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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 14, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area 2 studios, this is kpix 5 news. corruption and misconduct charges. legal expert weighs in on today's court hearing for the santa clara county sheriff. good afternoon and thanks for joining us. begin with the court appearance for the santa clara county sheriff smith centered around allegations of misconduct and corruption. >> justin andrews watched the hearing and is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: sheriff smith indicted on grand jury charges mid-december for willful and misconduct in office. accused smith of seven corruption related charges
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including political favors, excepting unlawful gifts, perjury, failed to cooperate with investigating authorities. the accusations based on the testimony of 65 witnesses. i spoke with a legal analyst who says this is unique procedure, blending criminal with several. >> she had the option today to make a plea deny or admit the accusation, not guilty or not guilty, notice the difference, deny the accusation or challenges the accusation, they are choosing to challenge it. because of the procedure required, she has to waive speedy trial rights which is a criminal trial. >> reporter: the judge gave more time to look over 30 volumes of the grand jury transcript. up for re-election this year , that will be interesting. what could this mean for her chances. tough one to tell, three high-profile candidates said
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there running against sheriff smith in june and several santa clara county leaders and the mayor asked her to resign. we will see how it unfolds at the next status hearing set march 15. the coronavirus, that california covid workplace rules in effect today affecting employee testing and mask wearing. if employees are exposed in the workplace, at-home tests no longer allowed. instead, a test must go to lab or employee contest in front of supervisor or healthcare worker. tightening up rules for face coverings. fabric masks must pass the light test. light must not passed through when held up to a light source. the goal is to prove the masks are better at containing respiratory droplets. live look at the like ultimate president biden dealing with the major setback in his fight against covid.
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the supreme court locked his rule requiring workers at large companies to get vaccinated or routinely tested. the white house planning his next step. >> we have to determine what the next steps are. the president's the is we will keep pushing for hard things. >> massive overreach by the government. >> 6-3 decision, the court wrote that the osha rule is encroachment on the lives and health of employees that added that covid is not an occupational hazard in most businesses. starting tomorrow, private insurance companies begin reimbursing people for the cost of covid tests. customers must first pay out-of- pocket and file claim with the insurance company to get reimbursed the policy covers eight tests per month per person. california covid positivity rate 22.9%, slightly less than yesterday at 23%. at the same time, the average daily case rate has jumped
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87,000 cases. san francisco supervisors holding a hearing on how to support schools hit hard by the omicron spike. what still needs to be done. >> reporter: today's hearing is focused on supervisors trying to work with the department public health along with schools to be better prepared to hearing started with supervisors praising the unions at sentences unified district officials for reaching an agreement. the district met the demand of educators like kn95 masks and regular testing in schools. supervisors recognize more needs to be done. health experts, department of public health, along with san francisco unified took part in this today. one of the biggest issues was the difficulty for families to get their hands on things like rapid at home testing kits and the long wait times to get pcr test results back. much of the conversation had to do with what is working and what is not, hoping to come up with solutions. supervisors want to be prepared in the event of another surge
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in the future. >> i want to have a better understanding on how best to plan ahead with contingency knowing the virus is here right now and even though we are expecting this spike to be short-lived, we don't know if it will mutate and what is going to happen after spring break, summer break, or even winter break. >> reporter: one of the biggest mitigation efforts talked about today was vaccination. the san francisco department of public health said 55% of 5 to 11-year-olds in the city of fully vaccinated and are hoping to get that number up. justman moran with kpix 5. happening today, special meeting to discuss whether or not to return to in-person learning . earlier this week from the school district announced it would revert back to remote instruction for the rest of this week and after more than 500 students tested positive.
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for more information on coronavirus testing, booster shots and vaccines, check out our resource guide on learning dublin church preschool burglarized twice this week while closed due to covid. the school director at resurrection lutheran church said someone stole electronics and several tools sunday morning. after review security camera footage hours later, suspect quickly arrested and the items recovered. >> the troubles not over, another burglary happened monday night, turns out someone stole more electronics including the security cameras themselves as well as toys and diapers. they swiped keys and the entire school needs to be rekeyed. police on the lookout for eight suspects around tobacco store and pistol-whipped worker in palo alto. call to ross smokeshop just before 10:00 last night. the clerk told police the suspects entered the business just before closing time, two of them waving handguns.
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police released these images of eight suspects caught on camera, the clerk said one of them ordered him to stay on the ground while another pistol- whipped him in the head the suspects grabbed merchandise and swiped the entire cash register police responded immediately but the suspects had already left. live look at bay area bridges, caliburn is set to receive $850 million this year from the feds to repair and improve 1500 bridges across the state. over the next few years, california will get total of $4.2 billion for upgrades, part of the nationwide effort to repair and replace bridges. the governor's bridge program is one of the largest sources of >> in recently enacted infrastructure package, more than $27 billion allocated based on how much it would cost to fix crossings in the worst conditions. u.s. grappling with
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shortage of truck drivers right now which is a factor in supply- chain crisis. the american trucking association says the u.s. needs another 80,000 truckers. president biden transportation secretary says solving the problem is a top priority. >> reporter: what is your reaction to seeing grocery stores bare? were you shocked? >> very concerned about this. reflects the flak as long as we go through phase after phase of this pandemic, seen disruptions in supply. >> reporter: transportation department providing $32 million for states to improve the licensing process for truck drivers. it has secured commitments from dozens of companies to expand apprenticeship programs. live look at san francisco, learning sketch fastmac has been postponed all the way to 2023. the comedy festival slated to return later this month at venues throughout san francisco. organizers posted this message online, due to the omicron
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surge and venue availability, the 20th anniversary festival will not return for another year. this time it will be held between january 20 and february 5, 2023 unless it is not. still ahead at noon and streaming on cbsn area, new twist for the top tennis star fighting deportation from australia for the second time. the shortage that could leave you paying more for local craft beer. we will be right back. hazy skies not going anywhere, it will not look pretty tod
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welcome back. live look at wall street on this friday as we look ahead to the weekend. the dow is down more than 300 points. so far sephora entered the biggest new office lease since the beginning of the pandemic. the company moving into its u.s. headquarters to the salesforce east skyscraper, the city's biggest lease deal since visa moved into its global headquarters in the mission drug development near oracle park in 2019. korea fired two listed muscle today's marking its third test this month. it came hours after north korea warned of stronger and certain
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reaction if the u.s. helped impose more sanctions. on wednesday, the biden administration posed its first sanctions over north korea's weapons programs. they resent testing missiles in september after six month hiatus. tennis champion novak djokovic fighting attempt to deport him from australia. >> government officials revoked his visa for a second time saying it is in the public interest to do so. charlie d'agata following the story from london. >> reporter: in the emergency court hearing, the judge delay deportation until new hearing held on sunday, one day before the tournament begins. the government decision to revoke his visa came hours after the australian open defending champion. the courts to get some practice in. initially had his visa revoked last week because he had not been vaccinated only for that
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to be overturned by a judge on monday. he then confessed to breaking the rules saying his agent gave incorrect information on his immigration form and he met a journalist in serbia in december despite having tested positive for covid, which he called an error of judgment. his lawyer said the decision to revoke the visa is based on the premise his presence in the country could excite anti-vax sentiment, not that he is a risk to public health. he has been ordered to be detained from saturday morning until that hearing on sunday that will determine whether he will be able to play. the game is still on but at the moment, advantage australia. charlie d'agata with cbs news, london. local craft brewers site price increases for beer are inevitable. >> yeah, sadly, they say it is because of the shortage of barley across north america.
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>> department linked to drought and heat rather than clogs of the supply-chain. the hot and dry weather hit regions where most of the barley is grown including idaho, north dakota, montana and western canada. causing crop failures in lower yields. some brewers say it could affect quality as well. sending things over to meteorologist darren peck. >> it looks hazy over the last few days in the today as well, stuck in this pattern. does not look pretty but the haze as a result of the fact we have big blocking ridge of high pressure overhead, snowstorms getting here but trapping the air under the ridge. we keep recycling it each day. if there is good news, the forecast today is moderate not like we are breathing unhealthy levels of particular matter, it is moderate so you don't want to be out doing more than you need to. if you suffer from allergies, trapping all the pollen too. if you notice more itchy eyes or sneezing lately, thanks the same pattern. that is why this guy does not
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look pretty. the other half is, we keep pulling in high clouds. kind of like this soupy situation in the sky. high clouds coming from cut off load to the south, we don't get rain from that but it keeps throwing the clouds our way. haze down here trapped by the high. then we have the higher clouds sneaking in under the high giving us the layer. 30 sunsets, the clouds are like the campus when the sun goes down. low 60s, as a result of all this, temperatures are not changing, pretty much exactly what we have been doing, you can replay the same numbers today from what it was yesterday and we likely keep the same pattern going as well all the way through the seven- day. in terms of actual storms, they're going well to the north so we keep missing on these because the center of high pressure keeps redirecting them away. it is a good thing we already built healthy snowpack in the sierra, ideal conditions because the weather is smooth
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sailing. above all the haze and inversion when you get to the mountain and plenty of snow at all the resorts. it worked out well that way. seven-day forecast shows we have repeat performance, each one of the next seven days including the entire three-day weekend coming our way for martin luther king junior prank day on monday. back to you. we will take it.
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students rising above scholar has special connection to the nonprofit. >> elizabeth cook shows us he is advisor serving other young people of color in her community. >> reporter: trains her new puppy how to shake paws, walk on a leash, and adopting her new four-legged family member is one of the many projects she has leaned into since the start of the pandemic. that 24-year-old holddown three jobs, she is an administrative
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associate for richmond-based nonprofit, sra advisor, and newly minted school board member for the roseland school district in her hometown of santa rosa. >> my full-time role is full- time role which is 40 hours a day, my sra job is 10 to 15 a date depending where students are with applications. my board position is only six our meeting a month. >> reporter: she embraced her busy schedule with a single goal in mind, serving other young people of color, especially those in the latino community. >> that to me felt like full- circle. when i was in high school, i believed you could change the whole world. now i realize i will get burnt out very quickly if i think about the whole world but if i think about one individual person, that ties well into my
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job with sra where there are six students i'm set to serve. >> reporter: six very lucky students rocio is guiding through the application process. familiar territory for the georgetown university graduate, who is also the first in her family to go to college. >> i was not born into a circle where that information was given to me, it was not going to be given to me by my parents. making sure those resources are not just existent but also accessible and students know that they exist, that to me is the next big part that not only georgetown but other universities like it really need to work on. >> reporter: for rocio , part of the work as part of making sure her sra students know private schools are an option. >> i see my direct role helping to meet those gaps and open up those conversations. >> reporter: conversations rocio hopes will also lead
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students to serve their communities too. >> if respect can be given, we have something to work off of and continue working on. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i love it. one person at a time to nominate community member for students rising above, go to our website /sra. still ahead, emotional reunion against all odds. why this dog's survival left its owners stunned. today on the drew barrymore show at
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appointment talked about, test kits out of stock, covid testing demand through the rough. coming up at 3:00, how santa clara county is prioritizing. the niners take the first step down the road to the super bowl this weekend right here on kpix 5. kickoff at 1:30 on sunday and stay tuned for the 5th quarter and kpix 5 news. stunning rescue, dog thought to be lost in hopeless situations found safe and sound. >> played out after huge storms hit seattle. land five partially collapsed this leaving a dog trapped inside, talking six days. the apartment missing and presumed dead until someone
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heard a whimper. >> did you get her? daughter. >> wow. firefighters pulled the black lab named sammy out of the home and brought down for the emotional reunion. she seemed alert and wagged her tail. she had just enough room so she was not crushed and they think she must have survived on rainwater over the last few days. poor sammy, glad sammy is okay for sure. >> yeah. there's always hope. that is it for the news at
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♪♪♪ >> steffy: okay, petra. i think that will do it. thank you. >> petra: always a pleasure. brooke was asking to see this. should i hunt her down, or..,? >> thomas: yeah, um... well, she was supposed to be here, but pam says she's nowhere in the building, so. >> steffy: we've taken plenty of photos. you can go change and i'll forward them to her. >> petra: okay, great. >> steffy: thank you. >> thomas: thanks. um, i gotta ask. do you know what's going on? >> steffy: what do you mean? >> thomas: with brooke. this isn't the first meeting she's missed ie


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