the afternoon with those clouds, let's show you oakland and daytime highs topping out around 63 degrees. mostly cloudy skies and the south bay. san jose, good morning to you. and 645 for a high temperature later on today with those clouds. on future cast i'm tracking a weak little weather disturbance that will bring more clouds into the bay area. there's a chance for a few spotty light showers. the north bay you have a better chance of seeing a little smog as we lead through the afternoon. nothing like what we just saw. we will talk about a warm up as we head through the rest of the week and more sun coming up. now legalities check in with gianna. we are cleaning up after that historic storm with a large tree down in the peninsula. you may still see the debris in the roadway. wood side right now.
5:32 am
that's where crews are on getting large tree out of the roadway. it has a closure in effect. 84 between 35 and -- still shut down in both directions this he are making progress. looks like the tree is getting out of the roadway. they are getting it all cleaned up. there is still a lot of activity on scene. the lane closures are -- it's 84, la honda. if you are headed to the pass, we have a lot of brake lights. it's starting to get busy for that ride. 580. your travel times for this area in just a few minutes. the green light could come from fda advisers for younger kids to get the coronavirus vaccine. the panel is set to vote on an emergency use authorization of the pfizer vaccine for kids anyones 5 to 11. looking at the potential approval of this. >> if the panel gives favorable recommendations in
5:33 am
the cdc director accepts them about 28 million children would be eligible to get the vaccine in just a matter of days. this would be a lower two dose vaccine for the age group of five to 11. the panel will be looking at evidence and give recommendations on whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine. extending the eligibility to children younger than 12 is a major step in getting more americans vaccinated. pfizer said vaccinating children could prevent education interruptions, severe illness and even death. >> it shows that smaller dose is still enough for younger kids, that it creates just as strong if not stronger of an antibody response with potentially fewer side effects. your body is being exposed to less of that material. >> all right that meeting gets underway at 45:30 our time. pfize are, requested this for
5:34 am
kids younger than 12 early their month. doctors say this will protect our children, add population immunity and bring infection numbers down. we are live in the newsroom. >> thank you. will the a's stay in oakland or will they go? >> that's the big question. the club's future could be decided today. the supervisor remoting. the administration building with more on this key vote. >> we know that recently the warriors moved across the bay to san francisco and the raiders now the las vegas raiders. we nowitzki that some fans don't want to see their last franchise leave. supervisors are expected to signal support one way or the other for a new ballpark for the a's at the howard terminal site along the waterfront. on at againa for today's noon meeting is a resolution and possible vote on whether the county will contribute future tax revenue to help the a's pay
5:35 am
for parks and affordable housing. the resolution is nonbinding. >> i feel confident there will be a vote on tuesday and that vote will be yes. i commend the county for the due diligence they have preformed over these last several weeks to really dig in to the numbers and the economic benefits for them and their mission. >> if the a's don't get support from supervisors they could get more serious about exploring other cities. we will be paying at tension to this meeting at noon. taking a live look at the bay right now where you could soon be able to buy live, whole crabs directly from boats at fisherman's wharf this would be the expansion of a program that allows fish sales. crab sales were not allowed
5:36 am
because the city didn't want competition at fisherman's wharf. after the pandemic forced a lost the stands to close, port officials decided to reconsider this. this is just for raw, not cooked crab. the proposal is going to present to the port commission today with a vote scheduled two weeks after. if approved fishermen will be able to sell live crab from their boats immediately. that would be in time for thanksgiving. back to you. >> all right. thank you. happening today the elizabeth holmes trial continues. this follows some potentially damaging testimony for the defendant side in court. it came from a scientist with a major pharmacy company yesterday. the company rejected the technology. the judge is apparently getting concerned about how long the trial is taking. he is asking jurors to consider having trial four days a week instead of three starting next
5:37 am
month. the price tag to extend bart into downtown san joe has jumped by more than $4 billion. the project is now estimated to cost more than nine billion total. 32% higher than the original price. the new estimate was revealed after the felled ralph transit administration and announced it's adding more than two billion dollars into the extension and the completion date has been pushed to 2023. the vta which is building the extension had this to say. the fta identified the risk that could drive up the project's cost. vta has the chance to avoid those pit falls and make every effort to keep costs down. now to coronavirus coverage. we are learning coronavirus was likely spread around the united states and europe before we realized it. >> a new study shows transmission was likely happening in several areas by january of 2020. many infections could have gone undetected. the study is based on a model of coronavirus transmission during the first wave of the
5:38 am
pandemic. accusations of sexual assault by fraternity members at the university of southern california have started days of protests on the university's brooke row. the campus's department of public safety has contacted lapd about a number of new claims of rape and drugging at usc fraternities. this as more allegations of alleged assaults of multiple houses repeating reports made last week involving another house. the university has paused all social activities at fraternities. >> just because of the culture we live in and the lack of responsibility. then just how dps responded with giving tips on how not to be raped when they should have been telling rapist not to rape women. following deadly shooting onset of a film starring alec baldwin there's the fresh calls to regulate guns on film sets.
5:39 am
there are new concerns about the assistant director. halls was fire from a previous movie after a gun incident onset that injured a crew member. now california state senator is calling for a ban of live ammunition on theater productions. >> why are we still doing this when you are filming a western, you don't need to have the same fuels of engagement for your props as people did a hundred years ago. you can't toss someone a gun, let alone a gun without checking it. >> so far no charges have been announced related to the shooting. the president is hitting the campaign trail again. this time in virginia. he will campaign with terry. the state's former governor. he locked in a close race. virginia doesn't allow governors to run for the -- and the first candidate for a second term since the civil war. time for the money watch
5:40 am
report. some amazon workers getting ready to unionize and the new virtual assistant coming to wells fargo. diane king hall from the new york stock exchange. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. amazon warehouse workers in new york took their first formal step toward establishing a union. the group is pushing to unionize warehouse that employ an estimated 7,000 people that pack and ship products for the massive market here. they want to help workers get longer breaks, better medical benefits and higher wages. now for decades amazon has successfully fought off labor organizing at its united states warehouse and to it remains to be seen if they will be able to continue. there's a new virtual assistant coming to wells fargo. it can help customers -- and give budgeting advice. they will officially debut next year. more are planning to attend the live event this year. according to a new bank poll 61% plan to go to
5:41 am
at least one live event or attraction before the year is out. that's -- among the attractions on the list, movies and theaters, amusement parks and concerts. getting ready to go outside and do stuff finally. we hear there's a chance to own a real [inaudible]. what is the catch with that? >> can you spot the fake? > a new york art collection is selling 1,000 andy warhol sketches. the catch only one of them is real. the other 999 are fake. its part of an exhibit called museum of forgeries. worth -- that one is worth about $20,000. amanda. good luck. >> all right. we will see who gets it. we will see you again when the stock market opens. >> all right. time is 5:41.
5:42 am
coming up, we are gearing up for halloween and americans are ready to pay up. the record spending expected for the second biggest retail event of the year. and why it may be a little more difficult to find the perfect pumpkin right now. i'm track a weak disturbance that could bring a few showers for parts of the north bay. ly take you hour by hour on future cast coming up.
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? it's 5:54. you can't have fall without pumpkin and today is the day to celebrate it. this is. whether you enjoy pumpkin decor, pumpkin patchings or late seconds national palm kin day is the day to fill all your on sections. there's many ways to celebrate, carve a pumpkin, visit a pumpkin patch, decorate with pumpkins or pop a pumpkin pie in the oven or say pumpkin a lot of times. >> i know. are you just celebrating on your own. picking pumpkin is a little priceyer this year because of a difficult growing season. many parts of the country average prices this month are up nearly 30% compared to october of last year and some varieties may be hard to find. in western states drought forced farmers to scale back planting. nash ranch in redding is trucking in pumpkins. >> had to order a lot of
5:46 am
pumpkins to suppl -- supplement. >> more than four in ten consumers plan to cavrve a palm kin. americans expected to spend a record $10 billion in halloween. that's according to the national retail federation. the nrf said that they will spend more than -- on halloween candy, decorations, and costumes for adults, kids and pets. most of the spending over $3.3 billion to go to costumes on average. they are expected to fork over $102 on halloween related items. are you -- is it a secret or are you going to tell people. you will see it. that friday. >> look for the big revealing. >> are you dressing up this. >> i am going to dress up. >> i will dress up my pup.
5:47 am
everybody is keeping secrets. nobody is spilling the day. >> we have to keep some fun for the end of the week. something to look forward to. >> and you came back to better weather. >> yeah. for sure. as we are be log at calmer conditions, a big difference with our weather compared to the historic storm we had over the weekend and now we are looking at just cool, cloudy conditions. we can handle that. below average for this. trackinga weak disturbance. parts of the north bay this afternoon. nothing like what we just saw but there is that potential and we are looking at sunny and warmer weather ahead as we look ahead to the rest of the week. we have that high surf warning in effect. that's until 11:00 a.m. due to large northwest swells, 20 to 30 feet. watch out for rip currents and sneaker waves and use caution at our beaches. all right let's talk about the rainfall and check it out. for the water year this is from
5:48 am
october 1st and of course we are just getting started here for the water year. 922% of average for santa rosa, 1,000 -- 985% livermore, 968% of averagew. he had so much rain and a great start to our water year. of course, we are looking at -- we had flooding issues and of course a lot of damage as well. that -- did help our rainfall amounts so far as we started here. a lot of snow in the sierra. three feet, tahoe, mount rose, north star, dodge ridge, nine inches of snow. and mammoth -- three inches of snow. for today, we are looking at a few showers north of the golden gate. you have that better chance for the north bay to see a few spotty light showers. after that high pressure builds in. dryer and warmer weather ahead for the rest of the workweek.
5:49 am
we are going to warm it up. as we look to today more clouds stream in with the little weather system here and here we are stopping the clock at noon and a few spotty showers. nothing too big but there is that potential as we look ahead to tomorrow morning it. will be a cloudy start and then we are looking at more sun for tomorrow in the afternoon and the start of a warming trend through the rest of the week. looking at our sunrise, and the sunset at 6:18. upper 50's to low 60's. mid-60s haar to the peninsula and mid-60s's for the south bay. also for san jose. it's 66. pleasant hill. low to mid-60s's. later on today. we look around the bay. 60 -- daley city. east bayshore line. san leandroo. and for the north bay low 60's this afternoon. 61 in santa rosa. 59 in ukia. seven day forecast, oakland and
5:50 am
for san jose. more clouds for today. we look ahead to wednesday through the rest of the workweek. more temperatures on the rise. there's a chance to possibly see a few showers saturday and monday but we will be monitor that closely for you just if we do see it just a few showers there. inland east bay and the north bay and coast. the better chance of a few showers today. otherwise we will see more sun and temperatures on the rides. wednesday, thursday and friday. as we look to saturday for our weekend and into monday there is a chance to see a few showers but we will have a better idea as we get closer to it. we are cleaning up after our historic storm. we have been talking about that large tree down in the peninsula. we have a live look at the area and what a mess it is. this is for that ride out of wood side on 84. both directions. completely shut down. 35 and la honda. you can see a lot of clean up happening in the area. a large tree the roadway.
5:51 am
most of the trees out of the lanes but fallen power cables and there's a vehicle involved in this as well. it may have happened after the tree fell in the roadway. still a lot of clean up in the area. that closure is in effect until further notice. plan for that this morn figure you want to work around that area. you can stick with 35 all the way to 92. that will get you over to 280 and you can stay on 92 to 101 or stay on highway 1. you can take highway 1 as you work through there. that will take you over to 280. that clean up will be out there and happening 3:30. do plan for that as you work through there. check in traffic elsewhere. we have a lot of brake lights as you work through the pass. if you are headed over toward westbound 580 out of tracy. busy here. look at that. brake lights working there there. photograph sick sluggish there. gets better toward the dublin. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic backing up.
5:52 am
they turn the metering lights on earlier than usual. we are seeing a busy ride for the ride out of the east bay into san francisco. back to you. it is 5:52. how minnesota lawmakers want to honor prince. and the cole tribute to the late david bowie in london. and coming up today on the drew barrymore show. that's all today at two on kpix5. and don't forget to tune into the all new cbs mornings airing after the show. gayle, tony and nate bring you the news of the day from their brand new studio in the heart of time square. cbs morning starts at seven. before we head to break a tribute to ken bautista who is retiring at the end of this week. ken always new everything
5:53 am
about the bay area. he knew everything all the town, who the mayors were, who the fire chief was. you know, all kinds of information that i didn't always know. it was really wonderful to have him want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement.
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we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully.
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time for a look at enter dane member headlines at 5:55. the congressional delegation wants to award the congressional gold medal to
5:56 am
prince. the singer died back in 2016 at the age of 57 at his estate in minnesota of an accidental drug overdose. the legislation will be enter accuse deuced in the house and senate and must be approved by two thirds of members before it can be approved by the president. head to london. featuring everything david bowie. the artist -- the rise and fall of ziggy stardust. its part of a celebration of his 75th birthday. next half hour on kpix5, alsoing on cbsn. kills as young as five may be allowed to roll up their slashes. the meeting to get them the coronavirus vaccine state your full name and a warning for parents. how coronavirus could be affect be the mental health of teenagers. the research happening right now hire in the bay area. and some bay area city councilmembers forced to return to virtual meetings. it has nothing to do with
5:57 am
coronavirus. who we are learning caused chaos. here is a live look before we head break. it's 5
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the cbs bay area news studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. a critical meeting underway right now in the fight against coronavirus. when kids as young as five could soon get vaccinated. today we could be finding out more about the future of the oakland a's. we will tell you about a board of supervisors meeting happening today that's coming up. looking live on the peninsula, the storm may be over but it's still making a mess in the bay area when we are learning from the scene. >> and later what pet ownerns need to know in being forced to evacuate at the drop of a hat. the humane society joins us live with what you can do to prepar


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