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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 30, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news.
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right now on kpix5, a deadly shooting at an air bnb house party. family members of the victims have no answers. more bay area counties are expected to ease rules on wearing face masks. sierra ski resorts kickoff their winter season with one of the earliest opening days ever. good morning. thank you so much for joining us. let's start with a quick check of our weather. >> more rain is coming. monday will be the day when we focus on that. for saturday, we might get a light shower or two in the north bay. on monday it will rain. it will be cloudy and were starting off warm in the upper 50s. if we look at the daytime highs, upper 60s. it will be a nice day, but
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cloudy. it will look like fall out there. if you are in the northbay, you might get some rain. much more on that's coming up and a bit. back to you. it has been two years since a deadly shooting at a halloween house party killed five people. families have no answers or justice. juliette goodrich has their story. >> reporter: the halloween event was advertised as a mansion party. it is a house on a narrow and private road were five people were shot and killed. >> no one is behind bars. >> clearly, enough has not been done. >> at this point, they are left with more questions than answers on the eve of this
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massacre. >> reporter: two years later, photos of victims and a heart balloon sit at the entrance to theaters square. a balloon release and celebration of life for johnson county will be held tomorrow. he is one of the victims. >> the trick has been on them. there has been no treat as it relates to retreat to justice or air bnb doing right. >> reporter: the city did implement an emergency ordinance giving homeowners guidelines to follow if offering short-term rentals. air bnb is not allowing one night bookings during halloween. >> i went on air bnb and looked up or render for one night. you can only rent for ghts.
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other air bnb customers have noticed changes in policies after that deadly halloween night. >> there were some regulations. >> pointers says that isn't enough. >> two years later families still have questions with no answers. the people who have the answers are nonresponsive. san francisco police arrested a man on suspicion of stepping and assaulting two people on mission street. the 27-year-old was first attacked a 67-year-old woman and then a second women that was a bystander and witness. he is also wanted for another assault from february. the fda has paved the way for children to get the covid- 19 vaccine. the agency authorized kid sized
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doses yesterday. there is one hurdle. the cdc advisors will discuss whether or not they will recommend the shot. >> we are looking for more and more good chapters to take us to the end of the book where we can say covid-19 is behind us at least as a pandemic illness. >> a new cdc study finds being vaccinated meets natural immunity when it comes to covid- 19. unvaccinated people who survived the infection are five times more likely to be reinfected with the virus. researcher say the data shows how important it is to get the shots, even if you have already had covid. in san francisco, 98% of the workforce is vaccinated. that number is up from two thirds in july.
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fewer than 1000 employees are either unvaccinated or have not reported their status yet. people could be fired if they are out of compliance. the rest will be put on, paid leave. that includes 200 transit workers. half of them are transit operators. muni is suspending some express routes starting on monday and that could mean a more crowded commute. friday with a deadline in new york city for employees to get vaccinated. unvaccinated workers will be put on unpaid leave on monday. that vaccine mandate could cost lives. >> new york city will be in crisis on monday morning. when you close firehouses, you affect the time that it takes to get people what they need
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and that is us to help save their lives. two more bay area counties are expected to ease rules on wearing face masks. they will roll back masking guidelines for fully vaccinated people in some indoor settings including fitness centers, offices, and religious centers. all workers and patrons must be fully vaccinated before they can ditch their mask. we talked to people who say that the ready to rock out to good music. >> we haven't done something like this in a really long time. it is halloween weekend and the weather is perfect. people are vaccinated. i am pretty excited. >> we posted a comprehensive guide and click on the link at
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the top of the home page for details on the lineup and covid protocols. >> a busy weekend for taco ski resorts. many are opening way ahead of schedule. >> it is opening day at palisades tahoe. people are pump to be here getting in line for this gondola nice and early to make the first tracks. they are going all the way to the top of the mountain and it is something they have been waiting for all year. >> reporter: fresh powder fell at palisades tahoe. they have opened their lives four weeks early. >> it's amazing just to be able to do it in october. >> it is trick-or-treat. skiers are celebrating the fresh powder. >> skiers easy to make the first tracks and not tober for
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only the third time in 72 years. >> it was such a rough summer. this is kind of our jury. it is okay, it is our strawberry on top. >> costumes are encouraged on the slopes. they will be open every weekend until the end of november. you are going to have to wear masks indoors if you are unvaccinated. at palisades tahoe, kpix5 . doors opened yesterday three weeks ahead of schedule. it was a similar seen at mammoth mountain. president biden has started his international trip. who he has met with already on that expedition. why a bay area county is breaching a levy on purpose.
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president biden is doing damage control on his european trip. he tried to smooth things over with the french president. they are upset they were iced
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out a billion-dollar submarine contract with australia. >> the president also met with pope francis. it was a closely watched meeting. some catholic bishops have said politicians like the president who support abortion rights should not receive the sacrament of communion. what the president said about that. >> president biden bit with the pope on friday shared that the leader of his church doesn't think the presidents support of abortion rights should stop him from receiving communion. it is an ongoing debate among catholics and a challenge for
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political leaders like the president who have to separate their personal beliefs with the responsibility of their job. >> it is what makes our faith our faith and it is sacred to us. >> catholics disagree on whether supporting abortion should disqualify you from receiving communion. >> we believe that our church is a single body. >> reporter: outside st. patrick's church, one man leading mass says even though he is against abortion, he does not think that should stop the president from receiving communion? >> this issue has catholics talking across the country and is getting special attention in san francisco because of past comments made by the arch bishop. >> you start a prayer campaign for her. catholics around the country pray every day for nancy
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pelosi. >> nancy pelosi and president biden have a lot to say. they have a lot of sway. >> reporter: catholics on either side of the debate say their religion guides them on how to weigh in on this issue? >> we are pro-choice because of our faith and not in spite of it. >> our relationship among two catholics on the world stage that will continue to be closely watched in the bay area. reporting in san francisco, kpix5. congress is not in session leaving any progress on the infrastructure bill and president biden's back better agenda until next week. he is in europe after making a last-ditch effort to unite the parties. universal preschool and extended child tax credit and affordable housing.
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it boasts a 500,000 -- >> one of the things i whisper in this package is paid leave. it breaks my heart. >> trillions of dollars in spending. major expanding of government agencies. >> the white house says the bill would be fully paid for in part on taxes on the wealthiest individuals and companies. >> the governor is citing family obligations for the reason he is bowing out. he had been preparing for that trip for several weeks. california provides an example that estate can fight global warming and still thriving economically. the lieutenant governor will take his place. work crews intentionally breached a levy to restore a
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mars. it's a $25 million project 20 years in the making. that area had been an industrial site. once they move the dirt and dug up the channels they let the water flow back again. now that the area has been restored, it can serve as a habitat for wildlife and endangered species. >> we can turn the channels we built on site and connect that to the bay and the tides can come in twice a day. areas that were cut off from the bay that were really poor quality habitat, we are creating great habitat that can thrive for generations to come. >> managers hope to build an education center there so people can learn about habitats and the bates ecosystem. in the forecast there are two opportunities for rain and actually three.
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monday is the headline. there is a decent rainmaker. nothing like last weekend, but it will not be a sprinkle. monday will be rain. this morning, it is a sprinkle. it is a bit deceiving because of the four different cameras we have up there. it is the only one that looks like that. there is some light mist out there. you've got to be fairly high. you can see what were looking at from treasure island back to the city skyline. if you get high enough, you're in the clouds. i will show you when the likely time for rain will be. for the most part, it is upper 50s. 60 degrees in san jose. 54, santa rosa. you can get much colder than that and we already have been.
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there is a system right off the coast. we are not going to experienced the center of that. when we put it into the futurecast, we can resolve some light showers right here that perhaps as we get into the late morning and early afternoon will hold together as they come in. you are more likely to see this in the mountains than anywhere else. we could see another round of this perhaps while we are sleeping sunday morning. this is not a big deal. if we luck out, we might budge this at .001 inches of rain. it will stay cloudy today and look like there is a system in northern california. temperatures in the upper 60s today. this is above average by several degrees. it will be a nice fall day. now we look at the more
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meaningful rainmaker on monday. you can see the line of clouds with a deep trough that has developed. we bring that line of showers forward and that gets us into monday morning. let's slow it down. it looks real pretty. rain for the northbay. by early afternoon, we will see rain perhaps get to the south bay. this will be another system like so many that focus on the northbay in a much more meaningful way. this is monday's rainfall. i think that .002 as a little bit optimistic. over .05 inches of rain and the city. throughout the day on monday, and as we look across your seven day forecast, another chance for rain on thursday. it is something to keep an eye on. temperatures go through major swings year. these are not cold winter
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storms. they are fall rainmakers. we will even warm up by the time we get to thursday. it is nice to see these things still coming. on monday, rain. not like last weekend but widespread rain to start planning on for the start of the work week. >> what are we looking at and rain totals? we had a lot of rain last sunday. what is the estimate of how much may fall this time? >> for monday, maybe 20% of what we saw. that would be on the high side. >> 20% of a lot is still significant. >> it will be noticeable rain. if we are looking at the most 1 inch and some of the wettest spots and the northbay where some of those areas got 5
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inches. the murals of san francisco's mission district have been an institution for decades. the newest one honors of family of musicians, the st. agnes. the city dedicated a mural to the santana family. carlos, his late brother and their parents who moved there in the late 60s. it felt like a santana family gathering together multiple generations and band members. >> when you do it like this, we are in the fifth dimension, and i will be there. god bless you. straight
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it will be
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the world series in the leadoff spot last night. they are tied at a game apiece. the forecast had to have some rain. sloppy weather, but they got this one in. the braves hosting their first world series game in 22 years. ian anderson was painting the black like picasso. anderson dealing a no-hitter. top eight astros trailing 1-0 were hitless. diaz the flare cannot get it. the no-hitter is over. atlanta with the longest known
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obit in the series says the perfect game in 1956 and the astros had the tying run at third. that is a can of corn. in the bottom of the eighth, insurance was greatly needed, and the braves get it. atlanta, 2 and houston, 0. the 49ers tackle will miss the rest of the season after undergoing the surgery, the same need to cut his rookie season short in 2020. the doctors feel they have solved the problem this time. he should be ready for training camp next summer. jimmy garoppolo boat returned to chicago on sunday. he went to high school about 30 miles out of soldier field.
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it will be his second start back home, and he plans to enjoy it regardless of any negativity. >> going home is always fun. that's where it started here. i've got a lot of friends and family. it will be a fun crowd. that chicago crowd is ruthless. >> the 49ers have not won in a long time with the 2-4 record. that does it for sports. coming up on kpix5, netflix is being accused of violating federal labor laws after an employee walkout over dave chapelle. new allegations.
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live from the cbs bay studios, this is kpix5 news. thank you so much for joining us. let's start this half hour with a quick check of our weather. it is going to look like rain today. we will have plenty of clouds around and we might get a sprinkle in the northbay. any light rain today is .002 of
6:31 am
an inch. on monday, we could get up to .05 inches of rain. it is relatively warm out there, 60 in san jose. 54, santa rosa. daytime highs will be in the upper 60s for inland locations. mid-60s in the bay. cloudy day and rain on monday. two netflix employees say the company retaliated against them for the criticism of dave chapelle's latest special. staffers held a walkout to protest comments he made about the transgender community. networks fire the employee that started it. the employees say their punishment broke federal labor laws against retaliation. we have reach out to netflix but have not heard back.
6:32 am
really 98% of san francisco's workforce is fully vaccinated. that number is up from just two thirds back in july. fewer than 1000 of the employees have yet to get vaccinated or report their status to the city. nearly 200 workers could be fired on monday if they are out of compliance. the rest will be put on paid leave. that includes 60%, police officers. for that reason, they are suspending some express route starting on monday that could mean longer wait times and more crowded commutes. a fight broke out over a mask mandate. here is more in this report. >> reporter: cell phone video captured this unruly customer refusing to follow local rules to wear a mask at this restaurant in woodland hills.
6:33 am
as a man continued to berate the staff, customers stepped in. >> do you want to do something? >> i don't want to do anything. >> he was working on sunday night. >> not that hurting anybody is right but when it comes down to it, you disrespect people that way. >> it got crazy. our hero got up and took him down. >> reporter: the assistant manager was also there. >> he was disruptive and yelling at the employees and started yelling at the customers. even putting his finger in our faces. >> reporter: when customers don't follow the rules, it is the restaurants that get kid with failings? >> it is a mandate and if we don't follow the rules, we will
6:34 am
get shut down. >> police say that no one was arrested and no injuries were reported. the staff says they were just following the rules? >> we just want to serve you and be good to you. we are asking for you to follow the rules? >> beginning in november, customers in los angeles will have to show proof of vaccination if they want to dine indoors. on monday both contra costa and alameda counties will roll back masking guidelines for fully vaccinated people. that includes fitness centers, offices, and religious services. businesses and organizations must confirm patrons are fully vaccinated before they can ditch the mask. a sold-out crowd is streaming into golden gate park. we were there for day one.
6:35 am
>> reporter: grab your cowboy hat or what ever. outside lands is back with a weekend twist. >> i am beyond stoked. inside land is not the same? >> the festival didn't happen in person last year, but now the music is back with a vengeance? >> it is nice to be out here. it has been postponed for so long. >> reporter: to get through the gates, you will have to show either proof of vaccination or a copy of your vaccination record or a negative covid-19 past from the past 72 hours. the extra safety members give people peace of mind in a crowd this large? >> it is really nice to be out again. we are having a good time. this event did the best they
6:36 am
could regarding the safety measures. >> we haven't done something like this in a really long time. it is halloween weekend, and the weather is perfect. people are vaccinated, and people feel good. i am excited. >> reporter: your eyes are not deceiving you. there is a lot of super mario brothers. they seem to be grateful the ground isn't soggy from sundays atmospheric river. >> me in the ouija were terrified about the storm having reprisal this weekend. a brides wedding photo stolen just hours after the big day. how one bay area man is going out of his way to
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all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all.
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new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys a bride is pleading with the public to help bring her wedding photos back. the memory card with her photos was stolen and gone by monday morning. we have a message from the bride who is shocked and
6:40 am
saddened. >> reporter: the bride's best photographer got back late sunday night she parked and left her equipment in the car. the next morning, a window was broken and those memories were gone. memories from the photo booth mean more to amy davis right now. >> she never dresses up or takes a lot of photos. reporter:e hahad name four day >> anger and sadness. everything under the sun? >> those emotions are not about the wedding day. she is upset because her photos of the best day ever are gone. >> the photos and the videos are not professional quality, but right now, it's all she's got? >> those are memories that i cannot get back. >> she filed a report with the sheriff's office. >> i had r issues and it was
6:41 am
pouring rain. normally i am on top of things but i was tired and i thought >> reporter: davis is not mad, she just wants the wedding card with her photos back. >> everybody does know not to leave your stuff in your car. i have no ill will towards her at all. >> reporter: they both have hope the memory card will turn up. if they don't, they will get their money back. let's get caught up on the small chance of rain. we've got a chance for some sprinkles today, a more meaningful rain is likely on monday. we take a look at the bay bridge where it is cloudy. the higher you go the more likely you are to encounter some rain. it is misting. cloudy start to the day and
6:42 am
relatively warm. 60, san jose. 54, santa rosa. it is a warm start to the day. here is why we've got a small chance of rain. that system right up there off of the far coasts. you will see a few drops show up here. that is not much. it will be sporadic and light should be get anything out of that. and then another chance later saturday night into sunday morning focused in the northbay. the real takeaway on today is besides we might get some rain, it will stay cloudy and it might look like there is a weak system in the neighborhood and like it's threatening rain. it will be a relatively warm day. 74 your daytime high and antioch. in san jose, upper 60s.
6:43 am
and then you see the well organized trough in the central pacific. we picked up on that leading edge of rain and bring it to the northwest coast. if we slow it down, this looks better. this is not a significant rainmaker and not like what we had last sunday. it will be widespread and noticeable rain and we could get up 2.5 inches of rain. it is focused in the northbay. if we get any rain in the south bay, it will be light. the take away is, yes, we should all get something out of this as we get into monday. we will keep the clouds into tuesday.
6:44 am
and then the next system gets here on thursday. another chance for rain and the next organize system. it does not look too impressive at this point, but we will keep a chance of rain on a second day and your seven day forecast. it is monday and thursday. as we just saw in the future cast, it does not look like a big deal today and actual measurable rain. monday will be our next focus. we will take all the rain we can get? >> decent rain on monday. how much on thursday? >> it is too far out to tell. i would call it light scattered showers. at least there is agreement that we will get some rain on thursday. officials will be in the bay area scouting levi stadium as a possible venue for one of the biggest sporting events on earth, the world cup? >> this is the first meeting
6:45 am
where we don't have to build a new stadium. >> ultimately, six will be selected as host venues. no bay area town knows the fun of hosting like los gatos. they last hosted in 1994. >> the drum beating some but dancing soccer fans from brazil have taken over the town. for those lucky enough to a been there, it was party central and the scene spring back smiles. >> they actually sold out of beer. >> sports can be a bridge to bring countries together?
6:46 am
>> i don't think we've seen anything so joyous. >> reporter: in 1994, it was the team hotel for world cup champions brazil and their legion of loyal fans to follow them into town and right into the willow street pizza place. >> it was a zoo, but it was really fun. >> reporter: he still has the pictures on his restaurant walls? >> they adopted us as their home restaurant to drink and eight. it put us on the map. >> reporter: it is a kind of economic impact that is hard to match. as the bay area makes a new bid for world cup 2026, folks say bring it all back. >> it would be such a positive thing for the bay area? >> please come out. we would love to have you. it is really exciting.
6:47 am
it is a world of energy, and we can all use that right now. >> that video is awesome. we put more of it on our website at https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.c . creating what he calls a love revolution among the homeless, we are introduced to the bay area jefferson award winner. >> this is really good sliced roast beef. >> reporter: he rises it to:30 a.m. to make breakfast and lunch for people in concord. reload supplies for his daily route to two dozen campsites. at willow pass park he delivers to bob kraft in his tent. >> do you need any extra warmth? >> reporter: jack's kindness brings a string of praise. >> good.
6:48 am
genuine. loyal. that the. >> reporter: he began his ministry after he had the same dream two nights in a row? >> the lord jesus came to me in a dream and said i want to get to know the homeless. >> reporter: one recipient told jack how much it has meant. >> he says the food doesn't matter. you are the first person that actually looked me in the eye today and treated me like a human being. >> reporter: jack is forging friendships as it gives away the donations. >> just as a father has compassion on his children. >> reporter: for encouragement, he reads bible verses. his wife has hand copied thousands of them. his wife and his son cannot thank him enough.
6:49 am
jack and his friends are helping the family to pay for a hotel room and food after they were found sleeping on church steps. the family is now getting back on their e letsusknow that he i there for us and that we are loved and not alone. te a friend drives rudy to school. >> he is like an angel. >> reporter: he wants homeless folks to feel known, loved, and not alone. >> reporter: for serving homeless people with love and friendship this award goes to jack. >> if you would like to nominate someone, go to and provide details about that person's community service .
6:50 am
6:51 am
the chp is asking for the public's help with a special lost item. a tribute to the fallen soldier. a folded flag was found there is a bell avenue. it appears to be a tribute to a service man and the chp wants to make sure it gets back to that person's family. >> we thought that maybe the family would contact us knowing they lost something. it has been a week and it is time to make this a feel-good
6:52 am
story and get it back to group it belongs to. >> the chp is hoping that someone can identify who it belongs to. spacex is getting ready to take a new crew up for halloween. they will be there for the next six months. the 34-year-old was the u.s. navy's first woman commission as a welfare officer. she has spent years in a series of groundbreaking missions under the sea and this time she will soar 250 miles above earth? >> this is the most dangerous thing i have ever done. a submarine feels pretty safe. when i look at the space station, i think of that as a submarine in space. having windows is a nice of great. >> a japanese billionaire will arrive on a russian rocket followed by the first all american for some to go to the space system.
6:53 am
wilson walker shows us a dedication ceremony that is a san francisco family affair. >> reporter: the murals of the mission district are an institution. it honors a family that needs no introduction. just the name santana. ithe aswell. >>it's awesome to santana family here on this wall in front of this plaza. >> reporter: the park plaza came alive today as a city dedicated a mural to the family santana. carlos, his late brother and their parents who relocated to san francisco in the early 1960s. >> the center of the santana family is my mother. >> reporter: it felt like a santana family gathering reggae multiple generations and
6:54 am
bandmembers. >> the city family was also on hand to celebrate that turn of events and the remarkable success that ed? th community and city on the map like never before. their music has touched many worldwide. we in san francisco and specifically the midterm get to claim the santana family as our own. >> seeing this happen is nice. it is community. it is neighborhood power and everything. i am honored to be here. >> reporter: as part passengers make their way up to the mission, they will see the family behind the sound that came from right here. >> when you do it like this, we are in the fifth dimension, and
6:55 am
i will meet you there. god bless you. and now that the bay area is reopening, send your photos of gettin
6:56 am
it is time for a look at
6:57 am
this morning's top stories. san francisco is touting vaccination numbers. it is nearly 98% leaving just 836 employees out of 35,000 not vaccinated. in july they established a deadline for all workers to be vaccinated. families are waiting for justice after a deadly shooting two years ago. five people were shot and killed at an air bnb. no charges have been filed. ski season is in full swing at a couple of tahoe resorts. they open this weekend. there is plenty of fresh powder thanks to last weekend storms. negotiations on president biden's spending bill is on the stop right now. those items like universal preschool and affordable housing. san francisco has dedicated a mural to the santana family.
6:58 am
the mural can be found at 24th and mission at the bart plaza. a ty view from treasure island looking back toward the. the center of the system is bringing some lightning. if we play this forward, we might get a drop or two of rain. what happens as we keep the clouds around and it looks like there is a system d it will look like fall with cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 60s for the bay. thank you if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
6:59 am
if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out a sweet nine-year-old terrier", mix surrendered by his owners ends up in the shelter sick with kennel cough and overlooked by potential adopters. eric: i can't believe someone gave you up. you're the sweetest dog in the world. narrator: but with eric's help, this gentleman could find a new home with a pair of british transplants. melanie: we would like a dog that's a little older. eric: there's less people pick up older dogs sometimes at the shelter, so we're wanting to give a dog a good home for, you know, however many years they're with us. [music]


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