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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 29, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11:00. one of the bay area premiere new years eve events have been called off. not just the spectators let down. >> always been not just a festive time but it has always been a lucrative one.
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up in the mountains it is snow-ma-gedon. more snow on the way and more rain, we will have details in a few minutes. in just a matter of hours one bay area county is bringing back the strict indoor mask rules. plus, lasting legacy and impact of bay area legend john madden. >> he was an icon of the east bay that guided us in terms of telling them how to think, how to approach life. >> good evening i'm alan martin. we begin with a live look at san francisco's embarcadero, normally packed with partiers on new year's eve. tonight the city canceled the annual fireworks show amid covid-19 cases. betty yu explains it is a let down for visitors and businesses on their biggest nights of the year. >> reporter: the san francisco waterfront will not look anything like it did prepandemic this new
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year's eve. the biggest and most impactful covid-19-related cancellation yet for the city. thousands of spectators will miss this dazzling fireworks show for the second year in a row as the omicron variant sweeps the city. the mayor says canceling it would reduce everyone's exposure and protect essential frontline workers. >> most importantly even though we have a high vaccination and increasingly high booster rate and it is outdoors, what i think is potentially scary is that a lot of people who get infected may be taken out of the workforce. >> reporter: the managing partner of this restaurant called the decision understandable but disappointing. the sister restaurants have prime views of the show. >> we are still going to go forward with our party, the chefs are cooking, we are opening bottles of champagne at midnight. >> reporter: he said both
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restaurants are almost sold out. >> new year's eve could be equal of two days of business. always not just a festive time but it is sals been a lucrative one. so, we are hoping that everybody still is going to show up. >> reporter: for those evaluating their new year's eve plans. >> i think people don't have to cancel plans if it is small, if it is modest, and if they can have their covid-19 street smarts about them. >> this family visits san francisco for the first time was planning to view the show from their 20th floor marriott hotel room. >> we were hoping to see fireworks because colorado is usually so dry that we don't have them. >> i think that is probably a good decision to make sure that everybody is safe because large crowds are probably not a good idea considering the increase of the omicron variant. >> in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. well, a live look outside tonight and
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final round of rain arriving in the bay area before we get a chance to dry out for a few days. >> we are tracking the last dose of wet weather for a little bit. we get a little bit of a break, bryan. >> we do heading into 2022. not tonight we will have to wait until we get closer to new year's eve. rain and the north bay, it is light. 8/100th of an inch so far north of the golden gate. it will change as we get towards sunrise tomorrow. but, in the meantime, you know, it is coming down a little bit. the greatest probability in san francisco, you can see it dips around midnight and then slowly the probability for rain gets up to 72% by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, just in time for the morning commute. things will get wet around here. so, to sum it up, off and on rain tonight, mostly favoring the north bay, changing to the entire bay area by the time we get into around sunrise on wednesday. then, we do get a break.
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begins on thursday and how long it lasts and a wet start to next week. it is looking more and more probable. we will have the details in a few minutes. it is all coming on top of the wet ground just getting wetter and that is leading to problems of its own, alan? >> it is. rain-saturated ground likely to play the role of bringing down this tree. this is in the woodside area. that road, it is closed both directions while crews clear up the mess. meanwhile in the sierra caltrans says both westbound and eastbound lanes on interstate 80 are open, interstate open to the nevada state line. all cars are allowed but nonessential work trucks. the world is mourning the loss of john madden. he died at the age of 85. >> we have a look at madden's lasting impact on the nfl and beyond. >> reporter: john madden was football. for fans in the bay area he was
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their hall of fame coach that brought raider nation its first lombardi trophy. >> reporter: a colorful character in the broadcast booth in the later years it was his competitive demeanor on the sidelines as head coach of the oakland raiders that endeared him to football fans everywhere. he caught the eye of raiders owner al davis who hired him as linebacker coach in 1967. two years later john madden would be the youngest head coach in the national football league. his blue collar attitude and free spirit rubbed off on his players. that was a recipe for success for the silver and black as the raiders won seven division titles in his first eight seasons there. four times madden's raiders would lose in the playoffs to the eventual super bowl champion but in 1976 things would finally go the raiders way. after losing just one regular season game they faced conference rival,
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pittsburgh steelers in the afc championship game and beat pittsburgh to advance to the super bowl. they beat the vikings 32-14, giving the raiders their first super bowl championship. >> how does it feel? >> feels great. we waited a long time for it. >> reporter: after 10 seasons at the helm he walked off of the sidelines for the last time in 1978. in the 2013 he spoke to kpix5 vern glen about the secret to his success. >> what was the driving force? what was the fire in the belly that kept you going? >> probably just wanting to be the best. i mean i always wanted a win, you know. even, you know, as a little kid and flipping cards or whatever, i and, i yo, everyone prabit t i nted sos ing to wor
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foitwas willing wo in to make it happen. >> reporter: madden found a new passion, one that put him in the homes of nearly everyone in america. and, the hearts of football fans everywhere. madden began his second career in the broadcast booth. pioneering the kinds of break downs we are used to seeing today. >> this is the father bucket. this is a mother bucket. and since the last game they had a baby bucket. >> he was tapped to broadcast 11 super bowls, monday night football and maybe more notably thanksgiving where he would begin a tradition that continues today. awarding turkey legs to the most valuable players of the winning team. his loveable persewna brought him numerous endorsement deals. in 1988 he was immortalized of greatest selling games, well over 100 million copies sold today, the game known as
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madden. >> it wases in 2006 that he was inducted in the hall of fame, fittingly, he road his cruiser to canton, ohio for the ceremony. >> thank you very much. definitely a legend. >> amazing. long live the truducken. of their favote th team. >> john, as the greatest oakland raider head coach and greatest coach ever was more than a football coach for us, icon here in the east bay that guided us in terms of hoho approach life, how we grind. >> we have seen an outpouring of condolences and memories of john madden. a sign of the huge number of lives he touched. in less than an hour a stricter indoor mask mandate will take place in contra costa county. starting tomorrow masks in all public indoor places regardless of
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vaccination status. the deputy health officer says the move is critical because omicron is highly contagious and indoor masking will reduce infections and hospitalizations. new video of a steady stream of cars at the fairgrounds. busy all day long. meanwhile the county chief health officer ordered a strict booster mandate. all health care workers and those in high risk settings. >> our cases here in santa clara county are spiking and the vast majority of them are omicron. what we want to do is ensure that our health care workers and our health care system can absorb whatever hospital surge may be coming their way. still ahead tonight, super spreader concerns over a major basketball tournament bringing teams from all over the country to the bay area. >> just like worried about like, getting it, giving it to my family.
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>> and starting tomorrow you can buy crab off of the boat, details on the new program
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep my moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, find our coupons in sunday's paper. tonight, a large high school basketball tournament is underway in the east bay featuring 100 plus teams and
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more than 1,000 players and coaching staff. kpix5 reports is there are worries that it could be a super spreader event. >> organizers say roughly 15-20 teams dropped out. mostly due to covid-19 concerns or players testing positive. but, coaches and players believe it is still safe to play. >> good job. >> roughly 105 girls high school teams from california, nevada, and texas. competing on one of the biggest stages. the poplar jamboree tournament is known for the strong competition and bringing teams that would not otherwise play against each other. this is the second ranked team in the country. texas competing against a california team. >> getting to play and have an opportunity i am grateful for it. >> abby kennedy. hitting the game-winning shot for half-moon bay with two seconds left says yeah. she worries about the omicron variant. >> just being so close with the other team.
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i don't know if they are vaccinated or if they got the booster or not. worry about getting it, giving it to my family. >> we are all vaccinated. one of those things we are comfortable. >> reporter: organizers say vaccination is not mandatories but teams are required to get tested before playing and follow all health guidelines. >> a super spreader, i want to think not. >> reporter: some teams are playing with fewer players because of health and safety protocols. >> if things really go sideways, we could possibly have to cancel. >> rebound. >> reporter: many parents say they balanced the pros and cons. >> we know what we are doing here in california but we are not sure they are doing it in their state. >> reporter: given most players are vaccinated, according to organizers, both parents and students believe the tournament is good for their mental health. >> something going on in your life that is not basketball related you can come here for an escape. >> reporter: the three day tournament will continue on wednesday and wrap up on thursday.
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in livermore, back to you. live look now at san francisco's fisherman's wharf were tomorrow you will be able to buy dungeness crab. the port of san francisco will celebrate the opening of crab season and the launch of off the boat crab sales at pier 47 at 3:00 tomorrow. this is the city's first crab season allowing sales from fishing vessels. >> the crab nor the fisherman care if it is rain. >> if it is raining on the fish who cares. the snow, that is another story. winter storm warning posted tonight. getting more on the record amount they gotten in december. more snow than they ever seen on the donner pass. going back to the record set back in 1970. and, they got more on the way. so, snow over the last 72 hours including 84 inches at north star. 78 inches, they are not storm totals it is
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just the last three days. palisades and we will add to that. winter storm warnings in effect. periods of heavy snow from the system coming in. producing 9-14 inches below and above 7,000 feet. get up to two feet more. when it rolls through tomorrow it is, once again, going to make driving out there dicey proposition. if you are headed that way. extra time would be important. here is the latest on the kpix5 doplar radar. showers forming off of the peninsula. tonight, off again, on again rain. at the moment, in the north bay. most of it coming down, 8/100th of an inch. not much at all, not yet any way. with the numbers right now in concord. well into the 40s. like rain, reported in santa rosa. here is what is happening, low pressure will sink south tomorrow. as it does it will squeeze the moisture such as it is out over central california. not as moist as the systems that we had last week. so, we are looking for about a
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quarter of an inch to half an inch in the bay area. in terms of when, mostly tomorrow, then, look at how finally the rain chances go to just about 0 from thursday through new year's day into sunday. then, as we get into the first week of 2022 you will notice that the rain chances amp up on monday, tuesday, wednesday. does not look like much at the moment. never the less it looks like it will be unsettled at the early part of next week. future cast, where do we go from here, a quarter to 4:00 in the morning we get rain over san francisco, stretching out to the east bay. so, this is in, you know, whatever it is, four hours or so. and then, as we go on, wednesday, showing shower after shower after shower. this is about 1:00 in the afternoon when the last big thrust of rain heading through the north bay and the south bay and powers on through and slowly, finally, begins to dry out heading towards midnight tomorrow night. 24 hours from now we are done. we are not going to get that
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much any way. we will be looking for about 15th of an inch when all is said and done in santa rosa, san francisco, two thirds of an inch. every time we run this model it changes the rain totals. fremont, 24/100th of an inch. they do another run six lowers later now it is 6/10th of an inch. the rainfall amounts variable. in general, a quarter to 3/4s of an inch. off and on rain tonight, the rain builds up more early on wednesday. it will remain wet until tomorrow night at this time and then we get a dry break beginning on thursday. we will see more sunshine, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, overnight lows tonight, cool, the temperatures from the middle 30s to the 40s. day time highs tomorrow, also be cool, not that different from the lows, 51 degrees and morgan hill will be wet and 51. off and on rain for the east bay and the numbers, it will be a chilly wednesday with 47 degrees at walnut creek. up in the north bay, tonight,
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off again on again, mostly light. the rain system favors more of the central and south bay tomorrow. will be cold up at 45 degrees. the extended forecast wet tomorrow, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, it is all looking fairly good and then another chance comes in monday and tuesday. that is the weather for the latest on the warriors here is andrea. all right, down by 24, the warriors try to make an improbable comeback. bay area football legend passes away. former raider's ceo on the impact that john madden had on the raiders and the game he loved
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john madden was a raiders head coach for 10 years and delivered the first super bowl win to the city of oakland. tonight we spoke to former raider's ceo about his legacy with the silver and black. >> one can't discus the history of the raiders without including john
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in that discussion. >> he says madden's passing is not only a big loss but for the entire sport of football. the hall of fame coach attended every home game after his broadcasting career and many fundraisers in the community. traffic will not only remember him as the greatest teacher of football but also for his tremendous sense of humor. >> there were times he would make a comment at an event that was so funny i would be reduced to giggles and it was a time at which i should not have been laughing at a moment that i should not have been laughing but he made this hilarious comment and i was laughing and i always had the sense that he enjoyed the fact that i was laughing at a moment i should not have been laughing. [ laughter ] >> he will be missed. andrew wiggins returned tonight. and andre back in the lineup.
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could they be okay with the loss of dremond? now, late 3rd, curry hits the 3,000 ath, three-pointer of his career. cuts the deficit to 13. little over two to play. he goes up, austin rivers and drains another three. the warriors trail by two and the warriors, jordan pool and in awe with that move. up ahead with peyton for the 2nd, fast break, slam. golden state came all of the way back to tie this game. next nuggets possession. surrounded and gets 2 boards before finally scoring on the put back to give denver the lead. final seconds they are down three. can not get to ball to curry. now, air balls the shot to the buzzer. despite scoring 29 points in the 2nd half the nuggets hang on to win 89-86. the sharks returning to ice after the
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weeklong pause. 90 seconds left. arizona leading 7-6. the coyotes knock the puck into the air and in to tie it up. the game went to a shootout. gives the sharks a 2-0 lead. they needed to score to keep the game going but denied by james rymer. the good news for the warriors they will be able to come back. they have another game against the denver nuggets coming up on thursday. >> all right. time for revenge. >> time for revenge. [ laughter ] >> thanks. >> if you want to put the last year behind you, you are certainly not alone. we will show you the unique event helping people wipe the slate clean for 2022. tomorrow, on cbs mornings our series what's new in 22. look ahead to the political landscape in the new year and the critical
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well, with the pandemic and other tragedies no surprise a lot of people want to put 2020, 2021 behind them. >> way, way, way behind them. people were able to do just that at the 15th annual good riddens day in new york's times square. >> people from all over the world wrote down their unhappy, unpleasant, downright miserable memories. >> instead of feeding them into
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the massive paper shredder they tossed them in a fire trash can. >> i would like to get rid of covid-19 quarantine and virtual teaching. >> i want to get rid of not seeing my friends because of covid-19. >> i want to get rid of the people in my life that do not make me feel like my best self- >> i am burning toxic men away. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what she said. >> i don't have a membership in that. [ laughter ] i hope. >> i like it. just throw it in the dumpster fire for the last two years and get rid of it. >> yes. >> all right. we will be right back
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the oakland zoo getting ready to
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celebrate its centennial. commemorative keepsakes and more in 2022. right now it is posting throw back pictures on its facebook page. the zoo is asking you to share your pictures and visits from over the years. >> like that one with the yak, i believe. [ laughter ] >> there will be a lot of fun pictures up there. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. people are going into their old photo album fist they have those things anymore. >> instead of just flipping through your phone pictures. >> exactly. >> all right. >> we got the late show coming up next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on the cbsnbay area. good night - [announcer 1] the following is a paid advertisement for plexaderm skincare. - [announcer 2] watch this. it's all 100% real. witness what happens to this woman's bags under her eyes in an actual time-lapse, in just minutes. nothing has been doctored or tampered with. the very real problem will disappear before your eyes and hers with a revolutionary topical formulation that works in just minutes
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