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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> reporter: the younger generation knows all about madden and the curse in the videogame i'm about to oakland in the old school football fans, he was a great teacher and football coach. the nfl passed on the heartbreaking news 1 hour ago. he passed away unexpectedly this morning at the age of 85. he coached the oakland raiders from 1969 to 1978, making it to the postseason 8 times and winning the super bowl in 1976. then he joined the broadcast booth, where he teamed up for 22 seasons. vern glenn caught up with the legendary coach during a fundraising event in 2013. >> reporter: what was the driving force. what was the fire in the belly that kept you going? >> probably just wanting to be the best. i mean, always wanted to win. even, you know, as a little kid, you know, you know, flipping, you know, cards or whatever, i wanted to win
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everything. i think that is important, because when everyone probably wants it, but then i wanted it so bad i was willing to work for it. i was willing to put the work into make it happen. >> reporter: even in retirement, he was spotted in the pleasanton community where he lives with his family. he leaves behind his wife, virginia, and his two sons, mike and joe. >> we see condolences pouring in on social media, many calling john madden a legend. two hours storm watch now, a new round of rain moving into the bay area. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge getting hit first. brian hackney is tracking that rain on hi-def doppler. the light rain is moving into the north bay. by the time all is said and done tomorrow night. this front is now beginning to
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define itself a bit better. it will get down into the south bay within about 90 minutes. then out to the mountain as well where they have winter storm warnings. the action is centered in the north bay with mostly widely scattered and light showers. that sets the tone for the next 30 hours or so. we have showers in an on-again off-again fashion. the chances look pretty good. here is the peak of probability. is between 10:00 and midnight, eases up in the early morning hours, picks up into the morning commute, and wednesday looks wet. as a percentage of average, it has rained a lot. santa rosa, almost double the amount of rainfall we have at this point in the season. san jose, 162% of average. and there is more to come, and more snow for the mountains.
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parts of the bay area got another dusting of snow today. here is what it looked like on mt. diablo. santa cruz county saw snow as well. this is your loma prieta winery. and in the north bay, napa county saw some flurries near pacific union college. a covid milestone for california, and not a good one. we became the first state to record more than 5 million known infections. also, the positivity rate is soaring, nearly 10%. we have team coverage on what bay area counties are doing to keep omicron from spreading. first, max darrow on the strict new measures. >> reporter: osha requirements are being put in place in santa clara county and contra costa county for people who work in high risk settings, and an indoor mask mandate is coming back to a part of the east bay as well. >> since we last spoke, less than 2 weeks ago, i warned of a delivers of omicron, and today,
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unfortunately, that delusion is here. >> reporter: dr. sarah cody is a public health officer for santa clara county. she announced all healthcare workers in the county will have to be boosted by january 24, a week before the state's deadline of february 1. >> for workers in these higher risk settings, boosters are critical given what we're facing right now, the need to ensure continuity of operations and the settings, and the vulnerability of the populations that they work with. >> reporter: covid-19 cases in the test positivity rates have increased in the county over the past 2 weeks. hospitalizations have not gone up as quickly, but data shows they are increasing. >> we need to make sure that hospitals and our healthcare workers are ready to take care of us. >> reporter: and contra costa county, cases in the positivity rate have also increased. >> ways also been
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hospitalizations increase. there were 38 a week ago. today there were 60. >> reporter: starting on january 10, the county will require first responders to get boosted or tested weekly. >> it is important to keep the workforce healthy. we are seeing disruptions to so many workforces. >> reporter: tomorrow, the county will require masks and all public and or places without exceptions. >> it became a no-brainer as we saw what is happening on the east coast, which is about a week ahead of us. it became clear this was an important step. >> reporter: a county health spokesperson says they are sticking with the state guidance and not considering local booster mandates at this time in san mateo county. max darrow, kpix 5. we brought you the santa clara county health officer update live on cbsn bay area. you can watch 24/7 streaming on , or the kpix 5 news app. we saw long lines of people
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scrambling to get tested at the santa clara county fairgrounds today. same story in san francisco . kenny choi found out that the supply cannot keep up with demand. >> reporter: more than 20,000 tests are being conducted at these sf dph facilitated sites. they expected the high demand during the holidays, but many are still being turned away. >> i try to make an appointment and didn't see anything available. >> reporter: at home testing kits are hard to find. drop-in tests are last-minute options, but the weights can be long. >> it's a lot more crowded today. >> reporter: cars are being turned away. traffic is building up. it extends all the way there, and then across a line of cars extending all the way to the freeway. >> right now they are only accepting those who made the appointment online. >> reporter: the preschooler isn't required to test before he goes back to school, it is
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not showing symptoms, but they are being cautious after a holiday trip. >> they say it is mild, but even as a parent, you have that concern for your child, and you hope they don't fall ill. >> reporter: dr. bob walters much air of the ucsf department of meant medicine, doesn't believe testing asymptomatic children is necessary. >> i don't think they need to be tested unless they have symptoms and particularly the unvaccinated kids, it would be worthwhile testing. >> reporter: 20 of the 40 city affiliated site allowed for drop ins, but when one side can't offer a test residents are redirected for other sites. the family said they had better luck walking in and said of driving and for tests. >> very quick walk in, or you can easily get appointments. >> reporter: this site will open up until 8:00 tonight. in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. for more information on testing and our vaccine resource guide my checkout it is at the top of the homepage. no verdict get in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial, after 36 hours of jury
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deliberations. kiet do has been keeping close tabs on everything happening at the courthouse. >> reporter: day five of jury deliberations is over , and no visible movement from the outside that we can see. he will be back at it early tomorrow morning. they are mulling over 11 counts of fraud and conspiracy, sifting through a mountain of evidence. if convicted, elizabeth holmes looks at a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. the trial is already having a ripple effect among silicon valley venture capitalists. >> they aren't as hyped as they once were. they are much less in the press, and there is also a lot of the press questioning what silicon valley is doing with the enormous amounts of money and power it has. that is not something you saw a decade ago, or during the times of theranos as much. already there are ways that the system is getting checked. i don't know whether or not startup founders themselves,
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you have to be a certain type of people to even be crazy enough to do something, would be suddenly raining themselves in. >> reporter: the trial could serve as a warning to investors looking to do business with silicon valley startups. >> doing your due diligence and homework, not entirely trusting the executives you are talking to. i think in some ways that was always something people had to think about my going back hundreds of years, but when it came to silicon valley, it seems like these country were specials, rocket ships trying to take off. maybe people may see that it's not entirely the case. we will bring you the verdict as soon as it comes down, here on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area. still ahead on kpix 5 , and cbsn bay area -- >> reporter: 100+ basketball teams from three different states competing in a bay area tournament. with some teams already dropping out due to health and safety protocols, there are
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the country's biggest high school girls basketball tournament is happening right now in livermore. over 100 teams in more than 1000 players and coaching staff. da lin asked, how are covid protocols playing out on the court and sidelines . 4 organizers say roughly 15 to 20 teams have dropped out, mostly due to covid concerns or players testing positive, but coaches and players believe it is still safe to play. roughly 105 girls high school teams from california, nevada, and texas competing on one of the biggest stages. the popular west coast jamboree tournament is known for the strong competition in bringing teams that would never otherwise play against this is the second ranked team in the country, de soto of texas competing against a
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california team. >> and is really grateful for it. >> reporter: abby kennedy, who had the game-winning shot for half moon bay says, yeah, she worries about the omicron variant. >> things so close, because i don't know if the other team is vaccinated or having the booster or not, but worried about getting it, giving it to my family. >> we are all vaccinated. we are comfortable, we have done our part, and we hope everyone else does their part. >> reporter: organizers say vaccination isn't mandatory, but teams are required to get tested before they play, and follow all alameda county health guidelines. >> a super spreader, i want to think not. >> reporter: some teams are playing with fewer players because of health and safety protocols. >> of things really go sideways to my we could possibly have to cancel come up but we never prepared for that. we prepared to push forward. we owe it to these young women. >> reporter: many parents say they balanced the pros and cons. >> we know what we are doing in
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california, but we aren't sure what they do in their stay. >> reporter: most players are vaccinated according to organizers. both parents and students believe the tournament is good for their mental health. >> something going on in your life that isn't basketball related, you can cover and escape. >> reporter: the tournament will continue and wednesday and wrap up on thursday. in livermore, i am da lin , kpix 5. no new year's eve fireworks show along san francisco's waterfront this year. the city just canceled it over concerns about the surge in covid cases. >> i think it is a good decision , to make sure that everybody is safe. large crowds are probably not a good idea considering the increase of the omicron variant. >> it's disappointing for a lot of people, but understandable, >> when things are getting canceled left and right. new at six:00, santa cruz county can now seek disaster
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assistance from the state for damage from the atmospheric river earlier this month. supervisors ratified the proclamation of a local emergency. the county some more than $3 million in damage to roads and other infrastructure. a star much in the sierra. there's a huge backup on highway 50. ski run 50 is back open after the snowy conditions closed it over the weekend am i not to mention the big rig earlier today. the crews have been busy digging out snow all day. caltrans says the eastbound lanes are back open. they are still working to reopen the westbound lanes. what a mess. >> i would not want to be in that traffic right now. it's amazing to me that people say i had no idea it was going to snow. the latest example is right here , winter storm warnings are posted in the sierra for this next bit coming through. they will pick up another night of 14 inches, and above 7000
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feet, up to 24 inches. no sooner do they begin to get the roads open, but we have more snow coming in. in the bay area, it's going to be rainy as well. high def doppler issuing showers beginning to unwind over the north bay. that will spread into the south bay any minute now. mostly light rain as the evening wears on. this flow spreads the south. it will squeeze out what meister there is. it's about what 0.25 inches, and then out of here by wednesday night at around midnight. futurecast shows at 7:00, widely scattered around the bay area. you can see a few good downpours embedded, but in general, light to moderate rain. morning commute, more on the way , but focus more on the south bay, as opposed to the north bay
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. it will be interesting to see the totals. at the moment, this will all be out of here by wednesday at midnight. by the time we get to thursday, the sun comes out. rain totals, half an inch in santa rosa. 0.6 inches in half moon bay. even in the east bay, livermore, 0.39. by tomorrow night, eases off. thursday, friday, saturday, no chance of rain by the time i get to thursday, all the way into the 1st day of 2022. then we begin to ramp up the chances of rain coming in in the early part of next week. we aren't done with it in the long term, but we at least get a break thursday through sunday. there's a chance to get out and do some things, and that is your opportunity.
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pacifica, 48. the highs were not very high at all. tonight, the loaves get down to 36 in santa rosa. the clouds overhead, it won't be as cold as it was last night. 43 degrees in san jose. we only managed 40s for high for much of the bay area. 50 in san francisco. 49 in san rafael, and 46 degrees in napa. the extended forecast, things look a bit wet tomorrow and wednesday, with temperatures remaining in the 50s all the way through 2022. then another chance of rain monday and tuesday. after a wet day on wednesday, things finally begin to dry out. we have the "cbs evening news" coming up. >> reporter: and here is a preview on that. doormat good evening. we have a packed broadcast tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00. as you omicron infections
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climbed to record levels, to the cdc's new isolation guidelines going far enough. the questions coming up on the "cbs evening news" tonight. more on the passing on coaching and broadcasting legend john madden.
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depending on how old you are, you know john madden in a different way. before his broadcasting career and the race of the videocam, he coached the oakland raiders, and never let the team to a losing season. he passed away unexpectedly this morning at the age of 85. he coached the oakland raiders from 1969 to 1978, making it to the postseason eight times, and winning the super bowl in 1976. then he joined the broadcast booth, where he teamed up with pat summerall for 22 seasons. tonight we talked to 49 beat writer about the impact john madden had on football and on him. >> reporter: i heard that you have some personal relationships with him. tell me a bit about your story and how you got to know john
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madden. >> it's, we are both from the bay area. we both went to cal poly. we both live in pleasanton. we both love football. i really got to know him maybe 15 years ago when he was going into the hall of fame, and when i got to do some sit downs with him, get to know the family really well, his wife virginia, and his sons, mike and joe. i really became attached to the family. john especially, any time i needed insight about football, he was always there to share with me. >> reporter: i know him a lot from his broadcasting career, but he had such a legacy with the raiders. where'd you come in, what is the most memorable part of his long career, whether it is coaching or broadcasting. >> it is separate careers. he was a tremendous football coach with one of the best winning percentages of any pro football coach.
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he got into the hall of fame because of that. he took the raiders the multiple championship games. won the super bowl against the vikings. he only coached 10 years, which is unheard of in this day and age, but back then, vince lombardi, his hero, only coached to 10 years. this was normal operating procedure, and then he found an ability to relate to everybody, and relayed his love of the game as a broadcaster. he won all of these emmys and bounced from network to network. he was the most coveted commentator, and his ability to relate things to the common person. everybody to this day, he set the standard for broadcasting football. >> reporter:'s former team the raiders released a statement that read, in part, few individuals and has much of the growth in popularity of professional football as coach madden. the thoughts and prayers of raider nation virginia, joseph,
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michael, and the entire family at this time. a great loss to football, and all of the fans that loved him. >> for the cruiser my his custom bus, because he wouldn't fly on airplanes. >> even though he traveled to do broadcast games he always went on his bus because of his fear. apparently he has eight garages at his home in pleasanton. the bus doesn't fit, but it is still running and well. getting this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors
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and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
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a company out of pleasanton is hoping to break into the fitness marketplace with a new smart ring. they just unveiled it ahead of next month's consumer electronic show. >> the ring will measure heart rate, sleep, respiration, blood oxygen levels, but this company is promising to help you actually use your metrics towards proactively preventing chronic disease. the ring goes on sale the second half of next year, but no you word yet on the actual price. the oakland zoo is getting ready to celebrate its centennial. it is planning special events, keepsakes, and more. right now it is posting throwback pictures on its facebook page. they are also asking you to share your pictures of visits from over the years. people will be opening up their photo albums.
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thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find on captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> garrett: tonight, the u.s. nears a record high for coronavirus infections. the seven-day average ready to surpass the previous high set in january. plus, confusion and push-back following the c.d.c.'s new isolation guidelines. returning to the classroom: with what the spike in new cases means for in-person learning. >> your children are safer in school. the numbers speak for themselves. >> garrett: wicked weather: chicago records its first snowfall of the season, while severe weather threatens the south. looking for justice: the parents of a teenage girl killed by a police officer speak out as body cam video leads to more questions. >> they are still in disbelief. he wants justice as any father would want.


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