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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 24, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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testifies legendary, an epic, epic experience. niners brought home the win. on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, after claiming victory against green bay, 49ers are ready for their next win in california. why fans are worried about snagging a ticket and it doesn't have to do with the cost. oakland teachers ready to strike amid failure to meet their covid demands. what they're asking the district for. i see kids in distress and kids not well not because of covid. it's because of our covid
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policy. push to roll back restrictions on covid. but the question this morning, is it too soon. it is set to be a sunny monday. stay clear of the beach. how long the dangerous waves will stick around along the coast. thanks for starting a new work week with us. it is january 24. i am anne makovec in for len. >> i am amanda starrantino. cold to start but sunshine mary >> goto be a beautiful day as we are looking at the sun, mild temperatures above average for this time of year. it's a cold start, mainly clear skies. a live look at san francisco with mark hopkins hotel cam. we are down to the 30s and 40s as we start our day. put on that big winter coat, we are looking at 40 in concord, mid 30s livermore, 47 downtown san francisco, san jose 41. check out santa rosa, freezing for you, temperatures plummeting and you are also dealing with patchy fog for
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parts of the north bay. santa rosa you are down to about a half mile. other locations are looking good. as we head through the afternoon with that sunshine, upper 50s along the coast, upper 50s to low 60s for the bay. we'll talk about the beach hazard statement in a few minutes. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning. let's start with a look at traffic for san jose commuters. if you are ready to head out early for work, you have a few we are dealing with a crash . involving an overturned vehicle. itslow as you head through there to the 280, 680 connector. it looks like injuries are possible. it is effecting 101 as you hit 880 and connecting to south bound 880. slow and go because of that, so keep that in mind. other than that the travel
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times are looking pretty good. back to you. excitement building this morning as 49ers prepare to play rams in next weekend's nfc championship. joycelyn moran is live. there are efforts to keep niners fans away from so fi stadium. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right. this is because we know niners fans show up. we saw them take over in green bay braving the cold. we saw them take over at so fi stadium. it seems the rams may be trying to avoid that happening again. you see general publicd yeat 3: and it says restricted to so he erm is. wel t kn when we back. ner ns ve been known to take over stadiums of the opposing teams. we have seen it in l.a.,
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dallas, green bay on saturday. we spoke with fans returning from lambeau field yesterday, some even losing their voice. >> it was legendary, an epic, epic experience. niners brought home the win at lambeau in an ice bowl. the trip of a lifetime. >> we stayed faithful and came out like we went to dallas. we will be in l.a. the following week. >> reporter: fun fact, 40 years ago today the 49ers beat bengals in their first super bowl win. we'll see if they can make it to the super bowl this year, right? we'll see how they do. >> go niners. >> i will cheer on the niners if they beat the rams. for now, my heart is in l.a. i am sorry. i love seeing this california match up. it's going to be a lot of fun, very excited to watch sunday. thanks, joycelyn. all right. five minutes after 6:00 and oakland unified heading back to
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school. this is as teachers are threatening to strike following hours of negotiations. there is still no compromise. justin andrews is live in the newsroom following the back and forth. >> reporter: teachers union in oakland set a friday deadline at midnight to avoid strike. this morning there is still no deal. dated covid safety plan. ed core demands include weekly testing at all schools, high quality masks for all students and staff and to address staffing shortage at schools by making sure there is an adult covering every classroom vacancy. 72% of members in the union voted yes to participate in a strike if their bargaining demands are not met. without agreement, picket lines could be packed in days to come. for a little more than a week students and teachers across the district have been boycotting classes by staying home forcing at least three schools to shut down because
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there weren't enough teachers and students. we checked over the weekend to see where negotiations stood and there is still no deal this morning. the next few days will be telling. we'll certainly keep an eye on it. live to san jose this morning, today marking the deadline for santa clara workers and certain higher risk settings to be up to date on vaccination status meaning they must be fully vaccinated and boosted against covid-19. some of the higher risk settings include skilled nursing facilities, longterm care, adult daycares, hospitals, clinics. new calls for some of the strict health mandates to be lifted. this is as california's positivity rate is seeing slight improvement. friday the state was just over 21%. that's a percent down from the same time last week. some doctors are saying it's time to lift the restrictions. the groups of medical experts are spearheading new petition
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demanding state officials lift remaining restrictions in public schools after the omicron surge. state laws don't allow local counties to loosen indoor masking mandates on public transportation, in restaurants, or in schools. >> i also see kids in distress and kids who are not doing well. it's not because of covid. it is because of our covid policies. >> supporters of the post omicron pivot for california public schools are quickly approaching 10,000 signatures demanding kids to be allowed to unmask outdoors immediately and make it optional indoors. new rules for border crossings just went into effect leading to long lines at the border between mexico and california. department of homeland security says essential travelers crossing into u.s. must show proof they are fully vaccinated for covid. the restrictions apply to nonu.s. individuals who are traveling for both essential and nonessential reasons. before the requirement only
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applied to nonessential travelers. the new rules do not apply to u.s. citizens or lawful permanent residents. doctors say the bottom line remains this, sooner more people get vaccinated, the sooner the world can get the upper hand on the pandemic. >> people have chosen not to be vaccinated and that's their choice. we will continue to provide their care, but the ones who not vaccinated are the ones flocking to the hospitals right now. that's creating the problem. >> for more information about covid testing and vaccinations, we have provided a complete guide at happening today, funeral services for alameda county sheriffs recruit killed in a freeway shooting. david nguyen was set to graduate in february but on january 4, he was driving home from training when shot along highway 580 ramp in oakland. his funeral will be at 10:00 this morning at cornerstone
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fellowship church in livermore. nine minutes after 6:00. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> dangerous sneaker waves creeping up on bay area beachgoers. >> next thing you know a wave came from the side where we weren't looking. >> close call at ocean beach, next. a happy ending after a dog's owners' nightmare. how crews quickly came to the rescue of a dog who fell down a bay area cliff. >> what a sweet little baby. we are looking at high pressure in control, sunny and mild temperatures once again this afternoon. we'll also talk about the dangerous conditions at beaches with a beach hazard statement in effect. i will have all that coming up in just a few minutes. we are tracking a few brake lights for the ride out of san jose. plus metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. a complete look
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a live look at san jose at 13 minutes after 6:00, police investigating the city's sixth pedestrian fatality this year alone. they responded to north jackson avenue near mather drive. a toyota hit a man who was walking across lanes of traffic outside of a cross walk. witnesses say the toyota had a green light. the pedestrian died of his injuries. his identity has not been released. a dog is back with his owner after being rescued. duke fell down a state cliff over the weekend and was clinging to rocks. fire crews were able to repel down and save him. check out this time lapse video from the sierra overnight. despite a mostly dry january, snow levels along sierra are still above average.
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experts say the current levels are 113% above normal levels for this time of year. no rain expected for this coming week but national weather service says there could be more snow for the area at the beginning of february. more video from palasades tahoe. the sunrise is really beautiful there, but wind is the main focus. according to the ski area they reached around 105 miles an hour at the top of the summit over the weekend. yikes. finally ours died down around here. 14 minutes after 6:00, time to get a check on our weather and traffic. it really was a beautiful weekend. it was. we had that sunshine, mild temperatures, and that will continue for us. in tahoe where they had the strong winds, hurricane force winds for them, that's the same system that brought us the strong offshore winds over the weekend there. was a chance to see offshore
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winds develop for your tuesday, nothing like we just saw. i will talk about this in a moment. let's talk about the dangerous conditions on beaches. beach hazard statement in effect through this afternoon. we are talking northwest swells about three to six feet at 17 to 20 seconds. watch for the dangerous sneaker waves and use extra caution at our beaches. a live look as we look southeast, mainly clear skies but definitely bundle up because it is a cold start, much chillier compared to yesterday at this time. 30s and 40s this morning. concord you are 40. oakland good morning at 45, san francisco 47, san jose 41, close to freezing at 33, have been watching the temperature fluctuate between 32 and 33 in santa rosa and dealing with dense fog for parts of the north bay this morning. taking you through the day in san francisco plenty sunshine topping out in the upper 50s in the city. east bay, oakland looking at 60
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for a daytime high with a lot of sun. south bay, san jose, you will see daytime highs climbing to the mid 60s with that sunshine. high pressure in control for us. that will be the case pretty much all week long. today sunshine, mild above average daytime highs. i will say this, tomorrow there is a chance to see offshore winds develop mainly for the north bay. really that's going to bring that drier air for us. we will continue with those quiet conditions over the next several days. mainly sunny to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. here we are on futurecast and as we look to specific high temperatures, 59 around the bay in san francisco, 60 oakland, low 60s for the peninsula. south bay, mid 60s, inland east bay 63 concord, tri valley 63 in livermore and north bay, 61 in the napa valley. daytime highs with that seven- day forecast, san francisco,
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oakland, san jose, you see plenty sunshine through most of the week though a few more clouds stream in friday and into our weekend. for the inland east bay, north bay, for the coast, you can see the sunshine with temperatures at least staying steady over the next several days. speaking of dangerous conditions at beaches, some of the sneaker waves crept up behind unsuspecting beachgoers at ocean beach, low swells can switch to a sudden rush of water under the sand and that water packs a punch. every year more than a few people are swept to sea. one family we spoke to had a close call of their own yesterday. >> we were having a really interesting conversation and next thing you know, a wave came from the side where we weren't really looking. >> it's ocean beach. there are always warnings but i never thought it would actually be true, ya know. >> a little scary. the bottom line, never turn your back on the ocean. swimmers are being warned about
6:18 am
rip currents. please be safe at our beaches. let's send it to gianna for a check on our traffic. really good advice. taking a look at the roadways, if you are headed out and about through south bay, we have some brake lights. slow north bound 101 as you approach south 880 connector. that's where we have a crash involving an over turned vehicle. at the did have to shut down all lanes momentarily. all lanes are now open, everything is to the side of the road way. they wanted to up right the vehicle. you can see traffic is still pretty slow. it is not backed up to the 280, 680 connector, 45 miles per hour in some spots, an improvement from a few minutes ago. we are keeping a close eye on our travel times into the altamont pass, 53 minutes 205 towards 680. sluggish conditions, no crashes though. if you are headed out of tracy onto 580, it's slow and go this
6:19 am
morning down to about 12 miles per hour in some spots. most of it extends beyond north flynn. you will get a break through the livermore valley area and it gets crowded, a live look towards dublin interchange west bound 580 head lights, that is the commute direction. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, reports of a broken down vehicle near the maze causing a bit of a back up. it doesn't look too bad. once you are past that it's the usual stuff. we are seeing the crowding, cars and extra volume heading into san francisco. it's not quite to the toll plaza just yet. san mateo bridge is quiet. everything is all clear as you head across the golden gate bridge. 6:19. tomorrow, cal trans set to present a series of options for widening stretch of highway 37. here is a look at some limits of the proposed improvement
6:20 am
project. officials are considering adding extra lines, widening shoulders, or turning the stretch into a three lane road with a moveable center median. the project will be discussed during a public zoom meeting tomorrow night. we are getting video of spacex's unmanned dragon cargo ship that successfully undocked from international space station. the ship is carrying medical supplies, thousands of pounds of cargo, scientific research. it is expected to splash down today off the florida coast. still to come, movie theater that doesn't show movies. the plan for a landmark bay area venue that is not sitting well with locals. check out our evening anchor ryan yamamoto. catch him with elizabeth cook in our 5:00, 7:00, 11:00 p.m. newscasts.
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welcome back. 6:24. it is time for your lunchtime forecast. we are looking at sunshine, temperatures will be warming up, a beautiful afternoon across the bay area. mid 50s along the coast at noon and also around the bay, warming up to the low 60s inland with that sunshine. in san francisco looking at 56 for your lunchtime forecast with plenty sun. as we look to oakland by noon, 56 with that sunshine and south bay, warming already, by noon 60 with that sun. definitely a day to head out and enjoy your lunch outside. we'll talk about what you can expect through the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds lovely. in san francisco, some people are worried about future of the castro theater. >> this comes as the landmark
6:25 am
gets some new management. the castro theater is celebrating a century of showcasing cinema. it comes as bay area based concert production company another planet entertainment takes over management of the space. some locals are feeling unsure about the transition. >> i am very nervous that another planet is a live music event producer. they do not have a history of film programming. >> castro is one of the most important cultural institutions remaining in san francisco. >> another planet entertainment said it has a history preserving land marks in the bay area and knows importance castro has for film lovers in the lgbtq community. 6:25. coming up in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. a fire burning in big sir putting people in the area on edge. >> everyone is a little shaken
6:26 am
up. it's winter time. >> the progress being made this morning but why locals are not in the clear yet. san francisco 49ers set to take on the l.a. rams but some 49ers fans may face hurdles trying to get tickets. get ready to start filing those taxes. we will be waiting longer than expected for that refund. the warning of long delays. let's take a live look outside before break. it is 6:26. this is a gorgeous view of the city from our camera on
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if you are just waking up, here are your morning headlines. 49ers ready to play the rams in l.a. they beat the packers 13-10. sunday's game against rams starts at 3:30. today oakland schools set to open for classes despite a possible teachers' strike. student and teacher sick-outs closed a number of schools. teachers are negotiating with
6:30 am
the district over testing, masking, staffing. today marks the deadline for workers in settings to be up to date on vaccination status. they must be fully vaccinated and boosted against covid-19. good morning. it's monday january 24. i am anne makovec in for len. i am amanda starrantino. we have a lot to get to. we will start with your forecast. we had a lot of winpast weekend and a lot of sunshine. >> we are looking at that sunshine continuing but calmer conditions at least with our winds today. we are watching offshore winds that could develop as we look to tomorrow. a live look with our san francisco cam, you see mainly clear skies as we start our day. it is cold this morning down to the 30s and 40s, much chillier compared to yesterday at this time. as we head through our afternoon, we are looking at sunshine. current visibility down to a half mile in santa rosa, two
6:31 am
miles for fairfield for the visibility as we start our day. for the afternoon, upper 50s along the coast, low to mid 60s inland this afternoon. daytime highs above average for this time of year. we'll talk about the rest of the week ahead coming up and if there are any changes in sight in a few minutes. let's check with gianna for the latest on traffic. let's start with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned on about 6:00. we can see that traffic is already starting to back up at the toll plaza. a busy ride into francisco. you will see delays as you come off the skyway as well heading into the city. it is also busy out of san jose north 101 near 880. they finally cleared the crash but traffic backing up to the 680, 280 connector. taking altamont pass give yourself about 50 minutes 205 to 680, busy out of tracy
6:32 am
getting onto 580. fierce flames near california's scenic highway 1. colorado fire was sparked in the big sur region. justin andrews is live in the newsroom with images of the flames and an update on the fire fight. how is it looking? >> reporter: just in, fire crews have 35% of the fire contained. right now about 700 acres are burning in this rare winter wildfire. when the evacuation order was issued friday, only 100 acres were burning. over the weekend it jumped to 1500. thankfully this morning there is some containment. firefighters say the winds helped over the weekend to contain some of the flames overnight. at one point the flames were burning right into the edge of the bridge closing a 21-mile stretch of highway 1, flames could be seen from santa cruz county some 70 miles away. fire crews were back at it yesterday fighting flames with
6:33 am
more manpower on the ground an in the air. people who lived tas say this i they will never forget. >> i mean everyone is a little shaken up. >> it's winter time, end of january. it's pretty crazy to see a fire like this. >> the fact that it is january and we are talking about big sur, an area in monterey that's supposed to be an area that gets most rain during the winter and we are having a fire more than 1,000 acres, that is an issue and cause for concern. >> reporter: the rugged mountains were also tough, have been a challenge with the winter wildfire. we'll keep following this as crews continue closing in on containment. justin andrews, kpix5. niners' fans packing bars in san francisco to cheer their team on this weekend. now the excitement is building again this morning as 49ers prepare to play against l.a. rams sunday in the nfc
6:34 am
championship game. joycelyn moran is live in san francisco. it sounds like they're making hurdles to get through for niners fans would want to see the game in person. >> reporter: we know 49ers fans have proved time and time again they can show up. they even brave the cold at lambeau field and a couple weeks ago, they also showed up in l.a. it seems that the rams may be a little bit nervous about that happening again. d ysrestricted to so call re et let you know when we hear back. fans in the last games have been trying to take away home field advantage from the opposing team. the team notices including the head coach kyle shanahan. >> it's so awesome. the faithful are unbelievable. they blow my mind everywhere. the coolest thing was new orleans in '19 when they took
6:35 am
over bourbon street. in so fi a few weeks ago and then in dallas, lambeau. we have the best fans in the league. >> reporter: for this game the trip to l.a. is closer so we'll see if fans can blanket so fi stadium with red and gold. the other conference championship, afc, will feature kansas city chiefs and cincinnati bengals. chiefs advanced last night would touchdown in over time against buffalo bills and that followed three go ahead touchdowns between them in the final two minutes of regulation. bengals beat tennessee titans saturday with a last second field goal. some are calling on governor newsom to release prisoners under the age of 18 who are within six months of parole date from state custody amid a covid outbreak. supporters are also advocating
6:36 am
for those with medical concerns. they say of the 640 youth currently held, 175 recently tested positive for covid-19. that is the highest infection rate since the first case was reported in 2020. thousands gathered at the lincoln memorial over the weekend protesting vaccine mandates. >> we will not comply with your silliness. >> robert f kennedy, jr getting some flak after taking the stage and comparing vaccine mandates to naz germany. developing, tensions continuing to rise as standoff between russia and ukraine takes ominous step forward, u.s. ordering american families working in the region to leave immediately. that includes nonessential embassy staff. u.s. is accusing russia of sending agents to ukraine to perform false flag operations to trigger all out war. nato is bracing for the worst. reports show the organization
6:37 am
is outlining potential troop deployments. the u.s. and allies are weighing if and when to impose sanctions on russia. >> the most important thing we can do is use them as a deterrent, as a means of diswading russia. once sanctions are triggered, you lose the deterrent effect. >> reports claim russia is trying to replace the ukrainian government with pro moscow administration, kremlin denying that. tax season kicks off today but you could be waiting a long time as irs continues to play catch up from last year. last year around 30 million taxpayers had refunds delayed because of pandemic related issues. treasury department is warning of more delays again this year. jackson hewitt says expanded child credit is an issue, most parents got half the money owed and have to file to get the rest. >> that can be a little complicated.
6:38 am
you have to fill the form on how many dependents you have. you may have new dependents. shared custody can create complication. >> irs says the fastest way is to do it electronically and sign up for direct deposit. filing deadline is april 18. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> peloton facing another pr hurdle. how it is taking a lit from another tv show heart attack. not only is it difficult to find an affordable home in the bay area, now it is hard to find any home at all. the empty market, up next. i am tracking dangerous sneaker waves at beaches with a beach hazard statement in effect today. northwest swells about three to six feet at 17 to 20 seconds. watch for those rip currents and sneaker waves. we'll talk about what you can expect where you live and the week ahead, coming up.
6:39 am
the market opened about ten minutes ago. we are taking a quick check on the big board after a rough week last week. we are seeing dow down in the red about 400 points this morning. before break, a quick preview of what's next. good morning. ahead on cbs mornings, anna warner investigates were some families are having trouble finding the right kind of baby formula. she talks with frustrated parents scrambling to find alternatives and discovers trade offs they're making. we'll show you a key resource in a remote part of california for electric cars. why the government is saying this is a critical part of our national security. we'll introduce you to a business owner who transformed his night club into a grocery store during the pandemic and why he is learning about his new mission. we'll have all that and more. we'll see you at 7:00.
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6:43. time for your money watch report. a look at the stock market plus a pr headache for peloton. diane king hall is joining us. good morning. good morning. claws are out on wall street again today after a really rough week for stocks last week. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. the dow is down 392 points. in the tech sector, nasdaq seeing sharp losses, down 263. s&p 500 lower as well. peloton is grappling with another pr hurdle. billions debuted sixth season last night and showed a character having a heart attack on the bike. this is a month after sex and the city killed mr. big with a heart attack after writing. peloton says it did not give billions to use the brand and
6:44 am
cardiovascular exercise helps people lead long, happy lives. that's a quote. billions say the scenes were a coincidence and shot well before the sex and the city episode aired. >> yikes. we'll keep our eye on that stock market too. thanks for that. >> thank you. a bizarre situation at sea, a cruise ship bound for miami docked in the bahamas instead after u.s. issued arrest warrant for the ship. a u.s. judge granted order to seize the crystal symphony ship as part of a lawsuit over unpaid fuel. passengers were surprised to learn about the ship's legal issues and the change in plans. they were ferried yesterday to fort lauderdale. one passenger said it was a very confusing situation. the lawsuit is seeking $1.2 million in unpaid bills from crystal symphony. many california moms who recently gave birth are still
6:45 am
waiting for the delivery of their maternity leave payments. the statement's employment development department is delaying about 345,000 disability claims citing fraud prevention. the agency is trying to verify identity of doctors whose credentials were used by purported patients. mothers are getting caught up in the middle. >> we have mortgage to pay. we have hospital bills. >> when government agencies fail this badly i believe it breaks the public trust. >> last year california lawmakers held a hearing over e.d.d. backlogs, 20 billion in pandemic relief fraud, and complaints of unresponsiveness. a live look in oakland where today nonprofit whims shelter aerial outreach mission is going to begin the demolition process at east oakland facility. the shelter for embattled women and families has been closed since start of the pandemic. services previously provided
6:46 am
have been done in a make shift fashion. the shelter says operating funds are low compared to their needs over the next 18 months. it is hard enough trying to buy a home in the bay area with prices so high but now it is hard to even find a home to buy. number of bay area homes for sale has hit a record low. december figures show supply of homes in san francisco and east bay dropped 2% 2% and in the south bay it down 32% compared to last year. the time is 6:46 on this monday. let's get a check on our weather and traffic. gianna is standing by. how is the weather? it's a cold start. bundle up and grab that winter coat because we are looking at 30s and 40s with mainly clear skies. a beautiful view with our salesforce tower camera as we look southeast across the bay with the golden colors in the sky, a spectacular sunrise this
6:47 am
morning. check out the temperatures, 40 concord, mid 40s in oakland, livermore mid 30s, upper 40s in san francisco, low 40s in san jose, close to freezing in santa rosa down to 33 degrees this morning. here is what you can expect as we take you through your afternoon. along the coast upper 50s with sunshine, upper 50s around the bay, upper 50s and low 60s and warming to the low to mid 60s with sun inland later today. you may have noticed haze yesterday. we have that ridge of high pressure acting like a lid tracking pollute abilities and of course tracking colorado fire in the big sur area. thankfully the winds will continue to ease so that should help firefighters trying to get a handle on the fire. we are looking at moderate air quality. you might notice that haze once again but moderate air quality today through the rest of the week all because of the strong ridge of high pressure in
6:48 am
place. sunshine, mild daytime highs today through the rest of the week. really settling into a dry, quiet weather pattern. hour by hour we are looking at sunny to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. as we look to daytime highs, 58 in pacifica, 59 san francisco, 60 oakland, low 60s for peninsula, mid 60s in the south bay, san jose, 63 concord, 63 livermore, low 60s for napa valley and mid 60s for santa rosa. the seven-day forecast, a lot of sunshine over the next several days with clouds friday and into our weekend. inland east bay, north bay, coast, you can see clouds friday and into our weekend. next week longer range weather models signal a change in our weather. so rain chances by next week. let's check with gianna for a
6:49 am
look at our traffic. bay bridge toll plaza, we saw a back up that's eased up a little bit. that's good news for anyone heading into san francisco. we are tracking a few brake lights on upper deck. a little slow with extra volume but typical this time of the morning. metering lights are officially on. heads up if you are headed into the city. the back up is at the toll plaza. 53 minutes into the altamont pass. that is one of our slowest spots this morning. it is definitely busy out of tracy getting onto 580. once you are past the livermore valley area towards dublin interchange, head lights heading west, certainly gets better but you can see cars already up and at them making the trek towards 680. there are a couple crashes along 80 this morning. one is reported close to the area right at the scale. it may be one in the same.
6:50 am
we'll see if we can get more information. traffic backing up well into fairfield so plan on that if your commute takes you to san francisco, headed to the bay bridge, things are slow on 80. if you are along 101 in the south bay, north 101 busy. morgan hill, tracking brake lights north bound through there. once you are past that, it's looking a lot better. speaking of 880, a live look at conditions on the nimitz freeway near oakland colosseum, that looks pretty good. if you are taking 880 to san mateo bridge, no delays. 12 minutes between 880 towards 101. 6:50. county connection officials with contra costa will be at the lafayette bart station to process clipper cards, rtc
6:51 am
applications and para transit eligibility applications. help will be available from 8:30 to 10:30. six days until the niners are ready to take on the rams. can fans actually watch the game in person? there is buzz on social media making people second guess their decision to try to get a ticket. it's not even february but a classic valentine's day candy is switching its love game. new sayings you can find on the heart shaped sweets. coming up on cbs news bay area, sfmta experiencing staffing shortages. at 8:15, we'll hear more from the director. plus updates on the vanness project and in our medical monday segment at 8:30, the latest on the omicron surge. watch our streaming service whenever, wherever. find us on pluto tv or any platform using the free cbs
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then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. five minutes shy of 7:00, a final check on the big board because it has been another rough start this week. dow down almost 600 points this monday morning. justin. >> reporter: i am live in the newsroom. classes in session today for oakland unified but teachers are threatening strike. teachers union in oakland set a deadline last friday at midnight to avoid strike. this morning there is no deal. picket lines could be packed in days to come. core demands include weekly testing at schoolshigh quality masks for everybody and a plan
6:56 am
to address staffing shortage at schools by making sure there is an adult covering every classroom vacancy. for more th weekhave been boycotting classes by staying home shutting down schools. we are learning 72% of union members voted yes to participate in the strike if demands are not met. when we get an update from teachers on a possible strike, we'll certainly let you know. >> reporter: i am joycelyn moran live in san francisco, the 49ers are getting ready to take on the l.a. rams this weekend. it's not a far drive for 49ers fans but there are efforts to try to keep them away from the game. take a look on the rams ticket website. you can see the general public on sale started yesterday at 3:00 p.m. and it says restricted to so cal residents. we have reached to ticket master to confirm this. we'll let you know when we hear back. fans in the last games have
6:57 am
been trying to take away the home field advantage from the other team. after the game this weekend head coach kyle shanahan said they have the best fans in the league. the team is noticing. a fun fact as of today, 40 years ago today san francisco 49ers got the first super bowl win against the bengals. we'll see if niners can make it to the super bowl this year. >> fingers crossed that happens. taking a look at the roadways, we have a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, slow ride across the upper deck into san francisco. 16 minutes highway 4 to the maze, west bound highway 4, 35 minutes. 101 north from san jose to sfo, about a 40 minute commute. we are tracking brake lights into the altamont. it's the usual stuff with no crashes. stays busy at the altamont.
6:58 am
a 51 minute ride 205 to 680. there is a crash west bound 80 blocking lanes and traffic is backing up well into the fairfield area. it looks like brake lights also west bound, about 32 miles per hour in some spots. nice ride on the nimitz freeway if you plan on taking 880, clear in both directions. a spectacular start to our day with that sunrise. a live look with our salesforce tower camera as we look east across the bay at beautiful mount diablo. it's a cold start down to the 30s and 40s and now upper 30s in concord, mid 30s livermore, close to freezing at 33 santa rosa, 40s san francisco. through the day, we will see sunshine and mild temperatures, above average for this time of year. around the bay upper 50s and low 60s, inland low to mid 60s
6:59 am
this afternoon. seven-day forecast, dry, quiet conditions over the next several days with plenty sunshine and a few clouds by the end of our work week into our weekend. as we look to the next several days we are really settling into the quiet weather pattern. we could see rain chances for next week at this point. back to you. new, sweet treats with sweet sayings. you know the ones, the sweethearts. >> this year you will find 16 new things on the c■andy conversation hearts, words of encouragement from "you got this," high five, crush it, and you da best. the classic sayings haven't gone anywhere. you can still ask somebody to be mine in sugar form. they can probably do a bunch of updates now that the world is so different. "slide into my dm." >> very true. how fun is that?
7:00 am
>> don't forget the news continues all day on cbs news bay area. >> cbs mornings is next. have a ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" on this monday. hello to viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. let's go to today's "eye opener" it's your world in 90 seconds. >> are they just using you to buy time or to build a predicate for invasion? >> we'll be ready either way. the choice is vladimir putin's. >> fear is building over a possible russian invasion of ukraine. some americans are now being evacuated.d. american schools face big covid testing challenges as the omicron variant strikes hardest in states with low vaccination rates.


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