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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 29, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, doors are open at outside lands and it's shaping up to be a busy halloween weekend in san francisco. good afternoon e i am star. len is off. performers are taking the stage any minute now. i know a lot of fans are saying finally! >> reporter: yes, they are so ready. we were standing outside the gate earlier and they were pretty excited and excitement flowed right inside. you see people inside with their masks on. you can't tell they're smiling but they really are. we can pan to the left.
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see that stage? if five or ten minutes it will be filled with artists. pan further, look at outside lands, good old ranger dave. people are taking pictures and everything ready for this good weekend of music. organizers are expecting 70,000 people each day beginning today through sunday for the three day festival. line up has a good mix of music artists like lost animals, lizzo, young thug. we have 40 new food vendors too. people getting their tickets say they're ready to dance, rock to some good music, have good san francisco time. one woman says she's coming with 30 friends and she's ready to drop the $400 she spent because she says it's worth it. >> it's always more low key, not as much of a scene. people come in their puffy jackets and are just having a
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good time. >> reporter: each person who enters must show proof of vaccination or show a negative covid test. we have a full guideline on our website come this weekend to golden gate park. it's going to be a good time. >> justin, it looks beautiful out there too. meteorologist mary lee joins us with an outside lands forecast. are all the festival goers going to have to bundle up. >> yes. those jackets as you head for outside lands, we are looking at temperatures tonight on the chilly side. low 60s. then for your saturday upper 50s with mostly cloudy skies. sunday is a little bit cooler with chilly conditions with mainly clear skies. we'll talk about what you can expect of course halloween weekend. details in a few minutes. back to you. i am anne makovec at the live news desk following bay area's bid to host one of the leading sporting events in the
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world. officials from the world cup organization fifa are in the bay area today. they are considering levi stadium as a possible host city for the soccer games in 2026. and bay area politicians and businesses are clammerring to make their case. world cup will be hosted across 16 cities in north america. right now 22 are under consideration. during their visit today and tomorrow fifa officials will tour levi stadium and assess the bay area to see if it is a good choice for hosting huge influx of soccer fans. 49ers are a big part of this. their president sent a statement saying we are honored to be leading the bay area's bid to host the exciting crowd drawing event. levi is a world class venue that has shown it is capable of hosting premiere national events and we would be a perfect stage for the 2026
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world cup. fifa officials are holding a press event. we'll be covering it for you and names of winning host cities are said to be announced early next year. >> thank you. one bay area county is breaching a levee on purpose. it is part of the restoration of the marsh in the lower walnut creek watershed. joycelyn moran is there live. this is quite the project that's going on here. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. honestly it is a pretty cool sight. this started about 40 minutes ago. behind me you can see the water flowing in. you can see they're still digging up that dirt. in probably the last 40 minutes we have seen the water levels rise. look at this video, that's when it first happened, dirt was removed and water was let in. those who have worked on this include the land trust and contra costa flood control and water conservation district. those involved say this area
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has been an industrial site. essentially they've prepared the land by doing construction, dirt removal, digging channels and now letting the water back in. they're working so it can be habitat for wildlife including endangered species. >> we are able to turn all the channels built on site and we are able to connect that to the bay. tides can come in twice a day. areas that have been separated off that were poor quality habitat, we are creating great habitat that now can thrive for generations to come. >> reporter: the hope is that in the next years residents will be able to visit. there will be an education center where people can learn about habitats and wildlife of the day. joycelyn moran, kpix5. >> thanks. no classes today at two sonoma high schools after a threat forced them to close. classes were canceled at laguna
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and west county high school. the school district says the police advised them to close out of abundance of caution. it's unclear what the threat was but police are investigating. to an letter afor drivers in north bay. cal trans closing a section of 101 tonight. lanes will be closed between second street and mission avenue from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. then it will be closed nightly starting monday. crews will be replacing concrete. coming up, red hot real estate. the bay area home that just sold for 1.5 million over the asking price. plus, pope francis weighs in on a debate surrounding president biden. what he
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welcome back. we are taking a quick look at the big board, dow is in the green about 15 points as of now. pope francis is weighing in on the debate whether president biden should receive communion. comments came after a lengthy meeting with the president at the vatican today ahead of the g20 summit in rome. talks between the world's two most prominent roman catholics
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went into over time. >> mr. president ... >> it didn't [inaudible]. >> the president's support for abortion rights and same-sex marriage has put him at odds with many u.s. bishops, some suggesting he should be denied communion. biden met with the french president and in the meeting biden admitted u.s. was clumsy in handling nuclear submarine deal that deprived france of billions in defense contracts. we are also learning governor newsom abruptly canceled plans to lead a california delegation to un climate change reference next week. l.a. times reported the governor canceled due to family obligations. new, a bay area home just sold for $1.5 million over the asking price in just ten days. check it out. this single family home was
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listed at 2.75 million but in less than two weeks, it sold for 4.25 million. that's more than 50% higher. the four bedroom corner lot received nine offers, eight over asking. the realtor says they are not surprised they got so many offers because demand for housing in the east bay is simply out pacing the supply. good luck if you need to buy a home any time soon. it's the first day of an early ski season in the sierra. >> woohoo! >> how fun. these skiers at palasades were on the first chair of the season at the gold coast run this morning. this is only the third time in over 70 years that palasades has been able to open this early. this weekend skiers are encouraged to wear costumes. we will check on the weather with meteorologist mary lee. a few places have opened to ski because of all the snow they
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got because of last weekend's storm. >> yeah, it was great to see all the fun in the sierra, about three feet. it is super exciting to see the skiers and snowboarders already. here is a live look with the mark hopkins hotel cam. you see beautiful blue skies. we are in the 60s to about 70 now, a little bit cooler compared to yesterday at this time and much cooler compared to yesterday along the coast. a big difference with our 24 hour temperature change. pleasant conditions today, we will see cooler conditions as we look to saturday and especially sunday for halloween with more clouds streaming in for saturday. i will show you what to expect in a moment. widespread rain returns as we look to next monday. slightly cooler today but still mild and pleasant. we are looking at daytime highs near normal for this time of year. as we look to your saturday there is a slight chance of seeing a few maybe isolated showers, a sprinkle or two. that is a possibility
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especially for north bay and the coast. otherwise really cooler temperatures with clouds. on futurecast, you see more clouds later today. here we are saturday. we are looking at the chance to possibly see a shower for parts of the north bay and the coast on saturday. we are looking at brighter weather with temperatures cooler for your sunday halloween. sun set at 6:13 and sunrise at 7:33. daytime highs 60s and 70s through our afternoon. halloween forecast for sunday evening, chilly but dry as we are looking at mid 50s with mostly cloudy skies along the coast. the seven-day forecast san francisco oakland and san jose, looking at temperatures cooler for our weekend, rain returns monday and another chance for showers for the end of wednesday, late wednesday into thursday. inland east bay, north bay, coast, there is a chance to see an isolated shower for saturday
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and the north bay there. otherwise we are looking at the cooler temperatures and also looking at cooler still for your sunday for halloween and again for next monday and next thursday, we'll be watching our next two weather systems. back to you. >> more rain on the way. thank you. next, chinese american world war ii veterans finally getting recognition they deserve. one is related to a i saw you toss the kites on high...
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welcome back. chinese american world war ii veterans are getting the recognition they deserve more than 70 years later. this saturday more than 100 chinese american world war ii vets will be honored in sacramento. mary lee joins us. you have been covering this story for the last several years now. this is part of your family. you know how important this is to me. it's so special. chinese american world war ii veterans from bay area in sacramento will be receiving congressional gold medal, congress' highest honor of national appreciation. one of the veterans honored
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this weekend will be my grandfather. it was just three years ago, san francisco supervisors were pushing congress to officially honor and celebrate chinese american world war ii veterans as they called out congress, i had the ivilege of speaking to two heroes that day. both proud to be american. >> i am just as american as anybody else. just the color of the skin, but i am as patriotic as any american. >> if i had to do it again, i would do it again. >> during a time of extreme racism against chinese americans with exclusion act still in place, they felt it was their duty to fight for freedom. more than 20,000 chinese americans served our country around the world and even formed chinese american squadrons like the flying tigers 14th air service group. >> i think it's always been important that they should have been honored. the fact that we have so few
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world war ii veterans, it's very important that we recognize while some of them are still alive. >> eventually congress did officially recognize chinese american world war ii veterans to are their service and sacrifice, awarding them with congressional gold medal. >> 70 years is too late, you know. >> i spoke to my dad about my grandfather's service during world war ii. he shared stories my grandpa edward lee told him before he passed. >> he did tell me a story about the time he was flying over europe and they were being shot at and a commanding officer said this is a good time for you guys to start praying so they can get out of this alive. >> my grandfather was just in high school when he went to war. he served in army air corps and was the only asian american in his unit. >> he was proud of being a service man. i remember going to his closet one time and i found his
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uniform. this is probably 15 years after the war. i remember putting on the jacket and all that stuff, you know. i knew wish he were still alive to see this moment. makes me a little emotional. really proud of him. >> it's such a special story. thanks for sharing that with us. ahead, man helping other first generation area bay students have a shot at higher education. looking live outside at san francisco before break, a tribute to ken bastida who is retiring tonight. >> ken and i started as street reporters a long time ago. i was at kcbs and ken was at kfrp which at the time had a strong news department.
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many times ken and i said can you believe how lucky we've been? i cannot believe how lucky we've been. there is essential humility about ken. he understands that he is just doing a job and is fortunate enough to have a
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breaking news, fda authorized pfizer's covid vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds. this is make shots available to 28 million kids in the u.s., a third of the amount given to teens and adults. the cdc must first sign off. that is expected to happen next week. new, college can be a struggle for first generation students. this week's students rising above scholar experienced this first hand. now he is determined to help others navigate higher education. alberto is looking to college, filling out applications, working on recommendations and personal essay. >> my dream school is uc berkeley. >> he is not alone. at his side the school's counseling department chair and coleader of the first generation club. both resources for students like alberto who need additional support.
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>> giving information on the different systems, uc, csu community colleges private schools to get them interested. >> interest in education system he knows first hand can be difficult to navigate. he was born in santa clara county in 1992. his parents split up when he was in grade school leaving his single working mom to make a heart wrenching decision. she would send him to live in guatemala with her parents. his return to the bay area after seven years of academically rigorous private schooling in another country was hard. >> it was definitely a cultural shock. you know the rigor of the classes were different, overall expectation of the academics at the school we were at. >> reporter: he found himself straddling two worlds. in guatemala he was the american kid and in the u.s. he was the kid who showed up to junior high school dressed in a suit. >> i had a cardigan, shiny
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shoes, you know, the pants, that look. the first day i am like oh that's not how you do it here. >> reporter: with support from family, community, students rising above, he figured out how to fit in and excel at high school, college, graduate school eventually landing at burling game high school where students like alberto find his commitment a comfort. >> he is very calm and patient and also kind. he is always there to help me. >> reporter: seeing his students succeed is a source of pride. >> the first person i would like to recognize ... >> he celebrates his own achievement receiving tenure at age 29. >> thank you to the board. i look forward to many more years in the district. >> reporter: helping secure future of those who share a similar past. >> the best thing is the direct contact with students, you know, making sure i am serving them, that i am advocating for
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them. >> that's it for kpix5 at noon. we are on 24/7 on cbsn bay area and streaming on our next newscast is at 3:00. have a great afternoon and happy halloween.
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