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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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looking for a woman who vanish. wildfire smoke could be a bigger danger for healthy people and what researchers discover it is doing to healthy lungs. good evening. a live look now at 880 in oakland after yet another deadly freeway shooting and there is a renewed push tonight to install freeway cameras along that area and on 580. >> we talked to some of the families affected by this violence. took they say many of the recent freeway shootings happened on 580 and 880 in oakland and there are cameras and license plate readers and some victims family members believe having surveillance footage would've made a difference. >> reporter: he is grieving the death of his close friend and he was a basketball star inducted to the cal athletics hall of fame. somebody shot and killed him on
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friday on 880 in downtown oakland and investigators arrest a 25-year-old juan garcia and they believe the motive was road rage. >> i guess everybody is stressed these days and i don't think that is a reason to pull out a gun and hurt anyone. took at least five fatal shootings have occurred in oakland in the last nine months in the previous four cases remain unsolved. last may gunman killed two teenage girls and party bus traveling on 580 and in november somebody killed a 23- month-old on 880. a short time later killed near the pole plaza. >> my brother is dead and not coming back. never coming back and jasper is never coming back. >> reporter: she is not just waiting for justice but fighting for change the in a but he has to experience her pain. >> my family is destroyed. >> reporter: somebody shot her brother in oakland last month on 580 and the sheriff's
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recruit was driving home. >> having the surveillance on the highways will deter criminals. truck she said camera footage could give investigators valuable leads. >> i honestly think there is a big need for more cameras. >> even if it is stolen license plates having to make a model of the vehicle maybe we can send it out and have people identify these vehicles. took this councilmember supports cameras and license plate readers with privacy protections and stretches of i 80 and highway four in contra costa county already have cameras and authorities say that is led to fewer shootings on the freeways and the challenges the state has jurisdiction over the freeways. >> we need people to hear us. and i don't want anybody to stop until we get change. >> reporter: oakland leaders say they will reach out to the governor and state lawmakers to get their permission and financial support for those cameras. in oakland, i am da lin. kpix 5. and now an earthquake
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alert. 3.2 quake rattled part of the bay area this afternoon and they reported it happened before four clock it was centered near 580 on heyward falls and bart said there is despite the fact this is not a big quake by any means but the systemwide delay as workers inspect the tracks following the quake. we will bring in darren peck to explain it all especially the warm weather. a little bit more context on how widely that was felt and, yes, it was felt lightly and you can see the colors on the screen and the shades of light blue show you everybody reported feeling it and i will give you the big view on how widely it was felt but the epicenter of this just under 580 pretty much and this is where the lake empties out into san leandro creek and it was pretty much right there but look how widely it was felt people in the city solid they
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felt it and santa clara valley said they felt it and certainly all the way inland as far as brentwood and in terms of gauging where it was and how it relates to the heyward fall, it was right on it, which is one of the more significant faults and everybody always knows and thinks they hear about which is the san andreas but the heyward is probably one of the biggest riffs and risks for the population and today was a good example that it is quite active. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. stunning video out of san francisco were a mob of people sprayed graffiti all over businesses and in sidewalks in the mission and a restaurant owner telling us it happened friday night near mission and 18th. they say a large group of people painted all over their business. video from the next day shows graffiti covering that area and the sidewalk and the owners say it has happened before and they say the city makes the business owners remove the graffiti or they could face the finds. happening tomorrow the city of berkeley has a vaccine mandate that goes into effect. anybody five years or older entering public indoor facilities will have to show
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proof of vaccination and at places like restaurants and bars, gymnasiums and entertainment venues. workers at those locations as well as an adult and child care centers have to also show proof that they are boosted. >> i tried to limit how much i got to restaurant but sometimes i don't always like eating outside so i am more likely to go inside a restaurant if they have a vaccine requirement. so i like it. >> employees with religious or medical exemptions will have to show that proof and negative results every week. at the same time sonoma county has decided to drop its restrictions on large gatherings, it goes into effect when the clock strikes midnight on thursday. >> the teachers union has reached a safety agreement for covid with its school district and under the preliminary deal the school provide high-grade
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masks for staff and students and anybody testing positive has to be tested twice a week for two weeks and testing will also be required before students and staff return from holiday breaks. the district plans also to increase pay for substitute teachers. it is only february but police have already investigated hundreds of robberies this year alone which amounts to this month alone 252 to be exact and police say to help reduce your risk of becoming a victim, avoid being distracted by your electronic devices, and try not to carry too many personal items. the san jose police are investigating another fatal crash with 12 people killed in traffic accidents this year alone and the latest crash happened last night at the intersection of suncrest avenue and piedmont road and as we
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report, the city is taking a closer look at the safety of that intersection. took police say it appears the woman behind the wheel of this blackout he was speeding when she allegedly ran a red light and crashed into a car legally crossing the intersection. the crash set the car into trees killing the driver and seriously injuring the passenger in a spokesperson for the city's department of transportation said crashes at that intersection, especially serious ones, are rare. >> this intersection what we saw between 2016 and 2020 was a total of seven recorded crashes and one of them had an injury that was a minor injury. this is not an intersection of concern typically. >> reporter: thankfully the driver of the other car was not seriously hurt and police describing his injuries as non- life-threatening. the transportation department said they will send traffic engineers to the intersection basically to double check that there are not any obvious design flaws that could affect everybody involved in stayed clear of such a tragic crash. >> and engineering team will go out and look at that intersection to make sure that things are as safe as they can
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be or figure out ways to improve safety. an emotional vigil and march tonight for a missing oakley woman. >> bring her home, lord jesus. somebody is holding her lord jesus. >> family and friends marched and rallied for alexis to return home and their message tonight is a d onto the podium tsay few words about friends said they are hopeful and not giving up their search. >> no mutter -- matter what it seems like i don't want you to forget that and hold onto that hope because we have a god that is able to do the impossible.
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>> police say gabe's car was found abandoned with the keys still in the ignition the police department said they have made her disappearance a top priority. tonight we are learning that wildfire smoke may be a lot more damaging than initially thought. as we report, uc davis researchers discovered wildfire smoke puts even help the people at risk of developing lung disease. >> reporter: who could forget 2020 with what has been called the worst wildfire season on record. >> i usually go out running, and i felt tired, and i was coughing after each run. >> ratprompted angela and a team of researchers to launch a study on wildfire smoke and a professor of medicine and a respiratory immunologist at uc davis health, they collected blood during and after wildfire season and on some days ththern california experienced world. >> the smoke was so heavy it reached the east coast. >> reporter: they discovered
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concerning changes in the lungs and immune systems when you're exposed to wildfire smoke, which could lead to lung disease. >> we are talking about people who initially were healthy. >> yes, initially healthy, and these changes are sneaky. truck she said participants didn't show any symptoms, and yet the study indicates repeated exposure to wildfire smoke can definitely lead to disease development including asthma or copd. took it doesn't look like wildfire season is not going anywhere anytime soon so what is the answer? >> this is what the study is aimed at to alert those who could actually have the power to be able to do something. still ahead, fallout for the wealthy bay area enclave trying to declare itself cougar
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town and white is caught the attention of the state attorney general. >> it is been a gorgeous weekend with temperatures about to get warmer and what is that mean for the drought? you can guess. coming up later in the hour. >> i am at the pleasanton ridge regional park where fire roads like this can get owded kers an now the biking community said it would be safer if care coalition, it's so good to see you all! alright! let's brainstorm. any ideas for new members? i'd like to nominate alaska airlines. this neck pillow i'm dating says great things! a caring airline?! wait, those exist?! it says here they were the first airline to switch from plastic bottles to boxed water. they also hire a lot of people from caring professions. i'm seeing former teachers and nurses. it's settled!
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the state attorney general is blasting a wealthy bay area town, woodside, which is claiming it should be a sanctuary for mountain lions, today the attorney general said they're trying to obscure the affordable housing legislation. they sent a memo to the residents saying it was exempt from sb 9 a new state law and legislation that allows duplexes on single-family lots but they said the entire town
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is a habitat for mountain lions so no building. but the attorney general is not a fan of that and saying declaring the whole town is a deliberate and transparent attempt in order to avoid complying with sb nine and there is no valid basis for the declaration which is not in the best interest of the mountain lions it wants to protect and they're trying to get reaction from officials but apparently they are out on sunday. today was gorgeous outside in a beautiful day but each day of sunshine around the bay area means another missed opportunity for rainfall. we have the growing concerns for the water supply. >> reporter: here people were eager to get out and enjoy another gorgeous day outside around the bay area and people are looking forward to more warm weather and sunny skies even though it is adding to the drought concerns. a strong start to improving water supply including a major
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storm and plenty of rain last fall but more than a month into the new year, that progress has slowed down. warm weather with the temperature expected to increase as the sunshine continues, almost too hot for some. >> the daytime and i am not fond of the heat so i may come in the morning so probably only at 7:00 in the morning i come here. >> reporter: the umbrellas were out sunday but for the wrong reason. no rain in sight anytime soon and people at the park didn't want to complain. >> is not too hot or too cold and it is perfect. >> reporter: experts tracking the progress of earlier this month the 2022 is actually slightly below the total precipitation compared to early on in 2020. last year we were warned by those who monitor water levels not to give too much weight to the rainfall we saw by december. >> we want to see what those numbers are really in february and early march and then we can make a determination about how much runoff we expect to get
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for the season based on how much snow and rain we received during the winter. >> reporter: and then conserving as much as you could remains the message now but remaining hopeful the situation can still improve and avoid another year of drought. >> it would make life easier but the truth of the matter is we need to use less. a live look now at dublin and san jose from the mountain cameras there and it certainly doesn't look like february and the conditions are about to get a lot warmer. >> is it so? it is. tonight is the headline in the first alert weather forecast and i will start off with a dramatic view to get us ready for the warm-up that is coming and it is not like it will be a heat wave but we will be above average and we are just getting started in today was nice and a second half of this next coming week will be near records. if we look at the long-range
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forecast, this is the map it takes is for the seven-day leaves often goes out to 10 days and the deeper the shade of red the higher the degree of confidence temperatures will be above average and that is r words a high degree of confidence that temperatures will be above average past the seven-day but we will already be doing impressive enough things in the seven-day so we will start off and you san jose with 62 and the average daytime high and it is a nice day and we didn't have to think about much but watch these orange lines as it climbs and wednesday and thursday and now we are up to 15 degrees above average and 77 by thursday and that will likely break the record and we will do this again and switch to the inland valleys, and i am grouping all of these here because you are all pretty much going to be in line on this one with the tri- valley, concord, north bay
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valleys and this applies to you and the average would be 61 and you're going up to 74 and we probably will see some records broken in the inland valleys but here is the one that stands out. san francisco is going to the same exact place with the mid- 70s and the city by next week. you know that is warm when we are all pretty much in the same place including the city and it is in the opportunity warm-up coming and it may last a will a while and today we are ready started a bit of a warm-up and you probably noticed and today was beautiful with no clouds and we even had less hayes and the temperatures in the upper 60s and a great day. here is how things go tomorrow. we will fill in the valleys with fog in the morning and monday morning commuters in the north bay plan on fog and we did it this morning and we are likely going to do it tomorrow and we will have some in the south bay along the east bay shoreline as well and then it will burn off with another sunny day and the morning lows tomorrow along with that patch of fog will be mid-30s and 40 for san jose low to mid 40s in the heart of the bay and upper 30s for those inland valleys and then here are the daytime highs for tomorrow and we can
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see the uptick here with a few degrees warmer tomorrow than we were today and remember, wednesday thursday and friday is when we top out and you can see it now in the seven-day forecast the numbers for san jose are the warmest with no surprise but oakland in the 70s and virtually no difference here even in the city and if we bring out the microclimates we do see the same story which is the north bay valley number the one that gets the closest to 80. this is by thursday. we will be back with more the next half hour and over to you charlie. the sports are coming up next and final day of the pebble beach pro and when you looked at the leaderboard heading in it was indeed decided in the final two holes. jordan's be thin tom hoagie and one fell apart late and another hit some big shots for the victory an
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the tournament was up for grabs at the pebble beach pro- am and handful of golfers atop the leaderboard all including jordan spieth who sat in good shape in the final three holes but you figured all along whoever caught fire late would be the winner and the weather could not have been more perfect all weekend at the monterey peninsula and the three-time major winner jordan spieth sitting pretty and one shot lead on the 17 and said it was the exact shot he wanted to hit but fell short and landed in the bunker and he is stunned and tom hoge was the guy who caught fire a minute later and from the fairway at 15 got it for the eagle and had to settle for a tap in birdie for the lead and he needed this putt for par and mrs. to the last and then all of a sudden hoagie who is standing on the t at 17 had the lead and he had four birdies on the back 9 in this and 21 footer for two strokes of separation and the 32-year- old and 18 tapped it and did
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that and how about it? but 32-year-old finishes victorious and is a year on tour and he gets his first career pj tour win and for more here is vern glenn. >> you usually do all the scoring on the first seven but not today and he really shined on the back nine and where he couldn't finish tom hoge did just that and you may say he was hungry for the sun. >> all of these years i've certainly made enough mistakes knowing not to do that anymore so it has been a nice progression and i think just being comfortable in this atmosphere certainly helps a few weeks ago so i felt good from the get-go and i felt i
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had too many mistakes to be out front to be honest i looked up and i was still somewhat in the game. myse for not winning where i w be but certainly if you told me i would have to leave on sunday last thursday i would've said i will take that. >> he shoots up the second and defends his points and has secured a spot in the masters which will be coming up. they say you never forget the first time and he will never forget february sick's, 2022. las vegas the host of this year's pro bowl and devo samuel on the sidelines and it shows you have big of a game that is and he was one of four 49ers in the game and here is another one kyle and kirk cousins and tackling was optional and this one is he waltzes into the end zone and he celebrates with george kittle and the third quarter afc up 28-21 in new england mac jones rolling and rifling a nice catch in the
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back of the end zone but the raiders hunter renfroe that toe tepper and the fc wins the game 41-35. >> mike mcdaniel is out of the offensive coordinator for the san francisco 49ers and upgraded his gig to be the head coach of the miami dolphins, and it is his first head coaching job as he replaces brian florez was recently fired and is now suing the team and the nfl for racist practices. >> washington visiting stanford and these two next to each other in the pac standings and they were in control early and often and stanford needed this one badly for their tournament resume and they made sure it was never in doubt and from the corner and eight teen and a and stanford wins 87-69. >> the stanford women in la taking on usc in the late second quarter they were up 11 and cameron left wing and she had 16 in the first half the
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4th quarter back to brink and this time it faces up and again a swish and 26 points which is a career-high in 14 rebounds and they got it 83-57 remaining perfect incompetence play. that is a look at sports. back to you. coming up in the next half hour, a tragedy during navy week in southern california and what we know tonight . like california is backing a lawsuit filed by the mexican government. a major backlog leaving california expert
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you are watching tran eight at 6:30. and now global ngwaing from the white housane national security so russia coinde in day now. welcome back. >> thkrclaims itno plans of invading, but it has assembled over 100,000 troops along the ukraine border. >> reporter: the white house said a russian invasion of ukraine may be imminent. >> we believe there is a possibility that vladamir putin will order an attack on ukraine and it could take a number of different forms and it could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could take some weeks it. >> reporter: over 110,000 russian troops have taken up positions along the ukraine border and sources tell us that
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that is about 70% of what the kremlin would need to launch an offensive. >> this is the single greatest threat europe has faced since the 1940s. took the u.s. has responded by shipping weapons to ukraine and deploying thousands of troops to eastern europe and the biden administration hopes the threat of severe economic penalties will be enough to deter an invasion. >> we have designed a set of economic sanctions that would take on the russian financial system and limit president putin's ability to project power into the future by cutting off technologies and the key elites from the russian economy. >> reporter: they deny an attack is in the works and on twitter sunda or russian diplomat dismissed the idea as a masterpiece of you as propaganda. >> reporter: on saturday thousands took part in the patriotic march in the second largest city in ukraine and other ukrainian spend their weekend training to defend their homeland. a navy seal candidate has died and another hurt after completing a training exercise in san diego.
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>> this happened during what the navy calls week. the navy said it is part of evaluations where trainees are placed under conditions of being constantly cold, wet, hungry, and tired, sleep deprived, for up to five days and the injured candidate is in stable condition tonight and a navy spokesman said neither of the men were actively training when they began showing symptoms. california is joining a dozen states backing a lawsuit against a group of you as gun makers and the suit was filed by the mexican government accusing gun manufacturers including smith & wesson, colt for ese e su altakes aim at a law protecting gun companies from being held liable if their products are used in a crime. a live look now at the white house where the biden administration is working to make school lunches healthier. the us department of agriculture is putting out new nutrition standards from elk,
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whole grains and also sodium. starting next year, schools will be allowed offer flavored 1% low-fat milk and 80% of grains must be whole grains. even backup grocery stores are struggling to keep fully stocked and the supply chain issues are now hitting neighborhood convenience stores. around the country, they're having trouble stocking up on their essentials. help is on the way to solve the major backlog at the port of oakland and boost exports. >> the plan to fill empty shipping containers with california exports. >> reporter: do you know what a around the port of oakland. >> basically the idea is an
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assay for they are stage so they are accessible to those who need them. >> the backup hasn't just delayed things from asia but has cost farmers in california an estimated $2 billion as the logjam of shipping containers has helped cut exports out of california so the department of transportation and agriculture are teaming up for 25 acre site that will do nothing but stage empty containers specifically for farmers looking to get there goods out of the country. >> by having these refrigerated containers readily assessable, that will make it more efficient. >> making sure more of these empty containers get filled with u.s. agricultural exports instead of being sent right back to china with nothing in them at all. >> reporter: pete buttigieg said the pop-up trailer yards
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is an idea getting tested around the country as a short- term solution to our supply chain woes and long-term answers, he said, will take invement and some even larger changes. >> there is an even deeper issue we need to talk about here which is how much we depend on goods that are sourced from abroad. we are all for international relationships, but the more we make on american soil, the more or less we have to worry about these ups and downs of shipping. >> reporter: you hear of this and you probably think of the ballpark proposal but the proponents of this and have ceased on the pop-up to argue the land is still valuable as a port as to how long the pop-up goes, i am told it is short- term and may be several months. in roughly 2 decades more than 600,000 people in the u.s. and canada have died of an opioid overdose and the pandemic has pushed the crisis to disturbing new heights and
6:35 pm
as allen explains in the report is calling for big reforms. >> reporter: think about the opioid crisis in san francisco's tenderloin but make no mistake about it the rising tide of addiction and overdose deaths is found everywhere. >> we may have calls in traditional family homes to apartments. >> reporter: these days counterfeit pills are powerful and lethal and during the pandemic he died from an accidental overdose. >> what he ended up taking was fentanyl. >> reporter: so also did this 14-year-old. >> we were nacve and we didn't know this is really happening. >> i had a good childhood. >> reporter: in september he told about his efforts to remain clean and sober but on january two he overdosed and died. >> i think this is an absolute
6:36 pm
crisis. >> reporter: he is an addiction public policy expert. >> our death rate for overdose in 2021 over one third and that is never happened in american history ever. >> reporter: he chairs a 17 member opioid commission calling for sweeping reforms and the targets include the medical community, the prison system, and the better regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. >> regulations are week. >> reporter: prescription opioid makers are allowed to deduct lavishing market campaigns from taxes. and the next step is getting all of the stakeholders involved and doing it quickly and you can ask this mom of san ramon. >> this problem exists in every community. >> reporter: her son joey died of a drug overdose in 2009 and the problem has not gotten better. still ahead, she has been called the conscience of congress and the new documentary of the east bay repres
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welcome back. as we kick off black history month, representative barbara lee is a subject of a new documentary that just premiered and the 75-year-old democrat is the highest ranking african american woman in congress and we spoke with lee about the film that chronicles her life and career. >> i was a student at mills college and a young mother on welfare with two kids and working in the community with the black panther party making sure people have something to eat and social justice has always been a part of who i am. >> reporter: she is speaking truth to power looking at the life and career of the congressman from the east bay. >> this is an essential step in correcting the injustices of the field war on drugs and namely the racial disparities and the arrest and incarceration for marijuana.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: the eagle he spoke with the director for the film but lee was more reluctant. >> he approached me many times. and a wonderful filmmaker, but also persistent. 98% of my life is public and i except this because this is what i want to do in terms of public service, but lord knows someis d truck she found herself under t you cast the only congressional vote against an authorization of military force she felt was far too broad. >> central to democracy is the right to dissent. >> she was right and it was important that her community understood the enormous risk she took in standing up for peace and justice. truck the film shows that and she flew home to her district every weekend. >> you make those connections
6:41 pm
if we intersect our policies were people in the district understand what affects one affects all. >> people don't see her as the congressman but they see her as her friend and somebody who is their advocate or somebody who stands up for them. >> speak out and don't back down. >> speaking truth to power premiered last week on the stars network. >> we have new video into the newsroom, a parade that is out of this world and you can check out the cool sites at the parade in new orleans and there were costumes paying tribute to star wars and star trek. and check this out. it is a very special party at the oakland zoo. two elephants celebrating their birthdays with treats like watermelons and cakes and bananas and real frosting and this gal seemed to have more fun flinging her birthday box around and her name is donna and turned 42 and lisa is 45.
6:42 pm
and we hear at kpix 5 would like to wish both of them a happy birthday . >> still had a record setting bridge implosion caught on camera. the unusual mission to save people stranded on a huge chunk of ice. >> later way group of bikers say they are being treated like outlaws and the battle over trail access brewing in the east bay. the headline tonight will be the near record temperatures that we are about to experience this coming week and i will show you that in detail, but we will talk about what happened to the rain and when will it come back? that forecast is next.
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a live look at san francisco and before omicron , a lot of companies thought they would be in the new normal by march and april but now companies think they may get there by may or june. we have the omicron delay . >> reporter: she is with the
6:46 pm
bay area council and she said the omicron variant was a setback for many companies returned to work timelines. >> we did see a month or so regression due to omicron and it indicated that 37% of the workforce was still fully removed and 10% higher than we have seen in both november and december. >> reporter: what the omicron variant did not change and that is what their new normal may look like. >> this is hazardous been for 10 months. >> personally i love this. took he works for a tech company and he said his employer has offices open, but there is no requirement for people to go in at the moment and he knows that could change. >> i typically go in two or three days a week and they have been doing construction outside of my apartment and i going to more frequently now. >> reporter: according to the latest survey only around 25% of employers feel they are
6:47 pm
operating at their new normal and others think it will be months before they get there the vast majority don't plan to stay fully remote forever. >> it may not look like what it was pre-pandemic but there was still be people going in the workplace with somewhat consistency in that may not be until june 2022 but once we had that new normal it won't be completely a dead ghost town that nobody is going on. >> having the freedom and flexibility works well for me. look at this amazing a video of a bridge demolition and western germany. as you can see crews used explosives to bring down the 55- year-old 230 foot tall structure, the first time a bridge this high has been demolished. the u.s. coast guard just rescued 18 people trapped on a huge floating sheet of ice near ohio. the coast guard said the ice broke away while the people were snowmobiling on lake erie
6:48 pm
in the national weather service tweeted out a warning saying increased wind could cause ice to break away from the lakes sure and authorities used a coast guard airboat and also a helicopter to rescue the stranded group and a good samaritan with an airboat also helped out. >> i don't think we have airboat out here in the bay area . we rarely see weather like this in february but here it comes. a good poinbeus breaking records this week. it was nice today and you probably noticed it got quite warm today but tomorrow will be about two degrees warmer for whatever part of the area your end. thursday will be 10 degrees warmer than today so that sets the scene. that is the headline in tonight's first alert weather forecast and the warm-up comes our way for the second half of
6:49 pm
this week. and for perspective here is today. a lot of mid-to upper 60s and tomorrow we will have 2 degrees on top of this and i will show you that in the second but this is how monday morning will start out. we will pull in the low clouds again monday morning and it will be foggy in the north bay valley and we did that this morning and we will almost certainly do it again tomorrow and a little bit more widespread tomorrow along the east bay shoreline and down into the south bay for san jose and plan on some fog tomorrow and that is the way it is looking with a little bit of an increase in the morning lows go up to the upper 30s in the north bay valley will be mid- 40s and here the daytime highs tomorrow with about 2 degrees warmer than today which puts us at 70 for san jose and santa rosa with air-quality moderate and hazy with more sunshine than anything else and if you are wondering about the rain, the same pattern holds. you could see all of the storms are getting pushed up and over us and that has not changed and watching the rainfall accumulate between now and valentine's day, it is the same pattern but look at the big
6:50 pm
hole we switch to the forecast and it shows us what is responsible for this, the big red bull's-eye is the center of high pressure doing two things. it is been keeping the rain away and that much we know but over the next few days that high will influence the temperatures here at home, and that is how we will get this warm-up. it does re-intensify and watch as we get later into february. that takes us ahead to february 16 and that is the exact scenario you would not one to see. if you want to get rain that is the blocking ridge of pressure that sets up off the coast during a prolonged dry period. we do have it there now but now we know in the middle of february it will double down. and that will be a big story going forward for right now with the focused in the first alert weather forecast is the immediate weather. san jose has 62 with the average and how about 77? that will break the record.
6:51 pm
so records are falling for the south bay and the inland valleys and i am just grouping you all in here the tri-valley and diablo valley and concorde and north bay valleys everybody is still at the same place but this is san francisco at 73 for the daytime high by the time we get to thursday and that is a warm up in the mid 70s and it is a first but it cools a little next weekend but it will still be noticeably warmer than the weekend you just had and the weekend you just had was pretty nice and next weekend will be about 5 degrees warmer than this one was and that is it. back to you. it is a break time for bike riding, right? they say they are being threatened with tickets and being treated like outlaws for riding their bikes.
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tonight, mountain bikers are upset at what they consider a lack of access to the east bay regional park trails. >> they even got tickets when they were riding on trails out of the way of hikers. today, they held a demonstration ride to make a point about the sport growing by the thousands here in the bay area. we have that story. >> reporter: it is perfectly legal for me to hike along this narrow trail, but if i were on a mountain bike, i could get a ticket and the community is saying they are tired of being treated like outlaws. >> reporter: the regional park
6:55 pm
and sunday is a popular place as hikers head up the roads to take in the view, but today they had a lot of company on the trail. a group of dedicated mountain bikers staged a protest ride, a kind of critical mass on the very same fire roads and the only trails they are legally allowed to use. >> there concentrating all of us on that fire road and you have user group conflicts so would never been to ge ders h exploded over the months. >> our group went from 1000 to 8000 during a year and a half because of the pandemic. >> reporter: the dispute is over the ban of singletrack writing using the narrow paths and cattle trails is an off- road route through the park and police have been writing tickets to anybody the catch doing it and the district said complaints are rising about
6:56 pm
excessive speed and safety concerns and in a statement this general manager said we challenge might to go with us and not create or ride on unauthorized or unsafe trails as was the case in pleasanton ridge that caused the need for enforcement last week with cyclist cited. the bikers say if the district designated some of the already existing singletrack trails for bikes only, there would not be any safety concerns and it would faster descent down the mountain. everybody acknowledges the trails are getting more crowded but the cyclists say they want the district to recognize that they are also part of the public that the parks are supposed to serve. >> we are not asking for months or years of studies to do this but we want action now and we want them to do it now because if they don't it will grow and this will hit all of the parks in the next few weeks and we
6:57 pm
want people to get involved and give the hikers and horseback riders what they want. it is time to make the mountain bikers happy. >> it sounds good to me. the east bay regional park system is the largest in the nation with more than 1200 miles of trails and riders are saying don't cite us but unite us. thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. we will see you at 11:00. >> we would love to see you on an e bike,
6:58 pm
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