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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 25, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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enforcement planning, and what should shoppers expect? kpix 5's max darrow begins her team coverage from palo alto. >> reporter: a large group of people hit the real real in downtown palo alto, which is why the storefront is all boarded up. now detectives believe this incident could be connected to another burglary in the north bay. >> reporter: crews have painted over the boards in place to protect the real real storefront. >> really surprised. >> reporter: according to police, a group of 30 to 40 people showed up on sunday night and try to smash their way into the consignment shop. a security guard called the cops, and the people all took off. >> is the most hollywood like. >> reporter: they found two suspects and more than $15,000 worth of stolen merchandise from another real real shop in larkspur that was had earlier in the night by a large group
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of people. according to central marin police, around 40 people were involved in a smash and grab their, and made off with about $250,000 worth of merchandise. >> there are gangs moving around the bay area obviously. >> it's not like there are riots going on, or other instability. it is pure robbery. >> reporter: police arrested two people, 20-year-old keyonni marie jones from richmond and kevyonna barnes from alejo. central marin police detectives are now working together to figure out if there any connections between the people involved in the crimes in their cities and those have committed similar crimes in other cities throughout the bay area. >> they've had san francisco problems. they've had walnut creek, contra costa here. >> reporter: many locals are well aware of what is going on not just in their neighborhoods. palo alto resident angela howe
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told us -- >> i hope is ending soon. >> reporter: prosecutors and law enforcement from contra costa county, san joaquin county, alameda county, san francisco, marin, san mateo, clare county said they have all teamed up to try to combat this ongoing issue with retail theft. max darrow, kpix 5. kpix 5 shawn chitnis continues her coverage from the tri-valley , where shoppers are split on whether heading out to the stores tomorrow are worth the black friday deals. >> i'm going to wake up at 4:00 a.m. and go shopping. anything open, i'm going to go shopping. 4 people are returning to things having traditions today enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. retailers like best buy, macy's, target, and walmart were all closed today, stores that have stayed open and thinks giving in the past. >> i had never gone black friday shopping. i feel it would be fun to try out. >> reporter: others out and about say they will be staying inside a black friday. >> i'm scared with what's going around, so i'm not planning to go in person. >> everything is online, being, just order everything from the online. >> reporter: law enforcement
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agencies across the bay area have stepped up their police presence at malls this week. local das have also announced that they are working together to try to prevent more mass robberies. >> we are concerned this is a crime of opportunity, and when people get out, they may try it again. we are doing everything we can to keep them in custody. >> reporter: a concern on the minds of these potential shoppers before they go back to certain stores. >> there are all these things going around in the malls. >> i don't feel safe. >> reporter: these robberies that we are seen across the bay area are clearly a factor in the decision for most open early on black friday, but keep their standard closing early hours throughout the holiday weekend. reporting in pleasanton, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. oakland police say they will have extra officers and tactical teams patrol through the weekend, targeting armed caravans, illegal sideshows, and other violent crimes. the department says those tactical teams are specially trained in de-escalation.
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meanwhile, a reward is growing for information leading to the gunman who shot and wounded a local news crews a security guard in oakland yesterday. and now stands at more than $17,000. the crew from kron 4 was covering a mob style robbery at a downtown boutique when they were attacked. the guard remains in the hospital tonight, but is in stable condition. we turned to the weather, and something we can all be painful for this evening. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is here with the encouraging update on the drought. despite it being a holiday, the u.s. drought monitor's latest update was released today, and there is good news. it is a good news, bad news situation. here is what the map looks like than week ago with the last update. exceptional drought through much of the bay area. here's the newest map released this morning. the exceptional drought area has shrunk significantly. even parts of contra costa county and alameda county have dropped a category from exceptional drought to extreme drought which is still the second worst county category, that encompasses the entire bay area. statewide, a significant drop,
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down from 38% to 20% this week, but zero change in the amount of california in extreme drought. that is locked in at 80%. we didn't get any rain in the past 7 days. why did it change? the rain we received earlier this month and last month, it takes a while for the impact to be felt through the entire ecosystem. hopefully we can continue to see changes as we have for the next several weeks to read what would really help is additional rainfall. despite the clear weather, the holiday got off to a grim start on bay area roads. this two car crash in contra costa county was one of three deadly accidents in a 3 hour span this morning. it happened at around 6:00 a.m. in byron my killing a person, and injuring two others. 1 hour before that, a pedestrian was hit and killed on state route 221 in napa.
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2 hours before that, a multivehicle crash killed a person on highway 101 in belmont. investigators in santa clara county say they have captured a suspected sexual assault or 6 month to the date from the alleged attack. 43-year-old raymond dupont simpson is accused of assaulting an intellectually disabled woman in san jose back on may 24th. he was arrested yesterday in sunnyvale on an outstanding warrant. simpson is jailed on $210,000 bail on sexual assault, kidnapping, and false appeasement charges. if you are headed through san francisco, the regular weekend closure of the great highway is off to an early start for thanksgiving. the stretch between lincoln will reopen to traffic on monday, but between now and then, it will be closed. >> reporter: there is a new food truck pilot program starting saturday. they are closing in on a 90% vaccination rate in marin county. 86% of eligible residents in each county are now fully
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vaccinated, and more than 90% of residents 5 end up have had at least one dose. across san francisco, volunteers started their day before dawn, preparing thanksgiving meals for those in need. the salvation army delivered thousands of them to homebound seniors, while clyde memorial doled out ham, turkey, and all the trimmings to thousands more. >> i met with my family, but they just like family being about here. >> i miss when they used to be able to serve, and it would come through the line, and you hand them that tray. they would say thank you. it's a feeling that warms your heart. meanwhile, salvation army volunteer markup about his daughter with him this morning to remind his daughter to be painful and get back. >> if you want to be compassionate or empathetic towards people, you need to actually do it instead of just tell your kids.
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our food for bay area's family drive is on. the domain your time or money to help our neighbors in need this holiday season my go to /give. there's a lot of action in the kitchen on things giving, but imagine preparing your holiday feast without electric power. >> it's weird being put in this predicament, but we are using our brains. >> california communities grilling their birds by candlelight amid a public safety shut off. still hoping to spend the holiday on the slopes? you are in luck. the sierra ski resort that will be back in business just hours from now. what are you thankful for? >> that is what are da lin wanted to know after a tough 20 months. he set up chef along the san francisco waterfront to ask. we will be sharing responses throughout the show. >> i'm thankful for all the quality time i'm getting with my parents. i'm finally seeing them a little after 2 years, and that's a really long time.
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the fact that we can just be out, and not be locked in somewhere, and enjoy this beautiful town, and i'm just very thankful for that. most important we my beautiful family. bay area cal fire crews will be deploying first thing tomorrow to southern california where fire conditions are bad right now, on account of heavy santa ana wind. near zero humidity drives up the fire danger in southern california, 'tis the season. as a consequence, thousands in parts of l.a., or inside, san bernardino, have had their power cut today, forcing them to get creative about cooking
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their thanksgiving dinner. >> it's weird being put in this predicament, but we are all using our brains, so we are using the grill right now. in a few hours it is already, and cooked to temperature. >> some families are making the best of the situation by cooking their turkeys outside on the grill. the conditions for southern california cut the power to more than 64,000 customers in those five counties. when gusts swept to 70 miles per hour were recorded. taking a look atop headlines. for the second year in a row, americans are giving thanks in the midst of a global pandemic, as health officials urge people not to let their guard down. >> progress requires everyone doing their part. >> there are already searches across the northeast, and the north, and as an e.r. doc, our hospitals are already overwhelmed. with holiday travel approaching pre-pandemic levels, and about 4 in 10
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americans still unvaccinated, the cdc has hospitalizations and deaths will likely increase in the next few weeks. it is already happening in about two dozen states. meanwhile, the world health organization is meeting today to discuss the new b11529 variant which is turning up in south africa, botswana, and hong kong. it's mutations may make it capable of avoiding immune responses, but doctors say it is w way too soon to be overl concncerned. asas we give thanks fofor w we have,e, we also keep in our hearts t those we lost, , and whwho have lost soso much, and those who have an empty seat at their kitchen or dining room table this year because of this virus. >> the president and first lady also expressed their gratitude to the troops in their thanksgiving message to america before visiting a coast guard station in new hampshire. more than 170,000 u.s. military personnel are stationed overseas this holiday season, and the pentagon flew
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in 60,000 pounds of turkey, 68,000 pounds of pies and cakes, and 23,000 gallons of eggnog to help them celebrate abroad. while it's not quite like home, it is close in some ways. >> we've been here all night together, sweating and arguing and cooking, so this is a family. i'm okay. i still feel the love and spirit of thanksgiving. the macy's things giving day parade returned in full force to the streets of new york. it was scaled-back last year due to the pandemic, but this morning marching bands once again filled the streets as a famous balloon flew overhead. parade goers didn't have to be vaccinated, but the participants did. that means there were no children under 12 in the parade this year since they have not been vaccine eligible for long enough. the holidays still happen up in space. they just look a little bit different. five astronauts said thanksgiving is not bad at all
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aboard the international space station. >> the food is fantastic. we are looking forward to some special things that have been sent for us. >> sometimes he will do a turkey trot on things giving. up here we have a treadmill. i have different colored headbands for crews to where as we run on a treadmill. >> if you were hoping to get in holiday skiing, you can do it tomorrow at boreal. they delayed the opening until it was cold enough to get the snow makers going. the same story at palisades tahoe mullet is planning a soft opening, which describes the snow as well. just the base area and limited beginner terrain will be open mostly for kids lessons. the sugar bowl has also been busy making snow overnight. it was aiming to open tomorrow, but it doesn't have enough of a base to make it happen. we go to the man who can answer all of these snowy questions. it looks like a pretty calm
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weather pattern that will stick around into early december. there are signs by the end of the first full week of december and second weekend, there may be a more unsettled weather pattern for california as a whole. this big area of private pressure is sitting on top of us, which means we aren't seeing much in the way of any rain chances headed our way. it is also trapping whatever is underneath it, which is smoke from wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and fire pits, and urban pollution. this is what it looked like earlier today with the haze on the horizon, visible in any direction you looked. it's not really going to go anywhere for a while. the air quality made it into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category for a brief time around the bay and in the east bay this afternoon. our experimental forecast model shows it lingering tomorrow. it does have signs that may be the surface level smoke will thin out a bit on saturday. slightly better air quality.
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no spare the air alerts in effect, but if you do have a wood-burning fireplace or pit try to avoid using it until the weather patterns change and we can get the surface level air quality to improve a bit. a nice look towards the golden gate bridge. temperatures are cooling off. livermore and santa rosa authority down into the upper 40s. otherwise low to mid 50s. low to mid 40s inland by early tomorrow morning. the chili is sponsored dropping down into the 30s, but just a couple of those locations on the map tomorrow morning as opposed to widespread 30s we had earlier this morning. they aren't going to affect tomorrow's warm-up. temperatures will be several degrees above average in the santa clara valley, 70 degrees for san jose, into the low 70s for cupertino, campbell,'s , morgan hill. upper 60s around the south end of the bay. mid to upper 60s inland and in the east bay. not quite as chilly to start the day. your temperatures have more room to warm-up.
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64 in san francisco. 66 for oakland. mid to upper 60s for most of the north bay. temperatures even further north reaching up further into the 60s, if not touching 70 degrees for cloverdale and ukiah. temperatures will stay in the 70s for san jose for the next 7 days. the warmer weather will stick around even with a minor cooldown i tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. and in parts of the east bay and north bay, maybe not quite as warm as the santa clara valley, but still well above average, and no hint of rain in the entire 7 day forecast. we will up date that we can forecast coming up at 11:00. holiday sales are expected to set records this year, but not all shopping days are created equal. still to come, the best days to buy online. i finally got my citizenship around 2 months ago.
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i am thankful for having a job. i have seen people suffer, but i am thankful that it didn't affect us as it affected so many people. if you are planning to shop online for the holidays, you
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may want to start right now. >> or you may want to wait a little while. it depends on what exactly you are looking for. an adobe analytics expert says thanksgiving, today, is the best day for discounts on toys. black friday is good for furniture and tools, and electrtronics and appliances wi be at their best prices on saturday. sunday is the best day for apparel and sporting goods, and cyber monday for televisions, but there is a catch with all of this. >> if you're looking to make that upgrade to a new tv mother and cyber monday is your day for that, but if you are waiting for cyber monday but you may not get the exact brand and model that you were looking for. >> of course, because supply chain issues are continuing to create shortages. finding a deal may come second to finding the actual item. >> are living with the tv you've got. the postal service says it is bringing in an extra 40,000 seasonal workers to help get all of those packages where they need to go. they are also adding more high-speed sorting machines. if you want to guarantee
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package delivery by christmas, you need to get it to the post office by december 15. i'm sorry, you have until the 17th to send your cards. fedex is dealing with this unusual situation in alabama, where hundreds of packages were found down a ravine. no one has any idea who dumped them there, or why. sheriff's deputies are looking into that, well fedex is busy recovering those packages for delivery. still to come, a unique think giving tradition returns to the east bay, the turkey shoot, targeting bottles instead of birds. i am thankful to have my
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finally, we are moving around, eating indoors, getting together as a family. this is such a blessing. no actual birds were
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harmed, but several bottles of whiskey were killed at the annual turkey day shoot. >> the mayor and i hundred 50 people is a shot glass of wild turkey or sparkling cider to the tradition, which returned today after last year's pandemic pause. the event started back in 1989 where the manager of the hotel mac and richmond took his employees out for a shot as consolation for having to work on thanksgiving. that's a fun tradition. >> not allowed inside this building -- >> very blessed. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. happy thanksgiving. thank you for watching. we will see you back here
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