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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 5, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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breaking news at three on kpix5 and streaming on cb sn
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bay area a big rig crash shutting down a highway. the traffic back up. also thousands of doses ready for kids. the new bay area vaccine efforts geared toward your little ones. a bay area cop under arrest. whatisof doing at a pharmacy. and improvement on the united states jobs front. who is hiring ahead of the holidays. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. we start with that breaking news. at least two big rigs and several cars crashed this afternoon shutting down highway 37 in solano. this is just east of 121. chopper 5 over the scene just a few minutes ago. you can see that coke big rig is one of the vehicles that was involved in this crash. the crash first shut down all lanes in both directions. right now the westbound lanes are back open. the eastbound lanes are still blocked. let's take a look at the traffic maps right now. you can take a look at the back
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up. look at all that red on the screen from searches point all the way to fairville. zero miles an hour. there's still no word at this hour when they will be able to reopen that highway. let's take another look from chopper 5. we saw a helicopter land on the roadway. we haven't heard any details about injuries. this is on highway 37 in solano county. more breaking news. this time out of san jose. we just learned that two people died in this head on crash. a car and a pick up collided on bailey avenue near monterey road this morning. police say that the pick up drifted in to the eastbound lanes and struck the bmw. the truck driver and his passenger both died. the bmw driver is recovering at the hospital. to the coronavirus.
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right now how and when to get their younger kids vaccinated. justin andrews takes us to the new effort in contra costa county. >> i have been talking to doctors. they say more and more kids are catching coronavirus this as many have been waiting to make sure their kids get the shot. the vaccine they say is a line of defense. there is about 92,000 kids who are five to 11 in contra costa and health professionals want to make sure most if not all get this shot. beginning today you can bring your kids at a vaccination site in antioch, concord or richmond. your children will get the kids version of the pfizer vaccine. doctors say they will get two doses roughly three weeks apart for maximum protection. other health care providers are also stocking up and will be able to give shots to kids very
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soon. the county's health officer said that they have lost too many kids to the virus and said it's preventable with this vaccine. >> kids are driving the epidemic right now and getting them vaccinated, getting them protected is really important. we see that kids, most the time do well but some kids do get really sick with coronavirus. 30% of kids get in the hospital with coronavirus have no underlying medical conditions. they are healthy kids and still get really sick. >> and the vaccine should be available for kids younger than five during the early months of next year. in contra costa. justin andrews. tomorrow san mateo county opens it's first clinic for those ages five to 11. it has a play land theme. it runs from nine to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow and next saturday. then 2:30 to 7:00 p.m. next wednesday through friday at the county event center.
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avoid the area if you can. you can make an appointment for your child through my turn. solano just expanded its eligibility to include the five to 11 age group and for more information on booking you can head to the website. it could by a breakthrough for those who have contracted coronavirus. we are in the newsroom with the new treatment from pfizer. >> that's right. we are talking about a pill here. pfizer said it cut the risk of hospitalization and death by nearly 90%. experts say this could be another tool we have against the virus. >> i was really amazed by how effective it was. >> a possible game changer anouned by pfizer this morning. in addition to vaccines, experts say that this could further help the united states control the virus. >> this game changing aspect
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of this, it's an oral pill. it's easy to give. you just send someone home with it like we send people home with tamiflu for the flu. this is even more effective. >> pfizer said they have been testing it on adults who got coronavirus. they said it cut the risk of hospitalization and death by 89%. this is when given with in three days of the onset of symptoms. >> we have secured millions of doses. the therapy will be another tool in our toolbox to protect people from what the worst outcomes of coronavirus. >> pfizer said a board of experts monitoring the trial recommended that the company stop its study early because the drug's effectiveness was so convincing. the company said it'll submit data as soon as possible to the fda as it seeks authorization for the drug to be used in the united states. >> talking about hopefully
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soon in 21 that this medicine will be available. >> just yesterday in the uk the drug maker merkk received permission for a similar treatment. let take a live look outside from our treasure island camera as we get ready to start the weekend. you can see the clouds in this picture and little sign of what may come pretty soon. >> yeah. chance of showers for the north bay tomorrow. for most of us the weekend looks like it's going to remain dry. we have seen that breaking off from the pack far off to the north. more significant rainfall far up the coast and northern california. more very welcome rain. they need it just as badly as we do. we will be in the very southern fringe of this system. while there's a chance of a few showers making their way in to the north bay tomorrow it's a slight chance overall. be flexible with any outdoor plans especially into early afternoon. i wouldn't cancel anything. they will be light, brief showers and will be more miss
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than hit. the best chance in santa rosa will happen by late morning. a much better chance for the entire bay area early next week. san francisco police officer arrested on suspicious of robbery at a pharmacy in san mateo. police say it happened wednesday night at the rite aid on concord drive. they haven't released many more details but said the sergeant was off duty at the time. he was booked on charges of second degree robbery and resisting arrest. he is on unpaid leave impending an investigation. it was a positive end to the week on wall street. groan across the board on this friday. the dow gaining 203 points. the nasdaq up 31 and the sxp up 17. the latest report showing businesses including those
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gearing up for the holidays are adding a lot more workers. united states employers adding 531,000 jobs in october. that's the most since july. the unemployment rate also dropping from 4.8% to 4.6%. >> i think economists are pleased this report. shows a nice bounce back after somewhat weakened reports in the previous two months. >> there was hiring across several sections of the economy including construction and the restaurant industry. shipping companies also adding workers and are looking for a lot more help. ups is holding an inin person and virtual job fairs. the company plans to hire more than 100,000 seasonal workers and said about a third of its seasonal staff get hired for full time jobs. amazon and wal-mart each wanting 150,000 workers right now. target is also aiming to bring on 100,000 more workers. fedex needs 90,000 for the busy
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shopping and shipping season. let's take a look at capitol hill where top democrats just postponed an expected house vote on the social spending bill. the president has called for a vote as soon as possible. >> i'm asking every house member, member of the house of representatives to vote yes the >> the house is considering the president's nearly two trillion dollars social spending package and the one trillion dollars infrastructure bill. earlier dim i can leaders huddled with moderate hold outs behind closed doors. house republicans oppose the social spending measure and they have tried to stall the process with votes. today family, friends and washington's power players all saying a good-bye to the late colin powell. a soldier, diplomat and adviser. >> a who is who of washington came to say good-bye to colin
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powell. in the front row current and former presidents, along with former secretary of state hillary clinton. powell's former deputy spoke about his boss's sense of humor. >> nothing made secretary powell happier than sneak away from his security detail it. would be followed by a call to me on the cell saying i'm free. i broke out. >> he broke barriers during his decades in public life as a soldier and diplomat. he was the first black man to hold jobs as national security adviser, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and secretary of state. >> beneath that glossy exterior of warrior st atesman was one of the gentlest people we will meet. >> he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom twice and called his speech to the un in 2003 luling out his idea for the war in iraq a blot
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on his record. >> my father made a difference. >> despite the work behind the scenes was a family life his son called warm, joyous and loving. >> he was a great lion with a big heart. we will miss him. >> he was 84 when he died. a husband, father and grandfather. as the people left the family gathered close to follow the four star general on his final journey. cbs news, washington. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. gas prices going sky high, what's driving up the cost around the bay area and across the country. and senior pets needing love too. the need one bay area group seeing right now ♪
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if you have driven in the bay area you know that gas prices are sky high. today in lafayette and woman net creek. take a look. a gallon of regular costing nearly $5. according to aaa the statewide average is $4.62. that's up from $3.17 a year ago. as the economy continues to rebound demand is spiking natural gas prices climbing.
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with. november is adopt a senior pet month. in an interview on cb sn we talked to the founder of muttville senior dog rescue about the need and the incentive for potential owners. >> this month because it's our special month, we have put together an adoption kit and in it is this really cool thing that i am just so excited about. it is called a smart lock and it's put up by august home. that way when i walk my dogs i can get into my house key free and it's so easy to install and we are giving that away with our adoptions this whole month. not that you need a reon to come and adopt because the dogs
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are fabulous but it's a little perk on the side. >> yeah. nice little incentive. you say the number of adoptions have dropped as the pandemic shows signs of letting up. >> we haven't seen as many requests -- requests for return of our dogs but we have seen the shelters start to fill up with all sorts of dogs all ages. there is a much bigger need for adoptions right now. a lot of people realize once they got a dog and started back to work they just -- they didn't have the right lifestyle for a dog. the shelters are filling up with all age dogs. with are getting more requests to getting -- more dogs we adopt out the more we can save. >> you can watch cbsn bay area on and on the app on
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the app. new video from the peninsula and people all over the bay area may be seeing more of this as well. greener grass, a quick transformation after the storm. we want to see what's popping up in your neighborhoods. share your pictures on social media. >> everywhere you . >> ground to green. >> the hills went from brown to green. seems like overnight. we have more rain chances ahead in forecast. maybe a show over the north bay. those are going to be few and far between. i wouldn't let it adjust your outdoor plans. kenny will go over there. monday night into tuesday this
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is associated with another river. not as strong as enough win. this is going to be very light activity than more substantial moisture will be far north. a lot of this will evaporate where the rain forms. a couple offing showers and sprinkles through the daylight showers. otherwise more clouds and sun. over stating things but a better chance is on the way beginning monday, monday night into tuesday as well. then a longer stretch will kick in. that mix of -- temperatures far
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inland, even 67. livermore, just a little far away from the bulk of the cloud cover. we will see a mix of upper 40's and low 50's. high temperatures will be about three or four degrees above average. santa clara valley. 65, 66, those will be the numbers away from the water, between 63 and 65. only low 60's for the north bay with that chance of showers and even cooler temperatures with more substantial rain. you are heading out to the niners game. sunday afternoon is a take on the cardinals big match up. temperatures in the low 60's at kickoff. looks nice. a mix of clouds and sun with a cool breeze to keep you comfortable. after that we get into a dryer stretch of weather that looks like it'll last for several days.
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>> sounds great. if are you going for the 49ers game that paul just talked about. gianna has your tailgating traffic alert. 49ers gearing up to take on the arizona cardinals this weekend at levi stadium. the 49er faithful will be out cheering on their team. here is your game davydenko mute forecast. if you are going out expect busy conditions along 237 ; those surrounding streets in and around levi stadium. the gates open up for all you tailgaters get out early and get set up. if you want to take public transit you have a lot of options. you will need to great america station. capitol corridor also an option. you can take bart, that will
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work as well. ace rail also has options if you are planning to take the public transit over to levi stadium. have fun. go niners. you heard of watching paint dry. how about watching ice melt? where this ice bug was brought into make a big statement. . get a lot of storey suggestions about senior citizens doing incredible things and there's no way i can tell them all. we have to set the ball high. forely don just cleared it. >> meet this 82-year-old wonder tonight on the cbs evening news with nora.
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new spain. parts of a house buried under ash and covering fountains outside as well. it's also covering up markers at a cemetery. the ash is coming from a volcano that's been erupting for a month and a half. to india where people woke up under a blanket of toxic smog. the capitol has the worst air quality of all world capitols. the reading was worse than usual after celebrations of the
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h ind u festival of light. it often includes fireworks, even though they are banned in many places. and finally the scotland where a four ton ice bug from green land is sitting outside the venue of the cop6 climate talks. it's started melting in the mild weather. people behind this display say that the ice bug is meant to be a reminder of the need and reality of the climate crisis. coming up no school bus, no
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no at five, to card or not to card. when it comes to the year popped vaccine. why some businesses are fighting this decision as they try to keep customers coming in. we will have that and more tonight on the news at five. the finally back here at three a colorado 7th grader has a unique answer to a school bus driver shortage. he is kayaking to classes. as long as conditions are favorable. he sets out on the two mill journey to the lake. >> when it's to -- i will cross country ski to the school. >> in a couple of years he will be at the olympics. >> good training. especially at high altitude. build that lung capacity.
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>> that's it for kpix5 news at three. cbs evening news is neck. we will be back with more local news at five and streaming 24-7 on cbsn bay area. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, president biden's agenda hangs in the balance after weeks of democratic infighting, but can speaker nancy pelosi deliver what she calls a thanksgiving gift for the american people? the bill to repair america's roads and bridges goes up for a vote in congressals the sweeping build back better plan gets delayed. more than half a million jobs added to the economy, but with a hot job market, why so many positions go unfilled. celebrating general colin powell. the final salute to the trailblazer as three presidents honor an american patriot. plus, the spotlight his death put on the 7 million
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immunocompromised adults living in the u.s. during the pandemic. pill to trea


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