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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 3, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00. shaping up but banning together. businesses are looking for a suspect who targeted them one by one. what else do we have to do to make
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sure it will not happen again. >> 24-hours from now it will be raining in parts of the bay area. i am tracking more rain chances in the extended forecast. >> it is not just covid-19 but the mental health effects. they are going to be protected. >> tonight, we hear from a prominent dollar. did a love triangle lead to a deadly shooting? good evening i'm alan martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. small business owners are banning together to catch the smack and grab burglar who targeted them. >> new at 11:00, we go live outside of the three slops hit, maria? >> reporter: guys t is a quiet part of san jose, on halloween a burglar tried to break in not one, not two but three shops. now business owners are sharing the video.
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>> reporter: a surveillance camera catches a suspect at 5:00 a.m. attempting to break the window with a rock and walking a couple doors down to try to shatter the window here. unsuccessful. it does not stop him. he gets in his car and drives to the end of the block running across the street to the arsenal. using the same rock he breaks the glass door. this time he is successful. in less than a minute he is seen taking off with the art studio's cash box. >> my mind i thought, oh my god. everything was taken. >> owning the arsenal, she says when she walked into her store she found the rock used by the suspect. the counter, the cash box it was bolted down to, it was on the ground. >> reporter: the person that took it pretty much took the cash box attached to like a big piece of plywood.
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now i am like, okay. after we get this glass fixed what else do we have to do to make sure it does not happen again. >> business owners and business association are working together to try to id the suspect as they pick up the pieces. residents who watched the video on are also trying to help. taking note of the suspect's clothing like his red hat and pointing out the damage to his car. >> the businesses in here are really, they care for each other. the people care for our business. it can happen again, yeah. >> it is quite a bit of damage. how much will it cost the business owners to fix it? >> reporter: well, alan, i was only able to speak to one business, she does not keep that much cash in the cash box. she has insurance for the damage but more importantly their sense of security out here has been shattered. >> no doubt.
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hopefully the video can lead to an arrest. thank you maria. looking live out of sfo tonight. clear skies over the bay area right now. that is about to change. >> yep. >> our meteorologist will have the first look at when the rain returns. >> next chance by tomorrow evening. it will be raining over the north bay and approaching san francisco by this time on wednesday evening. normal weather during the day tomorrow. mix of clouds and sunshine, early morning clouds dissipate. tomorrow evening, the next storm it will be to the north it will send a band through the bay area. the rain chances arrive first in the north bay. the rain chances will peak with the most widespread rain north of the golden gate between 10:00 and 2:00. around san francisco and the central bay, it peaks between midnight and 4:00 a.m. the farther south you go, the rain is later but the chances are lower. san jose, the chances peak at a 50/50 chance at more than a trace of rainfall. this is one of those things
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where most of the rain does not make its way towards you but it is a chance of welcomed rainfall. we will take a look at more chances down the line and it will be the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, paul, thank you. so many parents have been waiting for this moment. right now vaccine appointments for kids are open. this after the cdc director gave the green light to pfizer's kid size vaccine. children ages 5-11 the pfizer doses are a third of the amount given to teens and adults. this opens the door for 28 million kids to get vaccinated nation wide. in the past hour the san francisco supervisor tweeted this link to walgreens to book kid vaccine appointments, now that the door is open for kids there is a growing campaign for students to unmask in the classroom. kpix5 spoke to a prominent ucsf doctor leading the charge. kenny? >> reporter: liz a familiar
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face to our viewers, leading ucsf doctors believe if state health officials give parents a clearer picture when the masks could come off in schools that could also lead to higher vaccination rates. these doctors believe that their petition is gaining traction. >> i don't even think that we begun to see the effects of what masking and covid-19 has done to our children. >> the arrival of vaccine doses for 5-11-year-olds is prompting parents and doctors to ask when the masks come off in schools. >> it only came about because we are discussing the metrics adults unmask we should do it for children. >> reporter: the ucsf director of covid-19 response launched a petition urging state health officials to provide an off-ramp for parents not playing a guessing game. >> parents want to know when it is going to end. it is really not fair. >> i have a 3-year-old. the bulk of his childhood has been masked and i am not okay with it anymore. >> i don't think the masks hurt and they adapted to them.
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they are more adaptable to it than we are. >> reporter: she is pro vaccine but what drew her support for the mandate if there is mow guidance when masking for schools will be lifted. >> we should do everything to restore normal for our children. not just covid-19 but mental health effects and they are going to be protected because they have the vaccine. >> the health department updated the website recently saying in particle part -- california will continue the mask mandate k-8 and monitor conditions through the winter. >> i don't know what anxiety is caused by my 3-year-old masked for 30 hours a week. no time ever have we done this to children, ever. and never for this long. >> kenny, when do they plan to submit this to the department of health? >> reporter: they will be collecting signatures through friday online and then submit it to the california department of health.
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these doctors intended for this petition to go with the roll out of the vaccine which, of course, became official today. liz? >> all right, thank you. now at 11:00. high stakes results across the country tonight, off year elections in virginia, voters elected republican youngkin defeating the democrat for governor by two points. a first time candidate. won in a state where president biden defeated trump by 10 points last year. >> all righty virginia we won this thing. >> he took a victory lap, if democrats can not generate more enthusiasm than he did they will likely be swept out of power in congress. new jersey's governor race in a dead heat. way too close to call this hour. republican has a slight lead over phil murphy. ballots are still coming in
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from heavily democratic areas. voters in minneapolis rejected a proposal to replace the city's li department th a new department of public safety. it rose from the murder of george floyd 18 months ago. new at 11:00, richmond residents can see a crack down on illegal fireworks. introducing a new ordinance. taking a blanket approach to illegal fireworks making a property owner, tenant or a person who sets off fireworks at a residence liable. >> is it too soon to unmask indoors? the bay area county seeing a rise in cases and what it all means. did a love try age lead to murder? the case unfolding tonight. to make sure i was okay. that is the reason why he, they went after the mountain lion. >> going head-to-head,
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along with the news of kids vaccination, covid-19 cases are on the rise. counties are starting to relax mask mandates and cases are going up, now what? we go to marin county for some answers
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tonight. >> reporter: they just rolled back indoor mask mandate yesterday. you can come to areas like these and go inside mask free. they said they have seen an increase in cases just not enough to change the rules once again. >> this is going to be part of what may be the next normal. >> reporter: marin county public information said it was not surprise that they fell back in the tier for transmission. >> what happened today was a couple extra cases in the last couple of days is all it took for us to be above that flesh hold of orange. you know, for a couldn't 33 is on that margin we sort of expected there to be a little dance between yellow and orange. >> reporter: mandating everyone to mask up again is being put on hold since hospitalizations remain low and more than 80% of the population is fully vaccinated. the bay area as a whole, though, seeing an increase in cases and it has some in the medical field concerned. >> you know, with 20% of people unvaccinated living in the
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counties it is 20% plus, plenty of people to sustain transmission. >> reporter: dr. gorge rutherford says with holidays coming up we could see an increase. the next few weeks 5-11-year- olds, and boosters should be focused on and increasing those unvaccinated with mandates. >> running around with a lot of 20 and 40-year-olds unvaccinated, you know, we will have problems. >> i know they really drilled down into the numbers, did the couldn't i or even the doctor say where the rise in cases are coming from? >> reporter: well, marin county says they can not pinpoint the rising cases to one event or activity. it is mainly among those unvaccinated at all type of gathering. >> still, the unvaccinated. okay. thanks. tonight, an airman at travis air force base is among three of those
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arrested. the authorities are calling it a love triangle turned deadly. >> reporter: beautiful inside and out. that is how her family remembers her. >> she is like the most adorable woman on the planet. >> reporter: new video shared with cbs 13 by her family shows just one side of her personality. michelle smith is a close friend of the family. she celebrated holidays with them for years and says she loved her two younger siblings, parents, and was going to college in san jose. >> she was a mature and responsible adult and a loving person. >> reporter: but at 19 years old she was murdered in fairfield. hundreds of miles from her monterey county home. >> this is a senseless tragedy. it has just been heartbreaking for everyone involved. wonderful young woman caught in a horrible situation. >> reporter: the outpouring of love from friends and family getting her loved ones by as they face the
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unimaginable. >> it is every parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: she was leaving a sacramento halloween party on saturday morning with a person her grandmother says she trusted. a member of the united states air force travis airman. >> she did not leave a party with people she did not know. >> reporter: family tells cbs 13 she was dating him and with him at this home where the police say she was shot and killed by 21-year-old jessica quintania who may have also been in a romantic relationship with the man. >> it looks like it could be a love triangle situation. >> the family is now demanding one thing. answers. >> if they want their daughter's death brought to justice. >> two of the three suspects appear inside court today. new at 11:00. within the past two hours southwest airlines telling us they are
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investigating an off duty disagreement between crewmembers on an overnight trip and one employee is on leave. "usa today" reported that pilots facing assault and battery charges after a fight with a flight attendant over masks. it reportedly happened at a bar in san jose last month. a mountain lion sighting turned into a scary night for one southern california family. >> mountain lion! >> it was spotted in the family's backyard in los angeles county. one of their dogs, rocky, bolted after the mountain lion to protect the family. the dog was all bark but no bite. he had 8 large wounds that required 30 stitches. >> to make sure i was okay. that is the whole reason why they went after the mountain lion is because i opened the door. we saw a hole all of the way down to his brain. >> it looks like rocky is doing better. four days after the attack the
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mountain lion was found strolling passing a neighbor's home a couple miles away. the family is confident it is the same mountain lion. well, clear skies across the bay area tonight. a gorgeous sunset there. we got more rain on the horizon. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist. paul, how soon can we see more showers? >> after the sun goes down tomorrow evening, the first shower moving into the north bay and moving across the rest of the region tomorrow night. it is a baby rain event. a bigger one on the way next week. we are in a break from the rain right now. locally dense fog redeveloping through tonight. like we started off with this morning, it will dissipate. mix of clouds and sunshine most of the day on wednesday. the showers just starting to approach the north bay coast as the sun goes down moving into the north bay after sunset. the rain chances will move in quickly. it will not be a long-lived or heavy rain event. 1/10th of an inch. northward, lower amounts.
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less than a 10th of an inch. the bulk of it is gone as the sun comes up on thursday. a few lingering showers and then the sun comes back out thursday afternoon. a good chance of measurable rain tomorrow night. it could linger into thursday morning and we dry out friday, saturday, sunday is an outside chance of a shower. don't worry about that. another good chance of rain on monday. monday night, tuesday, that will be more substantial. we add it up over the next seven-days and it is the rainfall outlook. quarter of an inch for the santa clara valley. inch to an inch and a half around the central bay. more than that for the north bay. still day 6 and seven in the seven-day forecast. time for things to go in either direction. things are looking like they are trending in a wetter and better direction when it comes to the drought conditions, temperatures right now, mostly in the 50s, clinging to 60 degrees in san francisco. the temperatures later on tonight, it will be a mix of upper 40s to lower 50s and then once the sunburns off, early morning fog, we will warm up to what is normal this time of
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the year. middle 60s on the coast. upper 60s and 70s on the bay. lower 70s for the valley. lower 70s inland. almost everybody at 71 or 72. with upper 60s around the bay and right around 70 degrees for the north bay. maybe a couple degrees cooler to the north. the temperatures staying slightly below average, dry weather, friday, saturday, sunday and the last two days of the seven- day forecast include the next good chance of rain early next week with the temperatures dropping a little bit more. that will be a better chance of rain for everybody even the folks in the rain shadows, especially in the valley, the rain shadow of the mountains, keeping your eyes on that one and watch the showers approach by this time tomorrow. straight ahead tonight, update in the raiders story. streaming tomorrow on
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cbsnbay area. our meteorologist takes a deeper dive into the next two atmospheric rivers heading our way. plus why the last big storm did not improve our reservoir levels as much as we would of liked. find us on the cbs news app, download it for free on y
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baseball up top. who do they have in common? strong bay area ties, plow, world series champs. it was all about game 6 in houston. for dusty baker, down 3 to the braves in the series. it was win or it is over. the cameras were everywhere. even in the dirt. all vantage points covered. challenging him in the 1st inning, two on. scoreless in the 3rd until it was not. 446 foot three run blast for the series mvp. dusty, former giant, will smith, inducing the final 3 outs, for the first time since 1995, the braves were world series champs, for 72-year-old dusty baker, he is a runner-up
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and now 2 world series. >> frankly this one does not hurt as much as the first one did. the first one we, you know, i thoughhad somany ups and downs this year. and for us to be world champions. [ laughter ] that is awesome to hear. [ laughter ] >> he has been in that organization since he was 17 years old. the nfl, raiders released ruggs. he replains in a los angeles detention center on charges of dui resulting in death and reckless driving. this is what is left of a toyota that was rear ended by ruggs shortly before 4:00 a.m. in vegas. the car caught fire, the female, 23-year-old driver died. ruggs and his girlfriend were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
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he was released and then booked into jail. a court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow morning. felony large carries a sentence of up to 20 years if convicted. 49ers made a deal at today's trade deadline. requiring the defensive lineman from texans. the 23-year-old has seven career sacks in 35 games, none this season. 10,059 paid to see it. buffalo at san jose. the assistant coach ran the team. check the shot. bottom of the screen. called up, scored his first nhl goal. broke the 1-all tie. 7 players policing and the head coach all with covid-19 issues. 2nd period, it was hurdle who scored on buffalo's greg anderson. for the second straight game without seven players and a coach the sharks won a game. two points now out of first
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place. winners 5-3 tonight. shout out jimmy g., 30th birthday and peyton and lincoln university the basketball team got the first win in the first year of that program. go oaklanders. >> great stuff. contkprats to -- congrats. >> jimmy g. is only 30? >> amazing. >> a stunning end
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like a scene out of a movie like "fugitive" there was a stolen van and then the vehicle swerves and then crashes there. that is when things get really crazy. the authorities close in. the suspect jumps out. does that diving flip off of the 5-story bridge into the river below. >> my goodness. he survived the 55 foot leap but did not get away. the police sent a boat into the water to arrest him. the sheriff's office says he may not have earned a gold medal for his high dive but he found himself in hot water. >> just as smart when he hit the water as when he left the bridge. >> yeah. >> oops
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