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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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call 1.877.only.att. now at 11:00 on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area new travel restrictions go into effect at the stroke of midnight tonight, what you need to know and how long the restrictions might last. plus it's a south bay favorite, but it's closing for good, the restaurant owner explaining why he'll have to uproot his family and leave the country now another bay area restaurant says it is working to move forward after major backlash this weekend when three police officers were denied service. but we will begin tonight with a live look at sfo where in less than an hour travelers entering the u.s. will face new travel restrictions. good evening. i'm brian hackney. the new rules come as we head toward christmas and as the
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omicron variant of covid-19 spreads across the u.s. travelers will have to show proof of a negative covid test taken 24 hours before their flight. those traveling in and out of the bay area will have to change their plans to accommodate the tests. already reactions vary from indifference to annoyance. >> i think a lot more stress -- i mean traveling for business like me. >> the reason we are vaccinated is to be able to travel and go to places. >> experts say with all the uncertainty you should think about getting travel insurance. also worries about how much a test will cost, especially if you have to get it at the airport. now on to what's causing all this, the new variant and the 17 states identifying local cases tonight. so far there's only a handful of cases and the symptoms in vaccinated people have been mild so far. >> thus far, though it's too early to really make any definitive statements about it, thus far it does not look like
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there's a great degree of severity to it, but we really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. >> the biden administration hopes to be able to lift the new restrictions within a "reasonable period of time." hundreds of bay area businesses have shut down because of covid and all the restrictions, but for one santa clara restaurant the closure means the owners are forced to leave the country as well. kpix5's da lin explains. >> reporter: a sign alerting customers closing down for good after december 15th. for the husband and wife who run the restaurant this is more than just their livelihood. this represents their visa. el camino mongolian barbecue. >> this is our favorite place. >> reporter: in the city of santa clara. >> the food, the ambiance, the all you can eat. >> always fresh, always tasty.
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>> reporter: it's got a loyal following. >> been coming the last five or six years and we came all the way from marin county. >> ten years. >> approximately 15 years. >> reporter: like many kids pictured on the walls, dean alcori ate countless meals here. >> i was a little kid. >> reporter: now you're an adult. >> yes. i'm going to miss it a lot. >> enjoy it every time i come here. >> reporter: the owner says he'll miss his customers. they've become friends over the years. >> i love this restaurant. >> reporter: he wants customers to feel at home and a good home he says should be full of great memories, hence the roughly 7,000 pictures of happy customers taped on the walls and ceiling over the last 17 years. >> they were first customers perform. >> reporter: he says the pandemic knocked down his business by 70% last year. this year down 50% from prepandemic levels. he and his wife sunny sold their house to pay off restaurant debt. >> during covid pandemic my
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wife and me. >> reporter: they made the tough decision to close because they're staying in the u.s. on an investor visa. closing down their business means they'll need to go back to their home country of south korea within 90 days or they'll be arrested and deported. >> even i'm sad. i reach american dream. >> reporter: he says no regrets because his adult son and daughter now have successful careers in the u.s. >> he's leaving behind a big family. >> i wish them well. i hope them success and happiness in korea. >> i thank them for having, you know, created this vision and bringing people together. >> reporter: i asked john what's going to happen to all these pictures. he said ideally someone would buy the restaurant, the recipes and everything in here to continue the business. in santa clara i'm da lin, kpix5. >> john and his wife plan to spend their remaining time here with their son and daughter before heading back to south korea in march. new at 11:00 we're hearing
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from a restaurant facing backlash after employees refused to serve three san francisco police officers. workers say it was because they were intimidated by the guns the officers were carrying. the restaurant hilda and jesse has now apologized for that and said it was a teaching moment. >> this is not about us versus them. this is about, you know, someone stepped in it, did some things that were less than ideal and figuring out how do we go forward. no one's perfect and no one understands that better than the police department who deal with a lot of imperfect situations and do the best they can. >> the restaurant says it is in contact with the police department and they're working on a way to move forward. late word in, a big crash closed a major street tonight in santa clara. san tomas shut down indefinitely between scott boulevard and central expressway. avoid the area until things are cleaned up. we don't have details on the specifics of the accident, but we have new information about a
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deadly plane crash in tulare county tonight. a small plane registered to a sacramento man took off from sacramento yesterday, landed at the airport in visalia and crashed on takeoff from that airport. dark and fog made it hard to search after the crash. four people were killed. their identities are expected to be released tomorrow. new video out of southern california shows the moments a homeowner says several men crashed a party and held everybody up at gunpoint. reporter jeff nguyen has more. >> i'm feeling disturbed, you know, violated. >> reporter: this homeowner asked us not to share her name or show her face after her security cameras recorded two men walking down the side of her pacific palisades home saturday evening during a holiday party. moments later the men doubled back. a second camera captured them coming out of the walkway entering the front gate. once inside the men who had
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guns ran into two party guests. >> threatened them and said, "you need to give me your wallet, iphone." one of them was wearing an iwatch and their jewelry. >> reporter: the party itself was in the backyard with several dozen guests, but the robbery happened inside the home when two women wanted to grab their purses. >> it happened in our family room and it disgusts me because that's the place where we spend, you know, a lot of time. >> reporter: the lapd says it's investigating more than 100 of these types of robberies in recent months. >> it is happening all over this city. >> reporter: steven bardatt is a friend of the pacific palisades victims. he and other neighbors wants laws stiffened against armed robberies. >> the idea of a no bail or low bail environment only emboldens and perpetuates this systemic problem. >> reporter: in the wake of the robbery, the homeowners say there's been added frustration. they want to provide detectives with their security video, but
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the lapd's link doesn't work and they haven't been able to get ahold of the investigators. >> no communication. he can't get ahold of them. still ahead why school officials could soon face scrutiny following that deadly school shooting in michigan. plus why the united states government may not attend the winter olympics in beijing. and how oakland is supporting small black-owned businesses this holiday season. and if you've tuned out from the weather forecast over the last day or two, there's rain coming tomorrow night. it's a recent development. it's not going to be big totals, but still rain in the overnight hours tomorrow night into tuesday morning. we'll talk about that first and then we'll look at the next chance coming on thursday coming up next.
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welcome back now at 11:00. michigan investigators are turning their attention now to school officials after a student went on that deadly shooting rampage last week. reporter michael george has more. >> reporter: the oakland school district is facing questions about what it knew about the danger presented by accused school shooter ethan crumbley. michigan's attorney general is offering to investigate.
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>> i don't know that anybody will feel safe seg ki tool until they know exactly what happened here. >> reporter: in a letter to parents saturday, the superintendent tim thorn says a teacher saw crumbley making concerning drawings and written statements just hours before the shooting. his parents were called in and the teen was sent to a counselor, but the school district says crumbley's answers led counselors to again conclude he did not intend on committing either self-harm or harm to others. he was sent back to class. prosecutors say just hours later he shot 11 people killing 4. >> if it was concerning to the teacher in the classroom enough to ultimately call in parents, at that point we would have loved to have been looped in. >> reporter: law enforcement is also investigating a man they say aided the crumbleys by helping them hide in a vacant arts studio. the suspect's lawyer tells me he didn't know they were wanted at the time and he's fully cooperating with law
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enforcement. michael george, cbs news, oxford, michigan. taking a live look at the white house where president biden is expected to announce a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 beijing olympics this week. while the move would still allow u.s. athletes to compete, no u.s. government representatives would be in attendance. the president said he'd been thinking about doing that to protest china's human rights abuses. last month's virtual summit between biden and the chinese president didn't result in any significant progress. the diplomatic boycott is designed to put more pressure on china to reform its policies before the winter games begin on february 4th. in san francisco people of all ages are now able to take filipino martial arts classes. kids taking anti-bullying classes can learn some fundamental defensive tactics. adults can learn how to defend themselves from a knife attack. this month they'll host filipino martial arts classes once a week to help raise funds
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for the community garden there. okayland community members got a kickstart on christmas shopping at the black sunday holiday expo, an event that focuses on supporting black- owned businesses. the african american chamber of commerce began the event about four years ago. vendors set up stands at liberation park. this vhir men and women and a hats for sale as well. back in the bay area woody allen once said nature is one big restaurant and a mountain lion proved that point overnight in san carlos. security camera video shows a big cat dragging his dinner home, a black-tailed deer. cougars do prey on everything from insects to rodents, but its main course is usually deer. you may be interested to know after watching this that fatal attacks on humans are pretty rare. so is rain lately, but that might be about to change, mr.
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peck. >> that pretty rare wasn't reassuring enough. let's get back on track. two things to talk about, starting to get foggy tonight. let me spot like that and then talk about the rain coming our way monday. if we look at the view from our camera on treasure island, it's not bad in the city, but in the north bay it's already started to get foggy. so much so the sensor at santa rosa is recording misting happening on it. it's fog for oakland, fog for concord. another way is to put the visibility map up and look for the smallest numbers. the numbers tell you how far you can see down the road in miles. when you get down to 0.3 in santa rosa or concord, that's where you'll hit the problem spots. we've done this for the last week and a half, patchy fog certainly an issue tomorrow morning, but it will be relatively warm because in addition to the fog, we're pulling in a much higher deck of clouds that will be with us much of the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be kind of a
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cloudy day. as a result, temperatures don't climb super high. we'll stay in the low to mid- 60s. you don't get the beautiful crystal clear blue sky day tomorrow, but tuesday you will. in between there will be clouds on monday. let's see where the rain comes in monday night. right there, that system gets pulled onshore. i'll put it into the high resolution forecast just to watch that. we'll slow it down. this has recently developed into more impressive looking rain than just 24 hours ago. we'll watch showers start tomorrow night north bay, work their way across the rest of the heart of the bay overnight. so you might even miss this because by the time we get to 7:00, 8:00 in the morning tuesday, it's done. it's doubtful this will have any kind of significant impact on the morning commute. however, there will still be some slick roads tuesday morning. so think about that in advance for the drive, but the rest of the day tuesday watch the clouds disappear. tuesday will be one of the
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prettiest days around here in a while because this system will clear out all the haze finally. it will be great air quality. tuesday looks great. we could get 0.2-inch of rain, maybe a little less. the next system is coming from up there. that means it's going to be noticeably colder. that will be thursday's chance for rain. that will drop our daytime highs to the mid-50s which might be the most significant impact from it. if we look at futurecast, that's thursday, again early morning light rain from that, doesn't look like a significant rainmaker. it will be a better snowmaker in the sierra than rain here and the totals are pretty light. that's thursday. we'll adjust that as we get closer to it. it will mean more snow in the sierra, though. the monday system drops a little snow and then the thursday system comes in and drops a little more as well. these are not blockbuster storms, but they're at least something. it's nice to see a start. in the seven-day forecast rain
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on thursday in the morning. we could have put rain here tuesday morning, but most of tuesday really is going to be a pretty day. notice the cooldown by the time we get to next week. daytime highs will be in the mid-50s. remember you've gotten so used over the last two weeks to daytime highs just going up to like almost day for most locations except for the last few days. so it will feel cooler by later this week. brian, back over to you. >> thanks, darren. during the pandemic one in five households added a pet and as folks head out of town for holiday reunions or back to the office in the new year, how are the pets going to cope? >> if you haven't already booked with a local pet sitter or boarding facility, you're probably out of luck. >> tune into our original report home alone, what you need to know when our worlds reopen and how to best help your pet tomorrow night on kpix5 news at 7:00. but still ahead tonight how bay area musicians are rallying
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around one of their own, a look at a concert benefit happening tonight. and the paperback writer turns to hard cover as paul mccartney signs off on a big donation to a local charity. straight ahead at the bottom of the hour it's the gameday sports show, 49ers stunned in seattle. >> that was one of the wildest games i've ever been part of. >> what happened in releasing to the raiders. >> we come in stiff and dull in games sometimes. and a spotlight on the only undefeated basketball team in the bay area. >> we're very close to being an ncaa tournament team. >> join us for gameday after the newscast.
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a big new musical was held tonight in downtown vallejo. bay area blues musician elvin bishop was on hand. the concert raised money for local songwriter jojo russo. >> a real good friend of mine who is very well liked in the blues community and pretty well
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known, jojo russo, had a stroke of bad luck recently. his house burnt down completely and we're doing a benefit for him. >> the concert was called mojo for jojo. elvin bishop along with charlie musselwhite are nominated for another grammy award for best traditional blues album and the benefit tonight was sold out. a small bay area bookstore is raffling off a special copy of a book that has potential to change some kids' lives. books, inc. in berkeley has been selected to get a special edition copy of paul mccartney's book called "the lyrics." it is signed by paul himself. there are only 175 copies. the bookstore plans to hold a raffle for the book. all proceeds will be going to a nonprofit that focuses on tutoring and mentoring homeless kids. >> we can take that funding and help all of our students
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applying for colleges pay for their college applications. we can help all of our kids doing a.p. exams pay for those. we can fix broken chromebooks and kids can keep meeting with their virtual tutors. >> the raffle has collected about $5,000 so far. books, inc. is only selling tickets in person. those who want to enter have until december 14th and the raffle tickets are only 15 bucks. so darren and i can afford one. coming up, it was a great weekend to go to the movies, a look at the top film at the box office. that's next.
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welcome back. early december is a quiet time at theaters between the big thanksgiving and christmas releases, but the weekend box office did have one big surprise and david daniel has it. >> hurry up. help! >> reporter: "eternals" took fifth place with $3.9 million boosting its domestic total to 156 million. "christmas with the chosen," a limited run big screen event based on the streaming series came in fourth with $4.1 million. "house of gucci" stayed in
11:28 pm
third staying in $6.8 million. "ghostbusters after life" made $10.4 million. for second place and a domestic total of 1.2 million. with no big new movies in theaters, "encanto" kept its box office crown earning $12.7 million for a domestic total of 58 million. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. coming to a theater near you this week, steven spielberg's remake of "west side story." coming up a look at how parts of the bay area celebrated the final night of hanukkah.
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well, in san mateo county families gathered in brisbane to celebrate the city's festival of lights. it all started with a parade around town that ended at this started with the parade that ended at the community park for tree lighting. houses on the hillsides turned on their lights. that is the reason why it is known as the city of stars. it is the eighth day of hanukkah today. piedmont had a festival today. we would like to see your holiday lights. you know your videos and photos to early next week there could be something on the way.
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we will see how that plays out. thank you for watching. game day is next. have a great weekend. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. this is game day on kpix 5. december 5 edition of game day. almost close of business for nfl week 13.
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49ers empire, i don't know if this will make you feel any better but, if the season ended today, the 49ers would open up the playoffs against the packers. and now the seattle game. kyle shanahan looking fresh. no thoughts of slipping in the stadium. but check out this early play. a fake hunt. untouched for 73 yards. check it out. that opened the scoring. to the shock of everybody. if you like sloppy play, this game is for you. this was ripped away. this kept the seahawks from scoring. what happened next? a leaping snag in the back of the end zone. game tied at seven. what followes


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