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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 8, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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crooks trust into a san francisco home in broad daylight. we talked exclusively with the sisters who were hiding inside. >> i thought they would hurt us, no, and i thought i couldn't -- i thought if anything, i couldn't, i could distract him for a second. a desperate plea from several bay area mayors and restaurants to help keep businesses for closing for good. >> it is important we keep the pressure on pick we don't get anything if everybody just agrees to give up and go away. the need for covid testing skyrocketing. what you need to know to get
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tested. we start with exclusive new video of a brazen home invasion in san francisco. thieves spots into a house in broad daylight as to sisters hide in their bedroom. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i am brian hackney. betty yu spoke with the family about the terrifying ordeal. >> reporter: security video shows the suspects gray colored car back into the victim's driveway in the outer mission ingleside neighborhood. the robbers nick their way to the front door and appeared to use some sort of tool to break the gate. all the while, two sisters are inside come at 930 a.m. on tuesday. >> the thumping and things like moving around kept going for like another five or so minutes and i thought it was weird. so i went to -- i was really suspicious already, so i got my phone and i got a bottle of sake from the fridge and i went
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upstairs and i called out, like, mom, dad, is that, is that, is that you? >> when nobody answered she woke up her sister, and called 911 pick of the victims did not want to share their names for privacy reasons. >> i hid in the closet because i did not know what to do, i was really scared pick of the mix her sister could hear the robbers downstairs outside the bedroom just feet away. >> they said there's a whole other place down here come he was yelling it to someone else, and they just -- they started knocking down the door. >> they shared this photo of the damage the bedroom door. and one of them screamed, it scared off the suspects who left with cash, jewelry, handbags and sentimental items pick they hopped into a waiting getaway car and sped off pick of the car appears to have a
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dent or some damage on the driver side near the front tire. >> i thought they would hurt as come you know, and i thought come you know, i couldn't leave -- like i thought of anything i could distract them for second and my sister could get away. >> reporter: police believe they were targeted. >> the police told us and my mom, she was like why did this happen to us? we don't even look like much, right? and they told us, they target asian households. >> have added a number of security measures including reinforcing the front door. in san francisco, betty yu, . -- tran one. as da lin reports, three bay area mayors and others are asking the federal government to provide emergency relief
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money. >> reporter: many bars and restaurants say business is slowing down because of the omicron variance. almost 2 years into the pandemic, some business owners essay they are running out of time. saturday night, owner mark edward says the latest surge is keeping his restaurants pretty quiet. >> i think it is, it almost feels like march 2020, the people are being more cautious and sort of going out to west. >> on average they did about 50% of business compared to pre- pandemic levels. some people are avoiding restaurants because it is too cold to eat outside. >> we want to protect the people around us, stay home, stay safe. can occur family is mostly ordering takeout. >> we go out maybe once a month, maybe, maybe once or twice a month, at most, but we really try to stay at home and
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we can and dying in. >> with your customers and rising food prices, the restaurant industry says it needs help. independent russia coalition and 25 current and former u.s. mayors including the mayor sent a letter to mems of congress on friday. there asking them to get out another round of the restaurant revitalization fund. last. that fund helped more than 100,000 restaurants but it ran out of money, and 177,000 applicants were turned away. >> they did a survey couple of months ago, and out of the people that did not get it, 85% were not sure that they could continue. >> the request is a long shot. >> it is important that we keep the pressure on. you don't, don't get anything if everybody just agrees to give up and go away. >> if we just got a little bit now it would carry us to the next three, 3 to 6 months and i
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think from there i think we would be safe. >> all they can do now is wait and see if congress will act. in downtown send off il, i am da lin. si from the three bay area mayors, mayors from allie to chicago to philadelphia also signed a letter addressed to members of the congress. california's covid positive rate is skyrocketing. new figures show it is a 21.7% which is almost 10 times higher than it was at this time last month when we were only at about 2%. as a need for covid testing grows, states are doing what it can to keep businesses from overcharging or test kits. executive orders prohibit selling the kids for more than
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10% of what they cost last month. new sellers cannot price kits for more than 50% of their cost pick of the governor's office also announced $2.7 billion emergency response plan to help boost state testing and support frontline workers. san francisco schools will begin receiving shipments of at- home covid tests to help with immediate spike in demand. an organization called the tipping point is giving out thousands of at-home tests and extra ppe to teachers and families tomorrow. on thursday the teachers union held a sick out demanding safer working conditions and weekly covid testing. the vie health company is now helping san mateo county deal with its huge demand for covid testing. the company is running the test site of the county's event center and today more people, all people have to do is park and walk up to complete a test, keeping a long line of cars off of the road speak of the contest up to 10,000 people a day. >> they are being, are inundated. i think they were not prepared for this surge sour company,
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what we did was we purchased equipment before the surge to triple our lab capacity. >> it is important that we just protect ourselves because by doing that we are protecting others. two appointments are encouraged and you are encouraged to sign up online well before you need to get tested. only call 911 for life- threatening emergencies. tonight that is the plea from the san francisco fire department. the chief says too many people who may have covid or the flu are flooding it's 911 call center. officials say you should only dial 911 if you urgently need help. >> please don't call 911 to ask for a covid test or because you have a cold or minor flu symptoms. we really want to keep our ambulances available to people having a heart attack or stroke so that we can get them to the hospital. >> the response times by ambulances is also impacted by
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staff shortages. several paramedics under quarantine after being exposed or testing positive for covid. for information on how to find a covid tests or booster shot, check out our resource guide on new questions and calls for justice of the accident will shooting death of a teenage girl by l.a. police officers. two days before christmas, officer shot and killed a man accused of assaulting women at a burlington store in north hollywood biden officers staple it went to the wall the dressing room occupied by 14- year-old valentino oriana peralta. today protesters called for the officer to be prosecuted. >> based on the video and what they are saying, they are saying stop. >> we stand proudly and strong with them. >> her parents bought flowers
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to her public viewing today at a funeral home. she will be laid to rest on monday. still ahead on tran one, the big rescue the help to reunite a lost dog with its owner months after going missing. the new safety regulations announced more than two years after a tragic dive boat fire in california. in the forecast we did have a dense fog advisory this morning, and we are already's being the fog developed again in the north bay. i will show that and we look at the future cast for tomorrow morning and then we will go into the seven-day forecast and see if rain could ever come back at - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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a dog discovered stuck in five feet of snow in tahoe is finally back home with its owner tonight. as a porter marlee ginter shows us, it wasn't until after an incredible rescue. >> when december dumped mountains of snow in tahoe, caught in the middle of it was three-year-old pit bull mix, russ. >> they can survive a very long time. we did not know the situation with his dog or how long he had been out there. >> reporter: try for months. his owner was in tahoe when the
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fire swept through, forced to live in the city was evacuated, and he ran off, never to be seen again, until now. on a mountainside, stuck in snow, five feet deep. >> i followed the tracks and all the sudden saw this dark shape under the tree and then he opened his eyes and i'm pretty sure i screamed. i'm pretty sure elsa heard me down the mountain. >> reporter: volunteers walked me through their told battle on snowshoes and with a slide to get him to safety. >> and kind of pet him under the chin a little bit and then he just did the come you know, where dog rest their head in your hand? >> the sweetest thing on the planet. just the most amazing dog. >> we are like he's here, okay, now what's next? we did not really think about that. so i look over at leona and eiko how do you feel about writing down the slide with him on your lap?
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we slid down and we kind of tipped over. and we decided that that was the end of the sleigh ride. >> the end of an adventure in the beginning of many more for him. >> it was so heartwarming especially around the holidays, the end of the year, i mean, the year was coming up, so hard on everybody. and then just to have this really happy ending and to be able to be a part of that was, you know, that was pretty special. >> very special. rescuers were able to track down the owner, with the help of the microchip, and missing dog reports filed this summer. thousands of pg&e customers are still in the dark tonight, nearly 2 weeks after a big storm. this notion that major highways and the sierra foothills on christmas weekend and left people stranded in their homes. today there are still working
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to restore power to about 7000 customers because some have no running water and they can't beat or wash their clothes. others are burning firewood just to keep warm. a very sad update tonight after the body of a missing skier was recovered this morning. 43-year-old -- was reported missing on christmas day. the search for him was called off after six days because of extreme weather. authorities said there was no way he could survive the severe winter condition. the coast guard announced new safety regulations following a deadly scuba diving boat fire in southern california. 34 people were killed after their boat caught fire off the santa barbara coast line, more than two years ago. now new rules require improved boat fire equipment, escape routes, and devices on board to ensure the nightwatchman remains alert. fire resulted in criminal charges and calls for tougher
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regulations for small passenger boats. from that to a not great news, i don't think, unless you like long stretches without rain because that is what we are in store for. >> for the rest of the seven day and maybe even beyond that but we will take it to one seven day at a time. is already cold out there for some of us put -- 30 degrees already and foggy. that was fast. noticeably colder than anywhere else. 48 in concord, 38 in santa rosa. concord you might catch up, you were also one of the colder spot this morning. you can already see there's a santa rosa, that is the report coming from the snow, just outside of the city. it is already starting to get foggy in the same places that woke up to a dense fog advisory.
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we will likely do that again tomorrow and we will also see it fill in for some of the east bay valleys as welcome as if you are on the road early on sunday morning, start thinking ahead and it will be cold pick of these other morning lows. you go down to 37 in livermore, fremont you hit 39. we go to 40 in redwood city, san jose might have to dip all the way down to 39. the daytime highs come back up into the upper 50s. we get rid of the fog, however widespread it is, by, no, 10, 11:00 at the latest and another blue sky day. tomorrow will be real pretty and in terms of anymore rain i look out in the pacific and you can see the next system. the future cast can depict the rain but look where it all goes. the storm tracker started to pull the storms back away from us, it is all going pretty much to the pacific northwest and even if we look at the future cast for monday, we will start this out at midnight. going to get anything from that system, monday is when it would happen. by the time we get to seven in the morning, it is gone.
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any influence would have had is already over and monday now looks more sunny than anything else. and as we look at the long- range forecast this is looking at 6 to 10 days, the deeper you get into the shades of tan and brown, hire the confidence that precipitation will be below average. we know there's really not anything coming but if we take a take that and look farther out, will change that so it says 8 to 14 days and the pattern hasn't changed big if anything it is kind of elongated a little bit more, so we are likely entering one of those periods where it doesn't rain. you see that in the seven-day forecast. san jose warms into the mid-60s and then they shows the same story, maybe a few high clouds here or there but none of these states have any real significant helpful chance for rain at this point the -- over
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to you. opponents for both st. mary's and the golden bears at those -- went to the win column, plus the news we have been waiting for for over 900 days. klay thompson is back tomorrow, his first game at chase center. steve kerr reason on what will be an emotional night no doubt. that
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>>hall of fame defensive back darrell green. >>hi, i'm here with a winning play for your home team. keep your playing field safe by removing any old, unwanted, and unneeded opioid medication. the best defensive strategy is to remove the risk. >>learn more at
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942 is the amount of days has been since we last saw klay thompson pseudo-for the golden state warriors of the 2019 nba finals. >> i'm back.
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>> how's that for source? straight from the man himself to go he will return tomorrow against the cleveland cavaliers after years of rehab. it will be the first time he's played in chase center in the comes against the cavaliers organization that i'd say he has plenty of history against. bring the kleenex, going to be an emotional night. >> it will be one of the most emotional night of my basketball life and obviously if it is unemotional for the rest of us you can imagine how he will feel. >> it will not be easy but it will be very special. college hoops found waldo, cannot find the offense. they shot 2% from the floor, that is going to get the job done against anyone especially not byu. here is -- contact, steel
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fashioned way, just 43 points for st. mary's tonight, 5243 the final, that is by nine, they also turn it over 19 times. they are 12 and four on the season. usc the other day and now mark fox and the cal bears number five, ucla and berkeley. the difference in this one, want to 14 from deep where the bears and 50 turnovers for the bruins take away here. san francisco hosting san diego. 31-23, gave them a drive-in. almost thirsted away. lien instinet one and he nails it. he did it on offense and defense. here's the defensive portion. takes it away and with his right hand scoops it up and in. he had a game-high 27 points, they crews 88-73.
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a natural hatchet from the sharks player and in overtime thriller in the city of brotherly love and now a former shark may not be getting
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welcome back. evander kane's then i smelted and because of that the sharks may be holding onto a whole lot of cash. san jose is attended to terminate the contract due to cause. to remove the $23 million cap hit to remaining in his contract. today he was placed on waivers, other teams will have 24 hours to claim him. if unclaimed, nhl players association is expected to file a grievance on his part to prevent the contract termination. the sharks have been trying to move on from him, try to trade him for month according to sources. the cause and terminating his contract is due to a breach of league covid protocols with him believed to have traveled home to vancouver while in public protocol. the sharks have that man -- main hurdle. they take on the flyers, third
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period, on the initial attempt. a lot of bodies and it is -- for the rebound. his second goal of the game tied at two, so over time we go. hurdle on the breakaway, 211, fires and he got it. the game-winner for the natural hat trick. how about that? sharks win 3-2, they have one for the last six games and had home to host the red wings on tuesday. the cowboys in philly, san francisco could jump the eagles and the standings were they to lose. cowboys had no issues helping san francisco in that regard. dak prescott to corey clement. that is a franchise record for the cowboys. they will 51-26.
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jules is going to tell us what is coming up. coming up, a group of
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a group of boy scouts in pleasanton are around a christmas trees for a good cause, nearly 100 boy scouts and adult volunteers picked up more than 1000 christmas trees from people's homes. the trees go to designated area to be mulched and they are used for landscaping. it is their biggest fundraiser of the year. there up at the crack of dawn and those donations will arrange for the services ranging from $10-$100 and a big shout out to -- with a boy scouts who
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