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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 29, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area my other weather cools, the rain returns, and holiday travel begins. are we headed for another winter covid surge? >> our maria cid medina checked out the number, and found out they are already on the rise statewide point >> the warning of a winter surge comes as california's positivity rate is already slowly ticking up. the state department of public health released covid case numbers, and reported our 7 day positivity rate at 2.8%, and at this time last week it stood at 2.1%. we are seeing a slight increase, even as more californians get their boosters. san mateo county, the deputy health officer had this prediction for students is winter that he shared during a virtual meeting yesterday point >> we probably can expect a surge again antivirus, but
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fortunately, compared to last winter, our high vaccination rates should protect us, so we will have fewer hospitalizations and deaths. put back the doctor said because of an expected surge in covid cases in the upcoming months, prevention measures we need to stay in place to keep students from getting sick, until we can get through the winter pure consent is a my maria cid medina , kpix 5. let's take a live look at san francisco, where nearly 90% of the municipal workforce is now vaccinated ahead of monday's deadline. that is up from two thirds back in july. fewer than 1000 of the city's 3500 35,000 employees have yet to be vaccinated or report their status. nearly 200 workers and non- civil service jobs could be fired come monday if they are still out of compliance. the rest will be put on paid live pending a due process. that includes 60 police officers, 20 sheriff's deputies, and about 200
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workers, half of them transit operators. for that reason, muni is temporarily suspending some express routes starting monday, which could mean longer wait times, and more credit commutes point people in alameda and contra costa counties will get to lower their masks the day after halloween, in certain settings, anyway. they will no longer be required indoors at offices, gyms, church services, and other gatherings of lefts than 100 people, if everyone is fully vaccinated. is not quite halloween yet, but costumed crowds are amassing in golden gate park for a long-awaited treat . outside lands gets back. >> it is nice to be out here. it's been postponed for so long. we bought our tickets over my yeah, like, over a year ago point >> it's nice to be out again by just feeling the vibe of everybody here having a good through the gates, you need to show proof of vaccination, or a negative test 70,000 music fans are expected to pack the park each day of
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the 3 day festival. as for what happens when they all go home for the night, noise has long been a complaint in the nearby neighborhoods. kpix 5's betty yu will be there to check out the scene for herself at 11:00. we have also posted a conference of guide to outside lands on her website. you can check the link at the top of the home page for details on the lineup, covid protocols, and the custom code. will the land outside stay dry for those costumed music fans and trick-or-treaters? >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking more wet weather on the way. everybody was enjoying the sunshine, but not anymore. the fog has returned. that will be the extent of the dampness in golden gate park. the fog has aggressively returned to san francisco. if you're going to outside lands the next couple of days, the mostly gray skies will
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stick around. that means cooler temperatures. you can wear a costume for the stiffness, and warmth. 60 degrees both saturday and sunday. if you want to got to the alameda county fair in pleasanton, temperatures will be a little warmer. mid-60s on sunday with more sunshine the farther inland you go. for the trick-or-treaters, it looks dry. as a son goes down sunday evening, 60s by the bay, low 60s farther inland. a slight chance of showers north of the golden gate and along the coast. we will look at that in the full forecast. airbnb has banned single night bookings on halloween to prevent disruptive sent disruptive, or potentially deadly parties, like we saw in our rented 2 years ago. five people were killed and four others wounded at a halloween event promoted as a manchin party. and attorney for the families
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say they are frustrated there have been no arrest in the case point >> at this point, they are left with more questions and answers on the eve of this orinda massacre point >> since the shooting, the city of orinda adopted an emergency ordinance, giving homeowners guidelines to follow if they offer short-term rentals. soccer and fifa officials will be in the bay area this weekend scouting levi's stadium as a possible venue for one of the biggest sporting events on earth , the world cup. >> this is the first world cup in the history of fifa where a stadium doesn't have to be built. i think the bay area in terms of the candidate is a very strong candidate. >> santa clara is among 22 cities under consideration for the 2026 tournament. ultimately, 16 will be selected as host cities in the u.s., mexico, and canada. no bay area town knows the fun of hosting like los gatos. was the home base for team brazil and their fans, when the
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bay area last hosted in 1994. len ramirez covered the fan frenzy back then. >> reporter: the drum beating, some by dancing soccer fans from brazil have taken over the town of los gatos. >> what you call this? >> saba. are back for those lucky enough to have been there, these scenes bring back smiles and memories point >> there was no more beer. or back of how sports can somehow be a bridge between countries, and bring strangers together to sing and dance. >> i don't think we have ever seen anything so joyous. >> reporter: the lodge is gone now, replaced by luxury housing, but in 1994, it was the team hotel for world cup champions brazil, and their legion of loyal fans who followed them into town, on the streets, and right into the
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willow street pizza place point >> it was a zoo, but really fun. >> reporter: he still keeps pictures of the crowded streets and brazil team jerseys on the walls point >> the brazilians adopted us as their home restaurant to hang out in the evening, and drink and eat. it put us on the map. >> reporter: it's the kind of economic impact that's hard to measure from an event like the world cup, but the pizza place are still going strong. and is the bay area makes a new bid for world cup 2026, folks in los gatos say it all back point >> it would be such a positive thing for the bay area point >> please, please come out. we would love to have you here gets really exciting. it's a world of energy, and we could use that right now. >> the video from back in 1994, that chokes me up, is so fun to watch, that we put more of it on her website, . san francisco has a new colorful mural in the mission tonight, honoring a family of
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legendary musician carlos santana. includes carlos, his late brother, jorge, and their parents, who came from mexico to san francisco in the early 60s. >> the music has touched many worldwide, but we here in san francisco, specifically in the mission, get to claim the santana family as her own. >> if you do it like this, we are in the fifth dimension. i will meet you there. god bless you. >> the new mural is at the 24th and mission b.a.r.t. station southwest entrance. still to come , crews bust a bay area levy on purpose. the long-term benefit of that breach. an immediate benefit from last weekend's big storm. the sierra resorts where you can ride in style this halloween point this bay area home just sold for more than $1 million over asking, and it's not in san francisco or silicon valley. as we pay tribute to our friend and colleague, ken bastida, on his last day here at kpix 5, armor kpix anchor dana king shares the story of one day that brought us all together.
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another plane has just hit. >> ken and i first worked together on september 11, 2001. ken and i anchored hours and hours and hours together. what we did on september 11 became the way we worked together. i love you, kenny, my tv husband.
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this is what it's like to live in the bay area. a single-family home in berkeley set on the market for just 10 days before it sold for seven figures over the asking price. four-bedroom, corner lot in the
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upland neighborhood, was listed at $2.75 million peer gets old, get this, sit down, $4.25 million of the nine offers it received .8 were over asking. a big homecoming celebration today at hayward high school kicked off this afternoon, with the traditional parade from campus through downtown point right now my hayward high is taking on marino catholic high school point taking a look at your top headlines, covid vaccines for kids to be just days away. the fda today approved pfizer's low-dose shots for children under 5 to 11. the cdc still has to sign off on this. that decision is expected next week point a new cdc study says being vaccinated using more immunity than previous covid case does. it found that unvaccinated covid survivors were more than five times as likely to be reinfected as those who had the
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two shot course of pfizer or moderna. president biting is doing diplomatic damage control ahead of the g 20 subject summit in rome. he tried to smooth things over with the french president after the french were iced out a billion-dollar submarine contract with australia. the president also met with pope francis at the vatican. the president's support for abortion rights and same-sex marriage has put him at odds with many u.s. bishops. some are suggesting he should be denied communion. >> mr. president, has it come up at all? >> no, it didn't. governor newsom has canceled his trip to the u.n. climate change conference due to unspecified family obligations. he was going to lead a california delegation to
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highlight his administrations climate change plans. the lieutenant governor will go in his place. even though newsom won't physically be in scotland for the conference, he will still join in virtually. water is flowing from so soon bay to the pacheco march tonight, after crews breached a levy, and they did it on purpose. this is part of a $25 million effort to restore the lower walnut creek watershed. >> the tide can come in twice a day, and areas that have been previously cut off from the bay, separated from the bay that were poor quality habitat, we are creating great habitat that now can drive for generations to come. >> the hope is to add an education center in the next couple of years, and teach visitors more about the ecosystem of our bay. speaking of education, if you need a ski lesson, now is the time. oriole and the newly rebranded palisades tahoe both open for business today, courtesy of last weekend's big storm.
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>> it's amazing, is at hand, just being able to do it in october? >> yeah. it's a very special treat. >> it special because it was such a rough summer, and this is just kind of our cherry, this is our it's okay, our strawberry on top. >> costumes are encouraged on the slopes this halloween weekend. those resorts could be getting a top up next week point the high sierras will pick up a bit nor snow while the bay area picks up more rain. the weekend doesn't mostly dry. there's a chance of a few showers on the coast north of the golden gate tomorrow, but this storm system, the energy with it is mostly traveling to the north, and it is pretty weak. it does not have a whole lot of moisture to work with. the impact are going to be additional cloud cover. as we head into the second half of the weekend, things are looking
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troy across the bay area, during the day and into the evening, and then late sunday night, the moisture will be tracking towards us. let's take a closer look. tomorrow's shower activity will be minimal. be ready for it, but don't cancel anything. i don't think you need to postpone any outdoor plans. there is a chance of a few light showers north of the golden gate, but if you pringles possible a outside lands and elsewhere in san francisco by midday. then it is a mix of clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day. we will see a mix throughout halloween as well . looking good for the trick-or-treaters by 7:00 in the evening. it is more fun to trick-or- treat after dark. then late sunday night, a few showers ahead of the main event, which comes rolling in monday morning. by midday monday, we see widespread light to moderate rain across the bay area. nothing even close to what we had last weekend, but still somewhat welcome additional rainfall. there's another chance by wednesday, wednesday night, and
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into thursday. we had up all of those, but 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches throughout the bay area. 0.5 inches for san francisco, and closer to 0.75 estimated by the forecast models for north of the golden gate, as we go all the way through next week. it is light to moderate rain. no flooding problems. no debris flow issues anticipated. outside right now, there is the flock fog working downtown. the temperature downtown is down to 57 degrees, while inland a little warmer. not so much for oakland and santa rosa, but mid to upper 60s for san jose, concord, and 71 degrees still in livermore. pedro strop down to the load of fifth mid-50s tonight. that's about average. that's going to slow down the warm-up throughout the day tomorrow. by noon, temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s. gray skies overhead. the warmest temperatures are further inland in the east bay,
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around or above 70 degrees. 70 for san jose, with mid-60s around the bay, and mid 60s for the north bay. the clouds will be a bit thicker, and you do have the chance of a couple passengers to drop temperatures a bit. temperatures stay below average through most of the extended forecast. a bit of warm-up by tuesday and wednesday. we see the next good chance of rain heading in late sunday night. after midnight. then the best chance of rain lingers into monday, with another good chance mainly wednesday night, but some showers could move in before the sun goes down on wednesday, and stick around after the sun comes up on thursday. then we dry out before the end of thursday. the next weekend we gain an hour of sleep. we will track next week's rain chances coming up at 11:00 point >> if you heard a grown about the time change saying -- all of the parents are going oh, no. not again.
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sort of. for everybody else. >> i will just sleep when i want. >> rub it in. >> why not point >> thanks, paul. still to come, a priceless find on the east bay freeway, and the update on the search for the owner. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, is the recent storm a sign of a wet winter ahead? paul takes a look at our weather extra segment at 8:15. you can find us on , or on kpix in the app. we are also on the cbs news app. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit.
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the navy's first female submarine officer is about to put her undersea strain training to the test 250 miles above earth. 34-year-old lieutenant commander kayla baron is among the new four person crew spacex is set to launch to the international space station on halloween. >> this is of most dangerous thing i have done. for me being on a sub rain fell pretty safe. it has a better view. having windows is a nice upgrade. >> the crew stay aboard the orbiting lab for 6 months.
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the mystery of a priceless find on an east bay freeway has just been solved. in fact, in just the past hour, we learned the chp was able to track down the owners of a veterans burial flag and photo, which was found on the side of interstate 580 in livermore. here is a closer look at the flag, and the photo. chp says after seeing reports on tv and social media, it was able to reunite the family with their fathers veterans memorial flag and case. america's christmas tree is on the move tonight, from california's forest, to the nation's
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at the part of the six rivers national forest in trinity county today in a customized semi with a glass viewing window. it will make a stop at the vallejo ferry terminal on monday on its tour of california and the country. >> sugar bear is due to arrive on the west lawn of the u.s. capital on november 19. you can track its journey on capital tree thank you for joining all of us. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area . we will see you back here at 11:00 for ken's final broadcast shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app.
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