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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 28, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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neppws a on your celphl one or connected tv. i'alm iceai gner,bs c news, new york. . >> >>it> is estuday,ec dember 28, 2021. is is cbs mog new guideselin. the cdc is oitut wh w ne idguelines. w holong people ldshou wt ai foreoi gng o iutn puicbl. alarming questions. e thlos anleges poli rceeleases cbodyamid veo that leav es a teenaged gdeirl ad. why ofrsfice' use of dyeadl fo rce isnt fro and center. save thee. dathe arg intexas's controversial abortion law. when it apis hpengni. mgoodorngni. od to be witu.h yo m i'todd hanson. an-mnearie green if.s of
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e thcdc is out wneith w meti lis ouabt the am of time people shoulold isate. making thahe cngfoe llowing the growinidg evence the virus is mo infecoutis ithn e two d ays before and thr deeays aft terhe onset of symptom otanher wave of htfligs rewe grounded irgn lae rtpa due to cod secas among crew remo than 1,400 htfligs rewe cael aednd hundreds more already canceled t.oday weavthe e latest devmeelopnts omfr new york. go mniorng to you.>> good morning. these gunew idineles about who s needtoso ilate and for how ng from new ayorkndou fr otheatr stesre a now reporting o reea ddly cases tht an aany other time. >> c thedc has shoenrted the time for thoseh witcod vithat aryme asptatomic from 10 dtoays
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5 asand ketod wear a mask around os therfothr e next five da.ys >>wa we nto tget people btoack ke oepur society rngunni sm oolyth. t>>he shift commies ad omroicn's rapid sp areadndew n chsear tt hashows the viisrus stly infectiouswo t days before and three days after the onset of symompts. as n dewaily cahases s serin above 180,000. it is disheniartengo tsee this mmoany nt ahsnd years lar,te we've gone tbacko atwh e ellos oic the begiinnng of .this >> presideidnt benea repted plans to distribualte hf a billion d rapicod vitests. >> there i fs noedaler solutionh iset gs solve at ttahe ste le vel. p>>riva etemploesye in w neyork
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cityus mt show proofne o ccination tok worimctpaing 184,co000 mpanies.>> t rheeason we arepe on when her places ahure st wndo is bee causofhe t focus on va ccatinion. >> days before thel baldrpeopd, peopavle he enbe crowding side the new yearve's e e wventilbel alsced back cuttthing e owcrd to abt oua quarter of u itssu al size. he>> t c sdcays those exd pose buboteosd will no lo hngerave to quarae.ntin but for thunose vainccated, they shoutild sllua qrantine for five ys. >> he opwe c ganet tseho flitsgh ck on. > >>holiy datraverels trngyi to he hadome tinhe pifacic northwest are running into blizzaonrd cdiontis. th w tashe scene on e th resttch of i 80 g alonthe cafolirnia/nevada erbord. scarstrdeand on the hig.hway
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rentce snowfall smd ashererdcos. they'dn see194 inchesak breing theve prio husigh for the h mont set in 1970.>> > eabrking overniga ht, sml al plane crasnehed ar ane igorhbhood in san o diegnear e city of elon caj. e plane took p outow reha tn 600 customloers st r.powe it it s noclr eahow many people were oarn bod e thjet but no one rvsuived. th e s loangeles police de pamertnt released cbodyam o videankid lled a suspe actnd -y14ear-old girl. hweave e thlatest. let arme wm u yosome of the video is disturbing. >> reporter: police body camera
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footage shows ofcefirs arrinivg athe t northol hlywood rlington store a cusnd ator me acting erralaticlynd a beating u sterom with what areppead to a bicycle lk.oc employees and customers called 1.91>> wt hais the emerg.ency >> evacuate buthe ilngdi. >> ane witssel tling the officer e man appearo ed thave a firearm. i>>t is jt usshots. >> oicffers mod vequicklupy the escalator to the second floor whe rvsueillance shothwed e ecsuspt agdrging and bea ating cuomerst behd thine dilay.sp they found the vicm tilying ain trail of blood. s attacker at thene d of t he aisle. it aeapprs the officirer fedis h weon. that man 0idde intified as
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24-yeadr-ol danielop lezas w stcknd a kille e onof the roundnts we touhrgh wathe llnd a struck a teerenag onheth oer side. shwares portedly witr h he mother trying onlo e itinial victim tporansrted in unknown condition and unved rewhat they debescrid as steel or metocal lk tathe scbuene t gnoun found. e l.a. chiefpo of li sceaid the erare no words e andxpssreed sorrow fheor t kliilng of the unyog girl. the officer fthatir tedhose unrods is on admtrinisate ivle avpee nding outcome. > >>surveillanceid veo shows video of a teen firing shots
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that kdille otheeer tnst a a dallreas aa s gastation. e suspect fid remoren tha20 rounds and got into a pagessenr se oatf a itwhe trk ucand ovdre aw.ayhe w aasrrested yestdaery. one omcusterai sd theae ar is uauslly pretty safe. i've got kihads tt meco over aherendla py. its ia family area. he>> t teehr people killed range from 14 toye 17 arols d. they arell sti lkioong for the driver of thwhe ite uctrk an yitrng to determe inwhat lead to the shngooti. >> a federalea applsou crt said it will hear aenrgumtsve or thea tt olef the texas orabtion law which mbansosabt ortions in the atste anabd enleprs ivate citizens p whoerrmfos or assists a womaten afr rdcaiac activity is detected. that is usuallyun arod sixee wks before
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so wmeomen know threey a pregnant. they left tanhe b ipln ace and presented a lechgal lengni. >>mo desnd 'stutu legacy lesiv on. heie dd after a loatng btlwie th hidys bo wl illie in state at e thchurch before a funeral mass on saty.urda a nedaw y inou crt. a truck drivener steesnc to 110 aryes foa r dead alyccident mos e onstep closer to spdienng less timein behd rsba.> > e thcaped crusad er's comeba lck aooatk the trailer for the new batmanie mov. th iiss the cbs mog
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yearve's e celebration. inalstlingew n waterford crystal triasnglen othbae ll. it will owbe ler tedo ring in th e w neyear. > >>a judge sets h theeangri day to reconsidee r thlo sngentence ven to a trurick dveinr a dely accident. d an amtrak n traipls owinto a clvehie heon t tckras. >>e > thboonst globe says an 83 -yr-eaold man was edkill wn he an am k tractrk ucslammed into s hicar on the ts.rack inas msachtsuset nr eathe boerrd. ofcisal say the manve dro his trk rothugh a gate. none o else was st.ruck no injuries heto t 8pa0 ssengers onoa trdhe eye wertrsfanerred to other ains. a colo jradoud sgecheduled a janu13ary hrieang to rekra the 110-year sennctee tohe t tru ck
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ivdrer who killeurd fo ppleoe in yfier aidccent. they want sethe ntceen reduced o 2to0 30 years. thjue dge imposed 11the 0-arye sentence basn ed omaatndory minimum s termunrsdetate law. thdre iveray ss the brakes on hitrk ucfailed causiimng h to plow inthio vecl oesn a denver highwa i>> understand apand priaecte e frustratio tn ofho wseanting an immediate rest.ul i do. i asr k foyo puratience as we takeps ste pviroded for in law we consider a new sentenc n>>early 5 millpeion op hleave si agned pitetion seeking clem.ency the polirece a srceahing for the drivf er oa hivecle that plowed into a group of children outsidane apartment binuildg in south fla.orid twchdrilen killed anurd fo in jud rewhen a car d urovep aon
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side walk to a getrod una bus. drthe iv ferled the scene. the vis ctimrae ngfrom 1 to 10. >>mi> congp, u buby blbeats bi tcn.oi inmevestntins some champaign ve outperford mefinancial bitcoin. investment ss inomemp chaaign ha outrfpeormed financial rkets.
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herea is lo aokt today's fo restca in some citaries ou nd the trcouny. talkut abo ppiopng off. itpp aears bubbly eroutpfos rm bitcoin. trindeg sirable wine, chamn paiganvid ntagspe irit veha seen recordiv actity. data from tlivera wdehich runsh e deinx showed chagnmpai accounted for 15 of e thtop 25
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price ineacrses. adle by a 2002 fh rencviagnte brand. on the cbs money watch with the 50s&p 0 tcnohing a record close. the dow rose 351e, th ndaasq added 217 and s&p added 65. ape plstores in the new york tyre aa are temporary cd lose to in-psoerns due to a rise of vid cases. they wlil still let peopleuy b online and picupk in stores. stores have been temporarily cledos in d.c., ohio, texas and
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more >> workers inew n mexico will ese r aaise to $1 an hour. esident bidentn was rtoaise mithe nim muwage to $15 02in 22. holiday shrsoppe sntpe more y monethis year than last. sales ro 8se.5% g beinclheots and wejelry. ysanaltsav he no issue sinpendg despite thnde paem.ic fomo oren the cbs mowaney tch. for meor heado t cbson mey h.watccom. up n cext,ourynt music rings in the newr. yea thli ostf artists adtoded the line yumth in e w neyear's eve televised iaspecl.
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> here is a alookt e th forecast in some cities around the >> t rheiddler is as fkingor you. >> the killer left this. wh ise hri wting to you. ou>> yr mega. i've beeyin trngo treach you. e nc
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cotirruponta srrinbeg rort pati ansonndoe zy kravitz as cat wo. >>e > thnfanl nounced double numboier gngn othe covid aloml fr pitosive tests wi6 th 9 new inctfeions coming eryestday. bimeg nas deadd to the res erve covistd li iluncding titan's cereiver and pat'sriot nebacker. some oe f thbe istn country c musiarree ady to ring hein t new year. carlie hest, lady a. ndmiraa mblaerted schuled to perfor keasd about her w neyear's
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relution. >> p iromised myse'llf il be bettn er iwhevater capacity that is. a not li ostr some depart tmen but just ga row little. >> watch tidhe veon ithe five-houecr spiahil re on cbs fr id nayight. nog thinsa iys love you like ping out youttr beeral hf's debt.thhadifo hesbas ri >> debte? fre >> i wantou y walngki around debt free. inshowg m hia clip config rmin she paid off s histuntde loan .debt he's atir fstpe sechless before gingvi her a bigug h. it is noeat clr w homuch she pa id. > >>the growing uncommitofy writaners d etpos trying to turn social media into a place of poivsie change. is is cbs mog >>
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> r outop stories this morning. the cd oc isutit wh new guidelines wreith coenmmded time peleho suld isolate heif ty concentratvie cod. incuttg e thtime in halfm fro10 to d 5ays if peopl ne dootav hey mpmsto and if theyr weaa skma ouarnd others fo lr atea fstive more days. > >>and the erare qutiesons aboue t thofcefirs' e usof deadly force of lastk' wees oo shting that killed a 14 -yead r-olgirl.
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a man killed that s waassaulting cuoms erbut a stray etbull killed a ginirl are dssing .room >>a labor srtho an partly ambled on covid and unru plyarents. chdren's spolerts agues are vingro tuble finding referees. t>>hese tough 1ar2-ye-o gldirls have a toughma comndf othe puck. nesimo hasee bn on the ice since she was fe.iv i>>t feels so free. ites tak my mind off athnying. >>y plais on pause for ma ny kids. games are getting canceled because there aren't enough referees. >> bob joyce oversees massachusetts eyhock says at one pot,he t organizatios n wadown ne 9arly00ff oicials. we ld ookein itot, it was abuse. use and mistmereatntro fm rents and pla.yers
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>> abuse likthe is. uthisnspeuscted refereewe plod do ownn a californocia scer field. >>hyo dyou think we are eiseng this? >> i tnkhi there is aen geral lack of resctpe in the ltas anyone can sayny athing. >>he tre has been a drop nationwide. an estimated 30,000 high school referees havite qu scein 2018. >> i donhi't tnkhe tre hn'ast enbe a game wherhae i vet n'been llyeed at. a>> refeeer for3 1years. >> how ditoes jpaeordize the safety of kithe dsn othe ice. >> you misay ms maa jor penalty. thatld cou blie fe-changing to that player. >> do yoinu thk isth issue impacts the future of h yout hockey as yoknu ow it?>> aolbsutely. im>> sonhoe pes that doe sn't happen. she dreams of going pro and just
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want ps tolay. rertpoing from boston. ngcomi u hp,ow an app is heing to connect hourly workers with businesses struggling to find employees during the pandemic. the growing community of writers and poets tryi tngo turn social mea diinto f aorcef oposiveti gechan. >> and we'alll tk thwi legendara nc aernd actress de ebbialn le about becoming aiken di crente honoree. thk uyo for wchating. m tom hanso veha a great day.
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