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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 8, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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worry. winter is definitely upon us. covering the story over at montrose ski tahoe, kpix 5. achieve meteorologist paul heggen, good news for people heading to sierra, they've been saying finally, we've been waiting for this. a nice little snow maker by sierra standards, and a for a winter weather advisory in effect for tomorrow, and already in effect right now. could be some treacherous travel on u.s. 50 and i-80. 5000 feet elevation, the highest peaks up to 18 inches of snow. the forecast levels are generally agreeing on that adding up the snow through tomorrow anywhere from 3 to 10 inches. watch what happens next week when that atmospheric river is sending two inches of rain into the bay area, it will be sending 3 to 6 feet of snow into the high sierra through the first half of next week. greatness for ski resorts and good news for snowpack as well which feeds our reservoirs. we will take a look at the
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details of our rain chance in just a few minutes. updating the wishlist as we speak. colorado ski areas are desperately hoping for snow. snow areas usually buried in white but here is what one looks like right now. steamboat looks pretty patchy out there, colorado is in the middle of its longest snow drought in decades. ski resorts are getting kind of nervous, to. now to the high-profile case of scott peterson. >> 16 years on death row, peterson was resentenced to life in prison without parole. the 49-year-old was convicted of killing his wife lacey, their unborn son connor. the legal battle is far from over. peterson could be back in court in february, that will be a hearing that will determine whether or not he gets an entirely new trial. joining us live to give you some analysis, retired judge weddell.
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you and i spent months covering the original trial, is today's results what you expected? >> nothing is unexpected in our criminal legal system. so, the hearing today was really a no-brainer. the judge just said the death sentences out because the u.s. -- the california supreme court said there was an error made in the trial, and so the resentencing happened. today was important because the victims once again got to make their impact statements, and, it did not change the outcome, but it was important to them to be able to express, again, their grief and upset and anger about the events leading to the death of lacy peterson. a new legal site is beginning right now. scott peterson's lawyers pushing to get a new trial, that cannot be surprising. >> scott peterson will remain in san mateo county, until the next hearing in february. that hearing is going to be really interesting.
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far more interesting than what happened today because a juror is accused of engaging in misconduct and as a result of that, peterson's lawyers are saying that he should have a new trial because that misconduct deprived him of a fair trial. so, there will be testimony and witnesses, and the juror herself may testify. i say may, because if she is looking at criminal penalties such as perjury, she may decide to take the fifth. right now, there is no reason to believe that, i think she has even indicated if she got immunity from criminal prosecution that she would speak at the trial and testify. >> have to feel for lacey's family having to go through this and again in february. does the decision today impact what happens in february? >> not really. the decision today had nothing to do with the guilt. the california supreme court said in sending this case back for resentencing, that there was substantial evidence of scott peterson's guilt.
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so, what happened today was procedural because there were errors made in juror selection that took the death penalty off the table. so, it will be interesting to see what happens in this, and if there is a possibility, that there could be a do over and this whole trial done again. >> he doesn't go back to death row? >> no, he sits there in the jail in san mateo county. the judge says it will be about 90 days to decide whether or not to grant him a new trial. >> judge, thank you so much and we appreciate the insight as always. jury deliberations began in the jussie smollett trial during closing arguments, a prosecutor accused smollett of lying under oath. this comes one day after taking the stand, where jussie smollett denied he staged his own attack. smollett is charged with six felony accounts for allegedly faking a hate crime and falsely reporting it to police back in january of 2019.
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deliberations ended after nearly 2 hours and will continue, tomorrow morning. >> instagram's chief executive was called to testify on capitol hill about the apps potential negative impacts on teenagers. the app, owned by facebook's parent company, mehta, has been under the microscope for months. michael george reports from new york. >> we all want teenagers to be safe online. >> reporter: instagram ceo adam told congress that keeping users safe goes just beyond his company. >> this industry body setting standards is not the same as an independent one. >> creating age inappropriate standards for young users and supporting teens who may be struggling. the app launched new safety features including updated parental controls and reminders for teens to take breaks. lawmakers were critical.
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>> the middle of the night is when you drop news that you don't want people to see. >> it could have been announced years ago it was not, and in fact, these changes fall short. >> the hearing comes months after a facebook whistleblower turned over internal documents appearing to show the social media company was aware that instagram may cause depression and anxiety, especially for some teenage girls. >> you think it does create insecurity within teenagers, making them feel like they don't look a certain way. >> social media providers have to be responsible, but parents also have to have supervisory responsibility. >> lawmakers are drafting legislation to include privacy rules for children and teens and that requires social media apps to be more transparent. michael george, cbs news, new york. instagram's new parental
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controls are set to launch in march. just yesterday, the surgeon general issued a report on the harmful effects of social media and gaming on young people. up next, james gordon celebrates a big milestone as host of the late late show. what audiences can expect, tonight. all-new at 6:00, we are focusing on small businesses trying to ride out a crime wave in oakland. why some are saying this challenge is just as big as the pandemic. just when you thought traffic on highway 92 going into half moon bay could not get worse, it does, thanks to pg andy. >> i really wish they would have chosen a time that is not one of the more prolific times for half moon
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the late late show with james cordon will air its 1000 episode tonight. >> reporter anthony for a has more on what to expect for this milestone episode.
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>> welcome to the late late show . >> james cordon introduced himself to late-night audiences in 2015, taking over as host of the late late show. gordon is now set to air his 1000 episode. >> it's lovely that people are interested in this show still after that amount of time. >> reporter: in that amount of time, gordon has left his mark on late-night comedy. >> what are you doing here dressed like that? >> reporter: creating memorable skits with guests like billy porter and daniel craig. >> cordon, james cordon. >> to a series of karaoke rides with music superstars like adele and paul mccartney. >> any number of things that i am proud that we have done. >> reporter: tonight's landmark episode, the show's executive producer saiz expect celebrities and surprises. >> mariah carey will be here, bts will be here there will be a pop in from a movie star or
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two. >> of course the show will be a celebration of the past six years. >> most of the core staff is still here with a lot of the same writers and producers, it is an unbelievable feeling. >> what will come next? >> 1001, then we have friday off, sunday often than we do 1002 and then 1003, 1004. 1005. >> reporter: promising more or less ahead during those late late hours. cbs news, los angeles. stay in cool school, kids, you can count just like him. you can catch the late late show right here on kpix 5. managing your disney park itinerary just became easier as disney unveiled its own digital assistant app, the new services designed to cut down on waiting times for guests at the more popular attractions. disney announced the platform will replace the current fast past system and will allow users to make dinner
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reservations, place mobile food orders and more. crazy things made with legos, but probably nothing quite like this. wow. the art of the brick is now on full display near union square in san francisco. the exhibit features 70 pieces of art, comprised of more than 112,000 legos. >> different projects take different amount of times. the t rex behind me took three months to build, i used over 80,000 bricks and spent an entire summer working on it. i hope that people are inspired to explore more creativity in their own lives. >> i think my own son will be inspired by that. tickets will be available online until january 2nd. >> does he have to buy his own bricks? coming up on a deal it's hard to believe, bay area home on sale for less than $200,000.
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a fire captain is leading the way to make sure that no central san mateo county children is left out when it comes to gift this season. >> sharon chen introduces us to this year's bay area award winner. >> reporter: are my malaise bardhan element it doesn't drive a sleigh, he uses a fire truck or a pickup of the result is the same, smiling children. >> reporter: when they are not responding to emergencies, many first responders in burlington are managing a huge toy drive. >> in my age group? >> reporter: the organizer, captain arman barcelona. he takes after the man though
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other nonprofit suspended there's last year. the fire captain and his team of 70 department volunteers collected collected toys for last year socially distance effort. >> i know a lot of families were out of jobs, >> reporter: he is committed to making families in need holidays bright. >> i made a difference.
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>> you are welcome. >> reporter: for organizing and expanding the annual fire department toy drive to make sure san mateo county children have gift for the holidays, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to captain arman barcelona. >> the toy collection ends on christmas eve, he says they will not turn away any toys. >> of course not. thank you. if you know someone who is going above and beyond in serving the community, nominate that individual for a jefferson award. you can find the online form on our website, >> perfect time to give. >> we are very grateful for the snow coming our way and of course the rain but really the snow for those resorts. >> they will pick up the potential for feet of snow in the high sierra. we get some beneficial rain. tonight the rain is going to be like what we had 48 hours ago. some drizzle and showers for the overnight hours, then we
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dry out tomorrow and stay dry friday and saturday for the next round of rain moves into the north half of the bay area already saturday night. there is rain in the forecast saturday night, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. that does not mean it will rain all day each of those days but more rain chances coming at us in waves. right now mostly drizzle but light showers are showing up in the north bay, we will see shower activity through the rest of this evening, the best chance of rain for everybody overnight tonight after midnight. future cast shows hit or miss showers are still just hit or miss on the simulation by 10:00 this evening, watch what happens after midnight, and much more organized area of light rainfall. not more than a few hundredths of an inch of rain, we will take what we can get. it will move through quickly. the bulk of the moisture is in the high sierra. anywhere from 2 to 10 inches of snow. the rain will largely be out of here by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. wet roads possible for the morning commute along with lingering fog mist and drizzle allows for extra time to be on
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the safe side. we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine by late morning continuing through the rest of the day on thursday. adding up the rain, when i said we will not see a whole lot i mean it. a couple hundredths of an inch of rain on the high and. less than 10th of an inch of rain, the santa cruz mountains are only getting that you know that most of us will see barely more than a trace from here on out. again, it is moisture we will take it. the better chance of rain will hold off, until early next week, chances for the northern half of the bay area but chances for the most widespread and heaviest rain sunday night and monday, still off and on showers in the forecast tuesday and wednesday of next week, very welcome and we will have all of that coming clouds and fog, sunshine in
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short supply today. temperatures in the low to mid 50s, and will drop into the upper 40s late tonight and cooler in the north bay valleys because we will lose that before the sun comes up. temperatures tomorrow will warm back up towards what is normal for this time of years. a few degrees warmer today thanks to additional sunshine. upper 50s to around 60 degrees. into fairfield, not much variation across the bay area. temperatures don't change much friday and saturday than the rain chances arrive. not just part of the bay area, everybody is going to see a good chance of rain, at least an inch of rain indicated by forecast data will add up the likely scenario how much we will see coming up at 6:00. >> paul, thank you. i push for california to become a sanctuary state for abortion access. how the new plan might work. san mateo county business owners up in arms after
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construction leaves them cut off from customers. >> reporter: first it was lockdowns, now break-ins as crime surges here in oakland. business leaders say the pandemic is no longer the biggest problem they are facing. still ahead at 5:00, ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪give my regards ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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right now on kpix 5 streaming on cbsn bay area , with roe v wade is seemingly inch ever see jeopardy, a push for california to become a sanctuary state for abortion access. major developments in the scott peterson murder case, how lacy peterson's mother responded after the convicted killer was resentenced, today. >> we are drive for a bit, more rain is on the way. we are tracking the return of wet weather. good evening. >> this evening, the push to make california and abortions actuary state. a dozen states could ban abortion if the supreme court overturns roe versus wade. some stay say telephone you should welcome those women and
5:57 pm
pay travel expenses to come here for abortion services. andria borba has our story. ondrea? >> as you said, governor newsom said he intends to make california a sanctuary state for those women seeking abortion care if roe falls and he expects there could be an influx of patients if roe versus wade falls or is guided. >> reporter: whether or not roe versus wade stands as president in june when the supreme court releases their decision, california is prepared to strengthen access here. a council released 45 recommendations to prepare for a possible influx of out-of- state patients if roe falls. >> we know this is coming and we want to be prepared for it if it does come, i hold out hope that we will continue to have a conch constitutional right to control our own reproduction. >> doctors pledged to include abortion access as well as
5:58 pm
making sure abortion providers will receive a reimbursement rate from medicaid. >> we have a strong provider workforce throughout the state of california. >> in addition, the council recommended making public funds available to deal with the other burdens a woman traveling out of state for an abortion might face. >> funds supporting what we call practical support, ensuring that folks have the finances necessary for travel, lodging, childcare, lost wages. >> reporter: the antiabortion rights community is not thrilled about these recommendations and has plans of their own, like increasing staffing at 160 pregnancy care centers across california. >> they would be able to provide real hope, so that no woman in california, or women coming from out of state ever feels like abortion is there only option. >> how soon could we see these recommendations potentially implemented?
5:59 pm
>> reporter: we could potentially see some of these codified into california law before that supreme court ruling is expected to come back in june. there are several state legislatures on this committee who came up with recommendations including the leader of the state senate that seems poised to push some of those through. >> thank you. >> also this evening we are tracking some showers. a short time ago we saw some light rain falling around napa. we have a live picture from downtown walnut creek as well. things are drive people doing some shopping. duke is here, someplace is getting a little something right now, even. >> trace amounts of moisture, one or two, we will definitely take every single drop. a better chance of showers is on the way through this afternoon and tonight. that is starting to show up on radar in the north bay very
6:00 pm
light, barely showing up on radar and what does not show up as the mist. the drizzle, all that either flies underneath the radar beam or the droplets are just too small. they hang in the air as opposed to falling like raindrops which is what the radar then picks up. we will see more showers spreading across the bay area. hit or miss activity which is not guaranteed to get measurable rain in your yard but after midnight tonight, rain chances peeking in the pre- sunrise hours of thursday morning. a few hundredths of an inch of rain on the high and. there is an atmospheric river heading our way over next week allen, we will be adding up the amount we expect through wednesday of next week. >> the atmospheric river, you put at a scale? >> 2. we will run through the skill and that you know how that compares to october coming up. the other big skid story, the sentencing of scott peterson, a judge handing down a life sentence for the modesto man convicted of killing his pregnant wife. max darrow is one of the few reporters inside the courtroom where the stage is now set for


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