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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  February 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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new details emerging five days after the awful attack of a 49ers fan, the moments leading to the beating, coming up next. a new vaccine mandate starting today in the south bay. where you will now need to show proof or a negative test. some people infected with omicron variant caught off guard. why they say it is an illness they've never experienced before. cdc's latest weapon in tracking spread of covid across the country. good morning. it is friday, february 4. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a check on weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist mary lee. good morning. happy friday to you.
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it's definitely a chilly start to our day with clear skies. cold clear skies this morning, definitely bundle up if you are heading out the door. we are looking at mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures, low to mid 60s this afternoon. for the weekend we will warm things and we'll continue to warm up as we look to next week. a live look at downtown san francisco, 49, mid 30s concord and livermore, low 40s san jose, close to freezing in santa rosa. calm to light conditions, looking great out there. as we head through the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, a few high clouds, low 60s along the coast. around the bay, daytime highs in low to mid 60s and inland in the mid 60s this afternoon. i will be watching temperatures climb as we look to our weekend and especially into next week. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways on this
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friday morning? we have one trouble spot to look for, mary. it's on the east shore freeway west bound at mcbride. it doesn't look having much of an impact on traffic. it is early, definitely friday light with not a lot of cars on the road way. if you are taking 80 even with the crash, you should be good to go. the rest of the east shore freeway commute to the bay bridge is clear. we have usual stuff off of 205 to 580, altamont pass. there is a crash at north flynn and that's been cleared off the freeway. what you are looking at is what you would expect as you make the ride through the area. highway 4 is clear and no delays on 101. details coming in about the attack of a long time 49ers fan daniel luna. >> we are learning more about moments leading to his attack outside of sofi. justin andrews has been all
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over this investigation. anything new from detectives? i have been in contact with police since yesterday morning. this morning we are getting new details and we are waiting to confirm. we know the detectives have identified a car that may have been tied to what happened. they're hoping to talk to the owner of the vehicle to help track down the suspect. one of the lieutenants working the case told me there are no updates regarding suspects now. but we have learned from the mayor that luna was mingling with a group of 49ers fans in the parking lot. a fight broke out between luna and another guy in a matter of seconds. there is surveillance video down bute thingat went too rly. sinit because t he explaineit shows. >> the victim mr. luna pushes someone from behind. that person, when mr. luna turns away, pushes him, takes another step towards him and
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punches him looks like in the mouth area. mr. luna falls back on his head. >> the attack happened in the parking lot of sofi sunday 30 minutes after kick off. doctors say he is in a coma to prevent swelling and bleeding of his brain. i spent time in oakland yesterday outside of his restaurant and heard from so many people who describe luna as a nice guy and someone who would never do anything to harm anyone. they say they're shocked. >> speechless, heart breaking. i could never have guessed that something like that would happen to him or that he would purposely do anything that would make something like that happen. >> i have been pressing sofi to tell us what security and safety plans look like going to the super bowl. a spokesperson never addressed that part of my question. the case is one people keep
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asking how and why? we'll take the questions to authorities and hopefully get some answers. covid cases continue to drop in california. the state's seven day positivity rate is at 13.2%, down nearly 4% from last week. starting today, san jose will require proof of a booster shot or a negative test. that is if you want to get into events at city-owned facilities. that includes s.a.p. center and the convention center. some who were infected with omicron variant say they were caught off guardment many brushed off the variant as omicron cold or flu after experts said it was less severe than delta. some say the omicron mutation was not like any illness they'd experienced before. >> i ended up telling my wife, we're going to have to go to the e.r. >> taking a shower was exhausting. >> a large proportion of people continue having symptoms.
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>> the doctor says covid is far from a cold or flu and he is concerned those who became sick during this surge will leave thousands with long covid. centers for disease control using waste water to track the spread of covid-19. the federal agency's national waste water surveillance system is testing the water for disease in 19 states. now more than 500 sites are c ys is going to da. publish that on its coronavirus dash board. a live look in san francisco, the city's department of health has updated covid isolation and quarantine rules for kids in school settings. starting this month, kids two and older who have tested positive can return to school after five days of isolation. they must show a negative test though and no symptoms. for morocco individual testing and vaccines as well as very latest on the changing health restrictions across the bay
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area, head to happening today, a suspect in a murder case with a body found near an east bay bart station is due in court this morning. bart police discovered the body wednesday near the south hayward station. they arrested 29-year-old samuel leva. he is held without bail and investigators have yet to release evidence linking him to the murder. an arraignment is set for this more thanking in dublin. the mother of an oakland man who died in police custody has filed federal civil rights lawsuit against city of alameda and the three usaers involved. this was the scene in april, officers pinning down 26-year- old mario gonzales until he stopped breathing and later died. the death has now been ruled a homicide. his mother claims he was illegally restrained and excessive force was used causing his death. today, pretrial conference
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and motions for alleged coconspirator of convicted felon elizabeth holmes beginning later this morning in san jose. pretrial motions hearing will likely involve what evidence each side wants in or out and logistics regarding estimate of trial length. ex boyfriend faces the exact same 11 charges holmes did. the question, whether holmes will take the witness stand against him. take a look at this, a car crashed through the yard of a brentwood home. this happened yesterday afternoon. police say a teenager without a license was speeding with other teens in the car. the car drove into the side yard of two homes and then hit a house. the wooden fence is completely smashed along with the car. police say this happened on bloomen avenue. nobody was hurt. a bank robbery suspect led police on a high speed chase in pleasant hill before wrecking his car. an employee with the diablo
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valley credit unit called police to report the crime saying the suspect was armed. alleged bank robber crashed into two parked cars. no injuries were reported. still ahead, drought concerns this morning in the bay area. the longterm impact that our dry january could have on our water supply. a massive winter storm inching its way across the u.s. how wintry weather is making roads virtually impassable. >> what a mess. nothing like that here at home. first alert weather forecast for the bay area, a chilly start with clear skies, calm to light conditions. through the afternoon, mostly sunny skies and highs above average about three to five degrees above average in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. we are going to continue to warm things up as we look into our weekend and next week. i will have your seven-day forecast, coming up. as we take a look at the
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roadways it is safe to say it is friday light on bay
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today charges are expected to be filed in the greyhound bus shooting. it comes as we are hearing from a passenger who was on board.
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the suspect allegedly opened fire on a greyhound bus parked outside a local corner store. one person was killed and four others injured wednesday night. >> i went like this with the blood and everyone starts screaming and he started shooting more. >> everybody stood up to get off the bus and i felt something hit my head hard. i kind of fell forward in the front seat. >> riders say they recognized the gunman as a previous passenger on the bus. a motive for the shooting is still unclear. most of the bay area remains in a severe drought and outlook for rain in the near future as mary has been talking about is not looking good. of course this comes out of a very dry january. there was so much rainfall in marin last year though that some of the water use penalties and limits were lifted. last month storms in october and december brought a total of 43 inches of rainfall to parts
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of marin county and the water district there says with what's in the reservoirs there is plenty supply this year. the concern is for 2023 and beyond. >> we know we are not out of the woods. even with the rain we saw with what we see with the dry forecast now, it's a good reminder that unpredictability of climate change is with us through the long haul. >> marin water says it is looking at longterm strategies to be more drought resilientnot just focusing on conservation but improving how it monitors supply and how that supply can be supplemental. another story across the country with ice and snow in the forecast. wintry weather has caused widespread power outages. at one point more than 300,000 homes and businesses were without power. icy conditions made some roads nearly impassable with hundreds of crashes reported in several states. >> the snow right now is pretty
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powdery. sometimes temperatures will rise a little bit. it will melt and then it will drop and turn into ice. that's where i think we are really concerned. the ice is the real killer out here. >> more than 2,000 flights scheduled today have been canceled. most of them at airports in the northeast. 5:15. let's get a check on our weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist mary lee. a much different story here. a big difference in the bay area, nothing like most of the country is dealing with with the snow and ice, a mess with the powerful winter storm. for us it is feeling more like spring. we are looking at that warmer weather, daytime highs above average. your first alert weather forecast, a live look with our salesforce tower camera as we look east. we are looking at clear skies, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. it's a cold start to our day. bundle up once again, mid 30s
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in concord, oakland mid 40s, 37 livermore, downtown san francisco in the upper 40s, low 40s san jose, close to freezing at 33 in santa rosa now. current winds are looking good, calm to light conditions as we start our day. a big difference compared to earlier in the week. as we take you through your afternoon, mostly sunny, low to mid 60s around the bay, mid 60s inland. highs running about five degrees above average for this time of year with the strong ridge of high pressure, lighter winds, we are going to continue to watch temperatures climb into the weekend and next week. as we take you hour by hour on futurecast, you see that sunshine and a few high clouds streaming. that's pretty much about it. as we show you temperatures where you live for your neighborhood low 60s. south bay, highs into the mid 60s, 66 for santa clara, san jose, inland east bay 64
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concord. pleasant hill, low 60s for the try valley. around the bay, 62 in san francisco, 64 alameda, oakland, san leandro, east bay shoreline. north bay, mid 60s, 64 for napa value eye and about 66 for windsor. we are under a severe drought for the entire bay area. we are going about four weeks without any measurable rainfall. at this point, no rain in sight. if you are heading to tahoe, kirk wood looking good, mostly sunny skies. heavenly, we are looking at sunshine as well in tahoe. the seven day first alert weather forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you can see temperatures on the rise climbing as we look to our weekend and especially into next week. check out san jose next week into the low to mid 70s inland east bay and north bay, you will see highs climbing to the 70s by next week and even along the coast, mostly sunny skies with temperatures warming up by
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next week as well. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. is it friday light or do we have some trouble spots? it is safe to say it is friday light especially along the peninsula. if you are taking 101, traffic looking good. this is a live look from mobile 5 for the drive through red wood city. south bound 101, this is the area where the new express lanes along 101 will be opening up officially on february 11. now they will be from santa clara county line to whipple avenue in red wood city. lanes will operate from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. weekdays testing of tolling equipment is taking place on new express lanes. they have them as a car pool lane now. you can see that as he drives through the lanes as they work to test everything. again everything officially opens february 11. do plan for that. hopefully it will ease congestion along 101 because traffic can be busy especially
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for the morning and evening commutes. north bound 101 from san jose to sfo, that is a 38 minute ride. west bound highway 4 is looking good. east shore freeway, 14 minutes highway 4 to the maze. we have reports of a trouble spot near mcbride, not causing brake lights or issues but there is activity on the shoulder. a heads up there. a live look at the san mateo bridge commuting between 880 and 101, traffic is light with no delays. in fact west bound is the commute direction towards foster city and travel time is an easy 13 minutes across the stretch. 880 through oakland, colosseum, traffic is pretty light here as well. there are a few brake lights east as you work your way out of tracy. a wealthy town on the peninsula says it cannot comply with the new law to ease affordable housing crunch. >> the reason, mountain lions.
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a memo from the planning director states because local mountain lions are candidate for endangered status no parcel in town is eligible for sb9 project. that expedites construction of units on properties zoned for a single family home. >> the idea that you can build a mansion and that is okay for mountain lions but building a duplex is bad for mountains is an absurd argument. >> we reached to the town manager and mayor but did not hear back. the first fridays festival returning to oakland today. that is after last month's covid cancellation. it starts at 5:00 tonight at telegraph and west grand. this month's theme is black love. embarcadero center cinema is closed. last night the landmark theater played its last movie. no reason for the closure has been announced.
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sources suggest the landlord decided to not extend the lease after nonpayment of rent. landmark opera plaza in western will become landmark's only remaining theater in san francisco. also happening in san francisco, slack sub leasing its massive office just a few years after the company moved in. the 200,000 square feet of office space is on fremont street and one of the largest office leases in the city. the tech company moved there just three years ago signing a lease through 2030. slack officials say its main headquarters on howard street are open and its focus remains digital first. 5:21. still ahead, an eating contest like no other. the show down between a lettuce loving giant rabbit and a competitive eater. i don't know. i don't think it was a contest. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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it is almost 5:25, time for your lunchtime forecast. yesterday beef curry and rice was my lunch. it was delicious. i would love to hear what you
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are having for lunch. we are looking at beautiful weather. might want to take that lunch outside because we are looking at sunshine at the coast, low 60s, upper 50s around the bay. in san francisco your lunchtime forecast, sunshine, 57 and a light wind. east bay oakland 59 with sunshine. south bay in san jose, plenty sun at 61 for your lunchtime forecast. >> you could get some lunch, healthy lunch from this next story. an eating contest featuring an unusual match up. >> a competitive eater went against a rabbit that loves to consume lettuce. organizers brought in a large rabbit named honey but the animal ended up eating nothing while a 27-year-old chomped away. a rabbit lover and breeder says he is not surprised. >> rabbits are not like dogs to
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just scarf it down. they nibble all day and night. they eat decent amounts but over a period of time. >> the winning woman ended up eating three and a half pounds of chopped salad in ten minutes. >> why? >> that is what i am thinking. what was the point? but okay, glad you have that time on your hands. >> the lady got a healthy lunch. >> really big healthy lunch. a group of fishing buddies in minnesota have taken smack talk. >> this is way up there. the digital billboard in brainerd, david bought it to shame his less than lucky buddy troy the same weekend a big fishing tournament brought thousands to town. >> he has been less than successful in previous trips. he knows how to catch and fish and all that.
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but if there is bad luck on the boat or in the fish house, troy's got it. >> you see troy has been a good sport but you can bet he is plotting revenge. i don't know troy, i think probably concentrate your efforts on being a better fisherman. >> i like that, anne. we're going to have some news with a lot more points coming up next. it is 5:27. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, we will talk about the growing tension between russia and ukraine. it remains high this morning. how u.s. officials say a potential russian invasion might begin. reducing student absences from school. the plan from a bay area senator to keep them in classrooms. a new team is bringing you kpix5 news at 5:00. we are excited to introduce
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sara donchey who will
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we have new developments coming into our newsroom about the beat al beating of a 49ers fan. what we know, coming up. a new booster shot mandate in the bay area. what you need to know about new rules in the south bay. keeping students in classrooms. a new plan from a bay area senator to try and reduce absences from school. as we begin the year of the tiger, the push to make lunar new year a federal holiday. good morning. thanks for starting your friday with us, february 4, i am anne makovec. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a check on our weather and traffic beginning
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with first alert meteorologist mary lee. we are ending our work week with quieter conditions. definitely grab that jacket. as we look to our afternoon, mostly sunny, mild temperatures. we will continue to warm things as we look ahead to our weekend. a live look at san francisco, 49 degrees. we are talking 30s and 40s for many locations. mid 40s in oakland. san jose you are 42 and close to 33, a cold start in santa rosa with the clear skies and calm to light conditions as we kick off our friday. as we head through the afternoon again, mostly sunny skies, daytime highs about five degrees above average, low to mid 60s around the bay from san francisco topping out at 62, peninsula low to mid 60s, 64 mountain view. san jose 66, concord 64, tri valley livermore at 62 and 64
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for napa valley. i am tooking that warm up and i will have details on temperatures heating up. we are talking 70s next week in the seven-day forecast. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning. it is getting a little bit busy for the ride along peninsula north 101 near broadway, first reports of a crash involving three vehicles blocking a couple lanes, those two middle lanes. i am hearing from chp they plan on blocking all lanes to run a traffic break to hopefully clear a couple vehicles to the side of the road way. in the meantime speeds down to 14 miles per hour. it is busy north 101 as you work your way in, not far from sfo. if you have an early flight, you might find a few brake lights on the way to the airport. el camino, 280 all looking good if you want to use that instead. we are learning about what
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happened before a 49ers fan was beaten outside of sofi stadium. >> the attack left daniel luna in a coma and his friend and family asking why and how? we do have new details. we found out from the mayor that there is surveillance video that captured the whole attack but he says it likely won't be released because it is too blurry. police are keeping their eye on a car that may be tied to the case. police are making progress with this though last check one of the lieutenants told me there are no updates regarding suspects. the mayor watched the attack, says luna was mingling with a group of 49ers fans and out of nowhere, a fight between luna and another guy. this attack has drawn parallels to the 2011 beating of brian stow, a san francisco giants fans who was viciously beaten outside dodger stadium opening
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day in 2011. the mayor pushed back on that comparison. >> i'd say it's obviously a different type of situation. the situation at dodger stadium is nowhere comparable to this. it looked like a small altercation that went very bad from one punch and someone falling and hitting their head on the ground. it wasn't like you had people ganging up on somebody and beating them as you did in dodger stadium. >> doctors say luna is in a coma to prevent swelling and bleeding of his brain. i spent time outside of his restaurant and heard so many people who described him as a nice guy and someone who would never do anything to harm anyone. they say they're shocked. >> thanks. today in san jose new covid
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requirements in place to get into the city's biggest venues like the s.a.p. center. >> joycelyn moran is there with what you need to know. >> reporter: good morning. if you are thinking of going to a sharks game soon or have a concert planned at the s.a.p. center make sure you are prepared to show one of two things. you can show you are up to date with covid vaccine. that means fully vac is innate. if eligible, you must be boosted as well. that is an important thing to note. you can show proof of negative covid-19 test f it's a rapid antigen test, it must be taken within one day. if it's pcr, within two days. this applies to everyone 5 and older. kids 5 and up will need a negative test or have their vaccine. this applies to events with 50 or more people at the s.a.p. and other city owned vees is
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today after san jose council approved updated emergency ordinance last month as cases were sky rocketing due to omicron. no event at the s.a.p. center today. the first one is tomorrow. we know concerts are coming up with justin bieber, bad bunny scheduled in the next few weeks. make sure you are prepared to show the negative covid test or be up to date with your vaccine. developing, u.s. officials say they have an idea about how russia might end up sparking war with ukraine. american officials believe russia can use an elaborate propaganda video to justify an invasion. they refused to detail evidence supporting the claim but say it could include explosions, western military equipment, and actors playing grieving mourners, an official telling cbs news russia may have already recruited people for the production. >> we don't know if russia will necessarily use this or another option in the coming days.
5:37 am
we are publicizing it now. >> u.s. officials continue to threaten severesanctions countr invades ukraine which could target president putin himself. a bay area state senator is pushing a new plan aimed at reducing student absences from schools. the bill from nancy skinner would require school districts to provide free transportation for students. right now state law only requires busing services for students with disabilities or those experiencing homelessness. it is estimated only 9% of california students ride the bus to school. that's the lowest in the nation. the bill would provide state funding to school districts to make sure this is possible. >> you have a lot of kids who don't have a ride to school. you have cronic absenteeism among some children who can't get to school. it affects attendance and affects people's learning, children's learning. >> that is senator skinner saying she wants to ensure no
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student misses class simply because they don't have a ride to school. members of congress pushing to make lunar new year a federal holiday. it is celebrated in chinese, vietnamese, south korea, other asian communities. a bill backed by 40 house members would create the nation's 12th federal holiday. each lunar new year starts with a different symbolic animal on chinese zodiak. this past tuesday marked the beginning of the year of the tiger. stakeholders want to see roll back of covid rules and parent company of snapchat turning a profit for the first time. diane king hall is joining us live from new york. happy friday. good morning. happy friday. snap snapped back during the fourth quarter. parent company of snapchat posted first profit earning 22.5 million and unlike
5:39 am
facebook, the user base grew. it's up 20% from the same time in 2020. coalition of travel industry officials calling for easing of covid-19 restrictions. airlines for america with other groups sent a letter to the white house asking biden administration to drop the requirement for vaccinated travelers to the u.s. industry reps say there is higher immunity and vaccination rates. according to multiple reports the carrier is trying a pilot project where it will allow to check carry on for free. delta does not have a size limit for carry ons. >> i am into it. anything that makes the process easier. i am one who will not pay for the carry on. i will stuff it all into a backpack. >> right. >> we are hearing that one airline is getting in on the
5:40 am
match making game. >> that's right. virgin atlantic has launched tickets to love sweeps stakes for those looking across the pond. single americans looking to bag a britt can enter by writing an essay. eight people will win a round trip flight and stay at the standard hotel in london along with a love reading from a psychic. >> sounds like a bad reality show. >> i know, right. but a trip to london, you know. >> yeah, and bagging a britt. i love how you phrase that too. diane king hall, we will see you when the stock market opens this friday morning at about 6:30. >> sounds good. 20 minutes before 6:00. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, this next story ties into that. southwest airlines starting to
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return to normal. what the airline is bringing back this month. paying more at the pump. the new high for u.s. oil prices this morning. here is your first alert weather forecast on this friday morning. it is a chilly clear start as we head through the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, daytime highs about five degrees above average. low to mid 60s. i am watching a warming trend through the next several days. i will have your seven-day forecast, coming up.
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yosemite national park seeing return of of its fire fall. take a look. this video was taken a few years ago. just incredible. this is what happens when the sun reflects off the waterfall at a certain angle. this usually flows during winter. park rangers say next tentative dates for fire fall are february 10 and 28th. >> gorgeous. >> it is just beautiful, isn't it? >> yeah. this morning, we are getting a look at a remarkable moment in nature and the waters near the hawaii. >> a drone photographer captured a deep sea play date. i love this. it's a whale and a dolphin
5:45 am
spinning together off oahu. he says he has never seen anything like it but sees it as a sign of hope. >> beautiful. >> yeah. quarter to six. let's get a check on our weather and traffic, see if that's something we want to look at. so far it's been good. it has been good. clear skies, cold temperatures. definitely bundle up if you are heading out. your first alert weather forecast, we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. it might be a great day to head to the beach. we are looking at temperatures down to the 30s and 40s. a live look with salesforce tower camera as we look east across the bay at the east bay and bay bridge. mid 30s in concord, 37 liver more, upper 40s for downtown san francisco. sunrise will come in at 7:10 and sun set at 5:36 p.m. let's talk about what you can
5:46 am
expect through our afternoon. we will see more sunshine, low 60s along the coast, mostly sunny. around the bay, low to mid 60s and warming up to the mid 60s inland. daytime highs about five degrees above average for this time of year. high pressure in place will be the dominant weather feature. it will continue to build as we look to the next several days. as you see on futurecast, plenty sun, a few high clouds out there, that's pretty much about it. your temperatures for your neighborhood looking at low 60s for peninsula, 62 san mateo, mid 60s for south bay, 66 in santa clara and san jose, 65 morgan hill, pleasant hill low 60s for tri valley later today. around the bay, 62 in san francisco, 63 daly city. east bay shoreline, a high of 64 for alameda, oakland, san leandro. north bay, mid 60s, 64 in napa
5:47 am
later today and mid 60s for windsor. we are under a severe drought across the entire bay area. we are going about four weeks without any measurable rainfall in downtown san francisco. 27 days in a row without any rain. nowhere close to the records there but that's something that we don't want to see. we are looking though at several more days at least of dry weather continuing for us. seven-day forecast first alert weather san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see the warm up as we head through the rest of our weekend into next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, i am tracking that warming trend especially into next week with temperatures into the 70s for many locations. let's check with gianna for a look at fie rowagerey to take 101 through palo alto, red wood city, south bound, no
5:48 am
delays. a live look from mobile 5, he is traveling near palo alto. this is brian kiley our photo journalist. this is where the express lanes are set to open between santa clara to whipple avenue in red wood city. they will open on february 11, operate from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. currently they are doing testing of the equipment on the express lanes now, so that will make a big difference during the busiest commute times in the hours of 6:00 to 9:00 when we see more brake lights in the area and in the afternoon as well. right now it is friday light. not the case just north of there, we are still tracking brake lights north bound 101 out of burling game. we had a crash involving three vehicles. everything is to the side of the road way but there is still a lot going on and it is causing some slowing.
5:49 am
if you have an early flight at sfo, you might run into brake lights there until they clear this off the freeway. you can see it is down to 25 miles per hour and getting busier, causing spectator slowing. el camino is not a bad option or you can even use 280. u.s. oil prices jumped above $90 a barrel for the first time since 2014, prices seeing a 37% increase from just december. that is when the country was experiencing low prices because in part of omicron concerns. opec and allies said it will continue to modestly increase oil production but wall street believes opec could do more to meet demand and calm surging energy prices. things are looking up at spacex, launched another 49 satellites from kennedy space center yesterday to join star
5:50 am
link broadband array. it's been a busy week. wednesday it launched a satellite into orbit near santa barbara. as it did yesterday the first stage broke away returning to earth for reuse. roll out of 5g keeping planes grounded in spots over concerns of impact on flights. >> yesterday lawmakers questioned head of the faa about the issues. >> this is inexcusable. >> there is phenomenal room for improvement. >> faa says 90% of the nation's commercial planes are flying but administrator steve dixon says years ago they raised concerns about signals from 5g specifically saying they could create safety problems for flights through low visibility areas. >> we have avoided significant disruption to commercial aviation, we recognize that some communities and operations have been affected.
5:51 am
>> dixon said there may not be a final fix until new standards are developed and that might not happen until next year. airline reduced beverage offerings during the pandemic just stocking some sodas, juice, coffee. soon they'll have beer, wine, liquor for sale and other nonalcoholic drinks for free. customers can use 2020 and 2021 drink coupons through this year. >> that's good news the way air travel is going these days. you need a drink. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, it is award season in the entertainment business. movies leading the way in nominations for bafta. coming up today, johnny knoxville and torrey kelly stop by for a chat all today at 2:00
5:52 am
on kpix5. coming up, on the 2022 olympics history will be made. at 16 she's the youngest of the three women skaters. jamie yuccas finds out how she's preparing for the moment. >> are there any moves we should expect. >> triple axal. >> you're doing it. >> yeah. >> no question? >> i am doing it. >> and we will be watching. that story and more coming up
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welcome back. 5:55. your first alert weather forecast. happy friday, it's a cold start, clear skies, calm to light conditions. this ridge of high pressure is building in, a mild day ahead. we are looking at mostly sunny skies and daytime highs above average. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. 64 in concord, three to five degrees above average for this time of year. we will continue to watch temperatures climb as we look to our weekend and into next week. the seven-day forecast, coming up. back to you. time for a look at the
5:56 am
entertainment headlines. dune has topped another movie awards nomination list. british academy of film and television arts, dune has 11bafta award nominations. power of the dog is a strong runner up and belfast takes bronze with six nominations. all three are up for best picture. march 14. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, if you have plans to get into the s.a.p. center this weekend, you will want to be sure you've gotten that booster. the new requirement for san jose going into effect now. new details on the moments before a 49ers fan was attacked in the parking lot of sofi stadium. what investigators are searching for. despite december rain, most of the bay area remains in a severe drought. the longterm impact our dry
5:57 am
january can have on our water supply. here is a live look outside from our mark hopkins camera in san
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
new requirements in place to get into san jose city owned facilities like s.a.p. center. detectives know the moments of a 49ers fan being badly beaten. where the investigation stands. i felt something hit my head hard and i kind of fell forward in the front seat. a passenger speaks out after bullets fly through a greyhound bus. what we are just learning about the suspect. get ready for a warm weekend ahead. mary shows us the hottest temps on tap in a moment. good morning. thanks for starting your friday
6:01 am
with us. it is februy


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