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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 26, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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what authorities are doing to keep shoppers say. a possible link emerged between one heist and another attempted theft. what to police departments across the bay are working to uncover. case on the horizon and it will not go anywhere. we will talk about why it is trapped in place over the bay area. @what are you think before this thing? we get that answer to that question around the self may . stunning new video out of southern california. the bed of two a massive infernal engulfing a huge commercial building . good evening and thank you and happy thanksgiving. the bay area is heading into black friday in the middle of a retail crime wave. as we report, many are split on whether the holiday deals are worth it. >> reporter: the madness we saw on black friday and the start of the holiday shopping season year after year has become just a memory since the pandemic. >> "4:00 him and go shopping .
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i will go shopping . >> reporter: people were returning to the tradition so they can enjoy outdoors with family and friends. retailers like best buy, macy's, target and walmart were all closed today. stores that have stayed open on thanksgiving in the past. @i've never gone black friday shopping so will be fun . >> reporter: others that they will be staying inside all of black ready . >> i am scared with what is going on . >> reporter: law enforcement agencies across the bay area have stepped up their police presence at this week. local district attorneys announced they are working together to try to prevent more math robberies. we are concerned it is a crime of opportunity . they may try it again. we are doing everything we can to keep them in custody . took a concern on the minds of these potential shoppers before they go to certain stores. i do not feel safe . >> reporter: bay area shopping
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centers hope to get more visitors in person by opening earlier than normal on friday, beginning at 6:00 and. videos of people coming in, running through the doors. it is not great . i will try to avoid that . to a possible link between an attempted theft in paulo alto and a heist in the north bay . >> detectives from to police departments 50 miles away from each other are working together to crack the case . the realreal store on university avenue is boarded up my pal at the police say a group of 30 to 30 people smashed the glass while trying to break in on sunday night . weber, a security guard called the cops and the people took off. when officers pulled over two suspects, they found more than $15,000 worth of stolen goods from another realreal shop in larkspur . police say a group of about 40 people hit that store earlier on sunday night . making off with about $250,000
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worth of goods. cement it is almost hollywood like . there are gangs . >> it is not like there are riots going on or some other instability . is pure robbery .'s the police detectives are working together to sniff out any possible conditions. we are seeing reports of a shooting in east oakland . police say a man was shot near a homeless income it. it broke out in fruitville and alameda avenue this afternoon . >> reports the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay . at the same time, the reward is going to $70,000 for information leading to the gunman who shot a local news crew security guard in oakland . coming a mob style robbery when they were attacked yesterday . the guard is hospitalized in stable condition tonight. with the balance biking, oakland police are boosting stabbing and blowing tactical
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teams . they will support police officers responding to armed caravans, illegal sideshows and other violent crimes . a live look outside, or east bay residents are seeing hazy conditions, some drivers reporting smoky air. it's bringing our ojus . what is causing those conditions? >> a will not clear up anytime soon. we are seeing this haze for the past few days. he seemed to get more intense today. let's take a look at this afternoon . in every direction, you can see the haze. some of it is typical urban pollution . lot is not not wildfire smoke but smoke from what burning fireplaces and pits . it tends to trumpet in place. air quality is not good for most of the bay area . lot is unhealthy for sensitive groups air quality. it is not likely to improve tomorrow because some high pressure in the upper levels of
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the amateur acting like a lid, trapping that smoke and pollution at ground level . it will be a place for the next several days . we will take a look at that we can forecast . other than air quality, it is looking good . looking live the tsa said it's great more than 2.3 million people at u.s. airports yesterday . that's at a pandemic travel record . experts are worried that holiday gatherings might fuel a covert spike . cases are rising in 25 states. hospitalizations are up in 22 . to protect yourself health officials say it is crucial to get vaccinated and get a booster if you are eligible . dr. fauci says that children and teenagers are far less likely to need covid boosters for a very basic reason. >> healthy teenagers have a much better and stronger immune response than i do, as an elderly person . i gulp when i
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say elderly but it is the truth . volunteers across the bay area spent their thanksgiving working to feed the needy . >> there's lot of food insecurity . the holidays get worse . a lot people we serve, they are part of some family unit . >> a line of people wrapped around the parking lot of st. anthony's dining room . volunteers packed two boxes filled with food . inside the dining room, volunteers served thanksgiving meals . custom cisco, launches prepared holiday meals before don today. the salvation army delivered thousands of them to homebound seniors today while there was ham, turkey and all the trimmings to hundreds more . >> used to be able to serve and they would come to the line, we would hand them that trey . they look you in the eye and say thank you. that is the feeling that warms your heart . when i was young,
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my family was a neat and salvation army was always there for us . thanksgivings we did not have much . thanksgiving was hard for my mom . our food for bay area families drive is on . to donate your time or money to help our neighbors in need this holiday season, go to /yep . was across the country are grateful to be able together for thanksgiving for the first time since the pandemic began . we asked people around the south bay what they are thankful for . >> reporter: what a difference a year makes . this year, we have covid vaccines and boosters as well . lester, cases were surging, about three times what they are today . many of us spent thanksgiving apart from our families . >> a this is the focus of my life . has been in our, 47 years . iarch of the has 10
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chengr tonight, they are all under one roof. what are you thank you for? i am thankful to get together with family again. we missed it last year. >> reporter: last year, the large swings and family spent things giving apart . is covid spread worldwide . santa clara county just entered in the states most restrictive tier. after cases, hospitalizations, and that's sort . the pressure in 47 years we have not been together. >> not the same . >> reporter: just a few minutes away at the snyder home, the turkey came out of the oven . the garage door was up and football is on . what are you grateful for? is >> my friends and family. because i did not get to see my friends a lot because of covid . >> a with me and my two girls and my wife.
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>> reporter: this things giving, there are note tears, travel recommendations, and no capacity limit that businesses . instead, there is family, friends, and laughter filling homes. >> we are so happy that things are back to normal. >> i am glad we can finally have a real thanksgiving . look at what we have created . >> a a lot to be grateful for . >> a tremendous amount . >> many families got tested before gathering tonight at the santa clara county fairgrounds . they tested more than 2200 people compared to the average of 1500 people per day . still ahead tonight at 11:00, and stripping on cbs and the area . roof ripped off about a massive inferno in southern california . red truck leads police on a
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pursuit . the chase and just wrapped up . much and celebrate the holiday in the dark tens of thousands of outages forcing families to get creative . they are a lot more fun than my regular family. thanksgiving
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a live look tonight at san
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francisco city hall. it lit up in shades of amber in honor of thanksgiving celebrations . on this offense, stunning video out of los angeles tonight of a commercial building on fire . the roof of the 80,000 square foot building collapsed over 100 firefighters doing everything they can to at least contain the flames . summer hosing down the fire on the ground and others on ladders trying to put it out . 30 said the two-story building contains textiles and connects with four other buildings, the cause of the fire is under investigation . also out of southern california, an unusual police chase just ended in the past hour. a bread the truck driver had a short standoff with police after leading deputies on a chase through los angeles . the driver was wanted for assault on an officer . the chase ended in compton and left the tires completely shredded after a brief standoff . the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody . tonight, tens of thousands
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of southern california families are spending thanksgiving in the dark . southern cal edison cut the power to more than 74,000 people as a precaution because of the strong scent and it winds up . customers without power on thanksgiving are forced to get creative about cooking the dinners . some residents were prepared . they brought out generators as they hosted family members . i could professionally, privately . i have refrigerators in the garage . i've done that for backup in case anything happens . the food needs to stay safe . some families with the best of the situation, others were left in the dark . some neighborhoods like pitch black and thousand oaks. residents lost power last night and might not get back until sometime tomorrow. thousands of first responders are spending thanksgiving at work and away from their families . we go inside a couple east bay fire
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houses to show you how firefighters are marking the day . joke deep-fried turkey is in the parking lot . spec is started out as a crcpe cooker . >> reporter: have become a thanksgiving tradition at station six . >> i say i'm going on seven years of working thanksgiving . as soon as the turkey came out of the fryer? 165, it could not be more perfect . >> reporter: a call came in . about 20 minutes later, thanksgiving dinner is served, complete with nonalcoholic apple cider and coworkers who have become more than friends. >> a is your second family. there more fun than my regular family. >> reporter: one firefighter at station 10 in san leandro is able to spend the holidays with her family. my mom is here celebrating and it is an honor to have her . she gets to see what ideal .
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>> reporter: no thanks giving dinner would be complete without some pie, apple and pumpkin . and someone else to do the dishes. >> you have to have someone on dish duty . she had the assignment of the night . you hang out, they will cook for you, you will not be asked to do the dishes and all you have to do is sent back to report. >> a the best place to do a deep-fried turkey is that a fire station. they are right there and they are the experts . they put on the displays of what not to do . have you never seen that? go look it up on youtube after i do whether . let's take a look weatherwise . passing club operated . high pressure in control of our weather. disclosing that mr. over southern california . the santa ana winds will be gusty . the winds will relax as we head into saturday and sunday because the high pressure and
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the upper levels of the atmosphere will be directly overhead . the wind will not be a strong to the south. over us, everything will be trapped in place. the warm air is nice . but also, the ground-level pollution and the smoke we talked about 10 minutes ago. high pressure will remain in control through the weekend and early next week. threat flood warnings for the california . these go through 6:00 tomorrow from los angeles and then to san diego to resorts palm springs . wind gust potentially up to 70 miles per hour and humidity levels that will be bone dry, below 10% . a day of dangerous fire weather conditions. your troubling, the winds will move you around on the road . aside right now, the haze on the horizon as a look at the top. temperatures, a mixup 40s and 50s. not as cool as last night . tomorrow will not be as chilly . the cola spots will dip to the mid to upper 30s . only a couple . was in line spots are in the 40s. mid to upper 40s around the bay
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. we have one more holiday themed pup . we have a patient turbo who is posing . you can check that off tomorrow and go for a good walk with temperatures reaching into the mid-60s for highs in the afternoon . air quality a bit of an issue . if you have rhythm problems take it easy . temperatures will be 3 to the 8 degrees above normal. mid 60s around the bay . mid to upper 60s for most inland locations . temperatures in the santa clara valley will be the one spots, around 70 in san jose . a few spots reaching into the low 70s . warm weather sticks around to the weekend . not a lot of change throughout the bay . into the low to mid 70s for san jose, saturday, sunday and monday with temperatures above 70 for most of next week. and unseasonably warm start to december. temperatures are remaining well above normal and staying about 60 along the coast. with sports all over the bay today.
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the turkey day came and city championship, san jose state had a must win game. with the team the left town that had the best finish . the raiders . they get to celebrate with a turkey leg . you know that means? heroics were indeed enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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joint test was about by the dumbest philosopher of all time, the sky . is proved to be true . dear caused 300 yards . 5-0 when he comes in today to hit the mark . the is a hat . those are full beards . the is an easier way to avoid the $50 per can process . derek carr was sitting pretty . he finds his newest weapon, the sean jackson . he has some wills . they're in for a vote over 100 yards receiving . second half, waller, a spectator after injuring his knee. marcus has been absent from the end zone all season . he
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plunges in for the score, 24- 13, raiders . vegas up 8th . dak prescott missing two players . it is the stamford man. touchdown . went for two and tied at 30-30. overtime . derek carr looking deep . anthony brown is like for pass interference. 20 penalty likes their own . is a chip shots. daniel carlson walk it off. 29 yarder . his field goal of the game. raiders went 36-33 . the and the three-game skid and in the process, carlson armed himself some postgame protein . >> a you have to do it. spec you like best but it is? >> because you had the game- winner, you're going to take a bite of the turkey leg . yes . [ laughter ]
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good tv . josh allen and the bills in new orleans . is not good tv you are a new orleans fan . there is elvis but buffalo had him all shook up . former 49er with a 23 yard score. for touchdown pass for allen . is when with 31-6 . the saints have lost forestry . the 49ers move into the lead for the final wild-card spot . can you believe we are seeing that? to college. san jose state hosting fresno state . the bulldogs opened up the playbook . all of the misdirection ends up with jalen having a clear lane to the end zone. also sent for 6. versus they wins the battle of the valley, 49. san jose state finishes 5-7 . the smoke as bubble i took
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the field for the 97th turkey digging . lincoln was gone for its third street city championship . the mayor was opening everyone back . depend >> did not love us a muster . these two played in the regular season . the bucs came and ready . black takes a lateral . he breaks a couple tackles . he has a reservation for 6. the kicker made a 7 . 21-0, their first title since 1984 . have not had any championship in so long. it means everything. city champs to stamford . and spending their thanks giving in the bahamas, taking on indiana . she scored 21 points, grabbed a career high of 22 rebounds, blocked 5 shots
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. stamford wins, 69-66 . they will play south florida tomorrow . the wares back in action tomorrow. they host the trailblazers. i hope you had a great thanksgiving . take those good vibes into tomorrow. that will do it for sports . annex day and the next day . cement that is a good philosophy . the discovery down a
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hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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buttocks is done with this unusual situation in alabama, where hundreds of pack
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if you're hoping to get in some holiday skiing, you can do it, tomorrow. the result said it was delaying until it was cold enough to get the stomach are! . it is not but that cold until last night . st. elmo is planning a soft reopening
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tomorrow. at the base area and trent will be open mostly for kids lessons . the sugar bowl has been busy making snow. it was aiming to open tomorrow but they do not have enough of a base to make it happen. we will not get snow anytime soon? >> no, not until we get some rain . that is 10 days at least in the future . >> it cannot come soon enough . the late show with stephen colbert is up next . thank you for watching . the news continues streaming for cbsn bay area. have a good night is a paid commercial program for prosvent, sponsored by prosvent llc. do you make frequent trips to the bathroom? suffer from urgency? hesitancy? do you get up more than once a night? can you even sit through a movie? or worse, have a diminished sex drive?


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