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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 12, 2022 1:37am-2:11am PST

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desperate they area residents are going to extreme lengths to get tests prompting a new plea from local health officials. >> some medical conditions are more urgent than others. the search prompting bay
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area hospitals to cancel procedures. the impact from the growing shortage of nurses and beds. tonight a company is among the first to switch to a four day work week. why they say it has been a win- win. >> we are getting a look at the moments after a medical helicopter crashed with a infant on board. we have the miraculous story of survival. hospitals making a urgent plea tonight, do not use the er as a way to get tested. good evening. >> we are in napa, one of the places were emergency rooms are being flooded with patients. providence hospitals sent out a advisory today asking people to use emergency departments appropriately and they are not the only ones to have to remind the public that
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hospitals are not covid-19 testing or vaccination sites. testing for covid-19 has been a challenge as long lines formed a testing sites. chopper 5 captured this scene of cars, some waiting more than five hours to get a test. in san francisco people stood in long lines but some were eventually turned away due to staffing issues and a technical glitch experienced by the cities testing partner. plus people are still having a hard time finding a rapid antigen test. >> i used a home test a friend had but i cannot find them anymore in napa. they were lucky enough to find this testing site but for others the lack of available testing has forced him to find other options. >> there is a lot of people coming in they cannot get their
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hands on a rapid test so they come to us after a exposure. they want to know can they return to work or be around a loved one or they want to confirm. >> reporter: many hospitals assayed those that are coming in are not experiencing symptoms and at a time when hospitals are facing staffing shortages, those patients are taking away resources from those that need it most. kpix 5. in one hour the county will be the first in the bay area to restrict gatherings in response to the variant. for the next 30 days residents are asked to leave their homes only if it is essential. indoor gatherings of more than 50 people are banned. outdoor gatherings cannot be larger than 100 people. the county says more than half of the new cases are coming from large get-togethers. new at 11 maria is at stanford hospital with what the
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impact is having on patients needing non-life-threatening elective surgeries. >> reporter: it is not just stanford medical center postponing certain surgeries, most of the hospitals we surveyed are doing the same. there is word tonight the state may suspend all nonurgent surgeries. >> i have been thinking maybe it is time to get out, this is ridiculous. department of puic he's toate tesivecould ntinue to work in hospitals as as they r asymptomatic. >> now you do not even know if the person you are working with is positive and maybe spreading it. >> reporter: with 100 of arcadia's master the methodist hospital staff sick with covid-
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19 the medical center canceled all elective non-life- threatening surgeries this week including joint replacements and gallbladder surgeries. >> we are actively reviewing every single patient scheduled for surgery. >> reporter: stanford healthcare is also posed punning certain surgeries and waiting to schedule nonurgent operations. its outpatient surgeries are not affected. >> we are triaging meaning we are deciding some medical conditions are more urgent than others. doing it based on risk of cardiac disease or debilitating pain, things like that. >> reporter: they decided weeks ago to put a pause on scheduling new elective surgeries in anticipation of the search bringing election elective surgeries 15% below normal and eight spokesperson says they have adjusted elective surgeries as needed. >> we want to make sure we have enough beds and staff to safely take care of everyone. >> reporter: here in santa
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19 cases reaca come with models showing the peak of the search at the end of this month or early february. kpix 5. nearly 700 parents stepped up to keep campuses from closing due to covid-19. they responded to a call from volunteers. starting tomorrow. >> there has never been anything in my career that is more energizing, inspiring and just really a victory when everybody is losing. >> seeing the kids thrive in being able to be with other kids, i feel like the decision to keep the schools open is a good one. >> nine teachers stayed home
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from classes today. they notified parents last night. protesting what they called the districts lack of safety measures. the superintendent said the district is doing everything possible to address their concerns. for more information on coronavirus testing, booster shots and vaccines, check out our resources on instigatinotleftpedestrian dead officers say the victim was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of curtner avenue and can no was garvin garden. this is the 2nd pedestrian killed this year after 23 deaths last year. in oakland tonight police are looking for a suspect who attacked a woman at random. the victim is a asian woman in her 70s. the suspect shoved her to the ground as she goes walking along ninth. she suffered scrapes on her leg. the suspect was last seen walking away along franklin street.
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a live look from san francisco were a major tech company has become the first to permanently introduce a four day work week. >> as betty found out, they are trying to transform corporate culture. >> reporter: the four day work week went into effect at the start of this year. they say it follows a three- month experiment where they found the overwhelming majority of employees and managers were in favor of the change. the four-day workweek is meant to increase productivity, keep employees happy and reduce burnout. according to san francisco tech unicorn bolt. >> it is not about trying to cram five days into four, with think about it is actually changing the way we work and being more effective and efficient. so we are taking a look at, are
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there meetings we do not need to have and can we do work a different way. are we focused and prioritizing on the most impactful work. >> reporter: jennifer says it is not about policing workers. employee pay also stays the same. >> if you hire the right people that are focused on your mission and are here to do the great work we want them to, empower them to do it and let them achieve their goals and we monitor things by goals not ours. >> reporter: they say enmost e hodoes -y ek ou? >> fantastic. >> i would love it. >> i think you can be productive with a four-day workweek. it would be easier. >> what would you do with the extra time? >> learn something new you can bring to your company. travel, get outdoors. take care of yourself. >> i would meditate. exercise more. cook more. meal prep. i have a long list of things.
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>> i think the four-day work week looks really good to a lot of us. has the company been getting interest from other potential employees? >> they have, they say they have received a lot of resumes since the news went public and interest from other companies who want to test out this four- day work week at their offices. >> we were talking during the package, this would work for a lot of companies, some, probably not. our business probably not. >> maybe the medical field as well but if u caitluu. >>ill ahead, s thinfant onboard. d reuers thn lpli a alarming new study about potential long-term health problems for children. why california drivers
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could get some relief from skyhigh gas prices.
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>>learn more at tonight we are getting a look at the frightening moment after a medical helicopter crashed with four people on board including a infant. all four are expected to survive. carol shows us the frantic rescue effort that likely saved their lives. >> we are getting numerous calls on this. >> reporter: it is being called miraculous. 4 people surviving a terrifying helicopter crash near philadelphia. this medical transport chopper heading for maryland to children's hospital of philadelphia with a two-month- old baby girl along with two medical workers and a pilot. witnesses say the chopper was hovering low avoiding electrical lines in this church before crashing into the
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ground. >> it is a miracle. the pilot had a great command of the helicopter and was able to landed safely. they made sure there was no injuries or property damage. he did a excellent job. >> reporter: not a single bystander was injured and everybody on board the helicopter suffered only nonlife training injuries. about 30 firefighters responded to the crash expecting much worse. officials say the chopper had a hours worth of fuel left and cruise took steps to prevent it from leaking into the water supply. >> i cannot wait to meet this gentleman and shake his hand. >> reporter: there was a real rush of help by bystanders. when witness telling cbs a rideshare driver pulled over to help and was handed the two- month-old as others tried to extract the pilot. the infant was just driven to children's hospital which was
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its original destination. cbs news. the ntsb has launched the investigation to determine the cause. the faa says it is reviewing its procedures after flights were briefly grounded that west coast airports including sfo and oakland. >> is it a security related issue? >> i have been given no information. >> reporter: the ground stop was called immediately after north korea's latest ballistic missile launched. this was immediately detected and within minutes the military determined it was not a threat to the u.s. officials say there was no need for the grounding. full operations resumed in less than 15 minutes and airlines reported no major delays. a major studies suggest children who contract covid-19 or more likely to develop diabetes. cdc researchers studied two and
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half million patients under the age of 18. they found children are more than two and half times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes after recovering from covid-19. last week 600,000 new pediatric cases were reported easily setting a new record. california is cracking down on price gouging of home test kits. with demand at a all time high, not every retailer is listening. over the weekend the governor signed executive order aimed at combating steep price hikes. it also gives state and local prosecutors more power to go after those that are price gouging. violators face thousands in fines. the governor also has a plan to reduce soaring gas prices that have jumped 7% in the past year with a big budget surplus on the books, the governor hopes to suspend the gas tax hike set to take effect in july. a lot of drivers will be for
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that. >> absolutely, they just which it can before the holidays while everybody was hitting the road trying to avoid crowds. >> it depends on which roads you were on. it looks like the weather will be cooperative for skiing. we are in a dry pattern that will last for a while. rain free for the bay area and snow free for the sierra but they accumulated plenty for skiing or snowboarding. we will see some areas of fog developing. the dry weather will continue. passing clouds from time to time including tonight and tomorrow but mild afternoon highs continuing. the coolest day in the forecast brings us down to near average january temperatures. no rain chances in the seven day forecast, the six - ten-day outlook takes us to the end of next week and shows a significant chance of below average rainfall and the 8-14 outlook which takes us into the last week of january shows a
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significant chance of below average rainfall, it does not necessarily mean zero but we would like to see a wet pattern eventually reestablish itself. we can handle a dry stretch of weather. we will see fog developing by tomorrow morning. futurecast showing its billing to the delta through the east bay valleys. this forecast model shows visibilities dropping for some locations after the sunshine comes up. it is only a 50-50 chance that it will be that to begin with. if it is a little thicker it will slow down the warm-up for inland parts of the east bay. the rest should see sunshine but tomorrow late morning to mid day at the latest. it is only 55 in downtown san francisco. a modest cooling trend there. other temperatures are dropping into the 40s. we will see a mix of upper 40s and low 50s in the bay area. upper 40s around the bay and along the coast. we have a adoptable dog alert in the dog walking forecast.
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he has recovered from broken bones he suffered from his early choppy hood. he is available for adoption from golden state german shepherd rescue. i will have a link on the social media profiles as soon as weather cast finishes. we will go to alameda for the forecast were temperatures top out in the low 60s, most of us will be in the low 60s with the warmest being the mid 60s around santa rosa and the santa clara valley. some spots may warm into the upper 60s. the wildcard is that england and the east bay, the fog is stubborn and the pictures may be confined to the upper 50s. temperatures will backup a little bit thursday and friday. no rain out of the clouds. looking good for the three day martin luther king holiday weekend. all bringing us near average height pictures with a little bit of cloud cover for sunday and monday and that will linger into tuesday as well.
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like thursday, low chances of anything more than a stray sprinkle being squeezed out of the clouds into early next week. straightahead in sports, a tuesday for a certain nhl team who caught lightning in a bottle. we just saw his return to the game at joint center. how good was road tested the nb
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warriors, leave it to me? the bad news, no green tonight, worse news, they lost to those guys. good news, they are working on it. thompson's first road game since 2019 at memphis, let's
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talk turnovers. workers had 16. the grizzlies scored 26 off of those mistakes. mentors, winners of 10 straight led by 18. they left thompson open here. where is down 8. court awareness can come into play. the excuse me bump with the rep. he hit, scored 27, time for gary payton, sure. he can jump. puinup .hi , 118. hnwas ut thha pl the nba champs on thursday, in milwaukee. the sharks, can they not
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just say my bed and move on. he went from punches to goscin tied the game in the 3rd period. this one went extra play with overtime. lower left, got it there. the captain, poked it in and took the game. he had been locked in with covid-19, he came back and took it tonight. the sharks record 6-0 in overtime games. they have climbed into a second workplace division type. college basketball, when the day started there were 2 undefeated teams, now both have lost. stanford had a hand in it. friends and family was it at the pavilion. stanford on the defense and the trojans turned it over. jones made them pay. he scored 21.
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the defense failed them and stanford kept on scoring. usc. the cardinals first since 20 inxas.hoed baylor. the bears got a look at the but 65-62 is the final. booker had issues with a mask on. phoenix the star was distracted, god upset and ordered the mascot away. the sons take the game. they have 31 victories, the warriors have 30. >> there was nobody in the stands. the mascot was the only fan. >> it is above my pay grade to figure it out. >> we still have a lot of
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season left to play. coming up the medical miracle, the first-ever pig heart transplanted into the human. tomorrow on cbs mornings, doctor david joined us to answer all of your covid-19 questions iversity, is one of the largest universities in the country. s atcu received iversity, over $100 million dollars in scholarships in 2020. see what scholarships you qualify for.
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tonight new hope for patients in eligible to receive human organ transplants. >> they owe it to and medical advancements involving pigs. bennett is awake and recovering just days after a seven hour operation. surgeons replaced his heart with a to medically modified pig.
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>> he said i do not want to die and he said if i do, maybe you will learn something to help others.
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streaming tomorrow on cbs
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and bay area, we break down the status of all of the cases tied to the january 6 insurrection. you can find it on or the application. we are also on the cbs news application, downloaded for free on your favorite platforms. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching and have a good night. [male announcer] the following program is sponsored by food for the poor. (cinematic guitar music) - [girl speaker] when we don't find food to eat, i feel like fainting. - [woman speaker] today i have nothing. i have no idea what i'm going to feed them. - [boy speaker] i feel like my head is turning. i don't feel good at all. - [woman speaker] many people here
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