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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 9, 2021 3:12am-4:00am PST

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gotoing towhr both the kit ds a thndem a gtao ke a nice long nap. >>or repte hr:ere on the tc arma in charlotteu , yocasen e a 777 be mhinde icwhh delivered passrsenge fm rolondon's heat ahrowirrtpo and in moments will head obackvethr e pond, burot eupes iseen a surge the covid caseivs dreny bthe un vainccated, confirngmi that kethe y ctoontinuing in teatrnional travelra, noh,s i gettinccg vainedat. >> one'donllal: l right, errol barnet tt onhear tmac tonight, thksan, errol. more b pigandec miheadnelis, first ladyil jl biden kickffed o a nation cwideamigpan for child invaccesoo t. shjoedin the surgeoner genal incl mean,ir vginia, where the first polio invacceser we actually geniv out in 1954.
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interesting. thbie den administonrati'sew n ccvaine leru forom cpani wesith 10or0 moreme ployees is on ldho, bue t thdertpament of juicise defending tewhe n poliaycy sintog night it's nessceary to addrehess t gvera a ngf er ansod , nowew wai st toeeow h the tscour rpoesnd. anmed so pmirosing news. lweearned todayeg reneron's clmonoon talreatment red tuceshe risk of d covibyor me than 80% foupr to eight mo.nths now to the gngrowi sugtrgle to fe filamies in e icpre of meat, pryoult, shfi and egn gs iu. cs.ities soared by about s 15%in lceast year. mo aremericans areng bei fceord to fheind lpt afood banks and nothe osvital safetys netare huin tg,oo. 'shere c' bsmark strassmann. >>or repte or:utside food rypant 27 ty hewait a for wkleey food box th'sat halatf wh iwat s a yegoar a. t retirees ee lainstcualb and ma ryou l shi beldsri ng grate,itud n aotttitude. w homuch of a dienfferceoe ds thise? mak >> l aot. 's hard to mitake iyof u do
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n'cot me here. r>>eporter: fou cnderin dy chaveeez fdsbo aut 6,000 people a nth, theirt lasli inkn a supply chariin csis. >> it's asnot mh ucas normal, but they'rine gog gtoet thsomeing. >> repor bter:etr tethan nothing. a>>bsolutely, bteetr than nointhg. r>>eporter: hoo hsieril ls supp lliesoc falood pantries. most everyths ing'do--wn feracol mmodities, rl etai donas,tion ch asdonations, down half. 'swhat up, prices. erall, a oner -yeadr iopn suesppli o22f %. >> t allho sseources we re lied on dried up. r>>eporter: so evfor erfiy ve pounf ds ofo yodou need, youe 'r gettinurg fo? >> that's raaccuteye, ah. >>ep rorter: we foedllow this truck headtoing ptrany 279. el>> wl,le bss your heart. >> reporter:he wre people like stb alcuanshd ields live in americsha's ad.ow compared tyeo a argo a is feg edinyoseurlf more of a struggle. >> yes, i n'cat afford to o go h e ocgrery store, a wndhen i do it pifitul. i mean, iwhat cldou get for
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0, iay'd s teehr months ago, u yocan't today. >>ep rorter: typicchal, av ez says. e'>> wvead h so many peoteple ls wwoe uld starve iu f yo weren't aherendha tt's kind of rda ha tnghi to accept. >> reportealr: wl restet is booming, butpa at nt 2ry79, osprperity feelse lika rlwod away. ma srktrasansmn, cbs news, bloomingn,to indiana.
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who want a banaby d rustggle to coeincve, it can b ee anmoontiao ll ceroaster, and twfor o couples thouat jrn teyook an un thkainble turn. s'cb mireya villalarre h tashe stofory ai.n v.f. mix up.>> wkie nd of dreameofd two rlgis, but, you --know >>or repte fr:or three years, daphndna a axalender cardinale d trietoav he a second c. hild finally with.f i.v.,he ty were thllried to welcombae a byir gl in 2019 but diimmeaty el alexander sfeltomhietng was wrg. when was toihe pnthe wre you said shiometng n'sot right? i had a weiorrd st of a gut retiacon when she bowas rn. itn' wast ytanhing logical. it was just aliken tinsnct. >> rteeporr:wo t months later a. n. ta.est confirmeeid thr wot arfe, the infant n wasot thr olbiogical daughter. daphna i wasmpntlaed with a st raerng's embryo whn o, itu, rn receivheed tirs. atth woman who ws ishetoem rain
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ymanonougas ve birth a week earlier heto t cdiarnale's ogbiolic dalaughter. >>he wn i found oue t shwa'tsn ne, somehow uri poedor me love to her. i n'dot know, maybwae i s stju clgiinng to her. but s i waju ssto scared i w as going toe loshe wr,hich i ultilymate r>>eporter: and c thearnadiles fhaveelrot bbed of theimer ti with theirlo biogil cadaughter. >> wd e hatola py a lot of catch-up. reporter: w thileheab bies rwereetneurd to their biologicalen partsth, e couple nisow suing the pirhysician focalirn ciaenter for reprodveucti hlteah and a thir rtpay lab for mel dica maraiccte and neglig.ence acrdg into the compl caintcrh thghout the embryod s hagoentt miupxed wn hean embryologb,y la invitrotech, t wasakg inbiopsies senind for genetices tting. e >> wcat n'sleep at night knowing thisha is ppineng and no
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ons e'doing anythitang, lkg in t abouit. ep>> rorr:te we reached toout thrte feily itclinic, doctndor a lab inedvolv ithn is lawsuit, but ononef emth have gotten ba tuso at this point. al 2most% aofmerican chil dren arnce coeid venow through stassiedep rroductive te chlonogy. witht thainin md, the couple thatsp we okwie th said their adces isimple: ask t a loof qutis onand demand towo kn what proto acolsren iplace to e epat pients safe. noh.ra >>'d oonnell: whatn aawful, awl orsty. mireya vilealarrl,ha tnk you. annotow an update or n ou stinveigioatn into military sexussal aau altnd domestic viol.ence nin aewra dft report obedtain exclusy ivelbybs c news, the peonntag'sns ipector general will show how the tamiliryas h failo ed thalend special
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imvicts'as ces. now, underer fedalaw l, these tys cofases should anbe hdled by a tra sinedpealci victim ecprosut, orbut the repos rt i expected to vereal that that did noppt haenn inearly two ts hird of the caseswe beten01 2 and 2020. so bmeranches are e worsth an hers. spl eciaprecosutors were not assigned t% o 94cas sein the aio rce. boheth t ay rmand the navy failed tllo foowhe t law in 59% of c aasesndar mine corps 30% of cathe ses. this repbaort ckups what dozens ofur svivors have utolds tinhe co oursef r ouinvestigations. e military sitays c'tan co mmt enon unreleased reports, t says it isin takg bedeliraveti and substan tive action to address se axualssltau in itsks ran. 'll continuefo to ll towhis stanory d u yocan read ourl ful report at still ahd eatonit ghon "s cb eveninwsg ne,"s ichina's lita tryryintog send a meaguse ing mockups of americaran wshs ipfor target practice? and w a nesty udreveals what to
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;;;; c blocko' >> doelnnl: all this wee tk onhecb "s evening news," we'llhl higig ththe rvseice and sacre ificof amers ica'mitaliry. everary ye, remo than 250,000 amanerics antrsition from veacti du ttyo cilivian life, and somes timeth catomes with feelgsin of olisatioann d neliness. as wkie ck off our ss erie "hinonorg r ouheroes," cbs' jashnet amanli intduroces us too rm serervicememberyis trng to ange that onmie le at a time. reporter: a along tneenssee hiwaghy, aun rner rrcayinghe t icameranla fg is an atten ntio ttgeer. on(hkingwh) at type of rioeactn you get? >> l ootf honks. peoplee wavate. m >> repr:orte f aorrmy veteran chria stinbaerrras, what looks ke a solo put rsuihanes ver fe me orcollaborative. what was hapngpeni borefe you
3:28 am
joineds thigrp?ou i>> started to ifallnto a deeper depression and isolation. >> reporter: a feeling many presans d three asonor me than 1,100 vetensra joined support grouamp te r, edwhite and blue, for ara sts d anstripes carrying lay atth sta srtedepmbteer 11 ewin n yk orand is makins g it way acrosse ninstesat, fiinnishg 502,0 miles late r in atlanta eton ver'san day. >> team red e whitanbld ue's miioisn to help fosthter e nssee of communi wtye felt when we were cton aive duty and leave behind when we transition to the civilian world. >>or repte tr:hrough downp ours often wiamth fils iein tow, the tr hekas taken theg flafr om ruforal res stto pennsylvania rm fields, as crosa ghhi school stadium and past the memorial. dthisay r'selays endin shnaville. t it's just e thstarart, brera saofys, h nerew chapter. >> to get ckba inttho at co nnection, racamadee,ri being
3:29 am
driven aavnd he rppuose again. >> rteeporr: a new mission for venstera skieeng motivatiod n an coecnntionis, th te imas warsrrio othf e road. >> yeah! repr:orte janet shaiamln, cbs ne, shnaville. t hiiss bs"c news flash," fostur aroutnas are back on solid gdroun aerft 199 days in ere cw whichnc iludes two nasa a astronauts sasplhedn dow and the next crew arrives to iss ursday. pfizer isxp eected to seek fdaut ahorization forhe t vaine booster for anyonvee or 18. the move couldap hpen as soon as thisweek . e steplo cser to president bin'des gloa of makgin booster otshsva ailleab to all u.s. ad.ults and ahv nasille pastor is be ing caldle a hoer after this cident. aan pulleutd o aun g and poindte itth at e congrega,tion
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the pastor tklaced the man to onthe ground, tfuhanklly no one was hurt . fomor re news,ow dnload the app, s ne nwsew yk.or ithiss e thcbs over nic wsne. wee ingog to begin with rrowing new ildetas omfr that lydead cshru of people arat a p concert inst houon. the f.b.s i. inoasw sistg inin thcre iminal investitigaonnt io the ayfrid nhtig tragedy which ft eight peodeple ad. hundreds morree we ht urand at e as13t people are l stilin the hospital. togh at, new timeline is emngergi, wase learned today that houst'son pole icchiemef t withpe rapr travis scott just right before the concert and iced his cons cernabt oucrowd corol. isth isn't the f tirstimone e of
3:31 am
thraerpps' cceonrts d leto violence. remo on that in ajust mutine. but trnow av siscott faces more an a dozen litawsus. 're also leag rninmo arebout e victims. theyge ran iagn e from 14-27 aryes old. john hrtilge w aas ninth grader. ea16-yr-d olbrianna rodrz,igue a hi soochl junior whoed lov to dance an-yd 23eaolr-d ru pdyena wawho nt tedo become a br orde paoltr agent. wtheyerame ong the 50,0t 00 ath e ldso-out festival. lia liluciano is rtieporng for onus tight. go eniveng. >>ep rorter: good ineveng to yo nahor. ere's grief anand getor night onamg the familybe memrsf o those diwho ed. today, one fr atheto ulds that he a wasssedur his son surd,vive anted lar enspt more than y a da trngyi to find himil unt he nally discov heredisea dth online. there are just so many questions around how this could ha ve ppen.ed e>>ven fobere t pheerfoanrmce
3:32 am
housn topolice chiefre expss ed concernsut abo surecity to the p star but twahat sn e'tnough ptoreve tnthe ddleay crh usof a frziened crowd. thcee ll phone vidhoeo sws ckpaniedan fs begging folpr he while scotrft and minutes later, first respon sderstrgluging to save the injured. kaa yljay yssa sheom cfort aed onman t gheround >> i jheust ldis h head and hi msar andum, , i stju helhid m and jui st told him s i wasoy.rr >> repr:orte ehtig people were i ll, edincluding do bnishaig. >>e hdied saving fihis anecé. shs e wageinttg hurt, hit left and t.righ hen' didt sederve it. travistt sco, u yoare-- you are the e onwhs o'liable. you've got blood on uryo hands, ma >> reporte ir:nvestigatorsre a nolow okining to wthheer t he festival could have been stopped so bonery avtris scott him.self scotokt to ttho e stage around
3:33 am
9: p. .mfriday, 9:30ic pole safaw ns 98,:3 concert wasla decrea d mass cltasuay enevt. but scott 'tdidn sp tohill abou0 :0p.0 m. he sedtopp tgeo t help from the owd. >> somebpaody ss oedut here. re poerrt: he continued, but there rewe early signs of the congmi cha.os >> when the festival opened doortodas y-- >> reporter: organizers of asowortrld fest promoted it using clips of fans ormistng a ioprr event whilmee so ppleoe were trad mplewhe iltrying to teenr. at a new york city con icertn , 2017sct otencouraged a t mano jump from e thbalcony and into e thcrowd. t scotwaals so arrested and fid atth year for inngviti fans to ssbypa surecity ruand sh the e stagatno ather concert. and in 2th015 e p-hihop star was rearstedor f urgg infans to hop ov berarricades at the llloapalooza fesl.tiva travis scottd saihe 's
3:34 am
devastated a andnnncoued he wilo vethr e funeral coofsts a ll gheit victims. 'she also partnewired th a mental heaselth rvesic company that wornlks oinane d will pridfre ee therapy tl o alth osafe fected. noh. >>'d oonnell: lilicia luan o, thank you so mh.uc we want to turn now to t he dramatesic ttinymo today in the kyle rittenh a meparadishc ot by rittene hous at a protestke tald tonhe stand about tehis nscoe nfrontation wi t theeenager befoakre ting bua lletn ithe cbs' nancy cn heis ceroving e th trinial kosenha, wisconsi r>>eporter: jurwaors tcd he footag te ofheom ment leky rihottenusshe ot gaige osgrskrez utat close ranitge wh an ar-15 styeale wpon. >> what gowas inthg rough your mi andt this partilacur moment? >> tt hai wagos ing dtoie. ep>> rorr:te grosskreutzs sayhe lost 90% of his bicep. >> that looks like my bicep being vaporized. >> reporter: grosskreutz, a professionally trained medic, treated nearly a dozen
3:35 am
protestors that night. he ss ayhe h geardunshots and ran toward them. >> i thoughaht tt the defet ndan waan active teshoor >> reporter: toy,da the jury was shn ownew video ofte ritnhseou shoo atingndil klingos jeph roausenbm. >> gffet o! repteorr: aro cwd csehad and confronted rittenhouse as he fled the scene. thenit rtenh sousehoant d killed anheprr otesr tobefo re undirong gsseukrtz. rittenhouse msclai hwae s acting inel sf-defense. s ateytorn qstueioned grosutskrez'acs tions leading to the shngooti. >> wyohen u rewe standing three toivfee et from him,wa it sn't until you pod inteyo gurun at ahim,dvceand on him thaurt yo n, now handsn dowpoteind at m,hi that he fired, right? correct. >> rteeporr:ef dense attorney joe outambri, nowho isn't ecconntetod the case, sboays th sides leare ang inheavy ilon grosskreutz's testimony. >> because when you have a witness on the stand who almost
3:36 am
died, ctheyane bvery powerful tnwiesses on eitsiher de. >>or repte ar:nd the proseoncuti has said thelly wi rt estheir tcaseomroorw. the nsdefee s haindicated ri tthoenuse himself tamay kehe t stand, t andhacot uld be in th xtne few days, n.orah >> o'don: nellnay ncchen, thank u.yo we, lltonight the rninteatnaiol lockdown idis enngs athe u.s. reenits s borders to vaatccinedas psengers frome mor than 30 trcouniejus st as we adhe into the hoy lidaseonas. we goret me now from cbs' errol baett. >> repor ater:ft merore than a ye aarpart, new je rrseyesenidts ayansha d ncvient mathew flyinal introduced aysha's mr otheand sierho w live in engndla to thr eigrowfaing t>>he hardest pwaart s t no having them thereo etme my son hwhene s waborn or missy ed m other sons' hdbirtay on other lesteson yout wanth temo be a part of. >>or repte ar:ysha's mother ulcodn'te bhappier, holding her six-month-d olgrandson aaroron f the very firimst te. mond, ayvirg finlights took off simultusaneolyro fm london on roe utto new york, as partf o celebrnsatio marking t ehend of u.s. covidtr resicontis in place sie rcmah of 2020.
3:37 am
now, natio fnalsro33m countries can come te o thstesat for nonetissenalra tvel so long as th aeyre vaccinated d anpridove a negativeid cov tt eswithin e threda oysf departure. those unde nr 18eeond ly a ne gaveti test result. >> it's bemaen azi dngay for the .team >> rteeporr:e josfrg eiwith icameranir alines tells necbs ws demand for flights iups 74% omfr brazil and fr66% omhe t in e stpa few months. the pent-upan demd is there. customerves ha bn eechamping at thbie t to come hendre a wree' excited we t canraponsrt stcuomers from t cheseouesntri into u the.s. >> reporter:ve tral omfr canada meand xi acolso resumed ov erghnit, leading tngo lo lesin heon t nthorern and soutrnhe s. borders. asorys aha, she justts wan to hold herom m and sister. >> after i'vnee do tt,ha i'm g gointohr tow both the akidst them and gkeo ta aic ne long na >> reporter:e heronhe t tarmac inhaotrlte, you can a see 777 behind mice whh lidevered enpassge frsrom london's athehrow airport i andn memonts wieall hd ckba over the pond, t europe is aseen sgeur the cod secas driven by the vaunccinated, cominfirngha tt the tokey ctionnuing rninteatnaiol travel, no irah,s getting vaatccined. >> one'donllal: l right, errol barnett on tarhe tmatoc night,
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th iss i the "cbs overnight news." 'm i c janraorwfd in inwashgt,on thanks foryi stang with us. afr te18 months of covid baierrrs the uniteatd stesas h reopenedhe t bdeorrs for fully vainccated travelers and ttha has millions people on the move. e'thers alreadyg lones lin of ca rst athe border crossings can ca anadand oversees,on lg lines irat alineke tict uncot corsunt. there's n ewconc.erns whileov cid cases and hospitatalizio ansre down in st of t uhenited stat es, there's bee an spike ines cas in
3:41 am
europe. up 50 i%n the past month. wee havth setory from london. >> reporteovr: cid has been rgresuining pcelashe wre they thghout they had it ndaile .down weer teold sssucce today does nomet an success troomorw a amerho sul pday atntteion. rope is againnd uer siegend a inrackgp u record case numbers. and that is a graonve ccern rns the heafd o the world health oizrganatnio in eupero. >> if we look aet th ltas four e eks the htaospilization has ledoubd. >>ac vcitinaon up teak has platea iuedn parts of europe. >> aet th seam time, there's a rexaonti ofhe t public health d social measures. whh is a cocktail forha wt we see. he clsal hiseg rion e th epi-center of a new global ou tbakre, fueled by the delta variant. europeouan cntesri with higher vainccation uptake aeappr to beo ldginid cov at bay.
3:42 am
while ine som eastern eureaopn tinaons the dlyai mliortaty rate is insurgg. for example,tu porga hlas onef o the highest vacticinaon rates in the world. yet, romiaan has one of the lowest in eopure and ofne o the highdeest ath rates on the globe. andus jtoday, jus fen rat was thehe higst since the pandemic began. >> we need to conetinu -- >> schools are bngei blamed for siring case numrsbe inhe t uk, omprpting fearst tha another lockdown may be looming. ink thi they can see it coming.bu tt' is tt hafine line ben twee letting peopole g autbo their ydail lives andls ao trying to ke pepeople safe. >>ho suld arimecans be paying close atiotentn ttohis siiotuatn einurope and tgakin leonsss away from that? >> abtesoluly.
3:43 am
e basic principal is, if it's a suaittion where the peak is acletirang, don't wait. thea rlr,ie thetr sicrte the tter. >> now, wesk aed what thisea mns fornk thasginivg and christmas ming up.he idsa, craelebteaf sely. tkeephe numbers down and in his words, vaccinate, and vent late. >> london. se clor to home,he tre's just e year now to wt hamany are caincrg ucial mid term el econtis and bothti pares are workinog t tip the slecas beefor the firstot ves aren eve the 2020 csuens gave states an opportunity to redr tawheir congressio dnalisictrts andn whe it's done forti parsandv aangeta it kwnno as gerrymanngderi. dispint reforms to end the practiitce, 'sti sll alive and llwe. ed oee'kfe has a look. >>ep rorter: dozensf ote stas are awredrinthg eir lines. so fhtigs are so conteusntio they are leliky to be in court,
3:44 am
d may not beid decednt uil cl oser to eiolectn day. weit vised two atstes, oh,io one colontrle bdy demraocts and bothol sidxa emples of the kind pofartinsaam ges beingla pyed thisal fl in ohio stat se'sea of rehe tre'so als a red/blue divide that is harrdeo t see. the university home to more than 60,000 studentss ili sced up in hrto teeon cgrsiesonal diris.ct one so lgear it linkls wil part of ohio e'stats cumolbus cpuams with ohinio uveitrsyn aou hr and a halfway in aphiplaca. >> you loo akt e thstateap mnd a yowant to laugh. litooksik le a ndkiergartner ewdr it. >> rteeporr:ea hther lesiv in this part of columbus that st icks out onhe t cgronessional malip ke a sore thumb. >> it flsee leik we are ignored. it'se don sour o votes don't cot. >> thiside s is one congressliona district. reporter: jenn mrille who
3:45 am
slead the notinparsa lneague of wonme vots eraam ce thwi us to walk tlihe ne. do they look house by house at how peeopl are regist?ered >>y the do, and there's liratelly sittiuaons in ohio ere one h couseane b surroundned o three sides by an otrhegr conesonsial stdiri.ct literally i mt isap makers and potilician ansic pking tirhe vo rtersatrheha tn the other way around. >> aloverl, ohio verots pdicke republicans slightlory me than e moatcrs in recent ngressionalec eltis.on look ae t thmap. 12 of the atste's 16se houts sea arrepublicanon ctrolled in partau becsef o the p go controgllin state governmt enand drew the lesin and ty heare doing it why? >> syimpl to secure psaartin advantage. >> miller'sro gup isng sui the oh iodirestctriing commission alsotr conoldley b repubnslica lealgingre extme parntisa you ge rranymdering. we asked for interviewros fm them a,nd they dliecnede w rntued to long-time ohio gop
3:46 am
rasttegist. >>heary e saying that repuanblics are drangwi itow h theyt wan to hold to power, you would say? >> wel tcomeo eramica, politics being lipoti. cs >> it's just the wae y thgame is ?played >> until the suprertme cou fi oguresut a better way. >> rr:eporte n yorewk asked for a better y,wa but in the e,stat democra ctsould use their total control in s thetate sllegiate urto rtejeche t cosimmison m'sap and draw their own. onepo prosa clould cost reicpublan usp to five seatsn i ngress. >> it'sus jtot n somethihang tt caesptur the publ ic'sattention. jdoine aan mho w mayet g to draw the lines. for you guysou y have to memorize a new map every ten ars. >> wedo, ascros the street from my home is ano sthertate senate diristct. i haeive nghrsbo tohi ts day atth are confused that they
3:47 am
don't get to vote f more. >> and confused toee s his neam onhe t sn igof his forme er ceoffi. itas w drown out of his district. and now, he is sg ayinneyow rk nes eda better wavey, en tif i stcos histy par por.we >> theoa gl iso t set up a emsyst ttha is independent. >> who is qualifiedse to rvone an ienndepdent commission >>t' is compcalited. >> back in ohio, jenn miller agrees.>> ist' human ininstct, if your pa rty is in power, youse u it to rig anan advta fgeor the next dedeca. the only option is toe tak poliltica parties and cantedidas out o tfhe >>so, 44 stas teare reawdring thnee lis cabeuse of populnatioh 11 are done,33 s ttillo go. as we said ,is some of them may end up in court ghfits. notably ltas week, new york vorste rejected an pla that may have made theirnd iepdeennt
3:48 am
iscommsion for innddepeent. unbut le sssomeone elsee com on up with aet bter way or if the couforts rce emtho t do so.h esgae mes areoi gng to coin.ue >> ed o'e,keef here in washington. look gd.oo feel good. ll giette proglide, five blades anpid a voti fnglexball ll giette proglide, five blades anp lookd, goo game good. tegillet.
3:49 am
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ttkier sn from your bshody wa? be try olay body wwashith skincaupre ser ingredient ll coagen! to impron ve ski3xte betr, from dry and dull torm fi aadnd riant. wilath oy body, i feelearl fess my inskin. i think i can speak for a fe of you, saying that a stop at legas vas would not be
3:51 am
complete without a stop at eth al ylou can eat buffet. now aft terhe pandemic, all the motaunins of food are ckba. ♪ossa vegas learned earlyow h satiysf any tiappete. rebefo the croon, divas demanded our adiooratn ♪ >> food, tookte cenr stage. the all you parsmorgesorde, part trghou.>> we will go through 3,000 unds of crab leg isn a night. >> is it imsipresve? >> ink thi it's impressive. >> he overseas this feca, seven da awe ek, roughly 2500
3:52 am
grazing gelamers eat 's old school vegas value. a .9$95re bakstfa has btootmless bloody s.mary we are her de toracuw stomers ino eth casinoan, d it >> it horas wkesid nce the early '40s. cost for the firsteg vas buffet, 1 dollars. d from the 1950she treas w dnight chuck wagon bus.ffet >> they did nott wan themo t go home, come here, play, t,ea and acgo bk and play more. >>nt ahony curtisub plish wlsil the l vasegas advi aser, guide ttohe city's limitless temptas.tion he sthaid atuf bfets keep e evviolng. >>ot a l of the bfeufts will try beet bte trhanhe t one before .it >>ch whi makes it like the oerth thinngs i vegas. >>ta srtgin last march here,
3:53 am
nothing could c wompeteith covid. siny cit shutn dow t pigeons stedayho eee gse hadhe tun r oef th st rip. all a 60 vegas buffets stopped seinrvg. ly 11av he reopened. anything n youee md,y fd,rien let us know. >> includings thi buffet at cer's pala,ce the luck's end of gly,uton 5,$7 the priceyest pig out ofhe t this ies th ecuxetive they have chef resibponsleor f nine tckihens, feeding 0032 people a day. does the buffet reflehect t geranel decadence of vegas? >> 100%. if you walk through, you will ve the s iryenso overload. iik lehe wn oppele start wit sedert, there's w noro wngith watoo d it. >>hiiss a place they think
3:54 am
theyt beathe house. >>veonrye wants to btea vegas an d one w tayheynk thi tcahey n do it is by out eating thn em i the pbuetff. >> you areloinokg at $2.5 llion in meat. 35,000 pounds of mtea aee wk. at d'covis peak it wten outhe t door. t'>> is what custorsme expect, it's part of the draw. ifhe tre's a markett tha i wan t toe in. goinhrg tou wghhatry eveone went throh,ug i would wan tto be he. it wlil come back sontrger a nd better l>>ike isth buffet,t i reopened in mayft aer 14 mohsnt. th btsuffe were their fst thing th closed down. and the strip closed downig rht afr.te esthe are ofne o the ltas tnghio ceom back now. 's a heug indicator that you kn,ow vegas is back. >> that means twoth ings. miiollns eryve year wlil lveea
3:55 am
vegas poor,re but no one will leave here hungry.i' m mark straussman.
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when you humble seyourlf undethr e mitygh hanofd god,du in e meti he will exalt you. him , i'jo oelsteen. i'm exciteabd out being ywithou every week. pei ho y'loul tune in. llyou' bine spired, you'll be erancouge id.'m looking rward to seeyoing u ghrit here.yo u are fully loaded and completely equipped for
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the rahace tt'bes en signed for you. >> forea yrs a classical violinisst ha helped peopley b us mingusic for alheing. wai s luckyno eug tho see the surpri tsinghi hnge is doing for an enreco. for this classicalic musia an, vi violin is for --e hla pyed for hisra gndthmoer whoad h eialzhmes.r' >> it swa somethinghe s cognized. >> likehe t fog of aimlzheer 's lifted s andheas w able to he see again. >> earli terhis year, heou fnd a
3:58 am
new way to concne with people, becoming a cop. >>n i somes way it'sim silar to life as a muansici .>> i g'moing inla pceshe wre i'm not sure howeo pple will t,reac buts it' an adventure. >>ouav he traded ioun yr viinor f a we,apon but you are stl inservg. >> exactly. >>now, in orunifm, he connuties tola py. hopi tngo show a different side of police fiofcers. >> i think it showsha tt i'm mahun too. iav heob hbi,es pasonsis outside police work and copsre a so tale,nted ppleoe don't see that. >> perinformg with a puosrpe. >> andiv ling a life of seicrve. at's the erovnitgh news for thistu esy.dafo r some of you tewhe ns conts.inue for othershe cck backat ler for cbs mogsrnin. and follow us onle inany time at cbs rertgin from the tinaon's
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cal.pito i'm jan awcrford. ts hiis are cbs news asflh. i' tomso hann in new yo.rk four astrosnaut are backn o solid gdroun aerft 199 dsay in space. e crewhi wch includes two nasa tronauts sasplhed down south of peolnsaca. the nextw cre aivrres to iss thursday pfizer is expected to seek fda authorization for the vaine booster for anyone over .18 the move could happen as soo as is .week e step closer to psiredent bidesn' goal of making booster shots available toll a u.s. tsadul. d ana nilashvleas ptor is being called a hero aerfts thi incide ant, ea26-yr-dol man pull oedut apo guninting it at thcoe ngregation. the quick ainctg pastor tackled
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thean m to the ground, thankfullyon no eas w .hurt for morene ws, download it's tuesday, venomber 9, 21. th iths e cbs morninwsg ne. criminal invgaestition. w developmes ntas we l tearnhe police chief talked withvi tras otsct before his rfore.manc spacplex sasdoh wn. four astroutnas return to h.eart eithr big milest oonesn the spacste ation. ivf mi.x up how caa lifoiarn couple realized ey gave birttoh somneeo el'sse baby. good mngorni. go todo be with you.


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