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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 19, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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peanut br utteanjed lly llwi live s toeeno ather day. wehiigng in at 40 pousnd each, h eir bds are set to bear pdodne by president biden. foror me it's frayid, november 19th, 20. this ishe t "cbs inmorng wsne." late night ssseion.ho use democrats d aelay vote on the buildk bacte betr mease.ur the matarhon speecht tha srdiupted their plans. > back on the stand. traviscm michael tesestifi for a second day. what he admitted about his deadly contifrontaon with ahmaud arbery. theea srch for j immyhoffa. the new twist that's led fbi investigatortos a ldfanill in w je.rsey weeg bin wit hhouse deatmocrsn o the verge of giniva
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bigoo bst to president bin'des daagen. today they're expected to pass his build back better plan. they weren o track to hold a vo te last night, but it was delayed after hseouor minity leader kevincc maryth gave a maonrath secpeh slagmmin the bill and talking about unrelated topics incdilung mcnadold's. bradleacy blkbn uris in new york with goodmorning. >> rteeporr:oo gd cahyrt sedtart speaking at 8:38e tim last night,nd ais he ill goingig rht eem docrats saye' hsus jt deying initevable. housein mority leader kevin mcrthy rdaile against presidenbit desn' build back tter blil in a marhoatn speech that wentnt io the early morning. >> this is the seingl most ckreless and ironrespsiebl spending bil iln our nation's hiory. h e alsoit h on a hos otf otr topics during morthe an seven hours on the floor. >> i watchedmy jim ctearr have a swte orn and tell metu to rn eth heater wndo.
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i bieelve moreeo pple wbeill tratacted toe com here il lellgay. >> rteeporr:ho srtly after dnight, draemocts posedtpon thot vent uil later this moinrng as the tyry to pass it fobere theirnk thasginivg break. >> cetompleld bui back better before we go home. >> repr:orte t lheegislation inesclud meyon for climate anchge,ve unirsal pre-k, and prescrip dtionru grefo.rm thiils bl idenclus an ex teionsn of thehi cld tax edcrit wchhi has already rededuc childhood poverty. thisl bil actyuall caps the cos ofns iulin to $35 a month. r>>eporter:he t bill is exctedo t psas the house. over in the setena,em doctsra will need all 50 of their me mbser on board. st virginiaoe's j manchin is kelily to force consideerabl chsange borefe he lends his su pport. still looking at everything. >> rteeporr: the nonpartisan congressional budget oeffic foundhe til bl increesas the deficit by 67$3 billion over ten yes,ar but that does not co nserid revenue generated by thers iti getng greater enforcementow per going after
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wealthy tax cheats. easpkercy nan poseli isal cling mccthary's speech aem tper rutantm. weho sulnod te that in 2018 when sheas w mitinory adleer, she s t ght hours, anarne-mie? >> bradley blacurkbn, tha ynkou souc mh for thattl lite ggnuet. thank u.yo so as covid cases rise ainga in the u.,s. the fda could take a big step todayit wh vaccine boroste otshs. th agency is expected to thorize moderna's eraxt dose for all asdult according to "picolito." moderna asked the fda eliarer isth week to approve a third otsh for all americans 18 and deolr. the fda is aols expected to grnee light the use of pferiz's osboter shot for edc c will have theal fin say. and clongsi arguments are sclehedudo t begin monday in the iatrl of three mencc ausedf o kiinghm aaud arbery. travis mcmiaechl, who shot ryarbe, took the stand ainga yesty.erda hedm aitted aerrby did not
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thatreen him during a chase in a georgia neighborhood lastandt hd llfoowing him. om varillafranca porerts. n ot threatened ynou i any y,wa vbaerlly or ysphical?>> no, 'amam.>> rorepter: beforehe t defense rested iasts ce thean m who fatally shot ahmaud ar tberyook the stanr d foa sexcnday d stteifying he was under the impression arbery could pose a atthreec bause he was rniunng to ward him. >> h dide anbrdish any weapons? no, ma'am. >> did he p oullut any guns >> no, ma'am. >> did he pull aoutny knife? >> no, ma'am. n>>ever rcheaed for hianytng, did he? >> no. >> he just ran. >> yes, he was just running. reporter: that day in uafebrry, 2020, mcmil,chae his faerth greg mcmichael, and a neorighb, william roddiyae brn, chased arbery through their brunswick, georgia, neighborhood in pickup trucks. they have claedim seldef-fense yinghe ty speusced him of rglaesri werane d trying to ke a citenizs arrest. the prosecutionnt poied out
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inisconsteiencs benetwe mcchmiael's testimony from the ydaor befe and his written stenatemtus jt hours after the shngooti. >> youev ner tdol the police that you said to mr. bearry, "youe'rnd uer arstre," correct? >> did not. >>eporter: odeutsi the urcothouse thursday,un hdrsed oa stsor hdel a prayer rally ter a defense lawyer made thesome cmesnt -->> we don't want anyor me black paorsts comg inin here -->> rorepter: from thtae srthe t ca se has put another spotlight on racial jusceti and soil wl the vdierct foree thr deficits owh hplave ead denot guilty to n g chargeslu incding mu.rder day four ojuf ry deralibetion radis wiletl g undy in trihe talf oolky ritt e he was spoedtt in court speinakg wi othne of his attos.rney he fgacin chaesrg for shooting n dli kilngwo t people and unwoding a third during a protestn i kenosha lastar ye. meantime, the judge has ban ned cable channsnel mbcm fro the
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courthouftse aer a freelancer algeledly floolwed a bus rrying the .>>on i d'tnohat the luabsotelyt i wouldo g whoitut u ch thinking thatom seone who is following the jury bus that is a very -- extmerelyer sious ttmaer. ritteounhseac fes life in ispron if convicted of eth most seouris charge in the case. n i okla,homa an inmate's fe has been spared justou hrs berefo he was scheduled to be ecexuted. governor kevin stitt cteommud lius jones' sentence to life in pri wsonith no chanc oef parole.he 'sai mntained his innocence dan saidwa he s framed be y th kill aerfterei bng convict inned 1999 shooting death of powell llhowe. pe woplehoup spoedrt jones gathered out the choourtusane d ceatlebredhe wn they learned his lifeld wou be spared. meti,me the vict'sim family
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says thexe ecuti wonou hldave meantus jtice for howell. still,y the told c nbsews that h ey can takeom cfort in the gorn'sor decision kngnowi it refisrm jones'>> > and learsdero fmad cana and ximeco have critical talksit wh esprident bidenin durg the first norterh amican summit in f five ars. canadian pri mmeinister justin trudeau and the mexican esprident tleraved to thehi wte house yeerstday. ttheal wksere aim aedtin fding common gunrod on issues clinuding economic cooperation, th cidov pandemic, and immigration. as learsde we share an inneat understanding that ouriv dertysi is an enormous threat. atth we are best able to rchea ourot pential when we unleash the llfu,he t full rgean of our ople's talents. >>r. mid ben also said that we cant mee all challenge isf we just take the time to speak to one another. coming up, aew n twist in the search for jimmy hoffa.
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enwh you open your fu nky onfrt load washer? but at ge appliances, we 've engineered t fheirst and on flyront ldoa with ultrafresh vent sysmte wi othdorblo so you can-- shut the front door! o nones saythat. another weway make goods, thing fifor le. >> there's a newlu ce in the sear fchor jimmy hoffa, and two cotenvicdil klers were eaclred. th aosere some o tfhe heaesdlin on the "mornneing wsanstd." the "associated press" reports twoen m convicted in the 1965 murder ofco mallm xe wer exeredat. yeerstday a newk yor jgeud diisdse the convictionsf o muhammad azid z anth leate kh alil both maiaintned their innocence from terhe vy start. they were paroledn i the 1980s afr serving morthe an 20 years. aziz was inou crt yesterday when his name was cleared. th mttanhaan disttric atto'srney oicffe reveinstigated th ceas fwiollong afl netix documeyntar e investigaonti foundhe ten m did notei recve ar fairi tal and
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rewe wrongly convicted. >> a third manon cvicted and senten tcedo life admitted he killed malcolm x but said itneher aziz or islam were involved. th "e new york t"imes ssay the decades' longea srch for jimmy ahoff led thebi f to the site of ame forr new jersey filandll. e fmeorrea tmsters union leader was last seen outside a michigan restaurant in 1975 afteree mting whit a mob boss. authorities lauhencd a new inigvestatioftn aer aor fmer worker at the newse jery landfiaill sd on his deathbed that he bdurie the body undergroundn i a steel drum. te fbis say agentsrr aived at the site last month to do ait se su.rvey nd a "usa today" says a bipartisan group of steta
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attoeyrns gerenal is investigg atinwhheetr facooebk igno wredarngnisha tt the stagram app was unthhealyor f .kids officials say faboceok, now called mepltaatforms, ignored internales rearchbo aut the ysical and mental health ngers it posed to cldhiren and young tsadul. this follows renectew nsperap rertpos that found the company knew about the cod uscae teenagers when it comes to mental thheal and body ime suises. >> still to come, crielebty soccer stassi. howim k kardaiashn west heldpe a mewon'soc scer taneam d their esfamili ighn afanistan.s a tol. no t just unpredictablpse relaes. all thheese otr gsthin too. it candd all a u kesimpta is -ma onceonthly at-home injection... that may help you esput the m s challenges ithein r ple. ke simpta was proven superior ateduc ring the rate of relapses, acte leivsions, d owinslg disability re progssion vs aubagio. don't taimke kespt a if you have tihepatis
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closing hedundrs of calotis,on an a rythtution w solctdi anki at the new nimo morng,>> rorepter: good inmorng, anneie-mar. ,well ts himorning stock furutes are pointing to a higher open airix med day dinurg styeery'das iosessn. the indesicai gnedom mentum early yesterday after n ew unemplntoyme claims edged down to 268,000t las week. ulmatitelyck stos finished x.mi the dow flel 60 poin.tsth e sdnaaq gained 72, andhe t s&p 500 added 15.>> > cvs annouednc it is closing 900re stos over theex nt three e drug sreto chain said it's been evaatluing dat tao ensure it has the right kin odsfre stos in theht rig calotions. this comess a more people peesciallyin durg thean pdemic shop on line. cvs is movingy awa from retail andnc ireinasgly toward heah lt care serv.ices it did not sayhe wre the closuresil wl happ.en>> >is dney cruliise nes i out thwi newui gdelines to keep guests safem fro cod-vi19. th cpaomny says it wlil reqreui
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yoevernege as 5 and older to be fullyac vcidnatega ainst the ronavirus beefor setting sail eay next year. ssengers who aretn' eligible to get a stho must prodevi proof a negative covid test taken betwtheen re deays and 24 hours berefo their trip. the new rule takes effect ja nuyar 13th. >> and a mryyste psoern now ownsn axc eeptionallyar reie pce orhisty. anff oicial first eonditi printedy cop ofhe t u.s. co nstutition fcheted more than 3$4 monilli at a sotheby's ctauion in newk yor yesterday. it isus jt one of 13 surviving copies from thest fir priinntg in 1787. online group of yptocurrencyes invto hrsad crowd funded over $40 million to ybu the domecunt, but ultimately lostut o. an-miear? >> tyes,hey did. but i rdea that the people who donatedhe tir cptryocurrency aprepantly willet g the money back. yeah. th'sha wt they minus fees, yes. minus fees. >> minus oh.
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s greats
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venus and serena wimsllia. e movieit hs tatheers andbo h ma toy.da kkimarshdaian west sdcore
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big as she hpeeld fly female soccer players from afghanistan to britain. ala pne chartered by the reatylv srta arrived in londonee agrd pakistan. carried morthe an 30 teenage plsayer from afghanistan's women utyoh delevopment socrce tmea and their faes. ey were ableo rch pakista bu c a flight out until kardashian west, a u.s. rabbi, and a british socrce team heedlp them. >> made me haypp knowihang tt esthe women and tirhe famieils got the oppniortuty to breathe eefrdom, toer expieenc freedom. >> hunsdredf o feemalth aleste have left afghanistan scein the taliban returned to power. major league baseball has nadme itswo t mtosua valble pleraysor f the asseon. loanleges anlsge dnaesigted hiernd a pitcher otani as the pickor f the american le.ague ihes the first two-way player to win thewa ard since its ceinption in 3119.
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philadelphia phillies ouldtfieer yce harrpe was named mvp in e national leeagu f torhe second timen i his career.he 's only the fifth plainyer histyor to win the ardwaor f different teams. heas w named mvp in 2015 as a and whatou wld thanksgiving be wit thouthe annual presiden ttialuryke pa?rdon presidbient denil wl have the stdiinct honor of parpaticiting in the w hhiteouse ceremony today whit two turkeys from diinana. onrke tuey is named peanut butter ahend t oerth jelly. th syitang at aux luryel hot in washingnto ahead of today's recemony. training these turkeys, believe itr o t,no by working with placing them on a table and ingettg them ready for their big moment with presideidnt benn o fr.iday and just really tempentrame and interactionh wit pe.ople bothur tkeys willea hdac bk inandia to liv oeut the rest of their days. >>mi> congp uon "cbs mornings"o w, anthony mason talks about
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our top stories this inmorng -- the house is expected to pass esident bisden' build back tter agenda datoy. last nit'ghsch seduled vote was layed after miny oritleerad kevin mccarthy took the flr.oo th reepublican leader slammed the legistilaon in a mhoaratn speech that lteasd into the early and cnglosi aumrgents are scheduled foonr mday in the trlia of three men accused of killing ahmaud ar.bery
4:26 am
trisc maemichl, whoho st arbery, took the stand ainga yedastery. heit admted ayrber did not th reenat him dur aing chasen i a geaorgi neighborhood ltas year, anhad tte h could have stoedpp o llinowg m.hi p risce are on the rise for just about evethrying including food, but that means that th angiksving dinner is going to cost more. jessi mchitell rertpos. >> rteeporr: the bowery mission in n yework is alrdyea prirepano rha tnksgiving we.ek this year theha crity will cook 200ur tkeys and give away 1,000e als. >> we'reon ctinuing tseo e gatre challenges i onur city and ar ound thewo rld,nd a trehe are people thatre a in need of a rmwa meal. >>epteorr: but from charities likes thi one tohe t average nner bltae, the meal will be more expeivnse. the americanm farur beau rafedetion says a classic thksangiving feast f toren peleop incngludi turkey, stuffing, becranrrs,ie vegetables, and pinumpk piel wil cost $53.31o tma ke, up 14% from lastar ye. moalst eveinrythg on the menu io
4:27 am
rehi ts year from thnne dier rolls to desseburt, t e th largest fweineacrse it foe r th turkey. faerhas ve beence ford to raise psrice bauecse costs are way up. >> everygthin is costing more- - feed, fuel, labor, all of tho se thingse hav irencased in price from02 20 to02 21. >>ep rorter: pluspp, sulyha cin is asuesreea lding to increasing espric atht e grocery store. >> a pie crust hasul mtiple ingredients, i sof erthe's an eaincrse inhe tos ct of eggs, ih ers e'an increase hein t cost of packg,agin for any of the inednties, an incasree in the co stf o gas to transport any of those ingreditsen to the pie cr ust numafacturer, itll a adds up. repteorr: even with the higher stcos,he t bow meryission willab be leo t make all of this year's meals. thanks to our dorons we've been able to get theke turyha tt's we need a tndhe fingngxis. >> rteeporr:ak ming feeding
4:28 am
peleop in need everen mo important. je ssimihetcll, cbs newews, n york. coming up only hadn o "cbs morningson," ty oudopil talks thwi the execustive binehd puff bar, theop t vaping brandmo ang teageners, ashe ty give plus, a with robert pntla and alison kr auss about theirla colbotiraon on their nglo-aitwaed new alm,br ai tsehe roof." andpe rapr and actorom kmon lltes jericka duncabon aut lachg ina musicro pgram to heal and inspire inmesatt a a maximum risecutyri pson in illinois. > >>that'she t "cbs inmorng nefows" r thisfr id.ay ksthan for wangtchi. i'm annmae-rie green. have a greeeat wkend.
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