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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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we have seen some impressive snowfall in the bay area. santa cruz mountains, snow flurries also seen in napa valley. brian hackney is in for paul. what is the latest? the sarah picked up an unprecedented overwhelming 15 feet of snow since all of this began. at the lab of uc berkeley they have shattered the record for december, which used to be 170 inches. now it is in excess of 220 inches. the record was set back in 1970. we just got piled on. this is coming on the heels, when everybody is talking about that emergencies, and it was, and december came in like a lion. tonight, it is kind of a lamb at the moment. you can see the rain beginning to increase in the north bay. that is setting the tone for the evening commute. we will increase rain. out of the mountains, more snow on the way tonight and tomorrow . that is why, as you see so
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overtake lake tahoe yet again, there are winter storm warnings posted for periods of heavy snow. this is only 9 to 14 inches. above 7000 feet, another 2 feed, and it continues to be hazardous traveling out on the road. the snow is not confined to just tahoe. in fact, high atop mount diablo, we still have a light dusting of snow coming down, and we could add to it overnight. it is not quite as cold as it was last night. it will be close. we will see if we get more of a dusting on bay area peaks. with the complete forecast in a few minutes. back to our other news. minutes ago, the nfl announcing hall of fame coach and broadcaster john madden has died. andrea nakano is here with the
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latest. your younger generation associate his name with a videogame, but to oakland in the old school football fans, he was so much more. he was the fabric of the ball, and the man who never led the raiders to a losing season during his time as head coach. the nfl pass on the heartbreaking news about 1 hour ago. he passed away unexpectedly this morning at the age of 85. he was a head coach for the raiders, and then he joined the broadcasting booth. most memorably, he was with pat summer hall for 22 years. glenn vern went ahead and cut up with the legendary coach during a fundraising event in 2013. >> reporter: what was the driving force, the fire in the belly that kept you going? >> probably just wanting to be the best. i always wanted to win. even, you know, as a little kid, you know, flipping, you know, i wanted to win everything , and i think that is important , because when everyone
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probably wants it, but then i wanted it so bad i was willing to work for it. i was willing to put the work in to make it happen. he did bring a super bowl back to oakland. he leaves behind his wife, virginia, and his two sons. back to you. >> he is a legend. >> he is. he was such a great personality , and everyone can learn from him. it is a legacy that hopefully he will leave behind and hopefully the younger players will go back and learn from his legacy that he left behind. >> a voice that will always be remembered in the bay area. john madden's legacy will also live on in the gaming world. he lent his name to madden nfl developed by electronic arts. an entire generation never saw him coach a game my but they know of the hall of me through the videogame. it is sold more than 250
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million copies. by one estimate, madden nfl has racked up more than $4 billion in sales. condolences and tributes to john madden are pouring in on social media , many calling him a legend, sharing the old photos and memories of him. >> a tough loss to all of us. back to the store much, lake tahoe sent a new record for the snowiest month, smashing a 51-year-old record. new snowfall records for december are 202.1 inches of snow area this breaks the previous record of 179 inches from 1970. the heavy snowfall in the sierra is causing some frustration on the roads. take a look at the backup on highway 50. you can see traffic is gridlocked. the highway reopened last night after was close from placerville to myers. right now highway 50 is the only way out for drivers because interstate 880 is still
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shut down. >> the highway is at capacity. i cannot handle all of the people that are trying to get to and from lake tahoe. we recommend that you just stay home. thousands of pg&e customers are without power to to the winter storms in the sierras. over 60,000 customers are affected. some have been without power for 2 days. a lot of downed trees took out power lines, and blizzard conditions have hampered efforts to restore power. a live look at san francisco, were moments ago, officials announced the city will be canceling its new year's eve fireworks show due to the surge of covid-19 cases. also, new rules and warnings from health officials as cases in california skyrocket. the state has become the first in the nation to record more than 5 million known covid infections. the states positivity rate quadrupled in the past 2 weeks.
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the state health department's first post christmas update finds the 7 day positivity rate is now at nearly 10%, a 6.2% increase from the week before. the swift increase in covid cases is now prompting santa clara county's chief health officer to take drastic measures. dr. sarah cody has now ordered a booster mandate for all healthcare workers and others in high-risk settings. the deadline is january 24. it will affect about 150,000 workers. >> our cases here in santa clara county are spiking, and a vast majority of them are omicron. what we want to do is ensure that our healthcare workers and system can absorb whatever hospital surge may be coming their way. with people starting to plan for new year's eve's festivities, dr. cody has this morning and suggestion. >> at this point with omicron
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surging the way that it is, i would not recommend new year's celebrations unless they are small, intimate gatherings. they are the way to go is new year's. it is not the time to go to a large gathering. the only exception would be if you are going to spend the entire gathering outdoors. we first brought to the press conference on cbsn bay area. you can watch it any time, streaming 24/7. with omicron spreading fast in contra costa county, health leaders issued a stricter indoor mask mandate. starting tomorrow, december 29 , everyone must wear masks and all public indoor places, regardless of vaccination status. the deputy health officer says the move is critical, because omicron is extremely contagious, and indoor masking will help reduce the number f infections and hospitalizations. an aerial view over the
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santa clara county fairgrounds as nsa showed long lines of people scrambling to get a covid test. in san francisco, the city is increasing covid testing at one of its main sites, as kpix 5's kenny choi tells us, it is due to the high demand of droppings. many are being turned away at the gate. >> reporter: the city increased testing capacity at one of its main sites this month. because of high demand, plenty of people are getting turned away at the gate. >> i may have exposed one of my coworkers was exposed. >> reporter: summer trying to get tested after potential exposures that work. others are just returned home from a holiday trip. >> the transmissibility is the biggest concern for us, especially because he is not vaccinated. >> reporter: more than 20,000 tests are being conducted every week, but some city affiliated sites closed early because of capacity issues. >> i try to make appointment
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and nothing was available. >> reporter: what has the process been like coming here throughout the year and today? >> i think it is a lot more crowded today, as you can see, but generally it is a very quick walk in, or you can easily get appointments. >> reporter: they have been taking rapid at-home tests throughout the year. >> walgreens, 4 days every day, no tests at all. >> reporter: dr. peterson hung as an infectious disease specialist at ucsf. >> rapid tests are amazing before holloway gatherings. it helps to identify people who may transmit without knowing it, particularly people without symptoms. use them widely, but also use them wisely. we're back with rapid tests being scarce, testing sites like this are options for now. the san francisco department of health says it has been able to manage the surgeon demand, and says it doesn't perceive opening additional sites at this time. in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5 .
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we also found a steady line of people in palo alto this morning wanting to get tested prior to the new year's eve holiday, and before their kids had back-to-school, and with omicron rapidly spreading, some residents didn't want to take any chances, and want to stay safe by taking a pcr test. >> we have family of multiple ages, ranging from little kids who can't get boosters, to older people, and we want to make sure that we don't bring anything unwanted into any gathering. stick with kpix 5 for continuing coverage on the coronavirus. have a vaccine and testing resource guide at the very top of our website, still ahead on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area . a heartbroken family speaks out. the latest on the teen girl killed by a stray bullet in
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together.
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new at 5:00, for the first time, the family of the girl accidentally shot and killed by los angeles police at a department store is speaking out. the report, it comes as police released body camera video you may find disturbing. the mother of valentina orellana-peralta tearfully recounted the moment her daughter died in her arms inside of a department store dressing room 2 days before christmas. the 14-year-old was struck by a stray bullet when police opened fire on a man carrying out an attack on other shoppers inside of this burlington department store. so let dad said she and her daughter were hiding my hugging and praying as the commotion unfolded. body camera video shows several officers arriving at the scene with their guns drawn after a call about an assault and
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possible shooting in progress, serve alias video captured the suspect attacking with what appeared to be a bicycle lock before police arrived. officers caught up with the suspect near a woman he was beating with the lock. an officer opened fire, killing lopez. a search of the store revealed valentina had also been shot. >> valentina's life matters. >> reporter: the family is demanding accountability. >> never showed this 14-year- old little girl have ended up as collateral damage at a shopping plaza. >> reporter: a memorial for valentina grows larger every day at the store. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: valentina's father described his child as a young girl excited about receiving good grades to become an
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engineer and u.s. citizen. the lapd is promising a thorough investigation. cbs news, los angeles. police did not find a gun on the suspect. the officer involved is on paid administrative leave. the jury in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial will be back at it at it: 30 tomorrow morning. >> reporter: dave 5 of jury deliberations is a wrap, with all of the action taking place behind closed doors. is not unusual for jurors to take this long. it's a waiting game at this point. elizabeth holmes is facing 11 counts of fraud and conspiracy for pitching her startup theranos by claiming it would revolutionize healthcare with blood testing that later turned out to be false. it all begs the question, will this have a ripple effect across silicon valley. >> it should get inside the heads. >> reporter: the founder of connect and a longtime tech analyst says the mountain of evidence submitted by the feds, emails, powerpoint
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slides, text messages, and witnesses should serve as a warning to founders anti-ceos of tech startups looking for investors. >> make sure you're telling the truth. it is okay to be optimistic and has a dream that hasn't come true say this is what i'm hoping will happen, but it isn't okay to lie and claim something is true that you don't know to be true. >> reporter: a lot has been made about the silicon valley fake it until you make it mentality. do you think this trial pops that bubble? >> this trial puts entrepreneurs on notice that they can be held accountable for what they claim. again, they can be optimistic, but they cannot claim things are true if they aren't true. and they can be held accountable. i think this trial will temporarily nudge founders and startups to behave better, but people have short memories, and i bet you 5 to 10 years from now, we will see something like this playing out again.
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also in the bay area, a heated argument between two brothers in san mateo ended with one in the hospital, and the other behind bars. police arrested them on north claremont street on christmas eve. they say he shot his brother in the face. the brother suffered non-life- threatening injuries. they are facing charges of attempted murder, possession of a controlled substance, as well as drug paraphernalia. in menlo park, a motorcyclist was killed in south bound 101 when a honda accord spun out and crashed into the wall along the right shoulder. it happened just before 4:00 a.m. near willow road. the motorcyclist was from san jose, but their name has not been released. in the east bay cruise were busy cleaning up this huge downed tree blocking the road. crews stopped traffic from passing through as bulldozers cleared away all of those branches. downed trees, snow in the mountains, rain here. everything. >> it is so cold here.
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>> this would be a heat wave in michigan. the other day it was in the teens there. >> it felt like that when i walked out this morning. >> we are wimps, we know that. nevertheless. that is the history of the bay area. snow on the peaks is unusual, as we look at towards the golden gate bridge. outs are setting the stage for more rain tonight moving into the bay area. as a result, it will get wet again, leading into the morning commute. but there is a silver lining behind all of this. we just will not see it tonight. the first few showers moving to the north bay from this impulse, east bay right now, much of the south bay is dry. that will change in the next few hours. at the moment, light showers in advance of this low spinning from the north. it will be increasing the showers overnight. the low is being questioned by
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this high that has been responsible for this incredible december. all of the moisture is being funneled into northern california and oregon. along with it, the cold air. it was colder today than yesterday. tonight will be quite as cold because we have clouds around the bay area. the 30s for overnight lows. futurecast shows that we are right now. if you write an scattered showers in the north bay. as time goes on, you can see that by 8:00 tonight, the rain begins to unwind over san francisco and south bay. then moore comes in. a bit of a break after midnight, then right in time for the morning commute. you can see the heavier cells are done in the south bay and set to trend. with this one, we will probably get just as much rain in the south bay as we do in the north bay. the santa cruz mountains pickup 1 inch of rain by the time all is said and done. futurecast goes through wednesday afternoon and evening. again, the north bay dries out. 2:00 wednesday afternoon, but
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in the south bay the action goes on. then everybody finally begins to dry out as we get towards wednesday night at midnight, early thursday morning. we have tonight, tomorrow, it will not be steady rain. it will rain and stop, but by the time all is said and done, that is how it looks. about 1 inch aunt ben loman. half an inch in san francisco, and a half inch in san jose. the rain chances the next 7 days, tomorrow looks like a pretty good bet, but look at these dry days, wednesday evening through sunday. new year's eve and new year's day looks dry. the 1st day 2022, and then rain ramps up once again. it does not look like a big rainmaker next week. the numbers are mostly in the 40s. they will stay for the overnight lows. mid-30s in santa rosa. 42 for fremont, and 43 degrees in san jose.
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daytime highs tomorrow don't do much better. mid-40s to low 50s bay wide. unsettled forecast tonight, rain coming in, morning commute , ran around, and thursday we get sunshine. new year's eve, clear and sunny. then monday and tuesday we began to introduce the rain chances yet again. as we look into the specific areas in the bay area, pretty much all the same, with rain on the way early next week, and overnight tonight. more snow for the mountains. we will talk more about that in about 15 minutes. in the meantime, you will have to keep the mittens handy. >> you think i would be used to it after living in the midwest for so long. >> you re-acclimate pretty
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fast. >> a california girl through and through. many families are having trouble putting food on the table this holiday season. >> food banks are working hard to provide healthy meals. i got a chance to visit a local food bank that just received a big donation. >> reporter: we are at the san francisco marin food bank that is doing a lot of good to make sure bay area families have food on their plates. every dollar raised his two nutritious meals for people in the bay area. in a healthy smile starts with the nutrition. that is why delta dental is doing so much work to raise money to make sure this happens in the bay area. >> the delta dental community care foundation, we find it is important to give money to our communities where we live and work. i live in san francisco. i have, and volunteered here at the food bank, and it is really important that we support our community partners. >> reporter: how much is the check for? >> it is a dainty check but a huge number. than what will this do for the food bank? >> thank you delta dental for
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everything. you have been a great partner for the food bank. this $200,000, you figure 1 dollar means two meals, so that means 400,000 meals for the community . it is incredible and will do so much for us. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: what a beautiful gift with what this will do for so many families in the bay area as well. these monetary donations are incredible, but so is your
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back to the breaking news, the sports world is mourning the loss of nfl legend and broadcaster john madden. he died unexpectedly at the age of 85. we have more on his passing and
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career at 5:30. covid has claimed another college football ball game. >> reporter: this was canceled hours before kickoff today. covid has not discriminated at all, making an impact that every sport at every level. the unlike other cancellations, this one was almost at the last minute. ucla was forced to withdraw from tonight's holiday bowl against north carolina state, before the scheduled kickoff in san diego, because of covid issues. the bruins were 8-4 this season. north carolina's date was trying for their second 10 win season. it is the second straight year the holiday bowl has been canceled. it becomes the fifth canceled due to covid, along with the hawaii military fenway and arizona bowls. two other games have been given new matchups after a team had to drop out, but the wolfpack is questioning whether or not the bruins new more of their situation earlier, and maybe could have disclosed the severity of the case is sooner
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to get a viable backup to take ucla's place. at this point, a lot of disappointment and frustration over the loss of this ball game. still ahead at 5:30, digging out of a wall of snow. crews are working around the clock tolly reop a mar tahoe. a look at the bait dangerous conditions on i-80. is the snow too much of a good thing for ski resorts? how the overwhelming snowfall
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area , crews continue to work on taking up the snow in the sierra. our top story at 5:30. for years he was the voice of the nfl. we are remembering the life of legendary gray area broadcaster and coach john madden. good evening. i am amanda starrantino. and i am allen martin. we begin with more on that breaking news. the passing of legendary broadcaster and head coach john madden. right at the top, a tribute to coach madden. he is being remembered by people across the bay area and nation.


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